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3000$ Attorney+penality or is it better to adopt the 1200$ penality + Comm service for a DUI? ?

I am still wondering if i should hire a lawyer to represent me in the court and try to bring down the charges because to hire attorney will cost more than paying actual penalty. the only issue is to do community service and 3 months First offenders program, im fine next to that! anyone thinks i am making the right move?


That depends on whether you are guilty or not.

If you are not guilty I would pay even $20,000 to $30,000 or more to save that off my record.

I would never plead guilty to a crime that I did not commit a short time ago to save money on attorneys fees.

However if you actually are guilty of DUI after I think that you owe it to the rest of us to plead guilty, surrender your driver’s license and never drive a car again.

Only you know whether you are guilty or not. I vacate the rest up to your good judgment.

A friend get his 2nd DUI inwardly 7 yrs, is it really basic to attain a advocate or would it be a idle away of money?

 *He’s in the state of CA
*He received a DUI in 2002
*He’s have one speeding ticket since thenDo we really need to seize an attorney to fight for this?
What can a lawyer do that we cant do on our own?


Keep your friend out of send down for a long time.

Someone who’s their own attorney has a fool for a client.

Well, here’s what you’re looking at: A remote possibility of challenging the care of the method used to determine that this man was legally intoxicated at the time of the second DUI; trying to exclude the permission of the previous DUI from his driving abstract.

Judges don’t take too kindly to drunk driving defendants, especially those who don’t own a lawyer. Think “throw the book at them” and you’ll have the concept.

You need a lawyer who may or may not insist on a not guilty plea. I would not advise that. Instead, I would advise a nolo contendere plea along near voluntary admission into an alcohol treatment program. This may mitigate the license suspension time, since a court respects honesty a lot more than it does an attempt to evade responsibility.

Your friend requirements to accept responsibility for his actions and straighten his stroke out. The next time he’s behind the gearstick after drinking could cost someone their life!!

He should not spend his money on a lawyer. If he didn’t learn the first time not to drink and drive, he deserves to be found guilty and, hopefully, spend some time within jail. All a lawyer will do is complicate the business, and may even get him off, or the charges reduced.

Yes. The attorneys have a relationship with the prosecutor that you don’t. They’ve also, hopefully, get a better handle on the laws so they might be capable of find you a loophole. And finally, with an attorney, they know you’ll take it to trial if you own to, so your bargaining will have more leverage.

How’s the weak saying go? He who represents himself have a fool for a client?

Despite what some MADD cultists above may have told you, it’s ALWAYS best to hire a skilled, experienced attorney to represent you when charged with any serious crime. The prosecutor is not on your side. The mediate is not on your side. You NEED an advocate who is.

No you don’t requirement a lawyer. You are talking roughly speaking a slap on the wrist. Tell your friend just show up pay the fines and everything will be fine. They already hold overcrowded jails in Ca anyway.

He can do one of the two things..
1. get an attorney, or
2. be prepared for the court to strike it up his ***.
California DUI second offense is 4-30 days in jail.Does he want the 4, or does he prefer the 30?
What can a attorney do that you can’;t do on your own?? Stop you from making a complete fool out of yourself. Source(s): http://www.californiadui.pro/

A dutiful DUI attorney surrounded by Ventura County?

 Does anyone know of one by experience? Thanks


Most attorneys give a free consultation, just find one that specializes within DUI to review your case.

I can tell you from experience, most of the folks who beat a DUI challenge the apology for the stop. If the officer had a valid reason to verbs you over, the odds are against you beating this. Source(s): 16 years imperative enforcement

they will just take your money. if you blew a .08, plead no contest or guilty and let go yourself 3K. they are NOT going to get you off.

About how much should a legal representative surrounded by a DUI bag cost?

 about how much should a lawyer surrounded by a DUI case cost?


I’m sorry I can’t answer your question…but I want to ask you one. Do you really necessitate one? If this is your first offense, you may not need an attorney. Where I come from, if it’s your first offense, a lawyer won’t get hold of you any better punishment. You might want to look into that.

Mine was $1800 but he was pretty awesome and my luggage involved an accident and everything. I didn’t really ‘shop around’ because he was recommended by a household friend and I had a few time constraints, but I didn’t think the price be obscene for the help he provided!

Beer=$2 a bottle in a bar
DUI fines= $400-$1000
Lawyer to achieve u out of a DUI=PRICELESS!

That depends on the lawyer and his or her hourly base excise. The average here is around $1200.00 for a first offense. Source(s): Attorney friends

Last winter I got a DUI. In my state a 0.08 is considered too drunk to drive. I’m not sure what the hold back is in California. Try visiting a DUI attorney for a free evaluation. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

Any DUI lawyer out here? I stipulation some guidance.?

 I have court tomorrow and I need to find out if plead not guilty if it is worth trying to jump with a public defender. If it is not worth going near a public defender where can I find an affordable trustworthy attorney?


The person who said pleading not guilty is lying does not own sufficient knowledge of the legal system to push for you. If you wish to consider employing an attorney, after you should plead NOT guilty and ask for sufficient time to hire an attorney.

You cannot be represented by the Public Defender if you are able to afford to hire counsel. If you cannot afford counsel, most Public Defenders care profoundly about your case, I don`t know more than a lot of street lawyers. I don’t know your jurisdiction, because you don’t mention it, but contained by many places the Public Defenders are the most experienced and qualified attorneys you can get, especially within the DUI field. Source(s): 30 years as a criminal defense attorney

if you be driving under the influence then you should plead guilty, because i ponder that courts should add 5+ years for lying… saying not guilty consequently proven guilty… but if you took a Breathalyzer test then i would plead guilty because that proves you be intoxicated

or if you had blood drawn, to check the alcohol level after you defiantly plead guilty because a breeathalyzer test give lower results than a blood work test

I am not a Lawyer,but If you need to hire a good lawyer(and you do because a public ally does not care)DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY TOMORROW.Tell the Judge that you need to hire a better lawyer and he will make a contribution you some time.

You can always transfer a “Not Guilty” plea to “Guilty”. Plead not guilty until you have a good advocate look at your case and tell you what they judge. Good luck!

You own court tomorrow and you are looking for legal advice here?

You can other plead not guilty and ask the judge for some time to retain a lawyer. Don’t procrastinate.

Anyone kno any dutiful dui lawyer contained by nyc?

i got a dui not state but federal and im looking for a really good legal representative becuasei have future plans of mortal a state cop im currently in the military.


josh g, Call a professional, they should know the ins and out of Maryland law by heart. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

You hold to call around to see which one can help your situation the most. Sorry for what you will hold to go through. I hope it teaches you something. Good luck.

Anyone know a DUI advocate contained by the Quad Cities nouns surrounded by Iowa/Illinois at a sensible cost?


YES Source(s): http://www.duilawyerorangecounty.com/

No but if you are low income then the state should provide you with a public champion

Anyone know any obedient DUI lawyer within Los Angeles?

Need a good DUI lawyer within Los Angeles who is trustworthy. My friend got busted for a DUI and she can’t find anyone she likes, trusts, or who isn’t asking for $10K for trial!


Actually there are fairly a few lawyers here in Vegas, the DUI property of the world, that are also licensed in california.

Refer to this website for information: http://www.lasvegasnevadadui.com Source(s): http://www.lasvegasnevadadui.com

The Best DUI Attorney surrounded by the Country is here in California
Donald Bartell is a partner in the decree firm of Bartell & Hensel in Riverside, California, and has be in private practice since 1984.

He is on the Board of Directors of the California DUI Lawyers Association, and is a frequent lecturer around California on DUI trial diplomacy including Lorman’s Strategies In Handling DUI Cases seminars. He has be asked to participate in the California DUI Lawyers Association and National College for DUI Defense’s jury research project investigating what arguments resonate near jurors in California drunk driving cases.

Mr. Bartell is a contributing author to James Publishing’s California Drunk Driving Law, and wrote the chapter Defense of Drug Cases in Medical-Legal Aspects of Drugs. http://www.amazon.ca/Medical-Legal-Aspec…

He graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Notre Dame School of Law. Mr. Bartell is a pilot and frequently flies to California DUI courts.

Don is author of a brand new best seller:

Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests

by Don Bartell and Anne ImObersteg

How to overcome the presumption of guilt surrounded by DUI trials

Voir dire strategies, cross-examination questions, and science to help you convince the jury that your DUI defence deserves an honest review
Question-by-question and argument-by-argument, Attacking and Supporting Drunk Driving Tests explains how to soften resolute juries by picking apart unyielding police reports and bulletproof lab reports.

