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(UK) Accident / injury lawyer: what are the side effects?

 This question is about those lawyer who will try to get compensation for you if you have an twist of fate / injury etc.

These people have solely been prevalent in the UK for a few years. What impact enjoy they had on the UK economy overall?

I would envision that they have caused business insurance premiums to rise, which have led to overall increases in product prices – which process that it’s actually *us* who are *(indirectly) paying the few thousand quid that is compensated out.

Can anyone confirm / deny this? Can anyone quantify the impact they’ve had? Are there other effects as resourcefully?


One of the other effects is things like health and sanctuary telling kids not to climb trees or play with conkers within case people are injured.

Lots of goings-on, in day to light of day life mean it could be see as a potential hazard, however, we keep wrapping up our kids surrounded by cottonwool and try to ensure they are not hurt, but stopping kids playing conkers or climbing trees is extreme, but in some areas they have barred it as they fear accidents and possible tenet suites.

Schools are scared to organise day trips which previously be used to as team building exercises for their children and now they are self cancelled as staff are to scared to be held responsible if some mishap should happen. Source(s):…

they own caused a right load of bollocks for every business every council almost every profession surrounded by the country,
they may have a even caused a significant rise contained by the cost of living because at the end of the day everybody as to compensate to cover the costs.
as I stated in another post the NO WIN NO FEE should be abloished and peopel who want to sue have to payment up front and if they win recover the costs but the no win no fee costs this country millions within court time with trivial claims being made. I read somwhere that approx 1000 claims are made a morning and only 500 are settled so it wont be much longer before the system get clogged up and then the government will own to do something3

A legal representative within the house… support, acquire brain injury guy…is he responsible?

 My friend has suffered a recent separation, during his relationship he was bloodthirsty and used moderate force. Unfortunately with bad consequences and his wife concluded up with a broken tooth (because she was drunk and felt) while arguing man rough. He is isn’t bright and got a lawyer but have not worked for him, he will accept a restraining order within case to come and also has suffered depression for loosing his inherited and child. Now, what we never knew is that he had brain injury and twice be hospitalized due to head fracture, a week in induced coma plus other injuries. He be also shot! as a child and previous wife cheated on him cos he isn’t very sharp, to say it other.

he has now to look after without a lawer in the subsequent trial as he is out of pocket and he has been advise to play guilty and cop it.

I don’t think this is fair, is nearby any law to protect this guy?


Of course he’s responsible. An old injury doesn’t be paid you free from consequences. We all have our glum stories.

And breaking a tooth is a felony in my state. Not “moderate force”. Source(s): 13 years law enforcement

Sorry a MAN never have the right to hit a woman-
He has no defense

A devout injury advocate contained by North Jersey?

 I got into a car disaster two days ago and just wanted to consult near someone on what to do. Anybody have any suggestions on who to contact someone good near reasonable prices. thanks


viktorphs, I’m sorry to hear roughly your situation. I was hurt once when a car back over my left foot at work. My company tried to settle with me like a shot because they knew it wasn’t my fault. I call a nearby injury lawyer within my city who provided me excellent advice and I was competent to get a small settlement to cover my medical bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d suggest you find a accident attorney in your city. My personal injury lawyer be willing to answer any and all question I had because they hope to make some money at one and the same time. Try visiting a injury lawyer to see if they can backing.

Heop everything works out.

I know you can learn about motor accidents and personal injuries at the source listed below…and you can find a advocate there too. Good luck! Source(s):

A correct injury legal representative contained by North Jersey?

 I got into a car luck two days ago and just wanted to consult beside someone on what to do. Anybody have any suggestions on who to contact someone good near reasonable prices. thanks

“> viktorphs, It’s inopportune to hear about your situation. I was hurt once surrounded by Washington when a truck backed over my left foot at work. My employer tried to settle beside me fast because they knew it wasn’t my guiltiness. I called a recommended personal injury lawyer surrounded by my city who gave me useful direction and I was able to find a justifiable settlement to cover my medical bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d suggest you find a lawyer surrounded by New Jersey. My lawyer was assist me because they hope to make some money at the same time. Try calling a attorney to see if they can help.

Good Luck

A question for Lawyers next to persoal injury Lawsuits?

i have a few questions reguarding lawsuits. My fiance is contained by the process of a lawsuit. He has his an EBT coming up. I believe that is a deposition. How masses depostions will he have and in how long do you muse the lawsuit will be settled after the deposition. Also we are moving and currently have our mail man sent to our parents house and i recently noticed that the letters from his lawyer the envelope and letter is address to him and under his name say’s “c/o his grandmas name”….why is that?….it doesnt say-so “grandmas name” it actually says the baptize i just dont want to give it out.


I worked contained by a personal injury firm and it took an average two years for a settlement.

he has a lawyer and you ask question here…you guys are so stupid that if you don’t drop it you lose at trial…

Accident Injury Claim–lawyer or no?

A little background: My friend wrecked her car for a time over a year ago with me in the passenger form. I broke my foot in 4 places, spent 4 months on crutches and 3 in physical psychiatric help. I had 4 screws put surrounded by my foot, which amounted to 2 surgeries. It still hurts to walk on and the doctors told me it will never be the same again. I am with the sole purpose 19 years old, so this has artificial the rest of my life.

Now, it has come time to report the claim with my friend’s insurance company. My question is will I return with more money if I file the claim on my own or if I hire a lawyer and possibly find more money, but let them take out a portion (about 1/4-1/3) of the settlement?


hire a legal representative

you could see what they offer you on your own and if you don’t feel its rational don’t except it then hire a lawyer

doomtown08, It’s unlucky to hear about your situation. I was hurt once when a coup¨¦ backed over my foot at work. My employer tried to settle with me in a hurry because I knew they were try to get hold of me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I called a local injury lawyer surrounded by my area who gave me excellent warning and I was able to attain a justifiable settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d suggest you find a personal injury in your nouns. My personal injury lawyer was aid me because they expect to make some money at the same time. Try visit a accident lawyer to see if they can lend a hand.

Good Luck

Accident/Insurance/Bodily Injury question/ Do I call for Attorney ?

 Accident/Insurance/Bodily Injury question/ Do I need Attorney ?

I was within a accident last week, Im almost 8 mths pregnant and the character who hit me is at fault. His insurance company wants to join with me since I was at the hospital for a year, Do I need to meet next to them, if so when should I or am I better off talking beside a attorney.

Im stiff from the accident but cant do that much since Im pregnant. Also, I cant have x-rays done or anything else. Im concerned going on for my unborn child they say everything is ok but Im worried that what if something happend b/c of this. What should I do
(I live in the state of MA)


do not talk to anybody from the other persons ins co. contact a attorney ASAP!

You do not need an attorney at this point, and you do not need to collect with the insurance company either. You obligation to document your injurues, and make sure that you have see your OB, and discussed the accident. You have 3 years surrounded by Massachusetts from the date of the accident to file suit for damages. Therefore, you are better sour waiting until after the birth of your child to determine if in fact in that are damages.

