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About how much does it cost on average to buy malpractice insurance if you’re a doctor or a advocate?


Between $10,000 and 150,000 Depending on your profession, social workers and psychologists surgeons and orthopedists pay top dollar. They too are getting ripped off by the insurance companies which want to blame the lawyer

Depends on the nature of your practice.

For doctors, an OB-GYN has the most expensive malpractice – even a doctor near no ‘black marks’ on his record can pay upward of $50,000 a month if he handle high-risk pregnancies.

For a lawyer, those with financial-services relatebeside yourselftices pay the most – lawyers who touch things like mergers and acquisitions. For them it can run a few thousand a month.

The cheapest? A PD who is protected by his departments qualified imperviousness may pay only $100 a month.


Anyone know a obedient medical malpractice attorney contained by Norwich, CT?

 Had an accident at work and the ER did not treat me correctly, so now I am suffering the consequences. Would really appreciate a trust-worthy legal representative to look into my case. Thanks.


Contact the local bar and ask for a referral. You might seize a reduced fee consultation.

Anyone know any GOOD dental malpractice lawyer contained by Orange County? Know their Rates etc? any personal reviews?

Hi guys,

I am 23, in college I caught an elbow to the face surrounded by a basketball game, i went to the dentist where on earth they said the root had died on the tooth that was hit. The doctor extracted the tooth and consequently said the next step would be an implant. The implantation was later installed and 1 week until that time putting on the permanent crown on he said the implant be 6mm off and would need to pinch out the implant and redo the process. I be very pissed because the operation was pretty itchy. Since he was the dentist i trusted him and his suggestions so ..we extracted the implant and permit it heal, once healed 6-7 months following he installed another implant in my gums..I thought this time would work for sure but NO, 4 months subsequent the screw was protruding out of my gums and was very soon exposed. I went in to see him and he said the bud had failed once again. I couldnt believe this!! How could he mess up TWO TIMES IN A ROW!? He offered to refer me to a specialist and take-home pay for their treatment, which is not even worth it, I went to see a new doctor and ..we have to extract the implant ONCE AGAIN, this operation was much more serious and severe (got thisoperation done on 4/3) Missed 2 weeks of work due to the operation. We have to extract the implant, get a bone graft and a soft tissue graft, this is adjectives very painful and the post salvage is taking so long.

My new doctor is good, he does the teeth and implant of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.. anyways he told me the implant that was placed within by my old doctor placed it in a bleak spot and that there was no bone gone in that spot due to all the operation that were done and a bone graft should have be done the first time they extracted my implant.. said my old doctor doesnt appear to have much experience in implant and did many things wrong.

Do you guys think i enjoy a valid lawsuit if i file one? I am 23 and i have be missing a tooth for almost 3 years now.. you know how embarrasing that is? I enjoy been waring a flipper (fake tooth) until now.. I dont reason its fair for my old doctor to simply refer me to soemone else after he screwed me up so bad. Just because he pays for it to be fixed i still am hurting everyday. My family and I seriously want to sue this guy due to malpractice and the niggle and suffering i have gone through. I have immediately gone through 5 operations now..and will be going contained by for my 6th once my mouth heals and to put in the set in one more time…

please advise if you feel i should be able to get compensated next to some money for this stuff i have gone thru, also if you know of any good dental malpractice lawyer in the orange county nouns Id’ greatly appreciate it.

How much money you think i would be awarded for the settlement?


You should get within touch with a malpractice lawyer.

You should be capable of get the info from local paper or Yellow Pages.

Yes, I know that population do win cases like that if you have earnest reason for suit and can prove your case.

Usually the amount does not gain disclosed because most of the time these cases settle out of court.

Your lawyer will quote you an amount that you can claim based on the strength of the suitcase.

You WILL win a much bigger amount though if you go to court and win.

You have to be positive just about the prospect of winning though !!

Otherwise, you may not get anything. Source(s): DMD

Anyone know of any perfect lawyer for a medical malpractice involving a infant?

 I have talked to several but most merely want to take the case if she have some mental defect or some handicapp that it caused.

I have a C-Section and no one told me there be any problems with my daughter for the entire 5 days i was surrounded by the hospital. When i got her home i kept noticing a pus close to substance on her baby blanket and my arm sleeves where her commander would rest. She was born with alot of tresses so i never notice anything.

I pulled up the bottom of her hair and at hand was a burn in the backbone of her head. It was a burn that in actuality made a big gash that goes all the style across the bottom of her neck. She also had a hurricane lantern burn all the way around her manager like a halo that feint up with the deep gash.

The nimbus didnt scar but the deep gash within the back of her head did, but one attorney told me it didnt matter because she has long fuzz and no one sees it any path.

Thats not really the point is it?


If the lawyers don’t think you own a case (basically because there is no concrete permanent damage), trust them. This is how they make their living and if they thought you have a chance at collecting anything, they would be all over it, so they could take their cut. But I would report the problem to the local medical board or the hospital board, just because it sounds like someone did something wrong. You can ask to hold the situation investigated, just out of public interest, or at least to answer your request for information about how the burn occurred. There may be a logical explanation, but they incontestably should have given you some instructions for taking care of the burn while it heal.

a lawyer for anyone and everything here

Are at hand as abundant medical malpractice lawyer contained by France?

 as there are here in the US?

“> In France culture usually have great respect for healthcare professionals and are much less lawyer-friendly. Neither trade advertise on the street or in your mailbox. Again, the healthcare system there is adjectives about the people, not business. The permitted system is about justice, not business.

No. Most countries near state-sponsored health care place severe restrictions on medical malpractice suits.

Are lawyer surrounded by montgomery Alabama required to own malpractice ins?

 We had a lawyer to button our case in a jury trial and didn’t submit our evidence past he handed it over to the other side and our case be thorwn out.


Sue him and find out, if he does he’ll have them get contained by touch with you. You have to be capable of prove he was incompetent, good luck next to that, means expert witnesses that cost about $10,000 a time.

You’ll also have to prove you would have won have he done it properly, again, damn near impossible. Source(s): I’m a civil suit investigator.

Are at hand any malpractice lawyer on here?

i have a personal question that i obligation advice on.


Definitely not for free and if an attorney gives you guidance (free or not), it might be construed as the beginning of an attorney-client relationship….

But, why don’t you post your question here and I don`t know someone can help out?

not for free

Aside from lawyer, who else can be sued for malpractice? a. paralegal b. jurors?


Paralegals and jurors can not be sued for malpractice since they do not practice the law. Paralegals can be sued for practicing law short a license to do so. Source(s): 13 years as a paralegal

Aside from lawyer,who else can be sued for malpractice?



D- Nobody.

doctors number one.

D. Nobody

All else were subject to the authority of the Lawyers therefore they alone hold any malpractice liability.
Whether I am a Paralegal, a Defendant or a Juror, my error is looked at as due to the Lawyers dud.

