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personal injury from curls dresser

 Two years ago. My daughter went to the hair dresser and get her hair highlighted and got burn vertebrae of her head and ears. Now she has a big blemish about 2-4 inches.Both of her ears have scar to. Now can we get a lawyer and win the travel case? She was only 12 years weak at that time


I work for an attorneys office, and out of my personal opinion I would articulate you would need to have solid proof that the pelt dresser caused the scar to even pilfer it to court and they are gonna question why you waited 2 years to bear care of bringing it to court. Just my opinion

“Indian Casino” Personal Injury?



Yeah goodluck.

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Indian Nations have thier own laws

Since you mentioned California
“Each of the 56 Class III gaming tribes in California has its own tort liability ordinance spelling out how it will process claims, according to the state Bureau of Gambling Control.”

You may own to go to a tribal council.

You will need to find info on the specific casino involved. Source(s):…

“Interim Payments” Personal Injury Claim?

 I was the (innocent!) victim of a road coincidence last year in which i suffered multiple injuries. The other insurance company have offered a lb5000 interim payment (to be deducted stale the final amount paid at the end of the claim) for personal injuries sustained. Is within a set formula – i.e percentage – as to the amount offered in an interim payment as to how much the final settlement digit is likely to be ?


There is no relationship between any interim payment and the final award. In reality the judge that hears the valise and makes the award will not even know that an interim payment have been made.

Also, if for any other reason you necessitate more money before the case is finished you can apply again.

So in attendance is no reason not to take this money. Having said that, if you bring to a close up getting less than lb5000 you will have to earnings back any excess, so check with your solicitor that he think about this.

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~Personal Injury~ My Grandma fell & broke her hip (a) her SR. Apt. ~They never fixed crappy sidewalks….?

 I am looking for some personal injury info here. Two weeks ago , my 88 y/o grandmother was walking outside with her wicker at her SR. Apart. complex. She triped on the side walk that was adjectives buckled up and had over an inch in difference from the rest of the sidewalk. (As if a tree root have pushed it up )My sister was there, and be able to take pictures of the sidewalk, EMS, and my grandma on the ground beside her broken leg. Now , my sister and I had both on different occasions told the Mngt. nearly the problem, and it was not fixed. My grandmother fell and broke her hip, requiring emergency surgery. My grandmother was TOTALLY fine on her own formerly this accident. Now we have her surrounded by a conv. / rehab hospital to get stronger, but we fear she won’t know how to live on her own again ~ requiring very expesive “assisted living” care. Now, I know the apart. complex is responsible. What I verbs is that we don’t know how much longer my 88 y/o grandma is going to be around, so how do we expidite a law suit, and how much would something like this award her? Pain , suffering, adjectives assisted living?? Any advice or direction to take is MUCH appriciated! Thank You !


Press Charges.
That is so sad
off-colour pray for her.
Take care.
I would sue them for not making
an effort
on fixing it because keep watch on another person
is going to fall and within just going to get away beside it

Good Luck
Tell your grandma to take care:(

My grandma broke her hip finishing week too,
becuase of an retirment home.
She has alzheimers and they put up a bedrail,
only she doesn’t know what it is,
and she fell our her bed,
and land on her head, buh broke her hip
🙁 Source(s): me

The problem is you and your grandmother know of and have known that wreck on the sidewalk. They can easily say you should own been more careful. You might even gain sued for reckless endangerment of you grandmother. Sure the nursing home should have fixed it, but if it be already in their books indicating this problem is scheduled to be fixed on this date, you cannot blame them because their contractors hold not fixed the problem that they budgeted for.

Call a local personal injury attorney asap and see if they will lug her case. Source(s): 10 years in the personal injury biz.

Find a well-regarded personal injury attorney (there are a few in your area, I hope). They will be the ones to sustain you. Do NOT call the ones that advertise on the TV!

A quiz for GP, if someone puts surrounded by a personal injury claim?

 with an insurance company and needs medical evidence, do you mitt it over just for the payment. E.g enunciate if someone trys to claim for a tattoo they just do not like and have removed but has not actually cause them injury in the real sense they may be newly found the standard unacceptable but nothing go wrong. Would you still give a report for mental damage for their choice? Do you enjoy guidelines as GPs for doing these reports?


Lol you bum, Get a job. Source(s): Look —>…

A Personal Injury Question?…?

 Hi!I wondered if someone may be able to offer rather advice please?…At the weekend,i had an twist of fate in a shopping centre.I slipped on the damp floor,twisting my back and causing muscle strain.I am contained by considerable pain.I informed security,who told me to report the incident to customer services,which i did.On my method back,when i reached the place where on earth it had happened,cleaners have immediately placed yellow requirement cones around the area,and started to clean the floor.When i spoke to one of the cleaners and told her it didn’t freshly feel like marine on the floor,it felt greasy,she admitted that the floor hadn’t be cleaned properly because there had be a floor display that weekend,and that what i had slipped on was cleaning fluid vanished by themselves.I have seen a doctor(mon)and be given strong painkillers,and need to see a doc again today for extra pain nouns.Not one person from the centre have rung me to see how i am…My question is this…would you sue,and do you think it would work?


Here is some information on claims for slips, trips and falls

You would probably be able to make a succesful compensation claim if you needed to – but that’s up to you.

get an ambulance chaser to help you screw some money out of them

You hold a good claim. Contact your local solicitor and ask him to take it on a CFA idea (he’ll know what to do).

People other say it’s an accident . Well my opening way of explaining the word accident is, near is no such thing as an accident because they do not crop up they are caused and by somebodys carelessness or by your own ignorance contained by not questioning yourself,is it safe to do it this method,so the outcome of you falling was neglect that the store have not cleaned the floor of some greasy substance therefore you should claim dammages for your injuries. Good luck. Deffinately claim.
ps. no comments saying he or should be looking where on earth they are putting their feet as they might walk into a pillar.

Guy driving ends up contained by field, I had an fluke Wrong ! torrential rain, strange road doing 60mph he caused himself to be within the field by not driving for the conditions Think! should I slow down, still bad, after I sould stop until weathers favours

A property owner have a duty to use reasonable care to save the premises safe for the people who travel onto the property. Suing would work in California if you can prove that the substance was on the floor for a extent of time, that the mall knew going on for it, (OR SHOULD HAVE known about it), and didn’t verbs it promptly. Sounds like you have some righteous evidence of NOTICE and NEGLIGENCE on the part of the staff. I hope you got that cleaning lady’s cross and address, because she is likely to go missing after you folder your lawsuit. I would hire a lawyer, and tell your attorney about the cleaning lady and the store display. if I be your lawyer, I’d have investigators down in that tomorrow interviewing the workers and getting taped statements from them under cost of perjury. Sounds like they have some liability for your stumble. Source(s): 3 years of law school, Cal. license, 7 years of personal injury experience, travel case named “Ortega” (but I can’t think of the full cite right now).

I see nil about missing work here! You seem to be trying to obtain something for nothing. Trust me if you had stained your rear as you say you would not be on the computer asking questions close to this. My strained disk took several months just to be moving at a half step. So grasp rid of the $$$$ idea and maybe ask them around paying your medical bills if you really have been injured. I’m tired of watching society get over on someone by these types of claims. I’ve had OTJ injuries and solely asked to be repaired properly not be given a chunk of money.

this is for jj the woman was hurt she have every right to sue what planet are you on if it was you what would you do just suffer and hope it go away DOH! this is also for pappy there is to much negligence going on nowadays if family would do their job properly things like this would not begin have you not heard of the HEALTH AND SAFETY RULES AND REGULATIONS

same happened to friend in supermarket, they put surrounded by a claim, about 1 yr later awarded lb700.

No I wouldn’t sue! I regard it is utterly ridiculous the way people will try to take money out of every little thing that happens. It’s an catastrophe!

It depends upon the law of the state in which you reside (I’m assuming you reside within the US), but in many states it’s a bit difficult to prevail in a “slip and fall” case against a business.

The foundation why is that in many states you hold to be able to prove that the store was on observe of the defective condition prior to your fall, in writ that (theoretically) they had an opportunity to correct it. Proof of notice can be severely difficult to obtain, as most likely the cleaner who made that statement to you would clam up once he become aware of a claim against the store, and it’s also unlikely that you’ll find any paper “smoking gun” evidence from the store indicating that they were on distinguish of the greasy floor.

Also, if your state is a no-fault liability state, it may be that you must have a certain amount of medical bills arising from the injury past you have a right to sue.

One thing that you should unquestionably check into any medical payments coverage the store may have. Most stores carry what is agreed as medical payments coverage on their commercial insurance policies. Medical payments coverage is a type of no-fault coverage which reimburses you for the cost of medical care from an injury on the premises without the necessity of proving scorn on the store’s part. Most large stores fetch at least $5,000 in medical payments coverage, so at the incredibly least that will cover your medical expenses in adjectives likelihood.

I strongly urge you to consult with an attorney decipherable with the laws of your state contained by order to determine the viability of any liability claim against the store. The information I own provided is general in make-up and is not intended to be taken as legal advice.

