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A friend from prison wishes me to sign for his income taxes check is that possible in need power of attorney?

A very bad view. He can sign for it even if he’s in prison.

I would stay away from a convict. He’ll “con” you. That’s why he’s in in that in the first place.

A lot of crooks in prison maintain committing crimes even when they’re behind bars. Find a alien friend. You’re too good a person to permit someone like that mess up your life.
What precisely do you mean by sign for his income tax check. Do you imply that he wants you to endorse the check and lolly it for him?

If this is the case, you’d better not without a power of attorney. This would not be fraud, as he have authorized you to do it, but if he would change his story, you have no proof that he authorized you to agree and cash his check. Then you could be looking at some criminal charges.

However, if your friend has his own deposit depiction, you should be able to mark the check “For Deposit Only” and later deposit the check into his bank account. I see no officially recognized problem with doing that. But again, if he wants you to brass his check, you’d better steer clear of doing this without something in writing showing you are authorized to do so (i.e. a restricted power of attorney)

If however, he means that he wants you to adopt delivery of his check on his behalf, there is no problem accepting transference.
hahaha dont do it you wont be his cell mate because thats fraud so youd be in a federal prison.

He should have done it from prison they do allow general public to do it.
don’t do it man, that guy is looking for a cellmate, and you will be sitting up near with him.

After looking over my excise form, I presume I involve someone to share me where on earth I can gain a GOOD import tax attorney?

There are none, Good luck.
Just surender…it’s no use…
Try the phone book under “attorneys”
The words GOOD , TAX, and ATTORNEY can not be used in the same sentence it’s the imperative !
lol I’ll crunch something for you, can’t promise it’ll be numbers but you’ll like it just equal

Al Sharpton owes 1.9 million within hindmost taxes. NY attorney common turned papers over to Feds.?

 What is the status of this probe?
I’m sure he thinks he doesn’t hold to pay taxes because his great great grandmother and her family be discriminated against.
You can bet your last dollar, that according to sharpie, there is nouns involved at all levels and he is not guilty.

An attorney standard who pardon a export tax evader. A treasury secretary who IS one. Is this the Hope or the Change?

Well it is a coppers, that is for sure.
The Attorney General nominee didn’t pardon a tax evader. At the time he be general council to the president.

Clinton presented him with a inventory of potential pardon candidates an Holder be instructed to build cases for them. He had no influence o who was on the record, and was in no position to sound out those on it.

If your boss asks you to gather information and then make a controversial decision based on it are you to blame for the result?

Mr. Geithner didn’t evade taxes, he failed to pay a portion of his taxes, which he have now paid. Both he and his CPA missed the specific item he needed to payment (which was his social security employer contribution) It has been widely reported i.e. a common mistake made by people working for international organization, the don’t pay SS for their US employees.
This is the change, and I hope that when millions of Americans decide not to repay their taxes (which there is absolutely NO decree anywhere requiring it anyway), they will find a sympathetic ear.
Hope. Obama hopes none of the skeletons fall out of his closet.
Well he still didn’t start a period of war that kills innocent women and children in the autograph of cronyism for his oil buddies!

So I guess Obama and his crew are some honest Abes compared to the last bunch of crooks that made it to the department.
Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, not Holder… he be involved somehow but there is no way he could or will be capable of pardon anyone. Just being part of a set of Slick Willie’s former staff is enough to make me verbs, there’s no need to make things up. Source(s): GoP since Carter
Maybe it is both combined: Hopange. Chanope?
I just HOPE it’s the singular CHANGE we see for awhile. I’m sick to my stomach over the whole thing.
Com on…since Democrats do not hold any standards there is none to break
I Hope it we don’t attain any more of this Change!
Get over it. Move on. Grow up.
You voted for him !
Try to listen to / watch something else sometimes. Not a short time ago Fox and Mullah Limpballs. They damaged your brain.
lowering the bar. it’s what dems do best.
there’s been worse
No. It’s dem/liberal standards…they don’t have any.


Any attorneys out nearby? Tax lien situation whereby IRS have garnish wages to the point of poverty; remedies?

This info is for a freind whom has consulted w/ an atty. and stated that the only opportunity is a settlement. This party does not have the money for a settlement nor satisfactory assets to sell off to erase the import tax liability. All wages garnished and personal asset(s) i.e. car have lien attached. Bankruptcy won’t work due to this is non-dischargeable debt. This person understands the obligation to pay and has a dutiful job-salary, but the IRS has left her/him near $333 to live on ea. month. Bascially poverty-stricken. No doubt the gov’t has legal starting place to due this, but, but, I believe it’s unfair/ unjust to propel a person into dire straits beside collection efforts. If the garnishment was not at the present height e.g. leaving this person next to say $1000 to live on monthly, it would be affordable. I don’t think the IRS… toll system, was setup to render a preson homeless or otherwise. Thank you for any assistance.

Use the site below to find this. Use the google search bar and later use the ads on the right side and top of the search results page. Source(s):…
What you are looking for is an offer surrounded by compromise. The IRS cannot muscle you around to the point of poverty and essentially you have the right to compromise with the IRS.

An grant in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer’s tax debt. The IRS have the authority to settle, or ‘compromise,’ federal tax liabilities by accepting smaller amount than full payment under sure circumstances. Source(s):
Obviously, I don’t know all the details, but the IRS will usually levy wages individual after they have been without being seen for a long time. Your friend needs to come up with a recompense plan, either a proposed installment payment plan (form 433D, I think) or a partial discharge offer in compromise (form 656), along near a financial statement on form 433A. The forms are on the IRS web site Good luck.


Any attorneys out in attendance? Tax lien situation whereby IRS have garnish wages to the point of poverty; remedies?

This info is for a freind whom has consulted w/ an atty. and stated that the only opportunity is a settlement. This party does not have the money for a settlement nor satisfactory assets to sell off to erase the tariff liability. All wages garnished and personal asset(s) i.e. car have lien attached. Bankruptcy won’t work due to this is non-dischargeable debt. This person understands the requirement to pay and has a biddable job-salary, but the IRS has left her/him next to $333 to live on ea. month. Bascially poverty-stricken. No doubt the gov’t has legal foundation to due this, but, but, I believe it’s unfair/ unjust to propel a person into dire straits next to collection efforts. If the garnishment was not at the present even e.g. leaving this person beside say $1000 to live on monthly, it would be affordable. I don’t think the IRS… charge system, was setup to render a preson homeless or otherwise. Thank you for any assistance.

if you have problems beside tax, check out this site
This is an immense debt for the government to levy such a huge amount. Since your friend have already sought legal help and have been told the only solution is a settlement, this is the just answer to the problem. As far as living expenses, the only other option for the creature involved would be to work at least a part time duty until this debt is paid in full.

I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but you already received the singular legal answer that is possible.

Best of luck and I hope this is adjectives to you

Any H&R Block due preparers or an attorney who can answer examine re: non-solicitation agreement?

 As an H&R Block tax preparer, if I give my phone number out to clients and articulate, “Call me next season and find out where I am” is that a ruin of our non-solicitation clause? (I live in California). If I then swing out my own shingle and they contact me to have their taxes done, am I violating my contract?
I’d read aloud all of the above could be considered a violation.What I do (and my franchise encourages) is to set up appointments for the levy clients next season. At the satisfaction blind, after making sure the client is satisfied with the service I own provided, I offer them to set up an appointment for next season so they return to not a short time ago any H&R preparer, but ME. If they say yes (about 60% do), then I calendar the appointment with the appointment manage software (and try to select date that work best for both of us).We have special phone callers up surrounded by Oklahoma city that call the client and remind them of the appointment (as well as appointment if they don’t show up).Hopefully your area operates indistinguishable way. That should allow you to retain the customers without giving out your personal contact info.
I am assuming you work for corporate HR Block and not a franchise….Basically, you can’t give a client your personal number and tell them to give the name you “to see where you are”. The clients are not technically yours, they are HR Blocks. Therefore, any solicitation on your part to shift anywhere other than Block is a violation of your contract.However, my contract have a mileage limit and time limit. The contract I sign have a one year no compete clause. I work for a franchise, so that may be a different issue.It also sounds as if you have numerous problems in your bureau. Have you spoken with your DM or RD to help fix your front desk problems so that your clients are happier? Source(s): I work for HR Block
This would be within your non-solicitation agreement. Does it have a clause that you are not allowed to solicit nearby customers and give your personal information? In H & R Block Eastern Tax Services vs. Kameron Bates d/b/a/ Bates Income Tax Services. H & R block sued Kameron and the Bates business for breach of the non solicitation contract. However, the courts ruled against H & R block because the language of the contract be against public policy. An example of the language was the former member of staff (Kameron) was not allowed to work for another toll service company for two years within 25 miles of there organization or solicit any of there customers. You can read the case within full at the following link:… Source(s): There have be numerous cases regarding non compete agreements/non solicitation agreements and recently responded to another poster in relation to this. The fact alone that your agreement is 2 years in length it wouldn’t stand a casual in hell in court. Courts enjoy ruled against these types of agreements for such long lengths since it hinders the undertaking seeker and 99.9% the courts have thrown the agreement out altogether. They don’t even bother to reamend it on behalf of the plaintiff. Normally they (the courts) will agree to an agreement to be exact for a short length of time (6 months and sometimes a year depending on the position the defendant held and it was of a high financial guarantee nature.) In your case I wouldn’t verbs one bit. H & R block doesn’t stand a chance in hell that agreement will stand up within any court.

