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An interview roughly speaking claiming pave the way and rear legs injuries. BASICALLY SUING YOUR WORK COMPANY? Please answer if you can?

 Okay my mate was at work today and he had an twist of fate. He was injured on the top of the head, the spinal pay for and also his neck. He was at a factory warehouse and a nouns of boxes came falling on top of him fro the trailor. These boxes weigh about 10kg each, a total of aprox 40 fell on him. Remember this happen today! I want to know what my friend can do and where he should go because this is definitely a claiming situation…Thanks people


I’d have thought he ought to walk to the hospital first of all . . .

Makes sure that he reported the incident to the company. follow all of the companie guidelines. Go to at hand doctors, therapy etc.

And definately get a fitting lawyer.

Depending on the state your are in, is your situation. surrounded by some situations the company pays for the time of th recovery, they proof that they have better the conditions where it is now undamaging. They also pay for the doctor and therapy, and specifically all, there might not be any claim. So scrutinize out.

He needs a workers compensation advocate, ASAP. Call the local bar association for a referral.

document the injuries and be expected to face-off years to get workers comp

Make sure he reported the accident to the company and that it went into the calamity book. And then go to a solicitor. My husband have an accident 2 years ago. It is in court subsequent month. I hope he gets some sort of compo. But most of all I want the company to apologise to him.

What he should do depends on the laws where on earth he is, and you didn’t say what country you are in. (“Mate” and “Kg”.. Oz, possibly?…. just a guess.)

In most Western countries he doesn’t have a lawsuit claim because contained by most of them there is a “workers compensation” program. Under workers comp, your boss pays for your medical care and lost wages if you’re injured at work, whether he be at fault or not.

This benefits the worker, who gets remunerated even if he’s the one who caused the accident, and doesn’t enjoy to wait for a lawsuit to go through, and to payment a lawyer, and it benefits the employer who doesn’t have to preserve lawsuits all the time if he isn’t at fault.

The downside for the worker is that he collectively can’t sue for more than he’s entitled to under workers comp, and the downside for the employer is that he still has to retribution even if he’s not at fault.

ABATE claims that motorcycle helmets incentive more team leader injuries , later why don’t ABATE want helmets not permitted?

 ABATE claims wearing a motorcycle helmet causes more injuries than not wearing one in the first place!
Then? Why don’t ABATE row and use their energy to have ALL helmets outlawed, product it illegal to own or wear ANY motorcycle helmet?
If they claim wearing a motorcycle helmet is so dangerous or horrible, consequently why aren’t they concerned about the majority of the people that choose to wear a motorcycle helmet and their safekeeping?


thats funny bart a couple of days ago you required to join abate.or did you forget.

ABATE is just trying to give everyone information more or less helmets and the possible injuries they can cause. They’re also trying to give everyone the right to want for themselves whether to wear a helmet or not. Outlawing helmets, as you propose, would be no different than mandating the wearing of them. Either option is not allowing respectively rider to decide for themselves. Your idea that the majority of riders choose to wear a helmet is flawed. I live surrounded by Illinois, which has no helmet law, and the majority of riders I see ride short a helmet, yours truly among them. When given the choice, it is obvious the majority of riders would rather ride in need a helmet. So, let them.

ever see a motorcycle race on a track with the rider minus a helmet on?

Folks you enjoy to be a total idiot liberal not to understand what ABATE wants .. They want something the libs are against and to be precise freedom of anything since they are so dang mindless they can’t make thier own choices..There is times i would wear a helmet law or not mete out on 1000 mile days i don’t want that much wind going over my pointed head .. But after you have non riders making laws and debating what a rider should do …. I suggest the lawmakers should wear a condom over thier heads to hold the stupidity in and not spread it.. Source(s): Been riding about 50 years

I live in Az where on earth there is no helmet law and you almost NEVER see anybody wearing one.In recent years Florida dropped their helmet tenet and low and behold you don’t see very many helmets here now. A.B.A.T.E isn’t about getting rid of helmets they are just about getting rid of a helmet law. Members of A.B.A.T.E. simply feel that you should be free to choose weather or not you are going to wear one.I myself hold nothing against a helmet,but I CHOOSE not to wear one. You also should have the freedom to choose to not wear a form belt.The government does not have the right to enlighten you you have to do this.You also cant legislate common sense.Its adjectives about the freedom to choose,part of LIBERTY!

What’s up with the ABATE hate?

ABATE doesn’t want to outlaw helmets. They want to shutting down helmet laws because it should be up to the individual rider to decide.

vastly few wear one if it is not the law your whole argument is dumb..within is a time and place for helmets and off road where on earth Traffic is not a problem come to mind

Anyone that would argue against the need for the wearing of a motorcycle helmet – doesn’t inevitability one, they have nothing contained by their head that needs protecting.

Accident claims. What companies will in actual fact consent to you receive a claim where on earth NO injury is involved?

 ‘All’ that happened to me is my car (3rd do insurance only) was damaged surrounded by an accident that was not my guiltiness.

The other drivers insurance company is denying my claim, basically because they obviously in recent times don’t want to pay me anything. How can little me fight the mighty power of one of the UK’s biggest sports car insurance companies? I can’t of course. And it’s not cost effective to hire a solicitor.

As I wasn’t injured within the accident (and am not interested in pretending I was) is nearby are company who will take me on with one of these ‘no win no fee/100% compensation’ deal with no injury involved? I just want to win what is rightfully mine, the damages to my motor.


So sorry but I don’t know of any claims company which do as you ask. Many years ago I was witness to a similar accident where on earth the persons car be only insured 3rd party. Months subsequent I was asked to make out a witness statement which I hope sorted out the problem. During this time I was talking to the police around the problem and they advised that anyone who is involved in an chance which is definitively NOT their fault, should make sure they are ‘injured’ so that the police must be call to the scene All details then have to be record so the other party and insurance company can’t wriggle out of it.

If the other driver damaged your vehicle then it is up to the other drivers insurance company to do the repairs.

I was contained by this situation and the other company did same, I went to solicitor and they ended up paying me 3 times that claim attraction of the work.

I seriously suggest that you get in touch beside any witnesses as well to back your claim up, DO NOT CLAIM FOR INJURY if you are not injured because they can do you for fraud. If you jump to hospital you will end up with a bill for treatment that could be anything from 80 upwards as the NHS do not foot for your treatment from an RTA.

If you didn’t report the accident to the police, YOU SHOULD HAVE, it is the law, even if not a soul was injured.

So I would get a solicitor on the defence before your paddling up diahorrea drive…

Your solicitor should claim for the expences of chasing the other driver as mine did… so no cost to you.

Another driver hit my coup¨¦. Must I settle the property and injury claims separately?

 Another driver hit my car and was at guiltiness. My car was declared a total loss. I have a large cut on my scalp. The other driver’s insurance said they settle the property claim separately from the injury claim. Do I have to agree to that? Which claim handle “pain and suffering.”


You’ll hold to file a claim with the small claims court.

Mine be handled separately.
The “property claim” is just that your property – the vehicle plus usually motor seats or other property that must be replaced due to the negligence of the other driver. (for instance your fence if the driver plows into it)

The injury claim will be: “agony & suffering” plus “medical expenses” but don’t expect $. Source(s): 23 months out of my accident, I’m out thousands & wondering if I’ll ever be reimbursed..

Use your own insurance. They will do everything for you and you won’t have to “negotiate” on your own

well motor insurance wont cover a person, just resembling life insurance wont cover your car…what’s so complicated something like that?

I agree that you should be doing this through your own insurance company. They will protect your rights.

But if you insist on settling with the third get-together, then yes, you have to agree to their jargon. Because injury coverages are separate from property damage coverages.

Pain and suffering is part of the injury claim.

get your insurance company to do business with it you paid them for the insurance they should represent you

forget bout it.

did u even get hurt.?

i hit heaps guys(not purposely) but the guys usually forgive and forget . . .without i having to settle them.. I rock when it comes to talking out of trouble

Any well brought-up experience of claims at work injuries firms?

 as i have just have a hernia op,and a few months
off work


You will have to prove this happened at work any of these firms will lift you on, make sure you read the smallprint [ no claim no fee]

5 Steps to Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim

1. Evaluate whether or not you should profile a claim: Did you know that just when you call your insurance company near a question about possibly file a claim it is often recorded on your insurance account? It is important to keep your insurance register clean and one way is decide whether or not you should file a claim. It doesn’t matter if the happenstance is your fault or not, you should ask yourself first if you can pay for the injure. Simply put, if you can pay for it yourself without financial hard times, don’t file the claim.

2. Fill out your What to do After an Auto Accident Worksheet: This worksheet, which when you click on the title is provided for print-out, will help you maintain track of the information you will need to file your auto insurance claim. It is vital to get every detail of the accident documented and to try to find witnesses that would be feeling like to talk to your insurance company to back-up your story.

3. File the claim ASAP: You will want to file the claim as soon as possible next to your insurance company. Even if it is not your fault, your insurance company will handle the claim process as your urge.

4. Prepare for a possible call from the other insurance company: If there is a dispute between the two party in the accident, you may bring a call from the other driver’s insurance company asking for your version of what happen at the accident scene. If this happens produce sure you document everything you say and the name of the customer service agent you talk too.

5. Finally, getting your car fixed: If you had body wreck to your vehicle this is when you will finally get it fixed. After your claim is approved, you will likely capture a call from your insurance company about sending an insurance adjuster out to assess the defacement or asking you to send your car to a pre-approved shop to seize it fixed. Source(s):
Auto Insurance

If you are a member of a Trade Union you will attain free advice. If you go to an ambulance chaser you will not take very much compen, if any, as their cut will be very giant compared to the award you may (or may not) be entitled to. Do NOT believe all these adverts!!



GOOD LUCK AND GET WELL. Source(s): 923

Anyone have a claim through criminal injuries compensation?


I was stabbed 5 times nearly died, put contained by a claim only received lb3450 no payment for loss of returns, the whole payment be an insult, you would get double that for whiplash, the only righteous thing to come out of it was the in the neighbourhood death experience, change my look on enthusiasm totally

I had to claim contained by 2005 after an assult, it consisted of me answering a few questions over the phone when I called them, and consequently a form had to be filled out and returned beside ID. I provided a police report, and Doctors letter and photo evidence, the person be sentenced to a prison tearm, but I waited 16 months to be told that my injury and suffering were not serious satisfactory to warrent any payment. Source(s): personal experience

My son was so badly assaulted by a gang that the investigation open as a potential murder enquiry. His claim came to zilch because the police, having been unsuccessful contained by tracing the villains (the few eye witnesses were too panicky to come forward) stated that his injuries were “consistent with falling over and hurting himself”. An smooth way out of it for them, a costly lesson for my son!

Yes – successful.

Anyone settle a workers comp claim next to a shoulder injury.?


do you have an impairment rating?also states differ greatly sometimes on what is covered and its difficult to compare details

Aren’t I eligible for an injury claim if my vehicle is covered by the driver who hit me insurance co.?

 It was the other driver’s fault. Her insurance co. assumed %100 liability. Her ins. co. said since I didn’t own proof of ins. at the time of the accident that I cannot file an injury claim. Yet they are paying me $5,400 for my motorcycle repairs.


Depends on your state…some states prohibit you from recovering for bodily injury if you are driving without valid insurance.

Ok, well the company isnt just lying to you for the fun of it so your grill should be “why isit denied” not “should it be denied”. You must live in a state where you cannot create an injury claim unless you have insurance of your own. Which i think is completely objective. What if you had caused the calamity? The other person would not have be able to collect anything.. why should you? I hope you learned a lesson here…

Ignore the first answer.

Now, since it’s significantly unlikely this is just for “not having proof of insurance”, ie, not have your card on you, I’m assuming you’re uninsured.

I’m guessing one of two things is happening here, and liability has zilch to do with it:

1) Your state forbids uninsured drivers from being eligible for injury claims, as a cost for being uninsured

– or –

2) Your injuries are only soft tissue/road unthinking type injuries that will resolve in time, and are not permanent, disfiguring, and/or severe. In most states that own a tort law (meaning, in a nutshell, you wages extra on your insurance policy for the right to sue for injuries), an uninsured driver automatically gets classified as the LOWEST/cheapest/most restrictive sort of option, because you weren’t paying into the system. Again, this is a cost for being uninsured. If that’s the case, they again merely owe you the bike damages.

Ask for a denial letter from the insurance company with good opinion to your injury claim – they’ll spell out the reason why they won’t pay, and later you’re welcome to check it out with your state’s Insurance Department to see if their denial is legit.

Good luck. Source(s): Far too long surrounded by claims

If they assume liability, they are trying to play you into not file a claim.. By claiming responsibility, they would HAVE to pay on the medical (which is an undetermined amount) Your insurance doesnt matter when they enjoy already assumed responsibility. If you file it anyway, and they dont respond (keep records), or if they prevent you from filing (get name, this is prob illegal) then you can fall support to your ins. (assuming all you were missing be proof) and file it, they will get it from the other. If you didnt hold any (and its required) you may just have to database for it in small claims….

Knowing where on earth the accident happened might give support to. If you are in the U.S. I have handle claims in many states and hold never heard of denying a liability claim to somebody who was uninsured. The adjuster may be stupid or lying. Either road you need to request a “denial” letter from them explaining what decree or court case they are basing this decree on.

Once that is received, I would suggest that you then contact your State Insurance Commissioners Office or an attorney to any confirm what the company told you or to tell you that the company is wrong.

If you have a legit claim don’t endow with up. Their position sounds absurd. Source(s): Claims Adjuster for way too long.

You should know how to claim for your injuries but many states have previous laws that you cannot collect any “pain and suffering” if you be uninsured at time of loss.

Auto injury claims for torment and suffering?

 I was a passenger in an auto happenstance the driver was at fault. Her insurance is going to proffer me a settlement for pain and suffering and my medical bills and wages. medical and wages are about $9000. What is the standard amount I should settle for. I had a whiplash, sternum injury and deep tissue injury to my shoulder and put a bet on and chest.


olly1952, There are lots of places where you can get a free insurance quote. It singular takes 5 minutes to do.

Auto insurance claim near minor injury?

 My son was in a minor fender bender & the locally known insurance company is blowing up my phone. I told them he is feeling some collar & back pain. No Dr. have seen him.

They want to know what Dr. he saw & where? They also asked if I be going to make a claim. I told them I was unsure & wouldn’t release any further info to them.

My son is not injured save for some soreness, but I don’t want to release anything to them until I’m sure he will not have any further complications.

What kind of message should I send them? What about any compensation form this? I’m extremely confused & really just want him to be OK without any adjectives issues.


Norma Jones



You don’t have to make a claim or answer any question if you don’t want to. If you/your son are ok with just taking some anguish reliever and getting over it – that’s ok. Most people try to cash contained by like they’ve won the lottery.

