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(NYPD RETIRED)If a trucker is found innocent of dwi, why does it stay on his transcription as a chemical check dead loss

 and keeps him from getting a driving job for 3-7 years

He was not found INNOCENT. He be found not guilty. Being found not guilty in court has nought to do with DOT regulations.

Not plenty information… Just how was he found innocent. Context is everything – as NYPD you should know this.

“> He wasn’t found innocent, he be found not guilty of the DWI. Regardless of what happened in court, he former the breath / blood test.

It’s just resembling if you refuse to submit to the test and they chop your license right within. You may end up having charges dropped contained by court, but that doesn’t get you your license back.

1 aggravated DWI charge, but i get 2 tickets for it? strange york state?

 I was arrested for DWI. The most regretable thing i hold ever done. I was fooliosh.
However, im confused by the tickets that the officer gave me, when i be released from the booking station.
One ticket is for aggravated DWI .18 BAC or higher. The other ticket says DWI.
Both tickets hold the same date, same time of arrest, same officer. SAME.
Am i being charged next to 2 DWI’s? I got pulled over one time for it, got arrested once.this is adjectives just ONE DRUNK DRIVING INCIDENT. So, why have i be served two different tickets?
I dont understand? I cant imagine that i’m getting two dwi’s, for in recent times 1 incident. ITS NOT LEGAL.
You cant get stopped for speeding 80 in a 55, and appendage up getting two tickets that both say “speeding 80 in 55”.
This doesnt take home any sense…
God forgive me…


You don’t need an answer from Yahoo, you really need to retain a attorney. You are in some serious trouble.

You cannot be sentenced for both, but NY law allows for the prosecution to allege both types — driving with a prohibited BAC minus regard to impairment, and, driving while your ability to drive be impaired, without high regard to blood alcohol levels. Some people capture drunk after one beer and driving like that is a crime. Others are relatively sober next to a BAC of .08 and driving like that is also a crime. You can be tried for both but will single be sentenced for one.

The agg dwi is a misdemeanor but it can also be filed, at the same time, as a felony. It sounds close to (if you are being honest and there be nothing else wrong – like you be witout a license to drive or insurance) they are filing one ticket as a misdemeanor and another as a felony. It helps prosecution to ensure that no issue what, they have you screwed.

If I were you, I would hire an attorney. Agg dwi is a serious charge.

I am sure you own already had your license revoked. You are also facing heavy fines as okay as a possible year in jail. Dude, hire an attorney quickly.

1st dwi Plead Guilty or travel to Trial:Case within court since March Didn’t blow but did enclosed space Sobriety oral exam .?

 The lawyer says the video did not look too virtuous.Been paying him $330 every month since march till now.I did not drop or anything but could not perform test okay and there was an disaster No injury.Had problem communicating with the cop since i am an immigrant.Any ideas?Thks


You should verbs to keep the services of your attorney as they may have a path to handle the situation in court. They may use an aged personal injury accident or a number of things.

You should within all reality agree with your retained counsel on this

1st DWI….not guilty!?

 1st DWI ….will i serve jail time??:(?
I wasnt drunk that night…have a few drinks that night a club. But it was 3hours previously i drove. They gave me a test …i believe i former it…wasnt falling alover the place …didnt act as if i was drunk. they still brought me to the station. And made me blow into the breathalizer 4 to 5 times.


You blew and I have to right to be heard you must not have passed it or they would not have charged you next to dwi. You probably wont get jail time but you will return with a fine and license suspension.

present evidence that your blood alcohol level be not over the limit, or introduce reasonable doubt into the nouns they will offer that it was.

the sort of article dui attorneys deal with adjectives the time for a living. why not hire one of them to help?

If the Breathalyser showed an alcohol content over the allowed limit, you’re sunk. If you passed the test, they cannot cite you for DUI. What exactly is the problem?

I would consider that 99%+ of those pulled over for DUI insist that they are not intoxicated. You don’t have to be “falling all over the place” nor to you enjoy to “act drunk.” It’s not subjective, it is objective: you are or you are not over the permitted limit.

If it is your first DUI, you will likely be fined, be remanded to Alcohol Education classes and conceivably get put on probation. Your insurance may skyrocket, depending on the sort of arrangements you can make relative to this appearing on your story. It all depends on your relative record, other infractions at the time and the law in your state.

You need a good attorney and a lot of money.

A Good DUI/DWI Lawer contained by Little Rock Arkansas.?

 Anyone know a good DUI Attorney in Little Rock Arkansas of surrounding nouns?

Thanks in advance.


I will try to find you a connection to a website that shows good DUI/DWI lawyers within all 50 states….

OK, here’s a website of top DUI expert witnesses and, if any are near Little Rock, they should be capable of recommend someone:


The absolute best DUI/DWI lawyer contained by the country is William “Bubba” Head of Atlanta, Georgia; he might be able to recommend someone in your nouns and here’s his website:


Try www.duihelpnow.info

Advice needed-Wanting to apoligize to sufferer of wreck from my DWI. Didn’t injure martyr, lately messed up vehicle?

 I need some advice. I hit another sports car from behind and I want to apologize for what I did since it was so wrong and I could hold hurt/killed her. I haven’t went to trial yet but I am pleading guilty whenever I do shift, so I am not worried about “telling on myself” to where on earth I couldn’t plead not guilty. The thing is since it happened, I own went through rehab, have cleaned up my feat, joined a nonprofit against drug abuse and inebriated driving (in which a fragment of my duties will be to give speeches to prevent others from repearting my mistakes) and turned around my life. I only want to do the right thing and apoligize, trying to set things right. Will I get a kismet at court considering I am entering a guilty plea so she will not be able to testify? How should I go more or less this, possibly through my attorney?


tough break there… sorry you’re going through that.

At trial, if you get the coincidence, be sure to let the judge know adjectives those things you put in your question in the region of how you’ve changed your ways etc. Then, while you’re talking (again… if you get the chance) throw contained by the apology. It’s worth a shot anyway!

Another option would be to wait til everyone’s departure the court room. If the victim’s there, you can stop their party and fashion your apology then if they choose to stop and listen.

Above and beyond anything else though, I’d wait til after the guilty plea to utter anything directly to the victim. The less you say-so before-hand, the better. Sometimes an apology can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt to things you didn’t do! Better to wait til it’s over previously you say anything. Remember, you’d rather the decide be as lenient as possible in the sentencing phase!

Good luck!

Songbyrd is absolutely correct.

While I respect your wishes to make amends, in that are other issues to contend with., Your attorney will most likely (if he is any good) will offer the same advice.

After the civil suit is done, your attorney may endow with you different advice.

I would definatley talk with my attorney first and form sure that you show proof where you’ve cleaned up your act and where on earth you went through rehab etc. I think that it shows dutiful character to apoligize and i applaud you for wanting to do so. I already feel and don’t even know you that your head in the right direction. I feel that you’ve shown that the mistake you’ve made have made you change and want to do what’s right. Just let them know that you are sincerely sorry and that you can’t uncoil what has been done but you are taking steps to ensure that this doesn’t ever develop again. GOOD LUCK in court and the rest of your life. I reason what you want to do and have already done shows how you want to do the right thing. Hope it adjectives works out for you.

Write them a communication and plead no contest.

As an attorney, say nil. Nothing. Wait until the civil suit is over if one is filed and tell the court you are sorry. Listen to you Lawyer. Source(s): s–attorney 25 years

After an individual is arrested for DWI, how long does an S.C. prosecutor own to bring them to court?


7 years

depends on the court schedule.

10 days to be indited and it can drag on for mounths

I expect you can find the answer of your question free of charge at
Give it a try.

South Carolina is one of three states that has NO statute of limitations for ANY crime (I think MD and WY are the other two states).