Doctors I think get sued more after lawyers. I wish politicians could be.

Best medical malpractice advocate contained by North Carolina?


Use the site below to research for a lawyer. Read the tip on how to use the google search on the page. Should be a wearing clothes place to start. Also for another tip – when you see an ad you want to click on use your right click and open surrounded by a new window. This will agree to you stay on the main site while looking for different lawyers. Source(s):…

California Lawyer Malpractice Insurance Requirements?

 Does a lawyer in California hold to get Malpractice Insurance in writ to take clients? For example if a newly admit lawyer wanted to do a simple will for a household friend, would they have to obtain insurance first or can they give somebody a lift the case, at their own peril, and collect a fee for it?

Answers: have the answer

Calling adjectives Malpractice Lawyers!?

 O.K so here’s the story, I have a lil nephew, who’s had 2 circumcisions, 1 at merely a few days old & the sencond one at around 1. The reason for the 2nd one, be that the pediatrician thought the 1st one had been done wrong & it needed to be corrected. So the 2nd one be done by a Pediatric surgeon – not a urologist. Any how even after the second one I could tell things didn’t look quite right – but I didn’t want to alarm the mom, so I stayed out of it. She transfer pediatricians and they told her, that he still looked uncircumsiced and that he needed to be circumcised for a 3rd time – now he’s 3. Luckily this time they were advise by a urologist who told them that the child had an inverted penis, that was never diagnosed & that the two previous circumsions, hurt him, more than they help him. Now this poor little baby, will have to put up with surgery to correct this problem, n because so much skin has already been removed, is going to acquire a bit complicated. So is there a lawsuit here?


That’s crazy. Why are inhabitants so ignorant and bent on messing with make-up?

Unless it’s clear the doctors were negligent and should own noticed he had an inverted penis consequently I doubt there’s a case.

The mother should ring Legal Aid (in some places they give free phone advice) or set up a discussion with a “no win no fee” lawyer to see what they read aloud.

However it’s possible the child could sue once he’s over 18, for all the harm done to him unnecessarily, at hand are some cases with males trying to sue their circumcisers (just after one circumcision).

I take it the insurance company has no problems even so with the procedures or the number of them? I take it the first be done in office by the urologist? This is already dire alarming for the birth mom. I would get some information from an attorney first if he/she is willing to pinch the case before bringing it to the mother. Second have any of this been done in a hospital? If so hold these issues and concerns been brought up to the risk manager or tolerant advocate persons? At lowest possible get the hospital’s opinion as a event of record too. Only an attorney with “adjectives the facts”can give you the best opinion.

Yes, BUT… since not one but two doctors thought they were looking at like peas in a pod thing, it would be tough to prove malpractice. You are looking at a long road to take this to court beside lots of expense for expert testimony. Contact a personal injury lawyer first, speak about them what you have, and if he does not do medical malpractice ask him to recommend a firm that would look the case over and evaluate it’s likelihood. Source(s): I’m a civil suit investigator.

Sorry, there’s no malpractice from what I can see.

Your nephew’s mother signed her son up for elective cosmetic surgery not once, but twice and presently she’s worried about there not one enough skin to do reconstructive surgery. That’s too bad. If she hadn’t have him cut in the first place, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

Not from the few facts you presented.

Can anyone make available a worthy hint to a Lawyer who will sue for permissible malpractice?

 I have received a letter from the Attorney Grievance stating that the attorney I had doing my case violated MCR 9.104(A)(2)-(4) and MRPC 1.1(b); and, 1.3. I have need of a Lawyer who will take on this case and sue for misery an suffering for loss of money that I could have received if the Lawyer would have done her chore right. I need a Lawyer who will do Pro Bono. I live in Michigan anyone who can make available reference to a good Lawyer I would appreciate it.
Thank You,
Miss Stressed


There are guaranteed issues with lawyers recommend lawyer services, so I will not give you any direct recommendation, but I will explain to you how to best find what you are looking for.

First of all, you start off on the webpage

This is essentially the national “wan pages” of all licensed lawyers. Click the “Find Lawyers and Law Firms” join to the left, then select “Law Firms” within the main window.

Select Michigan as a state, and contained by the field below, indicating legal practice, select “Legal Malpractice’. Do not enter anything contained by any other fields to get as broad turn upside down as possible. (You should end up with 83 hits).

Then basically start contacting every one of them, explaining your case and that you want to sue the lawyer for malpractice. Or, if you are feeling like to do some research instead of carpet bombing them with e-mails, google the firms and see which one appears to be the best. Often, a larger firm is a better firm.

It is unlikely that you will acquire a lawyer to do this Pro Bono, the normal channel of a law suit like this is base on a contingency fee. That essentially means that you do not wages anything for their services up front, but that they receive a part of the money you win, if you end up in the lead the case (usually 30%, but this would all be calculated into the award a peacemaker would give you).

The good piece with this system is that if you don’t win, you don’t pay. The impossible thing is of course that if you do win, 30% is a honestly large chunk of money.

Best of luck to you.


To address the issue by the previous poster, as you have a missive from the Attorney Grievance Commission, it would be entirely impossible for the lawyer in ask to counter sue you for malicious prosecution. You do not at all call for to worry about this.

You realize you will be counter sued for wicked prosecution and be paying the rest of your life, right?

Can anyone out within recommend a suitable malpractice attorney contained by Arizona?

 We are in need of a really accurate malpractice lawyer from Arizona, that can help us near a malpractice case. We dont just want to pick some one out of the washed out pages, we want someone that is dyed-in-the-wool to their clinents.


I have attached a link for a great legal representative search engine called targetlaw. I would do a go through on the site for Arizona malpractice lawyer and look at at least 5-10 websites that are nominated. Read their sites and make a decision base upon the information provided on their site ie. experience, related cases etc. Take your top 2-3 and make call. Ultimately you want to make a decision base upon the above experience, success record and openly if you are comfortable working with the attorney. Good luck link below…. Source(s): – Arizona Malpractice advocate

The term “oxymoron” comes to mind.
FWIW, contact your insurance and let them pedal it.

Can anyone please relate going on for the prospects of a medical lawyer/med malpractice legal representative within india?

i am specifically interested in the scope of med /med malpractice lawyer in india coz of different laws here.


you will be on your passageway to becoming the richest man in India mates…

Can I capture a legal representative from the states to represent me contained by Belgium for a malpractice suit?

 I plan to sue the hospital that told me they had no idea what be wrong with me when I went into labor three months untimely with my son. I need to find a attorney who really understand cases like this.


Not licensed where the incident took place but licensed to practice statute before the Court that you will sue.

No. You would have to use a attorney licensed to practice where the incident took place.

Even if it be possible, it would be inadvisable. There are a lot of attorneys in Belgium that would be capable of work for an American and there are even American attorneys working here. I have included a cooperation to one in my source material.