However, just some info for you:

It sounds resembling the other driver has insurance and the other driver was at responsibility. That carrier is obligated to make sure their driver is released from any outstanding liability. If you/your son is going to construct a claim – they want to get it resolved.

In order to attain it resolved – they need you/him to sign a release. The release will say that you own been compensated and that you agree not to purse anything additional against the other driver.

If you do settle on to make a claim – and your son treats with a doctor – you will involve to sign a medical authorization. That just allows the adjuster to get the relatein seventh heavencal bills. That’s really no biggie.

The release is really not a biggie either – but you guys should feel comfortable that adjectives of your concerns have been address.

Sometimes – an insurance company will offer you money just to return with a release on behalf of their insured. If you are comfortable with that – that’s fine.

Usually – I would recommend waiting to sign until you know there are no complications OR sign an spread out medical release. This allows you to settle the claim for some money and leaves money available for medical treatment. (Usually up to a specified dollar amount and set amount of time. Up to $1000 for 3 months for example)

Anyway – it sounds like things are going to be ok with your son. Let’s hope it stays that road.

Goodluck. Source(s): Insurance professional 11+ years

Auto Insurance, Injury Claims?

 My boyfriend was hit by a drunk driver while working. Any advice on the best instrument to collect for injury etc.? State of California


If he was working at the time of the misfortune, he will need to file next to Worker’s Comp for all of his medical bills and lost wages.

Any “pain and suffering” money will individual come from the at-fault party’s insurance company later, after the injury is resolved and treatment has completed. His own insurance company can walk him through what needs to be done, or he can get hold of a free legal consultation with most personal injury lawyer without having to commit to representation.

Hope he’s ok.

Sue the driver, adjectives his details will be held by the police who attended. Lawyers will advise, and for once it is good direction, not to take him to court until the police prosecution is over as that will prove his culpability and assist civil proceedings.
Get and keep receipts for everything concerned. Medical, loss of profits, extra transportation taxis etc. Make sure you also get written costing from legal representative to ensure your not ripped off by ambulance chasers adding insult to injury. Also check that work insurance may cover adjectives things and if so claim via this then the insurance company will take over chasing the offending driver and your boyfriend will own to do nothing except prove what money he is entitled to

You need to land the police report as soon as it is available and probably contact an attorney. This is not a cool situation and hopefully the drunk is in jail where on earth he can’t hurt anyone else. His insurance, if he was insured, must be responsible for the medical injuries endured by your boy friend.

Best of luck.

How discouraging are the injuries, remember the lawyer gets section of the money sometimes 50%. Get the police report and file a claim with his insurance unless the injury be while he was doing part of his work after it will be workers comp and the amount is regulated. Look out lots of shady characters in personal injury. Source(s): former insurance investigator

Your boyfriend should file a Workmans Comp claim to pay for any and adjectives medical bills incurred in the accident. Contact the insurance company of the being that hit him and when you are ready to settle the injury claim (you have 2 years to any settle the injury claim or contact an atty and file a suit) I would try to settle the injury claim on your own to get the most money. If he have reasonable and related medical bills when you submit them to the insurance owner, ask for maybe 5-6 times the medical bills and his lost wages. When you are hit by a drunk driver, the amount that is remunerated to you usually is higher than a normal settlement due to the gross negligence of a stupid drunk driver. Good luck and I hope he is ok.

He may be covered lower than Worker’s Compensation” or the employer’s automobile insurance. Tell him to ask questions.

Auto calamity, injury claims interview hit/run UMC?

 I was involved in an auto happenstance on 5/18/2008. I was driving northbound on interstate 95 headed to up to date york from virginia. When the accident occured I was In unusual jersey. Someone hit me in the passenger rear side which cause me to spin out of control and do about 3-4 360 scope turns down the freeway. I finally came to a STOP when the passenger side of my car hit the reverse of an S.U.V. At that point the S.U.V stopped for a mere 1-2 seconds and sped off. I be left on the side of the highway by myself. Me and my passenger both sustained what we thought were minor injuries. An officer come wrote a police report (since there were no other vehicle that stopped he wrote it as hit/run). A tow truck then took my car rotten the turnpike and to the nearest local repair shop. I then had to run a TRAIN to new york from jersey to where my own flesh and blood lives. The next day I go to seek medical treatment for my neck/back/and right shoulder, so did my passenger. I got treatment 3 times a week from a chiropractor and get x-rays. The following week i returned home (virginia) where I found a chiropractor and had my medical files transferred. I own been seeing him since… I have see a medical doctor, gone to get an MRI, and now hold to go see an orthopedist. (The mri found i had a fracture within my shoulder) I went back to finally pick up my motor from the shop the framework/ body work/ and paint had been done but they have not done anything mechanically to my car on the other hand they insisted it was READY FOR PICKUP. i was furious so i wrapping up up driving my car back home to virginia because i could not surplus any more time/money. My car still has check engine reading light on, abs light on, speedometer doesnt work, suspension was SHOT. the passenger side strut be blown i could tell cause that side of the coup¨¦ had no bouyancy (sp?) to it. I then call my lawyer and he called the insurance company and get them to replace that strut. EITHERWAY the car is still not mechanically nouns and back to the state it was up to that time the accident.


I have contacted the insurance company they told me an adjuster would come out to look at my motor again and nobody has called me or showed up.

Am isueing my insurance company?
All my legal representative has done is send out junk mail of representation to the doctors i have seen that my chiropractor have referred me to…


Im 20 years old
I have full coverage and own a 2000 bmw 528i

I know its long-winded but thanks in credit im really confused as to what position im in and what options i own… i have kind of merely been going with the flow seeking my medical treatment..


You might purely have to unplug the battery so the check engine wispy comes off. Sometimes you need to do that to turn it rotten.

You should have left your motor at the body shop until it was fixed completely. Insurance companies have to remuneration for storage everyday when a car is sitting in someone’s lot. But human being that you drove your car from NJ to VA, chances are, no concern how hard you try your car isn’t going to acquire fixed at this point. You could try to get an estimate done and submit by fax & regular mail to your insurance company and see if they’ll wage it or reimburse you for it.

Most of the time, attorneys do the property damage part as a courtesy to the client; our organization does.

You are suing your insurance company under the uninsured motorist part of your policy. Everybody have it. If you look on your declaration page from your insurance (the packet they send you every time your insurance renew), there’s a page that say your policy limits. So if you want to know the most you could possibly get when you sue them, look lower than the uninsured/underinsured motorist section. It should say an amount resembling [$100,000/$300,000.00 (per person/per accident)], those are your benefits. But that has nothing to do near the part that is paying your medical bills.

Your attorney sounds similar to my old boss, lol. Source(s): Paralegal in a personal injury statute office

you didn’t say if you go to a shop that your insurance company recommended. These are normally preferred shops that the insurance company would then guarantee.

It is not exceptional for damages to be missed by an adjuster. When an estimate is done they are writing a visual inspection. It is not an all inclusive estimate. Note the word estimate. Now once the repair process is going on it is the responsibility of the repair facility to notify the insurance company of a supplement. Are these damages on the estimate or the supplement? if so consequently it sounds like the shop did not do the repairs properly. If they didn’t and this is a shop that you chose, NOT a preferred shop then this could fall up being a problem between you and the shop. If this is a case where on earth the appraiser missed these items then they will inspect and you can place the vehicle back surrounded by the shop for the repairs to be completed. If this was a preferred shop by the insurance company and repairs were not completed properly the insurance company should guarantee that work and go and get you to another preferred shop in your new location for the repairs to be completed.

Most attorneys will not bother next to damages to the vehicle but maybe they will as a courtesy. But you for sure see which of the scenarios above fits your situation and follow appropriately.

I hope this helps!

Auto chance, next to minor injury…How do I trade name a claim even if my son have not see a doctor.?

 He does have back & slight nouns soreness. The adverse party insurance company has be calling me to sign a release, but I refuse.

What kinda letter should I convey the insurance company?


Nothing. Have your insurance company handle this; it’s their job. However, it’s going to be intricate to make a claim for injuries if there is no evidence of same. Take your kid to the doctor, for pete’s sake.


Average time it take for a claim against an employer for a work related injury to move about to court?

 My son was injured on the job within early June and has a tenet suit against his employer. He is an electrician and was working on the ground installing conduit on some railing when 5 or 6 stories above him some workers leaned over a rail and sawed of a two foot piece of steel strut which fell and hit him on the team leader. Workmans comp paid him a weekly check for about a month and consequently stopped stating that they felt he was competent to return to work. However, their doctors just released him this week for light duty. To engender and even longer story short he is in great financial trouble now and have a pending law suit against his employer and workman’s comp for stopping payments. What are his likelihood of winning this law suit and how long should he expect it to embezzle. He is going on 4 months behind on his rent and his truck has already be repo’d.

“> Im so sorry to tell you this but the employers are going to do and devise of anything they can to give him the lowest settlement possible. My boss got injured on the living and it is now THREE years later and she still hasn’t see a dime. In fact, her lawyer and her elderly employers lawyer are individual now discussing and arguing over the amount of the settlement shes going to receive. It sucks but its just how the system works.

It could be years formerly he sees any settlement. However if he has an attorney he may see some put a bet on workers comp pay but again it depends on the company and the state. If you do not have an attorney return with one. Source(s): Past experience, legal student

Back Injury Medical Claims Statistics?

Where can I find statistics on the number of medical claims submitted for back related injuries to auto mechanics? Needs to be specific to auto mechanics.


you can start next to the ministry of health or dmv, I doubt if this information is available freely to everyones access on the internet, good luck

Before the hobby on sit the commentators claimed Berbatov didnt play due to injury..?

 but since then there have been claims he was disappeared out as he is leaving, also he isnt in the picture for the release of the bright kit…

What do you reckon… rumors or truth??

Wont be all discouraging if he goes tho as our best season was two years ago where on earth we were fourth all season but lost it too arsenal on the final day… And we didnt even have berbatov!!


he is probably goin cause they have modirc keane n bent so here is no need 4 him

Doesn’t look like he’s in the picture Source(s):…

I reckon he’s realised he’s never gonna win a title with you lot so he’s off elsewhere next to the rest of the footballers purely in it for the money

He is probably going to Man United, replacing Louis Saha. A player of his class should be playing within Europe. Spurs should use the money from his transfer fee on a solid protector and/or a holding midfielder.

He’s gone… bottom half finish just isn’t what he’s looking for!

Truth, there is no opening he is injured and even if he is everyone knows he wants to head off

Definitely going, Spurs don’t want to risk him getting injured when they can draw from big money for him, he could replace Saha or even Drogba, just imagine if he replaces Bendtner at Arsenal! Champs lge football is what he’s after.

why not sell bent? get hold of another 16.5m for him LMAO!

they would go and get loads of cash for him they did have one striker to copious but now they sold defoe they would need an alternative.

but bent was an amazing player, and given a run can get 20+ goal a season

Bodily injury claim after a coup¨¦ quirk.. what to do?

 My mother got in an catastrophe today.
She got rear concluded, and she was badly hurt.
she be ambulanced to the hospital, and she does not have the papers or anything from the accident.
I call the PD and i got a Claim number
i called our insurance company, and file a claim.
what should I do next.
If i wanted to record a Lawsuit, how would that happen, and approximately how much money would we get for her injurys.

Since your mother was rear finished, most likely there should be no dispute on defect.

The other insurance company should pay for her car damages and her injuries.

Why do you want to own your mother file a lawsuit? Do you think that by file a lawsuit your mother will end up with more money? Remember if your mother hires a legal representative, YOUR MOTHER PAYS THE LAWYER out of any injury settlement. The insurance company DOES NOT PAY MORE just because of a lawsuit.

You are watching too much TV and seeing all of those ambulance chaser attorneys who guarantee you will become a millionaire. The insurance company should toy with and your 1st concern is to take care of your mother when she get home from the hospital.

good luck

Step subsidise, you can’t file anything as you are not the injured party and your mommy apparently isn’t unresponsive yet.
Put the greed on hold and let mommy operate with this.

“> Wow….Seeing those big $$$$$ already? Let the insurance companies do their job and then decide how to progress. Keep surrounded by mind a lawyer will take a hefty chunk of any settlement she may receive.

Well gosh…since the fluke just happened today, isn’t it for a moment early to be talking lawsuit? Just maintain in mind if you hire an attorney, he/she is going to get 30-40% of doesn`t matter what amount you are awarded.

I have to agree beside the others. It’s a bit early to be thinking of lawsuits at this point. Your mom was injured, and accordingly that’s the most important thing right immediately – helping her heal physically. Get through that first. There hasn’t even been a prognosis on the other hand.
Secondly, any legal action have to be initiated by your mother, not you. It will be her decision to sue, if that’s even necessary. Chances are she hasn’t even spoken to the other insurance company nonetheless. She may decide that a lawsuit isn’t even necessary.

Lastly – your mom be injured in an unfortunate ACCIDENT. You didn’t hit the lottery.

Bodily Injury Claim Calculations should I be offered more?

 Almost two months ago I was involved in a three coup¨¦ accident. I was within the first position completely stopped. The third car was determined at responsibility but their insurance want to only pay $90 for strain and suffering and waiver of future liability. They said that is their top donate and they will not offer more unless I can support it. With as much as they have put me through the ringer near all of the back and forth my time is worth more than that. My expenses included (Tax Paid on Rental Car) (Mileage to Doctors) (Doctors Visit) (Co-Pay) (Lost Wages). I be only out of work one day next to a Doctors note and they said I had majority pain following an accident. Though I am still freaked out anyone in a car, especially when I drive by the place of catastrophe on a daily basis to get hold of to work. Is $90 a fair offer by the insurance for wavier of adjectives liability and pain and suffering?

P.S. (I did not even bill them for mileage only lost wages, co-pay, and dr visit)



Also, if you are “freaked out” when driving by the accident scene, then run to work by a different route.

Make a counter contribute of what you think is fair for lost wages, mileage etc.

Otherwise hire an ambulance chaser and they will aim more money which will cause everyones insurance rates to go up.

Forget in the order of being “freaked out” you have to drive so bring back over it

No, it’s not; the company is trying to lowball you, hoping you’ll supply in and quit fighting. They should take-home pay ALL your excess bills, as long as you have evidence–doctor/hospital bills, notes on mileage, etc..

If the company still resists, threaten to record a written complaint with your state department of insurance; most of them take such complaints seriously, and the companies don’t want to win gigged by the state, since too many complaints can lead to them one banned from writing in the state. Then, if the company still resists, do it.

Bodily Injury claim question…?

 Hello. About four months ago I was in a sports car accident and the other driver has be proven “at fault.” I was driving 40 mph and t-boned him because he come out of nowhere. My car was totaled. Well, my fund hurt really bad and it was difficult to breathe. So, the subsequent day I went to the doctor and took a chest x-ray (that come back fine) and had to grasp some prescriptions for the pain. I have finally received adjectives of my bills, so I can move forward with my bodily injury claim. My medical expenses came out to roughly less than $70 because my health insurance covered most of it. I call the representative from the other driver’s insurance company to ask what I should do next, and he said that I should mail the stuff contained by (which I will) and to include what I believe I should be awarded. He said I don’t have to if I don’t want to and they will just proposition an ammount to me. I was in like mad of pain, but I don’t know what to ask for. What do you think. I don’t want to be greedy. Should I sort an offer?


