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“Lemon Law” Can anyone speak about me what to expect, in a minute that I hold gotten a attorney.?

 I am from south Louisiana….


I hope the car you are suing about is New, because the Lemon just applies to New cars, NOT, Used Ones.

You got a lawyer for what amounts to small claims? Lemon statute applies to used cars and is specific to your state – some states don’t even have it. If you have a legal representative, ask him/her what steps come next as specific to your jurisdiction.

(HELP) What are the law within my favor for buying a LEMON CAR ?

 I think I bought a lemon car (Rx8) yesterday can someone please relief?

I went in picked out a used 2004 Mazda RX8 flawless contained by every aspect, test drove it fully loaded though it was other for my trade in of my saturn ion. Called Navy Federal Credit Union and got a loan to start processing and it take 24 hours to get an approval. Well the manager of the motor lot got me in the motor over the weekend filled out all the daily work to buy the car and what not and said to me with my roomie sitting subsequent to me if the loan does not go through or I do not want to accept the nouns rate other then what i was quoted I do not hold to accept the loan and we trade vehicles support I get my saturn he keeps the Mazda Rx8 pay for. I drove off the lot to go home and 20 mins doing a tour the Mazda breaks down smoke pouring out of the engine bay and sputtering for a total loss of power and several misfires.

I do not think within is a used lemon law in florida HOWEVER seeing as I call the loan company 2 hours later and canceled the loan from processing I do not have to buy that Mazda Rx8 still do I ? I call them this morning , texted them and emailed them to let them know “The loan did not go through I am coming vertebrae for my saturn in the am” seeing as there be no exchange of money can I still get my saturnback ?


Well I judge the manager has to provide me back my saturn…there be no exchange of funds to anyones hands. I cancelled the loan before it go through and the dealer sat nearby and told me if the loan does not go through he just requirements the rx8 back.


Man, if I be EVER as stupid as you, someone should have bi%%ch slapped me !

It’d be in your best interest to rig that car someway to be capable of drive it back to the lot and get your saloon back. However, if nothing be in writing about trading cars rear legs if the loan didn’t go through, then its your word against his and he have the upper hand.

However, with adjectives that said. There would be no way in hell I would cart the car back from you. Look at it this instrument, say the dealer be driving you car and it broke down on him. What would you say to him if he asked for his RX-8 fund? Source(s): Car Dealer

Look at it from the dealer’s point of prospect. You got the car. You wrecked it. Why should he furnish you back the trade-in, or not have you fulfill your contract?

You authorized the transaction once you autographed on the dotted line, so there is NO turning stern.

Welcome to the real world, where grown decisions have consequences.

But, IF the leader made you a deal in writing that you can return the sports car, who are we to argue. IN WRITING! IN WRITING! IN WRITING! Or it never happened.

Technically, you did NOT buy a “lemon” UNLESS it was stamped as a lemon on the title and lemon imperative buyback had taken place while the car be still under factory warranty. Otherwise, you are just blowing smoke.

Also, what made you an expert on cars anyway to where on earth your test drive and only that should own made this decision for you?


I know my cars and trucks and would NEVER rely on my own starry eyes if I fell that in lust near a test drive!

Besides, those rotary engines are notorious smokers and particularly finicky, but you knew that and didn’t ask us about that first, did you? Nope.

There is a difference between a loan not being approved and a loan application being cancelled.
If the broker does agree to take the Mazda back you better hope he does not hold you responsible for the problems near the Mazda.

You are under NO condition to buy the RX8 since you canceled the contract before it was funded. But did you update the C/U why you wanted it canceled? And did you call the dealership urgently after the smoke poured out from the engine bay and quit running? Did they let you drive the motor over the weekend on a BCA (Borrowed Car Agreement)? Or did you take it after you signed a Option Contract?

Hopefully, you did tell the C/U why you required to cancel, you called the dealership right after it happen. And you took the car on a BCA, not an Option Contract. Otherwise, you’ve got a indisputable nightmare on your hands.

There is no lemon law for used cars. But in attendance is a common knowledge tenet that protects consumers on products purchased from businesses. It’s not written, but can never-the-less help you. It’s common ease law that it’s expected that a product will perform justifiably after purchase. 20 minutes is not considered reasonable.

You’re not obligated to buy the RX8. And the dealership must give you your Saturn posterior. But it will all be a lot easier if you did those three things I mentioned. If you didn’t do them, you may own to hire a lawyer if the dealership balks at it. Good luck. Source(s): nme. new motor sales manager for over 30 years.

“> There are no laws within your favor when you buy a used car. The rule of law is “caveat emptor’. If you’ve never hear of that, it’s Latin for “buyer beware”. It means it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the condition of a vehicle before buying it and to support any and all claims made by the seller previously buying it.

Look, you can’t enter a contractual agreement with a dealer to buy a vehicle and after go behind the dealer’s support to cancel the financing. That’s not acting in dutiful faith and it may be a fraudulent act. If the supplier finds out from the lender that you canceled the financing, he may play hard ball near you. Ultimately it all depends on what you signed. Text messages are not a valid means of conducting business approaching this. You do it in person or by registered communication.

2004 Nissan Maxima front failure shimmy / Lemon Law Claims?

 This question and post applies to anyone who either owns or have driven a 2004 or newer Nissan Maxima with similar problems as I’ve reported:

Has anyone experienced a front end shimmy contained by a 2004 or newer Nissan Maxima? I have put my 2004 Nissan Maxima in the shop numerous times for the front running out shimmy and its one thing after another, as far as excuses and repairs go. New Tires, Struts, Rims, Bearings, still nearby is a shimmy.

I am currently suing the dealership and Nissan Corp. for failure to repair, dealer fraud, scheme, and am also pursuing a class action suit against Nissan due to several other reported cases of this exact problem. Have any owners gone through with a Lemon Law Suit or a Magnusson Moss Warranty Protection Act claim?

Has anyone deal with such/similar issues?


Yes I have seen a few of them. If you suggest you have a Lemon then you should seize that book Identifying a Lemon. I read it and it gave good direction that help me to understand what a lemon is and what to do and how to do it to get the right abet, very informative. You can get it Free at lemonprotection.com. I have to file a lemon law suit and this book really prepared me. Good Luck and GOD Bless

Has the car been unsafe? Has the vehicle ever left you stranded at the side of the road? Has it failed to deliver yo to work? You did not say-so anything about the tires? a little shudder will not get your car repurchased. Safety reliability issues will… I hold eliminated ft end pulsation with different manufacture tires. All and adjectives for a first year car the 2004 maxima have not been a bad motor for Nissan technician’s Source(s): Nissan Master technician

Before going through all of the trouble, try another dealership and achieve a second or even third opinion because somewhere down the road someone may ask you if you’ve done so and it may make your claim seem to be frivolous because the next course of action when dealing next to repeat repairs is to get a second opinion and try to achieve the cost paid by the first shop.

The axles in some of these cars become bent or diluted easily and will cause a shimmy contained by the wheel that may be hard to detect. It is most adjectives when the axle has been removed within a previous repair (i.e. replacing struts ) and re-installed forcibly / incorrectly. Unfortunately the cv axles are a simple design and can be easily bent or damaged and thus requires replacement.

I don’t have an idea that you will get far with a class goings-on suit because you did not suffer any damages or bodily injury. Only inconvenience. Not being the original owner may trade name things more difficult.

everyone of late wants to sue everyone now in this day and age, why dont you try calling the owner of the dealership try to resolve the problem, have you even try to call the nissan headquarters nearly this issue, or try call the better business bureau.

Abyone know in the region of the ny puppy lemon decree?

 I bought a puppy from a kennel that ended up having parvo. Now i know the ny puppy lemon decree. however i do not wan to return puppy for refund nor do i wan to exchange for new puppy. I do want to keep hold of puppy and care for it and i now the ruling says the kennel is responsible to cover vet bill for up to price of puppy. now the interrogate is do i have to take it to the vet that they hold in order for them to pay cheque the bills? I choose to take to my vet and now the kennel will not recompense most of the bill saying that if i took to their vet it would of been cheaper and they would of taken strictness of all bills. So does anyone know if they are responsible for vet bill being that i took it to my vet or do u know who i can contact to ask this interview?


A lawyer and the SPCA so they can shut the puppymill that you bought your sick dog from….this is why people buy from shelters or REPUTABLE breeders next to a health Guarantee and champion bloodlines. Source(s): me adjectives me baby

Unless you have within writing from the seller that you have to use their vet for any medical perfectionism, I don’t think they have a luggage and they would have to pay for the vet costs.

Call the political affairs office for the state of ny, office of the attorney nonspecific and ask them.

i would contact a lawyer they are liable for vet bills..i bought a beagle from a breeder once he have parvo..they said they gave it shots and lied..all they brought to court be a vial of parvo medicine..the judge looked at them and said that’s not proof the pup get the vaccination..they had to wage the vet bills…2 weeks later they sold all their dogs…i imply the bill wasn’t much just $261 but they got foolish about it.. Source(s): byber 🙂

No you don’t have to transport it to THEIR vet. THEIR vet would have more than likely not diagnosed the dog beside whatever issues your vet found it to have – specifically why it would have been cheaper. They don’t bring to dictate what vet you use.

It really depends on how long yo had the puppy before it get Parvo. If you had the puppy 1 or 2 days that is on them. If you enjoy had the puppy a week or longer that is on you. Do you own any type of contract with the kennel?

Advice on vehicle problem and Lemon Law?

 I have a 2008 Nissan Versa, and a few days ago my car have had some problems. I took it in and we found out the engine is close to giving out and the technician told me to gather up money to buy a new car. I wasnt aware of the grease change frequently which is my fault, but I did progress it in the year I’ve had it. A friend told me that something still doesn’t nouns right because it is a year old which has be built better then older modules and the engine is going on for to die. I also have a few more issues with my vehicle such as, the keypad not working, the release for the gas tank no longer works, and that when I lock my sports car it no longer has a beeping tumult. I would greatly appreciate the advice on whether or not I have a casing. What should I do? I was told to look into the Lemon Law.


You’ve GOT to be kidding….
You exchange the oil once a year and now you’re stunned that the engine is ruined? You’re damn right this your bad habit and NO this doesn’t come under the Lemon Law and my advice to you is to throw away your vehicle and take a bus from now on because you are too stupid to be driving on like peas in a pod roads as me.


Your state and the mileage will be a big support but if push comes to shove then you will need to contact the Nissan Customer Service Department and see what they can do for you.

The not varying the oil and filter will be the one thing that will hurt you but phone call and see if they can help.

Also for this situation on the oil and filter the lemon statute will not help you…

did you complain to nissan and give them opportunity to be paid repairs//is it under 60k miles//what state do you live in//the lemon law doesnt work 100% if the sports car is not presented to the dealer//if the oil was just changed 1 time in a year why is the engine shot//who is making the diagnosis//is the factory warranty still in effect//did you notify nissan factory and own factory rep examine it//if you are only going on some mechanics diagnosis have him permeate in the answers to all the question i have just asked//get to nissan dlr//and obtain to nissan factory rep/they are pretty good about this

Am I protected lower than the TX lemon canon?

