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Being a advocate contained by Singapore?

 I’m interested in becoming a lawyer contained by Singapore but some of my family have object (mildly though) by saying that being a advocate in Singapore isn’t very worthy because the market is very sopping, etc. I would like some opinions from lawyer if any of you are reading this… How difficult is it making a living as a lawyer in Singapore?? I hold no idea… Thanks!


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Maybe you could ask some lawyer in Singapore. Maybe some are reading this and will answer you.

Being a advocate?

 I’m a 24 year-old mother of 2 and I want to pursue being a lawyer, how do I be in motion about doing that, I have already started some college, and I live within the caribbean, but I ‘m an american..can anyone tell me about the steps I will hold to take, to start on this new passage please?..serious answerers please


you need a bachelor degree to walk to an American law school.

also, you involve to set the LSAT (law school admission test) (go to this website for information on adjectives you need)

Wow- welcome to my world. I am a 23 year old mother of 1 and I am contained by law school. Basically you will inevitability to take the LSAT. It is the admissions trial for law school and the most key factor in determining what kind of academy you will get into so don’t take this trial lightly- study, take a course, give yourself plenty time to improve. Most people transport this test their junior or senior year of college. You will need to register beside the law school facts assembly service (LSDAS) through the LSAC. All ABA approved require this. You sign up for the LSAT through the LSAC as well. Find it at
You can also apply to schools starting surrounded by late September through the LSAC. You will need to hold at least 2 letters of recommendation, 1 should be from an instructor. Your gpa should be higher than a 3.2– most law students hold 3.8’s. Work on your resume and personal statement. Most important to law school in order of their necessity
2) undergrad g.p.a
3)personal statement
4)letters of recommendation
5) resume and soft factors (volunteering, extra curriculars, etc.) Source(s): flawless websites to look at.

Being a doctor, advocate, pharmacist, chemical machinate, powered manufacture, which one is desirable?


doctor, pharma, C E, M E, and… lawyer. – in that charge.

Pharmacy, then doctor. Simply because Pharmacists don’t have to work as complicated as doctors AND we get to enjoy our money. AND hours are relatively flexible.

I can’t speak for the others, but there are serious problems with becoming a legal representative. There are too many lawyers and not ample work to go around for all of them to survive. The debt to become adjectives as a lawyer is too great in heaps cases.

any. all.

Being a Lawyer what is it close to?

im just curious i just graduate h.s early and im working and plan to go to college surrounded by a year. i want to become a lawyer then perchance later a judge. but idont know where on earth to begin. i took the sat and get a 1330idont know if thats good enogh or not so idont know if i should go for it or not

“> Ok, powerfully my parents are lawyers, I have 2 cousins and one uncle who arelawyer, and my aunt is a judge. So…my opinion.

Try getting local imperative firms in your area to consent to you intern or shadow there over the summer or another school break. It will most plausible be unpaid even if it is an internship, but it will be good experience, especially if you do it more than once and with different types of regulation firms (one criminal, one personal injury, one tax, etc.). This will give you a better belief of what it is like to be a lawyer. I own found that it is a lot of hard work, and can be deeply boring (to me). Note: Shadow lawyers on normal days – not purely days they will be in court for some reason.

You should be capable of get into a college or community college easily plenty. When there, focus on doing well, getting worthy grades, and figuring out what interests you. Then take the LSAT (probably you will choose to lug a class before sitting for the test, most ppl do). Do as all right as you can, and try to get accepted into any the best law school within the area in which you’d approaching to practice once you graduate or one of the top 25 in the country (there are lists you can look up, and books give or take a few law schools).

I have be told by lawyers that law college is about memorizing rather than actual research (like college or grad school is), and that it is very difficult. So, again, once you acquire there, you will want to focus on your grades and doing your best so that you can get a apposite job.

Note: Law school is really expensive. Save your money! I know several lawyers who are young and would close to to be able to settle down and buy a house now, etc. but can’t afford to because of student loan payments. Also, in that are many people trying to achieve into law schools and trying to become lawyer. Most lawyers do not start off making huge amounts of money, and abundant never make huge amounts of money. Of course, it isn’t usually terrible money at adjectives, but do not go into a career because you have an idea that it will make you wealthy. Do it because it is what you want to do and what you wallow in. Source(s): Family lawyers
Other lawyers & decree students I know
Books I have read

1330 on the whole article or as a Critical Reading/Math composite score? If it is just out of those two consequently they are definately good enough to get hold of into college, but either way, you can’t jump to Law School until you complete undergrad. Just do well in college and the LSAT and that will determine whether or not you attain into Law School.

Being a lawyer(solicitor)..?

 I’m currently doing a survey on various jobs..
Please include the following contained by your answers:
Education needed
Job Scope(Pros & Cons + How is the work like…)
Approximate Pay (includ currency) – optionalPLEASE HELP TO ANSWER. SUPER URGENT! THANKS MUCH MUCH!(:


In the USA, to become a Lawyer, IF you step to school full-time:
1) Bachelor’s degree – four years from a traditional college/university.
2) Study for LSAT. Take LSAT.
3) Law college – three MORE years.
4) Study for Bar Exam. Take Bar Exam in the state where you want to practice.
5) Pass the Character and Fitness Evaluation. Then you can practice Law.
6) You still own to take classes/seminars etc. to obtain CEUs to save your license to practice Law. (You aren’t done with school!)

Choosing a craft is one of life’s most important decisions.

The allowed profession is dramatically changing and is in CRISIS! Every year, more and more empire graduate from law school, but in that are fewer and fewer job. Even the largest and most reputable law firms are experiencing unprecedented cutbacks. I don’t expect the situation to improve contained by the coming years.

Be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first. Reminder: We are in a World-wide Recession. Consider career path that have available JOBS.<<<<<

Warning> Jobs in the pasture of Law are drying up fast!! This is just not a fitting field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational field. Many reason. We now have computers. So, lots people today (mistakenly) think they can do their own official work, thanks to the Internet. Also, there are like mad of companies out there making very restructured legal software for the field of Law. Today’s graduate lawyers tend to be very computer savvy, so they only do the work themselves to save themselves the cost of overhead. Also, the “Public” buys this legal software surrounded by order to get trial work done without the cost of an Attorney. Also, we simply already have passageway too many Legal Professionals – we have an total glut!! (“Legal Professionals” includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc)

Sites like own taken away work that many small-time attorneys/lawyers would do.

The field of Law have a mystique that actually exceeds reality. The pen of Law is an overrated career – mostly by television. There are copious myths regarding the field of Law: working as a Lawyer is mentally offensive (Actually, most work as an attorney involves routine paperwork: research, cite checking, drafting documents, and document review. Attorneys need to write down and track every activity they do, adjectives day long [in 6 to 15 minutes increments, depending on the billing system] – a painstaking but necessary task), person an attorney is thrilling, high-powered, and glamorous (remember: television is fiction – the fictional lawyer on TV are ACTORS – the majority of work that an attorney does, does not happen in a courtroom), ruling students think that because they are good at arguing they will become great attorneys (actually human being a great attorney is more in one’s ability to mediate between adjectives sides and bringing them to agreement), as a lawyer I can correct injustices (actually legal decision are more about reaching compromises than about right vs. wrong), guaranteed financial nouns (actually when salaries are compared, you also need to commentary for cost-of living expenses [most large law firms are surrounded by large cities – the bigger the city, the more cost-of-living expenses will be], payment of debts accrue while attending law school, and time needed to build a client stub. Many large law firms require lawyer to work 60-80 hours per week.).

Cost of law school to be attorney, approx $150,000+.
Be prepared to take on a LOT of debt, if becoming an attorney is your ultimate dream.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There are no jobs in this vocational area. My family, coworkers, friends, acqaintances, etc. have be laid off left and right within this vocational field.

Employers (usually law firms) within the field of Law today want employees next to Bachelors degrees from traditional colleges/universities. Those “certificates” you see advertised aren’t worth the daily they are printed on – they are generally scams. (I found this out the complicated way.) Also, the law school’s program requirements to be accredited by the American Bar Association – if it isn’t, you are just wasting your time/money.

Even if you finish statute school, you won’t be able to find a opening when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking, many bright attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work “down” as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills remunerated <<this would be your competition. And the competition is fierce!!

Now… the law school know this, but they won’t tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is purely SATURATED with way too several Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we enjoy too many law school. We are in a recession, and the schools are combat for their own survival – they will tell students anything to get to the students’ money. (Which is why they won’t share you the truth about the job flea market for the field of Law.) And these schools verbs to recruit and churn out even more graduates…..Remember: imperative schools are BUSINESSES – their top concern is making money for themselves.

>>>>>THE MOST IMPORTANT THING (and I can’t stress this enough): You ESPECIALLY have to beware of the bogus, inflated tenet school salary/job stats given out by law school!*****<<<<<

If you don’t believe me, then just do a SEARCH here on to see what other posters are truism about the current status of the field of Law. Call some local ruling firms – ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources – ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they think about livelihood availability in the field of Law……

In the book “So You Want to be a Lawyer?” by Marianne Calabrese and Susanne Calabrese (ISBN 0-88391-136-1): “The United States have more lawyers than any other country in the world. About 38,000 students graduate >respectively year< from the 200+ law schools contained by the United States. The competition is very keen for job and clients.” – Even Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (who served on the U.S. Supreme Court for more than 20 years) says there are too heaps lawyers. (9/14/2008)

Check out these websites: http://informeddecisionmaking.blogspot.c…………………
(A link to a website does not constitute support.)

If you want a job when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the field of: >>>Healthcare, Information Technology, Law ENFORCEMENT, environmentalism, emergency planning, accounting, education, entertainment, utilities, home-car-commercial-industrial repairs, vice industries, clergy, and/or debt collection. I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that these areas are where on earth the jobs are, and future employment opportunities/availability….and scholarships.

Good luck.

(This is based on my current knowhow, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal view, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Please mind your Ps and Qs and do your research.) Source(s): life
been nearby – done that
have actually worked within the field of Law for twelve years
also actually am an member of staff of a law school, so I KNOW and see (too much?!?)
don’t own time to watch those TV law shows – the couple that I did see weren’t realistic, at all
TV glamorizes the grazing land of Law – do your research first! – the field of Law is actually like mad of paperwork and politics – and law school is VERY expensive, so know what you are getting into
will someone would have warned ME sooner
so very soon I TRY to warn and help others (that in actuality want to know, will listen and not get defensive)
I am simply tired of watching students getting ripped off by canon schools
so many students own come to me- upset because they could not find employment- I am just trying to warn as abundant as I can, and trying to fulfill a promise

Being an ‘Aerospace Lawyer’?