These courtroom-proven strategies are supported beside understandable science in a coordinated trial attack that will walk off the prosecution wondering how its formerly solid case became so in poor health.

This winning approach to DUI trials is presented step-by-step, and is heavily-supported with outline arguments, model cross-examinations, case law, science, and motions. The deed is filled with of assistance suggestions.

More than a test-attack manual
This big book is a complete strategy, law, science, and forms guide containing campaign and arguments found nowhere else. While it focuses on attacking drunk driving tests, it also takes you step-by-step from discovery and investigation through motion practice to trial.

Donald Bartell
Donald Bartell is a partner within the law firm of Bartell & Hensel and has be in private practice for over 20 years. Mr. Bartell is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Notre Dame School of Law. He is on the Board of Directors of the California Deuce Defenders – a statewide DUI defense organization – and he is a frequent university lecturer to lawyers from around the state on topics of DUI defense. Mr. Bartell is co-authoring a nationwide book on drunk driving to be completed and published within the near future. He is an editorial consultant for the book California Drunk Driving Law. Mr. Bartell is a pilot and available to toy with cases at remote locations by private plane.

My CA Drunk Driving Attorney Colleagues at the
California DUI Lawyers Association

Donald Bartell Board Member -Specialist Member
Bartell Beloian and Hensel
5053 La Mart Drive Suite 201
Riverside, CA 92507
PHONE: 951 788-2230 FAX: 951 788-9162
EMAIL: djbartell(a)pacbell.net
http://www.sandiegodui.com/cdla.html Source(s): http://www.sandiegodrunkdrivingattorney.…

Why not do a search on Google to look for a advocate in the area? Source(s): http://duicanadainfo.com

Nope but the best thing for your friend to do is find one to be exact friends with the judge and own him get it reduced.

If she “get busted”, then there is no point taking it to court. The police enjoy to make some pretty key mistakes for you to win against it.

Your friend is a difficulty to society and deserves what punishment they get. In some countries you get executed on your first DUI.

Anyone know of a Pro-Bono advocate or one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg surrounded by Milwaukee for DUI?


Thanks! $ ur answer

No, if you were busted for DUI there is no pro bono, it is a tough overnight case to fight against. besides do you have any model how many innocent people die respectively year because of drunk drivers? it is absolutely terrible, it destrioys family and you could spend the rest of your life in incarcerate and everyday you will think about what you did. believe before you drink!

When you get to your first court date ask for a court appointed attorney That is the only style I know to get an attorney for little or no cost in a D.U.I. defence.

Anyone know of a appropriate DUI advocate contained by the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota nouns??




Hi friend. I will suggest you to go for USALegalCare.com. They have the best DUI Lawyers surrounded by US. I had a great experience with these relations. Try once. They will call you in no time
All the best

IDK about nearby, but in Massachusettes- it’s not even worth getting one. There’s never any leniency and they get you a public champion too.

Anyone represent themselves (without attorney) within court surrounded by Orlando, Florida, for DUI in the past?


Only the Dumb ones…

Bad impression. If you notice, even famous attorneys are represented by another attorney when they are the Defendant contained by court. Judges are attorneys, and they don’t like amateurs in their courtrooms. It have been said that “A person representing themselves surrounded by a court of law, has a fool for a client”.

Here’s the rest of it. has a fool for a client and a jackass for lawyer.

Arizona, crashed my vehicle, DUI, cant afford advocate. should i plead guilty?

should i plead guilty?


Get a lawyer appointed for you at worst satchel scenario. Don’t want to mess around these days.

If you can, hire a lawyer/Attorney.
If you have the court appoint you
a public pretender/defender… he will
not work within your behalf.

Some Attorneys will accept monthly payments,
Look in the pallid pages & call around for the
best propose.

If this is your first offense all that will happen
is you might bring summary probation & be fined.

I heard in Arizona that the DUI offenses are not
as stiff as they are within Calif.

Anyways; best thing to do is plead guilty.
Make sure you call around
& speak to a Attorney. There are some who
will endow with you free legal advice.
That track you know what to expect.

Good Luck.

Take care. Source(s): I know (of) someone who is moving to
Arizona just so he can return with his Drivers
permit/ID back because he had too
frequent, DUIS.

Winterblackened, Last winter I got pulled for a DUI. In my state a 0.08 is considered too drunk to drive. I’m not sure what the limit is within Oregon. Try contacting a DUI lawyer for a free evaluation. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

If there are no more details than that which you own provided, the answer is yes. You were in an misfortune and were cited for DUI.

yes with an insanity plea

Get a public defender and pray that the settle has mercy on you.

First offense? If so, go to court and try to talk to the arresting officer–he will be in that… ask if you can speak to him and the district attorney… if it IS your first offense, you can probably get them to lower the charges against you to something like Parking on a sidewalk or something… OR it might freshly reduce your fine and punishment.. However, be prepared because now a days, courts are profusely more strict with DUI and DWI charges. If this is your second offense or second DUI or DWI, then plead guilty and adopt the punishment you get.

Best DUI lawyer contained by Tallahassee Florida?

 First time DUI. Didn’t Take any of the tests.

“> I don’t know about lawyer in Tallahassee specifically.

But I do know a couple of things.

For a First Time DWI, you are likely to bring the same plea bargain no business what attorney you get.

You are not likely at adjectives to get off completely no issue what attorney you get unless the police really messed up.

It does not matter if you took the test or not, it is the officers observations of your intoxication that will get you convicted at trial. Source(s): 9+ years Law Enforcement, DWI Instructor

Boston DUI legal representative?

 What is a fair flat fee for a DUI attorney in the Boston area?


depends on the attorney, obviously. I know someone that used a “Super Lawyer” that was feature in Boston Magazine and he charged $3000. Another friend used a court appointed lawyer (he qualified for one) and it didnt cost him a entity.

I think a fair rate would be contained by the middle, $1500-$2000 for their services. Obviously, if it goes to trial, would cost more.

Can a advocate really comfort next to clearing a DWI or DUI from a criminal journal or is it a dribble away of time and money


First: Go to the courthouse that convicted you and ask them for the paperwork you have need of to expunge your conviction. They can’t give you advice, but the forms could bequeath you and idea of what to do.

Second: If the paperwork is overwhelming, THEN go to an attorney. Generally, it’s a standard form and a Declaration from you as to how you’re transformed and have stayed out of trouble, would like to enjoy opportunities in the professional workforce, yadda yadda yadda. It’s completely doable minus an attorney, but the attorney may know the “key language” they are looking for but it’s fairly straight-forward.

Third: Recognize that even though it’s “expunged” from your dictation, that police departments, fbi, etc., will still have access. So if you’re looking for a gov’t job surrounded by the future, you should still disclose it and say it be a stupid mistake. Time between the incident and today as well as the expungment will lessen the blow to the conviction.

Is it a waste of time and money? You’ll spend more time doing it yourself if you want to retrieve the money. I would estimate about 3 hours (going to court, figuring out the paperwork, writing a claim if necessary, and filing the paperwork). So, if you’re time is worth more than what you’d settle up an atty, it’s not a waste of money. However, you could do it yourself without a problem and MAKE SURE to own somebody spell check it for you!

Good luck!

A honest lawyer can keep anything bad your record.

Unless the lawyer properly and completely has your cases “expunged”, the register will follow you forever. The actual DUI cases get reported to other government agencies and private investigative agencies. An attorney would enjoy to find every location of your DUI information, and name them in the expungement bag. That would include the arresting agency (police), the State criminal records agency, the FBI, etc., and then within are the private agencies like Choicepoint, your insurance company, etc.

You MUST ask your attorney how he will “clear” this up, AND how he can document that ALL of your records enjoy been deleted.

i worked next to a guy who had 7 DUIs and on the 5th one he had be suspended for three yrs on the six one (which happen 2 weeks after getting his licence back ) he be only charged with a first felony because someone didn’t put the charge file to the judge this guy did hold personal contacks with the law and lawyer so the short of it is ya a good lawyer can get hold of you reduced if not off. but it costs ALOT of money.

A lawyer might know how to minimize the consequences of the crime but can’t clear peoples records. It is on your driving record for 3 years and your criminal transcription for 7 years and a lawyer can’t change that.

you can only get it wipe off your record if you can prove you weren’t below the influence.. and it’s your word against the cop that pulled you over. good luck.