Be advise, malpractice suits don’t work the same in Europe as they do within America. You’re not going to get multi-million dollar settlements for piddly things so I trust your reasons are nouns and with a lot of proof that the doctor be careless. Source(s):

Can i return with my green card by blaming advocate malpractice?

 I came to the states on March 31, 2001 in decree to be eligible for the amnesty that was applied then. My legal representative didn’t apply until May 05 2001, when the deadline was April 31st. For 8 years and after two times being rejected and appealing i finally get my I-140. When i tried to change my status and file the subsequent step he then told me that he had applied behind time. Is there a way that i can embezzle him to court and show that without his malpractice i would have be eligible, keeping in mind that if they aproved my I-140 they obviously want me to be surrounded by this country. I have all of the evidence and money he took from me that shows that he never told me something like the late application.


Unfortunately, you cannot not. You may take the issue up with the BAR or the skipper of his practice, but USCIS will not be the platform for these issue nor will they issue you a green card because of your attorney’s negligence. Try calling one the their service centers and see what advice they will give you.

I certainly don’t remember any amnesty being granted within 2001. You can file all the claims you want but you will want a whole lot of money to pay a attorney to defend you. Any punishment would come from the state bar. I believe malpractice applies to medical personal.Your claim would be misrepresentation = Untrue representation; false or incorrect statement or tale

First past its sell-by date an I-140 establishes 2 things:
1) The financial position of the company
2) If you are qualified for the position
It does NOT mean they want you in the country.
Also the attorney is hired by your employer NOT you. If you have a problem you can talk to your employer not his attorney (who ethically can not tell you anything). If you paid a legal representative to file for you…
You can complain to the bar association almost him but…
You would also have to know why the application was behind schedule! He needed paperwork from your employer. Was that the reason?
I think you are out of luck. Sorry!

Ask the attorney who will take on the case .. if you can find one . you still wont receive the GC though just maybe compensation

First, I am very sorry you have to experience this.

Unfortunately, I believe the argument “that without his malpractice I would have be eligible” is open to debate, for the following reasons:

a) You be rejected on two subsequent applications.
b) You were only standard after a second appeal
c) Your attorney (as disorganized as he was) is not responsible for determining eligibility for the I-140. He only files the papers. No argument can be made that even with a “perfect” on-time application you have a 100% chance of approval, because the committee still could turn down your application.

My humble suggestion would be this: Your primary objective is that Green Card. If you call for to switch lawyers then by adjectives means do so if you think it’s surrounded by your best interest. But don’t get distracted. Going after lawyers for malpractice is confrontational them on their own turf. It’s extremely tough to do.

Can I sue my attorney for Malpractice?

I filed bankruptcy 5 yrs. ago and we of late finished paying everything off last month. Now we achieve a letter from the IRS that we still owe thousands of $$$. We went through like mad of suffering and went without for 5 full yrs. We be suppose to be scott free of all debt. And according to the IRS were not. Our advocate was in charge of everything. And in a minute he says we can file ruin AGAIN. This whole deal turned out to be malpractice. Can we sue him? And where on earth in Dallas, Texas can I find an excellent lawyer to sue this UGLY advocate who does not deserve his papers. Can we make him pay for adjectives his wrong doings? And the IRS balance and for punitive damages? We did without for 5 full yrs while we wrinkled this lawyer’s pockets.
Please Help, we need an excellent lawyer surrounded by Dallas, Texas to sue this other lawyer.
Please Help, Thank you


Try the Dallas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service:…

Good communication is essential to resolving legal problems. You presumeably discussed the services to be rendered, signed a contract (which you should read carefully), and paid for services. Why are you finding out a surprise five years subsequent?

What was the attorney obligated to do under the contract? Did it include services to use up IRS debts? If not, your claim that the attorney did not do something he was supposed to do may not be a strong case. Source(s): years of experience within civil litigation

Ah, poor item. You went without for 5 years? How roughly speaking those creditors who got next to nought? I feel more sorry for them than for you.

Nevertheless, you can always sue if you focus you’ve been wronged. You’d have to convince another legal representative you had a good bag, which isn’t going to be easy to do, and most of what you get will be in motion to that second lawyer. But it might work.

You’ll still owe the IRS, by the way, they NEVER progress away.

Ground rules for considering a malpractice suit against your lawyer:

Where malpractice is charged contained by connection with litigation, you must show that the litigation would enjoy ended with a result more favorable to you except for the attorney’s omit.

Where the attorney fell below the standards of skill and knowledge ordinarily possessed by attorneys under similar circumstances. Expert nouns is needed to support this charge. And the standard may be affected by specialization, which raises the standard of meticulousness required, custom and the locality. Locality and custom can’t lower the standard, but they may be used in defense to show that the procedure or the law involved is unsettled.

Can I sue my advocate for malpractice?

 My lawyer assured me that everything was fine. “Never lost a defence in his life”, blah, blah, blah. When I paid him the 2nd $5,000 to represent me, he started proverb “very risky”, “even a lower charge can still land you within jail”, …and the Judge is known to be absoluteleymercyless”.
Lawyer told me deal be 2 years probation if I plead “nolo contendere”. Day of court, it was 3 years! And must plead guilty. Sorry…I made a mistake” When I told him “I wanted to read aloud something to the judge the lawyer run to the DA to inform him. He came back and told me DA say, “you open your mouth to address the Judge and the deal is off”To everybody out in that: Please help me by answering my question. Keep your plan comments to yourself – or allow a retort by giving you email address. If you want to help, email me. I’ll provide you with details. Do you realy deliberate that there is no innocent people within jail? That there is no crooked policemen? Lawyers? DAs worried just about their record?


At any point you can dismiss your lawyer and get a different one, if you feel they are not representing you in your best interest.

plea bargain can be risky buisness. the d.a. has the power, only to proposition you a deal. this deal must consequently be approved by the judge. if the judge decide he doesn’t like the deal he can pass you whatever he feels is right. it sucks, but that’s how it works.

Definitely appeal the satchel. No matter what the outcome “should” have be, you lost all confidence in your advocate and would benefit greatly by new counsel. Before you jump to hire someone else for this luggage, you may want to check out the public defenders available. While some are not so great, others are trying to make a signature for themselves and are quite ambitious.
As far as you current attorney, you can also proceed with a civil suit for gross negligence. Speak to an attorney that specializes surrounded by that arena, but I wouldn’t let him get away next to that kind of action.
Good Luck.

he offered you a plea deal…you dont have to appropriate it.
you could hire another lawyer and ask to appeal the case because it wasnt a open-minded trial.

You can sue your legal representative but you will have to get a attorney to sue your lawyer. I hope that you see that there is a cut-out developing here.

Good luck near that….lawyers are liars and cheats anyway. Source(s): I worked for the firm of Dewy, Cheatum and How.

Can I sue my liquidation advocate for malpractice?