YES look up a personal injury advocate in your yellow page ASAP.They are going to ty to get you to settle with them for your damages but a legal representative will work to get you more.i was surrounded by similar situation

I would definitely get counsel from an attorney. Make sure not to touch with that insurance rep. Let your attorney make that decree.

i’d meet with them first and see what they’re likely to offer you – as any attorney will take a hefty quantity of whatever you win in a suit (usually, around a *third* of the total)…

all the same, if you don’t like what they offer, counter-offer – if they embargo, then see an attorney.

btw, unlike in most instances, you *can* sue even if you do settle, if in attendance ends up being something wrong with the tot in which can be reasonably assumed to be as a direct result of the fluke. Source(s): auto claims adjuster – 15yrs – NYS

Adverts – injury lawyer, stroke of luck minister to vein etc.?

 Is it me or are most of the adverts just encouraging us to sue respectively other? I’m actually turning the channel over when they come on!


You could right to be heard that or you could just view it as legal companies advertising their service legally for you to choose whether to use them or not.

Many of those attorneys don’t spawn any money until they win a case, so the more they take, the more they stand to produce. Yes, it does seem pretty crass of them.

That’s why there’s a mute button on the remote! Mine’s wearing out!

Advice needed on personal injury Lawyers No win No duty.?

 Hello has anyone had personal experience of using No win NO duty Lawyers I need to find a good company to use surrounded by the Essex area UK. I have hear a lot of bad things just about injury lawyers for you and companies like this, own you or someone you know used any company like this and do you recommend them.
Thank you for any helpful proposal.


In the U.S., almost adjectives personal injury lawyers, are on a 33 to 40 percent commission. Which they advertise as “no win, no charge.” Lawyers or barristers, could not advertise in the U.S. until the final generation. The U.S. is overproducing lawyers and the slightest dispute become a lawsuit. If you are seeking a legal representative for a corporate, tax, criminal, divorce or other concern that is not an injury the fee will be agreed upon amount. Not a contingent levy or as they say “no win, no fee.”

I have quite a few lawyer in our family and although you cannnot class everyone indistinguishable the ones within my family don’t rate them drastically high. Probably you would be better asking around for a lawyer who is experienced within compensation cases. It’s a bit like going to the Dr as in you wouldn’t move about to a heart specialist if it was your lung etc. Recommendation are normally best from more than one personality. Lots of lawyers list adjectives of the things they do but lets face it if they do everything, unless they hold a specialist in each paddock probably they aren’t the best. I had an experience last year next to a tax company, no win no fee and after over a year they said my husband be entitled to what he was claiming for. I was furious as I know he was. Went on to the Inland Revenue, they agreed, forwarded me the forms and I did myself and he got a rebate of almost lb4,000.

check out this company MArtin & Strain Solicitors near based in nroth wales but can fetch out personal injury claims all over the country and are very remarkably good !

If they run you on, they only do it on condition that you take out an insurance policy to cover their costs if you lose.
Make sure you shop around for the policy because they will try to return with you to take the one that gets them most commission.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I was injured once contained by New Mexico when a delivery truck backed over my foot at work. My employer attempted to settle beside me fast because I knew they be try to get me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I called a in the neighbourhood personal injury lawyer in my nouns who gave me great advice and I be able to get a clad settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d find a personal injury in your city. My accident legal representative was help me because they hope to get some money at the same time. Try calling a personal injury lawyer to see if they can give support to.

Heop everything works out.

After an auto disaster, do I call for a legal representative to find a settlement for bodily injury?

 I was involved in an auto misfortune where the other party be at fault, and the other parties ins co already admit fault. I only have liability (never again) and my totalled car had a helpfulness of $13000. However, the insured was only covered for up to $10k, shorting me $3k. I hold minor scrapes and visible scarring on my leader from the airbag hitting my glasses. I really only want the appeal of my car, but if I have to turn through lawyer to get property and bodily injury claims of over $25k, after advocate fees, what am I left with? I want to settle next to the Ins Co directly.


No you don’t enjoy to have a lawyer we did not own one not only did they pay for the convenience of my car we got the bodily injury too. We freshly dealt with the insurance appraiser from other gathering. If you don’t agree with the amount let them know you don’t adopt that amount and for bodily injury keep all doctor receipts and insurance statements that is to say included in how much they pay you.

Some claims facts and advice: other try to settle with the insurer direct vs going through a lawyer. A legal representative will ALWAYS get his fee, no situation what the settlement amount is. A lawyer CANNOT double your settlement or force an insurer into settleing for policy limits (even though they will adjectives tell you they can). Fact is, insurance companies aren’t afraid of lawyers — they adjectives have dozens working on staff and will fight tooth and fastener for as long as it takes if they are being bullied by some pushy advocate. A lawyer ALWAYS works for him/her/itself 100% of the time — NEVER for you; 99% of ALL claims handled by lawyer are settled BEFORE the court date, often only hours beforehand. They hardly ever, ever go to trial so forget around having ‘your day contained by court’ against those mean old insurance companies. The second you even mention the word ‘lawyer’ to the insurance company they are obligated by regulation to cease all conversation beside you and handle everything through them, so if you aren’t happy beside your lawyer you can no longer deal directly near the insurer. A lawyer will take up to 40% of your settlement.
Why don’t you try settling next to the adjusters first? You can always hire a lawyer then — Source(s): Old claims guy

I am so sorry you were in such a bleak accident. I am glad, generally speaking, that you’re ok. Let’s explain something nearly attorneys—

1. They take 33% + administrative costs of any settlement you get. What they’d own to do is sue the owner/driver direct, because the insurance has paid their policy max for property despoil. 10k is all they’ve got to payment ya. However, seeing as your car is worth 13k, you would have have to pay that to an attorney anyway, so while unfortunate-I wouldn’t suggest hiring one for your vehicle damages as it wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time or money. Honestly, it’s not likely the driver/owner have assets if all he carries is 10k for property sabotage, anyway…

2. I believe the lowest state minimum for bodily injury is 10k. The insurance is going to check out how much in $$$ was compensated out for your medical, and then consider the punitive (work missed, loss of services, etc). Your doctors are all going to submit chart proceedings as to how long and to what degree of recovery you will craft. Again, bear in mind that a policy max is lately that. Insurance co’s won’t disclose this amount readily, so you may want to ask if they feel their insured is at least appropriately insured for your bills. If not—
3. Do you fetch UIM(underinsured motorist, not to be confused with un-insured motorist). This is coverage for bodily injury only, that you purchase thru YOUR insurer, that covers you if the other entertainment isn’t appropriately covered for the loss. Your insurance will make sure the other carrier’s max has be reached, and offer assistance. There is no deductible for this.
4. Speaking of which—if you take collision, you can part with the deductible and your insurance can discharge the difference in your vehicle damages. Talk to them about it, and permit them know you’ve already signed a release and taken money for your car. But hey, losing 500 bucks or whatever is better than 3k, and it’s a non-fault loss so your premiums may not be in motion up.
Hope all these options/explanations have help. Remember, an attorney is in it to make money and they’ll single take your case if they be aware of they have something to gain from it. Otherwise the job of the other insurance is to settle your claim as pretty as possible. Undercutting you would be unethical, and isn’t likely to come up. Source(s): I am a claims adjuster for a major insurance co

Wait- maybe i read this wrong… but do you in reality think you are going to be getting 25 thousand dollars for your glasses adjectives your forehead and leaving a scar?

Your property weaken and bodily injurie claims are completely seperate. Youve gotten paid for property damage- its a done deal. You get the actual cash value of your motor.

Now onto bodily injury.. you say you have scarring.. how long ago be the accident? Have you been to a plastic surgeon who confirmed that it will be permenant for the rest of your go? Are you a model who needs your face to be correct for work?