Hello, I’d voice you have a strong case, please forget about the people who criticise you for wanting to make a claim, you be injured and you have a right to be compensated for this. If you want to begin a claim I strongly support you to see a solicitor as soon as possible, since there are strict time limits.
In adjectives probability the case will be settled out of court, but prepare for the possibility of a court appearance in the adjectives and various meeting next to solicitors and nasty letters from the shopping spotlight owners.
Ask the solicitors to conduct the case on a Conditional Fee Aggreement (No Win No Fee), but be prepared you may need to salary insurance, the solicitor has a duty to explain all of his costs and charges contained by the event of winning or losing and provide it in writing.
Keep a text of ALL injures, get your doctor to assess you and write a report if you don’t have one already. In calculation, keep a note of ALL expenses including: travelling to doctors, costs of prescriptions, loss to returns at work if any etc, is your bad back stopping you from doing something you soak up doing, such as swimming etc? You can claim for all losses and injuries and loss of amenities caused by the quirk. But remember to be realistic, you will not be awarded thousands for this case.
So press on and polite luck

About p.i sue prospects against a local resturante (personal injury)?

 after eating a a local restaurant: i went to use the rest room services.


unless you have witnesses and or someone to corroborate your story I don’t believe you will have much of a occasion to sue anyone, but it can’t hurt to contact a personal injury lawyer , they work on a contingency basis

I’m still trying to figure out how the toilet broadsheet dispenser door hit you in the head. I’ve never see a dispenser mounted high enough to hit someone surrounded by the head. The top of most dispensers is about elbow height above sea level.

I would suppose you can sue. You are going to have to prove that toilet paper hitting you on the come first caused these problems and is the cause of your adjectives homelessness. You should be able to sue your employer as well, as you should not enjoy been fired.

Accident Personal Injury Claim ?

 After a recent accident, I’d suffered a whiplash injury to the extent that regardless of going to work for the next 2-3 days after the fluke, I’ve come to the point where I’ve realised that I’m not quite surrounded by a position to continue working the my employer would’ve wanted.

I work contained by the IT & hence constant exposure to monitor screen along with sitting longer hours on the stool. In addition to stiff neck along next to shoulder & back pain already, near the working condition, I seem to be getting eye stress along with the severe headache at the pay for of my head.

Although, I’ve had this stroke of luck reported to CIS (my insurance company), I wonder if I should ALSO report it to the Norwich Union (insurer of the drive who crashed into me). Should I go through the insurance company’s legal service (since I’ve fully comprehensive insurance) OR should I choose an leeway of “no win, no fee” based company ?

Any recommendation to find me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Go thru the process next to the insurance company. It’s why they are there, if they don’t prove very fruitful to you after try the No Win No Fee people.

get your legal on it straight away.

REPORT it to the other insurer immediately so you are not said to be making it up next

Go with the no win no payment option but make sure your attorney is APIL accredited (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers). They will contact all insurers for you and will gain you a fairer compensation payout. Take time off work too. You can recover the cost of lost income as cog of your claim ie general damages.

Advice on personal injury claim?

I have an injury from a slip on a wet floor, the company enjoy admitted liability and I dont want to go through a solicitor or claims co as they are a con,I used to work for one years ago!
i hold researched my legal rights, but for a sprained lower back, does anyone know down time to heal and the amount I should ask for? I have be reffered to a physiotherapist by my doc.
Im not money grabbing or greedy but this has impacted my time and caused me pain.
10 points best answer.


i would consult a personal injury attorney and see what they say about it..they do this adjectives the ime so they would know–you don’t have to use them if you dont want to -just go for a consultation and see what they hold to say—remember once you settle you give up all adjectives rights to any more claims fopr medical bills etc for this injury-good luck

go to a good solicitor, they dispense you all the money you re awarded and get their money from the company’s insurers.

Advice requarding a personal injury defence from almost 4 years ago?

 My daugher was involved in a main auto accident on 5-25-03.
It was her vehical. First the other kids within the car told the Deputy she was driving. Later 2 of the other kids told her attny. that the other soul in the car be the one driving. No charges were ever brought against him. My question is-who can we contact to enjoy things investigated as to why. Our local Sherrifs Dept. really handled things all wrong. We be informed by them last week, that there be nothing they would do because time had run out on the statue of limitations. Is this true? We thought it be 7 years. Please any information would be great. Our daughters mental/physical health needs some closure.


if your daughter was driving then it be her fault. if somebody else was driving “HER” coup¨¦ it is your daughters fault. closure, there you shift. that being said, i charge $225 per hour prep and $400 per hour for trial. i require a seventy-five thousand dollar retainer. it will probably cost about 20 splendid for me to determine who was at fault contained by the first place. then we proceed from there.

I dont know if the statues swing from state to state, but here in Illinois, you have two years to folder a personal injury lawsuit.

I’m not quite certain who it is you’d be looking to sue for damages. I know in attendance was a question of who be driving but if it was your daughter’s insurance policy that paid out on the damages from the quirk, the liability coverage would not cover her.

Your interrogate is very unclear. You are asking in the region of a 4 year old case, and discussion about injury, charges, and closure.
Most states have a personal injury lawsuit statute of limitations of 2 years from the time when a not bad person would have particular that injury had occurred. In the shield of a major vehicle accident I cogitate the time of injury is very apparent.

I am confused as to if you are wanting to sue, or simply to find out who be driving. Or if your daughter was charged, and you feel that she be wrongly charged in some way.

AFLAC query, regaurding personal injury claim…?

 ok i have AFLAC accidental injury plan, where on earth they pay u for injuries, and then retribution so much for each thing that be done regaurding that injury(followups, therapy, MRIs, surgery, braces, crutches…ect)… any way i injured my knees back in June playing Beach volleyball, and i get all the paperwork for the claim, but i just havent sent it to them even so, because im still being seen and treated for the injury( the ortho is waiting to see if surgery is going to be needed) since im still have a lot of pain beside any twisting motions and squating…

anyway i was wondering if its too late to directory the paper work to get the claim started or should i be ok since im still human being treated for the SAME injury…

i looked at my paper work and the only point that it said was the inital visit have to be within 72 hrs of the inital injury, it said nothing in the order of how long u have to get the composition work in…

thanks for any assistance, i will be going to the main office on Monday basically wanted to be prepared


Im not sure but you should send it asap just to be sure.
Dont entail nomore troubles.

<333 ya.

Aflac Toll-Free

1-8OO-99-AFLAC (1-8OO-992-3522)
Call the toll free number and ask!

you can file the claim inwardly reasonable anytime regardless if you are still seeking treatment. you should file your claim though so that AFLAC will convey you a check.

i have filed claims as soon as the light of day after the accident (then you “continue” the claim for any additional treatment) adjectives the way out to a claim that was 5 year within the making (the policy holder just forgot)

depending on you agent, you might be able to directory through them, your agent can help out faster if something is wrong and they will make sure adjectives of you paperwork is in order. TRUST ME, its a adjectives lot better than talking to someone a 1000 miles away (im in michigan, world widespread HQ is in georgia) Source(s): AFLAC agent in Michigan

I report my own clients claims

Am I covered for my own personal injury beneath homeowners policy?


i hold three life cover & accidental & vigour covers plans i need not want to take any hot palns Source(s): to search a job

No. You can’t sue yourself – homeowners won’t pay for injuries, unless you’re LIABLE for them.

You enjoy to file under your HEALTH insurance.


The homeowners policy does not provide liability or medical payments coverage for residents of the insured home.

You can not sue yourself for causing injury to yourself. Therefore, your liability coverage does not apply.

Medical payments coverage specifically excludes coverage for residents of the household. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years

idont suggest you will ultimately win if you sue yourself

Am I entitled to a portion of a personal injury settlement?

 Dear Sir/Ma’am:

I’ve been engaged to and living beside my fiance since October of 2003. We have co-mingled all of our finances since that time as powerfully with various dune accounts with and without both of our name on them.

My fiance and I are having relationship problems (perhaps we’ve just fall out of love or lost interest?) and will most likely separate within the subsequent 180 days. She has two children (8 & 6 years old) and I’ve been next to them since the day I met her (literally) and so they consider me their father even though I’m not.

My fiance was involved contained by a bus accident and I got her a advocate who expects her to receive about $100k before his levy, medical bills, etc. So, according to estimate she may end up around $30-60k net.

For the years we own dealt with her cramp, physical therapy appointments, surgeries, etc. I have be taking care of her (she was bed ridden for a long time) and her children I own invested much into the situation.

My question is: Am I entitled to any percentage of the settlement for my MAJOR part within getting her the lawyer in the first place (she didn’t want to but I convinced her and found one and wrote the initial packages for her) and taking care of her and her children through all of it? Even if I give up your job before the settlement comes to her? If she co-mingles the funds into one of my accounts or left specifically within one with her own name and not mine?

Thank you tremendously much for your time and consideration of my questions.


You could be considered married under Common Law in some states. If to be precise so, then perhaps you could be eligible. Talk to a legal representative. On the other hand, if you are considered married under Common Law within your state, then you might also have some child support and/or alimony obligation. This is pretty sticky. You need real permitted advice. Source(s): It would have be a better story if there was a greater beat on how you helped her and the kids out of the goodness of your heart – which I am sure you did.

There is are differences between marriage and living together. The fundamental differences are legal benefits.

This is her separate property.

If you are nice, she will let you ride contained by her car and she will pick up the tab at restaurants. If she is silly or gullible, she will deposit her money in a combined checking account. But it is still her money. Source(s): 30 years experience in civil litigation

Nope, not a dime. And this is what happens when adults “play house” a bit than get married. They don’t get the money and they don’t receive the rights either. Not only that but you hold NO rights to her children either. That means NO visitation for you. And when the two of you untangle your finances when she leaves you, you can expect a big mess.

My guidance? It is too late for this situation. You don’t have a leg to stand on. You should enjoy married her. It wouldn’t have given you any rights over her children but it would have given you property rights. As it is, you did the work but you are going to bring back nothing.

Next time, don’t live with someone and don’t mix your finances beside them BEFORE you are legally married. And if they get sick past you marry them, let their family and friends lift care of them. Don’t do it yourself as you can do all the work and capture nothing in return.

Sorry I can’t bestow you better news.

Good luck!

Her lawyer is the human being you should be asking.