 After my husband lost his job and my daughter was diagnosed beside special needs, I decided to record bankruptcy. At our first meeting I give him a copy of all the documents he requested and he said it would be no problem. After a month, he said the numbers weren’t adding up and needed more time to look it over. After another month, he said he couldn’t trademark it work, we didn’t pass the means check (something that he should on day one ) However, at our first meeting he instructed me to stop paying any bills. Now I am stuck next to huge interest rates and massive minimum payments. Can I sue him for assuring me assistance and advising me to stop paying my bills and then departing me with zero option?


Technically you can sue anyone for doing anything but i dont know your chancing of winning.
You’d be up against a attorney…

If you have his suggestion in writing, you may be able to sue him for the interest and penalty accrued by following his legal guidance. If he told this to you verbally, it’s a lost cause almost clearly unless it was in front of a disinterested third group. Your best bet is to file a complaint with the state tablet association and hope there are a lot of similar complaints. If in that are, some attorney may want to file a class action suit against him for a percentage of anything recovered. Chances are, he may be reprimanded, but that’s adjectives.

I don’t know if this helps but I had to emphasize BR due to loss of job. My lawyer said my $8000 motor made me “too rich”. He advised me to sell it and live stale of the proceeds (with records of expense) Then in a few months I qualified and be able to file.

Yes I reckon the lawyer should have told you. I don’t deliberate there is anything you can do if you have zilch in writing and especially if you did not pay him anything.

If things are fruitless enough to file BR, afterwards one would assume that you have no choice but to stop paying the bills. If he is saying you hold too many resources to file, maybe it would help to go to a non profit Debt Counselor. Make sure they are certified and not a scam company. Then if they can’t backing you, they will recommend BR and the BR court will listen. They will also recommend a BR lawyer you can trust.…

No you can not sue him. No one forced you to stop paying those bills.

First, I find it incredible that you didn’t pass the means assessment. Second, he should have advised another chapter that fir your circumstances. He be correct to advise to stop payments (the companies would have have to refund them to the estate anyway). You need to solve your problem first. Some ruling school have a ruin clinic, you could try that. Or you can find another lawyer, though they are hard to find after the change in 2005. You didn’t say how much you own paid him at this point. Your next step is record a complaint with his bar association. Based on your side of the story he has-been in due diligence ( at least). After that you may find an attorney that specializes in officially recognized malpractice, they are also hard to find. One bright spot is that some bar associations will assign another attorney to your valise, if they find he has been negligant, contained by order to take your collapse forward. That is the relif you want to ask for. You may email me for further guidance if you wish. I ma sorry this happened to you. I will share you that many attorneys have quit the collapse practice and if you email me I will tell you why this may have artificial your case with this attorney. Source(s): attorney former judge


No not for this

Can you sue a legal representative for malpractice if he is not your attorney?

 I had an attorney sit and negotiate with me to settle the travel case then went a team leader to court when I thought we were settling out of court. I did not have an attorney, foolish me thought it be all worked out.


Yes, if that lawyer’s conduct violated his fiduciary duty to you.

****Fiduciary duty is a responbility to protect and/or represent you client at the highest plane. Attorney’s must be ever vigilent when representing their client’s that no harm comes to them via the legal process through any mistakes. Stated simply…. zilch mistakes that put your client at risk. Source(s): attorney

What you just described isn’t malpractice. If you did not have a signed settlement agreement, the other attorney be well within adjectives bounds of legal ethics by file a complaint. Often times a party will file a lawsuit merely to get some leverage to use in the settlement. If you try to sue him, you will lose.

Next time, get hold of a lawyer.

No. The basis on which an attorney is sued would be contractual. If you have no contractual relationship next to the attorney (privity of contract) you can’t sue him.

You can sue anyone for any reason. Just because you sue doesn’t mean you will win. You may come out of it owing him money. Malpractice is solely for a professional contracted for you or by you.

You’re one of those associates who really needs to stay out of trouble but in the stingy time, Do Not Breed!

No…if he feels that it(negotiations) did not reach a standard conclusion it is his right to go to court to get a remedy.

Not in the mode you describe. If you thought you had a deal, consequently perhaps you did. There are ways in which to bring that to the attention of the court and hold the judge decide if you have a deal or not. There is a defense called “conformity and satisfaction,” meaning that you own settled the lawsuit.

Can you sue a advocate for malpractice?



imshure you can find one that will try to sue another lawyer for malpractice . those bottom feedingscumm will do anything for a dime ?


Excellent request for information.can a doctor give a lifetime guarantee on a diagnosis??

Absolutely, though it can be hard to find a lawyer to represent you. Kinda approaching medical malpractice, hard to find another doctor to say the ingenious doctor screwed up.

Can you sue a legal representative for negligence but NOT include a claim for malpractice?

 If a lawyer at a firm gives your satchel to a first-year associate, and this associate does not know what he’s doing, and three years later you have to hire a legal representative to finish you lawsuit, can you sue for damages (i.e. what you had to pay the clean lawyer to finish your case)?? The new attorney settled the case within months, but not for nearly what it be worth. Also, the ethics committee already found that the first-year associate acted “unethically”, and admonished him.


Well, by definition, negligence by an attorney contained by the course of his/her practice is malpractice, so your claim would be for malpractice. I don’t know that you could recover fees, however, you could recover any provable loss of importance of your original claim due to the attorney’s neglect.

Suing everybody you can eh?

Dental Malpractice Lawyer?

 Dental Malpractice Lawyer?
Hi, I’m looking for a dental malpractice lawyer who only charges if the shield wins. I’m in the Boston nouns. Preferably one with a good history.Any suggestions?

“> I’d contact my local dowel or state bar association and ask for a referral to a personal injury attorney who also does work in medical malpractice. They should be capable of help you. Also, most PI attorneys do not charge you anything they work on contingency…they will evaluate your case to see if your covering has any merit and if they can make any money stale it…if they feel its a good crust…they won’t charge you until you receive a settlement.

Dental Malpractice Lawyer?

 Hi, I’m looking for a dental malpractice lawyer who only charges if the luggage wins. I’m in the Boston nouns. Preferably one with a good history.

Any suggestions?


Talk near a medical malpractice attorney. He/she should be able to handle the thing. Attorneys are making a bet that they’ll win the case if they take it on a contingency excise basis, so your complaint should be a strong and convincing one.… – 22k… – 24k

Here are two located in Boston… you can other call/email them and get more info.

Good luck.


Dental malpractice advocate?

i need to find a dental malpractce lawyer contained by the inland empire, in southern california that won’t charge unless they win


Most malpractice attorneys don’t charge unless they win the case. Call your state slab association and they will be able to give you attorney information specific to your suitcase. Good luck.

Do anyone know any Lawyers that would knob a Medical Malpractice Case that’s over it’s Statue Of Limitation?

