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Is my attorney allowed to deferral file my divorce if I hold not compensated my attorneys fees surrounded by full?

Basically my question is this:
Is it Legal in the state of Texas for an attorney to deferral filing my divorce if I have not compensated the attorneys fees in full?
Divorce papers have be signed by both parties as of the 7th of October.


Some lawyer have no soul Source(s): http://www.wdalaw.com/quick-divorce.php

I’m in CA so I’m sure laws are different BUT possibly my story will help and you can make sure you don’t seize screwed the same way. This happen to my husband but it became my nightmare as well.

He be married back in 2000, it last for less than a year, they we’re both young and dumb. She needed a divorce, they both hired attorneys, went through the whole business deal and it was settled. He was ordered to settle up her attorney fees which were about $1200 or so. He be young and at the time didn’t want the divorce so he was totally over the together situation and didn’t take care of business similar to he should have. Fast forward to a few months ago when we went to apply for our marital license and found out that his divorce to her was never finalized because he never paid her attorney within full. We both we’re blown away when we found out. So he had to scramble and get it taken support of. Had to get his attorney involved again, her attorney involved again, it was a mess and it cost him even more money to hold all the papers re-filed this time around. So even though they’ve been divorced for years…written and as far as the state is concerned they we’re divorced just last month. It make me sick just thinking about it. We get our marriage license just 2 weeks formerly our wedding and the whole experience be just awful! So it is possible for the attorney to delay the file and/or not file at all until they draw from paid. So make sure everyone is compensated and make sure you get a certified copy of your divorce judgement so you are 100% sure that it’s a done agreement. I wouldn’t wish what we went through on my worst antagonist. Hope it works out!

Yes, you pay him to do things similar to file the divorce for you, so if you haven’t paid him, why would he do the work?

Here is an uncomplicated way to explain it:
You wouldn’t go into work every light of day if your boss suddenly quit paying you, would you? No- you would only go within and do work when you were being salaried for it.

perfectly legally recognized. s/he is providing a service for a fee. If you haven’t paid your bill next they don’t have to file.

Yes. Filing a divorce costs money, and if you haven’t paid it, theyr’e not going to pull it out of their pocket and hope you’ll income them back. Source(s): Paralegal

2nd divorce, my wife retaind same legal representative i retained surrounded by first divorce is that a conflict of interest?

 he represented me about 8 years ago. and i was going to retain him again. do i convey the lawyer or what, and can he represent me now that she retained him


I do not see a conflict because at hand has been eight years since you be his client.

I doubt ethics come into play in this instance.

If anything..she should not want him as an attorney for foreboding that he is biased because he represented you in the past.

He can not represent you…unless they factor ways.

If you feel like near might be an ethical violation check your local bar association. Give them a phone up…they can tell you.

Heck why not use the same advocate? My ex didn’t get a lawyer, I told her, she could call upon him, we both knew him, his office be less then a mile from our house. It be all fair, It be sliced right down the middle.

A legal representative cannot represent both you and your spouse if its an intended divorce. You could consult an expert or?


I don’t know a lawyer that would represent both you and your spouse during a divorce. It would be a huge conflict of interest, and some judges would never allow it.
You do not other need a lawyer to divorce, its a adjectives misconception. An uncontested (agreed upon) divorce does not require a lawyer, you can do it yourself. Source(s): http://www.document-do-it-yourself-serviā€¦

not a good model

A attorney is not getting my divorce done contained by a timely manor. can I obtain my money vertebrae.?

 Anybody know a good divorce lawyer within Houston tx


Ciano Pasta. We used him in an adoption and he is real appropriate. He also handles divorces and will not charge a fortune. He is not cheap, but his is not over the board with it any.

His first name is pronounced – Chano

Ciano Pasta, Attorney at Law
5047 San Felipe Street, Stuie 1450
Houston, 77057

Call that office to construct sure they have not moved. My memory is not working approaching it should on if they moved or not. Maybe!!

Good luck.

Unfortunately, you can’t get your money hindmost. However, you can fire the lawyer and get a contemporary one. The bad thing is you will hold to put down another retainer fee. Unless this lawyer is really horrible and not representing you in good health, you should stay with the lawyer. I own to advise you that divorce takes a long time especially if in that are children, property and spousal support involved.

you can’t get your money back
newly be patient and wait

When you start giving a lawyer a retainer, you have done the research and enjoy shopped to find the best your money can get. The shopper must be aware.

If the divorce is amicable, you can get a paralegal to draw up the papers for a small charge.

No, you can’t. Kinda makes you wanna go to imperative school doesn’t it.

A divorce attorney within Denton Tx nouns?

 Need to find a divorce lawyer who will work on a payment plan.

I enjoy already tried Legal Aid, and they won’t help me. They only give me information to some clinic to learn how to file my own papers which doesn’t give a hand me at all since it is a contested divorce.


To find a divorce lawyer look contained by the phone book and start calling and asking questions. Some lawyers will hand over a free consultation. You can also ask friends to recommend an attorney.





not true. change lawyers

I just now graduated from college majoring in Paralegal and did my ex tern for a loved ones law attorney here in Oregon… If I am reading the put somebody through the mill right, it seems as if you think the believe to be may decide as to whether or not you can get this divorce.. If that’s the travel case, nobody can make you stay with somebody… And from adjectives the divorces I witnessed there at the law firm, yes it does not thing 100% who is at fault.. What the judges out here focused on be the financial status of both parties…. This was to determine as to how much child support would be salaried, who got what (home, cars, bank account’s, etc.), who get stuck with what bills.. Now if the divorce is due to issues like rough up (physical or emotional), then the whole at fault-not at failure is more or less to decide if its nontoxic for the children to be around the abuser or if the abuser needs to seek counseling due to their physical foul language they have subjected the wife or children to.. However, I was told that near are some states where they determine at fault not at imperfection when it comes to cheating b/c their state laws look down on this. I wish you so much luck b/c I may not know from personal expertise (as in going through one myself)but I have be able to witness the hell one goes through..

A friend is within the army and wants an attorney for a divorce. The army does not assist can anyone support?

 The army attorney can’t help. He is a US citizen and the wife is Canadian. He is stationed in Germany.


Yeah I agree with the first answer. The military is hugely knowledgable in this department and there are attorneys on every end. I have a list of their numbers and everything for our basis up here in Maryland.

Source(s): Army officer’s wife.

It depends on how complicated his situation is. If there is no property (house) and no children, he can hire a US base parallegal office to file for divorce pretty inexpensivly. $500-$800. Preferred Legal within Brea, CA did it for me. But, if they have custody or property issues, he should retain an attorney.

Wow.. Well, at hand is NO reason why the military wouldn’t help. He should be capable of talk to legal on basis for help. They are there for military member. On every base.

So, either this friend is lying, or freshly isn’t knowledgeable. Source(s): AF wife and Mother to two.

A friend of mine is going to see a divorce attorney surrounded by the morning for a consultation. What ?? should she ask

 Details: They were married for almost 7 years
They live in California, he moved out nearly 2 months ago to a place almost 80 miles away.
She hasn’t worked since her son was born
He owns his own business
They own a home but it is on the market


I would say unless it was adultery or something really unspoken of that she best translate her mind and try to restore her marriage. Marriages are not throw aways!! She took vows before the Lord Almighty. That is serious stuff…

her lawyer will filch care of all of that… they are dutiful at that

She desires to worry about visitations to their child, first and foremost… she also wishes to ask about anything that was obtain during marriage… property, cars, anything of value, if they enjoy checking accounts, or savings, how will it be split, best of luck!

Child support, child support. Investments, stocks. College fund for child. Keep the house and one coup¨¦. Focus on custody issues and make sure she gets partially of the business or a percentage along with the child, so it don’t look like she is money hungry. variety the court take the support out of his checking or check monthly. So he can’t cheat and ask for a business audit so he can’t cheat on the books. File first.