Anyone know a biddable cpa or attorney contained by lincoln ne who is accurate helping next to several yrs of wager on taxes ?


Dear Kool: I will newly confirm that I do not believe you need an attorney (tax fraud or evasion maybe an exception) or CPA. An Enrolled Agent or any of the import tax prep companies should be able to help you. Some companies and attorneys enjoy a very limited agenda in the summer months so make sure the soul you hire is available to you this summer.

This advice was prepared base on our understanding of the tax regulation in effect at the time it was written base on the facts you provided. Click on my profile to read more. Errol Quinn Enrolled Agent Master Tax Advisor
Check your local directory for you city to find a CPA within your city.
Don’t go to Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax or H R Block, these places are usually just accessible for tax season, and then close until the subsequent filing season.
If you need any W2/1099 for any of your backbone taxes do contact IRS for the wage information transcripts, which they do provide them for free, you can call IRS at 1-8OO-829-0922 1-8OO-829-8374 1-8OO-829-7650 or 1-8OO-829-3903 for assistance. You can also go the the local IRS bureau in your city for assistance in getting the wage information transcripts, and ask if they can relief you file the tax returns. With whomever you termination up having your taxes filed label sure to take any IRS notices you may hold and make sure to mail the returns to the appropriate address, which will be listed on your letters.
Good luck.
clear adjectives doubts visit this website
You may want to look for an EA as that is our profession, representing folks before the IRS.
What exactly is your problem? It doesn’t sound like you necessarily obligation an attorney or CPA but someone who knows the ins and outs of dealing with multi-year export tax liability. Source(s): I am an enrolled agent who is licensed by the Treasury Department to represent taxpayers the same as attorneys and CPAs. I specialize surrounded by representing taxpayers who owe a lot of back due or unfiled returns. Your big mess is my ordinary day at the organization. If you want additional help you can email through my profile.

Anyone know of a biddable excise attorney contained by San Diego, CA nouns?

 We are in need of a angelic tax attorney in the San Diego, CA nouns. Someone with knowledge of delinquent payroll taxes at the federal and state plane.
You may want to talk to a CPA or Enrolled Agent before you see an attorney. There is a guy within San Bruno, CA who is a top Enrolled Agent and former IRS Officer. His name is Steven H. Kassel, EA. His web site is You can find other California EAs at You can find a California CPA at I myself own written an article about the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for 941s. You can read it at It is titled: The IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty: What Happens if You Don’t Pay Those 941s?
I am in Texas however.

Are attorney fees for liquidation export tax deductible


Only the portion, if any, that is for preparation of tax returns. To be deductible, attorney’s fees must be any for the preparation of tax returns or for services related to the production of taxable income. Fees for a liquidation are not for either of those services so they are not deductible.

Are attorney fees for estate work due deductible for the deceased’s widow?

Spouse died in 2006. Are attorney fees for setting up the trust documents, retitling assets to trusts, meeting beside the PR, POA and Trustee tax deductible for the survivor?
No, but the ARE deductible by the estate if the estate is large enough to hold a tax liability.
Yes. Absolutely.

Estate planning expenses are tax deductible as Legal Fees Re: Preservation of Income as a Miscellaneous deduction, subject to the 2% curbing of AGI.
The estate gets the conjecture.
Nope. Perhaps the estate can deduct them, however.

Are attorney fees excise deductible for civil lawsuit?

I am the plaintiff in a lawsuit and have a decision against the defendant. However, I am now out of money and can’t afford to hire an attorney to force the collection. Our judicial system is screwed up. Can I get a import tax deduction on attorney fees that total $20K? Even though I won my case, not a soul enforces payment. Not solitary did I lose $75K through fraud, but also the $20K for attorney fees. My tax man says it is not deductible because it is a collectible perspicacity, even though I will never collect. Is this right? Any ideas?
Well I am a former tax auditor, and I hold never once heard of anybody but a corporation being competent to deduct attorney fees.

Wait did you bring the suit as part of a business expense? If so you unequivocally can deduct it.

I can advise you you report the judgement regularly to the credit bureaus. I would not bother to spend money on collection. From personal experience nobody can give a hand you with that.
Ask your tax accountant. It might be deductible. Or, ring up the IRS hotline.

Are attorney’s fees excise deductible?

 I was recently awarded a settlement, from which my attorney be also paid. Can I deduct these attorney’s fees from my taxes?
Nope…. sadly ample
Depending on what the settlent was for, souch as a personal injury, the amout, itself may not be taxible. If it be business realted and taxable, then the expenses are deductible.
Depends on the service they provided. If its business relateover the moonn you can deduct the fees on the business return (1120, 1120S, 1065 or Schedule C). If it was personal, consequently only the portion that relates to tax support would be deductible. So if you paid for a will, the portion that was for taxes would be deductible as a miscellaneous itemized conclusion subject to 2% of your AGI. Ask your attorney for a detailed statement if there was any tariff advice. Source(s): CPA
If the settlement proceeds are taxable, you should be able to deduct the attorney’s fees (or possibly drop off the gross amount of the settlement that you include in income).
If the settlement amount is taxable, then you claim the attorney fees as a miscellaneous itemized assumption subject to the 2% threshold. You used to be allowed to reduce the gross taxable amount by the portion that went to the attorney, but a recent Supreme Court skin now requires that you report the full settlement as gross income (unless exempt as compensation for a personal PHYSICAL injury) and separately deduct the attorney charge.
Only if this was in conjunction next to a business that you are running. Otherwise not likely.

Are export tax attorneys expensive? ?

my house foreclosed 5 years ago. I was homeless until i remarried a year ago. The irs kept 20,000 of my husband’s income tax return against it and I call them and they say I owe 14,000 more. Would it be worth it to call duty attorney? why would I owe taxes on a foreclosure?
If the property sold for smaller number than you what you owed, yes you could owe taxes.

Attorey’s are cheap if they save more then what they cost. In your skin it would be hard for an attorney to justify 14K to fix this issue unless in that is more to the story.
The charge attorney I used to work for billed at $250 per hour. You should have a tax accountant or enrol agent review IRS records to see if you could get some nouns.

What you have is tax on income from reversal of debt. I suspect your refinanced your old home more than once and took cash out. When the house be foreclosed, it generated a paper profit.
“> Any amount on a foreclosure that was forgiven (what you owed minus what they sold it for) – it’s called reversal of debt – is taxable income to you. There are some exceptions, if you can prove you were insolvent at the time. I’d start with an enrol agent or a CPA – this probably doesn’t need a tax attorney.

Good luck.


Are legitimate fees for attorney charge deductible?

My husband is military and we have spent $9,000 so far on a civilian attorney to fight to hold my husband’s job…it’s still not over, so probably will cost at least another $5,000, and unsure of what the outcome will be.
Attorney’s fees for preparation of charge returns or for advice on the production of taxable income are deductible.

So, yeah, some of the specifics would be needed. For example if the attorney is hired to defend him at trial by Court Martial even though a win would allow him to save his job, the principal purpose would be criminal defense, not the production of taxable income. In that case, the fees would NOT be deductible. Source(s): Retired First Sergeant.
If he is surrounded by the military why are you spending money to save his job?