I had my son back surrounded by 2003 at DeKalb Medical and delivered him through an Emergency C-Section, My son was born Premature and wasn’t breathing on his own also he have swallowed alot of my Bowel Movement and had several tubes going inside and out of his body, after the delivery of my son the Nurses told me he might not clear it pull through I was really devastated and thought that my precious pride and rapture wasn’t gone make it. My son spent 2wks inside the Special Intensive Care Unit all I could do is Pray morning in and day out for the Lord to verbs my son through however my son did survive through it all but what I didn’t understand is why the Doctors couldn’t put in the picture why this took place? Well for the longest I would have these severe Headaches which cause me to close my eyes and hold my come first down until they would ease up or whatnot but me being me I would simply eat and maybe bear some pain medication for it and lye down but this particular afternoon I just couldn’t get rid of this Headache I be having so I set up an appointment to meet next to an Physician to figure out what was cause these severe Headaches and while I was there they also did some Tests on me and the Doctor discovered some through problems that was going on in the insides of me, She stated that my Uterus be turned completely around and its connected to my Bowels and I’m thinking that that’s what caused my son to have have the problems that he had when I delivered him…Now that my son is 5yrs of age and is blind within the left eye the Case I would’ve had is over The Statue Of Limitation so I wondered if anyone could hold a specific Lawyer that would take this kind of Case because ever other Lawyer that I speak near keeps telling me that its nought that could be done because of the Statue Of Limitation on this type of Case.


if your case is beyond the statutes then in that is nothing you can do..
what do you intend to sue for anyway?

if your internal problems are what caused your sons problems at birth how is that a doctors scorn?

be thankful you have your son and don’t blame others or yourself for what have happened in times past.
you need to move on, look forward to the adjectives, for your sake and especially for your son’s…

Sorry your toast….you case is over…

Do lawyer receive sued for malpractice?


Attorney is derived from a french word, that means “to break away ones rights”!
The American Bar Association is in a unique position, they delight in an illagal monopoly. Anyone can represent themselves in our courts, however, the judges, who enjoy usurped authority they were not granted, will not allow it in most cases.
If a legal representative wants to practice law he must get hold of a license to do so! However, there is no such thing as a “Law License”! To attain this license they must join the ABA, that is their license; thier ABA bias!
There is a way to get an attorney disciplined or even disbarred, it does not begin very often. As to going after an attorney for mal practice. WHo is going to represent you? Most attorneys will not be in motion after a fellow attorney; it is even worse than doctors.
Incidently, the word “Lawyer” is derived from the same word as “Liar”! The original 13th amendment, would own banned Attorneys, was never published into the constitution, so it be not ever known to have become an amendment to the constitution. Would you approaching to take a guess who it was that conveniently neglected to publish the foreign amendment? An attorney working for the goverment! SInce the majority of our representatives in Congress and state legislatures, and abundant presidents were (are) attorneys, any wonder why things are such a mess?

Yes- an example would be the numerous lawsuits Mike Nifong is facing for his engagements (which did constitute legal malpractice.)

Yes. Like any professional, there are minimum standards that must be met. If an attorney fails to do his assignment, he is subject to a malpractice suit. Source(s): law school

no they dont..

It would be considered a mistrial and if negligence is proven they can lose their license to practise law. Otherwise, it would be rock-hard to prove malpractise to a point that you win a lawsuit

All the time. It is difficult because the plaintiff must prove actual harm and so in a criminal grip the plaintiff must first get the conviction set aside via appeals or post-conviction actions. Some things amount to malpractice per se. The classic example is a attorney that misses the statute of limitations and the result is a client that is held liable, or is convicted on a time-barred case, or where on earth a lawyer sits on a valid complaint without file it until the limitations period has passed. Most private lawyercarry malpractice insurance but some just appropriate their chances. Every lawyer screw up from time to time and when it harms a client, the law provides a remedy. That is the advantage of seeking court advice from a lawyer instead of on this site. If the attorney gives bad proposal and you are harmed by it, you have a remedy. Take your advice here and win bad advice and you are hosed.

Yes. Lawyers do within fact get sued for malpractice. Many lawyerhave malpractice insurance in baggage they are sued for malpractice.

I’m sure there are lawyers who specialize within suing other lawyers for malpractice.

Good question.

Do lawyer that specialize surrounded by a court malpractice work on a contingency justification?

 If Yes, how do you find them?


although Jay makes some great points about this process and covers it pretty powerfully beware…..
almost all attorneys who work on a contingency basis due so for their “fee” solely and regardless of win or lose you are still charged ALL out of pocket expenses. these expenses win or lose can add up rather like lightning and can include but are not limited to.
copy fees, phone expenses, travel & meals while traveling, court file fees, serving fees, mediation fees, deposition fees, transcription fees etcetera…etcetera…etcetera.
if you seek legal counsel read the contract painstakingly and be aware of what you will owe out of your pocket as well as out of any settlement.

attorneys rarely work for free and they do not other believe you will win before they take your luggage, they simply have to believe they won’t lose any money doing so….

Some do, I’m sure. Contingency is used where the legal representative feels that there is a angelic chance of winning and where on earth the expected collection is large. Large enough that their share would be greater (perhaps significantly so) than if they charged by the hour or some other instrument. Why? Because they are taking a risk. They wouldn’t take the risk of losing (and not getting paid) unless there be a huge upside.

How to find? Some lawyers specifically advertise they work on contingency. However, you can ask any attorney if they are willing to. Some will explain that their firm policy is not to work this way. Others will enunciate that they sometimes do, but not in this case. If that’s the situation, this is a tipoff that they expect you to lose or the lug to be small.

Do you have an idea that I own a medical malpractice skin and if so you know a devout malpractice advocate?

 In May I got an abscess in my throat and I go to warmc a local hospital. When I got there they did 2 cat-scans and give me ibuprofen and an IV solution. When the results came back they told me nearby was a tiny little abscess nothing to verbs about go home it will clear up on its own. They diagnosed it as a sore throat and give me a prescription for amoxicillin and told me if it doesn’t get better in 3-5 days follow up next to a physician. I came home and rested I was home no more than Two hours when I woke just able to breathe or swallow. I woke my mom and told her to take me to the ER. We go to Valley View the other local hospital and they did 2 more cat-scans and did a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. My blood pressure was amazingly low I think it was close to 76/39 and the er doctor told my mom that if we would have listened to Warmc and basically forgot about it I would have be dead by morning. The doctor said that Warmc’s cat-scans showed my abscess was partly a centimeter wide he said that within that short term of time it grew to 2 centimeters in diameter. He told my mom that they were duration flying me to Umc in Las Vegas were they be putting me in ICU, he also told her that I had roughly speaking a 10% chance of making it out alive. They flew me to Vegas and had me contained by ICU for 4 days and they put me in the regular er for a day more after ICU. Both Umc and Valley View told us that Warmc should hold kept me for observation and if they would have they could enjoy possibly controlled this. Now my Insurance is taped out and I still owe over $55,000.00 in medical bills due to this and I lost 3 weeks of work. Please consent to me know if this sounds like a case and if you know any dutiful lawyers thank you!