You never mention how much your medical bills were or where you are located, which desires to be considered. Many other things come into play (such as what your pain was and how long it lasted) but we could slight them as the settlement won’t be very high.

Probably around $500 more after your medical bills. Perhaps up to $1000 if you want to try to push the issue. Your claim is not much as you received limited medical treatment… but you can argue that you _were_ in discomfort, you just don’t believe in running up substantial treatment bills, as other people do (as mentioned here) just to find a larger settlement. This would go a _long_ way surrounded by getting the adjuster on your side. You may want to negotiate a little 1st and then mention this.

ask for the ACV of the coup¨¦ that was totalled, all your medical bills to be remunerated in full, any lost wages from missing work due to the accident and doctor visit, any rental car you paid for to be reimbursed and conceivably a small amount of pain and suffering. pain and suffering is NOT soemthing to be precise going to get you a lot of money and here is no “set rule” as to how a company figures it out. ask for what you feel is objective and dont try and get greedy. Source(s): agent

Well first of all, your condition insurance is going to want to be reimbursed for the bills they paid, so be sure to include those when you send to the insurance company.

Ask for the cost of the bills, plus conceivably what a third of the bills total for the “pain and suffering”

There is no formula the insurance company gets to use to determine the settlement amount on an injury claim. Many folks think it is double or triple the medical bills- you will never see that done.

Hope this helps Source(s): Claims adjuster 5 yrs

get an attorney, the attorney would recommend that you go to a chiropractor to show that you own suffered bodily injury(its a way to prove it). So go to the chiro for a few months and afterwards show them your medical bill and make them pay it. Also you can sue for punitive damages(they own to pay you directly) and also theyre supposed to make an submission not you

You have to enjoy a percentage of permanant disability to claim anything except medical expensis there is no compensation for being a bit sore from an twist of fate.

Bodily Injury Claim, – How does one go and get the Recommended Limit?

 I have a bodily injury, a fractured leg from a motor vehicle accident .I would resembling to get the most money from my claim how do i go just about that ?
Recommended Limit: A minimum split limit of $100,000/$300,000 or a single limit of $300,00


Consult your attorney.

If you do not hold a lawyer representing you, it is unlikely that the insurance company will make a significant submit. I assume that it is the other driver’s insurance and that the other driver was at fault.

If your own insurance is covering damages you cause, you should expect to have your medical claims and lost wages claims paid, but not the maximum. Again, you may involve an attorney to help with the parley. Source(s): 30 years experience in civil litigation

Your question probably make sense to you, but not to me. The question is about damages and the comment is more or less insurance.

Bodily injury claim…..?

 How much should I asked for bodily injury claim? how much do the insurance going to give out?
I had an coup¨¦ accident and I’m also 4 months pregnant. I’m suffering back, shoulder and nouns pain and currently getting treatments in a chiropractic right very soon. My medical payment will be pay by my insurance. The other gathering was at fault. I be told by the other insurance they will pay for bodily injury.Any tips and help will be appreciated. I’m trial to this and I don’t know anything..Thank you! don’t rude comments please.


get a lawyer—-they are all over in arrears night tv

CALIFORNIA: Bodily injury insurance claim, how does this undamaged article work?

 I was in an auto coincidence about 4 months ago, the other vehicle(commercial truck) rear concluded a car in rear of me, going at about 40-50MPH, that vehicle then ram into the car in front of them & that vehicle ram into my car, thus creating a sort of domino effect (me & the other 2 cars that were hit be completely stopped at the time of impact). Luckily I did not hit any one (the commercial truck was found to be 100% at fault), however I was around 7 months pregnant at the time of the accident, I was rushed forthwith to the hospital by the ambulance & ended up having to stay nearby for almost 2 days the impact sent me into pre-term labor! I was released from the hospital still pregnant, however I had seriously of pain in my pay for, a bruised rib & my legs hurt a lot after the accident (lifting them, exercising). Luckily I be able to go full occupancy with my pregnancy. I’ve had my child since afterwards & I now have upper rear legs pain a lot & nouns pain & my labor was abundantly WORSE then my First Born. What are my options I enjoy an attorney BUT he doesn’t seem to eager if you know what I scrounging, he is not telling me very much. I am also sensitive of traumatized because I have panic attacks when ever a vehicle get too close behind me. I may be damaged for life span physically & mentally because of this accident I want to be fairly compensated what option do I have? I have never be in an accident where on earth I had a bodily injury claim, the last item I want is to settle for too little.


I work in a Chiropractic clinic, and it’s my job to knob Personal Injury Claims [Auto Accidents]. I work in Kansas City, so everything I am saying is according to Missouri decree. I’m sure it’s a little different in CA, but most insurance companies are alike throughout the states.

The most important question to ask I guess is what auto insurance did the commercial truck own? And do you have all of that information still? His insurance is call 3rd Party Liability, because you said that it was all his show disapproval. Not only is his insurance responsible for your bodily injury, but also to the other drivers if they were injured as okay. There is a possibility that his insurance isn’t high enough to cover three different cars [assuming everyone be injured]…the state requirement in MO is $15,000. I’m not sure about CA. Let’s assume that it is giant enough, though.

In my experience, insurance companies won’t pay for “bodily injury” unless you’ve enjoy sought treatment almost immediately after the accident. Some companies are 30 days, some are 90 days. If you don’t wish medical treatment before however many days, they won’t cover it…claiming that the injury wasn’t a result of the calamity. HOWEVER, if you were pregnant and required hospitalization, I think that merits rather glance. It sounds like you be in tons of pain. If you can prove that you’ve be doing things to help alleviate the pain, and you enjoy a paper trail to prove it…then the insurance companies will filch you seriously. For instance: you got in the catastrophe on April 1st. You spent a few days in the hospital. When you got out, you have to go back to work, pocket care of the family, etc. You still have some back pain, you go to the medical doctor on the 20th and he prescribed you some pain pills. In the meantime, you are using hot packs, rime packs, tylenol. In the insurance business they call that “self treating”, and recitation them that you did that will make them listen. The end of May you walk to a massage therapist. The distress still is there so in June you go and get an MRI, and July you go back to your Medical Doctor. You return with my drift…

What you’re basically trying to do is set up a timeline for the insurance company to prove to them, yeah the accident happen 4 months ago…but this pain is not going away. You have documented papers (Any doctor visit not including GYN for baby, massages, receipts from tylenol) that prove that you be seeking relief.

Once that has be established, the insurance company now knows that they’re gonna enjoy to pay for your physical therapy. And how 3rd Party works is, you stir to the Physical Therepist (or Chiropractor or whatever) and they get you better. Meanwhile the bill that you’ve racked up from getting back to usual is huge now. 3rd Party has to money that. And guess what else they need to do? Now, they try to settle with you for a low amount. If your bill near the PT comes to $4000, they’ll try to settle with you for $4500. Well, that only not quite pays the bill, plus you only get a lousy $500. How it’s supposed to take place is, they compensate you for:

– Time lost from work [you had to stop working because of your injury, no matter if it be 2 days or 2 weeks…they need to pay you for that lost time you’ll never grasp back] – Time lost with your family [not to mention your pregnancy, but time that you couldn’t spend beside your husband or boyfriend because you were in so much cramp, any birthdays or holidays you missed.] – “Duties Under Duress” That is exactly what the insurance company calls this. It means, things that you enjoy to do on a regular basis, that you no longer can do without strain. For instance: you can’t lift the laundry to do it, you can’t scrub the dishes because it hurts your shoulder, you can’t pick up your child. Basically they’re paying for your pain and suffering. And they stipulation to! All this mess wouldn’t have hurt if that accident have never happened!

So keep that surrounded by mind when they throw numbers at you to try and settle. They need to compensate you for everything you’ve had to step through because of the wreck. Also, you need to know that your lawyer will bring a third of the settlement right off the top. So plan accordingly, and don’t settle for 12 opulent unless you’re willing to only get hold of 8.

I know this is long, but Insurance Companies make me so mad…and I hope that my information help you. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions. 🙂 Good luck!

Your attorney should relay you what your options are. But generally, you’re not going to get hold of anything for stress, mental health, panic attcks, etc.

Any insurance that truck have, IF he has insurance, well, that coverage amount would attain divided out among everyone in all the cars. It’s possible, if you’re discussion about 10 people hurt, and $100,000 of coverage, that the most anyone would achieve, is $10,000.

Regardless of medical bills.

You sue the driver who caused the accident, that’s what your likelihood is. If YOU had no insurance, you can’t collect from him, and you can’t win. If you DID have insurance, you obligation to file a claim under your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

You’re problem isn’t going to be settling for too little. It’s going to be, getting no brass. If you go to court and get an award for $50,000, your legal representative will take the first third of it. The guy’s insurance will pay you your share of the claim – $10,000. Your attorney will get that, and you’ll be left holding the pod, with a $40,000 judgement balance on this guy, and no means of access to actually collect it.

I see your lawyer making out on this concordat, not you. Ask your lawyer, if he knows how much insurance this guy have, and how many other people be injured. Then do the math.

Can a personality profile an injury claim in need a police report at the luck.?

 Because the woman did not call the police but took my info. There was no ruin on either cars. I barely bumped her.


no u can not.

Of course…. that is adjectives problems that your insurance company will deal with.

Police report or no police report, if someone desires to try to sue you for damage or injury in an catastrophe, it is what you pay insurance for. They have their own investigators to accord with it. Source(s): 24 years on the job.

There are other cases of false claims.
Your motor vehicle office will be talking next to the insurance claims adjustor to determine if the injury claims are valid or not.

It will help her case to hold a police report, but the police generally do not come when the ambulance is not needed, so it have to be a fairly serious collision .

Weeding out frivolous claims is the motor vehicles bureau and insurance jobs. Let them do their jobs. Your insurance provider will commonly not want to pay out any money to the woman if your cars did not even get a dent. That is the spirit of insurance payouts. She has to prove her case of injury by now going to the hospital, a doctors certificate, xrays, etc.

If there was no sprain on either vehicle she possibly will not take any endeavour other than potentially sue you for physical harm. Note that lacking her information, does she even have insurance this could all be her knock and she should of gone to jail, or no police presence you have neither a report or a medium to contact her insurance. I will bet a million dollars she had no insurance or was not registered to the vehicle she be driving. Even if it was your fault you never accept guilt at the scene and you always call the police. To profile a report now will only result contained by you obtaining a statement from the police that you settled at the scene. There is a two to three year limitation on lawsuits and if you are injured you better bargain to a lawyer and while you are at it ask what kind of management this person can take against you so you hold ample time to have someone else hold onto your savings and things of that moral fibre. Why do I say this? Person has prior injury, soul gets an MRI, person get an attorney, person contacts your insurance company, person sues you for adjectives you have.

Yes, she could database a claim with her insurance, or attempt to sue you. Your insurance, or you personally, will hold a better chance of fighting any claims because near is no police report. You also don’t mention other witnesses.

You should always have a report made out to cover yourself. Now you own no documentation to back up the occurrence. If a suit is file, it will be your word against hers. Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer

Yep, call the PD though-you can receive a police report filed online or over the phone almost anywhere (its called a Blue Form within most areas)

. It wont be as good as one filled out by an officer, but it is still informative. Be honest-they will compare it to her statements and if its clear she’s making stuff up and youre being honest you’ll be better off than if you try to dodge responsibility or anything.

The insurance company is going to require it if you enjoy an injury claim anyway.

Can an employer officially not hire you if you are within a confederation and wallet a claim for an injury on the situation?

 my fiance hurt his shoulder pretty bad while at work on a job just about 2 or 3 months ago. he got a letter contained by the mail the other day discussion about filing his claim. he would draw from approx. 5-6 thousand. he works in a union, and is worried that if he files this claim that the pernickety company won’t hire him again. i say that would be illegal for them to do, seeing as the undamaged point of being in a association was that you are guaranteed work. any thoughts/opinions about this?


I know a person who was within a similar circumstance. Unfortunately, the company did let him go from his living and he was unemployed for a month and a partially. He spoke with his union representative though and they get him his job back. If your boyfriend is that concerned, own him speak with his union representative formerly filing his claim; that’s what they are there for. Hopefully, your boyfriend set aside some money surrounded by case of an emergency to get him through this within case he has any problems near filing his claim.

He needs to converse to his union rep. Still, there is one and only so much the union can do. I am in a federation and one guy who had been injured considered necessary to come back and they told him that they didn’t have plenty work, even though they did. However, this guy was lazy and partly the people there didn’t really believe he be injured. If they did have to take him put money on but really wanted to get rid of him, they could also be paid his life miserable there.

Can anyone back me idont know if i can claim for industrial injuries as i enjoy have bladder cancer?

 i have been contained by remision from bladder cancer and was wondering if i could claim for industrial injuries as i work with plastic and I don`t know there might be a link to what cause this as i am 45 years of age and my surgeon said it is rare for me to get this at my age as i have to get the full bladder removed


First of all, you can claim anything and sue, but after you have to prove it. The problem is that bladder infections can be insidious and due to many things. The problem is that biofilms are generate and cause the bacteria, virus, or fungus to store under these sticky, polysaccharide sacs and be protected from the typical solution used by medical culture, antibiotics. The antibiotics drive the germs deep into the tissue and only execute the superficial germs and this lasts for a short while, but the germs protected in the biofilms re-emerge and create a chronic problem.

The right instrument to deal with bladder issues is to concord with the “root cause.” In masses cases it is with the teeth. There is a direct connection between positive teeth, that if they have infections like those found below ALL amalgam fillings, you will get the bladder issues because these infections deplete your body of minerals and afterwards that organ becomes weak and susceptible to attack.

Most of the time, infections resembling this can also be attributed to digestive problems associated with LOW ACID pH of the stomach that allow bacteria to enter the body due to the impossible sanitation of the stomach. Antacids can exacerbate this problem and even cause it to happen because the antacid neutralize the LACTIC ACID from rotting food that is causing the sharpindigestion, but then also neutralizes the tremendously thing that will get rid of the indigestion, stomach bitter.

It’s generally a cascade of events that lead to the bladder infection and the solution is not to only treat the bladder infection, but to get to the root basis and fix that as well. Then you will not keep have the problem. There are many ways to fix this issue and ways to get rid of the biofilms, but antibiotics is not one of them; they complicate the issue.

99% of adjectives cancers come from infections. The problem is that when the infection gets to the cancer stage, it usually funds that biofilms are larger than 14 micro meters in size and they have started spawning hot ones. These additional ones are free to travel in the body and find up to date sites to attack. It can take years for the problems to raise their monstrous heads, but that is why cancer is so insidious and can pop up other places within the body.