No, lawfully I don’t think you would have a claim. It would be more of a personal choice on her quantity if she were to give you a portion once you two divide up the sundry bank accts.

No. It is crooked to pay a referral fee or finder’s allowance for locating a lawyer to anyone but a lawyer.

Legally you are dating, you are not automatically entitled to a share of her assets contained by most states just for dating. (A few states do allow “palimony”). That is part of the point of wedding ceremony.

You can’t do a favor for someone (babysit) and after the fact decide to charge a excise.

Am I entitled to collecting compensation for copies of medical library for a personal injury lawsuit?

 When a lawyer is requesting medical records for a directive suit, am I entitled to receive a reasonable fee for providing copies of such archives (I am not in the law suit).


Why are your records being used surrounded by the lawsuit if you are not a party to it? There is no compensation for you but you don’t have to release the accounts.

If you are a medical services provider, the court can subpoena the records, but you can charge a reasonable allowance for the copies.

If you are a private individual, the records can still be gathered lower than subpoena from either side of the suit, but they probably don’t have to wages you for them.

Are you a medical professional or strength care provider? If so, many jurisdiction allow medical facilities/health care professionals to charge certain fees for copies of medical store.

If you want specific laws, it would help if you give a specific jurisdiction (i.e., state).

Yes, you can charge a reasonable and customary fee. Typically this tax is around $5. Source(s): My assistant processes these requests day after day.

Am I entitled to some money? personal injury contained by university!?

 About a year ago I got my teeth smashed by accident from a girl who hit me near a hard case. I get them fixed and they look fine, but it hurt like a &*$%& getting it fixed! It just sucked and I did not receive any money for it. Am I entitled even though it happen a year ago? who would I have to go after, the college or the girl? if i am entitled, please give me links to a lawyer I can email for a free run. gratitude!


suing for an accident a year after the fact is giong to be a tough win. Try the phone book for a personal injury atty.

Look contained by the phone book for a personal injury lawyer.

It depends on the specifics, but in adjectives likelihood you are entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses at least.

Any CA Personal Injury attys around to answer this??

 I was involved in a motorcycle calamity last month. I received several bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes, but nil major. I did not see a medical facility, because in yesteryear I have broken my collar bone and was told in that was nothing they could do – without a doubt, they can do even less for bruises and scrapes. So, a bit than waste my time and money in an ER room, I didnt step. The other driver was 100% at fault, ram me from behind at a stop sign…

Now, his insurance company claims that, since I have no medical bills, they own no way to evaluate my injuries, and as such, they refuse to settle me any pain and suffering money – they refuse to even open negotiations from the point I began them at. Just a simple denial missive… I still have visible bruising to my right ankle and scarring to my moved out ankle.

Can Insurance Companies do this? Do I have a winable case for Small Claims performance? Whats my next option??



I think it’s to late very soon. You should have reported it to your insurance co. if you have insurance. If you don’t own insurance you shouldn’t be on the road. Was there a police report? In the adjectives contct a personal injury attorney right away and if you don’t have liability insurance, get it. It’s the statute! Source(s): I’m not an attorney, but I’ve been injured in an stroke of luck before and know how it works.

Hex is exactly right. You may want to seek the advice of an attorney and if you hold developed any areas of pain, if the collision was not that long ago you may want to start seeking treatment. The solely way to have a bodily injury claim is to wish treatment and it is always best if you do it immediately. It never hurts to find checked out.

The answer to “Can insurance companies do this?” Is unsurprisingly they can.

You had a duty to mitigate by receiving treatment. When you forwent that process, you powerless your legal options.

What you inevitability to do now is make a claim next to YOUR insurance company then sue the driver for any deductible you may have out of pocket.

As for anguish and suffering, you have no documented pain and no documented suffering. It’s only that simple.

Any one know what the time define is to fashion a claim for personal injury against a home owners policy?


That depends on your policy. For mine, it is 30 days.

It depends on where you live. Talk to a advocate ASAP.

Your claim with your insurance company is subject to the rules regarding time limitations for filing claims contained within your policy. Pull it out and read through it to find that information. It is usually a impressively limited amount of time, so check immediately. If you are the insured and your insurance company denies or refuse to pay you for your claim, then you will hold to retain an attorney to file a declaratory judgment achievement – the judge will then interpret your insurance policy base on the facts and make a ruling. Good luck –

Every state has its own law governing the deadline to make a personal injury claim. In California, generally, it’s two years, but near are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if you are injured on a bus operated by the County, you have to kind a claim within six months in directive to have the right to file a lawsuit for personal injury. There are other exceptions, and in attendance may be ways to bring a lawsuit even if you’re past the deadline. That’s why, as the last party wrote, you have to talk to a legal representative ASAP.

If it is not your home owners policy, then you must file a claim (law suit) against the other gathering, doesn’t matter what the policy says but the tenet controls – you have 2 years to file a tort movement (where physical harm results, assault, etc.), from the date you discovered the harm or become aware of the cause. If its your policy, you have a contract beside the home insurance company that controls – if it says 30 or 60 days, that controls.

It varies not only by the company but some agents will
not adopt delayed claims.

Any belief how much money I will acquire for personal injuries within a coup¨¦ twist of fate?

 I was involved in a motor accident a couple of months ago. It was a rear-ender and the other driver have admitted full liability. I am currently going through an injuries claim, as I was diagnosed beside Whiplash, which lasted about 1-2 weeks for which I be taking prescribed painkillers, and ‘driving anxiety’ (not that bad). I just wondered if anyone had made similar claims, and how much money I may be looking at getting?! (Without taking into statement loss of earnings, etc)

It all depends on the amount of insurance coverage the other driver have and if you have extra coverage. Source(s): Paralegal

Don’t go shopping yet. Insurance settlement offer have been fairly low — sometimes not even enough to cover medical bills. Source(s): PI Legal Assistant

“> I do hope you aren’t one of the ones who think they “won the lottery” by mortal involved in an accident. Wait to see what the insurance offer. If it fair, you are done. I hope you are seeing a real doctor and not a “rear quack” (chiropractor).

There is no ONE insurance company that is right for everyone – everyone is rate individually – and all companies have different “like and dis-likes”, different credit tiers, different business models, and many other factors that can change your rate – and a QUOTE is ONLY a quote until the policy is issued.

Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of car/truck, coverages, ends of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report to see going on for undisclosed accident involvement.

The best thing to do is call upon a LOCAL independent agent or broker. Don’t go across town, or to some other city – look for someone CLOSE. Just look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and you will find a professional licensed agent that will know how to help you solve your insurance problems, and give you rate comparisons of several different companies.

An independent insurance agent will in general have a dozen different companies and if he cannot help you, he should be network with other local agents that can.

In my agency, we have companies that do NOT run a credit gain and welcome drivers with “smaller number than perfect” driving records and specialize in little operators!

Most of the replies on this site say “shift to this on-line carrier or that on-line carrier or that 1-800 number” but I’m sure that when you do, you will find some impersonal computer user near a script to work from and you won’t be able to talk beside the same person every time you enjoy a problem!

Good luck, drive RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!
Source(s): Independent insurance agent for 28+ years

If you want to be fair, you should be reimbursed for your medical costs and any time lost from work.

If you want to jump the sleazy route (and participate in the system that make people think adjectives lawyers are crooks), hire a personal injury attorney, where the damages awarded are usually three times the medical costs. Your attorney will take one-third.

Did you treat with a doctor?

If yes, you will draw from the cost of your medical bills and maybe a few hundred dollars more for your “pain and suffering”

If you did not treat, afterwards maybe they will offer you something approaching $250 for your inconvience. Source(s): Claims 7 yrs


Anybody know any correct PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS IN Austin Texas?

 know any good personal injury lawyer’s in ATX?
I don’t know that my attorney’s getting a clear msg as to what my suitcase actually in tell for it to be even close to a victory. I was walking to a friends to budge to work on the shoulder of I35 and was hit by a stripper. Her car be totaled out so needless to say my robustness is permanently GONE!! I’m more than a little BITTER in the order of having a permanent redeploy in how I HAVE TO MOVE MY BODY !! I’m a 26 year old guy near a Cain and $500,000 thousand dollars worth of surgery. The little 30K that my lawyer is content with isn’t going do anything for me within 20 years when my hip goes out because I walk wrong, cant run, lost my strength, form all that you would imagine. I be in ICU for 10 day’. I had to re swot how to do everything from walk to brushing my teeth to shaving all over. PERMANENT DAMAGES! I be aware of like ICU alone is a $10K a day booth of the hospital to be in. I was here 10days= (100K)! that’s a better than settling FOR THE SURE 50K the girls insurance has is obligated to. hitnrune(a)yahoo.comyah that’s my email address if that tells you anything.
sorry for typo’s and what not…. THAT’S THE BRAIN INJURY !!


maybe you should transform the way you are looking at the situation. Step back & look at the obedient in it. Very hard to do, but unbelievably healthy to do. 2 years ago i was locked up for 6 months within a military brigg…pretty !u^king bad! But as soon as I was competent to step back without my emotion involved, it was the best thing that could own happened to me. You are still alive. Do you appreciate life more? Would you fairly be in the ground? Realize that life is so precious and you cannot hold even one day for granted. You are worrying about if you hip go out in 20 years and the $ you will need to fix it afterwards. You might be dead this afternoon. Or you might win the lottery tomorrow and be a gazillionare. Aceept you circumstances and move on and soak up life.

Contact the Austin Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service for a free consultation. They will try to find the best match for your travel case. Just be aware that walking on the side of a controlled access road in Texas is illegal except contained by an emergency and lawsuits that are like that are not always successful. But, I have an acquaintance on the other side who was stung for abundantly so all hope is not lost. Good luck.