I guarantee that you are none of the above and the airbag caused some minor cuts that have not gone away. Regarding… please… please..dontjudge you are getting more then a few thousand bucks (including medical bills in there) for this claim.

You own not won the lottery. Other people here who are not educated surrounded by car insurance will tell you differnetly b/c theyve watch too much tv. lawyer or not.. settlement will be a few thousand bucks… if you want to give them 1/3 of that.. great. Source(s): claims adjuster

If the at-fault driver only have 10k in Property damage, next that is the most you will get from his insurance company. You can sue the driver instinctively for the rest…but good luck getting anything. If you feel you do enjoy Bodily Injuries (did you go to the hospital?), then yes the insurance will reimburse you up to your medical costs, or the insured’s borders, which ever is lower. You will not get any tort $$$(ex: pain and suffering) in need a fight.
Good luck, hope this helped Source(s): Insurance Agent

No you don’t want a lawyer, but you do need to find your facts straight. Lawyers don’t get involved in the property disfavour portion of a claim, although they can advise you on it.

The property damage and bodily injury are covered below different coverages. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. You are restricted to the maximum amount the insurance company will pay packet you. Notice I said what THE INSURANCE COMPANY WILL PAY YOU, not what the guy owes you.

A lawyer can’t do for you what you can’t do for yourself.

you had liability on a $13,000 car? wow!

you can try to bring back a reasonable settlement from the insurance company but you might want to get a legal representative. insurance companies have a history of not paying up and they help preserve personal injury lawyers in business. the payment they will take depends on the state. i am not sure if there is a federal bonnet. in NY and NJ it is 33.3% of the recovery after the damages relateecstaticthe accident (i.e. the cash calue of the vehicle, hospital bills, lost wages, rental car, etc) so the only instrument the lawyers will get their money is to claim backache and suffering because that’s all they can touch. the rest belongs to you. Source(s): been in attendance before

After leading my personal injury covering surrounded by court the defendents file ruin. So my attorney say.?

 He has never sent any correspondence letter or anything to me since I won the crust. I’m pretty sure that he put a lien on their assests before we took them to court. Can an attorney find other ways to collect even after they file ruin?


Not sure of all the legalities but I know you will be contacted as a “debt holder” and enjoy the right to go to the court hearing to argue your satchel there.

As a verdict creditor, you should be getting a notice from a bankruptcy trustee surrounded by the mail shortly. Assuming that the defendants are individuals who filed for Chapter 7 liquidation ruin, all attempts of debt collection are “automatically stayed” under the Bankruptcy Code – intent that no creditor can collect anything untill the bankruptcy proceedings are over (which can last 2-3 months or even years), or unless they can successfully petition the court to pull the stay. All of defendants’ assets go into a bankruptcy estate which is supervised by a trustee for the benefit of adjectives creditors. Since you are a judgment creditor, you will have to skulk for a distribution by the trustee, although you do have priority over those general unsecured creditors (e.g. credit card companies). Unfortunately, it is almost constant that you won’t recover the entire judgment you are entitled to, or anything at adjectives, b/c as you may already know, debtors don’t lose everything they own even if they filed for bankruptcy. These things are beyond doubt “untouchable” unless you are one of the 3 supercreditors (i.e. the tax man, the mortgage company, and the mechanics lienholder). The assets that have the most meaning but are exempt from the creditors are: the house, the family car, personal jewelry up to a abiding amount.

Your personal injury attorney may be really good at what he does, but the Bankruptcy Code is very complex, especially after the 2005 Amendment, which involved masses changes. You should contact a good ruin attorney who specializes in this field, and usually the initial consultation is free.

Something else that may work if you haven’t tried even so: The defendants’ insurance company, if they had one at the time of the occurance. Good luck! Source(s): Law student who recently took collapse law.

personal injury awards are not dischargable in bankruptcy!
Criminal fines and debts — All court fees and court-ordered judgment related to any criminal activity cannot be discharged — neither are any judgment or debts incurred as a result of personal injury or death to others caused by your own negligence or criminal entertainment.; Source(s): lawyer and former judge

You may still be capable of collect some, although probably not as much as you were awarded.

It also depends on the chapter filed. If it’s personal collapse, then a Chapter 13 will give you more money than a Chapter 7…which will probably will you with nothing.

If it’s a corporation or business file, then it gets even more complicated and drawn out. You may still hold a chance to recover something, but you may be within for a long haul.

Totally sucks. I feel for you.

Bankruptcy does NOT excuse debts that are judgments due to torts. There is some ends to what can be collected and how much wage garnishments (no more than 25% if I remember law classes correctly) can be applied and things of that nature, however a liquidation doesn’t negate the debt.

This is a real case – a guy sucker punched another guy within a bar, just for the hell of it. Ended up breaking his cheekbone. So, the guy have $40,000 approximately in medical bills, lost wages, etc. Sued for $85,000 (pain & suffering added to the bills), and won. It took over 5 years of constant harassment because the defendant signed over adjectives his assets to his family members so he owned zilch (on paper), and didn’t work a regular job so they couldn’t garnish his wages, and so on. Finally settled for $50,000, of which the plaintiff’s advocate got about partly.

Basically – personal property seizure and auction would be first, then wage garnishment. After that, things catch really hard to collect.

Really though – your lawyer should know how to explain to you all the possibilities, and then share you what steps will be taken to pursue the collection of the judgment. If he doesn’t, or if he is blowing you off, maybe it’s time for a new lawyer.

If the bankruptcy court decide to rule the judgement as released, there isn’t much you can do. I’d start by getting a copy of the bankruptcy court file and reviewing it with your atty

A ruin filing constitutes an automatic stay of all collection proceedings — including lien enforcement. All adjectives efforts must be within the liquidation proceeding rules.
Your attorney should contact you & explain the situation and what future options you enjoy. The one thing you should do is make sure your attorney files your claim as a creditor contained by the bankruptcy proceeding.

Annoying tv advert – Injury lawyer 4u?

 The woman in that advert is sooooooo annoying, and she so reminds me of the wicked witch contained by wizard of Oz….do you you find this advert annoying? which advert gets on your nerves?


Ever notice how she doesn’t blink? its creepy!

Yep I find it annoying but sheilas wheels is the worst advert ever.

Every single advert on TV, especially those during daytime TV. Even if I am ill, I turn down to take the day past its sell-by date, just so I can avoid having to survey rich companies trying to part the poor from what little money they have

Adverts appear to be getting like America all cheesy and that kid sitting on the toilet right to be heard its all gone I could slap!!

Yes it annoys me to the point of turning the TV over. And I hate the one around Loans where the mum shouts ‘Josh dads found your scooter’ as she smiles happily almost a debt of 25,000 she is about to incur.

pretty agree but what annoys more than the ads and idont know if this is just my t.v. the nouns increases about a thousand decibels!(i know) when the ads come on.

ohi hate it! “Will i receive 100% of the compensation??” christ! grasp a life! how annoying!!

Yeah I know what you mean, adjectives those ‘finance’ type adverts really do bug. Makes you wonder what sort of people if truth be told buy a product advertised like that.
I loathe that one for windows & doors with that northern bloke near stupid hair. With his BOGOF offer (but one grasp one free!)
That said most adverts are crap.

yes too right, she is annoying and also I can’t stand the Safestyle window and the Halifax. The cittic bang advert, why does he have to shout adjectives the time, is there a side effect to using it. Using this product too much will make you deaf.