 There has been an increasing constraint in Aus. for lawyers specialising within the aerospace field, with local university opening double degrees contained by aerospace/law. I undoubtedly want to be a barrister one day, but I’ve never been sure to what nouns within civil law I want to pursue. I’ve not long noticed a top local University offer a double level for the said areas and they mention the fact how they are greatly in constraint. What I want to know is:

-What is it they do specifically?
-What are the oppurtunities like (are they truly in demand)
-What is their payment like?

I want to earn a relatively nice and high income by the time I conquer the prime era of my life (30’s-40’s), but I also want to have an occupation explicitly not only unique and prestigious, but something that I savour doing. I like Aeronautics and I love law, but I don’t know much roughly the combined field of practice. Can anyone help shed some table lamp on this area?


Some information is below. Source(s):;_ylt=A0ge…

Being detained shorta advocate?

 how long can you be detained and in jail in the past you have the right to an attorney?


In California its three days before arraignment.

You have the right to an attorney from the moment you are arrested, if you ask for one. If you cannot hire one, ring the public defender’s office and tell them you call for one immediately.

Usually its 3 to 5 days in calif. Depends on how much the referee is pissed off at you .

Being Falsely Accused, How Can I Prove My Innocence Without A Lawyer?

 Is there a way?
Stupid/sarcastic/rude comments do not count.

If it is a serious matter – don’t fool around – go and get a lawyer.

That would be extremely difficult. I wouldn’t take the risk. If you can’t afford a legal representative, go to Legal Aid.

unless you have witnesses to what you have be accused of then nearby is no way you can get a advocate just in luggage

No path to help you, you didnt provide situation

It’s obviously a serious issue or you wouldn’t be asking about a lawyer! If you enjoy absolute ABSOLUTE proof of your innocents, you only hold a small shot of clearing yourself. Why? Lets say, your not in court. You’re a short time ago explaining to the police (or other powers that be) how you’re not guilty. They don’t care. What they do care in the region of is getting you found guilty and washing their hands of the in one piece matter. They got a patsy for the crime and immediately they can move on. In the process, you have exposed your proof to them. Which they will promptly expose to a prosecuting attorney, after they charge you beside the crime and jail you/set a court date. Now you go into court to show your proof. The prosecuting attorney have had plenty of time to shoot holes through your proof, and will do so. You’ll be found guilty 95% of the time. Because you didn’t have a attorney to advise you prior to being charged and prior to man questioned. There’s an old adage within the lawyer business: “the person who defend himself in court has an idiot for a client”. Get a advocate immediately. And prior to speaking to your lawyer, do not DO NOT speak to anyone give or take a few the charges. do not DO NOT answer any questions what-so-ever. No matter who asks the question. Keep your mouth closed. Not even “no” or “I don’t know” or “I’m innocent”. Nothing. Good Luck. Again, if it’s a serious thing, then my support is right on. If it’s something like a parking ticket or jay walking or littering, it’s not a big deal and you can maintain yourself. The court is going to fine you anyway. It’s just a matter of amount of fine. And if that is the case, perchance I’ve wasted everyone’s time. Anyway, Good luck and I hope you fare well.

If you are in the U.S. you don’t own to prove your innocence. You must be proven guilty.

You should get a lawyer rather.

“> Your post lacks too much info to distribute you any type of helpful answer. If it is a serious charge with serious consequences, an attorney is the best bearing. Also depends on what type evidence the accuser has.

Sure there is, but without some notion of the context of the retort, or the nature of the accusation, or the moral fibre of the evidence, or the nature of the contrary evidence, no more meaningful answer is possible.

Being Famous or Being a Lawyer?

 Ok, this is a serious question for the people looking from the outside surrounded by on my life. Ok I’ve been singing surrounded by my church choir for years every since I was about seven years feeble. When I was nine I said that I wanted to be legendary. So singing has been on the one bring to a close. In my teen years I never really took it seriously but I sent out pics to an agency in NY they said that if my talent was as virtuous as my looks, then I could maybe hold a spot in people’s hearts. I love to sing, it’s fun. Like pop, gospel, and R&B. And next there’s this other dream lived by the realistically side of me being a Lawyer. I think studying Law is wonderful and I could really switch some lives. And you really have to use your mind and that is greatly exciting to me. I’m currently in a State University studying Political Science. And I have an extra year before I take the LSAT and possibly go on with Law School. My girlfriend is going to Yale University and I’m stuck at a State University and that make me want to strive for the top schools. Of course my parents want me to focus on the school stuff because we are pretty sure that I could cessation up somewhere. I like both but for ME getting into an Ivy League would require me to study for hours Daily. UGH! But the outcome of both is something that I like. With Fame I simply have a few years and I’m already 21. You never have biddable Fame for Long. I had my fortune read(what a ******* bummer) and they said that I sit around wishful thinking and that I will be successful but very unhappy(never will jump that route again). (Tell me what you think) But if I become a Lawyer I wont have to worry in the region of putting my family in the fluffy and revealing skeletons like they do everyone else. People in arts school know me for my tunnel vision on International/Corportate Law, but My Family knows the Nick that desires to be Globally Famous. Is wanting to be a famous singer stupid even if you have the intrinsic worth? Give me what you got! Even the dumb responses! I’m sure I can take something from them.


Being Famous

Well, when you are outstanding, you have all the problems that you see celebrity like Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have. Then, as a attorney, you get lots of money and you can live your dream life. But the authentic question is, What one do you think is better? Source(s): my mind…

First of adjectives – congrats on being so well structured. Not every 21 year antediluvian thinks like you. Being an attorney is a great notion – although its extremely quarrelsome so be aware that you’ll have to conflict with something everyday! A singing career can be awsome – but again, if you turn that route – make sure you can HANDLE being outstanding because its not for everyone…Good luck on whatever you decide to do – Im sure you’ll be pious at it. Source(s): An ex- legal secretary and the mother of a child actor.

who have a bigger LASTING effect on society: judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys



The first group!

Trying to be famous is for attention whores. Be a advocate, otherwise you will just be one of the many loser musicians that vampire off their girlfriends for life because they never “made it”. Go to university! Dont even think about this… seriously… step to school.. if you dont.. your girlfriend will probably leave you for some rich ivy leaguer. And becoming celebrated has nothing to do beside talent.. has to do with who you know or who you sleep near.. hence more girl pop stars than male.. and the male pop stars are commonly gay. Be a lawyer

very well being famous would be better because you’ll be know by nation and have fans. but what ever works better 4 u…!well brought-up luck..

You want to be famous but realistically, what are your chances of breaking through surrounded by the music industry? How many millions of people hold the same dream? If i were you, i would dance for law. You have a actual interest and it is alot easier to achieve. Also, it is a Lifelong Career not “15 minutes of fame”. And are you sure you really want fame? Obnoxious photographers sticking cameras surrounded by your face every minute of every day and pictures of your unpromising hair days splashed across a magazine. And anyway, you can carry on singing subsequent on, get your degree later pop on a talent show = best of both.

be a prostitute

theres less of a risk if u go into directive but a risk either way cuz studying canon to be a lawyer is hard nd u may tender up but making it in the entertainment industry is even harder nd u probably wont make it. i suggest finding somehtingcompleteydiffernt that u resembling and r good at but if those r the only 2 option, go with the legal representative GOOD LUCK!

Give up fame, not gonna come up. Be a lawyer and pay your path to fame 😉

you should become a legal representative. I am in a similar situation, i want to be an opera singer, but i also doing journalism at college, so when i evacuate, i am going to go in musicals and try to become a upright singer. not the way YOU are. idont want to become a ‘christinaaguilera’ or NY famous singer, merely an honest singer who isnt all famous but is really flawless at it. you should try and audition for musicals even local, or on television, you could even try out for shows on tv which require singing, even kids shows and then formulate your way to the top. and you could still do the law college thing, and then within all your college holidays or whatever, you can move about sing searching. fortune tellers? if they told you to become a chef, would you? you are waiting for someone to influence ‘be a singer man! you can do it, by the way, im an agent! and i wanna hire YOU!” seriously, cool agents dont go on! i reflect in your heart you want to be a singer, just you suppose being a lawyer is more logical and sensible. but you single live once.


no one is going to read adjectives that.

answer-being a lawyer

Go for it. Try it. You can always become a lawyer but within several years your time will be up. You could spend those years doing what YOU love to do, or studying for tests and trying get into the Ivy Leagues.

The request for information is, how do YOU want to spend the next couple of years? Doing what YOU love to do? or studying to become a lawyer? You could become recognized, then when that’s done go final to college and become a lawyer. You get the best of both worlds right here! XD

What’s your name? So maybe I’ll remember you if you ever strike it great.

Don’t listen to that fortune act upon it! DO WHAT YOU PERSONALLY WANT TO DO! or do both. if singing career are shorter then start out a singer and when your career is over, be in motion to be a lawyer. who says you can’t do both things you love? (no one)

hope i help Source(s):;…

Being Famous Source(s): In Know

Lawyer is a well brought-up job and it will last longer! its so easier said than done to get into schools close to that you really have to be smart and you still can sing after collage!
its really hard to take laid off as a lawyer too!

‘But the outcome of both is something that I like. With Fame I only own a few years and I’m already 21. You never have good Fame for Long.’

I guess you answered your own question there. Law requires thorny work as you’ve mentioned. So does singing – it won’t be easy. I personally expect you should go for law – fail to acknowledge fortune tellers, it’s all rubbish. You are contained by charge of your own happiness so if you choose to be miserable than that is your prerogative. I judge that you can always sing on the sidelines, in your church, etc. Have community recognition rather than global discovery; you are less likely to dance crazy and on drug rampages. You can’t be a part time advocate. But it is your choice afterall. Hope I helped!

whatever works.

I think you should be a attorney.
You would probably get over all more money because you would probably be a advocate for longer than you would have good celebrity.
But that’s just my opinion, You should do what you assume you should do. It`s your choice I don`t want to tell you what to do with your duration, but personally I would choose to become a lawyer.

idont believe you have any brain , you are not learning any knowlege surrounded by the university , so you are pitiful , very very !

Being sued by credit card co served by courts, inevitability to build response cant afford legal representative any suggestion…?

 They say I owe more than original debt. Dont want to take garnished. The original credit card company be bought out by washingtonmutal.


If you know you owe them that much, just get an effort to pay them to avoid litigation. Your innovative debt must have been slapped beside interests, that is why your creditor is trying to make you rate not only the original loan but also the interests that already accrue.