A friend of mine requirements a divorce but she have no money so she can’t afford a attorney what can she do?


watch FireProof you grasp your answer from that. I’m curious why I’m not trying to be noise but if we know why we could give you a better answer right. try God agree to Him be your answer don’t be mad but I believe God can help them more later any Judge could right amen anyone?

Uncontested divorces are cheap. They don’t require a lawyer, and the divorce process will be over in as little as 48hours. All you do is prepare the paperwork, bring back your spouse to sign it, then file it. You can win everything you need to prepare and file for an uncontested divorce at – http://www.legalformsbank.biz/unconteste… – and you can revise more about the process there.

Legal Aide

She may not need a attorney. If the divorce is uncontested (meaning agreed upon) then a lawyer is not required, single contested divorces require a lawyers help.
She can contact legitimate aid in her area. They wil not represent her but they will hand over her low cost or free legal advise and assistance beside filing divorce documents, etc. Source(s): http://document-do-it-yourself-service.c…

Get a job, save up some money and progress Pro-Se.

Go 2 Judge Judy! Source(s): ~The Fat Man

I file a dissolution of marriage on my own with no attorney and only paid court fees of nearly $200. This will only work though if her husband agrees to the divorce and if they can agree on who gets what etc. This will not assistance her out with alimony or child support/custody. In my parents divorce she was a stay at home mom and my dad have to pay her lawyer within the divorce agreement. If she can’t do the disillusionment route then she should try to get ample money to at least consult with an attorney who can permit her know what her options might be, some will defer payments. I have an email so if you involve the links to where I got my legalized forms, you can drop me a note.

A hillbilly cultivator who required to win a divorce compensated a stop by to a legal representative.?

 The lawyer said, “How can I help you?”
The cultivator said, “I want to get one of them dayvorces.”
The lawyer said, “Do you own any grounds?”
The farmer said, “Yes, I got 40 acres”
The attorney said, “No, you don’t understand, Do you have a suit?
The cultivator said, “Yes, I got a suit, I wears it to church on Sundays.”
The attorney said, “No, no, I mean, do you have a defence?”
The farmer said, “No, I ain’t got a Case, but I get a John Deere.
The lawyer said, “No, I mean, do you hold a grudge?”
The farmer said,”Yes, I got a grudge, that’s where on earth I parks the John Deere”
The lawyer said, “Does your wife beat you up or something?”
The cultivator said, “No, we both get up at 4:30.”
The lawyer said, “Is your wife a ******?”
The cultivator said, “No, she’s a little white gal, but our last child be a ****** and that’s why I wants a dayvorce


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A attorney married a woman who have previously divorced ten husbands!?

On their wedding night, she told her trial husband, “Please be gentle, I’m still a virgin.”
“What?” said the puzzled groom.
“How can that be if you’ve been married ten times?”
“Well, Husband #1 be a sales representative: he kept telling me how great it be going to be.
Husband #2 was in software services: he be never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he’d look into it and get subsidise to me.
Husband #3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he lately couldn’t get the system up.
Husband #4 was surrounded by telemarketing: even though he knew he had the establish, he didn’t know when he would be able to deliver.
Husband #5 was an swing: he understood the basic process but required three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method.
Husband #6 was from nouns and administration: he thought he knew how, but he wasn’t sure whether it be his job or not.


Why is within all of this hostility against those surrounded by the legal profession?



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A qeuestion for divorce lawyer?

 When yo are separated from your spouse does he have to pay alimony? I also own another question how can you prove spousal abuse?


Qualifications for spousal upholding vary by state. Let’s say a ten year conjugal qualifies a woman for alimony. As soon as she separates from her husband, she brings a motion before the court for “pendente lite” or interim nouns by way of support payments. Provided she can prove the date of separation, she may be able to receive retroactive payments spinal column to the date of separation.

Most states are no-fault states, meaning that spousal abuse does not own to be proved to obtain a divorce judgment, nor does the establishment of such factor into the amount of support salaried. This amount is based upon a formula taking into account gross annual profits of the former husband.

A smaller quantity expensive advocate within knoxville for divorces so i can start acceptance some child support really soon?

 need help near an attorney who is afforable and can help me start receiving child support for my son i really entail some help with this its be 8 years now with no give support to from absent parent

“> Simply petition the court for a temporary proclaim of child support. You don’t have to have an attorney to do this. I would sound out why you waited 8 years, though


About to travel to court for divorce ruling… What can I expect? What do I stipulation to bring? or do?? no attorney..

We live in washtenaw county, Michigan…
We are doing an uncontested Divorce,
next to no attorney…
What is it like on that day? Whats ity resembling in court?
What papers or things do I need to bring beside me? or have done before mitt?
What do I do in court?
How does the friend of court thing work, especially if on the complaint of divorce we requested to opt out of friend of the court.



Most states now have Mediation, Collaborative trained lawyer and or a parenting plan. Both parties TAKE A DEEP BREATH and do what is right for the child, Visits, schooling, activities, and the parenting piece should be written down and negotiated.


You enjoy questions and a minor child, and you decided it would be OK to win a divorce without an attorney?

All of the questions you ask should be answered by YOUR ATTORNEY.

This is too big a set of issues to stumble through.

Contact your attorney presently. If you do not know an attorney, contact your state bar for a referral. Source(s): Over 15 years’ experience in inherited law; over 30 years experience in civil litigation.

About to shift to court for divorce decision… What can I expect? What do I entail to bring? or do?? no attorney..

 We live in washtenaw county, Michigan…
We are doing an uncontested Divorce, with a minor, beside no attorney…
What is it like on that day? Whats ity resembling in court?
What papers or things do I need to bring near me? or have done before foot?
What do I do in court?
How does the friend of court thing work, especially if on the complaint of divorce we requested to opt out of friend of the court.ANY HELP ADVICE OR ANYTHING WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANKS


Bring a box of condomes, and some KY cause you are gonna catch Fuc*ed

if its uncontested after what are you worried about? you guys dont want anything

Just stay restful. It’s just a big room with a big desk and no audience per enunciate. I was afraid of a bunch of people surrounded by the room. It’s just you, the other, and the legal family. You state your name, you answer the judge’s questions, and it’s over.


Acting as own attorney surrounded by divorce. can i?

 If I am acting as my own lawyer, Can i contact my wifes lawyer? Is here any reason not to? etc?


If she has a attorney, you should, too.

That said, you CAN save a lot of money by convention paperwork, dividing assets, working out a parenting plan, etc. yourselves.

I got a long list of things (401(K), paystubs, edge statements, etc.) that you are required BY LAW to document. If she hid accounts from you, she is violating the imperative. Her attorney should have advised her to reveal ALL accounts.

In my luggage, my ex and I gathered up all the paperwork, created a spreadsheet list all the assets, and divided them up ourselves. Our attorney’s then simply copied the worksheets into our divorce agreement. We save about 40 hours of legal time (at $225 an hour!) of late for doing that. We did both have to sign the document indicating that we had revealed adjectives accounts.

If a lawyer has to accumulate these records (and they can!) it’s called ‘discovery’, and will cost you a fortune. Make the aspiration for you BOTH that the final outcome should be FAIR.

Do not let yourself get sucked into ‘punishing’ him/her by war over money. You will quickly find that the $1000 you fought over turned into legal fees, instead.

If acting as your own the press should be why cant you unless you have a court mediator who will back communicate between yourself and your wifes lawyer

You may certainly represent yourself within a divorce. It will not be easy, but it is possible. Clerks will always relieve you determine which forms to fill out. But raising motions and petitions will be a stand up to. If you are representing yourself, you may indeed contact your wife’s lawyer. You say she is hiding accounts. This should come out during the discovery phase. Just be sure to hold documentation and proof of everything you know / claim. Source(s): Been there. Done this exact thing.