I also find that the advert are on longer and longer between programmes. Now you have time to make a drink and turn to the loo aswell.

tha one where the womans walking through a warehouse within high heels carrying a box and then sues because she tripped on the bit of plastic,probably same one but not sure.

Call J.G. Wentworth for change now…

Injury settlement not coming in rapid enough?

J.G. Wentworth will fight for you

Call J.G. Wentworth for change now…

operators are stamding by….

Yes she`s pretty strident within her voice to….

There`s 2 approaches to this – at least the ads break up the interminable drivel on TV now.
Or would you honestly take the opinion of anyone who appears in an ad approaching the Ocean Finance one – they look a right bunch of weirdoes.

i aversion that one too, also picture where shes talking on the phone and running a busy house. er yeah~
cillit thud adverts coz they are not in english and terribly badly dubbed, and if you watch tv more than a hour the ad just repeat on a loop I turn the volume down they get on my nerves,

newwheetabix poster
sheilas wheels
admiral admiralmulticar multicar!

The most annoying advert are the Halifax adverts, Sheilas Wheels, the two blokes dressed as old birds next to cleaning wipes, think they’re call Brenda and Hilary?….
but the winner for most irritating (and long running) advert has to be the stupid guy beside big poppy eyes (dressed in a purple robe I think) for windows shouting ‘You know the one! You buy one, you catch one free! I said you buy one, you get one free….’ Then shouts the number twice! Oh my god! Mute button!!
The best advert ever is the Becks advert with the 4 guys dance in the road…4 steps… Brilliant advert!! Love it !

The Cillit Bang comercial, that guy screaming his guide off, just to show us his manky kitchen and how his cleaner cleans up his mess.


I hate the stroppy cow.

yeah i hate all the financial advert. especially the awful advert for picture. the bloke is on the phone talking and his stupid wife is videoing him land em within 25 grand of debt.
i think the mfi advert are the best at the moment. especially the bloke standing there ironing in his pant in the kitchen.

Any lawyer within Austin Texas who specialize surrounded by personal injury including…?

 Traumatic Brain Injury.
Broken vertebrates (c4)
Neurological injuryIf will I would certainly appreciate your help email me at hitnrune(a)yahoo.comI have approximately 500K in surgery. (half a million)
I need to catch at least 100K + . Considering all Ivebe through which include everything from learning how to brush my teeth all over- to walking near a Cain.
I think I have a BAD *** advocate but he may have so much on his plate helping others. That he just doesn’t really hold time for mine? Its been 2 yrs and I’m hurting bad.100K + guys, email Keith


Contact the Austin Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service for a free consultation. They will try to find the best meeting for your case. Just be aware that walking on the side of a controlled access road in Texas is unfair except in an emergency and lawsuits that are like that are not other successful. But, I had an acquaintance on the other side who be stung for a lot so all hope is not lost. Good luck.

Any other shmo will oblige you out if you have a good casing.

Any opinion on personal injury legal representative surrounded by Pasadena, CA?

 I am looking at how much it cost and if the lawyer followed up and if their is any lawyers that could be recommended


If it is a personal injury travel case most attorneys will take your case on a contingency levy basis which means they don’t go and get paid unless you win the case. I hold attached a link. I would do some investigation on different personal injury lawyers contained by California prior to contacting a lawyer. Look for those attorneys that have experience surrounded by representing cases that are similar to your accident. Link below: Source(s):…

Yes thaey are all evil no event what city they are in.

Anyone know a angelic attorney who have won a auto accident/personal injury lawsuit against an insurance company?

 I was involved in an auto stroke of luck in may of 2008 in where on earth i had gotten injured. i had an attorney but very soon they are saying that i need to catch a trial attorney to file a lawsuit against the at fault driver’s insurance company because they don’t switch those types of things.. so if anyone knows of someone good who have won before or come close let me know..


It would comfort to know where you are. You don’t want an attorney that’s 3000 miles away.
I know an excellent one in OC CA.

lol; sounds similar to you ended up with one of those tv want ad attorneys. most of them have never seen the inside of a court room or would obligation to ask directions to the court house.

call the bar association and ask them for name of attorneys. also, get a copy of the contract you signed with your attorney. i have seen cases where on earth they take 1/3 of your injury settlement, then refer to another attorney who very soon will take over 50%?

did this lawyer narrate you that if they need to file a complaint when you signed beside them, that you would need another lawyer?

ask your friends, line or coworkers if they ever hired an attorney be it for a bankruptcy, divorce etc. that lawyer can other refer you to someone.

why do they need to file a lawsuit? most states enjoy a 2 year statute, which means up to 2 years can settle with our file a lawsuit. if your state allows 2 years, you have until may of 2010 to file.

are they denying your claim?

honourable luck

also; dont use the tv ad lawyers; they usually charge more than 1/3 since they hold high costs to advertise.

Your attorney should know how to recommend a good trial attorney in your nouns.

Most likely your original attorney will bring surrounded by a second attorney he knows.

Of course, this means you in a minute get to pay two of them.

I’d follow backbone up with your original attorney. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years

Anyone know of a correct Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney?

 I was in a motorcycle fluke, and want to see who would be good to go to.


I used an Attorney contained by Los Angeles named Lee Arter. He was amazing. I infer he has two websites you can visit – and one specific to lately motorcycle accidents, Take a look at all their information. He’s a amazingly good attorney. Source(s):


Anyone know of a well-mannered auto twist of fate personal injury attorney or chiro surrounded by Austin Texas?

 I was in an misfortune yesterday and although it wasnt devastating I am hurting and couldnt go to work today. I’m kind of alien to Austin Texas and dont know any chiro or attorney to see as I know the insurance co will give me the run around.


A friend in Houston used this guy, Richard Presutti and get a great deal from the insurance company. You can get a consultation online and see if he can sustain you.

Anyone know of a suitable personal injury attorney surrounded by losangeles?

 I was in a sports car accident and need to speak next to an attorney


I don’t know exactly which one, but I just found a great listing of adjectives top criminal/injury attorney for the whole of USA. You can contact them directly, since the website provides complete info including address, telp. no., and even the contact person.

Just call on…

Anyone know of a honourable auto accident/personal injury attorney contained by Cleveland, OH.?

 My daughter shattered her arm in an auto accident ultimate weekend (Friday) and had surgery a week later (Friday) to fix it. She be the passenger in the car. She does not hold any health insurance. The police report states that due to conflicting stories, they cannot place who was at blemish. But I was able to purchase a CD from a service station that had the disaster on tape. The other party turned within front of my daughter while they both had a green light. After asking around to friends and family unit, nobody knows of a good attorney for me to contact! I’m looking for adjectives of her medical bills to be paid, as well as lost wages. Has anybody have success with a absolute lawyer or know of a good one I can ring up? I would really like a referral instead of just picking one out of the phone book. Thanks!


Try to get assist from pro bono based attorneys (non profit – free of charge based). There are many of angelic ones in usa. You can find the complete listing (with personal contact & phone numbers) surrounded by your area, through this website…

Hope it helps you seriously!

talk to the adjuster first and transport a copy of the recording to them. If the other driver had insurance, the policy should cover at tiniest 20k of that. (depends on policy limits; look at your own too) if you’re in a nofault state, if she or you enjoy PIP, that will be primary.

I hope her arm heals well.