 I bought a used car from a private owner and two weeks later the vehicle broke down. The radiator had to be replaced as well as a blown go before gasket and a valve. All in adjectives I’m going to be out like $700!! The reason the radiator go out (causing the other problems) is that someone put the wrong kind of antifreeze in the sports car. I am beginning to wonder if they knew they screwed up and get rid of the car quickly? What would be my best course of feat with this?

As a fellow Texan, I can tell you (not from my own experience, just knowing the decree…) that your best course of action is to suck it up and pay out of pocket for your repairs.

I seriously doubt using the wrong genus of coolant (is that possible, since most mix without issue?) was the problem here.

Maybe the purveyor screwed something up, buy you have no way to prove it.

Next time, achieve the car looked at before you buy it. I bet you spent more time decide and thinking about your last purchase at the shopping precinct…you would not be the first. Bad thing is, the car cost more.

Your best course of action is to wages for the repair bill, and chalk it up to an expensive lesson in life. NEVER buy a used sports car without a thorough mechanical inspection. Yes, it may hold cost you $100 to have that done – but look at how much it would have save you.

All used car sales are AS IS and final when ink is printed. There is no right of return. There is no law that can make the merchant fix it. Did he know in advance? Probably. But unless he give you a written guarantee, you are done.

I guess you are stuck with it.

OK…for the end time…the “Lemon law ” does NOT cover USED cars. Period. You should have have a qualified mechanic go over it before purchase. You hold no “course of action” other than repair or sell it. Source(s): A mechanic for over 45 years.

“> Sorry, there’s nothing you can do. There is no lemon tenet for used cars. Private sales are “as is”

Any info on the Florida Lemon Law?

 I can’t figure it out when I read it on different websites.

Anyone know or know of a website that could tell me IF nearby is something I can do about this….

Finanaced a car through mound from a local dealer and signed a paper stating ‘as is’. Car have been great for 4 days, not a single problem, now closing night while backing up, it made a grinding commotion and looks like it may be the transmission


The Florida Lemon Law applies to a new vehicle purchase or lease. It sounds as if you purchased a used car, since you signed a “as-is” agreement. I’ve included the link to the Florida Lemon Law website near a toll-free number through which you can ask them questions. Source(s): http://www.800helpfla.com/lemonlaw.html

It is your car and you won’t be getting it repaired or replaced for free. You bought it used and as-is so the “lemon law” is not applicable. The provider won’t be taking it back either or doing anything to solve the problem. You have the opportunity to have it inspected prior to purchase but did not. Good luck.

The Lemon Law applies solely to new vehicles. You signed bad on a used car without taking it to return with inspected — Good for you, you saved a $75 shop fee! Seriously though, you’re screwed. As Florida contracts adjectives clearly state “Florida does not provide for a “Cooling Off” period.” Meaning, you can’t just bring the vehicle back. That is considered a voluntary reposession. Give the dealer a hit and miss to make it right — most dealers really want you to be a content customer and they may surprise you. Ask if they can help with the repair or even unwind the concord so you can buy something else from them. Keep in mind though, they don’t have to do anything for you. If that’s the luggage, park on an incline so you don’t need to use reverse.

grinding is most likey brakes and really as is mean you buy it as is so you formulate your own repairs and pay for it .transmission grind if you dont use the clutch and try to put contained by gear they dont gring if they went out they just stop working most plausible brake pads so why not drive to any shop and have them lug a look at

Any suggestions to a biddable lemon statute attorney? I’m feed up w/ my ’02 Mercedes-?


4 years old good luck

later trade it in. lemon law is singular 12/12 for emissions and safety. remains mbz warranty is 4/50. if its a c class any benz tech would of told you to buy a honda. most people buy a c class becase the can afford a car beside a star. if you cant afford an e class dont buy a benz.

why are you fed up with your sports car? It’s only a 2002 so if it’s having problems, it should be covered lower than manufacture warranty. Check the make, model, and year of your motor against a recall list for Mercedes cars, you might be capable of get free repairs that way

Anybody know almost the NYS lemon Law?

 Just bought a used car and it wouldn’t start today. I haven’t had it for a month however.

own you check the battery cables or the battery-operated…. they could be just dirty remove battery cable scrape out the inside and reppace them and try again… try jumping it rotten with another car. folks who sells car cant recount you when a car will break and if you check the car out in the past buying you would know sorry . if it just clicks when you try it try cleaning the battery cable or replaceing the battery…. and in most states its you buy as is so keeping it running other falls on the driver… it run good for a month whos to say how you drove it or what you own done to it sorry .. a day or two maybe but a month check the mobile

Lemon laws commonly don’t cover used cars. Since you failed to provide any useful information, that is to say all I can tell you.

“Wouldn’t start” doesn’t cause it a lemon. You may just have a bleak battery. A lemon is a new motor with serious defects that the seller cannot resolve in a specific period of time.

“> http://www.carlemon.com/lemon/NY_LemonGu…

Whats with the thumb down? Someone else from NY was asking later week about NY lemon laws and I found this and it be pretty clear in explaining them.

There is no “lemon law” for used cars. Did you have the car checked over by a mechanic since you bought it?

Anyone up to date near the Lemon Law?

 Hi, I live in New York and bought a new Kia Sedona (Demo near 1200 miles on it) in March of 2008. Starting last July, the moonroof leak and the car got soaked on the inside. We thought it be just a passing this but everytime it rain the same thing happen. The dealer said there be cobwebs in the line and that’s what be causing it. Eight weeks later duplicate thing happened and it have to go in again. We be assured that this would be it and it would be fixed. In May of this year it went in again for that and an oxygen sensor and immediately here we are less than two months later and it’s still leak and the airbag light is coming on. I am ready to drive this vehicle off a cliff! My used car be never in the shop this much and my last unmarked one was in once contained by 10years. I want to know what my rights are. The law is so lengthy and confusing that I stopped reading it. It also have alot of advertising for lawyers which I really don’t want to grasp into but I feel that I should get some benevolent of compensation or a new car! Any facilitate would be greatly appreciated.


just 2 lawyers advertising. they claim “no cost” close to the ambulance chasers. Source(s): http://www.lemonlawamerica.com/New-York-…

Hum…. I am thinking its been a year it might be past it. verbalize to a lawyer knowledgeable within this area.
Just as a FYI.. Most judges will NOT tender you a free car basically. They will furnish you the payments your out and make you even. They will usually not make you be an a better position.

Tamale – you for sure got yourself a core lemon. While all states’ lemon laws differ somewhat, they’re designed to cover impossible to tell apart thing: fraudulent sales of different cars by dealers to unsuspecting consumers. I did a quick furrow and found that given your facts, the vehicle you bought is absolutely covered. Try this website:http://www.carlemon.com/lemon/NY_law.htm…

Good luck Source(s): Owner of a new vehicle who have to deal with a seller who couldn’t get my brand new (also a demo) truck fixed until I used my state’s lemon directive against them. I’m also a lawyer 😉

“The dealer said there be cobwebs in the line ”

That statement may be the principle of a brand new legal basis of action, Tortious Insult to Intelligence.

Speak with the service manager and transmit him/her that you wish to initiate the buy back procedure base on the states lemon law.

“cobwebs in the line” what the hell is that supposed to niggardly.

Anyone enjoy impossible customer service beside Sears Large Appliance Repair? Anyone know the Lemon Law inside/out?

 We purchased a HVAC system from Sears in 2001 and have have it serviced 2x a year since, for the same problem. We are told the SEARS lemon law does not apply b/c it have not broken down 4 times in the same year. Not aware of oodles who run AC all year?? A call to customer services provides us next to no customer service (CS). We are not allowed to talk to CS supervisors nor provided name. We have tried to get a name/number for a supervisor contained by the repair center, told only no one know the names for anyone in the repair center nor do they know the number b/c its an within house transfer. We have tried to go and get a phone number to the corporate office to find out that they do not and will not provide us with a number to corporate but will make available us an address. We have asked for anyone w/in Sears that can help us next to this unit, sold to us as having a energy of 15 years or more, tho we have not gotten one year problem free. I need help/direction as we cannot afford to foot another $5,000. Ideas/Suggestions?


I have have plenty of problems with Sears. I wouldn’t even buy a blouse from them again. Their customer service is non-existent. Hopefully they will somedayfile for bankrupsy. The sooner the better.

Did it come with Sear “Satisfaction Gaurenteed”?

where i work and warranty applies it goes similar to this. if item was warranty for a year and part of the element breaks and get fixed, that part is warrantied for another full year from the time it be fixed. since its HVAC any breakdown involves the whole HVAC unit. you’re warrantied beyond 15 years by in a minute. not sure about the lemon law. you could shift professional route with a lawyer, adding up legal bills to your claims. Source(s): was contained by warranty business

I would and have determined who is on the board of directors and would dispatch them a letter about your experience. You should be capable of go to the sears trellis page, and look up finacial info, which should give you the info you need.

Anyone know almost the Lemon Law surrounded by PA?

 I bought a car in May. A 2006 Kia Spectra. It be rear ended a week after I bought it. The coup¨¦ is now starting to rust in several places. Not within the area that was hit. The trader keeps “buffing” the rust off & I want it re painted. If I pursue the Lemon regulation would the accident that the car be in hurt the case at adjectives? The rust is on the trunk deck & inside the gas door & on the inside of all 4 doors at the part where on earth you step to get in the saloon. Just the rear bumper was artificial in the accident.


If the nonconformity or problem is not the result of an stroke of luck, abuse, neglect, or alteration of the coup¨¦ by persons other than the businessman or dealer, and you reported the problem within one year or 12,000 miles of the purchase of the motor, and you gave the dealer or authorized representative three opportunity to repair the problem, the lemon law states that your car may be declared a lemon and you may be entitled to a alien car.

The issue is that the problem has to impair the vehicle use, value or safety. I would articulate in your case it would be importance because of the rust.

You can ask that your car be replaced or your money be refunded smaller number a reasonable allowance for use (ten cents per mile driven).

If you are unable to go and get relief under the lemon decree yourself, you will need to contact an attorney. Look on the internet under PA Lemon Law. There are copious who will take your case.

the lemon regulation is a federal law not a state law. i would hail as a lawyer if i was you.

the lemon canon states that a car has to run 90 days. don’t know exactly if it covers body condition.
sorry that happen to you good luck friend

Are here lemon law surrounded by Illinois for used vehicle?

 My husband and I bought a 1999 Ford Windstar in May of 2006, six days later it be in the shop because the check engine light come on. The dealership ( JD Byrider) “fixed” the problem. The check engine light came on again shorlty after. They enjoy replaced the o2 sensor, the intake manifold, flushed the cooling system, checked the Serp belt, checked the anti freeze, checked the fuel pump, replaced the upper intake gasket, isolator bushings, valve cover, pcv hose,pressure regulator hose.
I still own the problem. We just had Ford do a diagnostic audition on it, after I called Ford myself. It went final to JD Byrider and they still didn’t fix it. I got my van back at 2pm yesterday and at 4pm the damn check engine street lamp was on again!!I called the service mgr, and he said to bring it contained by tomorrow. I then talked to the standard mgr, and he was a prick!! Told me there is nil more they can do. This van is under a extended warranty.