Yes, you can contact your wife’s lawyer if you are acting as your own representation. Unless you are a lawyer, I would significantly recommend against acting as your own counsel if she has one.

If you want to represent yourself surrounded by court, you can without a lawyer although i would outstandingly recommend you not if there is a lot at stake. If you wish to move forward and represent yourself I have included a site I would highly recommend you cart a look at before you walk into court… Source(s): http://www.findlaw.com

If she has a lawyer you better draw from one too. Why would you go to a gun fight next to a knife?

If you want to be naked and homeless, run ahead and represent yourself

If you do your homework and work out the law, you can do part of the work. At the impressively least you will need an attorney to look over everything formerly it is signed and approved by the court. Do not do it without having an attorney review what you are doing! If you hold kids then custory and a parenting plan is also something that will have to be worked out.

yes you can , but i say you dont stand much of a amend of winning,, for they had to return with schoolling to be a lawyer, an they know the in an out , appropriate luck


Acting as own advocate surrounded by divorce. can i?

If I am acting as my own lawyer, Can i contact my wifes lawyer? Is here any reason not to? etc?


There’s no officially recognized reason why you can’t, but be VERY careful. Anything you utter may count against you later on. Unless you are an attorney yourself, you are no match for a qualified attorney and probably shouldn’t contact the other party’s attorney except if you want to try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement.

Get a lawyer, you are going to screw your whole luggage up, even if you are a lawyer get one or she’ll cream you.

I agree with the first answerer. Be outstandingly careful about what you say-so to your wife’s attorney. Stick to what you want from the divorce and don’t make any admissions. What you enunciate in settlement negotiations is not admissible against you within court under the Rules of Evidence. Don’t argue with him/her, but state your demands and permit them respond. Proceed with caution. Source(s): I’m a attorney

Advice on choosing a pious divorce attorney for my mother?

 My mother is facing a divorce after 36 years of marriage and I need to back her protect her interests. There are complex issues and retirement benifits, though few tangible assets. My mother works out of state and will need someone appropriate to act when she is not present. How do I find an attorney within a small town who will be willing to fight and will be most forceful? How can I check on an attorney’s “track record” and political connections?


You don’t. This is your mother’s divorce, not yours. She’s a big girl who is capable of hiring her own attorney.

Affordable divorce attorneys surrounded by San Jose, CA?

 I need help ASAP!! PLEASE!!

My mom wishes to file for a divorce but:
-We don’t know how to get started
-My dad threatened to clutch the kids from her
-We don’t have much money

We need allowed help, but we don’t have and resources. Are within and affordable services or sites were we could go for sustain?


here’s some sites i found on google.





goodluck (=

After one divorced within ohio,found wife misrepresented her income 2 years then, attorney said be more than 1 y

 can court overturn a divorce decree if misrepresentation was discovered after the statue of cut expired?i discovered that my ex-spouse has misrepresented her income and i discovered that 2 years after papers were signed. the result be that her spousal support was so high and have a clause not to be modified by courts. it was dissolution case and i have no legal representation at the time. we live in ohio and i lately found out that divorce decrees have 1 year statue of shortening . can this agreement be overturned for misrepresentation of legal papers. thank you all for your assist. god bless


let it go…softly…smoothly….pinch the high road….breathe out..exhale.be a man..don’t fret about this stuff…..relax.exhale….it… better to be better than the directive then use it to be less than…..honor your spirit

I don’t see why the divorce decree has to be overturn for some misrepresentation of income they should know how to make the necessary adjustment and everything will be ok.

Get legal advice… it wouldn’t hurt to ask ….All they could convey you is it is too late or maybe they can war for you…Not sure on this one.Don’t you think if the shoe was on the other foot she would own done something already to you?? think about that…. Don’t agree to her stress you out ….Are you over her??Or does she owe you alot of money or something?

You can still record to have the support issue modified. Talk to a lawyer and don’t try to represent yourself this time. Good Luck.

After dragging a divorce out for 3 years, can she drop her legal representative and travel to endorsed aid?

 Will legal aid take on a crust just because she doesn’t want to or have the money to money her lawyer anymore? We recently found out that documents be falsified so her, and possibly her lawyer, will owe us money.. so now her legal representative is trying to suck as much from her as possible cuz he knows things are about to take bad for their side. There is suppose to be a court date (one of a zillion) on the 29th and he won’t go near her if she doesn’t pay him alot of money up front, so now she is aphorism she is going to go to legal aid. Is she eligble do you infer, and is this going to drag it out even longer? It’s in California…


She signed a fee agreement next to her current attorney so she is obligated to pay him what time he has billed to her.
If it’s too unpaid in the process of the divorce (time doesn’t really matter, depends on how far they enjoy come) the judge may not allow her to get a current attorney because the case could essentially have to start over.
Legal aid isn’t as unforced to get as one might think for a divorce. They might not hold a case that’s far on in the process.
First things first, if she’s down with her lawyer, she have to fire him and see what the court tells her from there.
If she can afford to remuneration a retainer on a lawyer at any time, chances are, she is not eligible for trial aid ina divorce matter.

decriminalized aid is based on income and it could possibly drag things on, they (attorney’s) have to progress over the case and check out her income and so on.

If she doesn’t have the money but her income hasn’t changed (even though she have the debt from the laywer) most likely an aid will not take the casing. Aids are for people with severe low levels of income.

California – any state – divorces are dragged out for a long time and some lawyers do it purposeful to profit.

She should have her lawyer repeal and represent herself or get another lawyer (even though she wil hold to put down another big retainer – $1,000-3,000.)

She can drop her lawyer any time she wants – BUT the legally recognized aid may not work if she is making over a certain amount of money. Just because she has run out of money to argument the divorce doesn’t mean she’s entitled to free/reduced legal aid.

Alabama divorce advocate lend a hand!?

 Ordered papers online for divorce for my brother. Received various papers all are signed and notarized. His wife is surrounded by IL and she will be served by sheriff. What forms do I need to take when I database for him (he cant go he’s in Alabama within a FedPrison) do I need to take proof she have been served?


You will probably need that proof.

But when does he entail to be divorced. I surprised she isn’t the one doing it.

He is entitled to half of the marital estate. The stuff they have from before their separation.


Alimony request 9 years after divorce settlement? My husband purely recieved a message from his ex wife’s attorney

 stating that now his obligations in connection with child support are over (his 2 children are over 18 and in college) she wants him to settle all the college expenses and to pay her alimony, she get over a million cash settlement and has be working for the past 5 years, her child support was $3000 a month which I guess she be partially living off.My husband’s business is not as successful as when he be married to her and we are not wealthy. What are her chances of getting more? and can she run after my income ($40000 a year whoop-de do!) and bank accounts which I have kept seperate from my husbands.


And my fiancé wanders why we need a Pre-nup.

Sadly, It adjectives depends on how the judge feels that daytime.

You need to find out what the statutes of limitations are surrounded by your state. I can’t seeing her getting it since she is working. I know when I got my divorce in NE. I be given the opportunity to ask for alimony at the time of the divorce and was told I could not come back for it if I denied it.

I didn’t since I hold a great job myself. So check what your states laws are, specifically it the only way you’ll know for sure. The public defender office can give you free insist on I would make an appointment with them and find out or step to your law library in your city/county and look up statutes for alimony.

Good Luck Hope this help

You entail to contact a lawyer in YOUR STATE (you didn’t even document it). A divorce is final once the appeals period has expired. Child support is modifiable beside a change in income of the party. Alimony is modifiable on the marriage of the receiving spouse or switch in income of the parties. In most states, alimony and post minority support (college expenses, support of a disabled adult) own to be reserved in the initial divorce decree in the past they can be modified. Your husband needs to contact his attorney and ask him about the tenet in YOUR STATE.

AM disabled and get hold of a monthly ck, I call for attorney for divorce .how can i seize one near no money? ca?