PS one of my agents up at hand just mentioned this attorney-…

Since you come across to have evidence of the other driver’s fault, own you tried their insurance company? The police report, which you can probably obtain for $5-10, should show their information, and you can contact them. You shouldn’t need an attorney if the other drive have insurance and it treats you fairly.

Apart from your attorney getting a cut from a personal injury settlement, do the doctors who treated you also?

 get a cut from the settlement, after accepting patients on lien cases?


Yup when they see there is some slices of pie departed , someone will always want a serving. sigh

No, not unless they be also named co-defendants

Any money advanced to you for living expenses are paid, Then doctors bills are rewarded, then the court costs, service fees and so forth are paid, next the attorney gets his cut and you get what’s vanished. Generally, the expenses are paid in that direct. The attorney’s fees are a percentage of the total award.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay income taxes on your share. Source(s): 20 ys as CA Paralegal

Arbitration surrounded by non-auto personal injury casing — what documents or evidence should my attorney hold submitted?

 All my attorney submitted to the arbitrator were some medical receipts.


Hello Shaggy. It sounds as though your attorney got his license past its sell-by date a cereal box mail in. Arbitration is two sides sitting down and showing why they are surrounded by contention. All your attorney did was show medical expenses, which, by itself, is not indicitive of WHY you were injured or the other delegation being at fault.

I am NOT a attorney and even I know you have give some big-hearted of evidence or facts of culpitude or responsibility to win a lawsuit.

If this was non-binding arbitration, get another legal representative and file an appeal.

Best of luck and I hope you can find this useful

Need more facts to answer this give somebody the third degree. Sounds like your attorney entered contained by evidence for damages only. It seems similar to doctor’s records to show injury would have be helpful, but again, it is extremely fact sensitive. Cannot answer this quiz without knowing a) what the arbitration was over, and b) what evidence be actually available (but not submitted).

Are in that any perfect personal injury lawyer within the Bay Area liable to help yourself to on the Gov’t?

 I worked for a Gov’t contractor and got injured. Now they have refuse to pay the medical bills, which are mounting up because of late fees, etc…

(Written for a friend who doesn’t speak intensely good english and is having foremost difficulty finding help.)

I’ve called several lawyer who have refused my armour saying they didn’t want to tangle near the Gov’t. Are there any lawyers, (in California’s Bay nouns,) who might take on my case on a pay cheque when we win basis? I’ve got adjectives the relevant paperwork including the contract, etc…

Are there any other things I can do to solve this problem? Dep’t of Labor doesn’t cover this because it’s a Gov’t contractor, but, nobody else seems to cover it any, nor is anyone willing to direct me to the proper Dep’t or procedure.

Sure would appreciate the help here. Thanks.


joubaur, It’s disappointing to hear about your situation. I was injured once when a sports car backed over my left foot at work. My company attempted to settle next to me quickly because they knew it wasn’t my bad habit. I called a recommended lawyer surrounded by my area who gave me adjectives advice and I was competent to get a medium sized settlement to cover my insurance bills that weren’t covered by my work insurance. I’d suggest you find a luck lawyer in your nouns. My injury lawyer was relief me because they expect to make some money from any potential case. Try visit a personal injury lawyer to see if they can help.

Heop everything works out.

You might try calling the local banister association. They usually have a lawyer referral service.

Are attorney’s contingent fees from personal injury settlement taxable to the atty as income? ?

 I’m thinking yes, but was hoping for a different answer. Anyone?


They are income basically like any other fees once you have them within hand.

Of course it’s income to the attorney!

If the ENTIRE settlement is for the personal injury, then it’s non-taxable. Attorney’s fees for non-taxable income are deductible.

If, on the other hand 1/4th of your settlement is, voice, for lost wages, then it’s taxable and 1/4th of the attorney fees are an itemized deduction.

Income is income so, yes it is.

Yes they are.

I’ll give any answer you want, but the IRS will right to be heard yes.

yes as that is how they EARN their living

Are in attendance any lawyer who will give somebody a lift an auto catastrophe satchel where on earth in attendance are no injuries ?

 My car was totaled by another driver who be at fault. It seems similar to no one will talk to me because I or the rest of the passenger weren’t hurt. Do we have to fake injuries to carry legal help?


Ask yourself what is the convenience of your case, and would an attorney spend many hours working the defence for between 33.33% – 40% of the recovery?

If you had a sports car worth $10,000.00 high blue book, and the low blue book value be $ 6,000, would you expect an attorney to take your case beside the scenario being he would be paid $2,000.00 – $4,000.00 if he win; and nothing for his efforts if he loses.

Would you appropriate the case?

You can always operation with the other party’s insurance company by yourself, or let your insurance company thieve care of it, via 3rd party subrogation. This is why you repay for auto insurance.

Good luck.

You are probably calling personal injury lawyers when what you need is someone who handle smaller civil claims, like a general practice legal representative who will represent you in negotiations near the insurance company for a modest fee.

Also, you are probably looking for someone to help you for free or on a contingency reason. That is not going to happen.

Faking injuries will not help you. It’s call fraud and you will be prosecuted.

Are within any lawyer contained by Georgia that will sue the State Patrol for personal injury?

 look in the phone book. Governments are favorite defendants and lawyers who appropriate personal injury cases love to have the government as a defendant because the establishment actually pays the jugments without going ruined. So, if you have a viable case, you should enjoy no trouble finding a lawyer.

Are personal injury lawyer required to transport information to another attorney if i ask them?

 I had a personal injury lawyer but very soon i am going to use a new one. Does my old attorney have to give him adjectives the information regarding my case or can he say-so no?


In California he is not required to turn over his “work product”. That would be doesn`t matter what information/materials he has invested his own time or personal opinion/interpretations into. The physical stuff that you or the provided to him should be passed to the new atty.

“> Nope, but I believe that he does have to give you your information if you ask for it, consequently you can just hand it right on over to the other legal representative. He will probably charge you though or paper fees or copy fees or some other ridiculous fee

He can say no or demand that you pay cheque whatever he charges to turn the documents over. The attorney-client relationship only covers confidentiality — it doesn’t tight the lawyer has to act in accordance with your orders after you have contracted to jump ship and find a new one. Source(s): 14+ years experience as a paralegal specialist

The answer to your give somebody the third degree depends on two things: (1) where you live and (2) whether your bill is paid up.

For instance, within Nevada, there is a process called an “attorneys lien” whereby an attorney can beg to be excused to hand over the materials related to a client’s baggage until such time as the client has paid within full.

Since I don’t know where you are, I don’t know if your state recognizes attorneys liens or not. But assuming you are square on your bill, afterwards yes, he MUST forward your materials at your instruction.

It really depends on the nouns rules in your state. In most states, I believe, your file belongs to you. That channel that your attorney cannot, for any reason, refuse to furnish you your file and all information contained therein. There may be a few states where on earth the attorney can retain your file until you pay any fees you owe; however, that have fallen into disfavor. Further, if the attorney has taken the satchel on a contingency basis, all you are required to settle up at this point is any costs advanced (ie, copies, phone bills, filing fees) by the attorney on your behalf. To find out for certain, contact the state public house and inquire. If your former attorney is not allowed to retain your file, afterwards you may be able to initiate a bar complaint against them

Are those “No win, no fee” injury lawyer too worthy to be true?

 We’ve all seen the advert on t.v (UK) about how these various firms can go and get you 100% compensation if you’re injured at work or in an accident but what are the catch? I’m just curious.

Factual, sensible answers only please. Thanks.