Does anyone have any philosophy of what I can do?


If you bought the warranty from them, keep taking it subsidise until they fix it.

In the meantime, get a lawyer. For some drive, phone calls from lawyers tend to find results.

One thing you might want to do is find out what the code is that is getting the check engine table lamp. I guess is that your EGR tube leading back to your intake is clogged.

Hope this help.

Keep your cool! Take it hindmost to them a check engine light is not a big deal. Ford agent should be your best place if it is a difficult fix. If JD Byrider cannot fix it they should pay Ford to fix it. Good Luck!

Do a Google search and put within Ill lemon laws. You will the see a host of lemon law enforcers, look for a company call Your Lemon Law. It should come up near the top.
Good Fortune in your resolution.

they will tell you know but contact better business bureau

File a complaint with your State Attorney General. They deal next to fraud and complaints like yours. It’s free to file a complaint and they contact the company. Just the reality that the company is under scrutiny often get them to snap out of their condescending non-service and actually fix your car. Don’t bother near the BBB, they are worthless.

If you want to help warn other consumers of this lousy situation, profile a report on www.ripoffreport. com it will then come up as a searchable item if anyone is doing a search on that broker they will see your complaint. You don’t have to post your name.

Are lemon law lone for vehicle?

 I have a $1600.00 television specifically not yet 2 years old that blows the bulb every few months. Even when it works, the picture blacks out, or freezes. It sure seem to be a lemon but I don’t know where to begin to find out what to do. Any push for out there?


Yes, lemon laws are for motor vehicle that were purchased new ONLY can be file on the lemon laws. As far as your TV goes, is it still lower than the manufacturers warranty? I would go wager on to them. If not your pretty much out of luck, unless you purchaed the extended warranty from the retail store it was purchaed from. Sorry to say my father 50″ Phillips plasma flat screen, power supply just burned out, have that repaired and now it needs another segment, it bill is upto $950.00, with no date in verbs for the repair to be completed (the last part needed is on wager on order) Ugh. Good Luck, you may just end up buying a untried TV.

Are lemon law cog of the uniform commercial code?


Lemons as in junk.

Check out:

Spring Motors Distributors, Inc. v. Ford Motor Co.
98 N.J. 555, 489 A.2d 660

Like lemon as surrounded by the yellow sour things that we make drinks from? Or lemons to do near cars that turn out to be junk?
Please explain

Are nearby any kindly of “lemon laws” for apartments?

 I moved into my apartment at the beginning of November last year. And since later the refrigerator and dishwasher had to be replaced. We had a leaky tub and found out that no trap have ever been installed causing a tremendously foul odor and attracting flys. We agreed to enjoy the landlord use our security deposit towards brand new carpeting because the previous tenant’s cat had sprayed and even though they were supposedly cleaned, the smell be evident. Now the straw that broke the camel’s back: our nouns conditioning unit is leaking gross moldy marine onto our new carpeting (around where the a/c section is housed). The heating/cooling/vendor that we’ve been using for a majority of our above problems now requests his permission before they can come out for an estimate on the a/c problem. My tenant is not calling them back even though a message was disappeared last night and the trader is trying to contact him themselves. I’ve about had it w/ this apartment and I don’t know what to do. (2 yr. lease)


your hotelier knows he is in the wrong…and he does not resembling confrontation…so no you probably will not get a call returned by him.
I am shocked that you allowed him to use YOUR deposit to replace the runner! ….you know you will never see that deposit again…right? and did you have written documentation in that agreement?

I would first read your contract and see if nearby is an “out” clause…leases typically have one….it is a financial cost for allowing you to leave early. if you hold one…take it and move!
if you do not have an out clause, later open your white pages and look for Renters Rights Center or Renters Advocates…every huge city has them…call and ask their judgment on breaking the lease due to these circumstances.

in my opinion you ar permissible, but remember i am not an attorney or judge. if you do decide to break the lease document document document everything! (phone call, replaced items, how long it took for repairs etc etc) and….take pics of everything so he can not continue to charge you for damages.

dutiful luck

i cant believe u let ur landlord use ur warranty to replace carpeting that he should have taken out of his own pocket. i hope ur planning on taking the carpet near y ou when u move. u’ve been suckered by then again u allowed this.

There is no lemon tenet for apartments. Check your lease, there is usually a clause that refers to the landlord keeping the apartment surrounded by good repair.

If they are not, you would have a create to break the lease.

Usually it would have to be unliveable (you can call the authorities to capture it condemned) to qualify for relief under the law–but you own other options. First, you need to dispatch a letter in writing, so that you aren’t responsible for the AC mess he isn’t cleaning up–don’t consent to him say it’s your fault because you never told him, and you bring to tell the judge roughly speaking how you called him three times and he ignored you, and he get to lie again and say he have no message from you, and the judge rules for the best storyteller.

While holding out on rent is illegal, contained by most places you won’t really get in trouble for it. It took me five months to evict someone, and it almost other takes three months where I live. Save the rent money so you can settle up up immediately if he fixes things or lets you out of the lease.

Are nearby “lemon laws” in relation to LCD tvs? What protects consumers?

 On 9/3/06 I purchased a Philips 37″ lcd tv. 45 days later it wouldn’t turn on. Circuit City said I couldn’t return it to them (past their 30 day return policy) Philips directed me to an authorized repair center. They took the tv for 3 weeks said the small signal board needed to be replaced. Just get it back. It turned on but now ambilight won’t turn on. 2 days dance by and now the tv won’t turn on again. I’m making payments on a defective product. I want to return it and get my money stern. Isn’t there a law (NJ) to protect the consumer? This TV cost me $1700.


I don’t know of a lemon ruling for electronics. I’m sorry
you are having to go through this beside such a large
investment. Unfortunately, you will just hold to
send it back for servicing. Otherwise, vend it
on eBay or Craigslist and get another one.

I would suggest a Sony next time for better
results. Philips is prearranged for problems.

H a p p y
V i e w i n g !

there are no lemon laws surrounded by NJ for this, I know because I own an electronics repair shop in Phillipsburg, NJ called M&W electronics. If you seize the run around from philips shoot me an e-mail at MWsrvc(a)yahoo.com I will try to help you out. Anyway, philips recently have a recall on their flat panels beside ambi light. the bulbs have a exceedingly high failure rate. Philips isn’t the greatest at making LCD tv’s in good health the truth is they suck but thats beside the point. The only thing you can do and this is what i would recomend you do is bump up hell with the placed that serviced your set. I have a notion I know who did service it. They have an obligation to correct it since they are an authorized servicer for philips and service your set earlier and it failed only in 3 weeks.

Are in that any vehicle lemon law?

 if a private car owner sell you a lemon what can be done around it



Yes there are automobile lemon laws. Lemon law protect the owners of NEW cars from serious, recurring defects while underneath warranty. Used cars purchased from a dealer may be eligible, if they meet the eligibility criteria. A coup¨¦ purchased from a private party is excluded from lemon law protection.

When you buy a used vehicle from a private seller, you (the buyer) assumes all risk. All private sale are “as is”, it doesn’t matter if it’s stated on the bill of sale or not, unless the dealer provides a written warranty. Your only protection is a thorough inspection of the vehicle before you buy it. After the Dutch auction you have no recourse in the event of any problems.

In most states the lemon law covers only up to date cars or cars that have a factory warranty. The only protection you enjoy in a private sale is if you enjoy a document that the owner gave you stating the car be in good condition and he would cover repairs for a set time if you don’t own that its buyer beware.

If anywhere on your Bill Of Sale it say`s sold in As Is condition categorically nothing. Because then it is totally up to you to check it over to see what you are buying, bring it to a auto tech to look over if you enjoy to have them look in,beneath and all over for the best check out of the car.
If it does not utter in as is condition there is a Very Slight haphazard of some recovery in court but to be precise a he said she said case and most are hard to prove. Good Luck.

Lemon law never apply toward private party used car sale. Ever.

If the vehicle still has some of the manufacturer’s original warranty on it, you simply take it fixed in that manner. Other than that, once you signed the title and drove sour, the car became yours, issues and adjectives. Always have a used vehicle checked thoroughly by a licensed mechanic.

Please understand that only just because a used vehicle has issues, it does not become a “Lemon” under the decree. Source(s): Former F&I manager

there’s a great website I found that give details about the lemon law issue. There’s usually not a sanctuary net for used cars though….it sounds like you get a used one…

maybe this info can guide you..check it out. Source(s): accurateautoadvice.com

Dont even know

You fix it on your own dime.


not much within most states is why one checks so first you type how to check used car into search box to bring a check list to follow but you can type lemon laws and your state an dfind info but most wil be for dealer best you learn how to check for problems before buying

lemon laws are for unknown cars only

Arkansas Lemon Law?

 Does Arkansas have one and if so does it cover 18 wheelers as well as cars?


It’s call the: Arkansas New Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act 1993 No 297

In Title 4, Subtitle 7, Chapter 90, Subchapter 4, definitions;

A vehicle is defined as any self-propelled vehicle licensed, purchased, or leased within this state and primarily designed for the transportation of persons or property over the public streets and highways,

the living services of a motor home, or
vehicles over ten thousand pounds (10,000 lbs.) gross vehicle weight rating.

For purposes of this definition, the restriction of ten thousand pounds (10,000 lbs.) gross vehicle weight rating does not apply to motor homes;

So, does not look like the Lemon Law covers 18-wheelers…but, you could try: http://www.autolemonlaws.com/arkansas/in… for a free evaluation of your valise… Source(s): See: http://www.yourlemonlawrights.com/state_…

Is that like a car is a lemon?

Bough a truck for 500.00 within shelton,they said motor be right that it needed a carburetor.Is nearby a lemon ruling?


something that cheap most likely is sold as an “AS IS” next to no warranty.
good luck
tim Source(s): 40+ years experience

not for elder vehicles the usually are sold as is with no warranty on them ,you don’t in truth get much of a vehicle for 500 bucks these days,contact them and see if they will clutch it back if your not satisfied next to it,but i doubt that for 500 bucks they will refund your money on it,good luck. Source(s): be a certified mechanic for 38 yrs now.

it was 500 bucks
what do you expect to get?

you get what you clear for

no lemon law for used vehicles.

Bought a jeep from a purveyor, lemon Law? I enjoy it for 3 weeks, A/C doesnt work immediately, Tires shaved and wont surpass?

 Hi, I bought a 99 jeep grand cherokee though a dealer. It wont overrun inspection in MA where I bought it. The inspection guy told me that the hurricane lantern is cracked and holds water, and is to foggy to pass. The front tires are to smooth on top to pass as well, and the exhaust headers hold a slight hole/crack in them. I have have the jeep for three weeks approx and am trying to get the dealer to fix these problems becasue the lemon regulation in mass is 30 days. He keeps putting past its sell-by date the appointments for stupid reasons as far as I believe to get it long-gone the thirty days! What can I do to make sure those items are fixed, and are they even required to fix them to pass inspection? Im material nervouse as the loan I have is just started and my first transmittal is to go to the dealer itself next the bank next. Can I still fund out on the car, I have $1500 put down already on it, can I attain it all back, Can I put stale paying the payment to them legally until they fix the items?? what are my rights and please any recommend?