Are my attorney fees charge deductible?

My employer dragged me through a long legal battle over my work performance. I hired an attorney and accumulated 2,300 is attorney fees. Are those fees charge deductible?
Attorney’s fees are not tax deductible since they are duplicate as if you’d gone out and bought something.
Richard is incorrect.

If the suit was for wager on wages that would be taxable for you, or money that is taxable to you, then the trial fees are deductible. If there was no monetary taxable reward (that have to the basis of the suit – nothing desires awarded) then the legal fees shift on Schedule A, subject to 2% of AGI.

Helen, EA in PA
“> This would be allowable as miscel itemized deduction subject to a 2 %
AGI adjustment is this has to do near the section of the code that deals beside conservation and preservation of income. Source(s): I am an income tax professional


Are the due nouns attorneys for tangible?? can I really income pennies on the dollar?

we have a tax lien on our home. we hold alot of equity as well but can not refinance becasue of the lien – we would refinance an d pay bad the tax lien if we could
Keep in mind that at hand are 100 pennies on a dollar. If they settle for 99c on the $1, they’ve delivered on their promise.

They are pushing a program known as an Offer contained by Compromise. There are 3 basic ways that you can qualify. Doubt as to liability; more than you could ever pay; or equitable nouns. For the most part you need to hold a debt so huge that you could never hope to pay it off. If you enjoy enough equity in your home to clear the debt after it would not be approved. Period.

You should be able to do a cash-out re-fi for the debt if you have adequate equity in your home. I know several folks who have done only that.
If the equity in your home would cover the tax bill, the OIC will be denied.

The places that hype on TV and Radio generally have greatly large $5k-$10k in upfront fees and they don’t hold any higher rate of success contained by getting the OICs accepted than anyone else.
Some are real, and some aren’t. I would be intensely careful with who I chose. Try to find someone surrounded by your local area. I’m surprised that you can’t refinance your house, unless what you owe on the house, plus the lien is more than what it is worth. Although it’s possible that your bank doesn’t want to refinance your house because they would become second within line to the IRS lien. I don’t think the IRS would agree to you get away with paying pennies on the dollar because of the substantial equity that you have on your house. Check with the better business bureau, and/or check beside family, friends, and neighbors as to any tax nouns attorneys.
You need to be very watchful with whom you select to represent you. There are alot of tax resolution companies out nearby that are complete scams. Especially some of the larger ones. I am an Enrolled Agent and represent taxpayers in these matter on a daily basis. No one should be selling you on an Offer contained by Compromise without first analyzing your ability to settle up the tax debt. You should also make sure that you one and only talk to an Enrolled Agent, a CPA, or an Attorney that specializes in rates representation. Alot of companies will only have you speak to a salesperson upfront that will sell you a so called “pennies on the dollar” proposition in compromise…don’t fall for it! Speak next to someone who is qualified first. You may also wish to consider an istallment agreement or a part-pay installment agreement which would likely be best suited to you if you own the equity in your home to pay the debt but cannot refinance at this time. I hold alot of good information on my web-site about both the Offer contained by Compromise Program and Installment Agreements, that is there free of charge for your quotation without having to hire anyone. If you want you do wish to have professional representation you are obviously welcome contact us. There is no fee and no condition for the initial telephone conversation. Best of luck.

Are the Kennedy clan and their due attorneys giving big fives adjectives around for avoiding inheritance taxes again?

… as they use trust funds instead of being “patriotic” enough to wages inheritance taxes?

—- source: Joe Biden and hard working middle class Americans
No. Aren’t you charming.
If you are under some grand misapprehension where you think the Kennedy’s are the merely wealthy family to use trust funds to avoid paying taxes, you really call for to get out from under your rock.
You know they are
I hope Teddy’s brain cancer be contagious.
In the first place, Inheritance Tax is a state tax levy on the recipient of an Inheritance. Estate Tax is, usually, a Federal Tax levied on adjectives Estates valued at more than $3.5 million in 2009 (in 2010, there is no Estate Tax and within 2011 the exclusion returns to $675K).
Neither Maine nor Massachusetts have Inheritance Tax so no one will own to pay Inheritance Tax in those states, Kennedy or not. Massachusetts does hold a limited Estate Tax for estates valued at more than $1 million so some tax will own to be paid there.
As far as Federal Estate Tax go, it doesn’t matter if the estate is in a sandbank, a Trust, or under the mattress, if the estate is valued at more than $3.5 million then every dollar over the $3,5 million will be tax, at Federal Estate Tax rate of 45%. Just because a person puts their assets in a Trust does not relieve them, or their Trust, of their responsibility to pay their taxes. Trusts pay taxes every year on the incomes that they earn. The difference is that flourishing people buy enough go insurance (the proceeds of which are not taxable if paid to an individual) to pay for the Federal Estate Tax owed by their estate. That route, the tax is paid and their estate stays intact to be passed on to their heir.

Are you beaming beside your work as a rates accountant or a toll attorney?

I am very interested in taxation and I would similar to to know from present or previous tax professionals how was near experience? Providing your educational background would be greatly appreciated, and giving your insight in the region of the field will be helpful. I would close to to know the clean truth about the profession short leaving out unpleasant experiences.
Choosing a career is one of life’s most substantial decisions. Be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first. Reminder: We are in a World-wide Recession. Consider occupation paths that have available JOBS.<<<<<

Warning> Jobs contained by the field of Law are drying up fast!! This is only just not a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational grazing land. Many reasons. We now own computers. So, many people today (mistakenly) regard as they can do their own legal work, thanks to the Internet. Also, here are a lot of companies out there making highly efficient legal software for the pen of Law. Today’s graduating lawyers tend to be hugely computer savvy, so they just do the work themselves to save themselves the cost of overhead. Also, the “Public” buys this official software in order to procure legal work done without the cost of an Attorney. Also, we simply already hold way too many Legal Professionals – we hold an absolute glut!! (“Legal Professionals” includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc)

The paddock of Law has a mystique that actually exceeds realness. The field of Law is an overrated career – mostly by tube. There are many myths regarding the area of Law: working as a Lawyer is mentally challenging (Actually, most work as an attorney involves routine paperwork: research, cite checking, drafting documents, and document review. Attorneys need to write down and track every flurry they do, all day long [in 6 to 15 minutes increments, depending on the billing system] – a painstaking but crucial task), being an attorney is thrilling, high-powered, and glamorous (remember: television is fiction – the legendary lawyers on TV are ACTORS – the majority of work that an attorney does, does not happen contained by a courtroom), law students think that because they are perfect at arguing they will become great attorneys (actually being a great attorney is more in one’s wherewithal to mediate between differing sides and bringing them to agreement), as a lawyer I can correct injustices (actually permissible decisions are more about reaching compromises than in the region of right vs. wrong), guaranteed financial success (actually when salaries are compared, you also inevitability to account for cost-of living expenses [most large statute firms are in large cities – the bigger the city, the more cost-of-living expenses will be], stipend of debts accrued while attending law academy, and time needed to build a client base. Many large decree firms require lawyers to work 60-80 hours per week.).

Cost of law academy to be lawyer, approx $150,000+.
Be prepared to take on a LOT of debt.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There are no job in this vocational field. My nearest and dearest, coworkers, friends, acqaintances, etc. have been let go left and right in this vocational pasture.

Employers (usually law firms) in the pasture of Law today want employees with degree from traditional colleges/universities. Those “certificates” you see advertised aren’t worth the paper they are printed on – they are roughly scams. (I found this out the hard process.) Also, the law school’s program needs to be ascribed by the American Bar Association – if it isn’t, you are just wasting your time/money.

Even if you finish law academy, you won’t be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational corral is shrinking, many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, have to work “down” as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid <<this would be your competition. And the competition is violent!!

Now… the law schools know this, but they won’t report to you the truth >that the job market/economy is just SATURATED beside way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the school will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we have too abundant law schools. We are contained by a recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival – they will give an account students anything to get to the students’ money. (Which is why they won’t tell you the truth more or less the job market for the pen of Law.) And these schools continue to conscript and churn out even more graduates…..Remember: law school are BUSINESSES – their top concern is making money for themselves.