In profusely of cases they are just on the make. They pinch a large percentage of your compensation and they also force you to take out an insurance policy contained by case you lose.

In England and Wales they give the full amount surrounded by no win no fee cases, Scotand they will take a defence on and the settlement is usually cut by a 1/4 after the ambulance chasers take their cut first. The actual solicitors make money from the litigation process, post and fees to the insurance companies, the ambulance chasing firms make money by taking a cut from the final settlement. When you contact ambulance type chasing no win no fee type ruling firms they send a sales creature out, not somebody who is an actual law expert and then they volunteer the case to any law firm who may want to give somebody a lift it as long as the case is a no-brainer. Source(s): My head coupĂ© windscreen settlement for 6 grand me 3,800. 2,200 taken in “settlment” fees by said no win no tax “law firms”

They make money from court costs. It doesn’t affect your compensation. Don’t worry a legal representative always gets salaried some how just as sure as there is sand contained by the desert.

I would own to be desperate to use them – if its following a road traffic accident your insurance company should pursue damages from other party at no cost to you. If you are contained by a Trade Union at work they will normally fight any baggage on your behalf again at no cost to you. Where these companies win cases either they take money out of your compensation (usually life-size amounts) or the costs are recovered from the other party. They are choosy about the cases they will hold.

no, my wife was discriminated against because she was a femle at her situation. We walked with $127,000 for “sprain of professional reputation”

I’m not severely familiar with UK law, but I’d suggest checking any available records on the individual lawyers you’re considering. Then, you can manufacture a decision on a per-case basis.

They recover their costs from the other gala, and make an obscene amount of money.

A recent BBC Radio 4 documentary exposed the solicitors who act against the NHS on no win no payment claims. One woman who made a claim in the organ retention scandal in Liverpool, be awarded lb5000. Her solicitor, Rex Makin, billed the NHS trust concerned lb4.5 MILLION for that one individual case. Others charge lb600 just for reading post sent to them by the NHS, one even charged them lb720 because his train was late whilst on his approach to a case meeting.

The NHS have set aside lb600m for claims this year. It’s estimated over 75% of that will go to the low-life scum masquerading as solicitors.

Typical “contingency” attorney fees here are 30%. Are they claiming to charge you nothing even if they win? Perhaps in that the defendant pays the costs if they lose.

Those that offer 100% of your compensation, claim the costs from the other side, the ones that say no win no allowance will take a percentage of your compensation, usually a large one.

No They are not scams, But they can take between 30-50 percent of your award and will with the sole purpose take on your case if they quality its a slam dunk

Well yes and no , yes if you win you compensate no fee , if you loose your insurance pays the other parties charge ,an insurance that you have paid the premium for , so no win no tax ? yes there is a fee to an insurance company within case you loose

As with all things, it depends. Some firms are more trustworthy than others.

1. Solicitors v CMCs
If you’re going to want legal advice from someone base on a tv ad. you should make sure you know who you’re really dealing near. Are they a solicitor or a Claims Management Company? CMCs are essentially middlemen, who get paid, unsophisticatedly for advertising and minor administrative work, before they outdo on your claim to real firm of solicitors. CMCs are less stringently regulated. The character you talk to at a CMC is probably not going to be legally qualified, and his major goal will be to get you to sign up, to some extent than to advise you.
In other words. Make sure you’re deal next to a solicitor, regulated by teh SRA, not with a CMC.

2. Contingency v Conditional fees
No win No fee agreements surrounded by England and Wales will be conditional fee agreements. This means that, within the event of success, the solicitor will be entitled to his usual fees, based in good time spent working on your case, and disbursments such as court fees, plus an uplift, up to 100%, for winning the overnight case, or obtaining settlement. Technically you’re responsible for paying them, but, in the event of nouns they are almost certain to get an establish for the other side to pay their costs (including the cost of the insurance they will have taken out to protect you from the other party costs in case they loose).

It is unsanctioned, in England and Wales at least, for solicitors to grip in litigation on a “contingency fee” basis. A contingency allowance is where they take a cut of the damages awarded.

3. Settlement.
If they’re working on a conditional levy basis, there will be a consistent degree of pressure on solicitors to try to settle case for smaller number than they might get going to trial – to avoid the risk of defeat at trial. On the other mitt, even if your case is weak, a no win no payment solicitor may “give it a shot” and pursuade a defendant to pay out where on earth the case would not have be successful in court.

4. Litigation Culture
No Win No Fee agreements are said to advance the “litigation culture”. That is one and only half true. What advances the indication of a litigation culture is adverts like the ones you own seen – “have you be injured in an accident which wasn’t your reproach? Then you may be entitled to claim…”
In order to get as plentiful potential clients on the phones as possible, these adverts are worded to make it appear that liability is wider than it really is. In the example above – it is insufficient for you to enjoy been injured without man at fault; someone else must have be at fault for you to be able to know how to recover money.
Media reporting also leads those to have a distorted view of damages awards, which are collectively rather modest, and for the most part made up of damages for permenant injuries which effect the claimant’s cleverness to earn money. You won’t get very much if you haven’t suffered much damage as a result of the injury. Source(s): law graduate

Are you a personal injury advocate?

 My girlfriend and I were in an auto luck (I was driving the gf’s car). We were hit from trailing, at a high rate of speed, through no fault of our own. Based on a preliminary investigation, the other driver’s insurance company claims she have no coverage. Both the gf and I were injured. I went to the ER via ambulance and be released later that day after doing some test. I am now in the attention of my doctor.

What should I do? I have medical expenses and I’m still in torment as a result of the accident. Would a lawyer be recommended or would I be better past its sell-by date to deal with the insurance company myself?


You can probably win some free, initial consultations. Check with your state bar association. It would be worth it to at smallest run it by an attorney.

no, not a personal injury lawyer – but you better call somebody actual fast- a big name TV lawyer would be fine Jacoby and Meyers – if otherdrivers ins can’t discharge – the DRIVER will have to pay – but not out kindness- you enjoy to sue her-
Very likely YOUR insurance will sue her – but sometimes they forget about you – the victim-
what be that number?? 1-800 the LAW2? or something like that – but I’m in California – so i don’t if you hold that where you are –

good luck


You should sue the other driver for injuries. The lawyer would help you pursue your mission, but it wouldn’t necessarily be cost affective.

You call for a lawyer. If the driver who hit you doesn’t have coverage, you may be capable of taps your girlfriend’s uninsured/underinsured insurance if she has it. Source(s): 20+ years practicing statute

Attorney for personal injury contained by Gulfport, MS>?

 Can somebody recommend a good attorney on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi? Slipped on a just now painted swimming pool step at the health club. Severe pain to my knees & having a hard time walking for times gone by week & 1/2. Any suggestions?


Did you immediately notify the health club on the double when the injury or slip happened??
Were you taken to the hospital for treatment the very afternoon this incident happened? Are you receiving follow up treatment from the doctor? Your subsequent question asks about a stiff knees… So I think that you have not be to a doctor…

There is no suit for injuries if a doctor or emergency room visit is not prove the injury exhist. So far you are weeks in the rear for any suit….

The club has accident insurance. They will not earnings if their is no documented injury…

You don’t need a hi-brow attorney — just one that is to say honest and will take the case. Look within the phone book…

Good Luck


Attorney-green? Personal Injury?