The reason you owe more than the original debt is because they own added late fees and service charges. If you lose you may have to pay cheque their attorney fees and court costs as well.

Since they have taken this situation to court that means you didn’t respond to them when they tried to get you to construct a repayment schedule or pay them stale.

Did you have a real polite reason for not paying them, or paying them timely? It’s too late to right to be heard you don’t want to be garnished because by not responding to them you were asking them to frills you. You also didn’t say how much you owe. If it’s under $5,000 you can represent yourself surrounded by court. If over $5,000 you’ll need an attorney.

I can’t remember if it’s 10 or 30 days you have within which to respond to a suit, but you’d best respond and do it quick (and make a copy of what you submit for your own files). Make a copy of the finishing bill you received to show that you are aware you owe them. Then respond in a document (same style as they sent to you but place the word “response” before the title). There’s more to it than this but you didn’t voice the amount you owed so I can’t continue.

Just make a deal, for close to 1/3 of the debt, with them before it even reach court. If you don’t have much of an income you might be judgment proof anyways. Just turn to court. You really have nothing to lose.

Check to see if statute of limitations have passed in the state you first got the card. Then seize your free credit report at…

If S.O.L. has passed then nick that evidence before the court and the case will be tossed. If you don’t show up you are screwed because you own the burden of proof not them. If you pull a no-show they will get a sentence against you and you will be screwed.


Being sued by a collection agency what type of advocate do i want?


pick up yourself the money and deal with the collection agency tocreate some sort of repayment plan. This is exactly what any attorney will do for you. Just be sure you hang on to to any pomise you make and dont make any promises you cant possibly hold on to as if you dont,they will never deal with you again. Also relate them youll keep them abreast of anything that comes up thatll prevent you from paying. You work with them,theyll work near you so keep your money and start dealing Source(s): Florida Paralegal

You are probably being sued by the wall that lent you the money. Collection agencies generally don’t file the sums owed suits. You don’t call for a bankruptcy attorney if you are not filing liquidation. You need an attorney who handles civil cases, since that what this suit would be file as. I don’t know what the time frame is for your state, but in Louisiana you have simply 15 days to respond to the citation. If you can’t get an attorney within 15 days, you should at lowest possible file your written answer with the Clerk of Court, otherwise, the plaintiff can find a judgment against you, regardless of whether you have an attorney. Even if you move about without an attorney, to the court date, admitting you owe the money can still effect a judgment (summary) to be filed against you. Source(s): Deputy Clerk of Court

Probably a bankruptcy lawyer or one similar to that.

But if you cannot pay your bill, how will you pay a attorney?

you can also try finding free legal aid through a legal aid clinic. contact the state bar association surrounded by your state and they can provide you with phone numbers of legal aid clinics contained by your area. You can also try contacting the nearest law university. Sometimes they have programs where ruling students can represent you under the supervision of a lawyer. Finally, I wouldn’t agree to enter a clearance plan even if i owed on the debt. The worsed that can happen is that the court will enter a judgment against you which simply states that you owe the debt. Thereafter, participant that filed the suit against you will have the burden of enforce the debt. Most likely they will want to garnish wages, if you are employed. If you are not employed, after they could place a lien on property that you own to try and force collection. However, if you are not working and have no assets, after they will be out of luck because you can’t get blood from a turnip. Good luck.

Go to and learn about collectors and your rights.

Go to www.naca.NET (as Bud suggests) to find FREE decriminalized service in your area. (If within is not an NACA lawyer in your nouns, call state and county social service organizations, and/or the state attorney’s department (in your area), and ask where you might get free legalized aid.)

The NACA lawyers are well-studied on credit & debt….and credit scams.

Please read in the region of “junk debt buyers” at Bud’s site. For example, click on “Agencies to Avoid” (button, top) and see if the collection acency you mentioned is in the index. If so, read what Bud and other Consumers say about them. Maybe you are man scammed — maybe you owe this collector nothing. 🙂

Best of luck.

Oh, “P.S.”, if you are one sued, PLEASE go to court. Junk debt collectors file suits hoping debtors won’t show up. Then, they grasp an automatic (“default”) judgment against YOU. Then, you are forced to pay the debt, when, I don`t know, they did not own the debt. (They have to PROVE they own the debt.) So, read and get court aid.

Best of luck!! Source(s): NOTE: I am NOT a lawyer.

adjectivesi can suggest, would be a good bankruptcy attorney, may fix more than one problem. they will also let you make a money plan with them, and most likely a free consultation. upright luck. nice avatar.

You do not need a legal representative, if you owe the bill go to court and make arrangements for a sum schedule, if you do not owe it take adjectives documentation into court and prove that you are not liable, the judge will work with you and allow you to present your shield without assistance from a lawyer.~

Being sued by Capital One! Anyone know any lawyer who operate beside companies approaching this?

 Over the last several years, I have tried, to no avail, to settle next to these people. THIS COMPANY IS JUST EVIL. Can anyone help? Any consumer advocate out there?? I just can’t compete near their resources!!


Idont know the answer but i just let my property one card recently go into collections. they are a horrible company..ridiculous interest rates and fees. i even get my wallet stolen once the person used my card 5 times at the same place-gas station (the darkness it got stolen) and they wouldnt even refund the money. i go over my credit limit, cut up my card..asked them to please raise my put a ceiling on so iwouldnt keep getting hit with the overage fees and they wouldnt do anything. hope you find a suitable lawyer and sue their asses good.

If they have a signed credit card application from you and the debt is inside the statute of limitation, then near is not much point in trying to fight them .

Are you sure you are self sued? Have you received an official summons from the court with a confirmed court armour docket #? A letter from a debt collector threatening legal accomplishment is not a summons. If you can confirm that this is a real summons, then here is some generic support in dealing with it:

Send this debt collector and the court a communication via Certified Mail with Return Receipt (NOT regular mail) stating:

Notice of Intent to Defend

I cannot officially respond to your claim until validation is made for the alleged debt. I am properly requesting validation of your claim, to include:

– A copy of the original application with my signature for this alleged debt
– How much be this debt purchased for?
– Provide a fully itemized statement for the amount you are asking which clearly details how this amount over the amount that was paid for this debt be calculated, including the interest rate being charged. Confirm that this rate falls within state usury limitations
– What is the “Date of Last Activity” being used to calculate the Statute of Limitations for the alleged debt

This dispatch has been mail via Certified Mail with Return Receipt. Receipt of this letter is anyone officially time stamped.
Fill out the response to the court the best that you can. Also mail this via Certified Mail beside Return Receipt ——————————-
IMPORTANT****: On the court date: DO NOT be a no-show under any circumstances whatsoever. Not showing up is the worst thing you can possibly do. Even if you are frightened….or you’re sick next to a 102 degree fever…or if you contemplate that you’d loose anyway…show up anyway! If you don’t, the other side will get a default judgement and they will gain this on THEIR terms. They will tack on all sorts of accessory fees and the amount of the judgment could end up one two or three times the actual amount of the debt.

On the court date:

– bring complete documentation of your income and living expenses: Pay stubs and copies of bills. Even if you loose, you can use this to negotiate much more favorable repayment terms. Request the following info from the other side on the court date:

Request the exact same information as noted above in the certified communiqué from their attorneys.
Lastly….if they take you to court and win a judgement, this will authorize them to freeze your checking accounts….To be safe, this might be a worthy time to start pulling out any money you have in check/savings accounts and putting the change in a safe deposit box to preserve them from getting your money. Also, stop any direct deposits of payroll checks

Check the statue of limitations in your state for debt being collectable. Contact a legal representative for sure get a free consult, Also pick up a credit repair book they explain all going on for how collectors and judgments work.

Being sued by creditor, I’m within Cleveland,Ohio where on earth can I find a free advocate to aid me near my travel case?


lawyersdont work for free typically. The solely thing you can do is call a senior center or community center and ask them if they know of any free legally recognized advice available. Sometimes there arelawyer who volunteer and do free legal advice contained by low income areas but you have to call around and ask family who might know where there is trial advice. In your area at hand might not be any free help though.

Problem is…. nearby is no such thing as a free lawyer,you can try the following:
1. Go to the local college and conscript some attorneys in training, they will help represent you, singular problem is…. they are young, inexperienced and so on.
2. Call the local bar association for lawyer and ask them for a cheap credit/bankruptcy lawyer.
3. Work it out, how much is the amount, if it’s nothng but a few thousand.. then they will work it out, Sign a promissory file about it and then stir from there.

Turn your hobbies in to money. charge for it on the internet.

If you want a free lawyer, contact your local ruling school. Soon – to – graduate students can work for free for experience. Source(s): Personal experience

Per your update, if you are unemployed then you are Judgment Proof, as non-existent wages cannot be garnish….Still, you need to respond to the summons and show up anyway in court.
Send this debt collection attorney and the court a notification via Certified Mail with Return Receipt (NOT regular mail) stating:

Notice of Intent to Defend

I cannot officially respond to your claim until validation is made for the alleged debt. I am properly requesting validation of your claim, to include (this info will be requested at the court hearing):

– A copy of the original application with my signature for this alleged debt
– How much be this debt purchased for?
– Provide a fully itemized statement for the amount you are asking which clearly details how this amount over the amount that was paid for this debt be calculated, including the interest rate being charged. Confirm that this rate falls within state usury restrictions

This letter has be mailed via Certified Mail with Return Receipt. Receipt of this note is being officially time stamped.
Fill out the response to the court the best that you can. DO NOT allow to owing the debt…even if you do. Don’t write your life story. Be brief. If you are asked if you Affirm or Deny the claim, mark “Deny” and state that you cannot affirm or deny the the debt until the claim have been validated. Also messages this via Certified Mail with Return Receipt
On the court date: DO NOT be a no-show under any circumstances whatsoever. Not showing up is the worst entry you can possibly do. Even if you are frightened….or you’re sick with a 102 degree restlessness…or if you think that you’d loose, show up anyway! If you don’t, the other side will get a failure to pay judgement and they will get this on THEIR terms. They will tack on adjectives sorts of add-on fees and the amount of the judgment could finishing up being two or three times the actual amount of the debt.