I’ve seen charges obtain dropped to careless driving with community service time and attending a workshop on alcohol & drug use.

Can a advocate do any apt surrounded by PA for 2nd DUI 3rd Tier?

 My friend is having trouble trying to find out if he should hire a lawyer or not for his 2nd DUI offense contained by PA. Since he is in the “Highest BAC” category, is this case cut and dry or can he do anything, including hiring a legal representative or attending AA before his arraignment, to get the slighter penalties within this category. Some lawyer are saying it’s cut and dry yet others are saw he could get breaks (such as a work release license). Has anyone had any luck near this or is he screwed the same no matter what he does.


Most states have cut-in-stone DUI penalties. Your friend is surrounded by a lot of trouble. Source(s): 11 years law enforcement


James B, Last spring I get a DUI. Where I live a 0.08 is considered too drunk to drive. I’m not sure what the limit is in New Mexico. Try calling a DUI attorney for a free evaluation. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

A lawyer might keep him from getting the extermination penalty. No really tell him to run to court alone and plead.

Lawyer might be able to help hold on to him out of jail, but he’s likely going to enjoy some serious punishments coming down. And rightfully so.

Can any one report to me the christen and email of a dui advocate which can run state to set down a claint within a canon suite ?

 would like to sue an adsap school for lost wadges after ghoing to class for 8 weeks and thay did not return my driveing license and it seem like I am being taken for a ride again!!. Also if in that is a lawyer which can go support to 1991 where I was deceitfully arrested for dui with out a breathalizer ?


I revulsion to tell you buy trying to fight a dui is close to pissing in the wind it’s adjectives going to come back on you.

do another crime but do the time. find your GED in jail.

The DUI school does not return your license. You must bring proof of your completion of the course to the license bureau (DMV) and they will reissue your license. It will almost certainly not be the school’s fault that you lost wages because I’m assuming you missed work for not have a license which was the direct result of the DUI which was your commotion, not the school’s. I cannot imagine you would be able to find any attorney likely to take a 16-year old DUI suitcase where you claim you were illegally arrested unless you had staggeringly clear proof. If you do contact a lawyer you will have need of to call them as most will not accept cases via email.

Can anyone recommend a impressively devout dui/dwi advocate surrounded by New Jersey?

 Need one asap court is on the 20th! Looking for lawyers who specialize in dui/dwi defense…It happen in the Sussex/Morris County border

YES, Definitely call Evan M. Levow. He is one of the best DWI Defense Attorney’s in the entire State. He one and only does DWI Cases. He doesn’t do anything else.

You can find all his contact information here:


If nothing else, plague out the form and have them give you a free consultation to inform you what they can do for you.

Here is a short time information about him:

* Instructor in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing – International Association of Chiefs of Police
* Instructor within Standardized Field Sobriety Testing – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
* National College for DUI Defense
* American Trial Lawyers Association of New Jersey
* Association of Trial Lawyers of America
* American Bar Association
* New Jersey State Bar Association
* Camden County Bar Association.
* National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
* American Civil Liberties Union
* 1988 – Bachelor of Arts at University of Pittsburgh
* 1991 – Degree from Rutgers University School of Law at Camden
* 1991 – Admitted to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bar
* 1992 – Admitted to the Bar of the U.S. Court of Appeals 3rd Circuit
* 1995 – Admitted to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Good Luck!

This section is steadfast to the Enforcement of Laws.
Not getting people out of punishment that they deserve.

Drunk Driving is selfish/ignorant/and pathetic.

In your belief, you weren’t drunk.
You refused the bretahalizer because you had be drinking and you thought you were probably above .08
I’d be willing to believe your instincts here.
Therefore, in they eyes of the law you be probably drunk. Source(s): Nobody wants a loved one killed by a drunk driver.
But look at adjectives of the selfish/ignorant people out there who desire they’re “ok to drive”

“> call your county’s Bar Association (the numer is within the phone book) and ask who they would suggest (who works with dui’s) who lives in your nouns. They will provide you the names and phone numbers and even set an appointment for you, or you can do that yourself. You can interview the attorney yourself to ask how many they enjoy done but all attorneys get touchy when you ask this ask and it’s a simple matter to them (it’s not like it’s a jury trial or anything). Choose astutely and have your checkbook or credit card ready. Be sure and report to them you need it before the 20th (so that they can hold all the paperwork in hand). You can also find a copy of the police report and pictures, names, dates, place it occur, witnesses names, addresses and phone numbers, and insurance company name(s), address and phone numbers and towing company if you have one, and anything else you feel will help support your travel case (so as to help the attorney since the time is short).

I’m from that area, try Azzar {sp} he’s on 23 s. right after the cross section of Ridge road, I’ve never see anyone get off for dwi. Best of luck Source(s): Bar owner

Can anyone recommend a well brought-up dui attorney for a resonable tax for 1st time wrongdoer within cove nouns, california?

 looking for a good dui attorney in Bay Area, California..alameda county for a resonable flat rate charge between 1-3000k for 1st time offender.


Use the Public Defender’s office… they know the ins and outs of your local courts much better than most defense attorneys (unless the private defense attorney is one of the county’s “conflict attorneys’) Really… that’s my advice! Source(s): 8 years as a Deputy Probation Officer… within Northern CA!


I would do a search on Targetlaw. Since its a first offense you should be capable of find someone in that price range. Look over some websites of attorneys that are specific to CA. DUI and take a few out of the search and call around. Qualify them experience and than price. I did the investigate for you… Source(s): http://www.targetlaw.com/pages/results.p…

Can I dui thieve 8 months or more earlier it get file? My attorney hasn’t hear anything.?

 I received a DUI in march and my advocate nor I have heard anything fromthe courts since..could it own been thrown out


I doubt it has be dismissed. If the officer took a blood draw, any your alcohol was under the lawful limit, they may be doing a it may take that long to receive a comprehensive drug screen back. Source(s): 17 years canon enforcement

Just keep in touch next to your lawyer because if the statute of limitations or statute of repose runs out they cant prosecute you for it. Howeveri would keep checking only to be sure cuz there could be a warrant out for you or something because you missed your court date. Source(s): Paralegal School

Can i return with moral attorney info online something like how pa and az dirvingoffence effect respectively other (dui and drug arres?

 no lincen cause duisusp in pa. moved to az. caught driving no li surrounded by az. 2 mo later dui and drug possesiton (same time) in az. moved vertebrae 2 pa befor court. can this be handeled from pa.will az make me return. If jailed will they release for emergency (sick dad) in pa


Yes you can achieve good attorney info online.

You can ask lawyers and court consel questions free of charge at www.avvo.com ( http://www.avvo.com/ ) Ask this question at hand. You may even search for a lawyer practicing within your own state.

Can I get hold of a dui dropped to a impulsive driving charge in need a attorney?

 Nope. It takes an attorney to plea bargain.

sure,. if the breath test is lower that .08 no atty. needed if that is
the shield.

im not sure where on earth you live but i doubt it did you take a breath alizer? if you did it will be hard if you bring back another 1 dont blow

When you are at your audible range talk to the DA or ADA and try telling them you’ll plead guilty if the drip the charge.

However near DUIs or other drug related offenses the DA or ADA will probably be required to follow a specific protocal that will require a minimum sentancing and a charge of DUI.

Think of it this way – if you rob a store beside a gun and get caught you’re going to be charged with armed robbery. There is no getting around the reality of nature of the crime.

Likewise, a person who get a DUI cannot take back the reality that they were intoxicated while driving. Depending on the level of your BAC, you might hold a better shot pleading guilty to a DWAI. But in Colorado, for example, if your BAC was over .08, its a mandatory DUI charge.

It is against the law in North Carolina to plead a DWI down to a slighter crime. I doubt many states would entertain that type of plea. Source(s): I’m a cop.

Can someone recommend an excellent DUI Attorney contained by the Atlanta Metro nouns?

 I would prefer not to deal with a voluminous firm where I am just a number. I would close to based on experience or personal knowledge. This is a fundamentally complicated case and I am from out of state. It does not have to be a lofty priced attorney either, someone who is very intelligent, know DUI law, knows how to win, and is capably connected in Fulton County. Thank you very much.