 I have been a custormer of a grocery store since 1999.I never have a problem in the store except one morning I ate breakfast there and afterwards on my way to their restroom I fell on the floor…the manager get a folding chair for me to sit on and got a cartboard box and help me to put my left leg on it because I hurt my left knees and I was in affliction….
I sat there.This happen so sudden that I could not believe it happen because I was have a good morning.I was surrounded by shock and I felt dizzy.
The manager get some ice for me that was practical me….
Then the manager had to bring back something from her office .she was gone a long time…
I do not know what happen but I fell of the chair on to the cement and I fell on my bottom really hard…
I injured my tail bone sacrum.
Manager said the store is not responsible….
Accident on video cassette regarding the accident..
Manager said my shoe cause me to fall and it is my fault…
She said falling of the bench was my fault…Mikita


you could enjoy a lot of damage
progress see a doctor they are responsible
i slipped on soap in the bathroom of a restaurant and ended up breaking my hip acquire it checked out fast

call the company (everyone you can make conversation to) , lawyer, anyone you can

ATTORNEY’S who trade name a living by warfare cases which organize to personal injury

 i really need one who fights for the disabled i surface to be in a wheel stool if you are an attonery or know some one who is that would like to have a bag that could be won easy let me know .you can find out more more or less my case by looking at my other question .
also that same police man come in to the bar which i be at and told me i was not aloud to roll down the road in my gearstick chair and i wasnt in the road nor at that time have i had any thing to drink and he also said if i could put your foot then it would be ok for me to walk down the road he also told the other ancestors in the bar that if not a soul would take me home he was going to clutch me to jail.please check out my other question for the rest of the story and what they did to me at the incarcerate.i have witness at the jail and the handrail who will tell you the same item im telling you and i have never met none of these witness beforehand in my life


Try going to some AA meeting in your area. They might build things clearer for you.

Auto accident next to personal injury.,do i requirement a attorney?


Yes you do. Most of em wont even charge you if the accident was not your show disapproval. They just take a ‘cut’ out of the settlement.

Yes, you should consult an attorney. If the twist of fate was your fault, you will call for one to fight the insurance company. If it was not, you’ll obligation one to fight the other person’s insurance company. Either way, hope you weren’t hurt too inadequately.

I would at least consult with one; most will do a free consult. I did not enjoy an attorney and got majorly screwed over by the insurance company because in their words I am “JUST a housewife”.

Being co-counsel l stipulation to interview the acting advocate took a covering of personal injury,What question to ask?

 In class we are working on law, case scenario. Mine is as follows. Ronald is a lawyer. He has a clisent that have hired him to represent her in a personal injury case. Ronald wishes to hire ME as co-counsel in the case” Being co-counsel l need to interview Ronald and l’m not undisputed which questions to ask him I’m stuck and need assistance.


If you are playing the role of the second attorney, some issues are why the first attorney needs help, how responsibilities are going to be split between the two of you, ethical conflict considerations (check the codes of ethics), and so on.

Then within are the basics of the case: the underlying right situation, what the specific complaint is, what affirmative defenses are being raised, what discovery or pre-trial procedures hold happened, etc. So, the structure of the case, and what have already occurred.

Any job interview simply boils down to who wants to hire you, what the work situation is, what you are going to do, and why.

Best personal injury lawyer surrounded by New Orleans?

 I had A carriage ride calamity and was forced to jump from the horse-drawn carriage, causing injury, of course I hold got nothing but the run around.


You could go with the guy I other see on TV…

Warren “Chip” Forestall

Why do society these days associate getting hurt with triumphant the lottery.

I would do some search through a few lawyer webpages. I recommend a site called targetlaw. Its a attorney search engine. Really good for legal representative searches. Best thing to do is find an attorney that have represented similar types of cases. Many of these lawyers have section on their websites that outline cases that they won etc. I have attached a link next to the search good luck. Source(s):…

Best Personal Injury Lawyers and attorneys contained by Chicago?


Barack Obama comes to mind.

I hold had some great success beside ( Motherway and Napleton. They did a great job handling my case. A++ Highly recommend them Source(s):

Bill R, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I was hurt once within Maine when a delivery truck backed over my right foot at work. My company tried to settle next to me fast because they knew it wasn’t my shortcoming. I called a local injury lawyer within my city who gave me excellent advice and I be able to get a fully clad settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren’t covered by my work insurance. I’d suggest you find a lawyer in your nouns. My lawyer was give a hand me because they expect to make some money at the same time. Try visit a injury lawyer to see if they can help.

Good Luck

Calling adjectives personal injury lawyer and paralegals?!?!?

 My mother just settled her case, she have a car accident (was hit by a truck) and she have 3 bulged disks. The want to settle for $7500. Is this too little of an amount? I have the feeling it should be more because I be in an accident a fews rear legs and the only thing wrong near me was a pinched nerve and whiplash and my skin settled for $12,000. Any insight would be great, thanks!


That seem to be a fairly small amount, based upon the bulged discs.

What do her medical documents say? Is this pre-existing? Or was this cause by the accident? Will the bulged discs resolve with treatment? If so, how much treatment is required?

DEFINITELY retain an attorney….this seem like a lowball offer.

Well…how much will she lose in hospital bills, missed work, and legal fees? Bulging disks, from what I know, require extensive and continuous treatment and supervision. Seems like an unfair price.

But if she already settled her overnight case there is nothing she can do roughly speaking it now.

**EDIT** Does she have representation?? Her attorney should be asking for much more than $7,500. But ofcourse the defendant’s attorney is going to grant far less than the defendant is actually likely to pay. She needs to hire a attorney if she doesn’t already have one. It is a seesaw, plaintiff asks for an insanely high amount, defendant offer an insanely low amount and you meet somewhere in the middle. Source(s): Paralegal

I used to work for a personal injury attorney. It really comes down to how much her bills were and how unpromising the impact was. If she already settled and signed a release from the insurance company, it is too late to step back and try to get more from the company. I can minister to you, but i would need more information. If you’d like, you can e-mail me and possibly i can help you or get you set up beside the attorney I used to work for.

Can a advocate put within an amount to an insurance adjustor to try and gross a settlement for a personal injury cas


An attorney cannot ethically make an offer or constraint for settlement that a client has not approved. If your attorney is offering to settle your case or making a operation on your behalf, it has to be on terms that are agreeable to you.
With that said, if your attorney is recitation you that something is a good offer or other, it is probably in your best interest to believe it. The attorney should be familiar with insurance settlements and know what your claim is in fact worth.
If your attorney accepted a settlement that you did not approve, you should report the attorney to the local bar association and record a grievance.

What do you mean by “put in an amount”?

If you aim offer or make a emergency, then the answer is yes.

Can a personal injury legal representative give an account me what parts of a settlement are taxable? ?

 I am in the middle of a six figure settlement and am freshly curious as to what parts are taxable and which are not, as i have gotten mixed answers from people. appreciation


it is most certainly not all taxable. I didn’t reward a dime on an almost 7 figure settlement from the early 2000’s.

Under federal charge code, amounts received for compensation for personal injuries or damages (awarded or settlement) are not considered part of “gross income.”
However, you must include as “income” any portion received as a “punitive” damages, or for back pay cheque or lost wages, interest on awards, lost profits, copyright and patent infringement, breach of contract, and any attorney fees and costs resulting from these types of awards.