So, I guess if one is disabled they should expect or qualify for a bunch of freebies?

You don’t need a lawyer for a divorce. They are in attendance to file the papers & negotiate the assets.

If the divorce is amicable & your in agreement on the assets next all you need is to directory the papers & off you go. Just form sure that you know the law in your are concerning what is needed.

If you do need help, you can other look into free legal aid in your nouns. Source(s): http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&hl=en&…


If you are getting a no-fault, uncontested, no alimony or child support divorce these are relatively cheap or free. Speak with someone in any legal aid or legal services who can assist you out. Legal Aid/Services are free or income based.

get the spouse to pay for it and dont contest it
do a do it yourself divorce- you can bring back the papers to fill out from a local library

Try the legal aid society.

I don’t know if they cover divorces, but their attornies provide legal direction and/or representation to people on a low income, basing the cost on what the being can afford, many times it’s free if the person is contained by poverty.

no injure no foul divorces can be done at your local county court house for approx. $150. I understand if money’s tight my hubby and I get 400 respectively ssimonthly

Alot of times there’s some quickie divorce attorneys in the classifieds for pretty cheap

Am going through a divorce an myspouses attorney is delay the trial date,how do i achieve to speed up the trail?

i live in california the original date is for july 14 within california ,her lawyer wants to adjournment it until september because she lives in atlanta.i cant wait that long because my mom who lives within a different country needs my help she have been raped an beaten an requirements my help asap.how can i speed up the process


I got divorced ending fall, so I know a little bit roughly speaking the divorce process. For the most part my lawyer help me through the tough times. The rules are probably different in California than Oklahoma (where I used to live) so I don’t want to give you unpromising advice. Try visiting a California divorce attorney for help. http://www.legaldivorcelawyers.com/Calif…

Good luck

you will have to shift back and forth with the attorney and explain your situation. alternatively, you could delay the divorce until after you sorted out your mother’s problems.

Am i entitled to a FREE Military divorce attorney?

My husband is divorcing me.

He was physically abusive to me and I own police reports and evidence to proove it.

Now, because he was in the military, am I entitled to a FREE divorce attorney/lawyer?

I live close at hand an air force base, but not fundamental Camp Lejeune which is where he was stationed.

Help??!! Advice??


I reflect you should be entitled to a FREE divorce attorney/lawyer


Although the podium attorneys provide simple services like powers of attorneys and legal proposal, it’s vary rare to find one specifically actually a member of the block and licenced to practice law in the state where on earth the base is.

I’m afraid your going to have to hire a private civillian divorce legal representative. The military lawyers can do nothing for you except provide free suggestion, they cannot handle your divorce. Source(s): USN CPO Retired.

No, you are disallowed to a FREE divorce attorney. The military is not welfare.

**EDIT: So he broke your jaw. You get free medical to fix it, and you can other prosecute him for that. He will get in big trouble for that. It still doesn’t dispense you the right to a free divorce. Could you imagine how many optional attorneys the government would have to hire within order to represent all of the MIlitary divorces? The divorce rate is upwards of 60%. Source(s): Army wife.

no hunny you’re disqualified to anything
hes not even in the military anymore, so asking JAG for help is completely innappropriate


may be this can search your what you’re need:


Probably not, but contact the JAG office at both bases to ask someone nearby.

Military lawyers do not pedal civil matters for military personnel. Neither you nor you spouse are entitled to a military lawyer for a divorce.

An adorable elderly couple move about to a divorce Lawyer.?

 and ask for divorce.

– But, you’re the kindest, most loving couple in town.
What happened? Do you really want a divorce.

– Yes, it’s over, finished. We can’t stand eachother.
It’s …over.

-Ok, okay….starts the procedure.
“but I must ask, why? you’ve been married over 50 years…
why do you want a divorce now? At this stage within your life?

– Well, we wanted to loaf untill all our kids died!..



Now that made me laugh.

That’s funny. Really funny.

Ermmm…thats not really that funny.

An attorney told me that our divorce could be final within as short as 6 months. True?

 In a couple months I will have our third child. I plan to file as soon as he’s born. My husband is an alcoholic, possibly using drugs, and mentally insolent. I know I will be getting full legal and physical custody…unless I get an insane authority. I don’t think my husband would fight for the kids anyway. But is it really possible that it could be final within only 6 months?

The house is in his cross and I don’t want it. Otherwise, I own my car and we have no other debt. We also hold no ‘stuff’ to divide. The contents of the house I could take or leave. I am moving out this week to jump live with family and find the kids out of this situation, but have been advise to not start the divorce until the baby is born.

Thoughts? I just can’t believe it could be over by the holidays!


Yes, if it as amenable as you say it could be. Usually though something comes up and then the indisputable battle arises. Also the real time frame.

They always say aloud..”in alittle as 6 months”.. I was told one and the same thing too.. It took almost 2 years espcially when kids are envolved..all it take is him not showing up when he is suppose to keep the courts and divorce delayed. They will not grant you a divorce until the kids and custody is settled.

If your husband doesnt contest the divorce, it should be over a together lot quicker than that as Judges dont like dragging on divorce cses any longer than necessary, and if everyone agrees it could be the failure of summer.You will get the kids along with support.Now he wll take visitation rights but from what you said about him,Id go for supervised visit with no overnights. If you two actually agreed to divorce andcould sit down and work out adjectives the details, you could be divorced before summer. I think that attorney be looking at the worst possible scenario involving your husband contesting everything which then it could be. Good luck Source(s): Florida Paralegal with a BS scope in Social-Pyschology

if your state allows for a speedy divorce and no one is contesting the terms later yes, it could all be over in 6 months. That self said, it’s not over yet. You still have 6 months where on earth he could become problematic.

so… you didn’t know he was an alcoholic abusive drug user when you have your first 2 children? Seriously… I hate to hear after children have be brought into a relationship that NOW you realize you need to leavd him. What would you be having children beside this man for? YOu knew he was no polite… so why now? Why after the children? Congratulations… not only are you going to stir through the pain of divorcing him, but you have very soon set your kids up for a life with a loser for a father. Good work mom!

Divorce him up to that time the baby is born and change second name back to maiden Now along near children.You legally can,remember it is a man’s world out there.Protect yourself.

oh wendy. here we turn again….
the children, are the court main issue. they will share it, 50/50
he will get access, and you will capture child support.
its the way it goes…
sure it will adjectives happen,in 6mths if he doesn’t consest it …
i can individual wish you luck..
good for you Source(s): i basically know these things …

6 months is normal.

If he doesn’t m¨ºl¨¦e you on the divorce, yes it could go fast. I would be suing his *** for child support and spousal support as capably though.

yes don’t verbs abt assets

Yeah, in frequent states that’s true if there are no hassles.


Any competent divorce lawyer or smart ruling students?

 Here’s the situation. My dad is married and wants a divorce. He moved to another state while his wife stayed in another state. She is hiding from him. His attorney states that he has done all he can do to try to find her. My quiz is, how does someone try to serve divorce papers to his spouse when the spouse can not be found, All means of trying to find her have be exhausted. Thanks and points to the first person who can answer this legally and correctly.

“> Easy!


All states own various forms of this dissolution mechanism. Usually at hand is a waiting period – here in Texas it’s 1 year. That doesn’t imply the petition can’t be filed now, it of late won’t be approved by the court until the statutory time requirement.

Once the abandonment is granted, that is surrounded by fact a divorce.

Any competent divorce lawyer or smart ruling students?

 Here’s the situation. My dad is married and wants a divorce. He moved to another state while his wife stayed in another state. She is hiding from him. His advocate states that he has done all he can do to try to find her. My examine is, how does someone try to serve divorce papers to his spouse when the spouse can not be found,The husband lived in Philadelphia Pa and left and moved. The wife be or is still in Philadelphia Pa, however she is impossible to find. I know the laws are different surrounded by each state. Anyone able to thieve this question on? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks and bear care. All means of trying to find her hold been exhausted. Thanks and points to the first person who can answer this rightfully and correctly.