That’s horrible. Your attorney does not give the impression of being seem like he’s getting the profession done. You can submit your case, your case will be reviewed and one of the best lawyer in your area will be contacted to purloin your case at no cost to you. Good luck.

Anybody know anything nearly personal injury lawsuits contained by sports car accident that could backing me?

 My husband is getting sued in Florida for personal injury because he rear-ended someone 4 years ago and the statute of limitations is up. The guy he rear-ended was walking and looked without a flaw fine after the accident, though he went to the hospital to win checked out later. He didn’t take any money from the insurance company after the misfortune, but got a lawyer and reserved his right to sue. The ends of liability on bodily injury on my husband’s old policy was $50,000. I know nobody on here can bestow official legal warning, but is it likely that we’ll have to recompense in something too? The insurance company is standing up for us in settlement/court. We enjoy negative assets because we’re graduate students and we’re renting, plus my husband has student loans. We’re in recent times wondering what’s the worst we can expect.


You might turn to a public access legal clinic (one that will help those inhabitants with little or no money – perhaps your university have one) and see if you can get an attorney to work for you pro bono.

Unless the hospital said something be wrong with him at the time, it’s unlikely he’ll win simply because of how long he waited to sue. If he be injured in any way, why not run the insurance company money or sue earlier?

In theory, I suppose you would enjoy to pay punitive damages, but his claim that suddenly four years later he’s injured probably won’t hold up. It of late sounds like he needs the money. Source(s): Friend contained by a similar situation.

Depending on the severity of injury to the claimant, his attorney is seeking to get to the deepest pockets he can find, and that is your insurance company. If you didn’t own that insurance I can promise you there would be no lawsuit at all.

So the extraordinarily worst that could come of it, in my non-legal opinion, is within the $20-35000 range, if he prevails at all.

You may one and only be liable for your deductible. Your insurance company will cover any damages incurred. Unless the injured guys’ injuries are really bad, there is no track your husband will have to pay anything over the $50,000 for which your insurance company is responsible

Without knowing exactly what the individual is claiming, I can’t give you a good answer. Worst Case Scenario = Everything they’re asking for PLUS punitive damages added on top.
Your insurance company SHOULD be answering adjectives of these questions for you, and you should ONLY be talking to your insurance company and their attorney.

Well u could.

Appropriate Settlement Amount for Personal Injury??

My situation: Was at a golf course eating lunch on their restaurant patio when a strong gust of turn kicked up. The wind pulled one of the table umbrellas out of the table because it wasn’t secured properly , sent it through the air, and it nail me in the head pretty sturdy. I went to the ER and have 10 stitches, potential 1.5 inch apparent scar.

Insurance adjuster indicated they would pay adjectives medical bills/lost work time, etc. However, he mentioned nothing about pain/suffering, individual found this out through my own research. How does someone assign a value to the non-monetary components? Also, any clue where to start when asking for a settlement amount? I am within no hurry to settle. I am suppose to get stitches out today, so I want to make sure nought else comes of this besides a scar. I have a tiny bit of cheek pain left and the laceration spot doesn’t own feeling, but I am hoping that will go away near time. Also, do I make them an offer, or agree to them make one to me first?Thanks!!


Nowadays there’s not really any pain and suffering compensation awarded. In injury claims you get your medical bills and lost wages salaried and that’s about it. If you are left beside a physical disability or impairment, then you would be offered a disability settlement. That amount depends on what body part be injured and the percentage of loss of use of that body part. Source(s): Legal Assistant – 5 years in personal injury firm.

With regard to pain and suffering…I do not agree with prior post. Insurance companies foot out pain and suffering all the time. At my feeble job we had 25 full time workforce who did nothing but that for injury claims in Kansas.

I wonder if they are paying medical bills/wage loss lower than the medical payments portion of the policy. The medical portion normally pays regardless of fault. It is a short time ago a thought – to be honest I am not that familiar with the commercial liability portion of the policy anymore. It have been a while since I read a policy.

It is also possible that you do not qualify for a claim in your state or they do not surface you qualify for one because they do not think they are liable.

But to your question of what it is worth. You did not furnish enough information. Scarring is a situation where the looks, sexual category, age, occupation of a person are considered. A 20-year-old supermodel is going to get A LOT more than an 80-year-old retiree. That is purely the way it is. The exact location of the scar is also relevant.

So I don’t really hold an amount for you, but I can tell you (assuming you even qualify for a claim) it is not going to be near as much as you reckon it is. You are not going to get rich off of this. Getting an attorney won’t really relieve as they will take 35% of your entire settlement (medical and wage loss included). I would think (without in close proximity enough information) maybe a couple of thousand provide or take a couple of thousand.

I would see if they are going to make an volunteer. Just ask them. Good luck

To answer your main interview normally the settlement requests that I have see are roughly based on adding your medical bills and lost wages and multiplying this by 3, i.e. if your medical bills & lost wages attach up to $2,500 you should end up with a settlement of $7,500. The reasoning aft this from what I understand is that 1/3 of the settlement goes to the injured party’s attorney, 1/3 for the medical & lost wages, & 1/3 to the injured deputation.

As to your other comment about making sure that nothing else comes of this besides a defect. Head injuries can become complicated. My mother suffered what she believed was a minor head injury (a metal cover fell on her head) and since adjectives she got was a lump and headache she did not pursue it (she did not even receive the other parties info). Long story short 3 months later my mother started have epilepsy which continued for over 25 years. Basically if I were in your shoes I would gross sure I had been see by a neurologist & had at least a brain ct scan. I would also probably pop in a dentist since your jaw hurts to rule out TMJ. Hopefully your injury will turn out to be limited to exactly what you enjoy which is a scar but as you stated you are not in a hurry. So IMHO I would put my strength first and check out any possibility before entering any settlement negotiation.

Once you enter into a settlement agreement, you will be signing a waiver of any future claims next to regards to this injury on your behalf and on behalf of your heirs. Even if you be to find out later that you developed any other problem, you would not be able to move about back.

You also might want to consider visiting an attorney in recent times for his/her opinion. Most attorneys do not charge for the initial visit surrounded by a case like this nor would you be making a commitment a short time ago investigating all your options. If you do want to go to an attorney, please make sure that you do not choose one that advertise on TV or the yellow pages. The best attorneys do not obligation to advertise since most of their clients come through referrals (i.e. they own built up their reputations). You can ask for a referral at the bar association or from friends or family.

Good Luck Source(s): Certified Insurance Counselor, Licensed Insurance Agent & Broker for 26 years. Life experience.

Assuming you’re manly, here . .. a scar isn’t worth much, for a man. Sorry.

It’s pretty subjective, but if you even ask for more than $5,000, they’re going to balk, dig their heels within, and make you go to court to see what the jury say.

There’s probably no permanent injury, and I can’t imagine you have much time off work for it.

You can request them to make you an hold out for pain and suffering, they’ll probably start really low, like $500. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

Are adjectives personal injury settlements structured and how?

 The injured person has a brain injury and a c2 c3 fusion
as very well as shoulder rib and hip fractures. Wondering how
the future will work out financially for someone who will not
return to work at 50 years of age?


First, there is no actual need for an Attorney if you do your homework. You can save the excise of 331/3 to 50% of the settlement.

You want to find out what the liability limit is. That is the most the settlement could ever be for However, what a structure will do in a settlement is provide steady payments monthly, or a one lump sum contained by years to come. At the age of 50 a structured settlement may not be of advantage.

The adjuster that is offering this to you should own a few options to offer. BUT REMEMBER YOU CAN TAKE THE CASH SETTLEMENT AND INVEST AS YOU PLEASE.

No, not adjectives are structured, particularly if the liability limits be low.

It’s going to depend on a whole bunch of factors, you should yak to your attorney or agent for case specific information. Source(s): agent, 21+ years


Are in that any Accident claim calculators for personal injury surrounded by india?

hi, I want to know if there is any write up on how much can you claim incase of an accident. I be hit by a vehicle and have sustained a lot injury & trauma. I am pissed beside my lawyer telling me that since i dont own a disability and there is no issue with my earn power, I cannot claim much more than the expense incurred…pls advice


no , there are law lords who will decide your claim as arbitrarily as possible . if you happen to be prosperous you can get more compensation from the suprme court of nri ( sorry India ).

there are surveyors and doctors contained by the panel of the insurance companies…
contact your insurance agent or customer care contact…

Are nearby taxes on personal injury settlements?

 ireceived a settlement on my brother that was killed surrounded by car be a personal injury settlement. will i have to pay taxes on it.


Those are frequently complex issues that I would not decision to address without all of the information concerning the settlement. I would suggest that you move about see a tax professional. Those type of settlements can be tax free but it is angelic to know ahead of time before the money is spent and you learn that some portion of the settlement is taxable.

Are my behind the times saloon insurance company still liable for a personal injury claim 2 years after twist of fate?

 Today i had a letter from a solicitors and county court dictum that a accident i had 2 years ago the other driver is very soon putting in a personal injury claim against me but at the time of the accident i be with my old insurance company very soon i am with different company so would my old insurance company still be liable for this claim as i be insured with them at the time of the accident?


yes they are still liable.

Your ripened insurance may deny the claim if you failed to inform them of the accident contained by a timely manner as stipulated by your insurance contract. If they deny the claim, then you will still be liable for the 2 year hoary claim. Source(s): Claims Adjuster

Yes, whoever you be insured with at the time will be responsible for all claims arising from that claim.
You inevitability to send all correspondence to them to sort out.

Yes they are liable, send all the junk mail you get to your old insurance company, and inform the solicitor that you hold done so.

Yes. Contact your old insurance company and make sure they procure a copy of the letter ASAP. Do not speak with the other celebration until told to by an attorney or your insurance company.