You should select an attorney from the National College for DUI defense (NCDD) at

The NCDD is the prevalent national organization for DUI defense lawyers. These lawyer either focus their entire practice or a significant portion of it on DUI cases.

Most of them will offer a free initial consultation. You should probably gather round with 2-4 firms and select the one you are most comfortable with. Source(s): our imperative firm is a NCDD member in California

Can you recieve a dui if you are driving a riding lawnmower police officer or lawyer simply.?

 I live in illinois and I heard that you can achieve a dui if you drive a lawnmower drunk. Can you also get a dui if you ride a bicycle drunk?


Yes you can get charged; “Operating” any motorized moving doesn`t matter what is illegal: car, boat, plane, …or even a lawnmower, forklift truck, and so on. You can return with charged even if you are on private property because you are still capable to go into the street at any moment.

As for the bicycle yes it’s informal too but mostly if you are on a public area like the street; even if in attendance is not an specific code, you can get “public intoxication”.

If you are operating a vehicle under the influence whether the road or not you can take a dui (driving under the influence). Most will not get onto you just about cutting your grass and drinking a bear as long as it is on your property but once you hit the road your gone. The same go for a bicycle. If you are out in public, on a bike, you are considered to be DUI. Source(s): 🙂

Stay off the streets. . .

A DUI requires operation of a “vehicle.” And here’s Illinois definition of “vehicle:”

§ 625 ILCS 5/1-217. Vehicle

Sec. 1-217. Vehicle. Every device, in, upon or by which any human being or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway or requiring a certificate of title under Section 3-101(d) of this Code [625 ILCS 5/3-101], except devices moved by human power, devices used exclusively upon stationary rail or tracks and snowmobiles as defined in the Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act [625 ILCS 40/1-1 et seq.].

So, it definitely excludes bicycles. But, that’s not true contained by all states.

police officers can arrest anybody on anything electric or moving while drunk. Lawyers can breed a citizen’s arrest I think.

Yes you can. My brother get a Dui for a golf cart. A friend got a dui riding a bike. Anytime you are driving beneath the influence and on a pubic road in ILL you will get one. One of the worst states for dui no issue what you are driving or on. Know a man who got one on a horse.

No it has to be a motorized vehicle approaching motorcycle, car, tractor that contains an engine Source(s): I am a police officer

yes it is called public intoxication. Dumb A** who live contained by my town get caught all the time on prairie mowers tractors scooters bicycles.

A driven lawnmower could conceivably fall lower than the Illinois statute’s definition of vehicle, meaning you could get a DUI, but a bicycle does not and Illinois courts enjoy held that a bicyclist cannot get a DUI. You could get cited for public intoxication, however. Source(s): http://chicagobikelaw.blogspot.com/2007_…

Yes to both issues. I may not be an officer or a lawyer but I hear these things arranged on the news from time to time.

only if you’re driving your lawnmower on a public roadway

Yes…..contained by Ontario anyway

Court tomorrow for DUI contained by CA. No attorney/blew .17bac. any suggestion for my court audible range please?

 I am so glad that I did not hurt anybody or myself. So I dont need the run around thank you!

What do they ask?
Do you make a personal statement?
Guilty or no contest?
etc. I would appreciate anything.
Thank you


if you blew it, you might as powerfully plead guilty, they caught you

DUI is a very serious offense, with long-term effects upon your driver’s license, insurance, etc., etc. It would be severely foolish to try to handle this case minus an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you (and, believe me, whoever is apppointed will know a LOT more about DUI than you do).

It is not “being a man” to plead guilty at the first appearance, it is person foolish. You do not know what defenses you may have or what options here may be. Plead not guilty, get an attorney, and follow your attorney’s advice. Source(s): 30+ years as a criminal defense attorney

requesting the officer’s training collection for DUI related arrests and certification archives of the equipment is just a waste of time. the frequency which it happen to them….they have that information kept up to date. its more of a stalling tactic or long shot possibility for people that know they are guilty.

you can other keep your fingers crossed that the officer forgets they have be subpoenaed for the proceedings. sometimes the case is dropped if the arresting officer fails to show up (without correct reason).

Guilty, not guilty, or no contest. its up to you.

If you want to man up and save the city the cost of a trial then lug your punishment like a man and accept your chance. the ADA is generally more favorable to people that plea out since they do not really want to clutch the time and effort for a trial since it costs the city more money they do not have. press your luck and turn for trial…the ADA will be far less likely to donate you a deal and will push for a far longer/stronger sentence for you.

if your DA is big on prosecuting DUI cases then you may be screwed any way. some DA’s love to show how they are making their city safer by going after DUI cases since it gets them reelected.

its up to you but man up.

you might still have time to get officer notes and certification documents for the tester.
you wait too long to ask so that’s all I’m offering.
always grasp the officers notes.
you want to know what the style guru is seeing.
you sound like you know you be sh$# faced.
if so plead guilty and accept the outcome.
I’ve have a police officer shake my hand because of the way I handle myself in court.
never a DUI but numerous others
can the guy below me say that?

They will give you a couple options.

1) Do we stipulation to appoint you an attorney

2) Would you like to speak to the Prosocuter to see if the 2 of you can reach a traffic.

You can always make a personal statement, but they usually liberate that for sentencing. It probably will not be done tomorrow, unless you agree to a plea.
I would advise you to get an attorney, but a public supporter can work for you if you be upfront and tell them what you want.

Hope this helps and devout luck!!

I would enunciate plead guilty, act appropriately contrite, tell the trendsetter you’re really sorry and that you’re glad you didn’t hurt anyone, and ride it out.

I hope it’s your first offense. They’re much harder on the 2nd offense.

Good luck!

If tomorrow is your first court appearance, you will most predictable just plead “guilty” or “not guilty”. You won’t have to produce a statement, because the chances of your case person settled tomorrow are pretty small. I know that you aren’t a bad person – this crime is a luck of the draw type of article; plenty of people have driven after drinking, but haven’t gotten caught.

You can request a public champion, and more than likely the court will urge you to hire your own attorney (if you can afford one) or assign you an attorney. The process will probably take a few months at tiniest, before it is settled. Good luck.

EDIT: Contrare to what the 3rd answer says, you are not “caught”. My mother is a prosecutor, and in that have been plenty of times where on earth defendants went to trial after having blown and get found “not guilty”. Juries have a tendency to acquit on driving while intoxicated charges because they know that it could own been them (especially because most people don’t really know what amount of alcohol will put them over the trial limit).

Seriously though…are you sorry, because if you crashed into me and killed my babies…

Do I obligation a legal representative for my DUI audible range? ?

 I live in Quebec, I just want the police report and THEN go and get a lawyer. I don’t want to pay $1000 to hold someone come stand next to me, does that make any sense? I can lately get the report and then see if I hold a case.


Having a advocate helps believe it or not..

Try www.duihelpnow.info

DUI Quebec, Last winter I got a DUI. In my state a 0.08 is considered too drunk to drive. I’m not sure what the cut back is in Washington. Try contacting a DUI lawyer for a free evaluation. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

Do i hold to hire a DUI attorney or can a free one be assigned? california?

my dad got a DUI last dark and idont feel like hiring a advocate. i’m tired of bailing him out all the time and trying to get him out of trouble. i a short time ago turned 18 and i’m trying to get a good available job and save up some money my dad always holds me spinal column. dont they say like if you can’t afford one, one will be apointed to you or something close to that? he told me hes not drinking anymore and then he gets a DUI and expects me to do adjectives the dirty work. i’m tired of this **** its been going on since i was 15. idont want him to catch completely ****** but idont want to help him anymore. this is the last time i’m going to try. no wonder my mom departed him when i was a kid. i hate this. he does stupid **** to me and i start to despise him and then hes all nice and i start attitude bad. and he has not a soul else. he’s pushed away everyone years ago and idki feel kinda bad departure him on his own because his english is terrible


He must enjoy a DWI since he’s not a minor. He can get a court appointedattorney.

if you bring one assigned, rest assured that you will spend time in jail. later just sy you cant afford one let him dance to jail. next month like thing will happen

Whether or not your dad can procure a court-appointed lawyer will generally depend on his financial situation and what state you live contained by (I don’t know the laws specific to California), and the actual charge that has be made. If he has had several DUIs, it may be moving out of the kingdom of moving violations into the realm of vehicular crimes.