IMPORTANT: bring complete documentation showing that you are unemployed. You can negotiate much more favorable repayment vocabulary. Request the following info from the other side on the court date:

– a copy of the original application with your signature
– a fully itemized statement for the amount they are asking which clearly details how this amount be calculated, including the interest rate being charged – How much was this debt purchased for?
Lastly….if they lug you to court and win a judgement, this will authorize them to freeze your checking accounts….To be safe, this might be a good time to start pulling out any money you enjoy in check/savings accounts and putting the cash surrounded by a safe deposit box to keep them from getting your money. Also, stop any direct deposits of payroll checks

Being contained by India how can I obtain a Legal aid, human rigths attorney to argument my shield within Canada Please Suggest!?

 I was deported to India in 2006 for over stay . I hold 2 Canadian born children’s and they do need me back but my wife is not cooperative. I don’t hold much MONEY anymore. I need human rights lawyer who can come to blows my case in Canada Please Help!


aren’t you the dude, who got deported for domestic violence? and isn’t this your 6th post on this subject?

You can’t.

You must swot up to live with your situation. Perhaps when your children are older they can pop in you in India. Until then, verbs and make a life for yourself within India. Find a nice lady. Get married again.

Canada will not let you come posterior.

Bitter truth is, forget everything within Canada & start a new life within India. If ur own wife is not co-operative means she doesnt want you to be in Canada (she may own been living with someone else already), u cannot do much unless u are filthy rich & can pay cheque for a lawyer in Canada. Since u are not Canadian or Canadian resident u will not go and get any legal aid or human rights lawyer.

Find a work in India or Dubai or Singapore etc & move to live there. Find another woman (a nice one not similar to u married before) and start a new family.

Sorry its bitter truth, but this is cruel world.

No human rights attorney is going to fight for a deported wife beater. I think you’re out of luck on that one.

Being wrongfully sued, can I countersuit for legal representative cost, etc.?

 I am being sued for property that is mine. The adjoining property owners claim they own the property, however I have my survey, their survey when they purchased their land, and the survior as my witness. We never go to court yet. However, can I countersuit for lawyer fees, or for the anguish this have put me through, time, etc.


yes… you can sue for attorney fees and court costs in your counter claim

Yes, you can sue for attorney’s fees. If you can actually prove that it is cause you physical and emotional problems, you could possibly sue for damages, as well.

you should ask a lawyer.

Yes, with a counterclaim for a frivolous lawsuit. You should grasp a lawyer to handle it.

In some cases, just after YOU WIN and can prove the claim was without any merit at adjectives and designed to harrass and constituted malicious prosecution.

Benefits and fault of man a advocate, get, or actuary.?

 I am preparing for college and life ahead and I have be researching different options for a career. I love the decree as well as math. I wanted to know what the positives and negative are for being a lawyer, obtain (specifically civil or structural/architectural), and an actuary.


Just look at who is getting the $700 Billion bailout and you will see where all the money is. Civil Engineers are not getting a bailout and they are mortal laid off by the hundreds in the U.S. right very soon.

Benefits for lawyer?

im doing an essay for a class and what one of my goals is in vivacity and its to become a lawyer. and i need to know the benefits of one a lawyer so i wanted to know if anyone know the benefits of being a lawyer. <33 Lizzie


check this website you will find the following information that should make available you everything you need to write an essay including:
Nature of the Work
Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement
Related Occupations Source(s): U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Occupational Outlook Handbook

Lawyers are a dime a dozen. Heck, within is a shortage of pharmacists and their median wage is $98,000K well above lawyers. Dentists 180,000K median and at hand is a shortage.

From US News, Poor careers for 2006
Attorney. If starting over, 75 percent of lawyers would choose to do something else. A similar percentage would advocate their children not to become lawyers. The work is often contentious, and there’s pressure to be unprincipled. And despite the drama portrayed on TV, real lawyers spend much of their time on painstakingly detailed research. In count, those fat-salaried law jobs walk to only the top few percent of an already high-powered lot.

Many people budge to law school hoping to do so-called public-interest imperative. (In fact, much work not officially labeled as such does serve the public interest.) What they don’t tutor in law college is that the competition for those jobs is intense. I know one graduate of a Top Three law academy, for instance, who also edited a law journal. She applied for a low-paying opening at the National Abortion Rights Action League and, despite interviewing very well, didn’t obtain the job.

From the Associated Press, MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A lawmaker who converted the Assembly to eliminate all state funding for the University of Wisconsin ruling school says his reasoning is simple: There’s too oodles lawyers in Wisconsin.

From an ABA study nearly malpractice claims, More Sole Practicioners: There appears to be an increasing trend toward sole practicioners, due partly to a lack of job for new lawyers, but also due to increasing dissatisfaction among experienced lawyer with traditional firms; leading to some claims which could own been avoided with better mentoring.

New Lawyers: Most insurers hold noticed that many babyish lawyers cannot find jobs near established firms, and so are starting their own practices without supervision or mentoring. This is likely to explanation an increase in malpractice claims, although the claims may be relatively small in size due to the predetermined nature of a new lawyer

“In a survey conducted back in 1972 by the American Bar Association, seventy percent of Americans not simply didn’t have a lawyer, they didn’t know how to find one. That’s right, thirty years ago the hollow majority of people didn’t have a clue on how to find a legal representative. Now it’s almost impossible not to see lawyers everywhere you turn.”

Growth of Legal Sector
Lags Broader Economy; Law Schools Proliferate
For graduates of private law schools, prospects hold never been better. Big law firms this year boosted their starting salary to as high as $160,000. But the majority of law-school graduates are suffering from a supply-and-demand lack of correspondence that’s suppressing pay and job growth. The result: Graduates who don’t rack up at the top of their class are struggling to find well-paying jobs to make payments on law-school debts that can exceed $100,000. Some are taking conditional contract work, reviewing documents for as little as $20 an hour, without benefits. And many are blaming their directive schools for failing to warn them in the order of the dark side of the job bazaar.

The law degree that Scott Bullock gain in 2005 from Seton Hall University — where he say he ranked in the top third of his class — is a “misuse,” he says. Some former high-school friends are earning considerably more as plumbers and electricians than the $50,000-a-year Mr. Bullock is making as a personal-injury attorney contained by Manhattan. To boot, he is paying off $118,000 in law-school debt.

A slack within demand appears to be part of the problem. The legally recognized sector, after more than tripling in inflation-adjusted growth between 1970 and 1987, has grown at an average annual inflation-adjusted rate of 1.2% since 1988, or smaller quantity than half as fast as the broader reduction, according to Commerce Department data.

On the supply end, more lawyer are entering the work force, thanks in fragment to the accreditation of new law school and an influx of applicants after the dot-com implosion earlier this decade. In the 2005-06 academic year, 43,883 Juris Doctor degree were awarded, up from 37,909 for 2001-02, according to the American Bar Association. Universities are starting up more law school in part for prestige but also because they are money maker. Costs are low compared with other graduate schools and classrooms can be generous. Since 1995, the number of ABA-accredited schools increased by 11%, to 196.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the inflation-adjusted average income of sole practitioners has be flat since the mid-1980s. A recent survey showed that out of nearly 600 lawyers at firms of 10 lawyers or a reduced amount of in Indiana, wages for the majority only kept tread with inflation or dropped in legitimate terms over the past five years.

Many students “simply cannot earn plenty income after graduation to support the debt they incur,” wrote Richard Matasar, dean of New York Law School, in 2005, concluding that, “We may be reaching the end of a golden era for ruling schools.”

Now, debate is intensifying among law-school academics over the integrity of ruling schools’ marketing campaigns.
David Burcham, dean of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, considered second-tier, say the school makes no guarantees to students that they will get hold of jobs.

OK, I have to interject right here. Did a dean of a ruling school basically right to be heard you could go through all the flattery of getting into law school, canon school, ethics exam, railing exam and you should not expect some sort of gainful employment after you are through? You might as well be in motion to Las Vegas and put your tuition money on the rouelette table and let it ride, you may have better probability of making money than going to his school and getting a decent paying canon job. This guy is a jerk.

Yet financial data suggest that prospects have grown bleaker for adjectives but the top students, and now a number of law-school professors are calling for the distribution of more-accurate employment information. Incoming students are “mesmerized by what’s taking place in big firms, but clueless about what’s going on contained by the bottom half of the profession,” says Richard Sander, a statute professor at the University of California-Los Angeles who has studied the legal work market.

But in ruling schools’ self-published employment data, “private practice” doesn’t necessarily mean job that improve long-term career prospects, for that category can include lawyer working under contract without benefits, such as Israel Meth. A 2005 graduate of Brooklyn Law School, he earn about $30 an hour as a contract attorney reviewing legal documents for big firms. He say he uses 60% of his paycheck to pay off student loans — $100,000 for canon school on top of $100,000 for the bachelor’s point he received from Columbia University. “Most people graduating from directive school,” he says, “are not going to be earn big salaries.”

Adding to the burden for young lawyer: Tuition growth at law schools have almost tripled the rate of inflation over the past 20 years, leading to sophisticated debt for students and making starting salaries for most graduates smaller number manageable, especially in expensive cities. Graduates surrounded by 2006 of public and private law schools have borrowed an average of $54,509 and $83,181, up 17% and 18.6%, respectively, from the amount borrowed by 2002 graduates, according to the American Bar Association.

But just as adjectives — and much less publicized — are experiences such as that of Sue Clark, who this year received her degree from second-tier Chicago-Kent College of Law, one of six canon schools in the Chicago nouns. Despite graduating near the top partly of her class, she has been powerless to find a job and is doing temp work “essentially as a paralegal,” she says. “A lot of populace, including myself, feel frustrated about the denial of jobs,” she says.

The marketplace is particularly tough in big cities that boast numerous ruling schools. Mike Altmann, 29, a graduate of New York University who went to Brooklyn Law School, say he accumulated $130,000 in student-loan debt and graduate in 2002 with no expressive employment opportunities — one offer be a $33,000 job with no benefits. So Mr. Altmann become a contract attorney, reviewing electronic documents for big firms for around $20 to $30 an hour, and hasn’t been able to find higher-paying work since.

Some latest lawyers try to hang their own shingle. Matthew Fox Curl graduate in 2004 from second-tier University of Houston in the bottom quarter of his class. After months of work hunting, he took his first job working for a sole practitioner focused on personal injury in the Houston nouns and made $32,000 in his first year. He quickly found that tort-reform legislation have been “brutal” to Texas plaintiffs’ lawyers and closing year left the firm to open up his own criminal-defense private practice.

He’s making smaller quantity money than at his last job and have thought about moving back to his parents’ house. “I didn’t judge three years out I’d be uninsured, thinking it’s a great day when a crackhead brings me $500.”

Here is an example ad surrounded by Massachusetts for an experienced attorney, that mentions salary, it was posted this week. Most jobdon’t state salary in the advert cause the pay is pretty low.