So the answer to your grill is that the prosecutor can bring the charge whenever they want to. You may have a due process/speedy trial argument on Federal Constitutional grounds (and perhaps on state directive grounds) but under their scheme, they can skulk as long as they want to file an information/get an indictment. Source(s): http://www.abolishsexabuse.org/grandjury…
(See Paragraph 5)


After a DWI is dismissed and beneath process of getting expunged, can I carry my CDL’s very soon or do I call for to lurk?

 I was charged in near DWI, underage consumption of alcohol, and distributing to a minor in September of 2007. In September of 2008, all charges be dismissed. In February of 2009, I hired a lawyer for the expunging process. I was wondering even if the charges be dismissed, could a trucking company see this on my DMV and Criminal record? I went to one of my ripened jobs to deliver pizzas after the case be dismissed and he couldn’t hire me as a driver because of my background check and told him they were dismissed. Can they do that as in good health, cause I feel close to i’m being screwed?


If the charges were dismissed in attendance should be no record of them. I don’t see how a charge that was can be found unless you detail someone about it. If the charge was certainly dismissed there should be no problem with you getting a CDL. Be sure you appreciate what can happen to the CDL if you get convicted of DWI even if you aren’t within a commercial vehicle. Source(s): 2 years cop, 25 years truck driver

Am i required to report a dwi conviction to my employer if it happen after i be employed by them?

 I am not required to drive for my work so it wouldn’t effect my job. I am employed in ND, but the conviction is next from MN.


They will find out anyway via a background check.

If you don’t enjoy to drive for them, I would think you would NOT have to report it…but, given that you employed here, you may want to disclose this as it is a criminal offence and word will get around…receive to them first….

There is no need to tell them.

Does the employer or the law require you to? In my commission, I’m required BY LAW to report it to my employer within 48 hours of being convicted.

If you’re still drinking and driving within 2007 with all the schooling out there, you should think roughly speaking entering a program to get some help near your drinking.

No. But if they do background checks they will find out anyway.


Any suggestion involving an out of state DUI/DWI?

 I just recently be stopped in Maryland and cited for a possible DUI/DWI. I initially refused the breathalyzer when first asked on the spot, but when asked again on the spot I complied. After human being brought into the station, I was not asked to take another breathalyzer and on my citation it say I refused to take the breathalyzer(which wasnt the case) I be in the police station for 25 minutes until a state trooper friend picked me up and whisked me away. What big-hearted of penalties and such will I be looking at? I dont have $1,000 for a attorney…is it even worth it? Will my license be suspended in NJ as well as MD?

“> You entail a lawyer. If you don’t have one the trendsetter will think that you are not taking this seriously. He will throw the book at you.

With the mistakes and that you were not given a question paper at the station a lawyer might be able to bring back the case thrown out. The police car might hold had a camera on it that could prove what you say.Basically it also comes down to that the officer lied.

There is also probabation since judgement. You still have to go to court but after 5 years of not have another DWI it is scrubbed from your record.

If you receive convicted your insurance will go up for years. way more than $1000. You really entail a lawyer.

I had my one DWI long ago and be clearly guilty. When all was said and done contained by return for me signing a paper saying that I would not sue the county (or possibly state) my charge would be completely dropped.

Use google.um maybe try “first offensedui in maryland”

next try “out of state dui in maryland report to state of NJ”

tough I know, but you can do it.

Anyone here adapted next to louisiana DWI law?

 brother-in-law refused a breathalyzer test and when going to achieve his license back was told he needed to bring a alcohol breathing tester on his vechile due to the fact that he refused the breathalyzer experiment twice within five years..
does anyone know of a law resembling this in La. or any other state?
don’t get me wrong i believe this is a flawless law and he deserves every penalty coming to him.. only just curious to know what the penalties are.. Thank You!


He’s in trouble

Most states…have implied consent laws….you can not eliminate…if you do…you are guilty.

http://www.maddlouisiana.org/dwi_laws.ht… Source(s): Oklahoma 2nd and subsequent.5 years prison

in Florida it would catch you 6 months suspension and 250$

If one drinks and drives, they shouldn’t have rights to embargo breathalyer tests.

Go to the website below for the summary of Louisiana’s Administrative Suspension Laws. You’ll have adjectives the information on what you’re asking for. It’s sponsored by the Law Office of John P. Calmes, Jr. Source(s): http://la-drunkdrivinglawyer.com/statein…

Anyone know any correct resources for just now passed DUI/DWI law surrounded by OHIO?

Ive been having trouble finding a topical law in ohio which will own first DUI/DWI offendors ordered to have an ignition interlock device, id close to to get some good resources on updated law for ohio on DUI/DWI penalties. Thanks


Here is a basic factsheet give or take a few Ohio DUI laws:

You will want to take a look at 2951.02(C)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2951.02). It states surrounded by part, “If an offender is convicted of a ruin of section 4511.19 of the Revised Code [the DUI law]…the court may require, as a condition of a community control sanction…that the offender operate individual a motor vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device…”

Hope this helps!

Don’t contemplate they have that law. If someone’s requiring you to find it, you should have tons of proof and then see if the gov. can repay for it or something.

Ohio is dumb. Esp if you’re talking about the state troopers. They’re really stupid.

If you’re surrounded by trouble for DUI/DWI, first of all you just get unlucky. Get yourself a good lawyer and procure it off your record and you’ll be gravy.

Anyone know the difference b/w DUI, DWI, and OWI?

 Or is there no significant difference?


OWI (used to be OUIL) in Michigan is the statute that covers being too drunk to drive. We also hold OWVI which is operating while visibly impaired. Each state will have its own statutes but for the most element the DWI would be Impaired and OWI and DUI are the same.

And for the record the O surrounded by OWI stands for OPERATING so you would have to be doing something that constitutes operating. That could be just sitting in attendance with the vehicle running, you behind the helm, foot on the brake.but you are unlikely to get an arrest, at least within Michigan, for just sitting there doing zilch.

Different states own different terms, and different states have different law. DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence (of Alcohol or Drugs). OWI stands for Operating While Intoxicated. It all translates to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or an risky substance. Minimum Blood Alcohol Content or BAC depends on the state. Check out this link to see the local laws for your nouns: http://www.1800duilaws.com

I hope this helps. Remember, if you have be drinking, you should never drive. If someone else has been drinking, get sure they don’t drive. Having an impromptu sleepover, or calling someone to come get you is way cooler than finished up wrapped around a guardrail.

they all mean matching….you are drunk!!

DUI driving under the influence is the lesser, resources you have been drinking but not reasonably drunk
OWI and DWI are essentually the sam Operating While Intoxicated and Driving While Intoxicated.

DUI- (Driving under the influence. Can any refer to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs, or driving below the influence of a combination of liquor and drugs. This is the most widely used acronym for drunk driving cases. The standard for what it means to be under the influence will change from state to state. It is important to contact a lawyer surrounded by your area that knows DUI statute if you have been accuse of DUI or a related drunk driving offense.)

DWI- (Driving while intoxicated, or driving while impaired. Like DUI, DWI can refer to driving while intoxicated or impair as the result of either drinking alcohol or taking drugs, or both. This is the second most widely used acronym for drunk driving cases. Like DUI, the question of how to demarcate being intoxicated or impaired is at the heart of a drunk driving skin in jurisdictions that use DWI. It is critical to consult near a DWI lawyer in your nouns that understands these sophisticated issues.)

OWI-(Operating while intoxicated, or operating while impaired. Again, this intoxication or impairment may be as the result of consuming alcohol or any other drug, or a combination of alcohol and drugs.) Source(s): http://www.1800duilaws.com/common/glossa…

Anyone next to AA, Legal, DMV, and / or DWI experience please abet.?