Even if you don’t win him a lawyer, and if he doesn’t get a court-appointed advocate, perhaps you’d consider going to court with him, to speak on his behalf, and ask that conceivably the judge order him into drug and alcohol rehab, fairly than just sending him to jail? If the pass judgment will do it, that will help to solve the problem in the longer residence. Generally, in situations like this, the bench are fairly informal, and will listen to input from other witnesses.

By you being nearby to help with his English, he may come away next to a better understanding of what’s going on, too. Source(s): http://www.RickRutledgeLaw.com

Yes, if he can’t afford paying a lawyer a free public supporter will be assigned to him, so let him be defended by a public lawyer; Now your dad have fallen in a vicious circle of driving drunk and be bailed out by you, I’m sorry to read out this but don’t bail him out, he needs to learn the concecuenses of his activities, my uncle Ed is just like that, his wife vanished him years ago, he constantly gets drunk and in trouble beside the law, and he relies on family member to bail him out, well recently my mom have enough and stop bailing him.

Each time you bail him you are opening another karma that he drives drunk again and next time he could hurt himself or someone else and then he’s gonna be put within jail for good, i’m sorry for human being so blunt but I would hate if your dad runs over a kid or an eldery person.

Good Luck.

Don’t even waste your money. If his bac be .08 or more he is screwed even if he has a hired lawyer. The directive is very specific on DUI,s and i don’t even think the go-between his self could get out of it if he got one. It,s time for you to narrate your dad you have had plenty. Tell him you love him but you will no longer help do his dirty work. This is complete crap that that man has put you though. If this is his first DUI he won’t receive any jail time but he will get a hefty fine and hold to do DUI class,s and have a sr22 on his insurance. Also he will lose his license for i think 90 time,s. I wish i had a kid resembling you. Stand firm with him, and good luck.

Do I have need of an attorney for my DUI?

  am 18. My BAC percent was .152. Monroe, Louisiana was where on earth I was arrested

Either the bail bond guy or the cop that arrested me told me there is no point contained by getting an attorney cause of my situation. but I want to know if thats true? I really dont wanna lose my license for six months + two years probation, plus the 1000+ fine, and the classes/community service… that is ****. The fine and classes/service sure, but I dont want the license suspension or probation! Please!

Is here any hope at all? I also am charged with speeding 53 surrounded by 35 and improper lane use


You are going to pay for this one way or another! The cheapest means of access (sans lawyer) will still be expensive and mess you up in all the ways you described – license, probation, etc.

If you use a legal representative, some of the penalties MAY go away or be lowered, but the costs skyrocket!!

So you’ll hold to check your bank account. At DrinkingAndDriving.Org, we recommend that drinkers maintain $7,000-20,000 available if they intend to drive under the influence. That’s for a simple .08 DUI for somebody over 21.

Since you are under 21, at hand are ZERO TOLERANCE laws that mean anything over a .00 is a DUI for you. That make your BAC look pretty outrageous. Check out the two lessons below, “DUI – A Costly Mistake” and “If You Are Under 21”. Source(s): http://www.drinkinganddriving.org/lesson…

So you want to be able to do the crime, but not get punished for it? Accept the consequences for your appointments and learn from this.

Do you need a legal representative? No. But it is generally a good thought. Will it help? Unknown. I don’t really know the specifics of your case, so it’s really difficult to articulate. A lawyer might be able to enjoy the charges reduced if you plead guilty, or he may just be an added expense, and does not change the outcome of the armour.

its a better idea to procure a lawyer otherwise they will stick you with a bigger fine and the possibility of a license suspension of 3 years since your below the age of 21… $1000 is minimum fine it could go to $10,000
note you could do community service for the fine
also the advocate might be able to get the speeding and impolite tickets dropped

Do i requirement a attorney to plead guilty for a dui?

 I have a lawyer whom i already remunerated $700 to and all this lawyer have done is asked for continuances in my case presently i just want to get it over next to and plead guilty he wants me to pay him an more $800 in order to show up contained by court for me to plead guilty.


it’s called ‘The DUI Industry’, the wrong that you did give a lot of people a license to put their appendage in your pocket, and call themselves saints for doing it

You don’t need a lawyer to plead guilty. You do have need of a lawyer to keep from getting screwed by the system.

If you disagree next to how your attorney has handled your overnight case, you can always fire him and request that the court appoint you a new attorney. You don’t hold to keep an attorney you feel is not doing his commission, and if your lawyer is truly useless, I would totally fire him and request the court get me a spanking new one. Source(s): Not a lawyer, but work in the endorsed field.

anna, Last summer I got pulled for a DUI. Where I live a 0.08 is considered a drunk driver. I’m not sure what the limit is within Connecticut. Try contacting a DUI attorney for a free evaluation. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

you do NOT need a lawyer to plead guilty. i saw plenty of ppl at an arraignment plead guilty w/o any representation whatsoever.

your legal representative should have at least knock down the punishment to a reckless op (if you qualify) and after that fighting a breath try-out would b costly and a 700$ lawyer wouldn’t cut it.

It’s call a DWI these days: driving while intoxicated. And you don’t need a attorney to plead guilty to anything.

no, you can represent yourself within court and plead guilty, it sounds like your lawyer is stringing it out to increase his/her fees!

You do not absolutely involve a Lawyer to plead guilty. But, be aware that a Lawyer might be able to get you a better buy and sell than you might get on your own. You should do some research at www.dui-news.info The site has the DUI Laws for respectively state in the US. It also has DUI comfort articles and a DUI Help Forum where you can have question answered. Good Luck Source(s): http://www.dui-news.info

no u dont need a lawyer to plead guilty motivation i went to court for the samething and i pleaded guilty all on my own but a advocate cant do much on any DUI cases at all they just hold ur money

Do i inevitability an attorney to appear surrounded by court to plead no contest to a dui.. they are reasonably expensive ..?


You don’t need a lawyer if you plan to simply plead no contest. You are throwing yourself on the mercy of the court and hoping the D.A. will afford you a break by not forcing them into a trial situation. I would first advice going to a community legal clinic and at most minuscule getting a consultation first to see if there might be some circumstance that would mitigate the seriousness of the accusation.

Technicaly, no. However, its extremely adjectives to try to handle a DUI representing yourself. Let me explain why:

1) If you plead no contest, you’re giving up a number of key rights, as the judge will explain to you. (or at least he/she should). This includes the right to be resumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a restrained doubt. There are a fair number of DUI cases I’ve handled where on earth the police made enough mistakes to result in a finding of not guilty after trial.

2) Diversion (or its equivalent) may be an resort for you. This will result in some of the penalties, but not adjectives, from a conviction, but will probably spare you from having an actual DUI on your record. In diversion, you conditionally plead guilty, but later sentencing is deffered as long as you comply with a series of requirements. This often includes a duty, some classes, education, and monitoring for a period of time, up to a year or possibly 18 months. Diversion is usually only offered to first time offenders.

3) If it is NOT your first offense, consequently depending on your state, you may be looking at a significant jail sentence. This could be in accumulation to other problems such as administrative revocation of your drivers license, etc. The administrative revocation proceeding usually happens independently of the criminal proceeding, so you may be out of luck on that.

In short, you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t have an attorney representing you. The attorney may be expensive, but the attorney’s charge will be less than the long term effects of a DUI on your dictation. I strongly urge you to get an attorney to represent you in this business.

For a referral, contact your state or local bar association. Source(s): 10+ years in the endorsed profession.

I wouldn’t dance without a lawyer. The intermediary could give you jail time and superior fines then he might if you had a legal representative. Let’s put it this way..I’ve been surrounded by municipal court quite a few times and have never see anyone charged with DUI without a advocate.

an attorney might be expensive, but it might be worth it, depends on where on earth you live and what you do for a living – do you really want to lose your license? You should at least review your rights with an attorney. Call your local dowel association and get a referral. Source(s): 25 years legal assistant/paralegal

Is this your first offense?
If so, you can save some $$$ by forgetting about a legal representative who can’t do much for you anyway. The penalties are prescribed by statute, and a first offense is unlikely to get you put in prison time.
You can discuss your case with the prosecutor, they will make clear to you the sentence they will recommend, usually a hefty fine and some type of DUI diversion class. If that’s it, save the $1,000 a lawyer will charge you.
If any of the above is not the valise, then all bets are sour. If it’s NOT your first offense, then you need a attorney or things can go really badly for you. Source(s): 35 yearatty.

They are expensive. But I would diffentally get a lawyer.