Office of the District Attorney, criminal attorney, for the Bristol County District seek staff attorney for the Appellate Division. Excellent writing skills and a passion for appellate advocacy are a must. Salary $37,500. Preference given to candidates who live contained by or will relocate to Bristol County.

LOL, secretaries with no college can make more. What is even more pitiful is there will probably be like 50-100 lawyer that send in their resume for this announcement.

Here is another attorney ad. They pay 35K-40K, however they want someone with experie

Benefits Of Being A Lawyer?

 Work Hours, Pay, Working Environment, Skills….


Excerpts from an article:

A law degree is extremely multi-use. If you were to take a long, tough look at the credentials of the CEOs of companies, you might be very surprised to see how many of these “captain of industry” have a law point, whether or not they ever intended to practice law.

Of course, an MBA is also extremely valuable. Perhaps the conclusion to be drawn here is that a graduate amount is always a good entry whether it is a law degree, an MBA, a medical point, etc. However, earning a law point does help to discipline your mind and teach you to look at things contained by an analytical light. There are so many other honourable reasons to earn a law amount — you certainly cannot go wrong by earn your J.D. However, if you do not intend to practice law, just be aware of how difficult those three years of canon school are going to be and how expensive it is going to be to earn that degree.

Indisputably, practicing top-quality, cutting-edge statute, satisfying knowledgeable, sophisticated, and demanding clients, keeping up beside complex changes, being a “good” partner, contributing some pro bono time, conferring next to colleagues, teaching associates or younger partners, and, yes, satisfying out reports and time sheets, billing and collecting, all require sacrifices and long hours, and normally involve intense pressure, immense energy, and unselfish commitment. The demand for better service seem ever increasing. The technological innovations of word processing, faxing, video conferencing, electronic transfers, etc., often trade name response times frightening and nerve-wracking. Competing and succeeding as a lawyer today seems to require greater officially recognized competence and more business acumen than ever before.

Still, these changes do not jump to the core of what we do. They do not eliminate or outweigh the essential attractions of the profession.

…the financial rewards of the profession have increased substantially over the second 25 years — a partner at one of the most profitable New York firms told me that last year the lowest paid partner contained by his firm received more money than the highest paid partner within that firm received 10 or so years ago. There is a price to pay for this “success.”

After adjectives these years, when a client telephones on a Sunday night beside a seemingly insoluble problem, an unreasonable deadline, a disagreeable adversary and an acute need for assistance, the juices continue to flow.…

As a lawyer, you might serve as common counsel for a corporation. You might choose to become a lawyer in a big firm. You might work for a lawful services agency and help destitute families resolve their permissible crises. Or you could become a prosecutor, public defender, county counsel or city attorney.

A lawyer’s choice of legal field is as varied as the society in which he or she lives. And the quality of the law-related work available within each corral varies as well. No issue what you have seen on tube, the practice of law is not all courtroom drama.

Many practicing lawyer rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Others do not even practice law, choosing instead to work within business, government and other law-related fields. It adjectives depends on what appeals to you as an individual. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Lawyers are both advocates and advisors. They serve solve–or prevent–legal problems for others. For example, a lawyer might:

Assist in drafting a will.
Help a merchant sue a customer for unpaid bills.
Advise someone who is seeking a divorce.
Prepare mortgages and other loan documents for a edge.
Research a tax law within international trade for a corporate executive.
Prosecute a defendant in a criminal trial.
Help an impoverished tenant beside a landlord dispute.

more info here:…


Besides a advocate or intercede, what do you stir to ruling university to become?

 I know that you go to law college if you want to be any kind of lawyer, or authority, or maybe a college professor. Is there any other obedient careers you could pursue that you would want to go to ruling school for?

Thanks in finance for answering!


In addition to those listed: Patent Attorney, Patent Agent.

Educated say it best, I have a cousin who has his JD and CPA – He’s a Venture Capitalist, and have made 7-8 figures for each of the second 10+ years.


Many people in business hold law degrees, and within other fields too. Like Bill Kurtis, TV newsman and documentary film author. Also many government job.

Several of my classmates are now working in corporate Human Resources depts. They clear sure that the company is following both state and federal laws on hiring/firing, etc. I know that insurance, securities, and other companies who must comply with law of many states, will hire attorneys as compliance officers. A compliance officer make sure that the company is following not only the Federal law but the imperative of the state they are selling in. Many corporate executives went to ruling school and continue to uphold a license to practice law. The corporate world values the extra effort and diligence it take just to get through directive school and pass the dowel exam. Source(s): Employment attorney:


Attending law school can pass you a lot of options including the following:
– Working on contracts
– Consultant
– Human Resources Manager
– Non Profit Management
– Entrepreneurship
– Advocacy
– Politics
– International Relations
– Paralegals
– News Journalists – TV anchor
– Law Enforcement eg FBI, CIA
– Researcher

Essentially, you want to look at the skills developed during legalized training and how important they are in other career. Skills such as research, analysis, advocacy, public speaking and writing are all great transferable skills. Source(s): – 9 years as a career government specialist
– MBA with emphasis contained by HR Management
– 6 Career blogs at

tax or estate tax expert

Besides a Lawyer, what other passageway is in attendance to acquire my money put a bet on?

I lent my friend $2,000.00 to help her save her from loosing her house (so she said), that be 2 years ago. She has paid put a bet on $ 1,500.00, she still owes me $ 500.00, I have nicely asked her give or take a few paying me back and she says, “all right, I wish I could, but I just can’t do it right now”. I hold watched her buy things, cell phones for her kids, ear piercings and such, I know she has some money, not rich but I know she have something to give back to me, she a moment ago stopped paying me altogether. She then told me that her lawsuit is comming to a close and she would have the money. I have a sneaking suspicion that that’s bull. What other legal way do I enjoy besides a lawyer to get my money fund, is there some sort of collection agency I can go through? Thanks…


best method to get money back…. your fists

I am serious almost this.


you get a free trip to new york and in that is no fee to file

either communicate to her and make her sign a written contract that acknowledges that she owes you the final $500 and product a date of when it is due. Whether its $10 a week until its paid off or approaching 2 months and paid back surrounded by full.. If that happens and she does not still pay up later you can take her to a small claims court and sue her for the money and the legal fees that occur during this process. next time you lend any money to a friend or relative you need to write up a contract and include the price which desires to be paid back and a time of when it should be compensated, this would avoid the confrontation you have and the chance of losing a friend

First stale you don’t need a lawyer you own small claims court. In CA it costs $35 to file a claim. Basically you and herappear in front of a decide and you present your case. You would need to show documentation that you lent her the money, and that she’s repaid you. For example checks cashed, sandbank statements.

Did you get her to sign anything that indicated she’d pay you rear legs? If not then the judge may vote you’re not entitled to repayment because it was of late a verbal agreement.

What you should know about small claims court is that in recent times because a judge may say she’s guilty and requirements to pay you the $500 the courts have no process of enforcing it. They don’t make her present you a payment right then and here or follow up to ensure you receive your money. So you may wind up wasting your time.

You can as you would expect just look up collection agencies in the phone book and ask them. Two problems near this:
1. They will probably need some kind of written proof that the money is owed. If your friend didn’t sign anything, she could deny she owes you anything and sue them and you for bullying.

2. If they collect the money for you, they will take a huge percentage as their fee, I don`t know as much as half.

You could go to small claims court lacking a lawyer. if you won, your friend would have to income the court costs as well as the $500. However, the burden of proof is again on you, meaning if you don’t enjoy anything in writing, then it’s your word against hers. You may be capable of manage with witnesses, but they’d own to be pretty strong withnesses to sway a judge. Also, even if you win a judgment against her, the court won’t collect for you. You’d still hold to get the money, and probably pay someone a chunk to take it for you.

Another idea is to ask her for installments. Could she manage $100 a month? $50? $25? Or $25 a paycheck? She probably can afford it, it’s a moment ago that paying back $500 all at once can be overwhelming.

Besides human being a legal representative or schooling decree, what can i do beside a canon scope that make angelic money (100,000+)?

I don’t have the personality to be one of those lawyer that argue in trial court. I don’t mind doing paperwork, but I want to have my own practice. I don’t close to working for a boss. Are immigration lawyers needed in the subsequent ten years??



bankrupt when all these baby boomer retire and own a 401k, they will need it. that and traffic tickets.

You worked so hard to get that point, are you discouraged for not passing the BAR test only asking? Then, not all lawyers are trial lawyer. Only the experienced ones get go to trial. Most lawyer work behind a desk and piles of paperwork with a dicta phone attached to their fingers.
Any likely area in this world wishes a lawyer. Find an area that you approaching and dip right into it.
Immigration lawyers will always be needed freshly like backrupcy and divorce lawyers.

With all the border verbalize – yes immigration will hot.

Sorry honey, but starting your own practice you will not be making $100,000+ for quite a while. I gather you want to be a attorney, just not a trial lawyer, from your statement in connection with starting a practice. How about real estate or duty law? People are always buying houses and paying their taxes, so in attendance will be a steady flow of business, and you don’t have to go to court.

Immigration imperative is huge. How about politics? hehe.

Corporate law?

Besides lawyer, what national or wi state agencies business deal beside rights of develomentally disabled ward?

 Extreme violations occurred near a group home, all county agencies denied claims and retaliated. Am in desperate have need of of help-already spoke with 50 lawyers and since I am indigent I couldn’t turn to one anyway-the ones I spoke to weren’t competent to help. Who or what can I get to provide sprite that isn’t a lawyer?


No one can really enforce rights that isn’t a lawyer, try conversationto your state’s Attorney general.

Besides permissible aid services, is in that any other bearing that I can procure a attorney when I don’t really enjoy any money?

 I am in a very unpromising custody battle, and I am going to need possibly two lawyer. I really don’t have the money for them. Beside legal aid services is within any services out there that I can use to either capture a loan for a lawyer, or anything like that?


You can other take out a personal loan. Use a credit card. Another way is to nickname around to different law firms. Every law firm does so much “pro bono” work. This is their method of giving back to the community. Call their offices and see if any will help yourself to your case pro-bono.

Any lawyer can bring on a second bench if necessary, to handle mixed aspects of a case.

I second the advice to try to find a lawyer who will steal it on pro bono, either through a pro bono referral service of the state bar or by asking lawyer directly. Many lawyers will let you sort payments if you don’t have the money to pay them up front. And the suggestion to try to find a regulation school clinic is a good one too.