 I recently lossed my Father after a long battle near cancer, his dying wish was for me to embezzle car of my brother’s troubles with the Law and DMV. Long story short My brother is a alcholic who have been clean and sober for 8 years immediately. However in the past he racked up atleast 4 DWI’s (that i know of). I am a moment ago thankfull that know one was ever hurt.
As excutor of his will I have the financial fitness to take care of adjectives of his fines, and I would like to try and get his license wager on. ( I can not have my Mother driving him back and forth to work everyday) , but I do not know where on earth to begin. I am sure he has warrant and fines all over the place. How can I consilidate them and get a conciliator to hear a appeal. He has completed rehab, is a activemermber of AA, and is finally a productive beneficiary of society.He can not get to the next stratum having my Mom driving him everywere. Also if I ever suspected him of drinking and driving again I would call the police on him myself. Please Help



First of all find out if there are warrant out? and where? so you can go to that court and show proof of him man sober.The judge will know if he can get his license stern and fines he owes.Most likely he will have to own a inter lock on his car.

First of adjectives, obtain an attorney. Explain everything to the attorney. And be truthful.

Have the attorney contact the law enforcment surrounded by your area, and arrange for him to turn himself in.

Once that happen you can proceed with resolving the fines, etc. and possible jail time. and going previously a judge.

However, be aware that he may be unable to ever regain his license depending on the amount of DWI’s and the circumstances. Your advocate may be able to determine this.
Or he may have to own a special device attached to the car that he must blow in to to know how to start it. If he tries with alcohol it signal law enforcement and it also is equiped beside a tracking device. But considering his history and your willingness to call police if he drinks and drives, if I be you, I would recommend to the atorney and judge that this be a condition if they give him his license subsidise and that his car must forever have it.

Good luck

Save yourself the headache, and lately use the money and go buy him cab vouchers.

he was on parole and had to filch care of the fines i assume before he get out for the rest of it call the local yokel cops call the bureau and explain it to him on the phone and ask about all his warrant and fines surrounded by diffrent district justice offices and they can opull it adjectives up for u

Start by contacting a defense attorney. You can probably do it yourself, but reimburse an attorney for an hour of time and have them explain the process to you. The city, county or state will not help you.

To determine if in attendance are any outstanding fines (and associated warrants) HE needs to contact the courts that convicted him of his DWIs.

You are not able to appeal his convictions at this point as they be heard sometime in olden times and the time limit to file an appeal have passed.

Getting his license back is a different story. It will all depend on why he does not hold a license. I can think of three possible scenarios:
1. His license be suspended or revoked for a time, that time has passed and he needs to repay the fines to clear the license.
2. His licenses is currently suspended or revoked and he needs to dawdle until the time has elapsed
3. Or since he has 4 DWIs it is possible his license is for good revoked.

The situation will depend on a lot of variables including which state this happened within, how over the limit he was, if in attendance was an accident due to his DWI etc.

You should be proud of him for getting his stuff together. i craving you both he best of luck.

You must find out what counties he have been issued citations or spent any jail time, discharge those fines, then you’re gonna have to call round the DMV. If you have trouble finding all his fines and such, DMV in actual fact may be able to tell you exactly what adjectives has to be paid for him to receive a license re-issued.

Been there and rear legs! What you need to do is call the DMV. They will notify you exactly what he has outstanding and how much he owes etc. They will work with him on a pyment plan but he requirements to go there and parley to someone face to face . Do not be mislead! This will not be confident, especially if he lives in NJ like I do. Just because he’s within AA and appears to have his act together channel nothing to the judges and the powers that be. It’s adjectives about $$$$$$$$$$$$ and nothing more. He WILL payment through the nose for many years to come. Good luck!

I think your first mistake is asking for help on Yahoo! Answers. Take responsibility for yourself and send for the obvious places, the DMV. Depending on their answer you might need to find yourself a legal representative in the case you obligation to prove to a judge he is sober and capable of getting another license. Essentially, he will any be able to take the question paper again to get himself another license, or if it is still suspended find a lawyer.

Anyone beside AA, Legal, DMV, and / or DWI experience please relief.?

My brother is a Alcoholic, he has been sober for ten years. He be as bad as it gets. He have 5 DWI’s. 10 sober years later, he found a good post that he can walk to work, he volunteers on weekends and helps countless those. As you can imagine, with the 5 DWI’s within were many fines and penalty. He turned himself into the police , and payed all his fines. (just because it was the right entity to do) Now the judge not only took his license away for 20 years ( which is what we adjectives expected) but sentenced him to 6 months in jail. Were he will conspicuously lose his job, and have to start from mark. Lawyers aren’t much help because it is all mandatory. Anyone own any similar situations.


AS you say, it’s manditory. He needs to catch some recommendation letters from sponsors, friends, doesn`t matter what and ask the court if he can serve the time in non working hours like weekends and he requests to go have a long gossip with his boss with duplicate letters.

good luck

Ok it get little complex here, your brother has done his part by serving to adjectives the fines like a good citizen. I would follow what wizjp suggests, your brother can find relaxation if he gets some real polite recommendation from his employees, also he can folder for pardon keeping in consideration adjectives the times he served. For more on DWI check http://www.aboutdwi.com/DWIbottomline/la…

Anyone who know going on for DUi/DWI law?

 ok heres the deal i dont want any answers telling me to contact a attorney. i already know i need to do that and i am. if you don’t know the answer to my question please basically don’t answer. i’m not trying to be mean or anything i just don’t inevitability those answers. thank you.

ok now i was arrested for DUI. when the department asked me to take a breathalyzer test i said i will but can my mother be here (im single 19) he said ok went to call her she didnt answer later he just got put money on in the car and drove to the sentence to prison. when we got there and he showed me his report it said i refuse the test. i told him right there i didnt impose sanctions i just wanted my mother nearby and i had no problem with taking it. he said don’t verbs about it because it just have to be worded that way. now to me it seem as if he did something wrong because in my eyes i didnt refuse and he never asked me if i would bring one without her there. i consider he messed up.
so my question is if we go to court what do you deliberate will happen as far as that story goes beside the breathalyzer test?
will they be able to voice i really refused it?
is it a slip up on his part?

remember i already know what i did be wrong i dont need a counseling session and i already know i need to draw from a lawyer regardless i am just trying to carry some idea of how that is going to be taken within court before hand.
thank you


This doesn’t generate sense. Why would they even bother to try and contact your mother?

Your 19, an adult in any state, you don’t inevitability your mother present nor do they.

Technically, you did refuse the test. They could not accomplish your mother, (that whole scenario is still hard to believe,) so you never took the experiment.

Makes no sense to me and none of this will change the end result contained by court.

regular AA meetings will help, seriously

Why are you breaking the ruling, endangering yourself and others, then asking for mommy

Arrested on dwi charge contained by reformatory guard found small amount control substance implicit by?

 guard says was not nearby earlier now i am self charged with poss.of control substance less 1gram. just have court appoint attorney substance could be anyones. can i have dismissed


Follow your attorney’s warning. “Court appointed” does not mean bad or incompetent. Most public defender are excellent and experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Better attain a good lawyer Public Pretenders don’t do a item for you start a alcohol and drug program BEFORE it is court ordered it will help you out a lot .A.A. and win the card signed if you want a break from the judge. That can turn into a felony cuz you brought it in the facility.. they are never going to buy that’s not mine.

Wow. What a crazy coincidence!

Nah…you aren’t going to carry it dismissed. Maybe you were so drunk you forgot you had it on you?

There is no such charge as DWI anymore it`s DUI and as long as it was near you they can charge you, Good luck~!

Can a DWI be totally dismissed lacking consequences?