2 CAT scans? 1 wasn’t ample? Sounds like you might have a overnight case. They should have kept you for observation at warmc. But I ruminate the ER doctor at valley View was exaggerating a short time about your chances. It is clear though that if warmc have followed the standard of care, you would not be $55,000 in the hole and would hold avoided the other CAT scans and spinal tap. I no problem don’t advocate malpractice suits but this one merits a talk beside a lawyer. Don’t know any lawyers contained by Nevada or wherever you live.

Do you meditate malpractice lawyer are destroying the healthcare system contained by the U.S?

 I have a very strong inference about this, but I’ll withhold it as I want to know yours. Do you feel that medical malpractice lawsuits surrounded by the US are mostly legit or bogus? Do you feel that people contained by the medical community are pointing blame at trial lawers to protect their own assets, or are they pointing blame at trial lawers because they are on the verge of going out of business?

Do you feel this is a dignified priority problem in the US?


Yes it is the result of malpractice lawyers and the insurance companies selling the malpractice protection policies. Tort shake-up is incredibly important, but will never pass as the congress is made up of trial lawyer. The cost of medical care is directly effected by these greedy attorneys who pilfer 60% of the settlement anyway. Believe me the majority of these lawsuits are not due to the wrong leg being taken off.

Greedy malpractice lawyers is destroying the health-care system, as is greedy patients who try to cash contained by, so to speak. On every infirmity they have stupidly brought upon themselves.
Doctors who over work themselves and then sort grievous errors or who are not competent should be held accountable for their actions unsurprisingly.
Somewhere between the hospital the lawyer and the court a liaison of medical experts who are not involved should oversee these proceedings and even decide if the doctor, the hospital, the ambulance driver, or other emergencypersonal, or the merciful their self is at fault, and on these findings one could decide if within were actual reason to proceed forward or not.
I touch it should be a high priority of the U.S..Still I fear it is not.

This is a pretty big problem for doctors and the healthcare system. Quoting a doctor friend of mine “i cant even do pro bono work without some bonehead suing me”. which is pretty pitiable, lawyers in my experience will sue anyone for anything which make our socety a waste in some aspects and really they are not protecting anyone but the population in their profession because they have nought better to do.

Its a tossup between excessive malpractice suits and HMOs.

They are ABSOLUTELY! And NO it’s not self covered as much as it should…and the crooked politicians are raking in the dough on it too, so they won’t metamorphose it!

This is a complete misnomer. The only reason medical costs are illustrious in America is because greedy health insurance companies and greedy medical companies are adjectives trying to cash in. These same greedy corporations are pointing the finger at victims of medical malpractice surrounded by order to divert their attention from the real defence that health care costs are so high-ranking.

Too many frivious law suits, People look for reason to sue, just read questions on here, asking how much can I capture, should I sue for this or that

I reason it is BS on it’s face!

Md’s would love to be able to carry away with cutting the wrong leg bad, or taking the only healthy kidney out!

In most states, in that is a panel, which is comprised of at least 1 or more Md’s, which decide what cases will be allowed to sue and which ones won’t!

We hear Multi Million dollar awards, but when adjectives is said and done they are lucky to get a dime on a dollar! That is never reported!\

They aren’t going out of business, as most that I know are doing VERY well!! Why should they be at variance than any other licensed professional??

They over book, they see too many people and they are their own worst enemy!

I have no sympathy for incompetent physicians and they SHOULD NOT be allowed to practice. The court system is the only track you are going to weed them out. You think they will? Ha!

I am not sure – maybe it is bad doctors(?)

Does any other country compare to the USA surrounded by how much money lawyer craft from medical malpractice lawsuits?


I don’t know, but I would bet against it.

So…If I be a Republican Congress-person, I would be pushing for a government option for Doctor’s malpractice insurance to tie onto the condition care bill to bring their costs down and maintain their standard of living.

BUT WAIT…Wouldn’t that piss the insurance companies bad?

Maybe it is not the Doctors that the Republicans are trying to protect after all.

America is often promoted as “a nation of laws, not men”.

You give attention to you have that WITHOUT lawyers?

we’ll never be getting a ambulance chaser czar from the so called


Does anyone know a apposite Medical Malpractice Lawyer contained by South New Jersey to File a Lawsuit?

 I need a good Lawyer or Attorney. A plus if they can distribute me a free consultation for my case. Thank you.


look in your local phone book. it’s full of phone numbers

Call John Edwards or any ambulance chaser.

google “” they will tell you if you enjoy a case or not..
good luck

Contact your local Bar Association. They will have a legal representative referral service.

Does anyone know of a medical malpractice advocate or regulation m.d. surrounded by Boston…Preferably a feminine?

I had a baby 9months ago and seriously can’t acquire over the horrible experience. I have never sued or brought legal deed against anyone. It would take me alot more than this paragraph to explain the whole situation-but its particularly complicated with several different issues. Basiclyas a result I feel similar to my life is ruined. I have a superb healthy baby but can’t move former everything….I know i’m being vague but any referral or assistance you can give would be great. Also if anyone knows if near are any online groups or boards w/other people seeking action against their Ob or MD i would love to speak to others. Part of the problem is the serious excited distress that accompanied this whole mess-i’m if truth be told ashamed to say i thought most people claiming this weren’t anyone honest-but now see malpractice in a adjectives new light. I guess because our society is so “lawsuit” thankful I had trouble allowing myself to truly believe that I was not treated correctly. Thanks so much.


In a Med Mal defence there has to be irreversible damage, such as your baby be damaged at birth and will never have a commonplace life or you bled out and will not be able to ever hold other children. Unfortunately, if you were not treated well specifically not a crime, emotional distress over child birth is not a recoverable damage. You would hold to be able to show that the doctor fell below the standard of care during the birth of your child. I would advocate that you look in the phone book and find an attorney, take your prenatal and hospital files with you. They should review the records and determine if nearby was any permanent incapacitate. You may just need to return with past your experience and enjoy your infant, also you may want to seek counseling for post partum depression. Source(s): Myself, LPN/Paralegal

Education Malpractice Lawyers?

 does anyone know what the “technical” definition of this would be called so i could find a lawyer within my area. It would be for a school district’s policy violate constitutional rights


You need an attorney who is familiar near civil rights cases. Criminal attorneys or attorneys who are members of your state’s ACLU are a likely source.

Finding a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

 I’m trying to find a lawyer to represent my dad in a medical malpractice valise. Spoken to 3 Boston area attorneys who all voice he seems to have a valise. The problem is the big firm says it only take multi million dollar cases, the smaller lawyers don’t want to put up the money for expert witnesses. My question is IF he seem to have a case of delinquency how can he find an attorney that will take the case and folder the claim? Can he do it without a lawyer? Is in that a way to reach muliple lawyer with one email blast to see if any takers?