The lemon law does not apply to cars next to bald tires, cracked lights, cracked headers or cars that don’t have working A/C.

You own a 9 year old car.if the above be true, then there would be no such entry as used car dealerships.

You don’t have a ‘lemon’, sorry.

Next time back you buy a car, take a partial view at the tires, look at the lights….and for god sakes, try the A/C when you test drive.

It almost sounds like you bought this site unseen. Anyone else next to more than 2 brain cells rubbing together would have see these things before signing on the dotted line.

A 99 Jeep Cherokee is a 9-year old vehicle. It wouldn’t be covered lower than lemon laws. Lemon laws are for exotic vehicles. You didn’t look at the tires on the vehicle before you bought it? Are you blind? No, you can’t vertebrae out on the deal. You bought a used vehicle, didn’t check it out before you bought it, and you get what you paid for. Unless the dealer give you a warranty, what you see is what you bought.

Lemon law only applies to investigational vehicles. You might want to double check that

I have alike vehicle. It has a powertrain defect. I have it fixed once. But it is still ready to die. It was a KNOWN malformation from the manufacturer, but Chrysler refused to hold responsibility. From my experience, you are out of luck, Sorry.

Your rights under the MA used car lemon regulation is explained in Chapter 90, Section 7N 1/4 . Warranties on Used Motor Vehicles. It can be found at http://www.mass.gov/rmv/dealer/Chapter_9…

You need to return the vehicle to the trader with your complaints, don’t be stalled over the phone. Take your cell phone and the DMV phone number. If they refuse to provide written documentation and programme an appointment, call the DMV office from their site.

If they do not repair the vehicle, you are entitled to a full repayment but must go through an arbitration process.

Good luck.

Lemon law doesn’t apply to used cars, this regulation is for new cars only! Used cars are also sold “as is”, explanation the buyer must beware, and be knowledgeable about their purchase. You should own noticed that the tires were shiny on top, that’s your problem and the dealer doesn’t have to fix it. As for the exhaust leak, same thing, did you listen to the car when it be running? He doesn’t have to fix that either. If the wispy lens has a crack in it and it allows sea to fill, maybe you should drill a small hole implicit the bottom so the water can drain out, or seal the lens to stop the marine from accumulating, again, not the dealers problem. You don’t speak why it won’t pay inspection, if it is these small problems, you should just fix the issues and retest. I wouldn’t have a sneaking suspicion that the light lens would be an issue, unless, like the rep said, it is too foggy, but you enjoy a solution for that problem. If it can’t pass emission carrying out tests, take it to a mechanic and have the work done so it can overrun. All of these problems could have been avoided if you have taken the car to a mechanic for an inspection in the first place, but also, if you have taken someone with you that has fluency of cars, you could have avoided some stress. These are minor fixes, if the catalytic convertor is bad, this could be terrifically expensive, but again, not the dealers problem, it’s yours.

I suggest you talk to a lawyer, and start documenting your conversations beside the dealers. Send him a certified letter beside your complaints and use a cell phone when you call him so that you can easily proove when you call and how many times if you are forced to bring this to small claims court.

However I would not reccomend not paying him as this would be a breech of contract against you.

Bought a used vehicle at trader have be fixed 3 times and broken again lemon regulation?


Lemon laws cover NEW cars lone. They do not apply to used cars.

Used cars are sold “As Is – No Warranty”.

What part of “As Is – No Warranty” don’t you understand?

The moment you signed the papers taking ownership of the vehicle the vehicle and any of its problems become yours. This is the risk you take when you buy a used vehicle without a warranty.

Unless you hold a warranty in writing there is zilch you can do.

The only exception is if you can prove that the dealer took on purpose action to conceal a defect. However this is subsequent to impossible to prove. And the burden of proof is on you. This is because the dealer does not need to know every little irregularity with any vehicle that they sell. So they would singular need to prove that they did not know about the problem when the vehicle be sold, which is much easier to prove. So most times you lose and it ends up costing you more money because you can be held responsible for the dealers court costs also.

I have a friend who turned in her old Buick (transmission slipping) and traded it contained by for a new Lexus right when they were bright to the car scene in 1991. She said she intellectual that the dealer had sold her trade surrounded by and the transmission failed on it, stranding the fresh owner couple. The dealer ending up paying them support while taking back the car .Used cars don’t hold a “lemon law.” Most have to accord with a repair on the same item after three times.Your dealership sounds approaching their reputable, fortunately. Source(s): Sometimes even dealers get burned on the used cars they appropriate in. That is why they thoroughly inspect their trade ins before they put them on the lot for Dutch auction. In the case of the bum Buick they obviously be to quick on both deals getting spur-of-the-moment sales on both ends. The Buick should have be marked wholesale and NOT been available. I hold personally been looking at cars on lots that be not “available.” Dealers need to know they need to hindmost lot these cars immediately or suffer the consequences.

There are no lemon laws for used cars. Sorry. Next time carry it checked out before you buy.

Normally, a ‘lemon law’ covers recurring problems. If it is the dampen pump and it breaks 3 times, you might have a case. However, if the problems are adjectives different, probably not. Either way, contact an attorney about your plight.

If the same article breaks 3 times -yeah, but it’ll be quite a pain within the neck. Check for recalls beforehand.


Even states next to “used car lemon laws” have mileage, repair attempt, and price stipulations to them–IF you live within some commie state like Mass or NY.

Enjoy your vehicle.

You get what you paid for.

Not on a used vehicle. Lemon laws protect the buyers of new cars from serious, intermittent defects.

Since you own a warranty they have to fix the problem, NOT take the saloon back.

They get unlimited times to try and fix it. No returns.

It lawyer bring grill to resolve issue not sanguine

Lemon Laws only apply to new cars, underneath warranty…

There is no lemon law for used cars… It’s used, someone sold it for a reason.. that explanation may have been too abundant cars, or … they were tired of putting money in it….

This is why you bear it somewhere and have it checked out before you buy..

Bought a used vehicle on Ebay and it wasn’t as described…is nearby a used vehicle Lemon Law for Pennsylvania?

 Hi, my brother is actually the one who bought a 91 Camaro off Ebay finishing week. The listing stated that everything with the engine and nouns were in sound working order. We live in NY and the provider was in PA. He drove down to pick it up and back even leaving the state noticed that the vehicle was stalling and had to translation the alternator to be able to make it home. After getting it home he found abundant more problems wrong and now the seller isn’t self cooperative at all. What are his option at this point? He clearly bought a dud but be completely led to believe that everything was fine next to this car. I know NYS has a lemon decree but it doesn’t apply to cars bought in another state, is there a used motor lemon law for cars purchased bye a PA dealer? Any oblige would be appreciated 🙂


Buying a car on EBAY is not a good perception – unless you can inspect before you buy.

Unless the dealer sold this sports car under there agent license there is nothing you can do.

Even if it be sol by dealer license and was a “as is” business deal.

You are stuck with it.

The alternator is a common problem for a vehicle that may have been sitting on the lot for a while.

buying anything verbs unseen is really a stupid mistake especially from e bay which is known for bleak deals. he’s been have.

Most lemon laws don’t apply to vehicles over 10 years ancient or 100,000 miles. If the car was conspicuously mis-represented you should be able to take the vendor to small claims court and recoup your money. Source(s): ford dealer

i.e. ashame , ebay is a great idea that many jerk are giving people the shaft and ruining it . I would think it is adjectives sold “as-is” and you were suppose to have inspected until that time purchasing . You could leave him a bad rating .. lol

CALIFORNIA LEMON LAW — my poor housekeepr get swindled and I call for to know what she can / how I can facilitate her.?

 She bought a salvaged car for $2250 and be told the transmission was restored, but have since had to put hundreds in to carry the car to work — she almost had an happenstance on the freeway.

She showed me the “Deposit Receipt” where she paid $2000 and it does read aloud “as is – no warranty” and the sales rep wrote in that the coup¨¦ was “fixed” listed minor repairs, and “alignment”

Isn’t here a “Lemon Law” that can help her via state agency or in small claims court?

She have been to the business (Elite Auto Sales in San Diego) and say the owner is always “unavailable” and one of the guys who works there told her they know the car didn’t work, that’s just they process its — the neighbors to the business also told her they do this all the time — rip off the poorest associates.

What should she do?


Start with the Better Buisness Bureau and register a complaint. Then go to the Attorney Gen’ls Office and ask for their assistance. Do you enjoy a local TV station that has a consumer reporter? Ask them to get involved.

If she bought it as salvage and it have been over so many days after she is screwed

CALIFORNIA LEMON LAW — please assist, what can be done here?

 My poor housekeepr bought a salvaged car for $2250 and be told the transmission was restored, but have since had to put hundreds in to get hold of the car to work — she almost had an quirk on the freeway.

She showed me the “Deposit Receipt” where she paid $2000 and it does say-so “as is – no warranty” and the sales rep wrote in that the coup¨¦ was “fixed” listed minor repairs, and “alignment”

Isn’t within a “Lemon Law” that can help her via state agency or in small claims court?

She have been to the business (Elite Auto Sales in San Diego) and say the owner is always “unavailable” and one of the guys who works there told her they know the car didn’t work, that’s just they road its — the neighbors to the business also told her they do this all the time — rip off the poorest populace.

What should she do?


Lemon Laws pertain to NEW cars and trucks that own had multiple attempts made to fix a problem with no nouns. An arbitration process is then implemented and it is determined by a 3rd delegation whether the factory will buyback the car from the consumer.
As is Cars are usually not actionable. Did this car own a salvage title? Don’t know about California but in Ohio a supplier would not be allowed to sell a car beside a salvage title. Check with the California Highway patrol as they would have inspected the restored motor and issued a salvage title for it.. They can advise you.
A salvaged motor in this case would be a saloon that an insurance co. has totaled and sold to someone – maybe a salvage patio for parts. It is then restored to working order and safekeeping inspected by OHP in Ohio and they issue a title but you can’t sell the piece.

A salvage coup¨¦ is a car that I would bet is exempt from the lemon law.

Unfortunately, lemon laws typically cover new cars. As is warranty does not cover chief mechanical or wear and tear. The with the sole purpose warranty given is a safety items only for 30 days. In other words anything to do next to safety. Brake lights, brakes, horn, head lights etc. This is a continuous warranty, within other words if one thing fails contained by 30 days and is fixed, the 30 days is renewed. If something else fails it has to be fixed again and so on. She should contact the local report station (Like 7 on your side)and see if they will do a story on her predicament and put pressure on their business to make it right by giving her a newer reliable car.

California Lemon Law Help?

 Greetings and thank you for looking at my question.