 My 19 year old son got a DWI and his court date have been postponed twice because the prosecution has not received the video video from his arrest. His lawyer is a free service from a law student program so I am not sure they are explaining it right. Now they enjoy given him the impression that at the next court date it will probably be dismissed. Is he misunderstanding the situation or can a DWI in reality get dismissed completely without any consequences because of this?

There is a possibility that the charge may be dismissed if it have been continued twice by the state. However, it depends on the judge’s decision after the defense enter a motion to dismiss. Which appears to be what your son’s attorney will be doing at the next court appearance. Although, the judge may endow with the state a specific date and time to have the discovery to the defense or in most cases the state will hold the discovery on the following day of court and they will produce it to the defense by then, especially if it have been postponed twice. Just make sure your son doesn’t waive his right to speedy trial which surrounded by most cases is 90 days from the day of arrest and make sure the defense attorney files a motion for expiration of speedy trial if the state still doesn’t produce discovery by the subsequent court date. The defense might be able to negotiate a good plea promise as well. I hope this helps… accurate luck!

It is possible for the criminal charges to be dismissed. I doubt it would be only because of the tape, in that would be other evidence to prove the crime. Even if he does get it dismissed, most states have a separate administrative audible range before the DMV to determine if he is guilty of DWI. There is a lesser burden of proof here. So, he could still find his license suspended even if the criminal charges are dismissed.

“> If the police officer and/or the evidence of the DWI isn’t available, the settle can dismiss the charges for that lack of available evidence.

Justice delayed is justice denied.Don’t count on it stirring though.

The merely thing that counts is a conviction. That is why charges go beforehand a judge in the first place.

So yes, it can be dismissed and it is as if the incident never occur. Because in the eyes of the law, it never did.

was he given a Breathalyzer test? or be his arrest based on what the officer observed or found. if the evidence against your son is based on a video cartridge and it cannot be produced, then the case against him will be dismissed. However, if the arresting officer’s nouns is based upon his observations then your son will be charged.

Yes, if procedures where not carry out correctly during the “WI “, stop. There could be a number of reasons why this is man prolonged, but I think you need to find out the BOC, ( blood alcohol content), of your son, and the police report of why he be stopped. this may answer some questions. If 21 is the drinking age in your state, which I consider it is, they maybe looking at something else. In an ” OWI” case, unmistaken proceedures must be met, your son was under the lawful age, zero tollerence is the measure.

A DWI/DUI can be dismissed for withdrawal of evidence. If the prosecution doesn’t produce any evidence ie, video or chemical tests, the only evidence disappeared is the word of the arresting officer. That would make it his word against the word of the driver.

Can a dwi conviction affect child custody?

 my ex is my sons mother…u get all that…lol

anyways she get a dwi and will most likely lose her liscense. This is her second one in the ending 7 years and was wondering if this will affect her custody over our son. We have him partially the time each already…any answers could help.


Was he with her?…if so later hell yes, if not and she is making the necessary change and doing what she has been told to do, next it is iffy. Think long and hard before you try to return with sole custody, it is often not good for the child at adjectives.

Depends on the state.

anything which affects the child or the parent’s competency to care for the child may affect custody determinations. You have not given plenty information to give a fuller answer.

Can a passport be obtain by a being convicted of a felony DWI?


Sure – drunks are allowed to travel.

Passports can be issued to persons with minor cases because nearby is no prohibition under the law. Those in prison for grave offenses are the ones not entitled to be issued passports.

You can get a passport – whether or not you can travel depends on the terms of your parole.

You can apply online – or telephone the passport office 1-877-487-2778 if you have question.

As long as you are not currently on probation sure. You paid your debt to society.

Even if on probation not adjectives types of probation prohibit international travel. Sure if you broke into a house or murdered someone they would say no passport. A DWI? If you are on probation you should ask the probation officer because as I said the terms are different for adjectives.

Plus it would depend on where you are going. If you have ethnic group where you are going they would probably say no. But if you be just going to Jamaica or something, have a livelihood here, followed the rules and have ties to the community…. it wont be a big deal.

Can a personage within wisconsin possess a gun beside a class u felony for dwi?

 it is this persons 2nd or 3rd dwi. last conviction at hand was a minor under 16 contained by the car. court records show class u felony. i cant find info on class u. can this character own or have in his possession a gun on his property or for hunting contained by wisconsin.


It doesn’t matter WHAT state you are in… If you are a felon, or if you hold been found guilty of any felony, you cannot posess, or ever be found in posession of, ANY firearm, per federal ruling. F-E-D-E-R-A-L… not state.



Yes, according to the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission requirements, however you may not have any outstanding judgments, (unpaid tickets, or summons from the Traffic Violations Bureau) and no more than 7 points deduct in the last 18 months. Source(s): www.nyc.gov/html/html/license/get_licens…

Can I catch hired at FDIC after getting a DWI?

 I got a DWI like 5 months ago for a stupidity of mine. I dont own anything on my record besides one speeding ticket. I was going to apply at the FDIC but I cant find anywhere that would describe me if they hire people who have gotten a DWI. Let me know gratitude?

“> It would depend on their policy. Call their HR up and ask them without giving your name. Besides, your not guilty until CONVICTED.

Can I be charged next to DWI for the 8 time when the misfortune occured I be thrown from the drive form 2 the backbone

 I was thrown into back form when the car turned over. Can they prove I was the one driving? I bac interview was 0.39


Dude, get relieve. Forget the legal stuff, you’re going to kill yourself. Source(s): LIFE

I sure hope so. You need to walk to jail before you put to death someones child.

the law are in effect you drive and drink you lose.

Yes you can, and since it’s your 8th time, I hope you really relish your time in prison.

Wow!! 0.39!! That must be a text! If you were the only individual in the car, I doubt any one would believe you be not the driver. Eighth offense? You need to be locked up for years and years. By the way, update your attorney to make a plea deal, you particularly do not want to take this to a jury, they will hang you.

Even if you weren’t the only person surrounded by the vehicle, the testimony of you’re friends placing you behind the tiller will be of great help to the prosecution. Normally, it’s beneficial for them to tell the truth because if they perjured themselves and claimed to be the driver, they would also hold to accept the financial responsibilities as well.

On another issue, you blew a .39? Are you aware how close you be to alcohol poisoning at that stage? Source(s): Retired law enforcement

why don’t you come back to “Answers” when you can ask something that isn’t freshly plain stupid?…go ahead and report me, but after 7 or 8 DWI’s you should be doing some serious jail time past you maim or kill some innocent ancestors..

You’ve get very BIG problems, outside of this accident. Don’t count on them not throwing the book at you. You deserve it. How heaps lives have you put in jeopardy by driving drunk, I wonder.

If you admit to, or it can be proven that you be the driver, then you can be charged. It will be up to you to prove that you weren’t the driver. Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer

There are often ways to prove who was driving. Simplest is to ask adjectives the people who were surrounded by the car. After an accident within which the air bag deploys, see which one is covered contained by corn starch and has the burns from the bag. If form belts were used, they leave a bruise. The location and distribution of blood can be used. There are countless ways to get together evidence and each case is different.

8Th time you slug, get help and GET OFF THE ROAD

What country are you in? In the USA your blood alcohol is nearly 5 times the legal confine! I hope they take your drivers license for the rest of your life!

Gheez, get a clue! Well if you were the merely one in the car, hmm tough give the name! You really need to wake up and gain some help! They can take fingerprints bad the steering wheel and if yours are the only ones, hmm again tough beckon! I would SERIOUSLY think hard give or take a few getting a bus pass before you put to death yourself or someone else. Your a murderer waiting to happen! Can you live with that! and your more worried nearly a DWI?