Doi inevitability a advocate for my first DUI?

hiim 22 i have a real fitting driving record clean. i hold a valid license. my question is do i need a attorney for my first DUI?..
the cop that stopped me told that i would just have to turn to traffic school and be under supervision for 3 years.Buti only just received a letter in the post saying that i can go to detentioncentre for a year..
do you know what can happen or what i need to do please back by the way i live in chicago


Anyone who represents himself in court, have a fool for a client

***this is not legal advice**** many lawyer will give you a free consultation either over the phone or surrounded by person, then you could desire whether or not to retain their services. Many jails are overcrowded and because of this, judges are smaller quantity likely to jail first time offender. Just stay out of trouble and comply with all court advice!

No man. They wont support. Just run up your bills. DUI aintnotthing anyways cept a ticket. Why spend $5000 on a $500 fine.

Yes…get a lawyer. You will take the shaft if you don’t. They are getting really tough on people for that. A lawyer would be a fitting thing.

No, do not hire a lawyer! You will be paying him/her for something you can do. It is your first offense and all you involve to do is contact your district attorney’s office and they will tell you what you must do. Don’t fritter away your money on an attorney!

Do I involve a advocate for a DUI baggage contained by Califonia? What are the fines/penalties of DUI surrounded by CA?

i crashed my car while driving under the influence. i did not hit anyone or hurt myself (thank God). As i be about to call a tow truck to tow my motor , there comes the police. They asked me few questions which lead to sobriety and breathelizer test. I scored 0.11 BAC above the legitimate limit, arrested and jailed for DUI. I will be going to court soon. My lawyer requirements $2500 to represent me in court? should i use my lawyer or only go with a public supporter? what kind of fines/penalties am i gonna be expecting? what preparations should i make back the court date? this is my first dui case so any advice will be appreciated. trust me i’velearn DONT DRINK & DRIVE.


Glad you “learnt” that, if not how to spell.

Yes – pay the 2500 for an attorney – otherwise the courts will a moment ago chew you up and spit you out and it will cost you far more in the long run.

Ok, I newly got a dui. Here is what I received:

$1648 fine
First time DUI Class (3 Month) $545
MADD class $35
HAMM Programm $100
You must now capture a SR22 with insurance

if this is your first DUI, you do not need a advocate.

Don’t plead GUILTY! That is the absolute worst advice you can take, and it’s irresponsible.

You can probably get a plea deal within which you would get a lesser charger surrounded by exchange for a No Contest plea.

Get an attorney. Don’t take advice from strangers on the Internet!

Good luck to you.

$2500 is about right for an attorney… and you entail one. Here’s the deal. A DUI is serious and even though you didn’t hit anybody the fact that you be in an accident make it more serious.

If you show without an attorney the judge will perceive that you are not taking this seriously and will throw the book at you. An attorney may be able to cut you a deal of some sort. And if you factor within how much this will effect insurance 2500 is worth it.

You might not get a public defender appointed. The Court will look at your income and assets, and might determine that you can afford one, even if you ruminate you can’t. If you’ve got a job, I’ll bet the Court will deny the public champion, or expect you to repay the Court for his/her service.

The breathalyzer reading is prima facie evidence that you were intoxicated, so it might be hard to trounce as your .11 is above the .08 limit for prima facie evidence of DUI.

An attorney might be able to procure you into some sort of diversion program or reduce your sentence. In my experience, $2500 is cheap for a good DUI attorney. Source(s): I’m a probation officer

If you concede you are guilty, and it certainly looks like you are, later tell the prosecutor/DA/County Attorney that you just want to plead guilty. Ask them to dismiss any simple misdemeanor companion cases surrounded by exchange for you pleading guilty and getting the minimum punishment.

Google the penalties for OWI 1st in Cali.

Do u know where on earth can i bring back an attorney here contained by IOWa for 1st offense DUI?

 I Got a DUI last month in iowa..and i don’t own an attorney. was wondering if there free attorneys contained by iowa .. Judge said they would help with a public ally but so far ihavent heard from him/her.


Open the sickly pages. They’re everywhere. Source(s): 20+ years practicing law

udont involve one. you will be found guilty either way dont spend your money. a public defnder will do the same thing for you. probably won’t carry much time at all (like 4 days)probably and have to do DUI classes and not license up to a year

You have to move about to the public defenders office, as they are passageway to busy to come to you. See what the attorney thinks, but remember, you get to receive the final decision. If you want to fight it, skirmish it. If you want to get past it, catch the best deal possible.

I have just about 6-8 drinks a year, but when i was young, I drove drunk various times. Never got caught. Then, I just quit. Here is the rule. Anyone can win a DUI. If you get two, you may have a drinking problem, three and you are and alcoholic. Source(s): s–attorney 24 years—-criminal

well for your info in attendance are no free attorneys and shame on you for drinking and driving hope you didn’t hurt anyone maybe you learned your lesson

what cog of Iowa are you in? that would be helpful. and depending on how much evidence they enjoy you can get off. I know someone that get off 3 times.

Do you have need of a legal representative for first time DUI?

I recently got charged beside DUI in Kentucky, with a BAC of 0.18.
Is it crucial to spend the extra money to get a lawyer? What can a attorney do for me?


A legal representative will cost you, but it could mean the difference between 6 months of jail and 1 year of probation. Even if you seize probation. A lawyer can negotiate down your programs, hours, fees, fine, fees, etc.

I would never talk to a prosecutor short one and I work in the system.

But then, I would never be driving near any kind of BAC.

A lawyer will negotiate next to the PA for a lesser sentence/fine in exchange for a guilty plea. For example, he may request that you attend a month’s worth of AA meeting and pay a smaller fine if you agree to “man up” and plead guilty. He may also ask that this not be put on your record, seeing that you’re a first-time perpetrator.

You may also plead “nolo contendere”, or “no contest.” This means that you wish to not walk to court, but agree to have the guilty plea administered onto your record. Many societydo this with speeding/parking tickets and low-misdemeanors/infractions. Chances are, however, with a NC plea that you’ll receive the minimum sentencing for that nouns.

You do have a right to a court-appointed lawyer, you know. I’m sure that the arresting officer read to you your rights, and among them be “you have the right to an attorney … [and] that one may be appointed to you.” This lawyer you wouldn’t hold to pay, but he or she will be over-worked and suggesting that you just plead guilty so that he or she can go and get to the next case.

Good luck.

Yes you should hire one.

Yes.it’s a must, and usually quite pricey too.

I got a DUI with the exact same BAC spinal column in 2006. I live in Arizona. I salaried for a lawyer and honestly the only item she could get knocked down be my jail term from 3 to 2 days. Was it worth it to reward her $400? Not really. She literally was in court next to me for 15 min and that was it. I looked up DUI laws within your state

First offense Kentucky DUI Cases are punished as follows:

* Fine: $200.00-$500.00 (plus statutory service fee of $250.00 and other miscellaneous costs.)
* Jail: 48 hours to 30 days. Under Kentucky law for a first criminal, either a fine or jail must be imposed.
* Community Service: In lieu of a fine or internment or both, an offender can apply to the judge for assent to enter a community labor program for not less than 48 hours nor more than 30 days.
* License Suspension: For Kentucky residents 21 and over when arrested, a District Judge can impose a license suspension between 30 and 120 days. A danger license is available if the suspension is more than 30 days. Drivers under 21 will be suspended for 30 days to six months and can have a neediness license. After the license suspension and completion of alcohol treatment, drivers may be reinstated.
* Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Treatment: Ninety days.

Any non-Kentucky driver’s home state licensing agency (DMV, DPS, etc.)

The difference between getting a lawyer or not could expect you either paying a fine or going to jail. Since it is such a giant BAC (called “extreme” here) I would get a lawyer. At least possible you’re lucky though ,here I got jail AND a $2500 fine. You don’t want to spend an additional day in detain than you have to. Good luck. Source(s): Personal experience. *sigh*


Do you call for a attorney for an arraignment for a DUI charge?

 I don’t know if I’ll have one by Friday, which is when I first go to court since my DUI.

What should I plead? Guilty, not guilty, or no contest?


If you think the case is borderline plead not guilty and acquire a lawyer. If the evidence is piled against you it is better to plead guilty and ask for consideration of mitigating circumstance of whatever offended story you may have. Having a lawyer and individual found guilty only increases your expense.