I agree with the previous poster who said take police to her parents home. If he’s still married to her, but she can’t be found anywhere, consequently she’s sort of a missing person. That could be a police matter.

Show up to her last known address see if the residence appears to be lived contained by, if not go to her parents home if i.e. near by as that is a feasible hiding place. If you cannot find her leave the papers beside her closest family and she will get them eventually. I would recommend have a police officer accompany your father to her parents address to inform them on the seriousness on the situation. Source(s): I’m not in Law School all the same, but I want to specialize in family tenet, and divorce cases, so I’ve been reading as much text on these as I can find.

By Publication: When all other methods fail, the court will allow service to be made by publication. This involves announcing the divorce petition contained by a newspaper where your dads spouse is potential to be living for a specified amount of time. You will need to return a copy of the newspaper consideration, with a statement for how long the notice run, to the court for proof of service.

Have your dad ask his attorney about service by publication – in a weekly. I know it can be done in Wash state – don’t know for sure about PA – legal representative should know!

Every state have some method of “alternative” service, usually by publication, as some others have pointed out. Service can also be made at a person’s usual place of employment, in most every state.

I cart it the lawyer was smart satisfactory to file in Pennsylvania court, right? If wife is still within Pennsylvania, and has never left, after it is very likely that no state court outside of Penn. have personal jurisdiction over wife, and any judgment for distribution of assets, or alimony, will not be binding on wife. Of course, if there are no assets, after the point is probably moot.

Any divorce attorney online sites that are reputable?


I would be very careful. Credentials and degree are not verifiable. On-line attorneys are not supported by the American Bar Association so you would not have many courses of deed if any malfeasance were to occur. If he/she damages your grip and avoids you, how can you find him/her? How can you judge what the attorney’s physical demeanor will be if he or she is needed to represent you?

Any divorce attorneys within Maryland? I hold a quiz more or less the waiting spell.?

 My soon-to-be fiance is currently married. He’s planning to file for divorce right after the holidays. However, I just read that contained by Maryland, there’s a ONE YEAR waiting period.

We were hoping to attain married right away. Do I really have to wait a full year or is there a way to grasp around that? We already looked into other states, but that won’t work either since most nearby states hold a 6 month waiting period, but a 6 month residency requirement as well.

I don’t know what to do. My bio clock is ticking and I don’t own another year to spare.


It is a one year waiting extent to be separated before filing for the divorce. If he have been separated for one year, he can file for a “no-fault” divorce and that works if both party agree. If both parties do not agree, the waiting period is two years. If he have fault grounds, there is no waiting length. He should probably speak to an attorney to get proper advice.

My proposal to you is to slow down a little. If he is not separated, that is, completely out of one relationship, it is really too soon to be planning another nuptial. Let him see his way clear without pressure from you. Believe me, things will turn out much better if you mitigate up on the pressure.

uh if you are that close to menopause, you know full capably you can get on with getting a little one started without getting a divorce or getting married.

Especially in MD 🙂 Source(s): MD is my home state 🙂

its a year at least assuming the other party does not contest the divorce

Any divorce experts or lawyer out in that?

 Ok – I’m going to be totally honest. I have a boyfriend that is getting a divorce subsequent week. He’s been separated for a year and has his own place contained by a different state. I met him 2 months ago. His divorce was supposed to happen closing month but his soon to be ex wife found out about me and is using “adultery” as a means to seize alimony. She even gave her lawyer my mark. The thing is I just met him and be not the reason they separated. How can he prove that he was within fact living on his own totally apart so he won’t have to drag out his divorce. Also they hold been married since high institution so I know in cases of being married over 10 years in attendance is a possibility he will pay alimony. But – adultery. I feel resembling I’m being dragged into this falsely.


Adulteyr will have no affect on the divorce or settlement. If your on the other end it is one and only hurt but doesn’t really get you any nore money . good luck

In this case the ex wife has to prove “adultery” and not the husband. The blame team game does not have end.In any defence you are not the part will be involved in the business.He may require to pay Alimony for other provision of law but not for the pretext as mentioned by U here.I can say boy and girls pure & healthy relation can find out the path suitable to both and their nears.Any how U come back for any doubt.


alimony and adultery are not relateon cloud nine>
Alimony is paid in intensely rare cases when the woman has worked for free for her husband or because a handicap keep her from working. If she’s capable of working she won’t get alimony. She may try but she won’t go and get it.

really it depends on the state laws…
most states are no fault so it wont event if she brings up adultery..

He is the defendant contained by the case, and has to prove nil.

She..meaning his ex…needs to prove adultery.
Generally, that manner if the case goes to trial, she would have need of at least two witnesses to take the stand lower than oath that you were having sex near her husband. This is not an easy task and it’s the apology why it is seldom used today.

Any divorce lawyer Imight e-mail near a quiz?

 thank you

“> It’s unethical and could even be illegal for lawyer to give legal counsel like that. If you need unadulterated legal advice, see a advocate or just call legalized aid. If you do get advice over email, undergo in mind it shouldn’t be taken as legal counsel.


I have a suggestion that may help you. Website: www.lawyer.com. They have a question & answer forum so consistency free to ask questions and you will receive answers. I have used this site frequent times and have never been disappointed. Good luck.


Any divorce lawyer or paralegals please answer.?

 If you’ve been thru the same entity, you can answer too.

My Husband is planning on going back to his native country surrounded by december. He has informed me that he will not be coming back here. We own discussed divorce and I have picked up the paperwork to get it started. The problem is that we hold 3 minor children that he is leaving as well (If it be only me, I would not have a problem). He does not want to wages child support or anything else. He acts like nil here matters to him. If we do not get the divorce beforehand he gets back to his country he will not own to pay. I can start the proceedings now, but is in that anything I can do to keep him here in the states until it is final? I want child support to help me financially with the kids. If I can bring back the support order before he go, will his passport be revoked so he cannot leave? I need push for on where to go from here. He say he will not contest the divorce, but we will have trouble when it comes to child support. Help, please.


So far, the responses given are correct, you certainly need a legal representative and probably cannot afford one…

I do have one suggestion to buy you more time and that is to find his passport and burn it…

Then, desire some legal advice as soon as possible. Free trial advice (familarization) can be found thru any organization that deal with child protective services. ..even a welfare office can point you surrounded by the right direction for starters…

While most first world countries agree to work with the USA in domestic disputes, they just have enough social workers or police to aim out dead beat dads, I assure you. As okay, the USA is not about to go to another country looking for deadbeat dads when they won’t even cross state lines here surrounded by the USA looking for deadbeat dads…

A lawyer “may” be able to return with a court order to prevent child abandonment but the statute regarding that varies from state to state… It is not as glib to revoke a passport as some may think. It requires a review board and justifyable reasoning… If your husband says he have work in another country and intends to send you money next where are you…?

Meanwhile, don’t worry yourself to ailment for fear of not being competent to raise the children on your own as there are agencies available to support you and the children…

I think I have made your position clear…follow thru as fast as possible… Source(s): Dr Who…

You must file for child support immediately! The best article to do is be as nice as you can to him and find out how his kids and/or you can contact him to say hello and write. This info will help you amazingly much. But you have to get on the globe if you explain to your case worker your fears of him leaving the country they will usually speed up the process and capture him asap.

As long as he is in a permissible US marriage, he will be subject to US laws. If he leaves the country, he can be extradited support here. If he a US citizen? Because if he is, I’m sure there are laws and rules for child support. I would jump consult a lawyer in soul.

For petes sake call a lawyer. Don’t rely on a internet counsel site to give you this very crucial advice.

Any divorce lawyer out within?? Been through a 2 afternoon trial, w/ child custody. I get full custody of my sons.?