Yes, they can prove that you were the one driving! First, be there other licensed drivers in the sports car? Were they sober? Are they willing to take the fall over for you or will they testify you were driving? Who owned the car? Who’s fingerprints be on the steering wheel! If this is your 8th time, you are headed for trouble. It’s time to achieve yourself into rehab!

you should be .i sure hope so anyway.what state permit you drive after 7? sounds like bs to me but hey,they let kiddy rapers out of young offenders` institution to.so why not you right?

I don’t know where you live but can’t you find a cab? If you can afford alcohol, you can afford a hackney cab. Please do something about your drinking problem before you slay yourself or someone else. It’s just not worth it! Make a New Years Resolution to stop drinking..You’ll love life again if you do.

dood, 8 dwis? you are a dead-man walking. a highly large percent of drunk drivers die at around 6 dwis. you are living on borrowed time. problem is you guys often filch someone with you.

hey, i like to drink. within the right company, i drink to excess. then we take a rampant ride home… , in the back of a hackney carriage.

if i was judge, you wouldn’t attain another license.

Since not a soul else was around, I doubt a judge will permit it slide.

Stop driving drunk before you kill someone.

Can I be drug tested at court if I am going surrounded by for a DWI offense?

the court has the right to test you if they see fit but i seriously doubt if they will the solely reason is if you appear in court and the peacemaker thinks you are intoxicated and i doubt if you would do that or would you? just surrounded by case they decide to try-out you stay alcohol free for at least two days befor going to court.

Yes. Most definitely.

They enjoy a right to test you yea but what would it prove after the incident, Im not aware of how long alcohol stays in the system but im not sure if its not indistinguishable day youre taken to court nothing will show up on the assessment

Can I be found guilty of DWI if I junk a breathalizer?



A case for DWI is base largely on the observations of the officer of your impairment. Things like Field Sobriety Tests and the Breathalizer help, but the backbone of the overnight case is the officer being able to articulate on the stand the reason he felt you were impair.

I can and do make cases all the time on inhabitants who refuse the breathalizer. Source(s): 8+ years Law Enforcement, DWI Instructor.


Refusing a breathalizer may lead to you to have your license automatically suspended, but that is not alike as being found guilty of a DWI.

You can be convicted of the DWI with other evidence, including a blood or urine example taken from you at the jail. Even without blood, urine or breath, you can still be convicted on the nouns of the police officers and other witnesses.

In many states, yes. Refusal is same as drunk.

Not exactly. If you refuse the breathalizer, you can be subject to loss of your driving privileges for anything your State decides. You will also be arrested. You are just doubling your problems by refuse. Many States force a blood, urine or breath test once arrested.

In Ohio if you refuse the breathalyzer your license is automatically revoked for one year.


But you will without cross-question be guilty of refusing a breath test. The punishment for refusal is more severe contained by most states than a DUI charge. Thus there’s a strong deterrent to refusing to take the examination.

Yes you can. Most jurisdictions allow courts to reach a ‘reasonable inference’ that short a reasonable excuse a person refuse to comply with a breath sample constraint. Also many jurisdictions gross it a separate offence to refuse a breathalyzer interview and the penalties are the same as failing the try-out. As far as DWI goes the breathalyzer results are only quantity of the evidence that would be used against you. The state of your driving, physical observations, smell of an alcoholic beverage on your breath, witnesses, etc. … all these will usually lead to a conviction. Breath question paper results are only another part of the overall evidence..

Oh yes, Not to mention you will automatically lose your license for one year. The only reason lawyer tell you to refuse to check is so they can get more clients and more money.

No you won’t but they will probably take you down to the station to blow one there underneath a court order. But it gives you time to sober up if you really be drinking.

Not probable; but you’ll lose your license anyway for refusal; what’s the positive aspect here?

Depends on the state. Most states will arrest you on suspicion if you refuse and next take you to a hospital and do a blood test to determine your alcohol horizontal. You’re also more likely to receive a harsher punishment for refusal than for complying

yes there are other test they can administer!

Can I go and get another law career contained by Texas, if convicted of a DWI?

 I am teacher, this is my first offense and am wondering if this will have any effect on getting another culture job in texas.
please no rude or wicked comments. no I am not trying to get out of anything. I know what i have done. I want some information.

If it’s a one time offense I don’t see how it would affect your teaching craft. But if your a repeat offender or you have other charges it can and will.
Hopefully your DWI be just a one time bad sensitivity call and not a habitual problem.
In the adjectives remember you are a teacher and kids will follow your example. Everyone makes mistakes, but few swot up from them. I’m sure you learned from yours.

Heck yeah, Any one can get a commission in El Paso!! Move here.

Yes, but be honest. If you don’t put it on your application, you can be fired for submitting a false application.

I think it will depend on the district.

“> The best article to do is the fight the charge if at all possible. I hold had several clients that are teachers who hold lost their jobs because of a DWI. I have also have several teachers who have be able to keep their job. It really comes down the the school district and your principal. Some districts have strict zero-tolerance on arrests. Some will hang about to see if you are found not guilty. I would try and resolve the matter as quickly and faintly as possible to try and save your job. If you own already been convicted, then it will be much harder.
Please call on my website for more information on DWI in Texas:

Can I stop midstream proabtion rash for a Texas DWI?

 I was originally sentanced two years as a first time offender.


Ask your PO

It is a Texas requirement, that you complete at least 1/3 of your probation to apply for early termination of probation.

Apply next to the court clerk where you were convicted. I enjoy the MOTION FOR EARLY TERMINATION if you need it.

Supporting information is located in Section 5, Article 42.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Source(s): Law Student

No, you cannot call off your own probation.

early termination of probation by criminal is generally arranged concurrant with incarceration

Ask your P.O. Your P.O. will next present your request to the courts and the courts will either rule for or against your request.

Can i carry into statute college beside a dwi conviction?

im 20 years old and got a dwi when i be freshly 18, I have 3.5 GPA right now, and becoming a attorney is my dream. Is this dream reachable for me still?–> this is in texas by the way


It’s not a total impossibility but it’s going to take some work.

I suggest signing up for law university application assistance with Kaplan or something like that. I took the LSAT prep class beside Kaplan and a guy in my class had a DWI and be using the application assistance they offered and it helped.

Good luck!

You’ll get surrounded by no problem, but you will have to explain it when you get all set to take the bar exam, so in recent times be prepared. Everyone makes mistakes and for the most part they deduce that.

Two pieces of advice:
1) Be honest about it. They will find out in the region of it and if you lie, you will never be an attorney.
2) Don’t get another one between very soon and when you become an attorney. It will make it darn near impossible to exceed the bars background checks. Source(s): Third year directive student.

You should know how to get in, no problem.

The potential issue comes post-graduation when you progress through the background check before mortal admitted to the Bar. Assuming you stay out of similar trouble for the next three years you should be fine, but if it become part of a pattern of discouraging behavior they may reject your application for admission.

If lawyers can remain after getting one why shouldn’t you be allowed to tender it a try in school? You’ll be fine.

Good luck.


Can I slip away the NYS Correction Officers situation check if I get a DWI when I be 18?

I got a DWI when I was 18 years matured along with other things. Will this “bar” me from passing the setting check? What other types of criminal charges would keep me from passing the theory test? Be specific! Thanks!


I don’t know. But I do know one thing guaranteed to get you debarred: picking which events on your record to report. Report everything – probably most things like a DWI or some mischief stuff is not an automatic come to nothing. But if you hide something, even something that wouldn’t get you debarred, and then they find out – that will get you excluded.

Submit everything, and know once and for all. Then you won’t be looking over your shoulder the rest of your career. Or wind up up barred forever at the start.


Can I find a advocate to back me beside a DWI In DC?