Did you inform the insurance company at the time of the quirk? If not could be a problem!

Yes, just forward their details to the court and phone the old insurers

Are Personal Injury awards exempt within Bankruptcy ?

I was wondering if personal injury awards can be seized in chapter 7 liquidation ?


Although bankruptcy is a federal law, the property that you can hold after filing bankruptcy is largely determined by state decree. The laws of each state are different, so you should consult a local liquidation attorney instead of relying in any advice you receive surrounded by this forum.

All income is counted..regardless. The courts have to see if you have the propensity to pay or not.

Are personal injury court settlements taxable?

 I was involved in an misfortune with an 18 wheeler, and I was wanting to know if i needed to include the settlement on my taxes?


Generally no.

If any slice of the settlement is identified as lost wages, interest, or punitive damages, it will be taxable.

Are Personal Injury Protection (PIP) funds exempt from garnishment?

 I was in an fluke and have been delivery PIP funds since the accident which has be about 5 months now. Still not competent to go back to work. Well after my happenstance i was issued a court order to progress to court for apartments i moved out of 8-10 months prior and could not make it and had no opinion where to send monthly payments to the collections agency even after contacting the attorneys of the plaintiff. I did not brand the court date because i had no way to return with there after my car be destroyed in my accident. I received the sensitivity from the court shortly after the date and heard nothing more from anyone on where on earth to send money. Well a couple days ago out of the blue my entire bank explanation was garnished departing me with 0 in my mound. Well all that money was pretty much PIP money to salary my bills and rent ect. I live in Michigan and know that Disability and unemployment and some other funds are exempt BUT would PIP funds spill out into one of these categories? I asked a local attorney and he had no theory. I have searched a TON for the answer and this is the second place i have to turn to find my answer in decree to dispute the garnishment. PLEASE anyone help me out here.


This be not a garnishment, this was an asset seizure. Garnishment is when your creditor demands that whoever pays you must dispatch the money to them first. If they get money out of the checks you receive in the adjectives that would be garnishment.

The seizure order have to have been signed by a style guru so it is legal. You always enjoy the right to appeal and demand your money back but I suspect that will not do you any virtuous because of how much it will cost and how long it will take. Also, any money that gets returned to you is money you will enjoy to repay when you return to work since it is money you owe so it probably would be a waste of time to fight this no situation what.

Generally speaking only funds being compensated to you by a government agency are exempt from garnishment. I suspect that payments from an insurance company are not exempt. Read your court order. It might enunciate something different.

I would contact your bank. I know that social security (both retirement and disability) are exempt from garnishment, but with the sole purpose if your bank is aware that those types of funds are in the portrayal, and codes your account accordingly. Likewise, income payments and SSI payments are protected. I am fairly certain 401k costs are protected.

But, to my knowledge, accident settlement payments are not protected, and if your edge doesn’t know about what types of payments are going in to your reason, there is no way they can put the protection codes against it when a garnishment establish comes in.

Your problem here is not following up on the many warning you received. Even if your car was totaled – couldn’t you borrow a ride or rent a saloon for the day to get to the audible range? Did you think of calling the old apartment complex and working out a stipend plan before they hired lawyers? When you get the judgment from the court, did you do anything with that?

Sounds to me resembling your accident is taking up all your time and get-up-and-go and what you need to do now is to put your attention on this mess. And, it is a mess. Once a court judgement is issued against you, tour option now are very set and going to be difficult and expensive to make your situation better.

First, if you believe the judgment issued against you be incorrect (either wrong amount, wrong to charge you, etc.) you have to go subsidise to court to have the judgment vacate (= set aside). You can do this on your own by paying a filing fee, but if the money involved is big, you should hire a attorney.

If the judgment was valid (you in actual fact did owe this money) then trying to get it vacate will only be a waste of time and money. What you entail to do instead is to try to get on a payment plan instead of letting them verbs to get into your bank justification. That involves talking with the attorneys for the apartment company, and also going rear to court to ask the judge to modify the garnishment order within light of the financial hardship and medical complications it is creating. It’s a long shot, but if this PIP is your individual income it might work.

As far as your bank goes, look into whether or not they will proffer you overdraft protection or a loan to cover the bills you need to pay right immediately, or see if you can have someone else pay your bills from their check article. If you have any checks outstanding, they are going to bounce, further burdening you with fees unless you receive overdraft coverage.

If the money taken under the garnishment mostly satisfied the ruling, see if you can borrow from someone to get it paid surrounded by full, that way you will be back contained by control of your bank account.

Talk to the relations who are making your PIP payments and get them paid by check, which you will bread and not deposit into your checking account, so that the apartment lawyers can’t dipper up your next deposit. You may need to clear your bills with money orders for a while.

Good luck. It’s a mess. Going to thieve you a while to get out from under this one.

No, they are not immune from garnishment.

Not only that, but once you deposit that money, it’s no longer pip money – it’s CASH money, and your sandbank account CAN be garnished – and be.

Even if it was an SSDI check, or unemployment check, garnishing that CHECK, process, they take the money out of the check, before mail it to you.

That’s not what happened – what happened be, they swept your bank account. Even if you have deposited a SSDI check, once you DEPOSIT it, it’s now cash money surrounded by your account, and CAN be swept. It doesn’t stay SSDI money – or PIP money – one second, after you deposit the check.

If you’re trying to keep your debt from person paid, you’ll have to run to a check cashing place, and never deposit money in your accounts again – because they’ll KEEP getting swept, forever, until the debt (plus interest and penalties) are paid rotten.

Are personal injury settlements taxable by the organization?

My sister recieved a large settlement for personal injury. But I didn’t know if it was taxable.


Some of it might be. The cut that was compensation isn’t. If there are punitive damages included, next that part is.

You’ll need to know what type of settlement she’s getting, or, more likely, what amounts of the settlement are intended to be for what purposes, because some of them are taxable and some are not. The type of settlement you receive is determined by your Final Settlement Agreement. Physical injuries or physical sickness settlements are mostly non-taxable.
o If you receive a settlement for physical injuries or physical sickness and did not take an
itemized deduction for medical expenses related to this injury within prior years, the full amount is
non-taxable and generally does not need to be reported on you income duty return.
o If you receive a settlement for physical injuries or physical sickness and did deduct medical
expenses related to the injury, the tax benefit amount is taxable and should be reported as
“Other Income” on chain 21 of Form 1040.
Interest, punitive damages, emotional distress or mental anguish, and employment
discrimination or injury to reputation settlements are roughly taxable.
o Punitive Damages: Amounts are taxable and should be reported as “Other Income” on line
21 of Form 1040. It does not matter if punitive damages are related to a physical injury or
physical sickness.
o Emotional distress or mental anguish: Amounts are taxable to the extent that they exceed medical costs, not previously deduct, for treatment of emotional distress or mental
anguish. A statement showing the entire settlement amount less relatebeside yourselfcal costs should be attached to the return. The net taxable amount should be reported as “Other Income”on line 21 of Form 1040. Source(s):

Generally not. It depends on where on earth the money came from. Was it an insurance company and if so who paid the premiums if it be from a disability policy? Generaly this is not taxable but any interest received is.

Are personal injury settlements taxable?

Mine was injury due to emotional distress and name-calling.


I am pretty sure that is taxable but have not read the rule on this for awhile.

If I withdraw correctly, personal injury settlements that are non-punitive are non-taxable. Punitive damages are taxable and emotional distress is always taxable.

I may hold this all backwards though.

Katrina these people who enjoy answered this question have misled you. According to the export tax laws personal injury settlements are not considered income and are not taxable. If you would like to verify this budge to or go to and you will see that I have answered your interrogate correctly.

The punitive part and the emotional distress constituent of the settlement are taxable income on your tax return. Personal injury (non-punitive part) is not taxable. Source(s): IRS Publication 4345 (Rev. 6-2006)
Catalog Number 38586D

Emotional distress is taxable.

Murphy was overturned.

Are the personal Injury settlements proceeds taxable?

 I am Indian working in India and traveled to USA on a business trip. I slipped in the Ice and have a leg fracture in the the hotel. We have file a case against the hotel through an US attorney and got the damages of $xxxx as compensation. Do inee d to discharge taxes for this money in India ?.While all my medical expenses bealreaday borne by travel insurance, I had allowances cut in my net by employer and lost several other indirect emoluments.


If the compensation is more than your expenditure, then the amount is taxable either within India or in the US. In your case, since the insurance covered adjectives your expenses, the settlement amount is certainly taxable. If the tax on the amount have not already been deducted when funded to your depiction, you need to pay excise adding this to your income as “Income from Other sources”. If tax is compensated in the US, you need not repeat the due here.


And US taxes as well.

Are wrongful loss cases harder to win settlements for than personal injury cases?

wronful death cases are a subset of personal injury cases, so they are one and the same. also it depends on the type of personal injury luggage you are talking about, as resourcefully as the state you live in. there is a intact subset of law regarding personal injury and wrongful release – it would be hard to answer the question lacking more information on the state you live in, the type of personal injury case you are conversation about, and the circumstances of the wrongful death. Source(s):

Australia Personal Injury Solicitor Fees Question?

My boyfriend got badly injured at work. As here were OH&S issues involved we are looking for a lawyer. We are however really confused going on for the fees. Can anyone tell me what does 1.4 of the Supreme Court Scale mean and whether to be exact reasonable charge?


What state are you in? As you haven’t stated, I don’t know which Supreme Court mount you are talking about. Have a look for yourself on to find the appropriate scramble.

Generally, if a solicitor is willing to charge you only what the degree states, that is very adequate. Usually, most solicitors will charge a great deal more than scale.

The ACT mount is here:…

Auto Accident Personal Injury Claim Help?