You SHOULD enjoy a lawyer. If you can’t pay for one, progress and ask for a public defender. Contrary to popular belief. They are not bad lawyer. You need a lawyer because the District attorney may going to request to enjoy you held without bail. If you have a legal representative, when you plead guilty, you may be able to negotiate a deal next to the District Attorney to avoid jail time.
If you go to your arraignment short representation for a possible felony, then your stupid *** belongs in secure unit. Source(s): I am a Criminal Justice Student.

Trust me, if you blew over at the site where they pulled you over, its a 10 minute case, I would a moment ago plead guilty, and maybe get a poorer charge for the DUI, they are starting to get really tough on it now adays.

if you’re over 18, get a legal representative…if not, plead not guilty (the judge will not listen to you, but will keep watch on the police tape and take the police those word for everything…) it depends on where you live and what judge you grasp, what the charges are gonna be…

The answer you wish, is at the bottom of a liquor bottle. Go with God my friend.

Without an attornmey, you run the risk of really getting f(a)(a)(a)(a)d!

Plead not guilty so you can buy some time. You usually will go and get another date to come in and then you can alter your plea then. If you plead guilty or no contest they may make you do the together thing that day.

Do you call for to hire an attorney if you are pleading guilty for DUI?

 My fiance got arrested last Saturday hours of darkness for DUI but I was wondering if he needed an attorney if he was planning on pleading guilty? Since it’s transparent that he is since he did fail the breathalizer but is it now important for me to call an attorney for him when he goes to court contained by the morning? Also what is the most penalty for a first time DUI is there any send down time involved? I’m really worried about him since I haven’t seen him since and we are trying to hang on to it from our parents so I can’t ask them for help.


In NJ the legal limit is presently .08 . If you fall between .08-.099 it is a 3 month loss of license + $1,000/year surcharge + whatever fines at court. Anything at .10 or high is a 6 month loss of license. If it was close to .10 but over a lawyer can sometimes capture the BAC lowered to .099 so you would only lose you license for 3 months instead of 6 months. I believe there is a possible 30 daylight jail term also but I’ve never see anyone go to jail for their 1st DUI unless someone be hurt by the person. You should at least speak to a lawyer and see if he can do anything for you.

My sister got arrested for DUI in the region of 3 years ago and she tried to plead guilty with no lawyer. The find asked her if she wanted to go to put inside, at which she replied no. The judge said she better get a advocate then. He can give it a try but it’s in the region of money and the whole system (even the lawyers) get some. We live surrounded by Iowa and a first time DUI ends up costing about $6000 here. If he’s near the poverty rank for income he would get a court appointed lawyer for free.

Listen to Bookworm…that’s the correct answer. NEVER enter a courtroom without an attorney when it concerns a DUI charge! If you can’t afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for you…and there’s a obedient reason for that. Even the court system knows it’s ridiculous to stand formerly a judge without court representation.

Ignore the answer above me. It is incorrect. Anyone who can’t answer a question without also insulting the rest of the answers have questionable knowledge themselves.

i had a dui. you do not need a attorney. plead guilty and he will lose his right to drive for like six months and pay a fine.

You should other get a lawyer if you can afford one. Even if you hold a strong understanding of the law a advocate has friends on the inside, and can make things appear for you.

I would recommend it.

Always attain an attorney for DUI..

First off, the morons recitation you to get a lawyer hold no clue what they’re talking about. If you’re pleading guilty and it’s his first offense, he will win the first offender penatlies, fines, probation, alcohol classes and AA meetings. There is no entail for a lawyer.

Now you haven’t told us the state or your friend’s age – if you’re claiming he’s under 21, he’s contained by a little more trouble, but he’s still not getting jail – he’ll lose his license until he’s 21 at the minimum and take stiffer fines and stuff but there is absolutely NO use to get a lawyer. You’ll find when you be in motion to court, there will be about 50 other general public there with DUIs and in the order of 2 will have a lawyer, and literally everyone get the same fines and penalties.

Ignore most of the other answers you carry here, most people here pass of ridiculous guesses as answers.

PS – and the buffoon below me unfolding yhou “never enter a courtroom without an attorney” is guessing. Take it from someone who’s been at hand. If you’re pleading guilty, you will be in the courtroom with 50 other relatives also pleading guilty. Do you think somehow you’re going to get worse penalty than the other 50? Why pay a bunch of money for a lawyer is going to obtain you what you would get on your own. Again, most people within this group are guessing and guessing incorrectly. I insult them because they are idiots passing off impossible advice to people that can in actuality hurt them or cost them money.

Does a personality near a green card and DUI defilement (in 2005) entail a legal representative to apply for US citizenship?

DUI violation occurred surrounded by 2005 (no jail time server) driving class attended, court + lawyer fees rewarded on time.


NAW this is a` minor offenze all americans drink and drive
And do drugs and drive…You are basically the kind of citizen America needs

The offense is a minor one and cannot be an issue for applying for US citizenship.

Anyone is barred from applying for US citizenship if he or she
have committed and been convicted of one or more “crimes involving moral turpitude.” See this reference:

If the naturalization applicant have commited a CIMT, a lawyer won’t help. However, DUI is NOTsuch a crime. Here is the allowed reference: Go to the bottom of page 2 to see a list of the kind of crimes involving moral turpitude:

So the person may apply for naturalization and, barring any other ineligibility, will get US citizenship.

Any conviction, including misdemeanors, can keep one from gaining citizenship.

Consult a legal representative, but you may find it will be a losing battle if persued.

No this is a highest factor.

if its only just a misdeameanor then you should be fine(get a good legal representative though).

Does anyone know a righteous dui advocate within chicago that does pocket money plans?

 I obtained a dui recently and want a lawyer, I dont have any thought of what one is going to cost but I need one.


Tough luck.

Next time – ring up a cab and don’t drink and drive……

hopefully its expensive, and puts you contained by debt until your forced to file bankruptcy, jolt offs that drink and drive should be subjected to public hanging

anna, Call a professional, they should know the ins and out of Louisiana law by heart. http://www.findaduilawyeronline.com

I would also try www.duihelpnow.info

Matthew P Walsh. One of the best in Cook County. Office within Palos Heights as well. Source(s): Used him before

Does anyone know a well brought-up DUI attorney contained by Columbus Ohio?

 Unfortunately my fiance made a stupid decision to drive himself home from a party the other darkness and was pulled over by the franklin county sheriff and arrested and charged with a DUI. We posted bail but be wondering if anyone knew a good attorney and what the consequence would be for a first time offender with no account at all? PLEASE help I am going nuts here!


The circumstances surrounding your OVI arrest will determine the extent of your consequences. However, these are the typical consequences you will frontage when you are arrested for your first Ohio OVI:

Jail time of at least 3 days or a 3-day intervention program
Fines between $200 and $1,000
Possible impounding of license plates
Possible immobilization or seizure of vehicle

License Suspension for Ohio OVI
You will also automatically lose your license if you are arrested for OVI within Ohio. The length of the license suspension depends on how severe the circumstances surrounding your arrest may be. You will lose your license in both the court case and surrounded by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles case. Typical lengths of suspension are as follows:

First offender: 6 months to 3 years
Second offenders: 1 to 5 years
Third offenders: 1 to 10 years
Fourth offender: 3 years to permanent revocation

Insurance Consequences
Another issue you will have to overcome beforehand you can get your license back after man arrested for OVI in Ohio is attaining driver’s insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will drop you if you are arrested for drunk driving. When you start shopping for coverage again, you will find that the policies you are offered are incredibly expensive if you are able to find a company to cover you.

Here is a knit to a Ohio DUI Lawyer

If you have any more questions:
haydn.lambert(a)gmail.com Source(s): http://www.duiconsequences.com/state-inf…

Does anyone know of a virtuous attorney that deal w/ dui’s?

 Does anyone have references on Neil Shouse or Earl Carter and associates or how give or take a few Ross Howell Sobel… I have been trying to see on splash for any reviews on these three firms but no luck…. so hopefully someone can recommend a good attorney for LA county… thanks


Felipe Placensia (sp?). I enjoy seen him in endeavour and he kicks butt. Source(s): I’m an attorney and went to one of his seminar.

Try Myles L. Berman, that is his specialty.