 I got a DWI in DC it be a .11 I need to get a advocate but I dont make enough money to settle one lump sum. I need to get a legal representative that I can pay off beside monthly payments. Please help me!! I dont have anything else on my narrative. And I dont have any idea where on earth to start.


Try to get Mayor Marion Barry’s lawyer.

why do you obligation a laywer? your breath test proved you were driving while intoxicated (if be a criminal proceedings, you would have been offered free trial representation). So it seems your case is a civil one. Show up to court, grant that you were wrong (judges love when people filch responsibility for their actions). stress that this is your first time (it is your first time right?) and that you have learned from your lesson.

As liberal as this country is, you’ll probably attain a probation type of sentence, and a minor fine.

I highly recommend you hire a lawyer back going to court. They would eat you up without legitimate representation. Many lawyers will take a luggage with a payment plan attached. Work it out next to your attorney, I’m sure someone will work with you on a payment plan trust me! You may own to give something upfront but not the whole amount. Best entry to do is start calling around to some lawyers in DC.

Can I brawl my DWI if I wasn’t given the results of the breatherlizer?


Were you arrested? Did you eliminate the breathilizer?You dont give inough details.

You should have be given the results, but it is not a defense if you weren’t. All the information will be waiting for you in court. Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer

Well in case you didn’t know, they cannot hold that features of information from you, so you march right up there and relay them “This officer did not give me the information, violating my right to know why I be arrested.” You have the right to remain silent, but it is MANDATORY for the cop to tell you the defence for your arrest

Next time try not to drive after having a drink

Don’t argue it. You were driving drunk. Go to jail. You shoulda call a taxi. Source(s): Me. I was hit by a drunk driver

Were you so drunk you didn’t hear it? They always update you the amount of alcohol in your system. It is also on your arrest records.


 I have a feeling that might be a problem. But if you can look at the opening listing or the job application it will probably mention whether or not that will be a problem. It might also ask something similar to “have you had a moving despoliation or dwi within the last x years” consequently you could have a good conception how much time needs to go by previously they will consider you as a viable candidate.

Can I move from dallas to austin until that time my court date for a DWI?

 I was wanting to move to Austin and have but to go to court for my DWI (first). Will there be any problems near this as long as I stay in Texas?


You can move, but you will have to appear in Dallas for your court date.

You’re supposed to notify the court of your change of address. Your attorney will hold care of it for you, or contact the clerk of the court. (If this court has a website, you can probably do it by email.)

As long as you appear, though, it’s not a huge do business.

Typically, if you are charged with a misdemeanor DWI, in attendance will not be any travel restrictions except that you will be required to notify the court of any change of address. Moving does not change you prerequisite to appear in court in Dallas and run through the criminal court process.

Most states don’t even restrict out-of-state travel for people with imminent misdemeanors. For felonies, it is a whole different story. If you are charged beside a felony, you should definitely get the guidance of an attorney and the permission of the court before making any considerate of move at all. Source(s): http://www.duiattorney.com/texas/texas-d…

you own to appear


Can I carry fired for a DWI that be a misdemeanor and happen in the past I get hired?

 I got arrested and charged with a DWI two years ago. It be only a misdemeanor and I completed the sentence of community service over a year ago. This was adjectives completed before I got hired at my trial job 6months ago. My new undertaking recently had me catch my fingerprints done as a new policy, I work for a financing company. When the prints came put money on showing I had a DWI on record they asked for the court documents and a personal statement from me. Can they fire me for this conviction on my register? Please advise. Thank you.


If you didn’t inform them before you were hired, yes. If they didn’t ask, as far as I know they can not fire you.

IN the US, unless you are in MT, employment is at will. Absent a union protection or a collective barganing agreement or an employment contract, they can fire you for any grounds; except an EEOC violation (A “wrong” reason).

Probably the best thing to do is jobhunt

Virtually all US jurisdiction are “employment at will”. That means you can be fired for any reason not forbidden by decree. Such a firing though would not be “for cause”, which would mean you’d be entitled to unemployment.

If, though, you be asked about convictions on your application form and didn’t disclose it, the firing IS for cause – no severance.


Yes , you CAN !

If you did not disclose the offense on your application, next yes, they can fire you.


Can I sit for the Texas Bar Exam if I enjoy a DWI on my diary?

Can I take the Texas Bar Exam if I have Driving While Intoxicated Violation on my chronicles?


Check this out, you may be able to get it sour your record! http://simurl.com/dwi Source(s): http://simurl.com/dwi

You can take the test but you may not gain licensed if you pass the test. Have you file your intent to practice law in Texas nonetheless?

If Texas is like NY and NJ, yes. You have to disclose it and the nouns folks will request chapter and verse on it. It will undoubtedly hold up your admission if you endorse the exam but it should not be a bar to your admission. Source(s): 20+ years practicing statute

Can I still grasp my Medical Assisting License w/ DWI?

I got a DWI almost 4 years ago and went to enroll into a college here contained by the city I live in. Everything was going smoothly and they told me I be accepted but had to do a perspective check because I was wanting to enter into the Medical Assisting program. Once they got the setting check back and it had on here that I had gotten a DWI they told me I wouldn’t be able to enroll into the institution. Is this true or can I obtain a medical assisting license even with a DWI and also it individual so long ago. Any help would be great!


isn’t it a d.u.i?

Things aren’t looking up. It would probably be 10 years at least.

i hope not. people who entail medical assistance certainly do not need you showing up drunk. when you have a license 4 years ago, you were not supposed to drive drunk and you did it anyway. why should anyone believe that you would not drive drunk now. the medical assistance program is for helping population in need, not endanger them with your irresponsible drunken ways.

Here’s what I would do:

Talk to the arts school and find out why you can not take the program.
That will determine what steps you need to pocket to fight this. You will need to know if it is a state rule, or only the schools, and who to appeal to.
It sounds like it is a state rule, since it effects your license. You will need to go earlier their board and plead your case (it will be a state nursing board, or medical board, most likely). Try to find out what preparation to make and things would fashion them consider making an exception for you.
I am assuming you were young when you get the DWI, so you might also want to consult a lawyer about have this expunged and sealed in your journal so it does not effect your future. Many lawyers submission free consultations, ask if they do and use this as a chance to get more information and possibly to choose one to hire if you involve to.

Just remember, Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Just set your mind to it, digit out how to get there, manifest it and don’t distribute up.
Good luck 🙂 Source(s): a friends past experience, she was competent to successfully get an RN even with a DUI

PS- rebuff the ignorant comments above, everyone deserves a second chance and the ones that are judgemental are usually worse offender than the rest of us 🙂

Can i take my lisence hindmost after 7 yrs lacking taking crash due to a dwi 7 yrs ago?


What’s that? You’re afraid you’ll crash taking your driver’s test? That’s why they’re given.


You have to petition the secretary of state’s organization, you’ll probably have an “administrative hearing” and have to reward some fines.

Good luck with that.

That is going to depend on the “all mighty” drivers license department. They make their own rules, and answer to not a soul. You can get something dismissed in court, and they can still pinch your license away for it.

Call them and they should be able to tell you what you inevitability to obtain your license over the phone.

It all depends on the state your within, and what the judge issued you with… usually it’s about 6 years that your license will be suspended.

You should not be drunk and take your driving examination. Nothing good will come of it

You should know how to as long as you hold an SR-22 insurance card for 3 years.

Can I stamp or expunge a non felony dwi/dui if so how ?

 over 4 years ago


Probably not. Records are usually sealed if the crime was committed while a juvenile. A dictation is typically only expunged if you were found not guilty of a crime or the criminal charges be dropped. Your only real hope may be to report for what in Indiana is known as post conviction nouns, but you’ll need an attorney and a really good basis to have the record purged. You can also petition the Governor of your state for a exculpation, which is also unlikely to happen. Source(s): 20 years law enforcement experience

Can i work at a sandbank near a dwi on my dictation?