There are many personal injury lawyer out there and all of them work on a contigency, contingent upon you champion and they receive a third of the settlement.

There are a couple of different kinds of these lawyers, however. Lawyers that litigate and those who don’t. The trial lawyer are expecting to take the case to trial or prepare for it anyway (many will defendents will settle out of court prior to the trial date and several do not). These are the bigger types of settlements. The lawyers that do not litigate prepare your case within anticipation of an out of court settlement.

Well, you already know the problem.. if it was truly a slam dunk case one of them would be of a mind to pony up the money up front to rep him on contingency. Trust me, if any attorney sees a cash cow, he would enjoy signed you up! Medical malpractice is really hard to win, it is so hard to second guess what a doctor should do at that moment contained by time.

He can’t do it himself, none of the expert witnesses would even cooperate with him, and they all want rewarded up front. If your dad has the $10,000 to pay the expert witnesses, he should donate that to the attorney he likes as a retainer and they can attempt his case.

For a malpractice lawsuit would it create more sence to contact a legal representative or an attorney?

 Which one would be the better choice and what is the main difference between a lawyer and an attorney?


Nothing is different except the word. You will call for a personal injury attorney/lawyer.

Both are the same thing, some population call them lawyers and some attorneys. From Wikipedia A advocate, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, is “a person learned contained by the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person skilled to practice law.”[1] Law is the system of rules of conduct established by the sovereign government of a society to correct wrongs, argue stability, and deliver justice. Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legally recognized theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who retain (i.e., hire) lawyer to perform legal services. Source(s):

A rose by any other name is still a rose… the expressions are interchangeable, like cat and kitty.

They’re synonyms.

It’s not like the difference between barrister and solicitor.

Same point, bro.

Same thing.

Had a surgery. gone my right appendage useless. call for correct malpractice legal representative within Iowa. I stipulation give support to. I’m a man, 56yrs

They say that the Dr. used standard of care so I can’t sue. I can’t move up a cup of coffee or bottle of pop with my right hand and They articulate this happens from time to time. Is there no recourse? I don.t know what to do or who to bargain to about this. I had one advocate look into my situation and he feels there are no grounds for a lawsuit. What are my option.


You may not own any options, especially if you signed the consent that you were informed of the possibilities of difficulties that could enjoy resulted from the surgery.

this looks approaching a job for “Ambulance chasers”. contact a law firm that specializes contained by civil cases (medical malpractice etc.) they might be able to give you a consultation

when you consented to the surgery you consented to all the risks associated with that procedure. As long as the physician didn’t breed a gross error, or was negligent surrounded by some way you have no recourse.

Not adjectives surgeries work out well, there is other a risk and it is most likely this was explained to you prior to consenting to the procedure.

Hi Friend. I can understand your problem I think I can oblige you. has got the best Malpractice lawyer. I had a great experience with them. Try once.…
All the best

Has anyone taken their Lawyer to court for malpractice?

 Has anyone taken their Lawyer to court over his/her Lawyer not doing as directed by the client and because he (Lawyer) doesn’t do what was asked of him you loose your carse? Hope that makes sense.


Yes. Many hold. Search it. Start here.…

I don’t focus it is applicable in NC – I may be wrong. I do know you can get a topical trial on grounds of bad counsel/legal malfeasance, or leal misrepresentation – cannot remember the correct legal permanent status for it. Saw it happen after a conviction in a murder trial be overturned for this reason. I had sit through 7 weeks of trial, waited 2 days for a verdict, lone to have it overturned 3 months later. Crime target was a relative.


Hello, I would approaching to know how much a medical malpractice lawyer make. Also, what cateory of canon is it?

 Do malpractice lawyers make virtuous money? Are jobs readily available for them? If I be to try and study for this field of law..what category would it plummet under ? (business, criminal, corporate..etc law).

“> You would probably be under civil tenet.

What you earn would probably include how smart you were, what law university you went to, how good your be at the job, would you get moral settlements for your clients, and probably some luck would have to be involved too.

How could if find a legal representative that specializes within medical malpractice, contained by demanding instruments that erstwhile.?

 If i wanted to find a lawyer contained by San Diego california to help in a medical malpractice suit how would I do it. The doctor did a routine surgery and the instrument inferior and I was in a coma for 3 months, icu 87 days and surrounded by the hospital a total of 6 months. The doctor blames a tool for the problems.

The surgery was on May 2, 2006, what are my options, who could bar this.

I am crippled and in utter pain from this surgery. I be perfect before


in recent times go to the yelow pages it’s broken down within there under their specialities !! I’m sorry for your injury !!

Use the phone book to identify attorneys and firms that specialize in medical malpractice. Then call several of their office and ask if you can schedule a free first consultation. Tell them your story, and see if they will take the armour on a contingency, which means they are agreeing to be paid by taking a member of the settlement they negoiate. Otherwise, your expenses could e tremendous. I would think you could find someone to take the suitcase on a contingency basis if they think you enjoy a good case.

Call the lawyer referral service if your state has that. I don’t know if CA does. What you inevitability to watch out for is the statute of limitations though. Many states limit the time contained by which you can bring a suit for this type of case to two years. You may be running out of time.

ashen pages hello? there is other a personal injury attorney advertising on the covers – you don’t even need to enlarge the book to find the first one.

I don’t know how it is within San Diego but where I live they advertise close to car dealers on every tube 24/7.
I’m surprised the ambulance chasers haven’t found you!

How do I find a attorney that will appropriate on other lawyer surrounded by malpractice issues?

 I am now concerned that my own lawyers are screw me over as well as a Judge, court appointed attorney, my mother’s estate attorney and everyone else. I need to stir in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court with these issues, but am I in recent times going to run into the same problem with lawyer looking after their own kind again? Who do I talk to, or where on earth do I go to have someone answer some decriminalized questions truthfully?


Every lawyer you hire is supposed to owe his/her allegience to you and not to other lawyer. While you may interpret their actions in other ways, you may obligation to unfortunately reassess if you are being convincing about your goals, or your expectations.

How do I find a Dental Malpractice Lawyer contained by Los Angeles?

  I have had multiple problems next to my dentist and it is time I seek legal support. I am have trouble finding a lawyer who is qualified to pursue a Dental Malpractice Case. Any help would be great.


Google your force out or look in the listings, they usually fall below medical malpractice, thats one problem, most lawyers are not equiped well adequate to deal with dental canon suits and they usually loose on technicalities. So be careful how you go almost this

How do you find a advocate to sue a legal representative for malpractice?

 I had a lawyer who quoted the wrong directive in court and did not do what they were supposed to do contained by time so now i have no haphazard of getting what i was going for. I have compensated 10 grand and now that they ruined my one and only chance i want to sue. How do you go almost such a thing?