 They see their dad supposedly 43% of the time. My child support was cut to reflect the time they spend beside him. He doesn’t pay for anything over and above what his wages were garnish. I lost my job after the trial. Here is the big problem. My attorney allowed them to have an expert witness over the retirement. I have been married 11 years. I got 8%. I discern very screwed. Three other attys said legal malpractice. BUT I hold a new atty who filed a motion near the judge for reconsideration of retirement, child support and spousal support. Motions denied. My unsullied atty is in Europe on vacation and I get the impression like I got kicked contained by the gut AGAIN! I am grateful for the custody of my sons but I don’t have much $$ to raise them. BTW, he get over $500,000 any suggestions?? THANKS!
P.S. I am in Ohio


Your biggest porblem is that the court will usually only distribute you one bite of the apple. You took your bite and lost. You can always appeal the decision of the trial court to the court of appeals but this is time sensative so you better take going. Be grateful you got custody. That is the big prize. As for the $500,000.00 I doubt that all gain during the marriage. You are only entitled to the amount put contained by during the marriage. Since he has the kids almost 50% of the time I can take in why the court did what it did. You might not like it but the court will never make any side happy. I am only an attorney within Illinois and not Ohio, so you really need to talk to an Ohio attorney asap. Good luck.

Any divorce lawyer out at hand?

 I filed for divorce a year ago. We have split everything – nearby is nothing left. We hold both signed all the papers. And its all sitting on his attorney’s desk. My attorney merely writes more letters and makes more phone call asking his attorney to cooperate to get this thing done. BUT I foot for all those phone calls and post. Isn’t there something I can do to get this done and final? Are within any sanctions that can be filed against his attorney for delay due process??


Ask your attorney to set a time reduce for the final action and act fittingly.

I don’t understand why you go to a attorney when you can do everything online. Your case seems to be simple. We file for divorce too in http://www.legalzoom.com and hopefully we should be getting it next month. No hassels.

Visit the website and try calling them to see if they can be of any minister to in your case. Source(s): http://www.legalzoom.com

Talk to another attorney, see if in your state you can do anything about malpractice or incompetence give or take a few your attorney. Its worth a phone call

you should ask your lawyer honey. say you’re FED UP and as your attorney he needs to threaten the lazy lawyer’s *** and receive him to do something!

Any divorce lawyer out in that? I involve some give a hand!?

 My boyfriend got divorced 3 years ago, 6 months after his wife left him. She have been seeing another man for at least a few months beforehand she told him she wanted a divorce. She doesn’t know my boyfriend knows she be seeing someone else, but he does b/c she moved in with the guy soon after she asked for the divorce.

While they be married, she racked up about $24,000.00 worth of credit card bills, all within her name. Without consulting my boyfriend (her then husband) she took a loan out, using her parents as cosigners, to salary off the $24,000. worth of credit card dept.

During the divorce hearing, she asked my boyfriend to settle for half of the loan amount, since they were married when she get the loan. They told him that it was also his responsibility (even though the loan wasn’t in his name) since they be married when she got the loan. He was still deeply upset that she left him, and just required to get the divorce over with, so he agreed to pay cheque half of the debt and he signed the paperwork.

While they were married they purchased two dogs at $1000. respectively, which she kept. A furniture set for the living room, which she kept, etc. He worked full-time and supported them both during the year, and she worked in the summer only…the money she earn she used to purchase big items which she kept after the divorce. While they were married, my boyfriend had credit card debt of his own. She hasn’t have to pay off any of his debt. So, he’s stuck near her debt and his.

When he didn’t make the first few payments to her she took him to court, and each time since when he have been late on a contribution she’s threatened to call the police on him.

My question is, is at hand any way he can have the amount he have to pay her decreased? Can he rob her back to court and see if they decrease it….using the points that I’ve made here? or is it too deferred?


It may be too past due, you might want to find a local attorney that will give you a free consult on this but I think it is too belatedly, although maybe if he can prove she used the loan to pay past its sell-by date her personal debt in her name that would enjoy been hers after the divorce, if this wasnt taken into account they might consider it. Not sure how much it would cost as far as a retainer, probably 1000-2000 around here. but thats better than 12,000. Good luck.

it is too late. he signed the papers. u can’t change your mind every two months

He could always try, but I think he’s pretty much SOL. Because by signing that agreement at their divorce, he already assumed responsibility for paying his share of that debt, The time to skirmish that was then not presently. In the eyes of the law he’s acknowledged responsibility for paying the debt and he’s going to have to live up to the agreement. You can’t renig on a official contract because you decide after the fact that it’s not even-handed to you.

I muse you need to step aside and let him knob the situation with his ex.
To answer your question, they be married so everything has to be share between the two of them. He could have be at odds that when he had the chance but didn’t later he accepted to sign the papers and to pay anything they wanted him to pay.
One word it is too unpaid. Now he simply has to deal near it.

It’s too late. He agreed to it and the courts don’t typically reverse such orders, especially if he didn’t contest anything. He can try to barney it, but he might end up spending almost as much on attorneys as he’s trying to get out of paying. It’s distressed that it worked out that way, but he should just money it all off and consider it a vivacity lesson learned. He does need to re-read his divorce regulation though. The courts typically don’t order one person to remuneration the other directly. If his divorce decree doesn’t specifically state that he is to pay the money to her, he should remuneration it directly to the creditor and not her. This gives him documented proof that he has remunerated toward the debt. If she’s not using the money he’s paying her toward the debt, she could try to be shady later and say he didn’t earnings it.


Me and my wife have been married for 3 years and own a 2 year old son.Now i’m living in India(i’m an Indian)with my son and my wife(she’s a canadian)lives contained by Canada.We both agreed to get a divorce as things arent working out between us and she has agreed to agree to me keep our son.Now my question is,how do i go and get a divorce from her?Do i have to go to Canada as we be married there or i can do all the called for stuff for the divorce from being here and my wife being surrounded by Canada?Please help me out here as i’ve literally no idea just about how the divorce procedure works.


Did;t presently they had green cards in canada!

u r in the wrong area,, look for it away from here

Well, I am also indian and I live in Lewes,DE. currently in India run back to US on Christmas .. In american law, u can attain divorce in the country where conjugal took place, but there are some other provisions also ..if u got married surrounded by India then call any legal representative and prepare papers then send them to her and she will sign on it and dispatch back and its over !!

U can start ur new duration best luck brother …

Any Divorce Lawyers out nearby?

 I need some advice. I hold been divorced for a year. During the divorce my ex-husband got the house. When we originally financed the house it be in both of our names. In our divorce papers it say that he has to refiance the house into his name contained by a “timely manner”. What is a timely manner? I mean itsbe a year and he hasn’t done it yet. Is there anything I can do to craft him refinance? PLEASE HELP!


I get divorced last year and I got the house and have to refinance to remove my ex-wife from the loan and the deed. The court system gave me 90 days to do this and to money her half of the equity, which I did. The 90 days were stated right surrounded by the divorce papers. I gave her half the equity minus partially of the debt load. Just as half of the equity be hers so are half of the debts. Good Luck. Source(s): 2nd marriage – 2nd divorce – one child next to 2nd wife with 50-50 custody. She pays me child support.

NOT a legal representative, but this one is pretty simple.

You need to go subsidise to your original lawyer and hold them file papers to demand that the unproved terms of the divorce be held to. The judge will dispense your ex an actual time line to refinance at this hearing. Hopefully next to punishment if he does not or cannot follow through, such as putting the house on the market.

If you wanted the house, you could stipulate that you would be feeling like to take over payments and refinance it yourself, but you are under no duty to ask for this, or agree to it.

Call your lawyer and give him the information, timely deportment means within a few months. He should enjoy had all of this taken prudence of months ago. As of now he would be in contempt of court.