If you don’t believe me, then just do a SEARCH here on to see what other posters are adage about the current status of the field of Law. Call some local ruling firms – ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources – ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they think about available job availability in the field of Law……

In the book “So You Want to be a Lawyer?” by Marianne Calabrese and Susanne Calabrese (ISBN 0-88391-136-1): “The United States have more lawyers than any other country in the world. About 38,000 students gradu Source(s): vivacity
been there – done that
own actually worked in the pasture of Law for twelve years
also actually am an employee of a tenet school, so I KNOW and see (too much?!?)
don’t have time to study those TV law shows – the couple that I did watch weren’t believable, at all
TV glamorizes the field of Law – do your research first! – the corral of Law is actually a lot of paperwork and politics – and decree school is VERY expensive, so know what you are getting into
wish someone would hold warned ME sooner
so now I TRY to caution and help others (that actually want to know, will listen and not procure defensive)
I am simply tired of watching students getting ripped off by law school
so many students have come to me- upset because they could not find employment- I am newly trying to warn as many as I can

Attorney get us a 785,000 what do we beside hold for tax’s?

What type of judgement was it? Also, what you have to settle up may depend on your other income and deductions.
$50,000.00 R E W A R D

Is offered to anyone who can show me the following:

1. What statute make me liable to pay an income tax.
2. How I can database an tax return without waive my Fifth Amendment protected Rights.

My name is Bill Conklin and I have researched the Internal Revenue Code for twelve years. It is my evaluation after extensive research that there is no statute that makes anyone liable for the income import tax and that all individuals who file rates return waive their Fifth Amendment protected Rights. The I.R.S. refers to the income tax system as a “voluntary tax system” so they can verbs to use the information proffered on 1040 Returns against individuals in criminal cases.

What does the I.R.S. say almost me? Mr. Conklin “knows the I.R.S. and I.R.S. procedures inside and out.” (Quote of Russ Vialpando, Special Agent, Denver District Office.)

Write for a free information packet to:

P.O. Box 2255
Longmont, CO 80502
You should consult a local tax professional immediately.


Attorney-subchapter s corp, income due?

Can a sole practioner, attorney, benefit from filing a S corp for income tax purposes?
By using an S corporation, the shareholder can avoid quantity of the FICA tax liability that would otherwise have to be remunerated. There is no savings in income taxes by using an S Corporation instead of a sole proprietorship.

A sole proprietor, file a Schedule C, would show the entire net profit from the business as self-employment earnings, subject to the self-employment export tax. The self employment tax is basically double the everyday FICA tax that an employee have to pay on wages.

With an S Corporation, the owner pays himself or herself a reasonable remuneration. There will be FICA taxes paid on this. The remaining profit from the S Corporation can be paid out as a dividend, as is not subject to FICA taxes.

In most cases, this will result within a savings of about 2.9% (the medicare portion of the FICA tax).

There’s patently a tug of war here–the IRS would like S Corporation owners to trade name the salary portion of their compensation as high as possible, and the owner would approaching to make the dividend portion of their compensation as high as possible. As long as the gross is reasonable, the arrangement works.
they have to profile the sub S incorporation paper work and the only benefit is it protects his or her personal assets contained by case he is sued for malpractice from his work


Besides CPAs, Attorneys & enrol agents, who else can by decree represent a duty payer past the IRS?

 Representation; including but not limited to filling taxes and unloading refunds on behalf of a taxpayer.
my understanding is that one and only an enrolled agent can represent a taxpayer during dealings beside the IRS in-person. At this time anyone can prepare a return for a taxpayer.
The taxpayer can self represent. Not advise as they don’t know the tax law powerfully enough nor do they usually have the negotiation skills needed within the gray areas of the law.
Actually, anyone can prepare and sign a return as the paid preparer, but if the human being is neither a CPA, attorney, nor enrolled agent, the person can merely represent the taxpayer with regards to the return they prepared. A CPA, attorney, or enrol agent can represent the taxpayer with regards to any return, even if they did not prepare it.

Best approach to become a import tax attorney?

I am an undergraduate in accounting with an interest surrounded by going to law school to become a import tax attorney.

Should I simply major in business control, which is easier than accounting, to boost my GPA to increase my chances of being official into law school?

Or should I stay contained by accounting, (which is harder) and lower my chances for a higher GPA, and afterwards apply to law school?
Tough ring up. It will depend on whether the law schools’ admissions committees are insightful or not–and that might differ depending on where on earth you apply.

I’m going to guess that in most cases they won’t appreciate the difference in point of difficulty and will instead focus on the GPA as if they’re equally tough.

Therefore I’d suggest switching to business. Unless you can come up with a way to earn a solid GPA within accounting.

Don’t want to sign off without note that other things that help you get into canon school are: super-high LSAT scores; attorneys who will write packages of recommendation for you; experience in intercollegiate debate; a obedient number of courses in the pre-law curriculum (not necessarily a major, but try to cover things resembling intro. to business law or intro. to poli sci).


Can a tangible estate attorney backing me database a 1099c if my home be forclosed on to avoid mortal tax by california

No. A Form 1099C is filed by the LENDER involved, informing you and the IRS of the amount of money you ‘gained’ by not paying off the mortgage within full as agreed. As of late last year, Congress and President Bush settled to not require people such as yourself to pay federal income tariff on the amounts reported on Form 1099C.

California and other states, however, did NOT follow with that agreement. Therefore, you will have to pay envelope income tax in California on the less amount reported to you on Form 1099C given by the lender.


Can anyone recommend a polite Iranian CPA/Tax Attorney within California, up to date in the order of 1031 Exchanges?

I have an Iranian client, badly surrounded by need of tax suggestion, uncomfortable with any but his own countrymen. As he is have to place trust in me in spite of this, I want to donate him the best service possible by finding this person for him. He is a good man.
The correlation below (if it works) is to a search for California lawyers who practice existing estate law and speak Farsi. Source(s):…
You should check with the local Iranian American Society.

Can anyone recommend a angelic rates attorney surrounded by Houston, TX?

We are in deep doo near the IRS. They have notified us that they own an “Intent to Levy” and are notifying us of our right to a hearing. We own heard we should submit an “Offer to Compromise” but have no instrument of knowing how much to offer or if there are other routes we should rob.
Don’t waste money on an attorney unless they file criminal charges. DO consult near a local CPA or EA who specializes in OIC issues. Do NOT call those firms that plug on cable TV or talk radio. They are a ripoff.

Bear in mind that single about 20% of all OIC applications are ever approved by the IRS. Basically you must submission them MORE than what they reckon that they could recover by liquidating adjectives of your assets at fire-sale prices AND put you on a payment plan on an austerity budget for 4 to 5 years. If you owe the IRS $40k and can swing $1,000 a month in payments, there’s virtually NO indiscriminate of an OIC going through. If you owe them $40k, live in a rented apartment with cast-offs furniture and a junker car and could swing $100 a month, they MIGHT settle for $10,000.

To see what an OIC entails, grab hold of a copy of IRS Form 656 and read up on the instructions included with it. It’s 44 pages long, so acquire busy. I’d post a link, but YA is blocking links right now.
here’s how I would find a honest one — go to your local university and ask the professors in the accounting department for a opinion.

one or more of them should have direct knowledge of a few. Source(s): as you would expect, if you’re only talking a few thousand here, a honourable one isn’t worth the cost.
“> Save the money you would be wasting on a tax attorney, all they do is report the same forms you are filing.
How much do you owe?
The singular reason for the intent to levy is because you have overlooked the IRS by not setting up a payment plan with them.
Ignoring the IRS is not the smartest item to do. Call them at 1-8OO-829-7650 to find out how to respond, they will let you know if an OIC will be accepted etc.
Good luck! Seriously tender IRS the money you would waste on a tax attorney.

Can I borrow a cup of sugar and a tax-law attorney?

Sure, but single if you tell me how to make a center piece, I enjoy a match and toilet paper and some olden tax receipts
You can borrow the sugar but I don’t know any tax-law attorneys sorry! I will represent you however for a couple mill! 🙂
Would you like some flour with that?

Can I bring my hubands taxes backbone since I be the power of attorney, even if he owe more than the amount is?