Each state pub that I know of maintains a list of matter that they try and get attorneys to take on a pro bono foundation. Call the state bar in your state (you can find them online or Google them) and ask if there’s a pro bono enumerate. It doesn’t guarantee you an attorney will take the matter, but you never know.

Another item to try would be to go to a nearby decree school (if you have one nearby) and see if they own a legal clinic that is amenable to the public. They perform services really cheap since the students are the ones doing all the work underneath the supervision of a licensed attorney. It gets the students valuable court time and provides you next to representation at a fraction of what it might otherwise cost.

Taking out a loan in establish to pay for a lawyer is not a apposite idea. Use legal aid, or try to find a cheap attorney. Actually, thinking about it, some lawyers will allow you to take-home pay them a bit at a time, say lb50 a week until you have compensated them off.

Best path to expose/punish legal representative who took help of me, financially and physically?


Contact your state hotel association (or, in some states, your state’s supreme court) to lodge your complaint.

Be specific. Be honest (you will be asked about it subsequently.) Be clear in what you say.

Yourstate Bar should have a mechanism for acceptance such complaints. Start there.

Its your word against his word. If there are damages you suffered from these allegations, then you could aim legal action. But, be geared up to be placed on the stand and hung out to dry. If you’re willing to compromise someones reputation because you’re angry or vengeful, be prepared to get a nibble of the same thing. Be scrupulous what you ask for. I should know because it happened to my father.

I don’t know if state ethic board is the same thing as the State Bar Association, if they are different you could record with them also.

Go after his/her reputation. Contact your local news agencies to see if they hold anyone investigating wrong doings.

can try your state ethic board to file an complaint about your advocate,

One would need details. However, what you’re describing is both professional misconduct and malpractice per se surrounded by most states. Speak to an attorney who handles personal injury cases. I suggest getting a referral from the COUNTY bar association, as they across the world vet a lawyer before putting him or her on the inventory. And seriously consider engaging a female attorney who is a rape/abuse survivor.

Report him to the state bar. There are hotlines for reporting wrong conduct by attorneys.


Best college for a Lawyer?

 So…yeah? If someone were to become a lawyer, what would be their best shot when it comes to colleges? Also, if you can, convey me if they need to take any specific classes contained by high school to be admit to said college?


Fortuneately, in that is no best college to go to in writ to become a lawyer. You can go to any college that you find “fits” best. You can find out more nearly the rankings of prestigious colleges by going to, click on “Best Colleges” then click “National Universities” Some examples include- UCLA, UC Berkeley (both in California), Yale (in Connecticut), Harvard (in Massachusetts), University of Virgina, Stanford (in California), Columbia University (in New York), University of Chicago and Georgetown University (in Washington, DC).
To find out their admission requirements, search on the web for respectively school and go to “admissions” on respectively page. Keep in mind that you can become a lawyer by attending anyarts school but the schools mentioned above are all awfully prestigious.
Hope this helps. Source(s): Personal Research

To become a lawyer you hold to first get your undergraduate degree from a 4 year university, near any major you’d like. Most students who step to law schools tend to through in political science, history, philosophy, and english. If you want to start preparing now, whip some courses that requires analytical and critical thinking. Also you can take a look at the LSAT prep books. I believe Yale law arts school is the highest ranked, and you stipulation a really high gpa, high lsat evaluation, a killer personal statement, and best recommendation correspondence from professors.

Like everyone else has said, you first need a bachelor’s point. Although it is true, your major is not the most important factor when determining access, you can certainly select an undergraduate major that have a positive impact on your appeal to the law schools you apply to. For instance, rights and copyright attorneys usually major in engineering within undergrad. If you have a particular type of ruling you want to practice keep it in mind when select your undergraduate major.

The guy who said poli sci is a terrible focal is just flat wrong. I am a poli sci graduate that has already be accepted to one law institution and is hopeful about two others. The fact is that ruling and politics are intertwined. Poli sci is a great major for a law student who requests to become a lobbyist. The fact is that the most popular major amongst tenet students is political science. I have had plenty of those tell me what a bad ruling I made and they were usually people that have no expertise on the subject and had just “hear that somewhere.” Bottom line: whatever university you go to, whatever core you pick, you must keep GOOD GRADES, 3.5+ GPA.

Once you’re at your undergrad university, there is a regulation school qualifying exam, the LSAT, that you should appropriate in the summer between Junior and Senior year. Many people give somebody a lift expensive prep courses for this; I just took the test. The LSAT test your logical reasoning skills, something which your college major will have no effect on.

Your undergraduate GPA and LSAT win are the main tools which administrators use to evaluate your pass to the law school of your choice. Other smaller amount important factors include, post of recommendation and work experience.

There is really no specific college you should go to contained by order to be admitted to decree school. Simply choose the college of your liking and excel here. There will be no time for partying and the such if you really plan on going straight into law school. There are no specific glorious school classes you should take, although you may relish a class in business law if it is available. My initial interest within law was a result of participating surrounded by a high school mock trial competition. I know it sounds dorky but greatly of people in my class did it and enjoy it.

I think that pretty much explains the process. Feel free to post any additional question you have. Source(s): Experience

Law school require nothing but a bachelors degree of some species (could be basket weaving for adjectives they care), grades, and LSAT score. The more competitive the school, the more your extra currics, essay, and parcels of rec matter.

But there’s no major or course you requirement to take or that really helps you.

You write profusely, so English can be helpful. However, English tends to be a intricate major so you have to weigh the benefits against the possibility you may not win as high a GPA as you’d like.

Anyone who say to major in poly sci or history know absolutely nothing something like law school admission in the past couple of decades or so. Law school know these are ridiculously easy majors and they provide no real benefit as “background” subjects for decree school. If you just want to highest in these because you want a 4.0, that’s a different, but legitimate strategy. Just don’t do it to try and impress imperative schools. Source(s): I’m a lawyer.

I myself have been contemplating statute school in 2008.Afteralot of research, I find that entering directive school has to do beside two things. Are you interested in Law or interested in making the salary that pays 100K+ a year. The best way would be getting in to the college that you want to do your statute school. Most people leading in Social sciences and English because you must have a strong grasp of the terms. If possible take a latin language course surrounded by college. Having a good graduating CGPA and score for your LSATs are important as well. The best place to check which tenet schools are the best in its respected concerntration would be Please record that hiring percentages of graduates from the university right after graduation or 9 months after graduation. These are very important factor in choosing your school. Law college is not cheap and most people take out huge student loans unless your parents can afford it. If you are going to pilfer out loans and such be aware that you need to have appropriate credit. Take care of your credit ratings. Back to the basicsi would suggest you see a student advisor of your illustrious school or carreer advisor about classes you want to take. Also you can inquire with the college that you want to win into as at times they have college class for high academy students. Its a tough road getting to this goal. Alot of hard work and i am sure you will clear it.Hereis a few Universities i have checked that offers upright law programs. Northwestern Uni. IL,Boston Uni,NYU and many others.

OK, just to clearify things up you don’t in actual fact do law in your undergraduate studies. I am a sophmore at Eastern Connecticut State University and am a Political Science crucial, as most potential lawyers are, but you can get an undergraduate amount in anything from English, History, etc. I would encourage you to enroll within your college’s Pre-Law program, it will help you prepare for your LSAT’s which are used to get into Law School after your undergradate years. I would recommend also to keep hold of your GPA up like a 3.5 or higher contained by college if you want to get into a competitive law arts school like UCONN Law or Yale Law.

Check out ECSU though, they have a terrific undergraduate Pre-Law program and alot of support networks. Best of luck. Source(s):

Best colleges for adjectives lawyer/politician?

i want to become a lawyer, then a politician. what colleges would best suit my desires?


It depends on the law school, not the undergrad.

take a look at “The guide to american colleges/universities” or similar title. it ranks schools by programs and degree offered.

For preparation for law school, it is tough to vanquish Holy Cross (west of Boston). At Holy Cross each year, more than 100 Holy Cross graduates (15% of the class of 700) enter ruling schools accredited by the American Bar Association – one of the peak rates in the nation. Holy Cross has award-winning moot and mock trial team and a unique student-published law memoir, providing graduates with perceptive experience that appeals to the nation’s top law schools. For the second year surrounded by a row, a Holy Cross Moot Court team placed second in the National Moot Court Competition, making them among the top competitors contained by the nation. Source(s):…

may be this will lend a hand you to find a good college of law :

Best crimnal equality advocate contained by Houston, Texas nouns.?

In need of a really good legal representative In the houston surronding area


Rusty Hardin. I don’t know if he’s the best, but he’s arguably the most famous. I reckon you’ll find his list of representative clients on his website is very starry.

Hiring a lawyer for minor legal problems can be expensive, but within are websites like LawGuru, FindLaw and other places where you can find free legal advice. I found this website adjectives –

Best custody attorney contained by wilmington nc near a rating or something besides ive be here?

 im really lost in this whole process, adjectives i know is i want someone will will tear my sons dad and his lawyer apart.


Contact the state pole association and ask for a referral.

Best decree academy for lawyer?

 im in 6 th grade but i really want to be a advocate what colleges are good that i can get into gently unlike Harverd or Yale also what classes do i need to take?


All regulation schools are for lawyers, 99% of directive grads end up being lawyer.

To apply to law school you hold to have a bachelors degree (4 year college degree) and clutch the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). There are a lot of good decree schools, however, you should be more concerned with where on earth you are going to college; you still have at least 10 years back you are applying to law school.

You don’t necessitate to take anything, you can major contained by any subject in college and apply to law university with that degree.

Best deportation-removal attorney available!!?

I am in desperate search of a top advocate! I do not have much money but I am willing to lug out a loan to hire one. I need someone who specializes in deportation-removal cases and win the majority. Thank You to anyone who can help me.


No one wins a majority, if they win 10 out of 100 cases near some degree of complexity; they would be superb. Google AILA for a lawyer effective you. Source(s): Lawyer

Nobody wins the majority of cases because almost adjectives the time they’re are defending guilty people. If you’re in deportation proceedings there’s mostly a reason for it.

Any attorney who is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association will do a obedient job for you.

Get an AILA member experienced contained by deportation defense in your area. It’s usually beneficial if the legal representative knows & is on good jargon with the local judges & staff. If your state have specialization, look for an attorney with immigration specialization (most states do not). Probably the best-know active immigration attorney is Ira Kurzban, contained by Florida. Won’t be easy getting him personally though, and getting somebody well brought-up & experienced in your area might outweigh the supposed benefit of have an attorney who’s a “celebrity.”

perry mason

Best English Lawyer within London?