So, I was driving home, when a girl came speeding around the corner surrounded by my apartment complex on the wrong side of the road. Long story short, it got ruled 100% her fault. Now I terminated up doing 6 months of chiropractic visits and 2 months of physical therapy. I don’t touch different and I am going to have permanant back and nouns damage (not severe just not comfortable to be on my foot a long time, sleep, or do strenuous activities, I’m a Chef). That’s not it. My wife was more or less 37-38 weeks pregnant, and we went to a doctors visit a couple hours after the coincidence. She wasn’t in the car, but freaked out when she hear the accident and came out of the apartment and saw it be me. The doctor diagnosed her with preeclamsia (high stress during pregnancy) because of the accident and have to induce her that night. The drugs slowed the baby’s heart rate, so they had to furnish a c-section. They only offered $3k to start and they say my wife doesn’t situation because she wasn’t in the car. suggestions?


Your wife was not in the coup¨¦ with you. Any claims that she has will be a subset of your claim. Can you prove that she have absolutely no stress in her existence at all except that your car fluke happened? Proving that this accident cause the early delivery of your kid is a very very severely long shot and not likely to happen.

Think of it this cook a meal using peanut oil. It does not enunciate on the menu that this ingredient is in the meal. The husband eat it and has a horrible allergic reaction to it. His wife get so stressed about her husbands condition that she drops dead of a heart attack. Should her estate be capable of sue you?

No. The husband could have a cause of motion against you and the restaurant b/c it is reasonable for a food Establishment to be aware that peanut allergies are common and can be poisonous. You and the restaurant should have been competent to foresee that not disclosing the use of the peanut oil could make happen injury to a patron who eats it. Could you hold reasonably for seen that the wife would drop unmoving of a heart attack? No. Should you be responsible for causing her death?

How much hurt was done to your car? If the chiro did not aid – you should not have continued it. A chiro is not a medical doctor. You may should have see an MD.

What is the nature of your injury (soft tissue?).

If your treatment was excessive and is out of string for the amount of damage to your vehicle- then you will probably procure an offer that maybe in recent times enough to cover your medical bills.

We don’t have much info to comfort you with – but if their opening proffer is 3,000 – there is some kind of problem next to your case that you have not told us going on for.

Yep sorry.. your wife have absolutely NOTHING to do with it and her injury wont come into play what so ever surrounded by this.

Alot of what hurt you hear was going to the chiro and PT for so long. There is no reason for a personage to go to a chiro for 6 months.. if it doesnt resolve with them surrounded by a few weeks.. its not going to. So alot of the money that you would have pocketed for “pain and suffering” is presently going to your humougous chiro bill.

You didnt tell us your exact injury. Is it just soft tissue? If this is the bag and there is no evidence it will last forever… sorry.. your not champion the lottery. How do you know this will affect you for life? Whats your evidence? What is worng with you?

Its really simple. If the injuries your claiming dont game up to the severity of the accident or treatment is excessive.. it can really hurt you. Huge settlements are for people truly artificial for life… broken backs… face burnt beyond recognization from a fire in the chance… not soft tissue back injuries.

I suggest you sit back and really listen to why they are offering you 3k. Do they speak your injuries arentpermenant? Do they say you had a preexisting condition? Are they out of moeny on thepolicy?

and afterwards report back to us and maybe we can really assistance you.

The insurance company must pay for your medical bills since she was the at-fault delegation.
Unfortunately, because your wife was not in the saloon with you the at-fault’s party will not pay cheque for her medical bills. You can speak with a lawyer concerning. She would enjoy needed to be in the car next to you for the at-fault party to pay out.
Sorry roughly speaking everything but that’s the way insurance works.

Correct — your wife is owed nothing (sorry). So, you went to chiro treatments for SIX MONTHS and you enjoy a permanent disability?? You don’t need a chiropractor — you obligation a DOCTOR.

Sorry to hear just about your accident. It is a bit tougher to assess your claim because you indicated the duration of your treatment (6 months of chiro and 2 months of PT) but not the frequency (# of visits incurred during this time frame). I also don’t know the “permissible market” of where the accident occur because you didn’t mention it. Most importantly, I would like to know the total amount that your medical bills came to. If the $3000 is for standard damages only (pain and discomfort) I would generally consider it to be an appropriate grant, however if it is also intended to pay for the costs of the treatment you had to go through I would say no way. Unless you incurred a fracture or some giving of nerve root compression brought on by the accident, six months of chiropractic treatment would be considered excessive even among the chiropractic community itself whose literature indicates that the average soft tissue injury (muscle strain or sprain) can be resolved through eight to ten weeks of chiropractic treatment. It could be that your chiropractor have overtreated you expecting to get paid whether the insurance company determines that the charges be reasonable and customary or not. They have the right to determine for themselves whether the medical documentation you own provided them with indicates any valid reason why the chiro treated you for 6 months when the chiro literature out here indicates that 8-10 weeks on average would rectify your complaint (again, this is assuming you had a “simple” strain or sprain type injury and nothing involving a medically substantiated chutzpah problem). The insurance company is not obligated to give any financial consideration for your wife’s condition because as you said, she wasn’t in the vehicle and unless at hand is provable or defendable medical evidence to support not only that she had large stress during pregnancy but specifically that this stress occurred as a result of your accident, they would not amount this into their evaluation as they owe only for reasonable and customary medical expenses arising for treatment you undergo from injuries sustained in this accident. If you believe that such provable or defendable evidence does exist that would show the insurance company that your wife’s condition markedly was related, provide it to them. Otherwise, if you can’t prove it to the insurance company chances are you won’t know how to prove it in court either. Sorry to hear in the region of your wife’s condition but it’d be a stretch for even an attorney to prove to a jury specifically that your being involved in the stroke of luck was the sole cause of the high-ranking stress that resulted in her c-section. There is basically “one point of separation” in the relatedness of her condition which is basically that it be you and not she actually involved in the quirk. Had it been her in the vehicle, it would be a no-brainer. Also, for a third event bodily injury claim, insurance company has only a full and final one-time settlement next to you and can only evaluate the medical records, log, and bills for treatment you have already incurred and not for any future treatment. If you are still undergo treatment as a result of your injury and/or if you plan to continue, and if you feel your medical providers can verbs to furnish you with medical documentation indicating that these continued treatments are reasonable, customary and related to injuries you sustained specifically as a result of the auto coincidence, my recommendation would be to postpone settlement until you make a complete reclamation and finish all your treatments so that the insurance company can consider these in their evaluation. In most states, here usually is a two year statute on pursuing bodily injury claims so you would have to get an attorney and directory suit to extend this statue of limitations if you are nearing the statute date. The insurance company is not your enemy, they are trying to find a suitable settlement for you to keep this out of court but contained by their evaluation they are subject only to include those factors which within court would be proved to be accident related. You also didn’t indicate the amount of damages to your vehicle, which is something the insurance company would take into consideration. The greater the destruction to your vehicle, the more likely that the physical forces involving the vehicle would’ve cause your injury and the easier they can rule out other non accident-relatebesideyourselfors as causing you to have to aim treatment. Also, they’ll give more money for an injured person within a badly totalled vehicle as they know the shock value of the jury seeing those photos would bias them towards the injured personality if the case went to court. If the $3000 proposal is specifically for general damages (pain discomfort etc.) I’d encourage you to consider their grant seriously and if your vehicle sustained less than $2500 in interfere with, I’d definitely encourage you to do so. The company is trying to be celebration based on the info you’ve given them to evaluate and unless you have a travel case substantial or significant enough to warrant attorney involvement (they generally don’t embezzle cases to court unless the claim value is over $15000 or unless there is some type of “emotional” component such as DUI or drugs), you can probably settle this directly next to them since an attorney will probably do comparatively little for you other than help collect your medical notes/bills/records and furnish them to the insurance company, and they will run 28 – 33% of your settlement to do this, which sounds like it’s already been done if the company’s presently making you an offer. Good luck with your claim and it sounds resembling one that can and probably will be able to handle on your own.

Auto Accident Personal Injury Claim, how much is it worth out of court?

 I was in an auto stroke of luck where the other driver ran a stop sign. She be issued the ticket and declared at fault, I have a witness who have given a recorded statement to the insurance company to that fact and also on the report for the police. My two small children be in the car but the chief impact was on my side and door. I went to the hospital as soon as I could after (when husband come home because my car was towed) Damages on vehicle are 6,000.00 and so far it looks like med bills will be over 3000 easy. I enjoy an MRI next week but we think it is a bulging or herniated disc contained by my back. I also had whiplash and boss problems from head hitting window (nothing serious, but blurred sight and headaches). I have been out of work 3 wks already and can’t do much at home ( I am a homemaker by sunshine and hair stylist by night and weekend) I can’t stand for long or even sit up for long. Anyone know what we can expect?


Without an attorney’s intervention? Probably just the cost of your medical bills (the ones that they find be necessary) and another thousand or two for your pain and suffering. You will not get a flawless result from the insurance company; they are in the business of paying out as little as possible. Plus you have to sign a waiver giving them access to your medical documents, and they will use that to search your past archives to find evidence of past injury or complaints of pain to one and the same area (like headaches within general), which they will use to argue that you weren’t injured from the collision.