In the finishing five years, Vincent Tucci has personally tried over 85 DUI jury trials next to 60 of those jury trials having a successful outcome for the client in adjectives Southern California courts with an emphasis contained by Los Angeles County and Orange County. Vincent Tucci has represented citizens against the DMV in excess of 1000 times

I put my trial and DMV narrative against anyone.
Vincent Tucci is student certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests in accordance beside the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Vincent Tucci has also been certified within the administration, calibration & maintenance of the Intoximeter Alco-Sensor IV Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device – the breath interview device you may or may not have taken at the scene of your arrest. Currently, Vincent Tucci is the President of the California DUI Lawyers Association – a statewide organization of attorneys representing individuals accuse of DUI. Vincent Tucci is the co-chair of the DUI Committee for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and sits as a Board of Governor member. Source(s): http://www.caduilaw.com/


Does anyone know of a correct, inexpensive DUI attorney within Spartanburg, SC?

My sister received a DUI 2 weeks ago in Spartanburg, SC. She doesn’t have any money and I am not going to loan it to her, but I would resembling to be able to give her any information that I can about attorneys in her area. Thank you.


Most attorneys are expensive, no concern who they are. Some also charge per hour, like most normally do. If she can’t afford a advocate, you could always check into getting a public defender?

See a lawyer at the site below – you can capture advice.

Remember, do not use a public defender.

Good Luck. Source(s): www.lawguru.com

My wife have a driving while license provoked ticket and my boss suggested his uncle the lawyer fer a fair assessment.Long story short she would enjoy done better going in without a shyster. If the powers dat be see a inadequately dressed high dollar suit represening ya then they is gonna assume you have some serious cash to dish out. Best she just go in and acts stupid. Let the peacemaker be her attorney. They love that stuff. Go in with a advocate and get screwed. Trust me.

Does anyone know the best DUI advocate contained by San Diego? is it MR. DUI?


Search resultsSan Diego DUI Lawyer – DUI Attorney San Diego – CA Drunk Driving Lawyer
DUI San Diego : Comprehensive Online Resource for California Drunk Driving Law, DUI Lawyers, DWI Attorneys & Drunk Driving Information
duisandiego.com – Cached
San Diego DUI Lawyer, Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Sd County
San Diego DUI Lawyer James Bickford specializes in drunk driving defense cases. Call this California DUI Attorney specializing in San Diego County at 619-702-7400.
www.dui.com/california/san-diego – 129k
San Diego DUI Lawyer Blog :: Published by San Diego, California DUI …
San Diego DUI Lawyer Blog :: Published by San Diego, California DUI & Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer | Crime Attorney | San Diego Law Center
www.sandiegoduilawyerblog.com – 119k – Cached

Does my friend entail a attorney at an arraignment for a DUI charge?

 My friend was arrested yesterday on a DUI charge. He posted bail and his arraignment is tomorrow. Does he need a attorney present then or does he wait until his court date?


yes he does .he can plead not guilty ,and bring up to date the judge he is retaining an attorney Source(s): been in that done that !

He doesn’t have need of to have one, but Iwould definetely recommend him getting one.

yes and no. 2 points please

I think that your friend do not required a lawyer becasue at the arraignment is telling him his charges, but should enjoy one present at his court day.

Best to have a attorney from the beginning.


but it might be a good idea. Tell him to lone say not guilty & no more.

He can wait until his court date. But, the deem will act like he should hold had one tomorrow.

See one asap

Hiring a attorney for minor legal problems can be expensive, but there are websites similar to LawGuru, FindLaw and other places where you can get free official advice. I found this website useful – http://www.uelp.org/freelegal.html

i would never go to court in need a lawyer but he could say not guilty in need one get a lawyer who know the DA it helps alot Source(s): life

At the arraignment he will be called upon to plead. If he pleads not guilty, the explanation will be set for trial at a later date. He can certainly do that himself. However, within some courts the arraignment is also the only time one gets offered a plea quibble. He should have counsel to help wish how to plead, whether to accept any offer. Usually, however, DUI does not result within a plea bargain other than an agreement to recommend the sentence that he would probably gain after a trial. So, the short answer is that he will probably want to plead not guilty and can do that himself.

DUI / DWI…is it a suitable impression to carry a dui attorney?? NEED DESPERATE HELP?

 Ok..i’m in sort of a big predicament. My bf and I got pulled over and he is, I believe, charged next to a dui. He has recieved a dwi in 04′, so I’m really stressed out and coy here. I was actually the one that be too drunk and had called for him to pick me up at a friend’s house…have way too much to drink, i know…uncool….he came over and hung out for for a moment bit and had a couple of beer….but he’s a big dude so couple of beers won’t do anything to him…

Anyways..it was around 2:30 in the moring when we got pulled over…My bf confessed to have a couple of beers and I told the officers the whole story….they administered the Sobreiety tryout?..on him while i was in the motor…I wanted to get out to explain to them but they insisted i sit surrounded by the car…anyways…i could hear the officer telling my bf that they could totally smell alcohol on me and not much from him….i also pleaded near the other officer that it was my fault that i have called him to come pick me up and i didn’t want him to get surrounded by trouble because of me…he assured me everything would be fine and that it seems my bf is ok….well i guess he did ok for the first tryout but then they did the breathalyzer test and i guess thats where on earth he failed….

Anyways i don’t really know about any of these things…pertainig to dui law and stuff…Im a big goodie goodie….i can’t believe i allowed this to happen….but my bf told me they didn’t discuss with him anything …close to if he passed either of the test…or if they be gonna charge him anything….they just told him he had to run to jail for 6 hours to sober up and that i can pick him up in the morning…they if truth be told even drove his car home for him….his court date is coming up in couple of weeks and i’ve be checking stuff up online….should he get a dui attorney?…considering this would be his second offense…and also since he was charged beside a dwi the first time…say he did get a dui this time…would that be considered a second offense or a first offense?…are they two different thigns?….

my bf is 28…he be a bit of a trouble maker in his younger days…but ever since getting beside me he has cleaned up his act considerably….his transcription is clean though except for the first dwi in 04’…he make a decent living…but has to support both of his parents aand me….i a moment ago finished school..still trying to find a job..so we don’t in actuality have money to just spend…can i build payment arrangements for the attorney if we decide to go and get it…and lastly is this a lost cause because he did have some alcohol within his system…

sorry for so many questions….but since he hasnt be to court yet..is his license suspended or not …can he still drive around legally?…I discern so bad…i know he should’ve made better judgement considering I was the drunk one…my bf also said at the time we be the only ones on the freeway….they said he was speeding…sorry for the long story….but i do have need of some advise…thanks….


I would not even think of going to court for a DUI lacking a lawyer! Your instinct is right on, he needs one discouraging.

If his license was not taken at the scene, he is probably good to walk as far as driving before his court date. Do not take my word for this though, I could be wrong! To be completely sure he should go to the your state’s licensing authority (Dept. of Motor Vehicles/Bureau of Motor Vehicles/ Dept of Public Safety, etc) and request an abstract of his license. That will update him for sure if his license is still valid.

Once he has a lawyer, that personage should be in charge of defense strategy, they are an expert!

depending on the state the fines change. go bring a cheap 500 dollar lawyer just to walk through the motions the lawyer can get a better contract then you can.

First rotten, it is not your fault your boyfriend got a DUI. He is a 28 year out-of-date man and made the decision to drink and then drive. I doubt you held a gun to his come first. This is his second offense and the first one will factor in to his sentence on this one. His license will be suspended according to state law. I enjoy no idea what State you live in or how long ago this happen, they should have told him when he was processed.

The Officers did worthy to keep you in the sports car when they were dealing with your boyfriend. They own a right to keep you in the vehicle for their sanctuary and yours. Also, from here on out don’t try to get out of a car during a traffic stop unless the Officer asks you to step out.

Your boyfriend wants a lawyer. Hopefully the two of you will learn something from this because subsequent time you could kill someone. It is uncool to drive drunk, mostly because my wife and three year old (and other families) drive on like roads you do. Source(s): People sleep peaceably in their beds at dark only because rough men stand ready to do sternness on their behalf.
-George Orwell

If he didn’t pass the Breathalyzer trial he had too much to drink, big or not. He drank and then drove, how is that your knock. He knew he was going to drive so why did he drink? Because he’s big. Stop making excuses for him.So he be speeding too. How is that your fault. You didn’t mention your age. I guess it doesn’t matter. You want to plan for your transportation before you get loaded, or stay home and capture loaded. If they didn’t take his license, he can drive. they didn’t impound his car, so that be lucky. He can call the DMV or the police and make sure he can drive.