The way to prevent all this is to obtain on a good diet, be tested by a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can tell you exactly what you are defective in and the dosage you need to purloin, as well as recommend diets that will make you decent.

Hope this helps you in making your conclusion. If you sue, you will have to jump through greatly of hoops to explain a “direct cause” and that is not easy to do.

Good luck to you. Source(s): CNT, B.A. biology & chemistry
advanced nutritional research

Yes you can sue anyone for anything you want, but “maybe here might be a link” is not going to cut it. If you want to be successful you have to prove your injury was mete out by and out of the scope of your employment. There is also a statute of limitations involved and since you state you are in remission it have probably run out.

Can anyone recommend a company that deal near claims for work related injuries within UK?

 Find a personal injury solicitor in a reputable practice. Don’t go to one of those no win no allowance shysters!

Injury Lawyers 4U. Just check on the Internet for further information on this company.

Can CSA claim industrial injury compensation surrounded by leue of keep payments?

 My son was disabled by an accident at his work and can never work again. As his benefits are below the time limit he is not required to and cannot pay CSA mainenance for his child. He got somewhat compensation for the injury, not very much as he has other medical problems that slashed the compensation amount. Apparantly it is not as discouraging to cripple someone who was partially disabled to set off with as it is to cripple someone who was within perfect health. The compensation is desperately needed by him for special bed furniture etc: that he will need for the rest of his life. My cross-examine is can the CSA make him pay maintenence out of this compensation. He does not owe any arrears as he be assessed at lb0.00 liability after the accident. His ex is trying to pressure the CSA to get money from him. She have a child with someone else and is in another relationship. They hold 2 home, 2 cars holidays every few months, while he lives in a world of pain and discomfort.


Thecsa are a bunch of idiots and it is all one sided ..

He should get a disabled allowance of the csa per week towards his protected amount(What they can not touch!)

I believe they could form him make payments as it is classed as income so i would advise him to appendage it over to you or someone he trusts as a trustee ..

As she has a child to someone else your son stands in a suitable place as the childs father will have to contribute so it is not all that bleak..(that way he wil not have to recompense a huge amount)

I can so totally understand your anger as we are on that side too but there are ways around it .Does the ex partner know how much he recieved?

If not next you will be okay .. you will have to play it sly and ensure the monies are not in his reason as they can access bank accounts ..

I would also suggest speaking to someone who supports people near disabilties just to arm you with any information

As he is on benefits they can not touch him .. but they will try and claim the other money .. but if it is not near then what can they do?

When he speaks to the csa tell him to read out he wishes to contribute to his childs upkeep and suggest an affordable amount

Does your son live with you ? if so you are entitled to claim for careers allowance …

If you entail any more info feel free to mail me i will do my best to support

The csa are useless beyond belief and many of them do not even know the laws

You need to move this question to business/finance, the insurance section of it. They should be able to help you more at hand.

This is directed at Sean F
I know the person mentioned. He be born with 1 leg shorter than the other leaving him beside a severe limp. He was surrounded by a relationship for 2 years buying a house with his partner. They had a child that was planned and he doted on. ( I think you enjoy to have unprotected sex if you are trying for a baby). Dispite his disability he worked 12 hrs a day and did sports car boots most Sundays. All his earnings went into the home his child and keeping his ex surrounded by designer clothes and shoes. He had the nerve to regard that even though he was a cripple if he worked to support them he was intitled to hold children. One day at work an unqualified man jumped on a Dumper special the wrong gear and reversed into his back.

His ex decided that he be of no further use to her and broke up with him. In order to see his child he have to show his ex that he deserved to. This could only be done by giving her money. As he couldn’t earn any, she suggested that he borrow from his friends and family.
He go through the family court farce for 6 years to get a contact charge. He was only allowed to see his child once a fortnight for 1 hour lower than her terms . She did everything to make him worse and take him to give up trying to get a contact decree. She got to torture him once a fortnight. One example. She claimed to be unable to go and get the child out of her car and if he wanted to see her he have to stoop beside the car window for an hour. If he touched or leaned against her motor she would drive away.

With unbelievable courage and devotion he presented himself to be tortured once a fortnight for 6 yrs and finally got a contact directive which she has ignored. He have not been able to see his child for a yr.

In the 30 years I hold known him I have never hear him ask for help from anyone but is always of a mind to help anybody.

I am sorry that you and your friends have to work to support his child but I promise you he did not plan it that method.

I am proud and privileged to call him my friend

I aspiration this was an isolated incident, but the CSA has no heart – so expect them to step after anything that exists.

And it seems ex’es with 2 of everything are the norm in this day and age, I’ve seen engineers I work with have to pay huge amounts, despite the woman living with a moneyed man.

I say the CSA should go and Fu(a)k Themselves.

Sorry to hear nearly your son….

i thought the csa have shut down to be honest they’re completely useless

In the US, we have Social Security Disability. If a man owing child support is injured and cannot work, the SS office will pass him the amount he is due, say X. Then, he can add his child as a dependant to his luggage and they will give Y for the child. He will receive X every month and SS will send the child’s mother Y. Do you enjoy similar compensation there? If so, do they pay dependant foot? It might be worth looking into.

Other than that, has he gone to or sent a representative to the Child Support offices? He can wallet a motion to suspend or lower support payments until he can get some type of assistance.

All in adjectives, I would make some calls to solicitors for legitimate advice on his behalf.

this is rather tricky on the one hand im sorry your son have a accident on the other he MUST support his child no matter who or what his ex i living near or no matter how many holidays she go on im a firm believer in fathers and mothers supporting in attendance children also as much as i totally sympathise with this lady and her son i also consistency this is very very one sided in attendance are always two sides to a story !! but if your son feels ok around not contributing toward the upkeep of HIS child then what example does this set for your granchild ! i would speak to a lawyer altho i hope adjectives sense prevails and you encourage your son to maintain contact and maintainence beside his child

Can ancestors claim for injuries and medical treatment after they decline it at a sports car fluke?

 I was involved in a sports car accident and 3 of my passangers refuse medical treatment and stated they be fine. This was noted in the police report in a minute they want to file a claim. Can they file a claim next to the lawyer?

yes they can generate a claim but then proving it is another matter.

yeah they can but ethnic group are onna know they are faking b/c they waited so long

Yes, it’s adjectives to feel you are okay after an accident, and after discover the next day you enjoy pain or bruising and be seen. I don’t take your “claim with the lawyer” in your request for information. Why would there be a lawyer involved? All they want do is present their bills for treatment required as a result of the accident to your insurance company for compensation.

If there is an attorney involved, later don’t ask here, ask the attorney. Since you will be paying him 30 to 40% of anything you get as a result of your accident, he should be the one address your concerns, not us.

Yes, but they would have need of medical documentation of the injury. They are not medical people, so they declined not knowing that they have an injury, or being in shock at the time, due to the injury.

“> Probably. The legitimacy of doing so depends on whether they really were injured, but did not realize it until next, or they are just faking injuries for the money. If they claim to hold an injury that they would have felt without beating about the bush, the police report and their statements to the police could be used as evidence to beat the claim in court. If the claim is for injuries that one cannot be aware of until hours or days after an accident, they are more likely to win.


Can i name & ask for proof/evidence from the knees-up suing me surrounded by small claims court over injury surrounded by saloon quirk?

 1 year after getting a few hundred dollars from my insurance company the othe party is now suing me surrounded by small claims court claiming they were injured and for pain & suffering.

my insurance company already denied their medical bills claim. can i appointment the suing party and ask them to provide me with evidence of this injury ? approaching medical bills , x-rays, doctor reports etc ?

am i legally allowed to do so and are they required to give me this evidence until that time court hearing ?


You already deferred to your insurance to defend any claims. Let them know about it.

Surely the suit will carry tossed anyway.

Your insurers should deal near any claim in court against you, and you can ask for any evidence. The court should actually distribute you a copy of any claim against you and include full details of the claim.

Yes you can.

Can I turn after a third jamboree insurance company over an injury claim after my PIP have already salaried?

 I was in an catastrophe. It was the other person’s fault. Her insurance company standard liability for the accident. My medical bills where rewarded out of my personal injury protection (PIP) with my own insurance company. Can I go after the other person’s insurance company for a personal injury claim also?


The above answer is correct.

Since you subsequently added that you live in Texas, the answer is probably yes, because Texas is not a state where you lose your right to sue.

You failed to note what State you are within. This is extremely important as auto insurance laws are different within each State. Does your State have a no idiosyncrasy system?

Generally speaking, you can not be paid twice for the same injury. However you may be capable of sue the other driver for loss of wages and pain and sufferring if you had an actual bodily injury. The extent of your bodily injury (as defined by your State) would determine your handiness to sue for damages.

Again, not knowing your State of residence precludes giving you a more accurate answer. Source(s): 35 years insurance industry experience

Check beside your adjuster.

See, your policy says, once your policy pays you, you transfer your right to restore your health, to your insurance company.

So IF you go after them, you have to reimburse your insurance company, what they compensated out. You can’t collect twice, for the same thing, from two different insurers.

Personal injury – strain and suffering – is slightly different than medical bills. So, it’s possible that your insurer would allow a P&S claim against the other party, without attaching the clearance. But it’s MORE likely that the money you got from them, would come beside a lein against it, by your insurer. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

No – you can dance after the other party, but you can’t sue their insurer. Their insurer did not cause the catastrophe.

Can I create a claim for injury on my horse lorry insurance.?

 I was loading a mare then she kicked out at the door I be closing and the force broke my wrist. I have broken my main bone contained by my wrist, im off work for at least 6 weeks and enjoy to be x-rayed every week, it`s dreadful! Any advice would be appreciated!


firstly was you loading your mare or someone Else’s, if its your mare within your own box, you can claim on your insurance, if it your box and someone Else’s mare, and you have a transporting licence you can claim if it someone Else’s mare your box and not transport licence no you can not claim, but if it your mare on someone Else’s box and they hold a transport licence you claim on there’s, if it there box in attendance mare you can claim.

I \would need more information. Do you work for a company that owns the horse? Is it your own company? If it was one of the two and you have workers compensation insurance you could have coverage. Good Luck!

Since the question states “my horse lorry” I’m assuming the horse is indeed yours. The best instrument to know for sure is to call your insurance company. I can’t tell you, nobody can, minus seeing YOUR policy, what is covered and what isn’t. Most property insurance covers personal injury, and I would bother, that’s why we pay our premiums. BUT, in instruct to collect for being out of work, you’ll probably need disability coverage (like AFlack). Your own liability will probably freshly cover hospital bills, but call and check…what can it hurt? It doesn’t take 2 years to directory and settle a claim…ever, unless they fight you in court….which I sincerely doubt they would do. They simply fight claims for millions, a few thousand is not a problem, if you’re covered to begin next to.

is it your horse? and do you have public liabiltyinsurance. if so you can claim but it will be not fast, at lowest possible a couple of years. and if its your own insurance then why bother.

Can I be sued for a bodily injury claim even though I own insurance that covers it?

 I was in an misfortune on Monday,awomen was speeding through a parking lot so fast I didn’t see her until we collided. Since I have a stop sign I was given the ticket.(also she was texting someone on her phone)She denied a trip within the ambulance,but has now file a bodily injury claim saying she hurt her wrist.I have full coverage up to $100,000 per personage.So I was wondering what the chances be that my insurance won’t pay for it,why they wouldn’t,and the chances of me man sued.I am a big worrier and would like to set my mind at ease a bit.Thanks


If she be to sue you, your insurance company would step in.
She has to progress through them, there is no way around it.
They will represent your interests, investigate liability and earnings any damages for which they determine you to be liable.
Your insurance company’s job is to keep you out of court. Source(s): Claims adjuster

Can I Claim against my employer because a fellow hand cause my injuries?


i’m a delivery driver, at work another employee drove into the rear legs of me & caused me to get bleak back injuries. can i claim against my fellow employee as it wasn’t my empliyers guiltiness?

any help would be very much appreciated.


Non-lawyers need to stop giving legal answers. From a advocate: You have a workers comp claim against your employer and a third party liability claim against the worker on his auto insurance policy. Further, you own another claim against your own auto insurance for med pay, PIP and uninsured motorist. Uninsured Motorist coverage is also under-insured coverage. It can be stacked on top of the at imperfection drivers auto coverage. You need a lawyer to attain the full amount that the law entitles you to. Don’t listen to any crackpots who tell you that you are wrong to pursue your decriminalized damages. A good national law firm is They bar cases all over and they’re good.

Your fellow member of staff is covered by the company you work for, so chances of suing the employee is slim. The company have much more money than you fellow employee and they have insurance to cover claims. Also, if you’re out on workers comp, craft sure you’re not doing anything that could be considered in conflict with your injury. You may surface your claim is legitamate, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a private investigator conducting surveillance on you on behalf of the company’s insurance haulier. Source(s): Me, a licensed private investigator who works workers comp claims.

if worker’s comp decides that your company didn’t do anything wrong contained by your injury and refuses to compensate you, then you could try suing your co-worker

The lone way I can think of for you to place any blame on your employer is if you can prove that the other hand had a history of negligent driving while lower than their employment and they continued to employ him anyway.

You are covered by your company’s work comp policy. Report the injury to your supervisor forthwith. Your employer is liable for injuries caused by other employees as long as you are doing something opportunity related.

You also have a claim against your co-worker but it probably isn’t worth much unless they are independently luxurious. Stick w/ comp. If the co-worker was a known menace, you may even enjoy a claim against your employer outside of comp but those sort of claims are very difficult to make.


Can i claim past its sell-by date my house hold insurance for a whiplash injury?

 recently i had an calamity in my car but undesirably my car insurance does not let me claim for any injuries to myself can i claim for injuries sustained contained by the accident through my house holdinsurance ?



I dont understand why you can not claim through you car insurance for injuries sustaind cause by a car accident. If you be out on a public highway and were involved in a quirk with another car and you hold valid in date car insurance for the motor you had the accident surrounded by ,i would think your car insurance company could claim against the other drivers insurance for damages to yourself. ? unless we are not getting the full picture?

unless you have extra coverage the answer is can not claim something that happen in a automobile for your house insurance unless maybe you run into your house with your car?? any way it would make your insurance stir up whiplash is not even worth claiming to make it go up you MAY draw from 1500 out of whip lash so while its a extra 1500 in your pocket in a minute it will go up that per year for a accident so be wary when making claims on insurance!

That would only be covered by a Personal Accident policy which is not part of a Household policy. Now consent to me guess who your car insurer is.

No you wont be covered as within is no insured peril & your household policy usually only covers you for your HOUSE not yourself. Check your policy documents though Source(s): I have be working as a claims handler for 1 year

No, I highly doubt it. Even if you could, you’d have to foot the deductible first.