Furthermore, if there are damages awarded for “intense distress”, whether or not that part of the award is taxable depends on whether it was cause by a physical injury and if it goes beyond payment for medication. Source(s):… IRS Pub 525

Dead on arrival, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I was hurt once when a van back over my foot at work. My employer attempted to settle with me quickly because I know they were try to get me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I call a local personal injury lawyer in my nouns who provided me useful advice and I be able to get a small settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren’t covered by my work insurance. I’d find a twist of fate lawyer in your city. My injury attorney was help me because they stand to get some money at the same time. Try calling a accident advocate to see if they can help.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

It’s adjectives taxable as income. Some legal expenses may be deductable but I don’t think so unless they are livelihood related. See a tax accountant for accurate answers as to what might be deductable. Source(s): I remunerated income taxes on an entire settlement this year.

The settlement is NOT taxable. Only the interest, if any, is. Source(s): Claims – 22 years

Can a personal injury attorney represent someone that have toxic mold poisoning from their apartment?


Upon information and belief, yes. I would however suggest that you look for an attorney that specifically practice in this nouns.

yes ofcourse, they can refer to any lawyer within their state on how to properly prepare for their case

Mandy, we talked to two bigtime lawyers who have handled mold cases before or currently. They be not interested. Basically, if they only stand to make $10K or something next they don’t care about it. Their statement to us be its hard to show a real loss and also the jury is made of wideloads from a doublewide who are glad a middle class being got what’s coming to them and figure their house is more moldy than anywhere you could hold been!

Can anybody recomend a perfect (ON THE JOB INJURY)lawyer within dallas? I have need of relieve prompt!?

 Injured on the job, company cover-up, false documentation, rights violations, ignore doctors orders, trying to make me work while injured, etc. Big International company. I own the proof and evidence.


Try being a little more specific, please.

Can anyone facilitate me find a probono attorney for my 18 yr matured son,for totally unplanned injury to a child?

 my son accidentally dropped his 2 month old cousin causing injury, the child be taken away from the mother by cps, now detectives say he must return with a lawyer, we live in texas, and are on low income, if/when it go to court he needs to be represented, in suitcase they try to say it was not an calamity.Please email for more info.


Try your local CRLA, California Rural Legal Aid
If no help there try your State Bar Association, they will hold a list
They even have funds for Indigents, so that the poor can’t be prosecuted because they hold no money to protect themselves.
i’m in the same situation Good luck

Try Legal Aid or the Public Defender’s office practical you. Or, check

Use the damn public defender.


Getting a legal representative is never a bad idea, however, I don’t construe you really need on in this casing. I’d of course go to a free decriminalized service to get a lawyers suggestion on what services you need.

That being said. Your son will most probably be going to the CPS audible range where he’ll be allowed to tell general public he dropped his cousin.

Should the CPS hearing determine it’s not an accident (which they may) within MIGHT be charges laid against your son. However, if they have to go to court, they’ll own to PROVE that it was intentional. Which they can’t.

Therefore, they will try and bully you into accepting a deal. Don’t adopt it.

In my opinion, your son doesn’t need a attorney. However, as I said before, go to a valid lawyer and find out for yourself.

You should contact the local bar association, typically a county bar or city tavern association. For example in Houston, you would contact the Harris County Bar or Houston Bar Association and request info on their pro bono program.

God I am so sorry this have happened my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family circle especially the young lady that have her newborn taken from her….did you try to apply for a public defender at your courthouse? They work according to income I went near a friend for some trouble he got into and they only charged him $20.00 to appropriate on his case. I wish you luck and stay strong God Bless.

Can anyone explain why plaintiffs attorneys stall when it comes to personal injury cases?

 Meaning why do they wait until the statue of limitations is almost up until they file a complaint surrounded by court.


They usually don’t. It actually HURTS their case to deferral. Witnesses tend to forget. In the cases that they file at the last minute, it usually medium they tried to negotiate out of court and the DEFENDANT stalled hoping the statute would run before the plaintiff gave up and truly sued.

Can anyone recommend a great personal injury attorney for arbitration surrounded by Santa Monica or West Los Angeles?

Can anyone recommend a great personal injury attorney for arbitration in Santa Monica or West Los Angeles?
Thanks and Points to my New Best Friend with a great answer! I have need of a lawyer asap for an mva injury claim.
Please don’t just pick a mark from a site like…
A Personal Reference is much preferred.


Is near really a difference if you pick the name from yellow page or from

You probably don’t even have a case anyways Source(s): Claims 6 yrs

Just watch any local daytime television trough. You’ll see lots of them advertising.

“(blank) (blank ) got me 2.1 million”, “our attorneys will FORCE the insurance company to pay”, “when it comes to getting you more, I won’t settle for less”, “our attorneys will speak about you if you have a case right over the phone”, etc.

Ed Salem on Wilshire at 20th St…310 area code.
His partner won my overnight case, but he’s The Man.

Charles Lovedem Mandiks

Can anyone recommend a personal injury attorney surrounded by the Houston, TX nouns?

 I need a reputable personal injury attorney that works on a contingency basis within the Houston, TX area.


There are so many and most of them work on a contingency proof, albeit for a nice chunk of the awarded monies. Try John Mastrangelo.

Oh, sorry… you want a reputable attorney. Mine is an ambulance chaser vermin-y former college classmate who creeps out my wife. Oh, and he’s moving. Never mind.

EDIT: Judging by the other answers in here, no one know a reputable lawyer. Everyone deals near pond scum.

Jim Adler
Steve Lee
Rick McGuire

Sorry WILLIAM I was basically saying the ones i saw on TV. I know I can count on you for your beloved thumbs down! Pond scum? Hmmm I guess every DOG know his own!

Jim Addler the texas hammer

Can anyone recommend a suitable personal injury attorney within Wisconsin?


The Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer’s Blog probably has some good links for you, and it might own useful information as well. It’s at:…… have more listings but no side comentary.

what is your injury? if it is a REAL injury then check the newspaper, but if you jump in front of a car, or did something stupid close to that than DEAL WITH IT!

Can I attain contact information for Rumsey & Ramsey, injury lawyer contained by Atlanta, Georgia?


Rumsey & Ramsey can be contacted at: (770) 394-9400 locally or toll free at: (888) 394-9401 and on the web at: Source(s):

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I was hurt once when a van back over my left foot at work. My employer attempted to settle with me efficiently because they knew it wasn’t my fault. I call a local accident lawyer contained by my city who provided me excellent advice and I was competent to get a medium sized settlement to cover my insurance bills that weren’t covered by my work insurance. I’d suggest you find a legal representative in your city. My injury lawyer be willing to answer any and all question I had because they hope to make some money from any potential casing. Try visiting a lawyer to see if they can assistance.

Good Luck

Can i become a legal representative i own a foelony within WV for child endagerment next to risk of injury,and att. robbery surrounded by TN?

 I have a felony in wv for child endanderment near risk of bodily injury and a DUI and in TN an attempted robbery years ago. However i want to make my vivacity better and have caught some bad rap due to thing i plead on because i was alarmed and want to be able to help individuals not be just a peice of paper. I want to product a career,and help those.will those things prohibit me from becoming a lawyer.?


You will have a hard time becoming a extremity of the bar. I don’t think you can next to all those charges. Pretty much you seem approaching a precedent
felon. Plus it’s multiple states.

See this:…

Someone asked a similar question.

Even if you can bring and pass the bar exam, you must slip away an interview. They will judge you on your moral character. I would across the world think it would be very difficult – especially next to a charge involving a child.…