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Is Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Causes More Injuries Than Not Wearing?

ABATE claims wearing a motorcycle helmet causes more injuries than not wearing one in the first place!
Then? Why don’t ABATE row and use their energy to have ALL helmets outlawed, product it illegal to own or wear ANY motorcycle helmet?
If they claim wearing a motorcycle helmet is so dangerous or horrible, consequently why aren’t they concerned about the majority of the people that choose to wear a motorcycle helmet and their safekeeping?


thats funny bart a couple of days ago you required to join abate.or did you forget.

ABATE is just trying to give everyone information more or less helmets and the possible injuries they can cause. They’re also trying to give everyone the right to want for themselves whether to wear a helmet or not. Outlawing helmets, as you propose, would be no different than mandating the wearing of them. Either option is not allowing respectively rider to decide for themselves. Your idea that the majority of riders choose to wear a helmet is flawed. I live surrounded by Illinois, which has no helmet law, and the majority of riders I see ride short a helmet, yours truly among them. When given the choice, it is obvious the majority of riders would rather ride in need a helmet. So, let them.

ever see a motorcycle race on a track with the rider minus a helmet on?

Folks you enjoy to be a total idiot liberal not to understand what ABATE wants .. They want something the libs are against and to be precise freedom of anything since they are so dang mindless they can’t make thier own choices..There is times i would wear a helmet law or not mete out on 1000 mile days i don’t want that much wind going over my pointed head .. But after you have non riders making laws and debating what a rider should do …. I suggest the lawmakers should wear a condom over thier heads to hold the stupidity in and not spread it.. Source(s): Been riding about 50 years

I live in Az where on earth there is no helmet law and you almost NEVER see anybody wearing one.In recent years Florida dropped their helmet tenet and low and behold you don’t see very many helmets here now. A.B.A.T.E isn’t about getting rid of helmets they are just about getting rid of a helmet law. Members of A.B.A.T.E. simply feel that you should be free to choose weather or not you are going to wear one.I myself hold nothing against a helmet,but I CHOOSE not to wear one. You also should have the freedom to choose to not wear a form belt.The government does not have the right to enlighten you you have to do this.You also cant legislate common sense.Its adjectives about the freedom to choose,part of LIBERTY!

What’s up with the ABATE hate?

ABATE doesn’t want to outlaw helmets. They want to shutting down helmet laws because it should be up to the individual rider to decide.

vastly few wear one if it is not the law your whole argument is dumb..within is a time and place for helmets and off road where on earth Traffic is not a problem come to mind

Anyone that would argue against the need for the wearing of a motorcycle helmet – doesn’t inevitability one, they have nothing contained by their head that needs protecting.

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