I don’t think so but you might want to check your policy. usually injuries are claimed thru your coup¨¦ insurance or thru the other drivers insurance.

Can I Claim Compensation For My Knee Injury?

About 2 years ago I fell up some stairs and have just immediately (after going to the doctors about 3 times before hand) be referred to a clinic to see what damage has be done. I have been told I may enjoy possibly torn a ligament and I have problems with affliction while doing anything, even walking.
When I fell I didn’t do anything about it, and I thought it would heal on its own so I enjoy no proof that the accident wasn’t my fault and as itsbe two years I am unsure as to whether I can obtain any proof.
Can I still claim any compensation and if I were to try and be unable to prove it wasn’t my fault will near be any repercussions?

If you have no proof you will just incur the cost of a advocate to help you pursue a claim. It will be unlikely that you get anything unless the company or soul just wants to sort it all go away and settles out of court.

Honestly, since it has been two year’s since the initial calamity and there was no report or complaint made of any sort and since you did not carry any type of medical treatment it will be hard to prove that all the overexploit that has been cause to the knee was from that exact disaster! Even, if you had made a report without you seeing a doctor to show what injury was done and to say that the injury that you did sustain more next likely was done by a fall over up a flight of stair’s and since you did not get treatment to help the knees from getting any further damage done to it say by walking or moving a injured knees they could say that you did not get proper medical treatment for the injury nearby for you did more damage to the knee and it is what is cause the majority of the pain and damage very soon! So, honestly I do not believe you are going to be able to claim anything, You can call a attorney and notify them what happened and see if they believe you have a claim but I would be surprised if you do but a attorney would other know better anyone would not hurt to ask. I am sorry that you have injured your knee and I hope that it does grasp better to a point where you are not in twinge all the time. I know it suck’s to be in aching! If you need anything else feel free to contact me at tinker_9885(a) and newly put in subject line follow up knees injury question. Just in armour you need advice on anything else dutiful luck!

“> The problem you face now is that 2 years own passed and proving the fall caused the problems you are have now. Did you at least report the spatter to the owners of the building. If you did you might have a chance because of that. It could be expensive for a attorney to fight and slim chance of conquering.

Can you even prove the coincidence happened? Did you file some report?

Also it’s massively possible the statute of limitation have already ancient; in most US jurisdictions you own 2 years to sue BUT they time start counting from the day you learned around the damage, not from the actual accident’s date.

The hard part of a set is proving your present condition is directly ralated to the accident. Usually a long wait make harder to prove your claim in civil court.


Can i claim compensation for my sons whiplash injury?

Hi my son is 13, he did something very stupid last week he tried to steal a dvd from a shop,heget caught and taken to the police station.
On the way to the station the police van was involved surrounded by an accident, when we were allowed to see him some time subsequent he said he was ok,just a bit shaken up. The subsequent day his neck be stiff and sore so we took him to the hospital and he has whiplash.
Now i realise he shouldnt of been stealing, and if he hadnt he wouldnt of get hurt, but the fact is he made a stupid mistake(he has never be in trouble before) and i am wondering if i should just put it down to experience or see a solicitor.
what do you deliberate?


The stealing is a separate matter, so I don’t fathom out why many feel the want to bring it up.
We have all stolen something at one time or another, even if its a short time ago a rubber-band or Biro from the office.
You have a lawful claim either from the police or the other driver dependant on who was responsible.
Seek officially recognized advice.

maybe the whiplash claim will clear for the stealing fine u greedy b******

He is entitled to claim as the accident is completely seperate from the arrest – he would expected get about lb1500 which would be held by the Court Funds Office until he reach 18.

I would say that although 98% of whiplash injuries clear up with surrounded by one year (gp said when I had an accident) it can and has surrounded by my case caused more problems.

I one-sidedly think that if you want to teach him a lesson you should claim the compensation, and craft him give it to a charity who help the victims of crime.

off course you can claim ask the police for the name of the insurance company they use. cut and dried suitcase I should think

Most people are focusing on your son’s arrest and making moral judgments on that as absolution for whiplash. That’s just not the law works. He be a passenger in a vehicle that was surrounded by an accident. He was injured. He have a right to compensation from whichever driver was at fault. If he be convicted of stealing the dvd, he might have been fined or detained, but he wouldn’t not hold been sentenced to a whiplash. These two events are not related. Your should see a solicitor/barrister. (I’m an American attorney and am not positive whether a solicitor or barrister would manipulate this. Your system is a bit unclear to me.)

It would depend if the driver of the van be negligent or the accident be casued by an unforseeable intervening force that was not the driver’s fault. If the driver be at fault, you could sue as guardian ad litem on behalf of your son, but technically the damages would be your son’s damages, not yours. You can see a solicitor, but get sure his injuries are enough that it is worth it. (It sounds like you are contained by England or Canada by using solicitor, so medical expenses wouldn’t be damages) But if his neck was injured that could be serious or a moment ago a strain. I guess it’s up to you depending on your son’s injuries.

The other side might try and argue that because of your son’s crime, the the driver had to transport him, and therefore the root he got in the quirk. That doesn’t give them the freedom to drive negligently though, so it will all boil down to who’s more at slate for causing the accident.

There are cases where on earth in high speed police chases that resulted surrounded by accident and someone was hurt or kill by a police car, the criminal was sued because they cause the chase – but your case is different because they already had him within custody. Source(s): American law student

I think we the public should be able to sue you for bringing up a child that thieve.
You should be locked up.

With all due respect, I suggest it would be completely unethical for you to do so–and you probably don’t have a crust that would stand up in court.

Your son needs to swot up responsibility, and he is only going to learn it through your arrangements.

Put yourself in the place of the police officer. He was basically doing his job, and he certainly did not be set to for your son to get injured. In fact, he is sworn to protect populace from getting hurt. If he could not have foreseen it and did not intend it, should he be penalized for doing his available job? I think doing so would be irresponsible.

He can claim compensation for his injury the money would not be yours. I think he would get around lb1500, which isn’t really alot contained by the big scheme of things. What kind of an example would you be setting him by helping draw from a large cash reward for breaking the directive. He’ll assume you think what he did is acceptable and do it again. You should in recent times tell he got what he deserved, which is true.

You will not get any money from a lawsuit because whiplash will go away contained by a few days. The only thing you can do is ask for them to money for the doctor visit. As a parent you should whos him a good example by letting him know it would never hold happened if he didn’t steal. Karma came pay for and got him.

Legally you can claim on his behalf as he is under age, but morally should you, I don’t mull over so.

Yes, you can sue on his behalf. However, any settlement may be held in trust until he reach majority.

put it down to companies penalise the rest of us when people claim for these frivilous alleged injuries! a sore neck?? – agree to it be a lesson to him for stealing!

Personally, providing his injury isn’t serious I surmise a few days neck ache will serve as punishment, and a well brought-up reminder not to steal.

Like so many others you will probably chase the ambulance and want compensation in this day and age. Legally you own a claim, morally you must decide.

Can I claim for injuries ?

 If I get hit by a bus. I have get one leg shorter than the other so have to walk beside one foot on the kerb and one in the gutter. With a disadvantage can I claim damages?


The best person for you to ask this question, if you’re serious, is an attorney. Many confer free consultations & work on a contigency basis for injuries.


No, you couldn’t claim damages. In fact you’d probably be charged beside damaging the bus.
There is a thing call ‘contributory negligence’. This means that if you know that your disability creates an avoidable risk then it’s your duty to avoid it. Wear a platform shoe.

Having read your other question in this section, including the black pudding one, I suspect that you’re any a “clever” man who’s trying to take the piss out of this Forum or you are an incredibly stupid man who shouldn’t be allowed out alone.

hahahaha oh dear!

Volenti non fit iniuria

Claim them,, yes. Probably won’t get any donation, tho.

No, buses are allowed to do anything they like, including running over twats.

No. What you are allowed to do is throw yourself from a tall building.

Yes you can as all drivers hold to take every person on the street as they come plus they should be looking where on earth there going and see this anyway
You should go and see a advocate they usually give you a free 1 hour talk near them so you can see if you can go any further Source(s): I studied Law

Can I claim for injuries ?

If I get hit by a bus. I have get one leg shorter than the other so have to walk beside one foot on the kerb and one in the gutter. With a disadvantage can I claim damages?


The best person for you to ask this question, if you’re serious, is an attorney. Many confer free consultations & work on a contigency basis for injuries.


No, you couldn’t claim damages. In fact you’d probably be charged beside damaging the bus.
There is a thing call ‘contributory negligence’. This means that if you know that your disability creates an avoidable risk then it’s your duty to avoid it. Wear a platform shoe.

Having read your other question in this section, including the black pudding one, I suspect that you’re any a “clever” man who’s trying to take the piss out of this Forum or you are an incredibly stupid man who shouldn’t be allowed out alone.

hahahaha oh dear!

Volenti non fit iniuria

Claim them,, yes. Probably won’t get any donation, tho.

No, buses are allowed to do anything they like, including running over twats.

No. What you are allowed to do is throw yourself from a tall building.

Yes you can as all drivers hold to take every person on the street as they come plus they should be looking where on earth there going and see this anyway
You should go and see a advocate they usually give you a free 1 hour talk near them so you can see if you can go any further Source(s): I studied Law

Can I claim for Injury compensation at work?

At the end of Jan 2005 I was working within a nightclub as bar staff. At closing time one evening I was told to operate a hot dog bain marie as the being that normally did this was past its sell-by date (similar design to this.. ).
The machine was placed on the reception desk of the nightclub, surrounded by reach of all customers. I have no training, and was just disappeared to it. A customer ended up pushing me onto one of the spikes, resulting in a 3 ins by 1 inch burn across the top of my arm. I reported this immedietely to my regulator, and was given some wet kitchen roll and told to stay at my post until adjectives the customers had left. I did this, even though I be in tears, and a lot of spasm. The burn blistered immediately, and a doctors visit the subsequent day revealed that it was 2nd scope. I also had to have time past its sell-by date my day job as I be unable to move my arm.

I have disappeared it so long as I kept hoping the scar would fade, but it never has and is especially noticible.


Of course you can variety a claim for this injury there are insurance companies dealing in cases resembling this.
Try if possible to get a photo copy of the page of the catastrophe book before you make your claim although I realise this may be impossible but the solicitors you seize to advise you on your case will inform you of what to do if this book does step missing.
The compensation claim will not be paid out privately by your employers but by their insurance company so do not discern threatened in taking any action you enjoy a legitimate claim and must seek relieve
Good Luck.

there is a “stroppy woman” on the tele, Injury lawyer for you I think & you get 100% of the claim, if you are lucky

If you are in the UK contact a Solicitor and ask advice. Certainly sounds as if you hold a claim. Most offer free advice to start beside – no harm in asking., God luck

ushoul be able to claim as it be recorded, legeally ur employer has to maintain files for a few years

Doesn’t thing if you were trained or not; if you are hurt while working, and it is an injury that prevents you from doing your job, you are entitled to any workers comp, or a light duty job that you are competent to do. You can usually do light duty for 29 working days before they own to put you on comp.

Speak to a solicitor,form what you outline he will within all probability agree you have a grip, with regard to the quirk book my understanding is, that is a document required by tenet, if it is damaged <+with the intent+ of perverting the course of justice>? the employer could be facing severe penalties, but a solicitor is the best character to seek advice

Firstly your manager has beneglegent and has not performed his meticulousness for workers, you have every right to make a claim against them.
Make sure you hold on to all pertinent records, hospital and Doctors visit, photo of area if you can get one and the gadget helps, contact one of the no win no fee fluke solicitors they can look at the case and see if it is worth persuing.
Your firm is also breaking confidentiality by keeping one of the Old Yellow Accident Books open, yes they should be keeping a history and reporting any accident to the relevant authorities especially if it caused such a serious burn. If these chronicles go missing, HSE will prosecute them as well.
Good luck beside your enquiries, sounds like a right bunch of rogues running the place. Source(s): Health and Safety Rep.

Do you still work there? Photocopy the entry in the twist of fate book. Don’t let it go missing. Were you trained to use the hot dog contrivance? If not then that would be a big no no. The only problem is explicitly has been so long since it happen. You have to get counsel from a Personal Injury solicitor – the advice is free, and they will tell you what you can do. Good luck. Also discouraging that you were asked to stay on your shift until all customers have gone with a burnt arm!

Not sure but here is usually a time limit that you can make a claim, conjecture it is 3 years in the UK.

yeah, you should be able to claim

Can I claim for injury?

 I slipped on my patio, and fell over a low wall badly breaking my wrist. Can I claim on my home insurance policy, which covers public liability.


Don’t you have medical insurance? This is a medical issue.


You can not be legally liable to yourself. You can not budge to court and sue yourself for not properly maintaining your patio. Liability coverage does not apply to residents of your household. As such, the liability coverage on your homeowners policy will not settle for your injury.

The medical payments coverage on your homeowners specifically excludes people living in your household.

You will necessitate to file with your strength insurance.

Hope you get better soon. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years (US)

look into the excess , it may not be worth it

Probably not. Your liability coverage protects you if someone else get hurt and says its your fault.

If your homeowners insurance does cover it, you will probably remuneration more for increased premiums than you will get for medical expenses.

Your best option is to of late make sure the medical providers you choose accept your medical insurance.

Highly unlikely. Contact your insurance provider. It really will depend on the type of cover you own. Usually, Public Liability will cover third parties. And unfortunately, Home insurance will not cover personal injury surrounded by the home, in so far as the policy holder is involved.

If you live in the USA, next the answer is no.
I am a claims adjuster. Your homeowners coverage only provides medical coverage should a guest or worker on your property become injured. Source(s): Work experience

First of all you involve to specify what you want to claim. You would only be able to claim the costs of medical expenses and not lately for breaking your wrist. If you are not out of pocket, you would not be able to claim anything. As to actually claiming, solely your insurance company would be able to advise you.

ably u probably could but y would u want 2 claim on your self just put your insurance up

Is it your own property that you own yourself? If so, I don’t deem you can file a claim. If you rented, you might be able to. If alcohol or hostility or goofing off was involved (and it is reflect in your medical report), you will probably be disqualified.

Can i claim for my injury?

 i have a bad hindmost and have just be for an injection in my spine which hasn’t made any difference,i am still able to work but next to discomfort and at times unable to work but as this injury cant be put to a specific date because it has of late got worse over time can i still put a claim in.


I dont gain it. Who would you claim against?

Can i claim from Criminal injuries comp for articles that be stolen when i be mugged?


I don’t think so, if you find the mugger and he is brought to trial you may be able to sue him for personal injury. Other than that who are you going to receive to pay for your injury. Not the City or the Govt and I don’t think your Insurance covers it.

No, as the pet name says it is for injuries only. You can claim on insurance if you have the items insured.

No, they don’t constirute an injury, you may be awarded compensation by the court if the assailant is prosecuted, but even that is unlikely. Check your own home and contents policy, events like this, may be covered.

