Infant Tylenol allegedly kills 3 month old

As an expectant father for the second time (as of writing this post, my wife is just over 38 weeks pregnant with our second child), my wife and I are increasingly sensitive to the risks associated with over the counter medication for our children, especially a newborn. According to the Chicago Tribune, we are right to be nervous. In April 2010, a 3-month-old infant died after taking infant-formula liquid Tylenol. It seems that some of the drugs had been contaminated with bacteria.

This is a sad story, and I can honestly say that my wife and I have used liquid medicine for our first born on many occasions – and he is now a happy and healthy 2 year old. However, what I take away from this is that it is important that we as parents think twice before we make a decision about what we put into our children’s small bodies. Newborns especially do not have the ability to fight off bacteria as an older child or adult does. This is true for not only medication, but vaccines and foods as well.

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