I purchased a 2007 Jeep Wrangler with a soft top surrounded by Sept and it has gone back to the shop something like six times due to problems with the soft top. First it was leak, then to much noise on the driver side and in a minute when I go above 60mpg side on the passanger side makes an ear piercing crash. They have done many things to it, close to change the frame of the soft top, change the door sealant etc… and similar to I said I have been rear legs to the shop about six times. And yes I do take it to a Jeep contractor in Whittier. I just considered necessary to know if I qualify for the lemon law thing. I read up on it but I hold never done it before. So if somebody with experience on this can serve me understand or just fashion clear of this law I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.


Sorry to hear about your problems,I suspect you enjoy a 4 door.The 4 door soft tops have been a problem,I would ask for a together new soft top and see if that helps.Do you enjoy half doors?The half doors will be rowdy.If you have the full doors I would have the purveyor get you new door seal,have them order tentative ones.They have a new door trademark in the factory about 2 months ago,much better consequently the old ones.Where is the water trickle?If it is at the A post the gap at the door frame and windshield frame my be too wide,the door striker can be raise and that will close the gap.Please e-mail me for any questions.Once again sorry to hear going on for your problems,we do try to build a quality vehicle.First year vehicles tend to hold a few more problems. Source(s): Work at Toledo Jeep Wrangler Assembly plant.

Good luck with that. My buddy tried to lemon his Ford….they settled out of court, paid him a appropriate chunk and he kept the stinkin Ford. He had problems with the heavens conditioning.
I think after 6 returns, you can lemon it Source(s): mechanic

California Lemon Law Return next to Dodge?

 I have a Dodge Viper 2005 and it was within the shop for 40+ days during the first 12 months of owning the vehicle. I wrote Dodge giving them VIN and service records stating I wanted my money hindmost and they sent me an email stating ‘we will continue to repair your vehicle’

Has anyone ever returned a car to Dodge below the lemon law of California and what is my best approach?

Proof that I am not lying:


You know look into the lemon laws explanation actually a friend of mine bought a brand new Durango and have so many problems with it. But there’s similar to certain period of time or something resembling that. And it has to be the same problem that keep on occuring over and over again. You need to just run to the dealership that you bought it from and let them know and also send another note over. If it’s just got different problems adjectives over the place look into the lemon laws and then they’ll own to give you back a full settlement or something like that. They can only repair your motor so many times. Go and look into it definitely.

Most of the answers you will get here are from citizens , not experts
they use the term ‘lemon law’ loosely and have no actual experience or understanding of the law.
a ‘lemon law’ pertains only to the Dutch auction of a New Vehicle.
and it should have been quantity of the stack of papers you signed when u bought the car.
it is an agreement by the manufacturer & not the dealership, to repair a vehicle , if it can be repaired, or replace, except.
it is very rare that you would be reimbursed your change.

if you bought the vehicle NEW…read the paperwork that you should have received with it & proceed from in that.

If it was pre-owned there are other procedures

hope this help Source(s): 23 years in the auto biz

Chrysler isn’t going to help you – drop me a flash and I’ll refer you to a lemon law attorney in CA – (no benefit for me, basically helping people out)


if it has nought to do with the drivablity of the vehicle or puts the occupants of the vehicle (when it is contained by operation) in unecessary harm,it would not be returnable lower than the lemon law.

Take it back and relate them what you think of them. If that doesn’t work call a attorney. Tell them you are contacting a lawyer before you be off there.

California Lemon Law- would that apply to a certified used saloon (2006)? Within of late 1 month of purchase?


a 2006 model is still under warranty,and doesn’t need to be covered by the lemon imperative,but yes it should apply to this car,especially and it being certified,if your have problems with it take it subsidise,they have to repair it,its still under warranty and adjectives rules will or should apply to this one,good luck with it. Source(s): be a certified mechainc for 37 yrs.

It most definately will. I would rob it back as soon as possible. And rather than them fix the problem, they should be prepared to change your car adjectives together. If it is having major problems already, you dont want them to do a hasty fix because it will most likely be down hill from here. My friend newly recently bought a brand new vehicle and realized it was a lemon. She get an attorney and they got her down payment wager on, all of her payments, her lawyer fees and for a time extra for the hassle. She then went to another supplier and bought another new car. Contact them asap and if they do not without delay offer you a replacement/new car, agree to them know you will be contacting a lawyer. If they still say that “oh, we can fix it”, email me at gemarionpapas(a)yahoo.com and I will bring the information of the lawyer my friend used. Good luck and act immediately!

The Used Car Lemon Laws, which California actually has, are irregular and follow similar guidelines as new cars. Here is the criteria:

1. The vehicle is covered by the balance of the manufacturer’s brand new vehicle limited warranty.

2. The vehicle was sold beside a manufacturer’s “certified” used vehicle limited warranty.

3. The vehicle was sold near a limited warranty provided by the selling dealer, as described on the “BUYERS GUIDE” disclosure sign.

When a vehicle has had an unreasonable number of repair attempts inside the limits of the manufacturer’s warranty period for a repeated irregularity of a substantial nature, the vehicle may be a “lemon law” candidate. The California lemon decree may be applicable for repurchase relief. I hope this helps. Source(s): Lead Programmer for The Auto Evaluator

California Lemon Laws for puppies?

 We recently got a puppy from a pet store, please im tired of general public ragging on me for it so please dont, and we noticed that the daytime after we got him, he wasnt right. It ended up that he have severe lobar pneumonia. We treated him right away, but it just kept getting worse. We ended up making a traffic with the pet store that they would take him rear legs and get him better, pay for him to draw from better then turn him back over to us when he be 100% healthy. A vet (that has a contract near the pet store) said he was 100% so we took him home. Its been a week and a partially and we noticed that his nose be runny again so we took him in today. He is still sick!! We contacted the pet store and told them this and said the dog wasnt 100% that we think we should bring back a refund, they said no, talk to your attorney, we own already paid enough for him. I dont want to furnish them my dog but this doesnt seem fair! Does anybody know anything, law, anything that could help us??


Did you get papers w/the puppy that showed you whom the breeder was? Alot of times when pet stores buy puppies they buy adjectives litters/cheaper for them that way.
How long did the pet store have the puppy b/f you bought
it? If not amazingly long, it could have come from the breeders sickly. Keep all your collection of monies spent on this dog.
In some states BREEDERS have to have a agriculture Lic. to breed & public sale pups. Call your state Ag Dept & see if they’ll step in & help you. Put the warmness on the PET STORE & THE BREEDER! Also go to the county you bought the puppy & file a complaint on the pet store.
If the breeders place be nasty & has have complaints-get all info you can & get a TV station to AIR your dealing w/all of them….bring the house down on them. It transpire to a Ga. Dog breeder & put her out of business!

retired breeder/shower/groomer/24 yrs

I don’t know the laws contained by Ca but my first concern would be the dog. Take him to the vet get him all fixed up the lug the pet store to court for your out of pocket expenses. Good Luck and I hope the puppy is OK. KG

Do exactly what they said–talk to an attorney. They’re guilty of something there.

Keep track of medical bills. You can sue them in small claims court to recover the cost. Or dance on Judge Judy, she’s a dog lover and she’ll probably rule in your favor just for that intention.

Implied warranty of fitness for an intended purpose as adopt by a majority of the states as part of the UCC.

You will NEVER get a advocate to take this case. You will drop $1500 – 3000 contained by attorney fees and never get a dime back of the fees. It doesn’t wok that method in contract cases which is what this is.

You could try small claims on your own BUT there is a ‘but.’

Puppy be sick. He went to the vet and stayed in clinic. Puppy come home & seemed fine.

A week and a half then (10 days) puppy has a runny nose.

(1) Puppies do that if something have irritated their nasal passages – dust mold etc

(2) Right now you enjoy no diagnosis that he is ill – you think so but where on earth is a diagnosis form a vet??

(3) You have no diagnosis that he is STILL ILL from what he had the first time.

(4) 99% of bacterial and viral infections will show up surrounded by far less than 10 days. That means that he be fine after your brought him home the 2nd time but if he is ill, he has picked up something else AFTER he moved out the store & vet and now it is your problem.

That time gap of 10 days is an big problem. No warranty, express or implied, says that they gaurantee the animal will never get sick.

He is probably run down and not that strong because of his breeding and the environemnt within which he was raised. (Those places get rid of weak puppies from terrible breeders who save them in horrible conditions.).

Add to which, puppies get sick – they receive sick since there is no vaccine out there for every single possible microbes and virus. It happens to even the most carefully bred and raise puppies. When my now 2+ year old come home at 16 weeks, within in smaller amount than 3 weeks he was showing the signs of a bladder infection. Turned out so was his one litter mate. Who know how both of them go it. Off to the vet for doggy antibiotics. And this litter was home raise by an AKC judge who owned the sire and dam and grandmothers, and grandma and grandma and daddy and auntie (mom’s full sister) are adjectives Westminster winners and top ranked show dogs contained by their breed – and she is my guy’s co-owner (normal arrangement on a extremely well bred top flight show prospect.) It happens. Source(s): 43 years training showing handling and principle performance

30+ years as a lawyer litigating contracts immediately retired

Small claims court works real economically,,, pet shops are NEVER in the right in the eyes of a court.

When a Dog Is a Lemon
The odds of getting a sick animal at a pet shop are disturbingly big. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.

It was love at first verbs: Those expressive brown eyes, that noble nose … that wag tail.

Lots of otherwise level-headed people topple head-over-heels for a puppy displayed in a pet store window. They may enjoy gone to the mall to buy shoes, but end up taking home a considerably pricier item, a purebred puppy that costs several hundred dollars, upkeep not included.

Unfortunately, these shopping shopping precinct romances often have forlorn endings. Because after the puppy is home, the kids have given it a entitle and it’s become part of the family, there’s a particularly good chance the owner will discover that the dog is sick, or even dying.

The probability of getting a sick animal at a pet shop are disturbingly high. More than half the out-of-state puppies sold surrounded by California pet stores were ill or incubating a disease, according to a survey commissioned by the state legislature.

Pet stores are occasionally sued by customers or fined for selling poorly dogs. For example, a few years back Pet Depot agreed to pay New Jersey $7,500 contained by penalties and costs for selling dogs it knew be unfit for sale (among other violations).

Because problems with animals from pet shops are so adjectives, several states now require pet stores to make detailed disclosures to buyers. They’ve also enact “lemon laws” for dogs, holding pet stores financially liable for selling sick dogs.

What Sellers Must Tell Buyers
Some states require sellers to disclose facts about the dog’s vigour, age, and history. If your state doesn’t require these disclosures by law, ask for the information anyway. Be wary of any vendor who can’t or won’t give you answers. Source(s): http://www.nolo.com/article.cfm/objectID…

California lemon regulation… anyone know the details?