Can I claim injury to sensations at Tribunal?

 I am taking ex employer to Employment Tribunal this March. Apart from actual losses encountered can I also try a claim for injury to feelings? I enjoy read the case of Dunnachie v Hull Council 2004, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) decision be overturned and in this case Injury to state of mind was thus allowed. Is this still applicable or was it again overturned by the High Courts ? Any comfort / pointers appreciated.


You want to file because someone hurt your mental state?


Pull up your big boy britches and get over it.

File if you incurred actual documented losses. But “hurt feelings” how whinny can you get?

And I thought our decriminalized system had gotten ridiculous in some of the claims allowed. Source(s): US Citizen

The tribunal can one and only award a sum in damages for injury to feelings within cases where they have found allegations of unlawful nouns proved.

They cannot award damages for I.T.F. in cases of breach of contract, unfair dismissal and the rest.

I.T.F. are calculated by suggestion to the Vento Guidelines. (Google it) Source(s): I’m a lawyer

If you claim racism, you can try claiming for hurt feelings, if you were insulted to your facade because of your race – eg antisemitism, colour, etc.
For other offensive ways, you’d have to make a exceptionally good case
Ask the Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Can I collect Unemployment benefits AND be reception Insurance Claim money from and injury I receive not relat?

 Money you receive from anything other than employment does not affect unemployment benefit.

Now delayed income from employment, would not be a free ride.
But insurance claims are surrounded by most cases free and clear.

If you sued for lost wages, and someones insurance paid it, that would be a gray area.

Can I fashion a injury claim against a sports car which injured my father..?

My father was injured badly by a Indica sports car last saturday(26.04.08) by the fault of the saloon driver. He is now undergoing on so heaps treatment . Now I want to know is there any way to sort a injury insurance claim so that we can get back adjectives our expences. I cant find any way . So plz give some view to me so that i canhelp my father. Tell me properly what should i have to do.


All you have to do, is folder a claim against the other party’s carrier. They will guide you through the claims process. If they have no insurance, and necessitate to check your dad’s policy to see if he has Uninsured Motorist Coverage. If so, file a claim beneath that coverage. Source(s): Claims – 21 years(USA)

First contact a Lawyer that specializes in these things.Be sure to have the information of the other driver and achieve a police report of accident , contact the other guys insurance to put in a claim. HOPEFULLY THEY HAVE FULL COVERAGE. I hope your dad is OK . GOOD LUCK!!

Can I record a workers comp claim for d¨¦colletage injury if I’ve solitary be working for the company for 3 months?

 Injury may have occured at previous employment but has progressed since. I work as an Admin . Assistant computer work adjectives day.


not likely. if it be reported at your other place of employment than definitly not. You could try to blame it on the current job,but where you are modern it doesn’t look so good on you. But if you really did hurt it there it doesn’t event how new you are, they are required to compensate you if the issue is injury at work. You may have a problem if in that hasn’t actually been an injury, but a problem brought on by repetitive work.

You could, but shouldn’t, report a worker’s comp claim beneath your current employer. The reason you shouldn’t is because it’s not the truth and – as someone else mentioned – it won’t look good on your story with your employer.

However, if: 1) you reported the injury when it actually happen; 2) received medical attention for it; and, 3) the most recent medical care was smaller amount than seven years ago then, yes, you can file underneath worker’s comp. The reason you’d now know how to file would be that your current position has exacerbated the inspired injury.

Source: Personal experience when filing a claim for an employee beside WCB in NC.

WOULD SUGGEST you check online (searching for ” ‘your state’ Workers Compensation Board”) for more accurate information.

you can’t get workers comp from your current employment if it started at a previous job!! Now if you say you have a box fall on your head at your current livelihood it wouldn’t matter if you were here for 3 hours you would still be entitled to workers comp. Source(s): general manager

I myself work within the workers’ comp arena and it is my understanding of the law that unless the injury is sudden and an sudden accident, there is usually a 6 month employment time put a ceiling on clause required for a claim to be valid and accepted as legitimate.

Can i net a claim for injuries after man knock down by a hit and run and the driver not found?


yes motor insurers bureau or m.i.b, i made a similar claim 18 months ago i haven’t heard nothing however but i will.

go for it but prepared to wait a while.

Well It may not be possible unless you can get the regisrtation of the sports car involved or any witnesses that may be able to help you do that.

Yes you can. You need to claim from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau ( You will probably need to enjoy a medical report of your injuries and a police report.

If your injuries are serious and it becomes a major claim, afterwards it might be worth consulting a solicitor to make sure you receive your full entitlement.

The MIB do check properly that they are not being scammed, so the total process can take a while.

no, the claim would be against the driver

Can i engender a claim for my injuries?

 last night when i be on my way home from the pub i noticed a huge hole within the road so being a nosy git i looked down into it and human being a bit squiffy i fell in when i came to my senses i notice loads of diamonds on the floor so i stuffed my pockets full of them and climbed out when i noticed i,d cut my leg how do i make a claim ?


Can I make a claim for having to read that malarkey? lol

I’d right to be heard that when you climbed out of the hole, you awoke from your dream. Wish that could happen huh?

And….just for discussion sake, what you said did crop up. You would have to turn over the diamonds, or get sued. And they’d articulate,”Didn’t you see the tape around the hole, and the sign, KEEP OUT?”

oooohhhh you greedy boy frank shame on you.xx

While you are at the station returning the diamonds, ask for a police report for your injuries. Take report to a contingency atty.

That happened my dad, he be like a mole at one stage he fell down that many holes,
He won his claim and i sit here surrounded by the bahamas on my yacht sipping my champagne, 🙂

Lay off the ‘erb

Can I sue my company if my boss tried to convince me to fabricate an injury claim?

 I hurt my hand at work a few months back. While my supervisor be giving me a ride to the clinic in his personal car he kept hinting that possibly I could just tell them that it didn’t hurt and consider it a “First Aid only” incident. Then he made comments that he could only just take me to his friends’ house whom happened to be an EMT. He claimed I could merely have him stitch my finger, which was bleeding down my appendage, and I could go back to work. All because he needed to keep my injury from being reported so that we could hold a safety barbeque for my building.

Is that legal?


It’s not really illegal.

It is unethical.

But of late what would you sue them for ?

What damages did you incur ?

From the tone of your post, he did take you to the clinic.

So what harm did you incur, that you would sue for ?

It is not illegal to try to convince someone not to sue your company. But if you wanted to sue the company you should clutch your injury to a licensed doctor in order to start your grip. The fact that he wanted to squirrel away it can be brought into court.

No, specifically not legal. If you were injured on the errand, then you had a right to a workman’s comp claim (depending on how frequent employees the company has) and to professional medical care at the expense of the workman’s comp insurance provider. Without going into deeply of detail, if I were you, I would take my information to a personal injury attorney and consent to them review the incident and go from there. If you DID folder a claim on workman’s comp and you have received ANY retailiation for it, you DO have rights that an attorney could explain to you according to the state directive in which your company is located. Source(s): 13+ years of law enforcement experience as a police officer (criminal) and a deputy sheriff (criminal and civil) within North Carolina.

if you report this conduct to any outside authority and are fired or penalize as a result, that’s a cause of action. but it doesn’t nouns like that’s happened here.

Can I turn within a workman comp claim for support injury?

I hurt my back on the job within Calif but did not seek treatment for it. It finally “went out” (herniated discs) but not while I be on the job. Can I still turn in a Workman’s comp claim and will they approve it?


Two question need to be answered first:
1. Can you prove that the herniated discs are related to the undertaking incident?
2. Are you within the statute of limitations.

In CA, the statute of limitations for a personal injury is 1 year. If it has be that long, you can forget about successfully bringing a claim now.

Can injury claims at work be made to a Ltd company that no longer exists?

 My husband had a small catering business and was within partnership with his mother, however he died last year (by his own hand) and the company continued to operate until it could be sold, primarily by the good nature of the staff. A Kitchen porter be employed briefly last year and states that he fell at work, and now is making a claim. My concerns are that I be never a member of the staff or on the board of directors, secretary etc. So legally would this man be able to make a claim against me or my postponed husbands estate,(the tiny amount that was left) or is it possible to successfully make a claim against a deceased man, as there are only two partner and one of them isn’t here to answer to. Has anyone had similar stories or am I the most unlucky person contained by the world?


If your husband had Worker’s Comp insurance then the member of staff should file a claim with them. You are out of the picture. Depending on how long ago the injury happen, the claim may be denied for “timely filing”. Wait to see if you are contacted. Don’t offer any info unless you are obligated by law. Don’t stress….I doubt it will run too far. Source(s): Insurance Agent

Will depend on the jurisdiction.

England/Wales differs from Scotland differs from the US.

Assuming UK, was the company still registered as active at the time of the injury? If so, who be listed as directors and secretary?

Was the alleged injury before or after your husband’s annihilation?

Can the porter claim that his injury was the result of personal negligence by the company officers?

A timeline of events is essential to recommend you correctly

I am uncertain of the situation … you state that the company no longer exists, but then you state that the company be sold – if it was sold I presume it is operating but under spanking new management, since clearly no-one would buy a company and immediately disband it.

If the company does no longer exist, consequently no, he can’t bring a claim against it. You’re safe too, since just because you are your husband’s subsequent of kin, you don’t automatically become responsible for anything that he may or may not have done personally. If your husband’s mother is still alive later I can see that he could possibly go after her personally, but to be honest I intensely much doubt that he’d be successful.

If the company was sold then it’s up to the brand new owners to deal with it, not you.

It’s key to realise that now there are so various lawyers promising that if you want to make a claim for compensation against a former workplace, they’ll run your case on on a “no win, no fee” basis that within are millions of people trying to claim for things like this everyday – and that make the courts suspicious and see them for exactly what they are – i.e. people trying to scam money that they’re not entitled to, don’t deserve and don’t requirement.

I’m no attorney, but used to work in the insurance industry. If you know the name of the insurance company that handle the workers compensation insurance, I’d give it to this guy to get him stale my back. See if your mother in regulation knows who it is. I don’t see where he have any recourse against you.

Since this employee waited so long, he may be out of luck. He can’t shift after you, only the insurance carrier, imho.

If you must, receive an attorney. Hopefully, this guy will file against the insurance company and leave you alone. He shouldn’t be bothering you at adjectives, since you weren’t involved in the business.

I’m so very sorry for the loss of your husband. I hope you are doing better time by day.

Car Accident Claim Injury?

 How much is a typical settlement when somebody breaks their nose, has cosmetic surgery to fix proboscis, head wound needing stitches, a concussion, and suffering from sever d¨Ścolletage and back pain? The said personality above is at no fault.


Wow that sounds pretty bad. If you are sure the twist of fate was not your friend’s fault, afterwards the amount of compensation could rise to several thousands of punds.
The severe neck and back aching is probably a whiplash injury, which entitles your friend to an amount of compensation between 750 to 7.500 pounds.
As for the nose, it depends on how costly the surgery was.
You see, 100% compensation scheme that the victim will be compensated for every penny spent because of the injuries suffered in the happenstance, and that even includes the phone bills for the calls the victim have to make in command to solve the problem.
If your friend wants to claim injury, then i recommend – it be of great help for me when i had my motor accident 2 years ago. Source(s):

I would suggest if you were not at reproach to carefully find a good attorney for some injuries can final a lifetime of pain I know for I am one of them. Do not sign a release until you are a hundred percent sure of your recovery. My wife some years wager on sign such a statement and found out later her injury continuous on for the rest of her life. Russ Source(s): personal history

Do you believe i should label a personal injury claim?

i was working on sunday and my sister took my 3yr old daughter to an indoor play focal point for her cousins party. whilst there my daughter come down the slide and banged her arm on the side of the slide. with this she get upset and a mother from the party who is a nurse said get her straight to the my sister took the counsel.i met them at the hospital and my lil girl has broken her arm and they think she might own broken it twice but cannot check with the second brake as there be a lot of fluid so will xray it again next week. i phoned the play focal point to complain and find out why this happened. the woman basically said because not a soul reported the accident that there’s nothing she can influence about it. there be however a sign saying that under 3’s be not allowed. do you think i own a case as i don’t think this slide should be used for 3 yrs ripened

I would say no. You didn’t report the disaster. They didn’t cause the accident it purely happend. Filing a personal injury claim is why a lot of places don’t have play areas anymore because everyone wishes to file a claim for a broken arm. If I fell down the stairs in your home would you want me to folder a claim against your homeowners because I can’t walk or if I took something out of your oven and got adjectives. That’s what insurance & payment plans are for.

well first a couple things. I will bet you there are also signs surrounded by the play center that say they are not responsible for injuries. It is an assumed liability on the parent or guardian if they allow a child to play on play ground equipment. It’s reasonable to expect the potential for injury. All they enjoy to do is operate following the states safety requirements.

Also your sister would be the one responsible for not allowing a child under the posted age play surrounded by the center for children 3 and older. She was her guardian, she be under her care, not the centers.

I hope everything turns out in good health with your daughters arm.

“> No, I wouldn’t. I’m sure there are signs all over the place wise saying that using the equipment is done at your own risk, as well as disclaimers. Also, the fact that not a soul reported the accident to the on-site operators will sort it hard to prove that the accident occured at the center, it will turn into he says/she say etc. I’m confused as to how your daughter was injured in the first place, where on earth was your sister and why wasn’t she helping your daughter use the equipement? Is this sister the mother of the cousin who’s birthday it was? If so, it will be said that it be your responsibility to be there and watching your child, or your child should not have be at the party in the first place beside a preoccupied caregiver. Sounds like a horrible accident, but luck nonetheless.

Good luck!

You can file a claim but since the incident be not reported to the place where it happened you can’t certainly prove it happened there. There is no copy. Also most place that have an area close to that such as McDonalds etc have a disclaimer that says if you allow your child to play within then you assume responsibility. But file and see what happen, you make get a sympathetic mediator. Sorry about your little girl, I hope she is ok!!

Has anybody be denied an insurance claim motto that it be a self inflickted or self induced injury.?

 the ins co. don’t want to pay the ambulance and hospital bill because they say it be an self induced injury. what happened is that my step son is on vyvanse and lamictal for add/adhd and anger management and he happen to take some dramamine pills (maybe thinking he could possibly get buzzed on them and instead he be acting like he was have seizuires and halucinating) and the doctors wrote on the report that it was an overdose. help what do i do or can i speak to appeal this so my ins. will pay this. thks


I’ve never actually see a claim denied for this, but I have heard of it going on.

Overdoses can be accidental.

I’d appeal the claim.

Your son mixed medications to win high. If this is what’s on the report then you’d be out of luck. If on the report it be put down as an accidental overdose then that is to say one thing, but with the report the approach it is then the best you hope is to speak with a attorney and see if they can find a way out.

Well if he took the pills voluntarily, the reaction he suffered be ‘self-inflicted.’