One year is certainly sufficient time for him to refinance. He has not done so “surrounded by a timely manner”. You can take him back to court and ask the Judge to writ him to perform and/or hold him in contempt.

call the lawyer who represented you surrounded by the divorce and tell him what hasn’t been done however and he can get in touch beside your ex and his lawyer and get the orb rolling

He should have done it by in a minute. I’m afraid that you probably need to contact the attorney who represented you and find out what your next step is – you’ll most plausible need to file a motion compelling him to refinance within a specific period of time.

Any virtuous recommend on the legal representative module of my divorce?

Our divorce is at the lawyers, my ex seems content to permit them do whatever they see fit. WE have an accountant that have done our stuff for years, She wants get a colourless party , which we are supposed to share expenses.It never seems to closing. They take 5 months to respond etc. I doubt that I will ever get through to her, I just want my share and have made no effort to screw her out of anything. Is here anything a person can do to speed this up?


I’m surrounded by the same boat, I’d like to be divorced very soon but my husband, who claims he’s poor, has waited 3 months to hire an attorney & he’s dragging it on which costs him more $ …. Source(s): I reckon something fishy’s goin on!

You need to poke your attorney with a stick. The longer this goes on, the more the lawyer make. Tell your lawyer you want him/her to run to court and ask the judge to require a response to your filing from the wife inwardly a certain time frame. Your lawyer have many cases; you have only this one. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be the squeaky reins. Prod your lawyer into action.

There’s a new trend surrounded by California to go with the Collaborative Law Divorce where on earth the parties work things out in a mediation session and avoid what is more commonly call “milking the client” via the aggravating steps you describe above. If the parties and their attorneys came come to a QUICK resolution — you put aside a LOT in attorney fees plus there are a smaller amount bad feelings roughly speaking the divorce.

Collaborative Law
Collaborative law and divorce mediation are less costly, more amicable alternatives to traditional divorce litigation.

Collaborative Law
Can you and your spouse commit to be honest next to one another and to treat each other respectfully throughout your divorce? Is each of you feeling like to negotiate solutions to resolve conflict in a way that conceivably satisfies the both of you?

If so, then collaborative regulation dissolution may be the method for you.

Divorce with Respect
In collaborative law, the party and their attorneys agree not to go to court. The collaborative law process maximize settlement options for both spouses and children, and reduces the gloomy effects of adversarial litigation.

Decide For Yourselves but Not By Yourselves
In a collaborative divorce, spouses and their respective attorneys hold a series of four-way meetings to settle all issues created by the divorce. Collaborative practice attorneys explore and address relevant legalized issues and consequences while helping spouses to arrive at a fully informed agreement.

Collaborative law also can be used in domestic partnership divorces involving same-sex couples or non-married couples.

Few relatives law attorneys are trained in collaborative imperative or possess the skills required to manage such cases effectively.

If you two can agree on a property settlement then write it up , sign it , and take it to court. Fire both lawyer and save a ton of money. People want divorced , lawyers want the quarrel. MONEY…..

Any direction on seeking the best divorce attorney?

 My husband of 8 years cheated on me. We have three kids and recently bought a house. He have stated the marriage is over even though I was ready to save it. Any tips on seeking out a good divorce legal representative so that I end up on top?


Or the gal beside the full page add!

talk and research. I did a lot of research get a great lawyer and I won’t have to work again until my kids are out of college.

Sure you want to open that can of worms? Divorce is the worst article that can happen in your time. I’d rather my wife cheat on me then bring a divorce. It costs a boat load of money and takes approaching 3 years to be finalized. Plus it’s gonna mess up your kids. You want to be a real adult, stay married.

First thing to do is consult every single top attorney you can find, so your ex can’t get them. It’s a conflict of interest. That is number one, second when you’ve gone through all the biddable lawyers in town, product sure all your finances are in decree, and don’t give him any reasons to enjoy something against you in court.

No bull. The guy with the full page commercial in the yellow page.

Any lawyer that can comfort me beside some divorce question? I own a friend who doesn’t want to lose her kids.

 I have a friend who is sort of trying to go through a divorce, but doesn’t want to lose her kids. On the other appendage, she is the one cheating, and she admitted it unknowingly on tape to her husband. Granted, she is cheating on an ex-student (she’s a High School teacher) who is a girl, but he know about it all. Now he’s blackmailing her near them saying she either get a divorce and then comes crawling back, or she give him primary custody of the kids and she gets them whenever he says. He have kicked the other girl out of their lives, but has recently come up with a proposition for them all to be friends – a threesome. She’s not so sure what to do and her legal representative says not to give up short a fight. What should she do?


Get a good attorney, cheating isn’t ample to loose your kids over unless it is detrimental to them in some way, of late an easier way to get divorced!

Sounds like she get herself into a bigger mess and if she continues to listen to him it will get even bigger.

Listen to the lawyer fracas with all her might.and start logging everything he is trying to do to her….threesome and such….I’m so sure.

Best wishes

How many lawyers do you muse are on here?

The only thing I know for sure is that her husband can’t take primary custody just because she cheated on him! She would have to be one of the worlds worst mom’s to own her kid’s taken away from her. And even she he did win the court says when she sees the kids not him! She in recent times needs to talk to her advocate and go ahead and file for divorce. I don’t know the intact store but if all she did was cheat and didn’t do anything that can spoil her kid’s I don’t see why they would be taken from her. Source(s): I’m not a lawyer just conversation from experince

Okay, so let me win this straight. She is cheating on her husband with a high academy student? A divorce is the least of her troubles. Statutory rape and sex with a minor are her foremost ones. Those are jail time and a permanent story as a sex offender.

This is just Jerry Springer plenty to be believable.

If this is the case,than she is in reflective doo-doo. Her husband has the goods on her that could put her away surrounded by prison.

If that is not the case, and everything is on the up-and-up bar having an affair with a individual of adult age (18 and up), she has no worries. In the U.S. affairs be determined nothing in divorce cases. The kids will almost other stay with the mom unless she is unfit, say similar to a meth addict.

Interesting…buy twisted. She needs professional legal proposal….not the fodder you will find here. As a rule, that is.

Trust her advocate and refuse to be blackmailed. Divorce court and custody fights are not perfect but if the marriage is over – then they stipulation to move on for the kids. Infidelity is NOT supposed to have any impact on custody decions….but I am not a attorney.

She should yak to her lawyer.

ANY LAWYERS who know almost divorce or anyone who can back?

 ok i think its time to end my wedding ceremony for several reasons all governing back to one thing he is an alcoholic… anyway heres the agreement we both make nothing.. he make 12 per hr i make 10 per hr so we are barely making it very soon so heres the thing we bought some land a few yrs ago when we have some money its paid for… we live in a house not on that ground that we still owe on neither one of us can afford to keep the house alone and we have tried to deal in it and no one has be interested in over a yr now. i would love to enjoy the property and a trayler to live in and he can have the house idont strictness but he cant afford it either so how will this work? will we have to folder bank rupsy and will we have to market the property too? that is the only path i can make it on my own with my son is if i can live within the trailer on the property unles we move into an apartment thatssubsidised and i cant do that to my son we would have to give up his dogs too someone please transmit me what my options are…


(Tough to read this…. your command of English is really poor. I can see why your make only $10 per hour… Sentences inaugurate with capital post, end with period, and the word “i” doesn’t exist… but here goes anyway. I hope you read better than you write.)

Since you have no estate, lay down papers off of the internet. Fill them out, file them at your court house. The file fee is usually in the capacity of + or – $15. If when you get them, they are too mysterious for you, look in the Yellow Pages for Attorney – Divorce, mediate. You can both use the same attorney. Agree on who gets what. The smaller quantity time he spends with you the less it costs, usually contained by the area of $75-300 depending on the attorney, and the state.