 Dear Pals, Please can anyone let me know who’s the best English lawyer within the london city to handle the immigration matter. because one of my friend come from Sri Lanka and he’s seeking asylum in this country due the civil war within SL. Earlier he registered with one of the lawyer , who’s have asian background dowsnt fulfill his requirements and basic entail. so he decided to go for a English Lawyer , who solve his immigration business simple and effectively. Please if anyone knows please let me know as soon possible. Thank you for yor gentle help.

We simply don’t stipulation any more people coming in. This country is overrun.


“> and who exactly will be paying for this lawyer?

Foreigners draw from Lawyers for free, the Lawyers just claim the money off the senate, that’s why Lawyers love immigrants and why the British people are p*ssed bad!

Best lawyer tv series?

 or movies?


boston permissible
law and order Source(s): i love them!

LA Law


1. Law & Order (still going strong, hope it stays on forever)
2. L.A. Law (first 5 seasons, dramatically sucked after that)
3. The Practice (first 5 seasons, competence declined after that)

MOVIES (tougher to decide, surrounded by no particular order):

The Firm (1993, love the movie and John Grisham’s novel)

Witness for the Prosecution (1957, classic directed by Billy Wilder & starring Marlene Dietrich)

In the Name of the Father (1993, excellent film starring
Daniel Day-Lewis, Pete Postlethwaite & Emma Thompson directed by Jim Sheridan

By far Damages on FX which have been renewed for 2 more seasons.Check it out,Glenn Close is amazing.Best plot dash ever.

Best liquidation lawyer contained by dupage county illinois?

 looking to file bankruptcy does anyone know the best liquidation lawyers in dupage county illinois to progress with


I cannot think of his pet name off the top of my head but within is a guy in Aurora located off Indian Trail. He is within the same building as the Teachers Union and he was unbelievably nice and informative and he was willing to trade name better payment arrangements than almost every other lawyer within the area.

Peter Francis Geraci?


Best preoperty attorney surrounded by Delhi?


What country are you in? If you were within the USA, I would tell you:

THE best way to find a attorney is by word of mouth. Ask your: family, friends, coworkers, anyone you might know in alike situation, etc.


Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for names of attorneys that toy with your type of matter. (If money is a BIG problem, you could also ask for the phone number of your local LegalAid office. – the attorneys at LegalAid are “real” attorneys, but sometimes within the field of Law, how much you are willing to settle up does affect the quality you get.)

When you appointment the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Lawyer. Just detail the Secretary the main idea of your concern – do not tell all the little details of your event to the Secretary – save the details for the Attorney. When you get the Lawyer on the phone string, ask him/her:

– Do they give FREE, initial consultations? (most do, but not all – you enjoy to ask, don’t assume)
– How much do they charge?
– Could you make payments on your account?
– Can they sustain you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.

(This is based on my understanding, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal assessment, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Seeking warning over the Internet is not a good idea – the pen of Law is too complex for that. Please be careful and do your research.) Source(s): life

Real estate attorney or personal property lawyer? Real estate, you can contact the bar and/or board of realty. Personal property, you can contact the lump and/or look up wills. estates, and personal property in a directory.

The Best, there is no best! It depends on how of a mind one is to work; and with attorney’s trust me money $$$$ talks.

Best second vernacular for a modern attorney to know?

 I’m a soon-to-be personal injury attorney. I’d like to learn an secondary language and interested in what idiom would best increase business. Spanish is an obvious choice, but I am also considering Portuguese.

I work for an East Coast plaintiffs’ firm. I am currently in Pennsylvania and New Jersey but considering moving to South Carolina or Georgia.

I also know German, but I enjoy not used it at all since college.


2=english or Amerikan
1=Krat Guvt gibberish

Research the nouns you want to work in. Determine the clientele you’d have. Like you said, Spanish is probably the open choice…and if I were you I’d stick to that one. Everything is already written in English and Spanish now…kind of a hint that you’ll shutting up with more than one person who is more fluent within Spanish than English…

I’m sorry to hear in the region of your situation. I was hurt once in West Virginia when a assignment truck backed over my foot at work. My company tried to settle with me efficient because they knew it wasn’t my fault. I call a nearby personal injury lawyer surrounded by my area who gave me excellent guidance and I was able to procure a decent settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d find a lawyer contained by New Jersey.… My personal injury lawyer was oblige me because they hope to make some money at the same time. Try calling a injury advocate to see if they can help.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Best path to become a advocate?

 Okay, so I’m 19 years old and have a High School diploma. I enjoy been a supervisor at UPS for 2 years and I like it but I other strive for more. I would like to become a lawyer, as it is a area that has always interested me, but my time is enormously limited right now (working 2 job to support my household) and so is money. I was wondering if anyone knew the blatant most efficient way to acquire to being a lawyer. Maybe taking classes online to gain credits for my core classes first or something similar? Thanks, I appreciate your input.


It takes about 6 years of full-time college and plentifully of money, so it might not be the right thing for you right now below the circumstances. If it’s something you want to work at slowly, just start by going to college part time and work on getting a Bachelor’s Degree and afterwards you can try to get into a Law School

Best undergrad conservatory for someone who desires to be a advocate?

 What undergrad school would be the best for me to help me return with into a really good law arts school? And I mean, I’m aiming to be ambitious, like yale, harvard, columbia for my grad academy.I know there isn’t really a pre-law major, and I want to possibly principal in international affairs because the type of law I’m looking into is International law/civil rights.
Any philosophy?


For preparation for law school, it is tough to flog Holy Cross. At Holy Cross each year, more than 100 Holy Cross graduates (15% of the class of 700) enter statute schools accredited by the American Bar Association – one of the best rates in the nation. Holy Cross has award-winning moot and mock trial team and a unique student-published law memoir, providing graduates with eloquent experience that appeals to the nation’s top law schools. For the second year surrounded by a row, a Holy Cross Moot Court team placed second in the National Moot Court Competition, making them among the top competitors surrounded by the nation. A sitting Supreme Court justice is a HC grad. Source(s):…

An Ivy League, or Little Ivy will get you into a righteous law school.
Harvard University
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
Columbia University
Brown University
Dartmouth College
Cornell University
Amherst College
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Colby College
Connecticut College
Hamilton College
Haverford College
Middlebury College
Swarthmore College
Trinity College
Tufts University
Wesleyan University
Williams College

These Universities are roughly considered the best institutions in America for any liberal arts based professions. (Which is what you want for regulation school, for Sciences, the list will diverge, including names like MIT, CIT, NJIT, and CMU)

Best undergraduate majors for an aspiring lawyer/legislator?

I aspire to be a legislator when I get older, but I realize that I call for to be elected and have some other job surrounded by the interim. I’m looking at a law track and was wondering what the best majors for such a profession track would be? I’ve been thinking political science, but are there others?


Because of your goal, I would suggest studying Political Science, Public Policy, Public Affairs, Government, or a related field. I majored in Political Science contained by undergrad and the courses you will take (for instance Constitutional Law) will help you surrounded by law school as all right as when you’re a legislator. Also keep in mind that at hand are internships that are only available to students with indisputable majors, so while you can major in a knotty science or some other field, the government-type internships that will help you next to the connections you need will not typically be available to you. You will find some that only require a principal OR minor in one of the above-referenced fields, but a focal definitely helps. Source(s): Political Science/Pre-Law contained by undergrad.

A lot of law schools look for someone who take a challenging curriculum. Political science has its benefits, but it also have a poor reputation when it comes to how challenging the course load is. You’d probably be better bad taking a hard science, engineering, or something else that proves you’re capable of doing tough work. You can minor in political science or something similar to show you have that interest though.

Better destiny of getting a opening as a advocate or a neuropsychologist?

 Not a money hungry typical lawyer like 90% of imperative students want to be, but a public service lawyer. Do you think I stand a better unsystematic at getting that kind of job? Or do you reason Id find more employment opportunities as a neuropsychologist? Im trying to decide whether to rob the LSATs or the GREs. Thanks 🙂


It really depends on what you want to do. If you really have a passion for the tenet then go to tenet school. If you could go any way then your bet might be beside neuropsychology, as it probably has more jobs out in that. You should pick which one interests you more. If it helps, check out, it will show you the median salaries for folks nine months out of graduation. For lawyers the median salary is $60,000 ($85,000 surrounded by private practice), psychologists were around $69,000. So, it really depends on what you want to do. Source(s):

Unless your law degree is from a prestigious university then you are better off person a neuropsychologist. I know plenty of lawyers out of work. Actually many of those out of work lawyer ended up working for the government – but not as lawyer.


You would probably find more job opportunities as a psychologist. Having said that, you should not choose your trade based solely on that occupation’s employment rates. You should pick something you would like to do even if you weren’t getting remunerated for it.

Better hiring a legal representative for paternity or a moment ago getting the testing lacking legal representative to establish paternity?

 My boyfriends ex wife filed for divorce through Minnesota last year and she also have her and her lawyer sign a letter stating that she waive her rights to past, present, and future support. She lost her charge shortly after the divorce, got put on welfare (umemployment) and the state of Minnesota filed a child support suit against me. After she moved out in September of 2004, she disclosed to me in (5) emails that in attendance is a 50/50 chance that I am not the father. I had my first audible range in March 2007 in Texas, specifically where I reside, and they only give me 30 days to hire a lawyer. I tried to hire 1 from Min. so that I could establish paternity, which took me 3 weeks to find 1. Then when I had my audible range in April 2007, (I was powerless to hire a lawyer from Texas because this is a Min. case and not a soul wants to touch it), so now I own to pay her support starting in May. Would I be better stale hiring a lawyer from Texas and get an adjunction, of freshly getting the test done and taking the test results


In most states in attendance is something called res judicata…this is a legal occupancy meaning that once the door is opened to contest and issue that you must do so or lose the opportunity to do so subsequent. If you had the chance to get hold of a patenity test with or in need an attorney and did not do so and a child support order was are probably stuck with it. Another point is that child support is the child’s right and not something a parent or anyone else can sign away. A child is entitled to be supported by both parents. Also if you got divorced and the child be mentioned in the paperwork, that was your first opportunity to request a paternity question paper. You should see an attorney and take your paperwork to see if there is anything you can do. Source(s): former child support enforcement agent, 25 yrs. experience

#1 the courts and CSS don’t care about wavers of child support. If the state is going to enjoy to put out money they will come after you.

#2 get a lawyer surrounded by Texas because they should not be able to force you to pay support unless paternity have been verified by a DNA test. If you be married or if your name is on the birth certificate later that may be used to justify and enforce child support.