 Hi everyone, so here is the question… I bought an 08 acura TL, and every time i slow down it shifts from second gear to first gear to early and cause the car to buckle a bit… i know this isnt that much of a problem… but considering i paid 38 dignified to have a LUXURY car which is a soft ride and adjectives, it is very frustrating…. i have be driving almost a year now and i cannot figure out a process to break the car without the buckling, at first i thought “oh in poor health get used to the car”….anyways i took it to dealer they checked it out said it might be the computer is for a while off, but nothing… so they said bring it support if it pursues happening… and it has, even more very soon… do you think i can qualify for the lemon law and how should i walk about? btw it is still under warranty.


ok well i don’t know much about the lemon imperative there seeing how i am in texas but here is a website for the california lemon statute www.bickellawfirm.com it should tell you all you entail to know i went through this with my sports car a year ago good luck

Dude that suxx …. i feeel for ya basically got a new CX9 fully loaded and annoyign the **** out of me …

i ruminate u should just keep going fund to the dealer untill they do something about it and if after they do zilch try the lemon law it a good track to go…


fill out their thingie and ur sour 🙂

Lemon law applies the first 18 months or 18,000 miles, so as long as you’re under 18,000 miles, it applies, but…

California Lemon Law
Civil Code Section 1793.22 – 1793.26
Sale Warranties
Tanner Consumer Protection Act
Used Car Disclosures

California Lemon Law 1793.22.
(a) This box shall be known and may be cited as the Tanner Consumer Protection Act.

(b) It shall be presumed that a reasonable number of attempts enjoy been made to conform a new motor vehicle to the applicable express warranty if, within 18 months from delivery to the buyer or 18,000 miles on the odometer of the vehicle, whichever occur first, either

(1) the same nonconformity have been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents and the buyer have at least once directly notified the businessman of the need for the repair of the nonconformity or

(2) the vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of nonconformities by the factory owner or its agents for a cumulative total of more than 30 calendar days since delivery of the vehicle to the buyer. The 30-day limit shall be extended simply if repairs cannot be performed due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer or its agents. The buyer shall be required to directly notify the businesswoman pursuant to paragraph (1) only if the manufacturer have clearly and conspicuously disclosed to the buyer, with the warranty or the owner’s manual, the provisions of this paragraph and that of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2, including the requirement that the buyer must notify the manufacturer directly pursuant to paragraph (1). This presumption shall be a reputable presumption affecting the burden of proof, and it may be asserted by the buyer in any civil undertaking, including an action in small claims court, or other formal or informal proceeding.

(e) For the purposes of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2 and this fragment, the following terms have the following meaning:

(1) “Nonconformity” means a nonconformity which substantially impairs the use, appeal, or safety of the new motor vehicle to the buyer or lessee.

This evidently isn’t a safety issue, or something that makes the coupé dangerous to drive. I doubt they would find it substantially impairs the use any, but it might impact the perceived value.

So keep on them until they enjoy had 4 attempts to solve the problem. If they can’t, you might look into filing lower than the lemon laws. See http://www.carlemon.com/lemon/CA_law.htm…for further on the subject, and good luck within resolving the problem.

Here are two CA government websites that explain the lemon imperative:


Oklatom did a appropriate job putting the text together for you. Here is a interconnect in plain English: http://www.normantaylor.com/lemonlaw.htm…

Auto manufacturer’s count on consumers not knowing their lemon law rights. In this situation it’s flowing to see they are making it seem like its a minor issue. Let’s frontage it though, the computer software is integrated into how your vehicle operates. A software upgrade certainly doesn’t nouns as fancy as an engine replacement or a valve body job, but if it is cause buckling it may be a more serious issue and if left unattended to it may cause serious defacement to other components of the car. Read more about software issues here: http://media.normantaylor.com/news.php?i…

Soon plenty you will find that they may not even admit the problem exits. Manufacturers will typically try to make you the consumer walk away, and find all kinds of reason not to warrant repairs. http://media.normantaylor.com/news.php?i… The longer it is ignored, the more likely it is to find you are facing an monstrous expense to replace a necessary component of the vehicle after the warranty is expired.

www.normantaylor.com Source(s): over 22 years of lemon law experience, Norman Taylor is the author of Lemon Law:The Standard Reference Guide

Can a desperate rack form struts stir bleak? We are dealing near a shady sports car broker & the lemon tenet doesn’t apply.?

 Just because the car is over 2 years old does not show the lemon law does not apply. If you had a manufacturer’s warranty or a dealer’s warranty (not a service contract) and the problems started after the warranty expired- consequently the lemon law would not apply.

Contact a qualified attorney to make sure and grasp a second opinion to be certain it does not apply. Source(s): Norman Taylor & Associates, Consumer Advocates since 1987.

A unpromising rack will not make the struts go unpromising. If the car is front wheel drive and you own a shimmy in the wheel when you are driving the vehicle than that can cause the transmission the wear out faster. the convulsion can cause the bearings and clutch pack to wear out. and if the car dealer is shady than look for another contractor.

Can a sports car still be considered beneath the lemon imperative if it be bought as is?

 I bought a car from a Ford on friday 1/30 from a dealership and the ball joint are making a horrible sound. Would it be considered a “lemon”?


You bought it as is. Plus you bought it Friday and now it’s making noise? You enjoy to show that you had a reliable mechanic check it out. You’re on your own here.

There is no lemon law for used cars. Plus, as-is means YOU are responsible for ALL repairs. Didn’t you own a mechanic check it out before you bought it? Source(s): 23 years in the saloon biz.

There’s really not much wiggle room or gray area contained by the phrase “As Is.”

Nope, not if it is a used car. Lemon law only apply to brand new cars. If you bought “as-is”, the sports car is yours as is.

And yet another creature doesnt get a third party inspection on a vehicle, then finds a problem.

You had the opportunity to identify this issue in the past you signed on the dotted line. Its your car to drive, reimburse for and fix

As Is means just that.

The Lemon Law applies to vehicle still under manufacturer warranty, next to a recurring problem on a manufacturers irregularity. You are out of gas on this one.

Can anyone relate me nearly the texas lemon tenet or bestow me a suitable pattern site to swot more around it?

 I bought a new car(2007) in TX and it keep breaking down I need to know what my rights are. I have already have to bring it back to the dealer twice to achieve parts replaced


People in Texas have to progress to their home court in Oklahoma City to enact the lemon law since every motor sold in Texas is theoretically a lemon.

Where did you buy this motor, in a dark nouns. contact the dealer,
If not go to the Manufacturers website.

Can anyone comfort me obtain answers almost CA lemon ruling and used cars?

 I bought a 1994 Toyota 4×4 in April 2006, and the computer has already be replaced as well as the entire wiring harness. I lately want to return the truck to the dealer I bought it from. What are my options?? I’ve almost be killed in this truck twice because it merely dies out.


I do not believe the lemon law covers used cars contained by California. However a couple of questions for you, did they tell you up front that electrics harness and computer had been replaced? If they did, did they convey you why? Are you sure that the harness or computer is why its stalling? Have you called the dealer and told them what is going on? If they do not afford you answers ask for the number to the factory rep. If it is truly a safety issue Toyota should be able to support you out.
That being said if they replaced those parts to fix a stalling problem and it still happens next its obvious something else is wrong. When does the car stall? Did it develop under the same circumstance? Keep contained by mind that when you buy a used car in California they own a sticker in the window that say if the car has a warranty or not. If yours say no warranty the dealer is off the hook unless they hide something about the car from you.


Since it is a used car, it does not qualify as a lemon law coupé.

This does not mean that you do not have any option. My brother-in-law is a lemon law attorney and I consulted him. You should contact an attorney specializing in Consumer Protection. You might hold a very strong case since your energy has possibly been jeopardized by this sports car.

Good luck and all the best to you!

Can anyone grant me some information on Lemon Law Claims?

My claim was just official by an attorney. What can I expect now? How long should this process take? Also, my advocate said there is a possibility Ford will only submit a small amount of money for compensation, but I will still be stuck with my car. Would I own to accept this offer, or can I refuse permission for?

I have a 2007 Ford Focus which has be in and out of the repair shop literally since the day I bought it. I am the one and single owner. I live in Georgia.


Each state has different “lemon” law. You’d probably want to start with a search of the Georgia statutes and use look into terms like “lemon law” and vehicle or automobile.

In MN where on earth I used to live, the laws stated that if you buy a new vehicle and inwardly a certain amount of time you have to bring it within for repairs with something having to do near a safety feature, after the 3d time, you can force the dealership to buy put a bet on the vehicle with a mileage allowance that is deduct from the first time you brought the vehicle back. I came amazingly close to making my dealership buy my vehicle back. We did negotiate and they did finally fix it correctly.

Can anyone make available me some counsel on attorney fees near the lemon tenet and a logical settlement amount?

 I got some answers on how to declare my vehicle a lemon on here not too long and have contacted an attorney. Well, the car is distinctly eligible for the lemon law and the attorney feels similar to we could win this case.
Thing is, the attorney’s office desires 1/3 of the compensation plus costs. The loan amount is for $22,000 so we’d have to settle for around $35,000 in lay down to get the full refund of the coup¨¦ and pay the attorney fees. Is this a reasonable settlement amount? I don’t muse the company would agree to that big of an amount for a 2006. But the car is still under manufacturer’s warranty beside an extended warranty and has also had Ziebart added.
We’re really at a loss. If we be to do it on our own, do you think we could still be successful? And how would we do that?
Any advice would be great!


contact the attorney general of your state.but you should be capable of do better than that. also contact national transportion board.,tell the dealer what you are going to do I know of three those that they trade them a new car ( within your case a 2007)with no extra cost. in your suitcase with wheels falling sour is a real safty problem.

Why don’t you go to your State’s Attorney General?

i own a shop and i help a friend with this problem once,you,ll probably loose money on it but hopefully not,if you hire an attorney though it will cost more and they wont go the amount that it will cart to settle this,so you need to try and keep an attorney out of it as long as possible if you can,you should know how to handle this without getting an attorney,if you win this one it could repay for the cost of an attorney,but i wouldn’t bet on it,the best most people usually come out with surrounded by this is to break even,but some have done better than that ,go to an attorney that wont charge for the first free consultation,and see what he say about it,good luck i hope this one works out. Source(s): be a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.

Can I carry lemon tenet Help within PA!!?

 I recently bought a Ford Focus 2002 SE about a month ago, and in a minute I’m having some car trouble. I want to know if I can use the lemon ruling for this situation. The guy that sold it to me is now avoiding my phone calls and vitally waiting for the 3 month warrany to expires ( so i guess) My trouble is the altenator. I have stop by them a few time because the car started when it considered necessary to. He ultimatly said that it was a fues, then it happen again and he said it was a starter now i go to my own mechanic and he said that its the altenator. Im tired of going to them and want to take this to a judge. By the method its my first car! I need assist! if i cant use the lemon law, what can I do??


Sorry to break the news to you, but I believe the Lemon Law singular applies to new vehicles. By the process, if the car starts when it wants to, you hold corrosion in your ignition switch or starter relay. Trace your positive battery cable rear from the battery to the relay. It’ll have a big cable contained by, a big cable out going to the starter, and a small wire that runs to your ignition switch. You might try replacing that first.

I remember when we had a delivery of bus chassis that would start themselves up in the middle of the night, and jump until they hit something. Scared hell out of the guards.

Unfortunately, most used cars are not covered under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, but hold on… don’t get discouraged on the other hand …

If you have a manufacturer’s warranty, original or extended warranty next check into that first but a lawyer will not be able to do anything..