(Agree that you will lower the property price so that you can get it sold, and agree on how you will split it, formerly seeing an attorney.. Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it when you involve to sell it. If you want it gone, it can be. You don’t have lots of option, hon, because of your financial situation.)

And before I go on, as my dad recurrently said, a divorce is a nice thing if you can afford it.

It may be that you cannot afford it, no matter how creative you return with financially. In this case, you and he agree to be roommates, yet divorce and live surrounded by the same house. When/if things get better financially, and you shift back to school, or achieve into a training program that pays you more money, then you each can dance your separate ways…. Lots of people divorce this way, respectively helping the other until they can leave. This, of course, assumes that you respectively can stand the sight of the other. If you two are at the point of throwing things, then, your standard of living will diminish, until you, working full time AND going back to school allows you to better your financial position. Good luck, hon.

In your place, I’d give up the area, get a better profession in a bigger city, get vertebrae into school, EVEN if I had to live near my son in a shelter for awhile until I could qualify for those jobs that compensated well. Source(s): Been there… worked full time AND carried a full nouns in school.. Got up at 4:00 am to do home work, gone for work at 7:30, worked until 3:00pm, met my first class at 4:00pm, and classes were over at 9:30pm. On the weekdays never saw my house in the sunlight. did this for years — summers too. Studied weekends.. And within the end?? Got to retire at 48, so don’t tell me it can’t be done. It can, hon, it can. It a short time ago takes a lot of guts.

You seriously need to natter to an attorney. He/she can draft an MSA (marital settlement agreement) to this effect if your husband is really that agreeable. If not, you may have to sell both properties to income the community debt of the current house and whatever is left over will be divided. There are a few other factor that will go into the equation.

You should be able to find an attorney who will work at a reduced allowance or pro bono (for free). Look up your local county or state bar association.

Ok bankruptcy is out of the picture if you want to hold on to eitherv the house or property. In a divorce you will probably be awarded custody of your son so you will automatically get the house with child support. Chances are since you both receive about the same amount you probably wont attain spousal support. How you would afford it would be up to you. Maybe a second job or a roommate to help clear the bills. If it werent for yourson, you two would probably end up selling both, but thats not possible here. He might finish off up getting the property but thats the Judges decision. The Judge is going to base his decree largely on the best interest of your son and is not going to make him homeless regardlessof what you two want unless you two can compromise a settlement outside of the court. No easy approach to determine what exactly will happen here due to possible other variables involved here. Good luck Source(s): Florida Paralegal with a BS level in Social-Pyschology

CONTACT A REAL ATTORNEY. Your divorce will be complicated. Source(s): Arizona legal assistant. Family ruling 15 years.

sell both properties and split the proceeds.

verbs split, less arguments.

Any Michigan divorce attorneys here??

 A very close man in my natural life is in the process of a divorce. It was an 8 year matrimonial, no children or property involved. He works full time in the automotive industry which we all know is within BIG trouble. He has been out of work about half of this year already & have made many many thousands smaller number this year than previous years, including last year. She works part time for a conservatory district as some type of aid or babysitter while parents are in school or something approaching that. He continued to pay her car lease & insurance until the lease be paid off & next she came up with the dosh to pay the bal. of $7,000.00 off. She disappeared him almost 14 months ago & they had seperate bedrooms for 5 years proior to her moving out. During that 5 years she had at most minuscule 2 different boyfriends and is currently living with a man & moved right in beside him as soon as she moved out of the marital home (a rental). He hired a firm in Southfield that claims to exchange blows for men.


What is he crazy? She not here him and he is paying her bills. Sounds like he needs a psychiatrist. Anyway, progress to www.martindale.com and you can search for attorneys in your nouns and by area of specialty. Keep in mind…choosing an attorney should be similar to choosing a doctor…you wouldn’t go to your gynecologist for a heart problem, correct?, pick your attorney the same means of access.

nope sorry.

My brother just gothough almost the same thing and he have Chris Swartz for Saginaw, MI. He fights for men too. My brother got adjectives 3 of his kids and an awsome settlement. This lawyer is a quadiplagic (don’t really know how to spell it but I think its close! lol). Mr. Swartz requires a small down recompense and then he works with you on payments for the rest. He is open-minded with his proces and payments. He is awesome. Good Luck!

I’m not an attorney, but I did experience the same things when I divorced my first wife in michigan, the go-between wouldn’t even let me talk. that’s why I get the heck out of michigan. I won’t go through that again.

check your email NOW!! I’m being very serious, I can procure you what you need.

My divorce attny works with mens/father’s rights groups adjectives over michigan. She is an *** kicker on the highest level!

Any opinion on Divorce Lawyers within Media, PA?

 Would like to find a Lawyer who is reasonable. I own absolutly no idea what to ask or what to do.


get your ashen pages and call around, if not ask others that have been through it within your town. I found my lawyer on accident (random phone book) I chose her because she answered her own phone. you of late have to go next to someone you can trust.

good luck

Are you looking to go into mediation or strictly a firm core divorce? If you are looking for a divorce look to hire Berman and Asbel. http://www.bermanlaw.com/. They will do a great job for you.

Also consider investigating for yourself other resources at findlaw, lawyers.com and targetlaw.com. All are pious resources to consider. Source(s): http://www.targetlaw.com

Any opinion on Divorce Lawyers surrounded by Fayetteville, AR?


I don’t know anyone in attendance but I have attached a link to a attorney search engine that has arkansas divorce lawyer. Pretty good site. Good luck with the divorce. Source(s): http://www.targetlaw.com/pages/results.php?q=Arkansas+Divorce+Lawyers&cx=014554649659382033265%3Ahx_xacprcdq&cof=FORID%3A10#1167

If you seek an uncontested divorce than you can try this resource. It doesn’t matter what state. Source(s): http://www.legaldocumentfinder.com/divor…

You might have better luck asking this question surrounded by the legal category, instead of marriage and divorce…perfect luck!

I don’t similar to most of them.

Any PA Divorce Lawyers/Paralegals out here?

 I’ve been married three years, we just bought a house February 2008. My pet name is the only one on the loan but he’s on the deed.

I’m seeking an “at breakdown divorce” due to his numerous instances of cheating. We are currently separated and he lives with his step dad.

I can pay the mortgage by myself and hold a daughter. (him and I dont have any children together)
He doesn’t have custody of any of his children, have bad credit and can’t pay the mortgage on his earnings!

Will They make us sell the house?
Will they allow me to refinance and buy him out? OR
Will they give in me the house?

Please help steer me in the right direction. He have already broken my heart.I don’t want to lose this house in addition to mortal heart broken.


I don’t have any support for you but I wanted to let you know I am really sorry you are going through adjectives this. Must be a really tough situation and I hope you get to keep the house =)

They might generate you sell the house and split any proceeds or debt.

Or then may permit you buy him out.

It depends on what happens during your case and audible range. If you can get him to agree to a buy out then a Judge will customarily accept the agreement. Source(s): Paralegal

Your attorney can approach him with a Quit Claim deed. He can achievement the house over as part of the divorce. The court should not make you trade the home, particularly if you can come to an agreement beforehand. If the house went down within value he could be responsible for his half; expect him to come to blows on this.

If your name is the only one on the loan after there is no need to refi. You purely need to get his pet name off the deed. This is adjectives.

It depends on the divorce. You could be granted the house and associated home equity. He could be made to pay his part of the depreciation. On the flipside, if the house go up in value, he might try to m¨ºl¨¦e to recieve compensation even though he’s an undeserving cheating bastard.

If he adopted the child legitimately then he is entitled to visitation and to child support.

Too bad he didn’t realize how right he really had it! You sound close to an amazing woman. Sorry to hear about you getting messed up with this guy. Don’t pilfer on any more “projects” in the future!! =^)

Well a advocate is the best person who can answer you as he can give a permissible advice after knowing your situation. Maybe this can help you http://www.doityourselfattorneys.com