 He owes alot more than what we were supposed to get fund but since he is in prison, and i had to do them by man his power of attorney, would we get something?
no. the irs will take anything he owes and whats left will accrue interest etc. if you profile jointly they will take yours to so record separate.
The P of A simply give you the authority to sign the return for him. It does not affect the tax liability. You can file Form 8379 yourself to protect your share of any reimbursement.
If his refund is person offset for back child support, default student loans, or some government obligation, after no you can’t get his refund. If you have some of the income on the return, and you file an injured spouse form, you might get a module of the refund, whatever the IRS considers your share.

Can I bring someone to a levy audit? such as an attorney?

If you did your taxes yourself, you need no-one
If someone else did your taxes, transport them.
Be honest with the tax man, no advocate can help.
If you did something wrong , own up to it. Answer all the question honestly, don’t try to hide anything, be helpful and things will as economically as they can.
Yes, you can bring an attorney to a import tax audit. An attorney is qualified to serve as your tax representative. If you authorize him as your tax representative by signing an appropriate Power of Attorney, you do not hold to answer any questions directly, your representative can answer for you.

If you wish, your representative next to Power of Attorney can go to the audit instead of you. You will not be required to appear.
Absolutely! An attorney, a CPA and an Enrolled Agent can all represent you at an audit.

If your return was prepared by someone else who is not one of the above, they may usher you to explain how they prepared your return but they may not legally represent you unless you grant them Power of Attorney.
Yes but they will charge you greatly of money and unless its a tax attorney they will be pretty useless. Best bet is to find an Enrolled Agent who can assist you. Enrolled Agents are tested by the IRS and can represent you better then most attorneys about tax issues.
My advice would be to pass an attorney or a CPA your power of attorney to deal with the auditor. You should stay away. Most clients don’t know the canon and they say things they think will lend a hand and all it does is make matter worse. You don’t have to be at the meeting.


Can I claim the $1800 on my levy return that I spent this year on my attorney?

 to file chapter 7 bankruptcy as a permitted expense/deduction?
Only the portion of allowed fees that are related to taxes can be written off.
No. If he showed an amount on his bill separately that be for tax advice, it’s possible although not potential that you might be able to deduct that portion.
No. If part of that fee be for tax prep services or tax proposal AND was billed separately as such, that part is deductible. The portion of the payment for the BK action is not tax deductible.
NO! You spent too much by the track, I did mine for $800!

Can I report taxes for someone incarcerated, if I own power of attorney for them?

y brother has to file his taxes this year, but he is incarcerated. He said that because I enjoy Power of Attorney over him, that it should be no problem why I could not file for him.
I don’t understand why he can’t do it himself. He have plenty of time on his hands and all to crowd out the forms, but if you have power of attorney over him you are responsible. Have fun completing his taxes. If you go to and click on free profile, it should make it easier for you.
Unless the power of attorney is limited to specific circumstances or only comes into force upon some event adjectives, there’s no reason why you can’t do it. You’ll likely requirement to provide an original of the entire document.
I don’t know why this would be any different than my filing my mother’s taxes for her. I own POA for her since she’s in a nursing home and unable to do it herself. At this point, she can’t even sign her own identify. So I sign my name POA for her name. If IRS ever desires a copy or original of the POA, they’ll ask.

On the same token, your brother could transport care of it himself if he has adjectives the information. He probably figures you have easier access to his info. I mail my brother his info when he was in prison, but have to do it in lots of regular business envelopes because the prison wouldn’t accept any larger envelopes unless they be from his attorney (legal documents).

Can i directory attorney fees as a business toll supposition?

I don’t believe so. You can file accountant’s fees if they be part of your tax return preparation.
is the attorney fee relateecstaticour business? if it is, it is deductible on your Sched C (if sole proprietorship) line 17..
In general, attorney fees paid by a business for legal business purposes would be an allowed deductible expense. If these expenses were incurred before the business be actually earning income, later you will probably have to amortize the expenses.

Examples of allowed attorney fees would be those used to get an eviction or rest bad debt. Having an attorney draft LLC articles of organization is an example of fees that must be amortized.

Attorney fees to acquire a divorce would be an example of personal attorney expenses that cannot be deducted.
If you consulted the attorney on a business thing the fees can be deducted from any income you made in the project.


Can I take off my personal attorneys fees from my rates bill?

It depends on what they are for. Check out the list below.…

You can usually deduct legalized expenses that you incur in attempting to produce or collect taxable income or that you pay surrounded by connection with the determination, collection, or return of any tax.

You can also deduct legally recognized expenses that are:

Related to either doing or keeping your job, such as those you compensated to defend yourself against criminal charges arising out of your trade or business,

For tax warning related to a divorce if the bill specifies how much is for tax advice and it is determined within a reasonable way, or

To collect taxable alimony.

You can discount expenses of resolving tax issues relating to profit or loss from business (Schedule C or C-EZ), rentals or royalties (Schedule E), or farm income and expenses (Schedule F) on the appropriate rota. You deduct expenses of resolving nonbusiness tax issues on Schedule A (Form 1040 or Form 1040NR). See Tax Preparation Fees, more rapidly.

Unlawful discrimination claims. You may be able to take off, as an adjustment to income on Form 1040, line 36, or Form 1040NR, line 34, to some extent than as a miscellaneous itemized deduction, attorney fees and court costs for actions settled or contracted after October 22, 2004, involving a claim of unlawful discrimination, a claim against the U. S. Government, or a claim made under article 1862(b)(3)(A) of the Social Security Act. However, the amount you can deduct on Form 1040, line 36, or Form 1040NR, stripe 34, is limited to the amount you included in gross income surrounded by 2006 for that claim. The rest of your attorney fees and court costs for this type of claim are deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to the 2% limit. See Publication 525 for more information.
Only if they are:

Related to the production of taxable income.

The collection of taxable income.

Relatebeside yourselfreparation and filing of tax returns including guidance on tax law or defending you surrounded by Tax Court.

For processing an adoption.


Can I take off attorney fees from my taxes for work I did myself to collect a debt?

 I’m an attorney. I did substantial work to collect over $100,000 in fees. Can I deduct what I would own paid an attorney or my hourly rate?
No. Your time is worth ZERO.
Only if you report what you would have rewarded as income to offset the deduction otherwise stick to your out of pocket expenses.
No you can’t. You didn’t pay the fees. And if you have, you’d have to show that amount as taxable income so it would be a wash and annihilate the deduction.

Can i sue my existing estate attorney for grossly underneath estimating the property taxes during the closing?

We bought our place 6 months ago and just got the second partly cook county, il tax bill that is 5k over what we get during our closing. do i have any recourse to sue for the difference from my attorney?
Sue for what? You’d have to compensate them whether you knew ahead of time or not, so you haven’t incurred any loss due to his action. You basically have an unplanned expense.
First of all, if you are a moment ago now getting the second installment bill for 2007, something is wrong, since those were due within November 2008, and you may have late charges included on at hand. Is it an actual tax bill or just a make out of reassessment?

Cook County is NOT a county that increases the assessed value based on a mart, as many counties in the country do. What could be cause a dramatic increase in your property taxes is:
– there be previously a senior exemption being claimed that you do not qualify for
– you did not file for the homestead exemption if this is your primary residence
– tri-annual reassessment be done on your property and that was kicking in (mine instinctively went up 20%, which is insane). One third of the county has this crop up every three years.
– this was new construction and the property be never fully assessed until now

You should be able to verbs up previous tax bills on the Cook County Treasurer’s website. Compare the most recent bill that would have be available at the time of your closing to what was put on the statement.
The most common plea that taxes are drastically “underestimated” like this is when you buy a new home, and the taxes own been based on a disused lot until now. The other big reason would be that the taxes enjoy been artifically held down because of the previous owner haveing some sort of age exemption or such (or maybe you live surrounded by an area that does not allow re evaluation until ownership changes).

This sort of problem happens awfully often and is a big reason why a bunch of foreclosures surface in even a “normal” time.

I know as a Realtor I notify buyers of this sort of possibility. But sometimes the jump is huge and sometimes it is more gradual- the attorney may not hold had an exact figure of how much it would dance up- just an idea that it might progress up. I don’t know if that would be enough to win a lawsuit or not. The best way to find out would be to make conversation with an attorney.
Possibly. But remember that once the house sells, its appraised value is altered to copy the selling price causing the tax bill to increase.

The previous owners may own owned the property for awhile and the taxes were still low.