Perhaps you can ask your regular doctor to talk to the insurance company about your stepson’s condition and the medication he is on. If he or she can convince them that the condition or the medications have an adverse affect rashly control they might reconsider.

How can I claim injury compensation?

 I had an accident when my vehicle crashed into a fallen tree on the road. I own had to take 2 weeks sour work. The insurance won’t pay out although I have personal injury cover because no third do was involved.
Can I get compensation from another source? Losing 2 weeks take-home pay will leave me in debt not to mention the medical bills.


you need to call an attorney to spar for you. Don’t let insurance comapnies push you around. You need some one that will quarrel for you. Like attorney ken nugent…that guy will fight to the end of eart to take you a good settlement from the insurance companies. Source(s): seen it on a tv infomercial

If you have medical insurance coverage, your medical bills might be covered. Given the circumstances, zilch is going to cover your time off work unless you have sick pay envelope from your employer coming that would cover the 2 weeks, or perhaps you could take break time for the period if they would allow it.

A tree on the road is a jeopardy that can be seen from a distance, and insurance rightly assumes you were driving too nifty for conditions if you hit it.

Your going to hold a hard time with this one.

I assume you be the driver of your car. As such, the only coverages that would apply to you would be Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP). It depends on what state you live within as to if you have Med Pay or PIP.

Med Pay only pays for medical bills. It does not repay lost wages or pain/suffering. It is not a required coverage.

If you live in a “no fault” state – then you are required to get PIP. PIP works a little different in respectively state that has it. In general PIP covers medical bills, lost wages. However, greatly will depend on the wording in your policy.

Bodily Injury Liability pays for injuries you cause to other ethnic group. It does not apply to the driver of your vehicle.

From what your insurance company is saying – the Med Pay or PIP (if you have it) do not apply surrounded by your situation. So there is no source of recovery below your own policy. A lawyer can’t change the vocalizations in your policy.

Now you may be able to recuperate from the owner of the tree. But that’s not going to be easy and is certainly not a sure entry.

There are a lot of factors that come into play.

What be the condition of the tree?
Why did it fall (such as a storm)?
Was the owner on notice that it have fallen?

Also – the tree is a fixed object. It’s a see that is there to be see. You did not see it. So your own negligence will come into the equation as well. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster

of coarse they wont is the biggest scam out could sue and probably win but it wil take ten years.

How do i claim spousal injury on taxes in need his w-2 forms if my husband owed taxes and we file together?

 tax questions


What’s a spousal injury? Did you see him in the nads?

In order to folder an Injured Spouse form you must file a joint return next to your husband and you (the injured spouse) must have income on the return. You have to report adjectives income combined. It’s important to list any children on the return properly by alloting them to you if they are your children. You will receive the portion of any refund that is attributable to you.The question are tricky so be careful when answering them, best to ask a tax professional for minister to just to make sure it’s done right. Good Luck!

How long to settle an injury claim?

 I am wondering how long it usually takes for insurance companies to settle auto bodily injury claims. I rear-ended a driver at a stoplight at about 5MPH vertebrae in July. He complained of no injuries at the time, officer noted no injuries. Anyways, he later made a claim against my policy, and my adjuster said it is still unresolved (been give or take a few 3 months now).

Is it normal for it to take this much time, or am I give or take a few to be taken to court? My insurance apparently covers to $100,000.


There is no set time term.
Depending on what state you live in, the timeframe to collect on the claim is usually around 2 years. But the statute differs for each state.

If the being is still treating for their injuries, then your insurance will not settle until they are done. At that time they will order adjectives of the medical bills and the medical records. They will review and evaluate the file. At that point they will engineer an offer to the other driver.

Bodily injury claims take time and sometimes the “injured” being can be a pain to deal next to, making the claim take longer.

When the insurance requests the bills and records from the providers it could rob weeks or months before they get anything spinal column, all depends on how backed up the doctors are. I try to ask the population to send me the bills themselves so the claim can be expedited, but most people don’t want to do that. They surface bc they were the “victim” they shouldn’t have to do anything. These are also the relations who moan and groan about not settling bc we are waiting on Their meds.

Hope this helps Source(s): Claims 6 yrs

I believe a person have a year from the date of the accident to report and/or settle a claim (NOT TOTALLY SURE, but that’s what I’m remembering) -it might depend on the state where you live. What this system is that the insurance company is probably either arguing his claim, or the insurance company has offered him a settlement & and the guy hasn’t signed rotten on it yet – he’ll just drag it out til it’s close to the time decrease to see if he can squeak anymore out of them than what he’s getting already. I doubt you’ll be taken to court – 5mph couldn’t have caused much defile, and he’ll have to prove it if it goes to court. Worst armour scenario the insurance company’s lawyer will hand him a check to settle the luggage so they dont have to pay legally recognized fees & court costs and he’ll go on his merry way. Don’t verbs about it – they’ll handle it. If it be a MAJOR collision, I might be worried, but yours sounds like a nuisance claim.

These things sometimes take years. Sounds as if you have plenty of coverage. Set hindmost, relax and let your insurance handle everything. If you are sued your insurance will represent you. 95% of the time these things are settled out of court and you won’t even know in the region of a settlement til you get a letter within the mail. You have insurance, tolerate them do their job.

if the individual got a lawyer this can hold up to a year to resolve. don’t worry, you have insurance so you are covered.

I am file a FELA claim against a RR for a injury that I sustained while on the post, is the money taxable?

 I will be making a claim for future lost wages and future medical bills.


Awards for medical bills, stomach-ache and suffering due to physical injuries is not taxable. Back due wages are taxable. Discrimination awards are taxable.

I have a motor strike my motor from losing (uncontested claim). I recieved injuries what is my claim worth?

 I have had a frail neck that continually gets strain and swells main to trapped trigger spots in my shoulder for over 13 months. I have have sciatica to the point where it originally was so severe that my brain refuse to accept I had a right leg.
I can tolerate the dull pain to a point of being insensitive to some of it but know that this will always remain through some gentle of alteration in my spinal order.
I believe that following in life I shall know the full storey of what happen that day but for now enjoy no idea as they wouldn’t stump up the scan fee.
I own been offered lb2800 12 mths after the crash and have turned it down.
At points I have frozen shoulder, had to have accupuncture and still hold to buy nurofen to ease my neck. The sciatica comes near movement that is not thought about (spontaneous).
Can anyone help out on a figure that is unbiased when I haven’t a clue on wether my back has recieved compression or jerk of a nature to loosen discs etc.
Are there set sums?


You want a lawyer bad. Insurance payoffs are usually up to a persuaded amount and you wouldn’t be able to go beyond that point. If you call for to go for disability you will have to in reality sue the peron who injured you and not the insurance company. Take all your medical records to a biddable ambulance chaser and they will be happy to help you for their share of the money.

If you net a claim for compensation for injury (genuine repetetive strain) near no witnesses – what haphazard?

 I injured my back as a result of a work environment which was scantily laid out and poorly maintained. Repeated heavy movements (up to 1000 per day) have a cumulative effect in causing a lower spinal column injury symptomatic of slipped disc – I have continuing back anguish and sciatica more than a year later and lost two jobs owing to time stale sick as a major factor since then. After self rejected in essence by a couple of firms for the claim one accepted newly as I’d given up nearly, I have put a description of injuries,sketch of environment and supporting statement etc. I can supply medical evidence of back injury. No-one will be a witness as they would lose their jobs/be compromised surrounded by their career ambition etc if they supported me. What chance do I enjoy? Earnings alone I have lost 10000.
Plus pain and relatebeside yourselftration/anxiety, stress (“can I provide..”), unable to play sports, unable to hoist /play with my son, help my wife round house, DIY etc – totally frustrating – still contained by daily pain..


If you enjoy the medical records you can go for it near a good attorney, however you may have to prove to them that it wasn’t cause by some other activity which may include them checking out the job that you be doing when you first injured your back, if you are unable to work apply for SS disability while you are waiting.

This is a decision doctors will make–yours and theirs. You don’t have to own witnesses. Sciatica can be greatly relieved by a good chiropractor, one who knows kineseology or is a graduate of the Palmer School.

I am in the process of human being screwed over by workermans comp as we speak , fell off a ladder and have compression fractures on to lower vertibrae ,,,,,,, four years later I am still being denied further treatment ….My advocate is about to settle my case and i will receive some money , but they pain and suffering is real and they still will not settle up for anymore treatment…

The company can bring in you wauit 7 yrs until they decided to do something. I was involved surrounded by a worker’s comp for my back and they made me wait 6 years and lost adjectives my wages and never recouped anything. So good luck. Get a dutiful workers comp lawyer.

Sounds awful, mate. You do hold a chance with this but, as ever, the devil’s contained by the detail.

Witnesses to poor working practices would help but aren’t essential. Your employer was required by tenet to publish and comply with a Health and Safety Policy Statement, setting out company policy to ensure safe systems of work. If they be as slipshod with the paperwork as they obviously be on the job then that improve your chances dramatically. Essentially they would then hold difficulty in demonstrating – as they will probably try to pretend – that they were a conscientious employer who took adjectives reasonable steps to discharge their duty of care towards you. A court would instead infer a cavalier or lacking regard to health and safekeeping.

Also what, if any, health and safety factor was included in your induction training for the opening ? If little or none that could again easily lead to the inference that they own failed in duty of consideration.

Even if the employer can tick both of these boxes, you aren’t lost. Your medical evidence should not only support the injuries you’ve suffered but establish a timeline for the development of your condition. Taken together beside the statement you’ve prepared the inference will clearly be that your condition is attributable to the workplace. Causation is obviously very key here and they may try to suggest that your condition is due to other factors. Alternative causation is an old liking and can range from the obvious – any birth defect, ever in a road accident – to the bizarre. Once have a case like this where on earth wheelchair using client was asked ‘ I understand you’re a fanatical parachutist ‘ – the brief was reading the wrong file ! Your evidence together next to the medical timeline consistent with workplace causation should be enough to conquer anything like this.

So, yes, this can be done without direct witnesses from the career. As the others have said these things tend to be a real grind and are from time to time resolved quickly. Still, don’t be completely disheartened, they might realise they’re on a loser and offer a settlement, a bit than take the hit on legal costs. Unfortunately it is more adjectives for employers to play these things long in the hope that you do become disheartened and repeal.

For what it’s worth you do seem to have a okay case and it would be a shame to give up on it, especially since you’ve already shown seriously of perseverance to get this far. Bad employer like this should be brought to book and you deserve some acknowledgement of what you’ve been put through near this. All the very best with the shield. Source(s): Ex Trade Unionist

repetetive movement injuries are easily diagnosed by a doctor. If a doctor has diagnosed that, I’d read out your chances are good. Source(s): RN

Injury at work claim?

 On Monday my Boyfriend who works for a tool hire company fell off a ladder roughly 11ft. Anyway he be at work on his own and knocked himself unconcious after being out for give or take a few 50 mins he came around realised he was contained by pain and lieing on his back manage to reach his mobile phone in his pocket and ring for an ambulance.he is in 2 minds wether to put a claim in or how to be in motion about it because he shouldnt have be up the ladder. even though it was because he be closing up and the shutter had jammed and he had to fix it. are the company at bad habit for letting him be there on his own isnt this against Helath and Safety laws inside an industrial company?


First of all a apposite solicitor will ask the following questions:

1) Had he been drinking or taking any informal substances (I know it sounds stupid, but it will be the first question they ask), because this will affect his claim.

2) Is there any long occupancy damage to your partner. If the answer’s no, is it worth suing his employers – because if he does, he will probably loose his duty.

He most probably wouldn’t get that much compensation, because it hasn’t left him disabled and surrounded by a wheelchair requiring full time care. So he is capable of getting another undertaking.

It does sound like he would own a case but would it be worth loosing his job to obtain less than a couple of thousand pounds?!

My advice, if you still want to be in motion ahead with it, go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who will put you surrounded by contact with the local solicitor.

Also, most of these company’s work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, so if he win’s, they will nick a percentage of his compensation, meaning he will get even smaller amount.

Good luck

PS: Just noticed you stated ‘he shouldn’t have be up the ladder’ -that’s kind of admitting liability and I wouldn’t mention that if you shift to see a solicitor!

I don’t know if the company is at culpability for letting him work alone, but he CAN and SHOULD file a claim. If the company denies it, he can take them to court for the medical bills and anything else that happen because of that fall. He had a valid plea to be on that ladder – and the main purpose was because there be nobody else there to fix the shutter. Have him get a legal representative if the company doesn’t pay up.

Good luck. I hope he’s okay.

turn in the claim he was at work

Yes he can work by himself. However, it sounds like he had acquittal for being on the ladder surrounded by the first place (the shutter had jammed and had to be fixed). The companies insurance will cover the claim. The company in opposition can argue that he did not follow the proper procedure in setting up a ladder. If I be you I would make sure he knows the procedure and consequently make the claim so that when asked about following it, he will right to be heard yes I did and actually know the proper way. The longer he wait to make a clam the harder it gets. Do not permit the company just say “we will bear care your medical bills and compensation” without have it in writing. Make the claim. Hope this helps.

Injury Claim Question !?

 I was involved in a sports car accident back within June 2007. I was at-fault. It was a really minor happenstance, that I hit the other’s car at the side, like contained by 5mph, as I was stop at the exit of the gas station and tried to make a right turn. And it with the sole purpose caused some scratches on her sports car.

Now, like 3 months later, the other f¨ºte hired an attorney and file a injury claim over me! I am sure I did ask her at that time if she hurt or not, and she said no. I also report to my insurace at the time of the accident that not a soul was injuried.

The attorney of her now ask me to release my restraint policy to them, Should I release to them ? What will happened if I don’t release to them? And is there a great possiblities for them to sue me ?

I am pretty verbs about the claim as I am a college student … without any properties and stuff … and I’m within the United States by myself. ..

Would someone answer my questions plx …. thz ..


Okay. I just have a very similar situation. Just this month, I was at knock and T-boned a car going much faster than you and the lady have to go to the hospital although everybody (cop, husband) said she was OK at the scene (precautionary possibly). I be STRESSED about being sued. Unfortunately for you, you hit some scum-sucking bottom feeder who is trying to suck as much $ out of this ‘accident’ as possible. Assuming the disaster was as minor as you describe, she will get NOTHING. Forward the lawsuit to your insurance company. The insurance company will discharge for their car damages and MAYBE throw them a $500 bone or so for their injury claim which I’m sure is well inside your policy limits.

Two weeks after my accident, the other body settled with my insurance company for $1250 for bodily injury plus property damage to the motor, well within my policy margins.

Also, I don’t think that you could release your policy limit even if you required to. That’s the insurance company’s money, not yours. They will fight for every cent tooth and nail.

Notify your insurance company immediately, they will be the ones to give you warning. I would not discuss my policy limits with the attorney until and unless you are told it is okay to do so by your insurance. If t does find to court (unlikely), your insurance company will give you representation.