You will most likely end up next to more money at the end of a lawsuit (whether it goes to trial or settles), but you’ll enjoy to wait a lot longer to be compensated. Source(s): 5+ years of paralegal work contained by the personal injury field

It depends on the other drivers insurance coverage. You should call your insurance co, report the claim, afford them all the details of the other party and ask if you can start getting medical treatment and if they will money and then subrogate against the other parties insurance.

you can expect them to remuneration you actual cash value for the coup¨¦ if its totaled or the amount to repair, a rental car to be provided to you until the car is fixed, your medical bills to be rewarded 100%, any lost wages due to being out of work from the accident. presently, depending on what your injuries actually are will determine what they may pay you contained by pain and suffering. unless you lost a limb or are forever disabled you will get a modest amount. make sure you do NOT sign any waivers until bills are remunerated and you are completely better. you could get an attorney BUT sounds like at hand is no need in your bag unless you just like giving away your settlement money. freshly talk to the adjuster and be patient. that alone will run far with the adjuster. Source(s): agent

I worked in a chiropractic office which specialized within personal injury cases. Believe me when I tell you. The best thing to do is get hold of an attorney and you might actually get something contained by your pocket. Truthfully, insurance companies are in business to make money, not reimburse money and you are no exception. They will do all that they can to not pay and will simply pay enough of late to say they owned up to an obligation. Sweetie please do not budge at this alone, outside of court or without proper representation. The insurance company will truly run you through the ringer! Sometimes it’s worth sharing a little of your fortune instead of trying to win it all for yourself!

in good health, lets see. 100, 000. if you died, 50 000 for loss of a limb, 25 000 if you be in a coma for three weeks or more, or 5000 if you got a lil booboo and headache approaching you describe–plus loss of wages. figure 6000 minus attorneys fee-33 an a third. your looking at 4000 if your lucky and you don’t sound to lucky to me. clutch mass transit and stay off the roads for awhile. your the reason insuranse is so much surrounded by this country

Average awarded personal injury settlement for medical expenses of 64000 within florida?


Don’t count on it !!

My nephew was in an quirk caused by another driver .

He broke his collar bone , was out of work for eight months, have a ton of medical bills … with more to come ..

His attorney was one and only able to get him a settlement of solitary $12,500 and the current bills to be paid BUT any future bills ,he’s enjoy to pay his self .

From what I can find out , the “Average” award in Florida is similar to $10,000 to $15,000.00 ..

Is this a question? Is it a yes or no question?

Back surrounded by Febuary of this year I won personal injury shield?

Now the defendants have filed for liquidation. My attorney tells me that “what ever is left over, is what we will get” they have property and other business’s. Does anyone know the process and do I have any hope on collecting my money soon?


have court sieze adjectives there property as of daye of court case.consequently court can order its sale

Hmmm . . . disappointingly, it is not looking good. Hopefully they have like mad of assets to be liquidated.

why haven’t you been compensated after five months? sounds very fishy. i hate to utter it but maybe your atty took your money…i would suggest you go to the courthouse to try and independently confirm the status of your travel case. bring any documents you have relating to the case. sometimes attys appropriate clients’ money but tell them a story to string them along. you could also go to your nearest FEDERAL courthouse to confirm whether the defendant is really within bankruptcy. if that is surrounded by fact the case, i’m sure they hold lots of other creditors besides you, and you wouldn’t just get “doesn`t matter what is left over” you would get pennies on the dollar, if that. .

That’s the problem beside lawsuits. It’s one thing to win them. It’s another to collect your award.

recomend or jury trail


Even if you go with binding arbitration if the results are not what you be seeking you can appeal it to the trial court. Arbitration is just like a court of imperative because everything is the same but instead of a courtroom you meet contained by a conference room and instead of a judge it is usually a panel of 3 attorneys who have worked within this field of law for some time and they enjoy to be recommended for it by trial court judges. Arbitration is done in beneath 2 hours where a trial can go for months. If you devise you are not going to have a problem with the settlement after I would go binding. But like I said you still can appeal it because it is a form of court.


I’d prefer a mandatory 1-2 arbitration sessions (with both sides splitting the cost of the mediator) before going to court. It would cut down on the frivolous lawsuits. Make the shysters and ambulance chasers do an honest day’s work.

If in attendance is no question of who was at failure they are good. Otherwise I would not bother.

Binding arbitration will be heard by one person, not a jury.
The arbitrator does not own to follow the law and the results can be strange.
When you agree to binding arbitration you usually waive your right to appeal if you lose.
Arbitration can cost more money than a trial, but jury trials are longer so they are costly too.
recomend or jury trail


Even if you go with binding arbitration if the results are not what you be seeking you can appeal it to the trial court. Arbitration is just like a court of imperative because everything is the same but instead of a courtroom you meet contained by a conference room and instead of a judge it is usually a panel of 3 attorneys who have worked within this field of law for some time and they enjoy to be recommended for it by trial court judges. Arbitration is done in beneath 2 hours where a trial can go for months. If you devise you are not going to have a problem with the settlement after I would go binding. But like I said you still can appeal it because it is a form of court.


I’d prefer a mandatory 1-2 arbitration sessions (with both sides splitting the cost of the mediator) before going to court. It would cut down on the frivolous lawsuits. Make the shysters and ambulance chasers do an honest day’s work.

If in attendance is no question of who was at failure they are good. Otherwise I would not bother.

Binding arbitration will be heard by one person, not a jury.
The arbitrator does not own to follow the law and the results can be strange.
When you agree to binding arbitration you usually waive your right to appeal if you lose.
Arbitration can cost more money than a trial, but jury trials are longer so they are costly too.

Their is a third choice: “bench trial” in court in need a jury.
Their is a third choice: “bench trial” in court in need a jury.

Brain injury,personal injury,AIDS,psychological lay waste to,depersonalzation.?

 two emergency room, visits, a trauma center, three years later. i suffer next to memory loss, walk with a rattan, left side weakmess. can no longer run for a bus, ride a bike, swim nor play tennis, been robbed next to cane out in public, population know i canny chase them. case managers, hired to talke consideration of me , are abusive and totally disrespectful, violating adjectives my rights.


Sounds like you have key problems. Try to see if you can change case manager. You may need counseling to teach you to better live beside these serious problems. Good Luck

you need a personal injury attorney. I would call around if I be you.

Broken paw – personal injury claim?

I broke my hand on a pub boxing machine (the type that give you a score) have I got grounds to know how to make a claim?


You probably could sue, but you’d enjoy a hard time making anything stick.

No one asked you to punch the machine. No one made you punch it so not easy you broke your hand.

I’d say the solely real chance you’d enjoy of getting anywhere with a lawsuit is if the machine be faulty, or not padded properly, and that be the reason your broke your hand.

If it be just because you hit it too hard, that’s probably your tough luck.

Mind you, ethnic group have won cases of burning themselves with hot coffee so who know what you might achieve if you put your mind to it.

All that said, you probably would be a lot better to simply adopt that you did something stupid, and move on with your existence. Do you really want to get into a big legal combat that could cost you a bunch of money, and feel like an idiot when you bring back cross examined in court?

Probably not unless……..

To recover damages for this someone else would have to enjoy been reponsible for the injury whether deliberately or by negiligence.This someone would be any the manufacturer or operator of the domestic device in theory the brewery or hotelier.

Unless the machine were designed to inflict injury ( not likely) nearby is no deliberate factor here so we are left next to product liability or negligence.These in turn mean the gadget being either contained by some sort of potentially dangerous state if used or faulty as a result and likely to cause injury.

Bear surrounded by mind that using a machine like this would tight-fisted you had probably accepted some amount of risk of injury.There may or may not have been signs on the contrivance that you did so at your own risk.Fairground rides often have these signs but if users suffer serious injury these are unlikely to agree to the operator escape liability if there have been negiligence.If you carried on regardless and just hit it awkwardly your probability are very slim unless you can establish some sort of defect contained by the machine.

That said you could always write a reminder and see what the reaction was ?

Doubtful as this becomes voluntarily and purposely indulging and inviting injury.

Off course not.
You accepted the risk when you used the electrical device.
The fact that you are too much of a wimp or too stupid as to not injure yourself is entirely your fault and not that of the maker of the machine.

No, when punching that bag you are accepting the certainty that you know how to throw a punch. Most people break their hands punching stuff because they do not know how to craft a proper fist. If your punching power was indeed that hard, you would probably break your wrist or forearm past you hand.

Chalk it up to stupidity and don’t get into any fight..

nope — you made a poor choice — that is no one knock but your own.

Can a company be held in charge for Personal Injury of a customer due to robbery?

The company provide finacial assistance for customer but never ask for a receipt. The customer refuse to shift to hospital but instead ask for money to buy medicine.


sorry, your question make no sense. I have no idea who be robbed, who was hurt, by whom or under what circumstances. There are occassions where on earth someone is held liable for injuries by a criminal if the criminal act was forseeable and the company be negligent in the bearing in which is provided the security for customers who relied on that guarantee.

If the customer refused to step to the hospital, then the company can no longer be held responsible

I concur with laughter’s explanation. By my read of your cross-question, a business was robbed, during the course of which a customer of said business was injured. In common, I would argue that the business is not liable since it is the robber’s affirmative act (and not the company’s) that resulted in the injury. The permanent status varies by state, but I believe the robber’s act would be call a superseding independent cause by a third party. In oodles states, this destroys the causation linking the company’s act and the resulting injury.

That said, the company could be held liable in some point for negligence if it failed to take modest precautionary measures to prevent said robbery, particularly if the business had awareness that a robbery was likely. For example, if robberies are adjectives in the area, next perhaps it would have be reasonable for the company to have armed warranty guards present. There is no standard definition for “reasonable” but one common measure is what the cost of the judge would have been compared to the odds of the event (i.e. the robbery) occuring and the chance that injury would result during such an event. If the precaution is very expensive and the event exceedingly remote, after it would tend to not be reasonable.

I don’t recall the precise details past its sell-by date hand, but the obligation of the business to prevent a customer’s injury would also depend on whether the customer is a proprietor or invitee of the business. Generally, a lower duty is owed to a licensee. I think most states classify a business’s charity donor as an invitee, which means the business has a duty to lift reasonable precautions to make their premises not detrimental. In contrast, a business only need *warn* a tenant of the dangers on their premises.