I bought a house and the taxes tripled over the previous year because of the new adjustment within value.
You may have some recourse — assuming that at the time of the closing, the rates rate that is in effect immediately was the rate. But I’m also thinking that the realtor who you dealt next to may also have some liability if the realtor gave you misinformation prior to the mart. No realtor or attorney can insure that your property taxes will remain at the level they were at the time of your closing – that’s switch here, so go back into your paperwork and get sure you have a cause for official action…if Cook County recently increased taxes — I’m afraid there’s zilch you can do…

Can I reduce by court costs, fines, attorney fees etc on my taxes?

Only if this has resulted in income that you are reporting on the charge return.
You can not deduct fines and court costs off your taxes, but attorney fees within some cases. You would need to talk to a toll specialist to determine if you can.
If this was for a business, then the attorneys fees are deductible as a business expense. Court costs may be deductible for a civil issue, but probably not for a criminal matter.

Fines and penalties salaried to any government entity are are never deductible.

Legal fees are not deductible from personal income taxes, except for legal fees incurred contained by relation to preparing or completing your taxes.
only if these fees is work related

Can someone recommend a well-mannered rates attorney surrounded by the Bay Area of California?

The IRS says my friend owes a large chunk of money from 1991 (including interest and penalties). He isn’t so sure. Thanks surrounded by advance for your help everyone!
This is not a charge attorney kind of issue. At least not even so. You need to know what the problem is before you start working on the solution. Finding out why at hand is a balance due then dealing next to whether to pay it (because it is due) or show that it is not due or document the fact that you are unqualified to pay is what should be done first.

I am an enrolled agent, a due specialist licensed by the US Treasury Department to represent taxpayers (along with attorneys and CPAs) and specialize in clients who hold substantial outstanding tax liabilities or long period of failing to file returns. I’m close to the bay nouns. If you would like some additional information outside this forum, you can transport me email through my profile.

Can someone refer me to a righteous rates attorney surrounded by California who is experienced surrounded by doing Offers In Compromise?

And who is reasonably priced or who will accept payments. Thank you!
You can also try doing a prod on targetlaw for an attorney. I did a populated search for you. Best thing to do is read a few websites and look for those attorneys that hold experience in Offers in compromise. righteous luck. Source(s):…
Brandt R. Stickel, in Fort Bragg, is my old boss, and one heck of a smart due attorney. Any good tax attorney should know the proper procedure for doing an Offer to Compromise.

Tell him Barbara said howdy!

Can someone within california write attorney costs stale within their taxes for an adoption?

Based upon your question, I will take the long leap and guess your from….California?

Anyway, the answer to your quiz is regrettably “NO”

Attorney fees are deductable for a business in connection near a business activity and can be offset against income or income gains when incurred to protect your asset rights or defend your asset rights.

Consider your costs the first small step surrounded by the parental costs for raising a child. Relax, children
only become more and more costly. And if you make higher the kids right, your costs just increase along with your good cheer and pride.By the time you think you are just something like done with your expenditures in your sixties, you will find yourself thinking and conceivably wishing to move in beside them and your grandchildren who you will want to spoil.A vicious and delicious cycle.

Congratulations on the adoption! Source(s): Been there and done that.
You don’t say-so what country you are from, so I’ll assume Canada.
Attorney costs can only be deducted if relateover the moonegotiating salaries and other forms of income. Adoption is not a form of income, so no, it is not eligible as a tax presumption. Source(s): I’m a professional accountant.

Can u discount attorney expenses on ur taxes?

It depends on what you are paying he attorney for. If the attorney’s fees relate to determining your taxes, you can deduct them. Fees for writing a will are probably not deductible. Ask the attorney. Compared to whatever else you rewarded for, this should be an inexpensive question.
Attorneys’ fees incurred in the production of income, say-so suing someone who owes your side business money, are deductible. Attorneys’ fees incurred in acquiring or protecting a wealth asset are added to the cost basis of the asset. Attorney fees for such things as defending that DUI or a custody fight are not deductible. There is authority within the Treasury Regulations that the spouse fighting for alimony, which is ordinary income, may reduce by the cost of attorneys’ fees incurred to obtain or increase the alimony (as opposed to child support which is not income). Of course, the spouse getting the alimony almost never pays the attorneys’ fees. Source(s): “(7) Generally, attorney’s fees and other costs remunerated in connection near a divorce, separation, or decree for support are not deductible by either the husband or the wife. However, the constituent of an attorney’s fee and the part of the other costs rewarded in connection beside a divorce, legal separation, written separation agreement, or a decree for support, which are properly attributable to the production or collection of amounts includible surrounded by gross income under section 71 are deductible by the wife lower than section 212. ” Treasury Regulation 1.262-1(b)(7).

Can you claim attorney fees etc on your income due?

When i first filed for Chapter 13 bankrupt i be told that the law firm fees will be $2,500 and $90 for the over the telephone financial counselor , for a total of $2,590.00 . My attorney lost the suitcase and said not to worry I’ll just re-filed your defence. So i signed all of the documents without reading them ( i thought i could trust my attorney no necessitate to read) , well i got have. Now the same law firm tell me i owe them an additonal $3,550 so in all I would own paid them totally $6,000.00 and the financial consultants /counselors a total of $140.00. so in adjectives i am out of $6,140.00. In the begining all of my bills only come to $10,300 which included my 2nd mortage and credit cards.
I know i signed the papers without reading but is there any re-course. I really touch i been had. Now i am within debt for much more and all the payments are going to the Trustee to pay adjectives of my bills which is fine but I hope someone can help me understand this better and at smallest give me some hope.
No, you cannot…

I have to agree. You are going to own to chalk this one up to a life-lesson learned, and read what you sign next time…
Nope. Life lesson immediately.

Can you claim attorney fees on your taxes?

 When i first filed for Chapter 13 bankrupt i be told that the law firm fees will be $2,500 and $90 for the over the telephone financial counselor , for a total of $2,590.00 . My attorney lost the bag and said not to worry I’ll just re-filed your covering. So i signed all of the documents without reading them ( i thought i could trust my attorney no call for to read) , well i got have. Now the same law firm tell me i owe them an additonal $3,550 so in all I would enjoy paid them totally $6,000.00 and the financial consultants /counselors a total of $140.00. so in adjectives i am out of $6,140.00. In the begining all of my bills only come to $10,300 which included my 2nd mortage and credit cards.
I know i signed the papers without reading but is there any re-course. I really quality i been had. Now i am contained by debt for much more and all the payments are going to the Trustee to pay adjectives of my bills which is fine but I hope someone can help me understand this better and at tiniest give me some hope.
Legal fees related to the production of income are deductible but unluckily, in your case, your officially recognized fees would not be deductible.

Can you take off attorney fees for a divorce when file taxes?

No, although if part of the tax is for tax advice and that slice is stated separately on the bill, then you could deduct that chunk.
Only whatever part of the excise, if any, applies to tax return preparation, tax guidance, or advice for the production of taxable income. They must be separately stated for such services to be deductible.

The costs for the divorce itself are not deductible.
not that i am aware of.


Capital Gains Tax – am I liable on verbs of title beneath power of attorney?

I had a power of attorney to handle my mothers affairs after she become mentally unable. I transferred the title of her home to me to prevent her from being exploited (conned into taking out a mortgage etc). 6 months subsequently she died. I distributed the money from the sale according to her will.
I liable for capital gain on the transfer of title?
It depends what country you are talking in the region of, of course. (You posted this in Taxes-Other.)

The scenario you describe does aim you are liable for cap gain on the sale of the house, since it be not your primary residence.

What you should have done when she died is transfer the title wager on to the estate for the same amount you paid for it, resulting within no gain/loss. Then the estate would have paid the rates on the 6-month’s capital gain.

Career as a due attorney?

is there a market for levy attorneys in the next 10 years? i want to step to law school but within are a lot of law grads that are without a job. would specializing in something specific such as law relieve?
There is always a need to CPA’s, CPA attorneys, and litigation attorneys.

It really help if you have a natural interest within the areas you are studying. The people who go to decree school or any school and of late study and pass tests and enjoy no clue about anything outside of books and tests will prob be at a disadvantage over folks who have some natural expertise to run a business.

Claiming attorney fees on taxes?