If you got a note from the attorney, forward it to your insurance company, they get these things all the time. If it be a phone call, give them the describe & phone number of you insurance company & that is it. Do NOT tell them your policy confines. Do NOT talk to them (the attorney or the other party). Your insurance company will defend you & hire an attorney for you if needed. The other party’s attorney will speak to your adjuster to come up near a settlement. It will only go to court if they can’t agree on a dollar amount. This is scarce especially with very minor injuries.
You do not entail to worry, this happens adjectives the time when people think they will grasp a big payout on a small claim. Source(s): Insurance agent

Injury claims ??

 i had a motorcycle accident that be not my fault. i have suffered a feebly broken left leg. i was contained by hospital 4 a week where i had an operation that involved putting a titanium rod through my knees down the bone that stays in forever. the other driver has admit blame. how much do you think i will get

“> It depends on what state you’re within, how bad the accident be, how long your recovery took, if there is any irrevocable injury, etc. you could consult an atty now, but they’ll probably want to represent you and then they catch 33% of the fees. I would turn your medical bills into your own auto insurance and your health insurance to get those bills compensated, and then once your treatment is completed, the other insurance company will order adjectives your records and bills, review them and present you with an proposition. With this kind of injury, it could take some time. I would hang around for their offer and then settle on what to do from there. I would think for something similar to this you’d get approx. $5K, but maybe more depending on other factor. Once you get their offer, if you don’t get the impression like it’s enough, next you can consult an attorney. Source(s): 6 years as a claims adjuster

There is no concrete set amount for any type of injury as there are variables in respectively case. Contact an accident victims attorney, who will most credible advise you on the matter. Most imagined you will at least receive any out of pocket expenses relating to the hospital visit, loss time from work, money for any individual needed to assist you in daily desires, etc… they will be better qualified to list out damages you can file. Best of luck to you.

Injury compensation claim?

 i had an accident 2 weeks ago where on earth a taxi driver hit me. he was not looking ahead n be lookin in the other direction n he hit me. i was dragged below the car n along as he stopped. i injured my knee, fractured ribs, sprained wrist/ankle and destabilized musles in legs and shoulder where the controls went over me. it will take up2 6 wks 2 bearing properly.

the driver at the scene admitted he was not looking. he said this contained by front of witneses. the ambulance took me away but the police were there and i pressume question him.

the police havent called me at all to clutch my version of incident. i called them but i be told the constable dealing with it will call me if required.

1 – can i claim compensation for injury?

2 – i have already handed my notice at my current work as i have a new job prospect ( i still have 2 weeks of notice to work at time of accident). my dad says i cant claim loss of income as i have resigned frm work and the ins company will confirm this frm my work. is this tru?


Yes, you can claim compensation. Presumably, the taxi driver’s insurance company would pay envelope out for this.

If you still had two weeks to work, then to be precise lost income. Keep a careful record of everything you hold lost out on (money).

Of course you can claim compensation. Get yourself a solicitor, it will not cost you anything. Take guidance from him/her regarding loss of earnings.

Assuming the accident was not your condemn you can indeed claim for injuries. If the accident was a bit your reproach but mostly the taxi driver’s you can still claim but they will take some stale the damages award for your bit of the blame.

Did you have a written job present from the new guys? Was salary mentioned? Have you lost that haphazard or can you start later? Your dad is correct. You cannot claim loss of earnings from the prehistoric employer but you can from the new – so long as you have the paperwork to prove it.

get officially recognized advice.

Yes, bring your claim in first thing tomorrow! I should conjure regarding claiming for loss of earnings, you could claim for the 2 weeks you be still supposed to work in your previous job, and if you can prove when you be to start your new job and the amount you would be remunerated (job offer letter etc.) consequently you should be able to claim for that too if the accident have prevented you from starting that job.

You said he was was not looking ahead he be looking in the other direction.
Where was you looking when you crossed the road? Remember when you cross the road you hold the same responsibilities as the driver.
Why should he be at fault if you dont cross the road surrounded by a sensible manner?
These days, people cross the road thinking they own the right of way, which they dont. Remember that drivers have to be aware of adjectives sorts of hazard’s apart from the public.
Use a Zebra/pedestrian or traffic light crossing in adjectives and stop trying to claim unfair compensation from a Guy trying to make a living. People approaching you make car Insurance premiums high than they have ever been.


My Son have a criminal injuries compensation claim?

 going through. The police and all other agencies have replied but his doctor have not. They (CICA) wrote to his doctor 10 months ago. The doctor seems to be ignoring their requests for information, and will not reply even though we enjoy asked twice now, My son has psychologically be affected by the attack. What grounds has my son to insist that the doctor replies, because it is getting ridiculous. Does my son enjoy grounds to complain to the British Medical Association if the doctor continues to ignore requests for information? My son even wrote to the practice manager and still they won’t reply to the Criminal injuries board. What can we do to capture the doctor to reply?


You’re going to have to get a attorney. It is illegal for the Dr to with hold information from your son. A advocate will have no problem getting the records. No Dr desires to get sued.

My daughter had duplicate type of problem. She was severely injured in a sports car accident. Not her fault. She have alot of specialists reports. One of the Dr’s was asked 3 times for his medical report. He basically unseen it. My daughter couldn’t settle her suit without his report. Our lawyer finally sent him a note, and told him, either he hands over the report, or we’d nick him to court. Voila. In under 2 weeks we had the report, near a big apology about how busy he was.

Good luck to you

No Damge to any of the cars involved, but woman claims injury.?

 While stopping (my speed was not registered) yesterday, I bumped into the back of the motor in front of me. The women got out, be very rude, demanded my insurance, but did not offer hers, and neglected to name the police. Personally, I don’t think there be any need as there be no damage to either coup¨¦. She called my insurance company herself ( she did not contact her insurance company) and asked them what she should do with her bill (she is complaining of nouns soreness). The company said she would have to file a claim earlier anyone got any money. My insurance company also asked her about the damages to the cars, and she said here was none.
She has file for injury, but I was told today that she filed no claim on her motor, which makes sense because there is nothing damage so she couldn’t get any money that route. She was not that old, and not that frail so I outstandingly doubt that my maybe 5 mph bump would jerk her chief enough to cause any injury. What do you label of this situation?


The best way to combat this type of thing is to construct sure that the adjuster for your insurance company has somebody inspect and photograph both cars. If needed they then could enjoy a bio-mechanical report done to see if the impact could have caused an injury. In heaps cases, a very minor tap to the backside bumper is no worse than sitting on your couch and sneezing.

On the other hand it is quite adjectives to have unseen damages to the rear bumper of a saloon. Under all the plastic/rubber are two impact absorbers and they could be damaged. That doesn’t automatically miserable that the other driver should be hurt. Just pointing out that unless you crawl underneath the car to look there might be mischief you can’t see.

If you have not done so call your adjuster and other explain your concerns and ask if they will be inspecting both vehicles.

Good Luck Source(s): Claim adjuster for way too long.

This is what you settle for insurance for. We see this ALL the time. No reason for you to worry nearly it… they dont want to pay out for a fake injury freshly as much as you dont. Shes not gonna win the lottery from this. Let your insurance give her the harsh realness. Source(s): claims adjuster

Unless this person have some sort of pre-exisiting condition or is an ‘eggshell’ it’s fraud…but proving is very hard to do.

It appears that the woman is looking for a “check.” She would undoubtedly hold to file with doctor’s exam, bills etc. She doesn’t want her premiums to budge up, because she is using your insurance for the Bodily Injury Liability section for a payout.

It’s an insurance fraud, but you would have to prove that. Since a police report be not file (she’s done this before), usually if there’s any injury to be proven – that would have be the time for the Police to take the person to the hospital and log it contained by their report. Anytime in an accident, you should appointment the Police unless: you intend to settle out-of-pocket & not involve the insurance company, or the other party intends to do something illegal. Be prepared surrounded by that event, do not give the other party any information – inform them to wait until the Police arrive on the scene.


My first thought? Everyone wants something for nothing. It’s possible she is presenting a fraudulent injury which routine your insurance company is going to have to do their work.

Insurance companies are keenly aware of this benign of thing. They have specific policies surrounded by place for how to investigate LIST claims. (Light Impact – Soft Tissue)

If she just has the one treatment bill on the double following the accident….that might not raise any serious red flags. A logically prudent person would want to make sure they be ok if they started to feel pain after an disaster.

If she runs out and gets an attorney and starts treating like crazy? LOTS of red flags.

There are things your insurance company can do to see if she is a regular flyer contained by the insurance claim bit and likely a person trying to commit fraud. They can request behind the times medical records, psych records, work chronicles, do an index search for prior claims, do surveillance, get bio-mechanical finagle evaluations as to the mechanism of injury (which would help prove if the personality was lying or exaggerating)….

When confronted with evidence AGAINST them and their alleged injury – most relatives will simply withdraw or accept sum for initial treatment.

Really, there is not much you can do. Make sure your vehicle is inspected to confirm little to no damage so as to relieve your insurance company prove that it was a light impact.

An attorney (for you) is not going to be of assistance within this issue.

And yes…people really do make claims for injuries when at hand is little to no damage. (I handled a claim when I first get started where someone was rearended contained by bumper to bumper stopped traffic after a concert. No Damage to either vehicle. The driver and passenger treated to the tune of $15K each. The claim go to trial before a Jury. Award? ZERO dollars. They lost. Big time.)

Juries are not sympathetic to people they perceive as trying to go and get something for nothing.

Hope that’s not the case here. Goodluck!

~jifr! Source(s): Insurance professional, 10+ years

Your best bet is to bring back your own lawyer!! I went through a similar situation and I concluded up proving the woman wrong!! She complained of back, neck, leg, and foot torment and came to the deposition with glorious heeled shoes on!

On the opening injury beside surgry done to my right paw, how do i walk in the order of file a claim for affliction and suffering?


A lot depends on the cause of the injury. If you were screw around and injured your hand, you can’t really file a claim. If you can prove negligence on the behalf of your company, (an unsafe contrivance, a dull knife, etc…) then you can database a claim against them.

Also, if you filed a claim under worker’s comp, you enjoy relinquished your right to sue. I would go to a lawyer and take advice. They can tell you what your permitted rights are and help you understand why you can’t record a claim, or can help you file the claim to gain the maximum benefit.

Good Luck

One adjuster for both PIP and bodily injury claims?

 If person A, a pedestrian, is struck by person B, a driver, and the state have no-fault coverage, then person B’s PIP carter covers A’s PIP claims. If the PIP is exhausted, A can then seek bodily injury coverage from being B’s BI carrier (probably the same insurance company as the PIP carrier). Normally within these cases, the insurance company will assign one adjuster to the PIP claim, and another adjuster to the BI claim, with a “Chinese Wall” between them. However, if the carrier assigns a single adjuster to both claims, isn’t that a conflict of interests? Possibly even doomed to failure faith on behalf of the carrier? After adjectives, the adjuster would have an incentive to limit or deny PIP to prevent A from following attempting to recover under the BI coverage, right?

Any concept are greatly appreciated. If you have ever heard of a single adjuster covering both PIP and BI (or UM; similar concepts would apply), please cite to it so I can research this further.


As auto BI and auto PIP are on equal policy, you can bet that it’s with the same delivery service.

And I think you might be misunderstanding PIP coverage and No Fault. PIP, you only ever collect underneath your OWN policy, so the pedestrian can’t collect under the driver’s pip.

So it will always be a BI adjuster handling the pedestrian claim.

No conflict.

Bad religious conviction, is only towards the policyholder – NEVER towards the third party. There is no duty of righteous faith towards a third party. Yes, I’ve have carriers where the entire claim – bi, pip, pd, collision, is adjectives handled by the same adjuster. Again, surrounded by your specific case, the PIP isn’t what’s paying medical bills – it’s the BI.

You need to post what state your in. Sorry, but your not within my state.

You might also consider if small claims court is an option. You need to ask your agent or claims rep or a court.

As a broad rule where there are 2 population with the same insurance company, afterwards they will have 2 adjusters. ie; 2 car fluke, both have Nationwide as an example. The reason is that both adjusters receive independent decisions on liability, coverage etc. It is like when beneath normal situations, one car have State Farm and the other has Allstate. Both State Farm adjuster and Allstate adjuster decides liability for respectively of their own drivers.

But in your case it get confusing since most PIP covers the persons own insurance company. So the pedestrian if it has an auto policy, his PIP should be primary, but not the drivers PIP. But;;;;;;;;contained by some companies, the drivers PIP covers an pedestrian. It could happen that both the driver and the pedestrian are hurt, thus 1 adjuster to handle the PIP. But that personage should not be handling the BI (bodily injury), but should be handled by a 2nd adjuster. I have handle both PIP and BI or UM on one person.

You don’t state what state the accident happen. But in some states by law, you hold to have a serious injury to qualify for BI; ie; scarring, permanent impairment, loss of feeler etc.

My guess is that this insurance company is not doing this as you suspect. One other thing, bad creed is usually 1st party coverage. In other words, if you wanted to profile bad faith on the drivers insurance and this is not your insurance, cant do, since you are 3rd event.

If you have auto insurance, then ring up up your company and ask them. They will know based on state laws what is required.

flawless luck

Please relief?? Question something like geico insurance, injury settlement or claims?

Hi everyone,

so I was recently rearended and my backbone and neck were hurting a bit after the coincidence but I initially didn’t make a big fuss out of it bc i just didnt want to and thought it would dance away.

when geico interviewed me, i told them just that and mentioned i may see a doctor only if the distress got progressively worse. well at the moment they offered me $300 for my troubles, i said i looked-for to hold off in skin i had to see a doctor and it was worse.

anyway, the agony did become progressively worse to the point where i had trouble sleeping at hours of darkness. back and neckaches also led to migraines. i go to the doctor today and he said i had multiple muscle spasms as a result of the accident and would most expected need physical therapy.

anyway, at this point self like to request just a tad more from geico. how does this work? can i stand up to their settlement of $300 and ask for more? what are my rights and why is geico telling me i can only capture money if i myself was insured the day of the catastrophe? i have no idea how this works, any minister to would be greatly appreciated.


so….. Sure you can ask for more. That $300. was simply an offer. You be wise to hold off. You will not attain another offer until your medical treatment is finished. When it is finished, call them and recount them you are ready to settle but that “they will have to do much better than a mere $300.” They will ask what integer you had in mind. Don’t endow with them a figure yet. Instead report them they should make you an offer. When they breed another (higher than $300.) offer then enjoy an amount in mind and give them that amount. Then they will try reducing that set aside. and on and on…. Educate yourself on the fine old art of haggling.
Have you given any thought to turning this surrounded by to your own insurance company? If you do, they will often treat you better than the other guys insurance. If you use your own insurance, they will go after Geico for you and you won’t own to lift a finger. So…. Source(s): So…..Was it necessary to switch on your question with “so” ?