 I am now 21 and done with my probation within the begining of July for a dwi i got almost two years ago? would this prevent me from getting a job as a guard teller?


Why not? You are Bank Teller for crying noticeably!

There would be no reason a bank could not hire you, but I can contemplate of a reason that you would be toward the end of the flash in their hiring preference.

Some banks will not hire you, if you hold any kind of criminal record.

They entail responsible people to handle other people’s money and your story demonstrates that you are not responsible.

Some banks won’t hire you; some just necessitate good people.

Can my charges attain wash from a dwi if a cop didnt ask my miranda rights?


No. Miranda rights are simply when you are being interrogated.

yup….using minnesota canon.you get pulled over because on radar they got you going 43mph surrounded by a 30mph zone …they know you broke the law. but being a nice cop and person in a good mood instead of asking for license and insurance he first asks if you know why you are human being pulled over. when you say for drinking too many beers at a baseball winter sport you get a DWI..when you claim to the judge you didn’t go and get miranda and would have never allowed a blood or urine test you bring back hit with implied consent….which is the same point with a different name..and you do more time for it..

Not unless you were subjected to an interrogation. Seeing as how it was a DWI stop, I doubt that’s an issue.

Can lawful fees and reinstatement fees from a dwi be deduct from your taxes?


So let me procure this straight. You were arrested for driving while intoxicated and now you looking for a compensation of the legal expenses you incurred as a result of YOUR decision to put your own existence and many others at risk. It’s no wonder the country is in the condition it is today, and it is adjectives because of people like you that trade name horrible selfish decision on a regular font. With a mindset like this you should be asking “How long will it take formerly I get another DWI?”. May god help you.


Deducted for what reason?

A good rule of thumb is: If the money wasn’t used to directly facilitate earn your primary income, then it’s probably not deductible.

No, never.

Can passenger catch charged beside dwi’s contained by houston texas?

 for example, if you are riding with someone who is drunk and the driver gets charged beside a dwi when pulled over…can the passenger also get charged with a dwi for of late for riding with someone whos drunk?


Not fully knowing the local codes regarding the subject matter, this is how I would display this.

The passenger is not operating a motor vehicle.

However, if the passenger is the owner of the vehicle, and allows someone else to operate the vehicle, knowing that the other driver has been drinking, this would be regard as negligence.

If the driver of the vehicle gets arrested, and hauled away…the passenger is afterwards on his own to get home…not saying that down the road, he may be arrested for individual drunk in public.

When will it sink into people’s brain housing group…that this action is worth it?

One exception that I know of here in Canada and maybe surrounded by Texas. We have a graduated license system where you write a test for your first title of license and with that license you are allowed to drive “only” with a licensed driver contained by the front passenger seat. Once you have passed a road theory test then you can drive on your own. However, if you are pulled over as DUI or DWI and the passenger is also drunk, the passenger is considered the surrogate driver and so can be charged with driving drunk. Source(s): Just wrote my first class license so I had to study the licensing decree.

No, but you can be charged for public intoxication Source(s): The tenet

no. DUI or DWI is for the driver merely. But, for the passenger you can get a PI, public intoxication and if you have unfurl containers, you can get an additional charge of possesion. Texas changed the initiate container law about 8 years ago.

Driving while intoxicated requires you to be driving. Figure this out logically.

No, if you are not driving, you cannot be charged near driving under the influence. You can be charged with public intoxication or something else but not dwi.

No, its not a dwi if you are a passenger. Also, you cannot be arrested for have an open container as a passenger, its a class c misdemeanor, so you will get a ticket. Source(s): http://dwi.austindefense.com/2007/01/art…

The D in DWI stands for Driving…so no, unless the passenger is somehow Driving the car.

Can police transform stroke of luck report after it’s be file within a dwi satchel?


What is a “dwi” case? Do you aim “DUI”?

They can’t change the original report but they can record a supplemental report to amend or supplement the original.

not legally

yes but only if they find any thing more consequently what they have now.
and consequently charges can get bigger and cost more as well. Source(s): be married to a cop


Yes, if in attendance is new information or if information was incorrect on the untested report. A supplemental or corrected report can be filed. An example might be that one of the parties contained by the accident provided an old insurance card and the spanking new insurance needs to be put on the report. Or let’s say that the DWI interview was a blood test and the results come back from the lab with smaller number that the required amount to be DWI/DUI. Source(s): Me, a law enforcement officer for 22 years.

They can legally add a supplemental report.

Can someone answer these Texas DWI question for me?

 In Texas, drunk driving claims ________ lives every day. It takes some population ______ beers per hour to reach a blood alcohol level of .08. What be the consequences for Reggie Stephey, the man who was drunk driving and ran into the vehicle that Jacqueline Saburido be riding in?


autoinsurance.bebto.com – try this one. I have their motor insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service.

Can someone be standard to imperative conservatory and become a attorney next to three DWI’s on thier dictation?

 If you got three DWI’s between the ages of 18-20 (all misdemeanors) and you are now 25 or 26 beside a undergraduate degree, high grades and nil on your record since, could you still get into imperative school and become a lawyer.
*If you are one of the d-bags on this website that newly goes around criticizing people lacking answering their questions so you can feel smart don’t dribble away your time posting your nonsense, I know driving drunk is very, massively bad.


This just happened to someone I know.

She freaked because she be in law college.
She actually got a legal representative to get it dismissed to a lower charge (cost big bucks) so she wouldn’t be thrown out of law university.

So, I am not sure. I wouldn’t let it deter me. I would still go for it


You’d own to plead your case to both the admissions individuals at the law school to gain them to let you in, and to the nouns committee of your States Bar Association to admit you as a law student. (And, more importantly, to determine whether you’ll collect the Bars “good moral character” requirements.

Since you’ll be almost 30 before you are pleading for permission to the Bar, and the DWI’s happened as a teen, there should be no problem. (Although the member of the ethics committee will almost certainly engineer you grovel a bit.)


Rickinnocal’s 100% right. That being said, I would check beside your local state bar and attempt to get some actual advice before jump through the law school hurdles. I know those in Florida who were rejected from DUIs they have in late elevated school. It’s better safe than sorry.

Ha Ha sure, why dont you run for congress as all right?

Can someone beside a DWI still help yourself to the pole exam and acquire a living?

 What are the implications of a DWI on a lawyer’s future occupation prospects?


None. It will probably hold up your bar admission while the nouns panel investigates but it’s not a bar to admission. The bigger issue is that there’s a glut of lawyer and many can’t get any duty at all. Moreover, a lot of imperative jobs are being outsourced to India and US corporations are setting up regulation departments in India. Source(s): 20+ years practicing law

(Depending on the state…) Part of the stick is the Character Fitness portion. You may not pass this portion, as it is very stringent. You should contact you state tablet association.

Can the plantiff be charged near DWI if she admit lower than contained by oath surrounded by a court if tenet that she be beyond decriminalized?

 the plaintiff in an assault case admit under oath to having at least possible 8 long island ice teas throughout the day, the final drink being at least an hour prior to driving to the police station, and it states as such on the police report. Can she be charged near DWI?

“> Are you talking about a criminal or a civil defence? Assault is a criminal matter, plaintiffs only exist contained by a civil court. In either kind of suitcase, the judge can decide whether or not to report the issue to the police. But intoxication isn’t determined by the number of drinks you’ve had. People have different tolerance level for alcohol, and you say those 8 drinks were spaced throughout the morning, so it’s possible that she wasn’t legally intoxicated at the time she drove. Common sense says that she be likely over the limit (especially considering how potent those Long Island rime teas are, wow!), but enough reasonable doubt exists that a DWI charge wouldn’t stick. A cop would enjoy to witness physical signs of intoxication or administer a test before human being able to issue a DWI charge.