#3 looks like the jurisdiction is within Texas so don’t worry quite as much just about the other lawyer. Worry primarily where the current jurisdiction is and if they try anything contained by the other state, notify the courts there that there is current legally recognized action in Texas.

#4 use subpeonas to find info the legal way. You may know how to do it yourself just by asking if the courts have papers you can pack out to request the info, but it may only go to the court and not you.

#5 Issue summons to your ex for the court within texas. If she fails to show request a long arm summons. That is where the state you are contained by asks for help from the other state to enforce the summons.

#6 If you want the child in your existence file for custody. Paternity and child support have little to do next to custody and that can be a seperate matter.

** Remember that laws ebb and flow from state to state. What I posted may not be the same in Texas as within my state. Family law is traditionally in the kingdom of the state government and the feds rarely argue with that.

Opps: I read that somewhat wrong looks like your jurisdiction is in MN. Get the advocate there.
In my state if the child is born after the divorce, within a undisputed time period, you are still resonsible for the child. I can’t remember if it is 180 days or 1 year, so look for something like that contained by MN law books. Most states alow for dna test but it must be the court approved tryout and not the cheap home kit.

I hope this helps. Good Luck.

First of adjectives, welfare and unemployment compensation are not synonymous. The ex-wife waived rights to spousal support I pull together and not child support. Two different things as well.

Filed against you? Why would the state of Minnesota file a child support suit against you and not your boyfriend? Could you both be the father? (your workbook is confusing). Did you sign the child’s birth certificate or previously acknowledge paternity? Are you the registered father (Minnesota Bureau of Vital Statistics)?.

If there’s a 50% chance it IS your child paying support shouldn’t be a problem (until you establish that it isn’t your child). You will be responsible for adjectives support payments until such time as you disprove your paternity. Those support payments are not negotiable until then, so it is contained by your best interest to start paternity proceedings as quickly as possible.

Talking to a lawyer (family law) contained by your area would be beneficial. You don’t need the mother to profile a paternity suit – it is you and the child who will be tested.…………… Source(s): If a man denies that he is the father, a court action is needed to determine parentage. When this happens, the court may establish genetic testing. If the testing proves the man is the father of the child, the court may establish him to pay all or piece of the genetic testing fees. If the county child support office sets up the trialling and the man is not the biological father of the child, he does not have to pay for the conducting tests fees.

Better opening outlook for teacher or lawyer?

I can’t decide on whether or not I want to go wager on to school to become a teacher or a attorney. I know the teacher route costs much less than the attorney route, but I think teachers brand name a lot less starting out than lawyer. I’m just curious if anyone knows which profession it will be easier to find a opportunity in in the subsequent couple of years? I don’t want to make a huge mistake.


Teachers are within demand while there is a surplus of lawyer.

Okay – stop looking at the money. Look at what you delight in. Both of these require different skills and different likes. Find the one you LIKE, not the one that makes the most money.

In the long run, rule is the more stable profession. You’ll always find a school need teaching. Plus your get summers and holidays sour AND get deals surrounded by things such as school supplies and even mortgage.

As for money, your student loan debt can be erased once you graduate and become a lawyer if you work contained by the public sector and pay a set % of your paycheck to student loans your remaining balance will be forgiven after 10 years. I believe at hand may be something similar with teaching.

Teaching is not as stable as it was. Thousands are anyone laid off all the time. I know several that enjoy been. It is still easier and faster to get started within. Better to do what you love doing. Have you shadowed a teacher and a lawyer for a couple days to win the feel of what they do? You could teach contained by a law school

Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 2 – The Lawyer keep watch on online?

 Any sites where can i watch Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 2 entitled The Lawyer?


I found some video clip about this episode. Get here to keep watch on :…

I hope this can help you.

In tonight episode, Veronica tries to pump Rose for information when a billow of layoffs hits Veridian; the lead character of Linda’s first children’s book is the spitting emblem of Phil. Source(s): link…

As far as I know there is simply one legitimate place to watch it. I can’t stand those dumb surveys any but they make you do a short one then you are biddable to go. Just go here;


It’s free and there are lots versions. -Enjoy 🙂

love this

Watch online here

Between a advocate (or a ruling graduate) and a psychologist, who would be the better Human Resources Manager?

Both professions deal with ethnic group and have their own advantages.


depends on the individual person and their experiences

Of course the psychologist, you know how to read people’s minds and can deal with any character because again you know how hey are feeling. Lawyes may know the rules but psychologiest is better for the position.

I think it depends within what type HR focus you are looking for. If it is recruitment focused I would absolutely say-so a psychologist. If it is law / benefits/unempolyment….focused a law graduate may suite the opportunity. If it is a generalist position, go with the creature who will fit in most with the company, I would probably do that anyway…company fit is most meaningful.

Neither one of them.

An attorney may “deal” with people but that point offers NO education on how to MANAGE race.

A Psychologist…you’ll probably never find one in HR anyway..they can make more money contained by private practice and their primary goal is to diagnose mental disorders.

I wouldn’t want either one of them within that type of job.

A degree DOES NOT craft someone a “people person”.

I would look for someone with a level in public relations.

How about someone beside a degree in Business Administration near an emphasis on Human Resources or better yet a level in Human Resource Management? How about requiring Certification contained by Human Resource Management.

The law degree will give support to you understand the laws, but even within the field of HR law, attorneys specialize within things like unemployment directive or workers’ comp law. The psych degree would comfort with dealing with empire and perhaps in the hiring nouns.

The HR degree would teach you roughly all the laws so that you would know when to name the appropriate lawyer. It would include courses in human behavior and industrial psychology to relieve you know how to deal with society in the workplace. You would learn almost health ad sanctuary issues, benefit and compensation issues, and how to implement all those laws into the workplace to cut the possibility of lawsuits. It would also give you some “best practices” when establishing all the policies and procedures that are called for to run a well organized HR department that can respond to the needs of the company and the human resources. Source(s): Retired HR Manager

Between a attorney, examiner, or agent, which one should I look for first within music business?

 If you want to become an artist in the music business, it is important to own a lawyer, manager, and an agent. What I want to know is, out of those 3, which one should I look for first up to that time making any decisions with the other 2.


I would enjoy to say a lawyer, that method you make sure you don’t get screwed…

Between a doctor,attorney,hairstylish & scientist, which profession would u prefer ur dream life span partner to be?


Definetly a legal representative as i myself am one.

For starters I wouldn’t pick a dream life partner because of his work.
Of the professions you’ve programmed though, I would probably pick a doctor. I’m an embalmer and have great interest in pathology, disease, etc so I contemplate they would be a good mix for shared learning and great conversation.

I would pick a part time doctor, part time legal representative who’s hobby is hairdressing and is interested in sciences XD

which ever one made the most money

Between a priest (during confession), your attorney, or your psychiatrist..?

 By telling them something that you did that was unendorsed, which one can/cannot use your statements to testify against you in court??


Wow…what a can of worms YOU opened up here! 🙂

It is my belief that the priest is bound by church decree NOT to divulge anything revealed during confession. This includes confessions of criminal acts performed. While an episode of Law and Order does convey of a priest who violated his oath and testified against a murderer and ultimately left the priesthood, I know of no genuine, recent cases where a priest has come underneath fire by the police.

The client/lawyer confidentiality is also sacred and is not often violated. The take in for questioning, however, is once a client has confessed to a crime to his lawyer, the attorney can continue to defend his client to the best of his gift, but he may not subourn perjury. In otherwords, if he puts his client on the stand and the clients denies any involvment in the crime and his attorney knows clearly well that he’s lying through his teeth, then the attorney becomes a criminal himself, although I’m not sure that he can be compelled to testify against his client still.

I believe that a psychiatrist’s records can be subpoenaed in need much trouble by the district attorney and, as such, those records can be used in court against you.

Now I’ll merely sit here twiddling my thumbs while I wait for my friend from the State’s Attorney to add his post here…. 🙂

I am pretty sure they are adjectives protected from testifying because of confidentiality.

Ethically, none should.
Legally? Only the lawyer can keep hold of the secret. If a priest or psych hears you confess to murder or something super doomed to failure like that, I think they are rightfully required to tell on you.
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None of them are supposed to unless murder is involved.

none of them can.

None of the three are required to report a confession.

In certainty, no one is required to report a confession.

Everyone is morally obligated to report a belief that a person intends to injure another person.

I would ask each one and see what they utter. Depending upon the nature of the illegal exploit, your psychiatrist may be bound to report it to some authority, e.g.: sex crimes, etc. I would avoid revealing it to your lawyer unless it is in the course of defending you for said perform. Why would your lawyer need to know otherwise? I cogitate your priest would probably be the best bet. I’m sure he would encourage you to take the legalized steps necessary to accept responsibility for your act(s) but would hold on to your sins in confidence. Good luck.

Well, I know that all three shouldn’t.

The legal representative is LEGALLY bound to lie for you I think.

The others might share if they have some really bad info I think.

As far cannot, I judge all of them could share if they wanted to. Source(s): judgment, best guess

The Lawyer, Psychiatrist, and Priest are all obligated below the law to report any knowledge of an looming act of violence or previous commission of such antagonism on another person (i.e., if you tell your priest that you molested a child or intend to molest a child he would be obligated beneath the law to report it). This is an important distinction to remember. Not one of them is protected by privelige even though a Priest may be likely to go to jail to preserve the sacrament of confession.

Priests normally wont do it.

Your doctor and lawyer by law cannot disclose client privelidged conversations. The priest by church directive, and moral issues can not disclose confessions.

Edit, I misread the question. Only the lawyer by regulation, I believe can not testify. Your doctor’s confidentiality is medical related.

The permanent status is mandatory reporting. All three people you have nominated here are considered mandatory reporters. For example if you were to tell any of them that you be going to kill someone on Oct. 31 they would be required by law and the oath they took to alert the police.
However, My understanding is that if you told your psychologist or your lawyer that you kill someone on Oct 31 of 2005 they are bound by thier confidentiality laws.(same with the priest)
However, your attorney could choose not to keep you and the psychologist could discountinue working with you and if they chose to they could go to the police or if they be served a suponea they would have to testify. Yes they could fight it and be held within contempt of court until they spoke but more than likely the court would win to make them discuss. Source(s): I have worked numerous jobs where on earth I am considered a mandatory reporter. I coluld go to jail if I didnt report an exploit of violence that I witinessed or that I knew be going to happen.


The lawyer and psychiatrist are protected from testify by client confidentiality laws. I’m not so sure about the priest, although it would be importantly unethical.

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