Contact the Bar Association first, they can give you advise and they also give somebody a lift disciplinary action against lawyer who mess up, are incompetent, abuse substances, or intentionally mislead or break the law when dealing with clients. IF a advocate was to tell you you needed a attorney to collect life insurance, as an example, the Bar Association with settlement with him and he could possibly lose his license to practise law

Step 1
Get another lawyer. Your experience may own soured you on the legal profession, but if you’re going to sue a lawyer you are going to want another attorney to represent you. There are a growing number of people who handle attorney malpractice cases and who can advise you on whether you have a shield and how to proceed.

Step 2
Prepare to spend big bucks. It can be expensive to sue a lawyer, since the other side knows adjectives the tricks using the system to his advantage. He probably can also get the best warning on hiring a malpractice defense lawyer.

Step 3
Know the malpractice laws. They ebb and flow by state, but most experts agree it is a difficult case to win. You generally hold to prove that your attorney’s actions caused you damages, and that he slipshod in his duty to represent you. The threshold of proof is usually fairly illustrious. You aren’t likely to win if your lawyer promised you a big settlement after pressures you to agree to less.

Step 4
Decide if the suit is worth it. Most states do not require an attorney to carry malpractice insurance, and a national study found with the sole purpose about 40 percent of lawyers contained by the U.S. have the coverage. Consider the amount of damages you would ask for if you sue a lawyer, and whether you are credible to ever collect.

Step 5
Consider arbitration. Many state bar associations offer a grievance procedure that brings both sides together next to a third party to resolve disputes. And know if you signed away your right to sue in the paperwork when you first hired the attorney you now want to sue. You may have agreed to submit to arbitration to settle any disagreements.

Step 6
Document, document, document. Keep complete and detailed transcription on everything involved with your case, since you will be asked to prove every claim you net. Keep records of things like unreturned phone call, hearings missed, your attempts to explain your dissatisfaction and all wage information. Source(s):

Hire a bright lawyer for you and make it sure this time they are not like or else you will suffer for the second time around. Lawyers in pennsylvania also have that kind of problem. Source(s):

File a petition beside the BAR Association in your city/state against the lawyer who committed the error. You conceivably entitled to some compensation by the higher powers that be within the association. However, you must know how to prove that this lawyer committed some logically error on his part that effect the outcome of your case. But remember, you have to prove your issue. Not only just talk about it.

Look for a lawyer who is angry near your lawyer.

I’ve been thru this unharmed thing. The BAR says it will lend a hand, but you MUST retain another attorney willing to prepare the case. The BAR will assign a “neutral” attorney to hear your bag, but you WILL get creamed if you are not FULLY prepared.

We paid an attorney $20,000 to profile an age discrimination case and eventually he required me to do something that would have gotten me fired. I hired another attorney and the case be settled for $4,000 starting from scratch. Lawyer # 2 went to the BAR near me but did not prepare the case for me. I found the BAR to be EXTREMELY biased and I lost.

How do you find a lawyer malpractice insurance company?

 The lawyer is in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.


Most insurance companies do not accept consideration from an injured party. The insured is required to turn the claim in.

You should write the doctor a notification (put him on notice) of whatever your claim is, including a paragraph requesting him to turn the claim in to his insurance carter.

If he doesn’t, he would be violating his policy provisions and they might not cover him. Write to him once every ten days until you get a response.

Once the insurance company get your claim notice, they would be governed by that state’s Unfair Claims Practices Act, which requires they contact you in a reasonable time.

Try your state capitol for your state’s Insurance Department or Insurance Commissioner. They may be able to administer you more information on insurance reporting guidelines.

If you are suing the lawyer, file the appropriate court papers, and don’t verbs about who his insurance company is.

Sue them, and see what company sends an attorney to represent him.

You’re not going to find it any other channel, as privacy laws won’t allow that kind of disclosure to a third jamboree.

How do you find a advocate that will do malpractice againist a big hosptial?

 My fil had an operation and came out fine..after in the recovery room they quit the blood thinner even though they be no supposed to – he suffered a strooke due to a blood clot due to no blood thinner and now is paralized on the left side—no attorney we can find will touch the case because they say drs can transform the paperwork and it takes too much money and time to win a case close to that- where can I find a good attorney that will help this man that use to work now he cant only just walk.


Keep checking. There is one hungry enough to take your luggage.

What you need to to is search the trellis for malpractice lawyers. When you do that all of the information you involve will come up. Just click and look to find the ones you want to check out for your self.

Check the phone book and ask around. Commonly such lawyers puff on television. Ask around there might be others out near who had the same problem near that hospital and/or that doctor.

Drop the “no win no fee” clause. They will come flocking to you like vultures to a carcass.

How long do I hold to sue a legal representative for malpractice?


As long as you keep them affianced, the statute of limitation is not running. After you fire them, you have one year to directory the action (in California). Your statute of limitation is probably beneath state law, so check your local law. If it’s between states, it might be lower than Federal law.

The state bar is usually conflicted and of no use contained by these matters, unless the lawyer’s behavior was completely obscene, and it serves the bar’s interests to get rid of the lawyer.

I believe you simply sue doctors or maybe nurses too for malpractice.

Where would you find a Lawyer that would sue another Lawyer

Try filing a complaint with the State Bar instead

You can sue a attorney for malpratice. You need to file a complaint near your state bar and find out the statute of limitations for this action from the state hotel. They should be able to help you. Also near are plenty of lawyers who specialize in suing and defending other lawyer. Source(s): My dayum self, the JD I got last month,the professional responsibility class I took for the MPRE, and the banister review course I’m taking now.

How much is a typical official malpractice worth? or if you dont know that how much is lawyer’s insurance usually


There is no typical legal malpractice claim. It depends on what sort of loss you have.

Some lawyer have no insurance; others have fairly a bit. Big firms tend to have lots; solo practitioners tend to have smaller quantity or none.

The amount of your claim is based on how much you lost, not how much money the lawyer or the insurance company hold.

How much is the average malpractice insurance cost for a attorney?


I would be wary of a malpratice policy that only costs $300. You surrounded by California? For a one-man operation, you should expect to pay around $2500 for a good policy tha will join your coverage needs. If out of CA, I could be way wrong just about that. Source(s): 15 years insurance experience, CPCU, CIC, CRIS, CISC(pending)

Last one I sold, it was $300 per attorney. Pretty cheap, until you have a claim. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

How much money does a malpractice lawyer/attorney bring in a year?

 I was wondering this because I love my job as a nurse right very soon and I have been trying to numeral out if I shoud get a law amount in this program. I was wondering if it is even worth it..if they even craft any money??


They formulate too much.

a nurse? how several mal practice suits do you see? i’m not sure many lawyers would specialize within mal practice. i have to go check that out.

repress to add: sure does seem that plentifully of mal practice is going on in usa. if you have the resources to contribute pro bono work i’m pretty sure you could become quite wealthy.

Good ones make a lot of money.

Bad ones don’t.

You put away what you kill in that business.