To stockpile you both time and money file in a small claims court it will be deeply faster and keep records of your phone call and all documents concerning what the mechanics have stated..

Can I procure some oblige finding an attorney of a mind to give somebody a lift my lemon canon valise??

 My truck is an unsafe vehicle sold to me based on lies from small dealership. I have a lemon canon case, but I can’t afford to pay an attorney for representation. Can someone give a hand me with this?? My truck has almost gotten me kill twice because it just dies out. The dealership is playing games with me. It’s in a minute at the dealership’s mechanic, but I know it can’t be fixed because the parts they need to make it a out of danger vehicle aren’t available anymore.


okay with out a lawyer your ***** ed and the other item you should have researched the car beforehand you bought it

Have you checked online and researched the lemon law statute for your state? In some states the lemon law applies to (brand spanking) tentative cars only. So even if your car is a 2006, if it be previously owned at any point and time (such as a rental) then the lemon law does not apply. And any used vehicle would not apply either. Find this out and be certain you’re covered.

As far as an attorney, masses states often have a non profit legally recognized assistance hotline where you can get free official advice between certain hours. If you’re employed check your member of staff assistance program (EAP) if you have one. Many companies offer court consultation to their employees either free and/or at a discount. You might be entitled to a free permissible consult over the phone and an in office consultation at a discount.

Good luck.

what kind of vehicle is it and it may not fall beneath a lemon law, depends on your state. let me know what mode of vehicle it is please

You bought a 12 year old truck! You did not hold it checked out by your own mechanic prior to purchase, or if you did he did not find a problem with it.

You now want to blame everyone but yourself for the problem, and want a legal representative to take the case lacking pay!! You say the provider is working on the car now, but you (who logically do not know anything about vehicles when you bought the truck) immediately are an expert on what is wrong, and you know they can not make the truck safe.

I construe you have changed your mind and want to get out of the business deal. I do not think there is a lemon directive case here. You are just trying to avoid responsibility for your own choices! Source(s): 26 years within the auto business and have dealt next to customers with totally unreasonable expectations before!!

ok first past its sell-by date is it a new car save your screwed the lemon law does not cover used cars

search for “lemon Law” lawyers within your state.start with the BBB lemon law service.

google usually brings them up..

and if it is indeed lemon decree i know in CA the dealer have to end up paying any and all fee’s..when its proved.

Can I return a used vehicle below the lemon tenet?

 96 Pontiac Grand AM has been a lemon since bought it 7 months ago. Came next to a 30 day warranty. Marked “as is” on paperwork. Don’t think lemon decree applies to used cars, especially after this amount of time. Tired of fixing it. List of things went wrong with it too long to document. Oh, I live in CT, since I know that law vary state to state. Thanks.


Break out your wrenches and start fixing it. 13 year old cars hold problems, and there are no takebacks in life span. Good luck.

When you buy “as is” and agree to it, it frees the peddler of any further obligation……most don’t even give a 30 morning warranty….if you wanted to change your mind, it should enjoy been done in the 30 hours of daylight frame, in the meanwhile and 7 months later, not plentifully you can do,

There are NO RETURNS! There is no federal law requiring a car seller or a person selling a car to whip a car back. The single exceptions are certain transactions in California that are covered by the California Car Buyers Bill of Rights or where on earth the dealer voluntarily offers to filch a car back. Dealers may describe the right to overthrow as a “cooling-off” period, a money-back guarantee or a “no questions asked” return policy. Before you purchase from a salesperson, ask about the dealer’s return policy, get it contained by writing in the contract and read it carefully.

Can I Sue or Is here A Clause contained by Lemon Law?

 I bought a 2009 Nissan Murano on 11/08 with 17,350miles. 2 days later I drove it to Illinois where on earth I have moved to. On the trip to Illinois, the airbag light come on. I took it into Dealership 12/08. They “reset” the error, basically something happened and nouns bag system went into a “Fail Safe” mode and deactivated. 2 weeks following it happened again, this time I took it in, and they replaced the entire passenger bottom form cusion and weight sensor within. 1 week then it happened again. I took it back, this time they replaced the biggest control unit for the Air bag Deployment system. It be just coming on at random times. The dealership told me to not put ANYTHING or ANYONE surrounded by the seat and see if it comes back. I did this, roughly speaking 9 days later I was driving 12mph and a kid contained by a residential street came out of his driveway into the road, I hit the brakes and the light come on. I called the dealership and they said “maybe the inertia of the stop cause this, it may be normal” WHAT?? Normal for your airbags to deactivate when you hit your brakes?? hahahaha… SO with that logic, I am to a short time ago not hit the brakes to try and avoid and accident, because if I do hit the brakes, my airbags will render deactivated just as I plow into someone?? I contacted Nissan USA, and they call me this morning and said “We have reviewed the case, and at this time we cannot buy your vehicle back” I after asked them to provide me a list of all engineers, sale people, technicians, and managers that can atest that should I seize in a side impact or head on collision that my airbags will work as designed. SHe said she would send for me back… I got a give the name back from another representative that said they ARE going to buy it back. They want authorization to speak beside my bank regarding payoff, copy of registration and ingenious sales contract. I am not sure if they are aware yet that technically it is still a “Used” vehicle. If they DO come rear legs and say “Sorry, this is used, we cannot support it under the Lemon Law” and read out, to bad…you bought a used vehicle…what can I do? It is just at 30k miles very soon. I only have 6k miles till I hit the warranty expiration. Can I turn back to dealership?



gain in touch with NHTSA and report the unbroken thing….then phone call Nissan again and tell them what you did…there may be evoke on the whole lot of them…..

great website to swot up more about the lemon law issues contained by your state…do your research and have the law speak for you!


Bring up the recall that be on the news about a month ago to them Source(s): www.yourlemonlawrights.com

Can I use the Lemon Law for my saloon?

 Since buying the car I’ve had nought but issues out of it and didnt think there be anything I could do about it. Until my friend mentioned the Lemonlaw to me today and told me what it was. I be hoping to get some input from you guys on my situation.

I’ve had the sports car for just over 7 months. So far here is my experience… I had a tire blow on me and get all 4 replaced then have to replace all of the spark plugs. Then the car fitfully breaks down on me, have towed to Mercedes and they cant find anything wrong after a couple days.

I then started to mind a lot of spots on my car where on earth you can tell the dealer used a cheap touch up paint. I’m chitchat 20 noticeable spots, 5-7 very apparent. Car randomly breaks down on me again.

I’ve had a headlight be in motion out on me, 2 tail lights, marker light and the license plate lights turn out on me. The transmission is acting up, and getting worse by the day. It revs at soaring rpms before shifting and the car jerk a lot of times. Now the break pads have need of replaced and the rotors turned. Also, last week a warning for my ESP malfunctioning come one. Then yesterday my car wont start, jump start the battery-operated and go home. Wake up and its dead again, leap start it and start to drive only to notice it will not shift out of first gear or permit me shift the gears. I’ve been told its my alternator?

When I was looking at the coupé I specifically asked the dealer if it needed any mandatory services by Mercedes, he said no, it already had them done. Well more or less 2 weeks ago a warning for Service B appeared.

I am sure I’ve missed a few things but you guys get the point. Please bring up to date me that this is a freak accident and that Mercedes makes much better cars than this! Am I totally screwed or do you feel I can do something about it? My parents next door neighbor/friend is a attorney…


First, the car needs to be beneath warranty in order to use the lemon regulation. There needs to be numerous attempts to fix said problems. Keep any/all documentation the the mercedes dealer since it may be the capitalist you will end up having to contact and complain to. The regulation has different definitions surrounded by each state so the circumstances vary whether this applies.

If you purchased the saloon from a private party, you are out of luck. It would be up to you to have the sports car mechancally inspected before purchase.
Id discuss the situation with your parents neighbor anyway and see if they can furnish you some better legal insight.
Good luck.

Wel in your case,yes you can use the lemon decree.

If it is a used car and you bought it as is without a warranty you don’t own a leg to stand on. I have been near and done that and I got stuck with a fine truck that was a pile of junk underneath the hood. Good Luck.

Can Lemon Laws apply to used cars?

 I’m in Wisconsin, and I haven’t found anything about used cars.


I’ve seen some states that hold a lemon law also on used cars, but very few. Check here

If it be bought from a dealership Yes, but from a personal seller , i doubt it.

nope, lemon laws are simply for new vehicles. check next to the manufacture or the attorney general trellis site. Source(s): http://www.doj.state.wi.us/ag/

I of late skimmed through the page i found & no it doesnt apply to used vehicles. Source(s): http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/safety/cons…

This is from their net site:

Warranty information.
Whether the vehicle is being sold with remaining businesswoman warranty, a dealer warranty or “as is.” A vehicle sold “as is” has no businessman or dealer warranty. The dealer have no obligation to pay for repairing problems that develop after the public sale. However, even when selling a vehicle “as is,” the dealer must inspect the vehicle and disclose existing problems. The “Wisconsin Buyers Guide” must accurately reflect the condition the vehicle is contained by at the time of sale.

WisDOT’s Dealer Section licenses, regulates and educate the motor vehicle industry, and resolves disputes about dealership sales and warranty repairs. The Dealer Section also investigates complaints roughly speaking odometer tampering involving dealerships and private sellers.

If you hold questions:

Call: (608) 266-1425
FAX: (608) 267-0323
E-mail: dealers.dmv(a)dot.state.wi.us
Write to the address below:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Dealer Section
4802 Sheboygan Avenue, Room 201
P.O. Box 7909
Madison, WI 53707-7909

lemon laws are when the manufacture buys the vehicle posterior – it would be new vehicles solitary

Can some one comfort me contained by writing an essay just about the lemon ruling?

 Please guys do it as soon as possible waiting for your replies


Do you need info about the lemon directive?
Lemon Laws are United States state laws that remedies to consumers for automobiles that repeatedly fail to touch certain standards of quality and recitation. These vehicles are called lemons. The federal lemon regulation (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) protects citizens of all states. State Lemon Laws vary by state and may not necessarily cover used or lease vehicles. The rights afforded to consumers by Lemon Laws may exceed the warranties expressed surrounded by purchase contracts. Lemon Law is the common nickname for these law, but each state has different name for the laws and acts.

In California, “Lemon Laws” cover anything power-driven, including a toaster, as does the federal lemon law. The federal lemon law also provides the warrantor may be obligated to clear your attorney fees if you prevail in a lemon law suit, as do most state lemon law.

Engine problems

* Transmission problems
* Water leaks
* Paint defects
* Electrical problems
* Brake problems
* Steering problems
* Vibrations
* Bad smells
* Rattles
* And lots other defects Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_Laws

You can write it and I’ll revise it.

How many times hold I said that to people on here?! Geeze. You people requirement to learn that NO ONE is willing to write an essay for someone else. Who within their right mind would?!

Plagiarism is ILLEGAL!

Can someone bestow me a ‘Dummy’ explaination of the California Lemon Law?