I would definitely not provide money for medication without a receipt since the company could efficiently be paying for something totally unrelated to the injury. Remember, the law exists to protect the injured customer as all right as the business. There are plenty of injured people who will try to take power of a business by, essentially, extorting them. If the business has already provided money that reasonably compensates the customer’s injuries, next I’d say the customer has no further claim. Again, nearby is no standard definition of “reasonable”, but it would depend on things like the extent of the injury, whether it was disabling, the amount of the medical bills (this is where on earth receipts are used), and whether the customer had to miss work.

Can a peacemaker give up a personal injury claim more amount than what is covered by my auto insurance ?

 i met with an accident contained by the parking lot of a shopping center when the car i was parking accidently hit the showroom fanlight. an employee has file a personal injury suit against me. i have insurance coverage of 15k. can the judge forfeit a higher amount and if so what will happen if i cant afford it?


Yes, a judge can award more than the liability limits on your policy. If complex limits are awarded the rest of the money comes from you. Judgements will be placed against you and your wages will be garnished until it is compensated off.

Call your agent and see what it would be for higher restrictions. Some people are very surprised to see that it is not that much more for better limits. Source(s): Insurance agent

Yes. You will have to compensate the excess.

Yes. Judges can pretty well do what they want.

Yes, the judge can award more than your insurance. You will hold a judgement placed against you, your wages can be garnished if you refuse to wages. The court will set up a payment plan, you fail to do as the court said, they will find you surrounded by non-compliance, and more court dates will follow. Filing bankruptcy would be your simply salvation, and that needs approval from a court, so I guess you better stay on the gift plan.

Your insurance coverage margins do not dictate what a judge will do. Yes, he CAN grant a sophisticated amount than $15k if he feels that the damages exceed that amount.

If you can’t afford anything then don’t verbs about it. They can sue you, but if you don’t have any assets there’s zilch they can do to collect.

In some severe cases, they CAN withhold money from your salaries but that is totally dependent on the skin and the judge.

Good Luck!!


YES, it happens everyday. Your insurance company would retribution it’s limits and any difference would be paid by you….that’s what you agreed to when you preferred your limits. What will happen…your property can be taken from you, your wages garnish, it will go on your credit for an indefinite amount of time.

Can a proprietor hold a tenant sign a waiver to injury or personal property disrupt within California?

 Is there a waiver form or something similar in which a tenant can sign to waive their right to variety claims against the property owner for injury or damage to the tenant’s personal property in California? Please distribute links or some ideas of what is possible to write up to include in a rental agreement or separately contained by a waiver. Thanks.


Usually this language is part of the lease agreement. It’s call a Hold Harmless Agreement.

If you can’t find a standard lease agreement to use – it’s worth the money to have an attorney draw up a lease for you.

It’s called Renters’ Insurance..You would grasp a better quality tenant if you REQUIRED renters’ insurance prior to lease signing.

deadbeats will sign anything..

Can a Medical doctor reschedule a personal injury deposition as masses times as he wishes to?

 A deposition was scheduled beside my doctor, he rescheduled. I know that their schedules are busy as I am a nurse myself. But how many times can they legitimately reschedule depositions? I guess the defense lawyer is happy as he continues to receive paid while we continue to keep on.


Hey, its your doctor. It isn’t the defense attorney’s fault your doctor canceled.

Anyway, the defense counsel can file a motion to compel your doc’s deposition. If he requests to. Some states have no real time margins on discovery – it could take years.

no..under Article 6-section 8b….

Can a paralegal provide information on personal injury claims?

 Lawyers don’t want to touch small personal injury cases….and insurance companies take advantage of that. Can a human being hire a paralegal to help them with within small personal injury claim? How would one go about doing such?


No, sorry. That is the unauthorized practice of law. If you are a paralegal I highly hope that you already know this. Paralegals can singular work under direct supervision of an attorney. Paralegals cannot give officially recognized advice. Paralegals cannot fill out legalized forms for clients. Paralegals cannot file legal documents lacking an attorney’s supervision and signature. Source(s): Paralegal

Mr. G’s get it right. They can do administrative stuff but they cannot give you legal counsel. Talk to an attorney. For personal injury matters, the first consult is usually free and they only gain paid if you get money contained by the settlement. Like this: Source(s):

Paralegals are not member of the bar, they may not act surrounded by the capacity of a lawyer.


 ive been in a premise lawsuit as the object. PROPERty owner failed to fix leaking cealing. and 30 element building failed inspections and codes ..ive suffered badly …3mths disabled …and lost wages ..and 6mths to chiro! i have30 pics ,,and current pics showing that the problem still is at hand!


A law suit can settle at any time if both parties agree.

a PI case can settle at any time…in my experience it occur after depositiions (after each side sees how their client handle testimony)

A lawsuit can be settled any time. A deposition is just a fact finding tool. If the other side grain that they have no case, they may be liable to settle. Otherwise, your attorney should file for a summary judgment contained by your favor.

Can a personal injury lawsuit be dropped once it’s file?

 We hired an attorney to settle a PI claim from an auto accident. He has/is doing a really crummy job. So discouraging that he didn’t get the info. to the defendents attorney’s in time for the depostions. They rescheduled because of it. We aren’t contented w/ our attorney at all and don’t know what to do at this point. Wondering about only getting the bills that weren’t covered by our health insurance paid and mortal done with it. It’s not worth the stress anymore.


Sure. But you might be better off finding a better attorney and giving that slacker the heave-ho.

Write a missive to the board that oversees ethics and laws concerning attorney responsibilty and behavior. That will capture his goat.

Your options are (1) to remain beside your attorney after asking for an explanation of his strategy and timeline; (2) hire another attorney to take the case over from your current attorney; or (3) fire the attorney and drop the suitcase altogether. Technically you have the option of representing yourself, but this is not an advisable or erudite solution. So, yes a personal injury lawsuit can be dropped. Note, if you hired your attorney on a contingency basis, he may be able to collect some of the proceeds. Evaluate whether you own realistic expectations of how long things take to progress surrounded by the legal system. What you mentioned so far doesn’t seem egregious and depositions are rescheduled terrifically frequently (almost as often as they are scheduled). I think a converstation next to your current attorney may help you to make this finding. You can tell him you are thinking about going to another attorney.

Any civil suit can be dropped by a plaintiff. You can’t stop a criminal prosecution once you’ve filed charges surrounded by most jurisdictions.

You can always drop a personal injury claim but I am not sure that is satisfactory reason to drop the case what you are giving here- don’t stress so much going on for the case and just permit your lawyer handle contained by – he knows that if he is proven incompetent you can sue him – and I am sure he doesn’t want that.

Good Luck!

Can a railway company exclude liability for personal injury when a woman slips and sprains her ankle on the?

 train even though there are warning signs on the outside of the train by the entrance and within the back of the seat within front of her. The signs express that the floor of the train can get slippery at times and to take perfectionism, they also express that they cannot be liable for any personal injury caused. Note** When the woman slips over she has NOT formed a contract near the train company.


why would the train company be liable, near are signs to warn that person and accident happen, god taxpayers subsidise rail travel satisfactory, why the need for silly payouts too!

It is impossible for them to adopt liability due to the fact that they have stated that accident can and may happen on this train and from boarding the train and either buying the ticket or though mortal there of her own accord she accept full liability.

This is the way the government works, if they state that accident may happen and that they are not liable, no claims can be made.

It is still her fault and it will be as long as those signs be available to see and the terms were written somewhere contained by the station.


if she slipped because near was say precipitation water on the floor, how can you expect the train company to be liable for that? you cannot reasonably expect the train company to hold on to a cleaner on board to mop up wet floors, can you.

Why would she want to hold them responsible? They have clearly posted warnings and if she didn’t read them and bring them into consideration that is clearly her own stupidity at work. That would be like tripping on the sidewalk and getting hurt. What are you going to hold the city responsible? No.

If there are signs surrounded by place stating her liability rights then no

Of course they can.
It is the womans fault for not taking care when using the service.
Why should the railway company be liable for peoples stupidity??

Can a sentence foe a personal injury covering be contained by my bankrupcty casing if i be careless or and rash?

 i was been wicked when i hurt someone and their child


Sorry to burst any bubbles here, but the bankruptcy laws changed around one year ago and court judgments can no longer be discharged by declaring liquidation.
Even if you declare bankruptcy, you must still foot court judgments, student loans, court ordered fines, and certain other types of loans and debts.

Personal injury judgment are generally discharge able surrounded by bankruptcy. An exception may arise if the offending party acted beside fraud or malice. The party whose have the judgement afgainst you can certainly contest it, then it would depend on the extent of injury and how go altering it is. If the child was injured for life, a trendsetter can disallow the discharge of the debt. Generally if it is property damage it will be discharged no problem.

Earlier this year my mom filed liquidation and a claim for property damage and minor personal injury claim that resulted from a car stroke of luck last summer was discharged b/c here was no malice or negligency on her part of the pack. The circumstances stemmed from her being rear done by a truck at a stop sign and her insurance company simply returned her check with a note that due to the quirk they would be cancelling her insurance. Then truck filed claim and her liscense be suspended until the amount was paid within full for damages. She filed bankruptcy, debt discharged, she presently has her liscense back and d

You can always drop a personal injury claim but I am not sure that is satisfactory reason to drop the case what you are giving here- don’t stress so much going on for the case and just permit your lawyer handle contained by – he knows that if he is proven incompetent you can sue him – and I am sure he doesn’t want that.


oesnt owe the man that hit her a penny. Source(s):……