I hired an attorney for my brother and paid with my money. I hear in attendance is a way to claim this on my taxes is this true?
“> false

absent special circumstances which you’re not suggested exist. All the special circumstances I know of relate to you making income from an investment or business to be exact endangered by your brother’s lawsuit so that your defense of him amounts to defending your property [the investment or business]. Source(s): cpa


Closing Attorney asking for new excise money after closing!?

I closed August 12. This is the e-mail I just got from the closing attorney:


Paula Halford

Is here a way to get out of paying this? support!
Those figures are not correct…not even close.

Can you e-mail me with the signature of the City/State you live in?

I don’t need your address to facilitate you.

You should have received a much higher credit and they are wanting alot more money from you than you should enjoy to pay.

I’ll be happen to e-mail you subsidise and explain it in detail.
It wounds like the title company dropped the ball big time on this one.

TO be faultlessly blunt you would have had to reimburse it if they had gotten it right the first time..just pay envelope it….
PAY THEM! I would verify exactly what they screwed up. and get it in writting from the title company first though!
avoid haing a due lien on your property! the simple fact is they miscalculated your taxes

the fact is you would hold had to pay it at closing if they have gotten it right the first time.

Sure you can avoid paying it… but then you’ll have a lien placed on your home for disaster to pay taxes.

The attorney probably calculated the taxes wrong. I work as a mortgage underwriter & closer and see it all the time. I’d voice attorneys are honestly the worst people in the world to close loans, they hold no idea what they’re doing.

If you don’t pay it, they’ll newly not pay your tax bill and next you’ll have delinquencies reported and interest and penalties added. So you ought to compensate it ASAP.
They made a good belief estimate that was wrong. You owe the money. It’s one of the trials of home ownership.


Cook county property rates assessment appeals attorney?

Does anyone know a good attorney to handle a residential cook county (illinois) property levy assessment appeal?
Don’t pay an attorney!

You can do it yourself! It’s easy. All you call for to do is send in info on similar properties. Get their website bad of their notification to you. You can enter anyone’s house address.

All you need to do is find simiar properties to yours in your on the spot area.
Right down the addresses.
Go to their website.
One at a time …enter the address.
They will give you the code to enter.
Enter the code….the property will pop up.
Compare it to yours. [do yours first and print it out].
If their property is similar to yours….same lot size, same number of stories, etc. and they pay smaller amount taxes. Print it out.
I believe now they only ask for three comparisons.
They used to ask for five. Double check that on your consideration.

If you know of any City Workers that live on your block, or neighboring block….run their properties….even if a larger house than yours. Theirs for some reason is always lower. Use it as a comparison if is lower.

[for instantaneous neighbor retired as a City Electrician Supervisor. We have the EXACT same buildings Two story brick. His was tabled as a two story FRAME. He also had central nouns and rented out the basement. He paid $800.00 a year smaller amount than I did. I printed his out and used it for a comparison.]

I have five properties. I did it all myself and won four out of the five appeals.
If you don’t hold a computer, go to the public library and have them give support to you.

Please!! Don’t give away more of your money to some attorney who will do the same piece you can do.

Good luck.!!
Cookie is right. Source(s): Worked for the state of TX, at my local appraisal district.


Could an attorney relief me if I owe $7k contained by income rates?

i did not claim income in 2005 on money i made during hurricane katrina; noe IRS wants me to income $7 k in taxes. could an attorney help me reimburse less and come out ahead including his/her fees?
Not likely. Anything they’d save you on the $7000 would probably be more than eat up in their fees. And they probably wouldn’t be able to backing you anyway, so you might well end up paying their fees and still not good anything.
you enjoy supplied just enough information for our answers to be treacherous. You don’t need an attorney unless you committed a fraud. You should see a tax professional beside all of the facts and the letter or other communication from the IRS. I fix these think all day long and sometimes I can brand name the problem go away and other time I just transmit the client to pay the IRS and get it done next to. They will accept payments if that is compulsory.
Probably not. What you need to do is report an amended return including the income that the irs is saying that you owe on, and also claim any expenses that you incurred while earning that money (mileage, contract labor, supplies, meal (only 50% though), etc). If you really do owe $7k in tax, an attorney is not going to know how to really help you. All he can do is say, sure I can give a hand, and than hit you with his fee when he can’t.
I am not sure but you can check it from here

I would recommend you that you fill their form and ask for initial consultation which they generally grant for free. An attorney will contact you within 24hrs after you fill their form. Trust me its obedient

Could anybody support me ,how to take the best immigration attorney surrounded by Taxes[esp. for sternness against women]?

Let me take a stab at this one. Are you looking for a lawyer specializing within immigration problems for a person who has be charged with a crime of violence against women that practices within the state of Texas?

If that’s the case, and you want to prevent the person from self deported … you will need a great lawyer for the valise.

Hopefully I am wrong about this question … why would anyone want to hold on to a person who is violent to women from one deported? Can you provide more details?
I’m really confused. What does an immigration attorney have to do with taxes and severity against women?


Do you guess that taxes should rate for attorneys that anyone can enjoy access to?

Our legal system is so hard to maneuver through if you are not a legal representative. We have the right to an attorney, but not everyone has the qualifications to afford one. You have to qualify for a public defender, and permissible aid doesn’t take criminal cases. No one takes into consideration what your circumstances are, there’s no comfort. I feel like if this is our equality system, then our taxes should go to wages for lawyers who are available to anyone. I have nought against lawyers, my problem is with our legally recognized system. It is all a game of knowing and bending the rules… interestingly, a great deal like Yahoo! Answers.

Feel free to tell my your belief, or vent your experience…
Karl Rove has to own attorneys
legal service welfare? I don’t think so.
the number of frivolous lawsuit are already clogging our court system and lots of the frivolous lawsuits are from convicts that are pissed because they can’t get jello on Fridays.

the taxpayers already have to remuneration to defend and preside over every one of these we do not need any more.
Are you crazy? The courts are jammed now with frivolous lawsuits, if the lawyer had the tax payers footing the bill, you wouldn’t be capable of cross the street without getting sued.


How to become a levy attorney?


The same way you gain to Carnegie Hall . . . “practice, practice, practice.”

Collecting credentials may help you get that first commission, but if you are good enough to succeed contained by this field, you don’t need to collect that various. A year of practice with a good decree firm is infinitely more valuable than a year spent getting an LLM.

I had the correct fortune to spend two years after law school clerking for a believe to be of the United States Tax Court. That was the most fabulous education I could ask for. However, those opportunity are limited, and nowadays most law lords hire only LLMs. Catch-22!

Specifically with respect to the CPA — if you intend to practice within a large law or accounting firm, this is not worth the time, challenge and expense. If you intend to practice on your own, or in a small firm, then it’s probably a honourable idea. Source(s): 32 years as a tax attorney, 10 of those in Big Five (now Four) accounting firms.

Get a four year undergraduate scope in any subject, the best would be business related. Take the LSAT exam and rack up as high as possible. Apply to law school that your undergraduate grades and your LSAT score qualify you for. Attend law institution, concentrate on business and tax courses. Graduate from law university and then sit for and pass the inn exam for your state. Get a job with a canon firm that has a good charge practice and work for several years learning all you can.
Then find a passageway to seel your services to companies and individuals that will make you an indespensible part of their toll planning team.

Im currently in the process of becoming a tax attorney or corporate legal representative, I cant decide. I have completed my undergraduate scope in accounting and I am in an MBA program. Also, I am applying to imperative school for fall 07. The university I attend have a J.D. program where I can get both my directive degree and MBA at the same time while reducing the number of hours incurred by pursuing them independently. For specifically tariff law/attorney, I would suggest an undergraduate degree in preferably accounting, a MS accountancy or MBA and imperative school. Also, it is a very obedient idea to test for the CPA as mentioned sooner. Keep your GPA as high as possible and do as well as you can on the LSAT, everything else is destiny.

Pretty much what he said, but I’d add within becoming a CPA along the way, and after Law School, get an LLM within Tax.

You’re looking at dealing with the IRS on a daily starting place. It will help if your parents were not married.

How lots taxes are taking out of an attorney’s paycheck?


An attorney’s salary is subject to indistinguishable payroll taxes as everyone else. The exact amount withheld depends on W-4 filings.

Assuming the attorney is not self-employed, as masses are, they will have the exact same taxes taken out as someone in any profession beside the same income and exemptions.

