I can’t afford a collapse attorney ?

If I can’t afford a bankruptcy attorney what should I do- file myself or return with a public defender?

“> A public defender cannot database bankruptcy. Their job is to maintain indigent persons against criminal charges.

You could file it yourself, but what a desperate idea that would be.

Hire a lawyer to find out if liquidation is the best option. If you do need to profile, the lawyer will help you avoid the costly mistakes you could create on your own.

In the US, a public defender comes into play when you are charged with a crime and necessitate to be able to defend yourself. It have nothing to do with ruin. For bankruptcy, you must file within Federal Court and you need an attorney. I am not sure if you know enough to record yourself. It is a narrow area of imperative and I have seen fees for nearly $395 or $495 so not a great deal of money, but could be more or have court costs. Your liability have to outnumber your assets and may be a certain percentage. You home I believe can be excluded and you still pay packet on it if you choose and just lump the other things into the bankruptcy.

You might ask an attorney (call) and see if you can grasp a free consultation. Has to be licensed in Federal Court as most file underneath federal law, but imagine most attorneys would be licensed surrounded by Federal court. You can ask. This is not a legal opinion as I am not a licensed attorney..

Good luck.

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