Injury Claim

May I settle the property and injury claims separately?

Another driver hit my car and was at guiltiness. My car was declared a total loss. I have a large cut on my scalp. The other driver’s insurance said they settle the property claim separately from the injury claim. Do I have to agree to that? Which claim handle “pain and suffering.”


You’ll hold to file a claim with the small claims court.

Mine be handled separately.
The “property claim” is just that your property – the vehicle plus usually motor seats or other property that must be replaced due to the negligence of the other driver. (for instance your fence if the driver plows into it)

The injury claim will be: “agony & suffering” plus “medical expenses” but don’t expect $. Source(s): 23 months out of my accident, I’m out thousands & wondering if I’ll ever be reimbursed..

Use your own insurance. They will do everything for you and you won’t have to “negotiate” on your own

well motor insurance wont cover a person, just resembling life insurance wont cover your car…what’s so complicated something like that?

I agree that you should be doing this through your own insurance company. They will protect your rights.

But if you insist on settling with the third get-together, then yes, you have to agree to their jargon. Because injury coverages are separate from property damage coverages.

Pain and suffering is part of the injury claim.

get your insurance company to do business with it you paid them for the insurance they should represent you

forget bout it.

did u even get hurt.?

i hit heaps guys(not purposely) but the guys usually forgive and forget . . .without i having to settle them.. I rock when it comes to talking out of trouble

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