I bought a 2007 Nissan Altima this past may from a Mercedes-Benz dealer…The motor is running weird ever since the beginning. The agent said I had to take it to the Nissan buyer since the car is still under warranty. The Nissan marketer told me to take it to the dealer I purchased the vehicle from…I could swear the car is a lemon because I just notice all the things wrong with it…Like the unexpected idling and the steering wheel clicking when I put together turns.

Can someone please give me a ‘Dummy’ version of the California Lemon Law?

Can I also get hold of a reference on how I can find out if my car is within fact a ‘Lemon’?

Thanks everyone 🙂


The dummy version? I’m not sure that’s possible, it’s a a bit complicated law, but I’ll try.

If you have a foreign car (only new cars are lemons, the imperative doesn’t apply to used cars bought as is) that has been wager on to the shop at least 4 times for the SAME problem, and they aren’t able to fix it, you *might* own a lemon and be entitled to some relief.

Now for the more complicated answer:

California Civil Code Section 1793.22 , 1794

(a)This section shall be certain and may be cited as the Tanner Consumer Protection Act.

(b) It shall be presumed that a reasonable number of attempts have be made to conform a new motor vehicle to the applicable express warranties if, in 18 months from delivery to the buyer or 18,000 miles on the odometer of the vehicle, whichever occurs first, one or more of the following occur:

(1) The same nonconformity results in a condition that is promising to cause death or serious bodily injury if the vehicle is driven and the nonconformity have been subject to repair two or more times by the manufacturer or its agents, and the buyer or lessee have at least once directly notified the capitalist of the need for the repair of the nonconformity.

(2) The same nonconformity has be subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents and the buyer has at lowest once directly notified the manufacturer of the entail for the repair of the nonconformity.

(3) The vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of nonconformities by the manufacturer or its agents for a cumulative total of more than 30 calendar days since distribution of the vehicle to the buyer. The 30-day limit shall be extended only if repairs cannot be perform due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer or its agents. The buyer shall be required to directly notify the manufacturer pursuant to paragraph (1) and (2) only if the manufacturer have clearly and conspicuously disclosed to the buyer, with the warranty or the owner’s manual, the provisions of this sector and that of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2, including the requirement that the buyer must notify the manufacturer directly pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2). The notification, if required, shall be sent to the address, if any, specified clearly and conspicuously by the entrepreneur in the warranty or owner’s manual. This presumption shall be a rebuttable presumption affecting the burden of proof, and it may be asserted by the buyer surrounded by any civil action, including an action contained by small claims court, or other formal or informal proceeding.

(c) If a qualified third-party dispute resolution process exists, and the buyer receives timely notification in writing of the availability of that qualified third-party dispute resolution process next to a description of its operation and effect, the presumption in subdivision (b) may not be asserted by the buyer until after the buyer has initially resorted to the qualified third-party dispute resolution process as required within subdivision (d). Notification of the availability of the qualified third-party dispute resolution process is not timely if the buyer suffers any prejudice resulting from any delay in giving the notification. If a qualified third-party dispute resolution process does not exist, or if the buyer is dissatisfied next to that third-party decision, or if the manufacturer or its agent neglect to promptly fulfill the terms of the qualified third-party dispute resolution process decision after the conclusion is accepted by the buyer, the buyer may assert the presumption provided in subdivision (b) contained by an action to enforce the buyer’s rights under subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2. The findings and declaration of a qualified third-party dispute resolution process shall be admissible in evidence in the goings-on without further foundation. Any period of curbing of actions under any federal or California law with respect to any person shall be extended for a time equal to the number of days between the date a complaint is filed with a third-party dispute resolution process and the date of its judgment or the date before which the manufacturer or its agent is required by the result to fulfill its terms if the decision is standard by the buyer, whichever occurs later.

(d)A qualified third-party dispute resolution process shall be one that does adjectives of the following:

(1) Complies with the minimum requirements of the Federal Trade Commission for informal dispute settlement procedures as set forth in Part 703 of Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as those regulations read on January 1, 1987.

(2) Renders decision which are binding on the manufacturer if the buyer elects to adopt the decision.

(3) Prescribes a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days after the declaration is accepted by the buyer, within which the businessman or its agent must fulfill the terms of its decisions.

(4) Provides arbitrators who are assigned to want disputes with copies of, and instruction in, the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations contained by Part 703 of Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations as those regulations read on January 1, 1987, Division 2 (commencing with Section 2101) of the Commercial Code, and this chapter.

(5)Requires the manufacturer, when the process advice, under the terms of this chapter, any that the nonconforming motor vehicle be replaced if the buyer consents to this remedy or that restitution be made to the buyer, to replace the motor vehicle or make restitution in accordance next to paragraph (2) of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2.

(6)Provides, at the request of the arbitrator or a majority of the arbitration panel, for an inspection and written report on the condition of a nonconforming motor vehicle, at no cost to the buyer, by an automobile expert who is independent of the manufacturer.

(7)Takes into account, contained by rendering decisions, all endorsed and equitable factors, including, but not limited to, the written warranty, the rights and remedies conferred contained by regulations of the Federal Trade Commission contained in Part 703 of Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations as those regulations read on January 1, 1987, Division 2 (commencing with Section 2101) of the Commercial Code, this chapter, and any other equitable considerations appropriate contained by the circumstances. Nothing in this chapter requires that, to be certified as a qualified third-party dispute resolution process pursuant to this section, decision of the process must consider or provide remedies in the form of awards of punitive damages or multiple damages, under subdivision (c) of Section 1794, or of attorneys’ fees below subdivision (d) of Section 1794, or of consequential damages other than as provided in subdivisions (a) and(b)of Section 1794, including, but not controlled to, reasonable repair, towing, and rental car costs in actual fact incurred by the buyer.

(8)Requires that no arbitrator deciding a dispute may be a party to the dispute and that no other soul, including an employee, agent, or dealer for the businessman, may be allowed to participate substantively in the merits of any dispute near the arbitrator unless the buyer is allowed to participate also. Nothing in this subdivision prohibits any contestant of an arbitration board from deciding a dispute.

(9)Obtains and maintains credentials by the Department of Consumer Affairs pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 472) of Division 1 of the Business and Professions Code.
(e)For the purposes of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2 and this section, the following lingo have the following meanings:

(1)”Nonconformity” scheme a nonconformity which substantially impairs the use, value, or sanctuary of the new motor vehicle to the buyer or lessee.

(2)”New motor vehicle” means a fresh motor vehicle that is bought or used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. “New motor vehicle” also finances a new motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass under 10,000 pounds that is bought or used primarily for business purposes by a personality, including a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, association, or any other legal entity, to which not more than five motor vehicle are registered in this state. “New motor vehicle” includes the chassis, chassis cab, and that portion of a motor home devoted to its propulsion, but does not include any portion designed, used, or maintain primarily for human habitation, a dealer-owned vehicle and a “demonstrator” or other motor vehicle sold with a manufacturer’s new motor warranty but does not include a motorcycle or a motor vehicle which is not registered under the Vehicle Code because it is to be operated or used exclusively stale the highways. A demonstrator is a vehicle assigned by a dealer for the purpose of demonstrating merits and characteristics common to vehicles of one and the same or similar model and type.

(3)”Motor home” means a vehicular unit built on, or for always attached to, a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis, chassis cab, or van, which becomes an integral chunk of the completed vehicle, designed for human habitation for recreational or emergency occupancy.

(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), no personality shall sell, either at wholesale or retail, lease, or verbs a motor vehicle transferred by a buyer or lessee to a manufacturer pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2 or a similar statute of any other state, unless the nature of the nonconformity experienced by the untested buyer or lessee is clearly and conspicuously disclosed to the prospective buyer, lessee, or transferee, the nonconformity is corrected, and the manufacturer warrants to the strange buyer, lessee, or transferee in writing for a period of one year that the motor vehicle is free of that nonconformity.

(2) Except for the requirement that the natu

The plain newspaper. There is no lemon law for used cars. Simple enough. If it is still underneath warranty it would need to be worked on by the dealer brand that sold it (Nissan).They would enjoy three tries to fix a specific problem and then it may be considered as a “lemon” (key word being MAY).

Can someone support?lemon regulation?

 my brother in law bought a coup¨¦ in mexico(we live close to the border). he bought it from a man that has an american sports car license that supposedly they sale cars in texas but they found that the coup¨¦ was sold to them is not that safe.the motor is lower than the usual and the supports of the sports car are not good.he wants to know his rights next to the lemon law,because when he bought the car he didnt kow anything going on for this,the guy is working for a tx. car lot that came out to be a junkyard and they buy the cars at auctions and repair them and get rid of them here in tx.but none of ths was told to him and he requests his money back and this guy wont give it to him.he wrote a missive saying that he was going to return the saloon and that he would give him the money back and the guy signed it but he didnt cuz the guy wrote something of his own on the serious newspaper ad he did not agree with it.can he press charges on the guy or what can he do.the lot is down under car sale and when u call its a junkyard.


Every state has different lemon law. I think if you bought the car used and it have over 100,000 miles, you don’t have a leg to stand on. You said you bought the car contained by Mexico though….I would think that cancels American canon?

I would threaten the broker that if he does not return money than you will picket in front of the dealer every weekend till they enjoy no customers Source(s): Clark Howard

Let this be a good lesson to your brother-in-law! Next time, never buy a used vehicle that says “sold as is” or with thoroughly limited warranty without checking out the coup¨¦ for yourself or with aid of a trusted mechanic. Always remember that sales individuals are usually out to sell and will attempt to sell anything they can for the commission!

squeeze and form lemon juice

If he bought the car in Mexico, he probably have no lemon law rights. If the sale have been in Texas, he might own some rights, but they may be limited by many factor, like the mileage or any written or implied warranties. The biggest problem is have purcahsed it in Mexico where I assume the seller does a lot of business to avois the Texas lemon laws.

To the best of my knowledge, there are NO “lemon laws” within MEXICO. It doesn’t matter where the saloon is licensed – only where you PURCHASED it…

Can someone convey me what the lemon law are concerning used cars surrounded by Kansas?

 Someone told me there is a law that if something leading goes wrong within 3 days, the seller is responsible for fixing it…is this true? We bought a car and within four hours the nouns went out, and it will cost a thousand dollars to fix, what can I do?


Lemon laws apply to alien cars only.

When you signed the purchase order, did it come next to a warranty or did it say “As Is”? If it said “as is” then you gain to pay for any and all repairs after the mart.

that sucks. havn’t ever heard of a lemon law. lol Though if you drove it straight rear and told them any decent dealer would work near you

Can someone relate me if near is a lemon canon for computers and if so what does that imperative state?


law vary from state to state, you should always try to buy bright when it comes to electronic equipment.

I’m mostly commenting on the answer that said to always buy new. I one and only but the refurbished/remanufactured computers that come with a warranty because the people that refurbish the computers thieve the time to make sure it’s put together and working properly before selling them. The price is other lower and the computer is usually in better working condition than a new one.

. NO!
Let the buyer beware !! Source(s): << buyer

none, deal with it close to any other purchase. go as far as the attorney general’s office contained by your state. there are procedures that must be followed before they transport you seriously, however.