Assuming the attorney is paid as an employee of a imperative firm, taxes would be withheld under the same rules as any other hand. If the attorney is self-employed, they don’t have a paycheck to withhold form, but they must pay taxes as a business owner.

I received reminder fron attorney generals bureau surrounded by ohio proverb they be keeping my toll return. i owe student?

 i owe student loan but they have not contacted me to set up payment arrangments How do I find out what is going on


LOL. They haven’t contacted you to set up payments? You should be the one contacting them to set up payments. Good Lord, You cogitate they should have to hunt you down? You owe them.

They don’t HAVE to tell you… they will basically keep taking your refund until your studen loan is compensated.

If an attorney took adjectives of a settlement contained by a civil rights valise who pays the taxes?

 Settllement of $350,000 received nothing due to attorneys fees. Who pays the taxes?


Your officially recognized fees are valid costs that are deductible against your settlement so there should be no net tariff bill for you.

The relevant law on civil rights cases:

“Congress addressed this surrounded by American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 (AJCA) Section 703(a), adding new Sec. 62(a)(20), Costs involving nouns suits, etc. This provision allows a deduction from gross income, not exceeding a gross judgment or settlement, for permitted fees associated with judgments or settlements for a claim:…”

You BOTH do !

You`ll owe taxes on the $350,000 settlement ,and your lawyer will owe taxes on $350,000 income !

Sounds to me close to you were ROBBED by your lawyer !!

When you file, you must report the $350,000 as income, and should later deduct the $350,000 of attorney’s fees as an expense of generating taxable income, departure yourself with $0 of net taxable income and no duty due.

If you fail to report the income and claim the deduction, afterwards the IRS may charge you tax on the $350,000.

When the attorney’s taxes are filed, the attorney must report the $350,000 contained by attorney’s fees, deduct the cost of office space, secretaries, and an assortment of other expenses, and pay tax on anything is left.

You obligation to sue your lawyer – you totally got screwed. He should enjoy received 25 – 33% at the most.

If I Have Power of Attorney, How Do I Sign Someone’s 1040 Tax Form?

 What do I write as a “signature”?

Do I write “Susan Doe by John Smith, Attorney in Fact”?


You sign your name on the tax form. Not as the preparer. You should include a copy of the POA unless it is already on directory with the IRS.

I would sign as the taxpayer: Susan Doe by John Doe POA, and then also sign as the tax preparer, and later include a copy of the POA document with the return. That should cover all basis.

Unless you are also the tax preparer, do not sign as the preparer.

In the signature space, write as you enjoy in your question, using “Attorney within Fact” or “POA”.

Attach IRS Form 2848 or equivalent to the return.

Sign the part where on earth it says Preparers Signature i believe…

Income Tax? form 8453-ol if signing it beside a power of attorney…?

 Do I sign the name/poa and send it in or do I sign name/poa and attach a copy of the poa to this form?


Attach a copy of the POA.

(I doubt you own a 2848 already on file that gives you say-so to sign tax documents.)

Is an attorney needed to place a import tax lien on your home?

 No, usually the government places a tax lien on a home. An attorney wouldn’t usually place the levy lien on the home. If you need more info on tax liens, check out this site: It explains the total tax lien process exhaustively, and even provides a breakdown of all the excise lien laws in every state.

No, a county tax lien means that the property taxes haven’t be paid and the county government is placing a lien because they involve the property tax money to function and pay their body. Procedures are governed by State law.
I don’t recommend the relationship listed above. It is a come-on site to buy a book. I checked it.

“Tax” liens are government liens. No lawyer are needed.

A rates lien is an administrative action authorized by law. IRS and its state counterparts do not necessitate legal assistance in file notices of lien.

Is Steve Moskowitz contained by San Francisco a obedient attorney for toll backing, gratitude?

 I am wondering the same thing so I did for a while research and found this on the rip off report site

I am sure evryone has 2 sides to every story but it doesnt look well-mannered. I am considering Jeff Kahn. I have a tentative update with him next week. If interested, I can consent to you know what I think after meeting him.

Unfortunately my problems wont be solved by simply calling the IRS and asking for back. I am sure you are in the same boat if not you wouldnt be asking for references on y! answers. Source(s):

I don’t know if he is or not, but what type of tax minister to do you need. Usually you can take protection of it yourself, and not pay all the money to someone else i.e. only going to fill out forms, which you could do yourself, and what you would compensate an attorney you could pay to IRS for the debt.

Isn’t a toll attorney a sleazy profession?

 They lobby for an income tax so they can litigate on the tax law that they create. Also if the government was acting in it’s limited constitutional functions and following the entire Bill of rights a income tax would not be needed and 16th amendment would not concern.


Not if your are trying to avoid or evade paying your fair share. That’s to purpose of a tax attorney.

I would articulate not. The laws are so complicated now a right attorney will make sure you do not get yourself into trouble. There are some sleazy ones though.

However, the problem next to the laws as the stand now, you hold to be a lawyer to understand them. The claim ignorance of the decree is no excuse for breaking it, but to understand the law you have need of a law degree. Not exactly equal.


If Congress would quit making the tax code so complex, we wouldn’t involve attorneys to handle the tax law.

Tax attorneys are just like any attorney, they specialize surrounded by a segment of law.

They only attorney’s that are sleazy are those on billboards and TV commercials..”Dog bite, slip and fall, sports car accident? Call 1-8OO-isc-rewu…”

Lawyers eat their young

No. People that aren’t attorneys know nothing in the order of attorneys. They help people who enjoy complex financial situations.

People need professionals to do their taxes so they aren’t getting ripped off by the management. If there is a demand, in attendance should be a supply.

Lawyers should follow the law and not try to find loopholes that have long occupancy effects of ripping off all the other taxpayers.

With that said, I am against the federal income rates.

What do you enjoy to do to be an LLM Tax Attorney?

 I have a bachelors in Accounting and own worked in the corporation tax corral for 12 years including my corporate tax internship in what used to be a fortune 500 company. I am very soon in a fortune 100 company and would like to further my studies, but don’t know if I want to simply gain a masters in taxation…I would like to go and get my LLM in Tax. I know that this is a pretty prestigious career and seriously of schools don’t exactly offer it…but I know near are some…for example, NYU, UM, and BU all offer it, among others.

When I read the criteria for this program, it seem you already have to be in tenet school to get contained by…is it possible for me to apply to a law school next to a bachelors in accounting and perhaps a CPA and start a program as an L.L.M. Tax or even a J.D./LLM Tax dual program? Please flamboyant this for me as i am sadly not understanding adjectives the requirements.

Thanks so much.


Get a law degree and a masters contained by tax.

LLM is a master of laws and mostly requires a JD degree. There are some joint LLM/CPA programs, but most, if all require JD. You’ll have to check around. Source(s): juris doctor

What power of attorney form do i obligation to own someone report my taxes for me?

i am currently incarcerated in the state of california, i want to have my girlfriend report my taxes for me. what would be the best power of attorney form to use for doing that

You can use Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, for this.

Sharon Pierce, HR Block Sr Tax Advisor V

This advice was prepared base on our understanding of the tax ruling in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts that you provided. Click on my profile to read more.

Form 8453 is the IRS form.

“> 2848 with added language to dash 5.

What type of attorney should I run into near if my import tax compensation be counter erroneously?

 The company that took the funds (without ever contacting me about any of it), refuses to grant us back our money even though we proved it was not our debt. Help!


a company (private) CAN NOT give somebody a lift your tax refund beside out a court judgement against you , and in most states a tax work against is still not going to happen unless it’s a government thwart . for unpaid taxes,student loans or child support

Where do i stir or how do i do a Power of Attorney, so i can report my friend taxes while shes overseas?

I have friend coming from overseas to visit for 2 weeks subsequent month and she has missed the deadline for extension on her taxes, She wants to profile her taxes for her. So how do I go about rectify this situation the legal way.

Thanks surrounded by Advance


consent to your friend file late, don’t bother

*She* can do her own forms by downloading them from

If she beyond doubt has to have you do them, she can swarm out form 2848, add the extra wording about one out of the country and give you the POA to add to the excise return.

However, unless you are a preparer, there’s no category you qualify in to actually *be* the POA.

Prepare the return. Ask your friend to sign it. Then mail it to IRS.
You do not need power of attorney. She must sign the return. Source(s):…