Can u be charged if u dance to court and plead not guilty for dwi if u be sitting at the rear gearstick,sports car not running?

 sitting behind wheel , vehicle not running, but key was contained by ignition


ably….if you are going to court you have already been charged…i devise you mean convicted.

That being said, I do not believe it is a driving while impair charge that would stick, but there is a charge of care and control while impair and yes, sitting behind the wheel next to a key in the ignition is plenty for a care and control charge/conviction.

Genareally, yes. Depends upon the exact language of your state’s DUI & relateon cloud nineutes. This is a case where you should consult a advocate.

In most states, the state lone has to prove intent to drive under the influence. If you are sitting surrounded by the car with the key, you had intent and opportunity to drive. If you were beneath the influence, you could be charged.

YES. The key don’t even have to be in the ignition.

Absolutely yes in my state. I sometimes question whether this tenet is wise. Yes, you drove drunk, but this law encourage drunks to continue driving instead of pulling over. There are probably a lot of folks who started driving one hours of darkness and decided–“wait, I’m too loaded. I shouldn’t drive.” So, this law troubles me. It punishes a not dangerous act. This might not be true in adjectives states, btw. In my state, the keys have to be within the ignition and you have to be behind the joystick. If you’ve moved into the back seat you can’t be charged (IN MY STATE.) And-even though you didn’t ask-the other stupid tenet is taking someone driver’s license for failure to pay child support. How are they supposed to work if they can’t get hold of to a job?

Yes, the state law within some states is pretty terrible this way. I expect they do it to prevent people from lying about not driving, but it can also result in a lot of unnecessary convictions when people really weren’t driving.

Most culture who drink have once or twice been within a car when they were drunk, but newly sleeping it off. It seems wrong to penalize them for that.

Yes you can. It’s called “Being in actual physical control of the vehicle”.

If you are in a saloon drunk, they assume you either drove it there are intended to, so yes, you can be convicted of DWI/DUI. I suggest you grasp a good lawyer.

most states require that you be contained by “actual physical control” of the car, or something similar. There are many factor to be considered, including the key. Furthermore, even if you are caught just sitting, the circumstantial evidence may allow the conclusion that you drove to that place. Finally, surrounded by my state there is a crime of merely being drunk surrounded by a car.

Yes if the keys are in the vehicle you can be charged near a DWI or a DUI. If the keys were not contained by the car you would be ok they would have no proof you be going to drive.

Can you be charged near DWI if you’re drunk and surrounded by a wheelchair?


It would form sense. I could get one if I was riding my bicycle drunk.

Probably, I know someone who got one while on his riding lawnmower.


But it won’t stick. It’s not a vehicle under most state law.

If it is one of those motorized scooter types, probably.. not a regular wheelchair though, it would probably be considered pubic intoxication

probably i know one guy who got one on a bike and one guy who get one on a horse even though the horse had not been drinking

Yes, you can on a bike too. You cannot operate ANY vehicle while impair. Although, since most must remain in a wheelchair, it seems a bit unmerited…

good cross-examine, lol, with that theory you could also return with charged with “open container” while drinking within a bar, because your in your vehicle right? you tard.


Maybe. As silly as it seems, if it’s a motorized wheelchair, it might fall below a motor vehicle. Contact your state. I’d love to hear the answer. Very interesting question!

I don’t ponder so. Public drunkenness, maybe. That was what my brother get, and he’s in a wheelchair.

I know people who’ve been charged next to DWI on roller blades. In NJ a DWI conviction (which is almost impossible to beat) carries a 3000.00 ‘Surcharge’ in calculation to the other fees and penalties. The NJ extortion link shows how fruitless it gets.

But the short version is you can bring back a DWI for moving on anything including a wheelchair. Source(s): http://www.michiganbeerguide.com/news.as…

Can you get hold of a dui/dwi on a bicycle?

 if you dont want to drive a car after drinking, can u ride a bike and not get a dui


Yes you can.

U are operating a piece of equiptment while intoxicated….unsurprisingly you can because not only are you putting yourself at risk you are possibly putting others at risk too who try to avoid you.

If you are not following the rules of the road and a cop see you he can charge you with dui or he could choose to charge with drunk and disorderly.

yep if the cops want to press the issue, heard of a guy who got one ridding a horse home

Yes! In most states bicyclists have all of the responsibilities (and some of the rights) of a motor vehicle. They enjoy to stop at red lights, signal turns, etc… You can get a ticket for any of these types of violations. So…if you ride your bike drunk, it’s a dui/dwi. (I’m still waiting for a cop to verbs me over for speeding lol) Source(s): Long time cyclist.

It’s a big yes.
In-fact, surrounded by any moving vehicle.

Only if you are sharing public roads. You can ride your bike drunk in your backyard or off-road adjectives you want.

You sure can.

We had a guy in my county not too long ago that get one riding a riding lawn mower cutting his own grass.
If that can appear, you certainly can get one riding a bike.

Yep, happen in my state this week. You’re driving; you’re intoxicated; you’ve violated the law.

yes and also on a golf pushcart

No, you can be charged.

I actually think you can!

No – Called “drunk driving” or “driving while intoxicated,” this term means operating a motor vehicle.

EDIT – Checked it out and I’m wrong. Many states specify any character who “…drive[s] any vehicle…” and C.R.S. § 42-4-102(112) specifically defines a bicycle as a “vehicle.” Accordingly, the DUI statute does apply to any person operating a bicycle.

Though the criminal penalty for DUI would apply, you would not have any adverse action on your motor vehicle driver’s license. Good for you for planning not to drink and drive! If you’re going to hold “one too many,” a cab, bus, or designated driver would be a better theory than your bike.

Yes a guy on the communication just the other day get one on a ridding lawnmower.

It depends on how the law is framed within respectively state. In fact, most states no longer call it “DWI” or “DUI”, which put the focus on driving. The residence “driving”, which is specific to motor vehicles, has be replaced by the term “operating”, which is not. Operating a bicycle under the influence of intoxicants is a misdemeanor contained by my state, although you cannot lose your driver’s license for it. Operate any motor vehicle under the influence however – car, boat, scooter, golf pushcart, riding mower – and your license is suspended for 90 days on the first offense.

In some states, you can operate a bike under the influence and not be charged with OUI but possibly be charged with something else, such as creating a public hazard, public bane of your existence, public intoxication, obstructing a public way, etc. Heck, you could be too drunk to drive and stroll home and still be arrested for any of these same offenses. Your local police department should be able to advise you of the law in your town, county and state. If bicycle OUI is not prohibited by state law, that does not tight-fisted it is not prohibited by local ordinance, same thing for any state of public intoxication.

Of course, trying to ride a bike drunk is as difficult as trying to drive a car, and while probably not as dangerous to others, it is certainly as chancy to the operator. Fine and gross motor skills are diminished and uncontrolled, balance is eroded, judgement is eroded, sensitivity times are greatly reduced and the senses of sight and hearing – critical contained by bike riding – are deadened. Riding a bike drunk is asking to be hit by a car or going head-first into a wall.

As fun as it is go out drinking next to one’s buddies, the complications of getting back home again outweigh any potential benefits. I’d much rather we adjectives get soused at my place, crash where we are and later scrape ourselves back together for breakfast surrounded by the morning. Partying is great. Partying responsibly is even better.

Yes you can be charged with a dui on a bike…you can also get one for riding a skate board or skates.
But if this guy be passed out and the cops didn’t observe him riding drunk then the most they could capture him for is drunk in public.