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What defense campaign will OJ’s “Dream Team” of lawyer involve to come up next to when ..?

 They meet God in glory?


Don’t think they’ll be making it that far.

beats me.. what makes you believe they’ll end up there anyway?

oh, they ain’t going to heaven

Did you mean Hell? lol

it wasnt my soul.the soulshroud wouldnt fit

Heavenly Lawyers? An oxymoron if I ever hear one!!

Well Johnny Cochran is already comatose . Robert Shapiro is doing commercials for . . .somethin? And one of the ‘expert’ witnesses(the oriental guy) has been adjectives from testifying as an expert in some jurisdiction . And then we have OJ unfolding us ‘Honest , I didn’t do it , but given the chance this is how I would’ve liked to do it’ .
Whew , what a bunch . I don’t know what to utter . All I can think of is Cochran better have confessed earlier he died . His closing arguments in the case said ‘This isn’t give or take a few guilt or innocence , it’s about . . . . . . .. . . . . ‘ .GEESH , it’s not about guilt or innocence ? Really ? Well I guess his tell stories worked though .

I hope everyone confesses their sins before they die . .. . .and since none of us knows if we’ll die 20 years from immediately or TOMORROW , I suggest that everyone confess their sins TODAY !

There will be no defense.
None is possible.

You might be able to fool Lance Ito, but you can’t fool God!

If they make it that far, I do not think they will own any defense.

Lawyers even getting to the gates of Heaven? And especial OJ’s?!! Laughing hysterically. BUT, just in shield they need a convincing lie of how they thought he be insolent. OR Just simply say, “The devil made me do it.”

“We be only doing what the Power Rangers would do.”

I’ll go w/ the consensus. Their crimes are indefensible. They will be going the other path!!

1)What skills from ruling arts school do you feel are most applicable contained by working in a minute as a defense attorney?


The ability to jump without sleep, to work long hard hours. The competence to listen to a bullshit artist without laughing out loud.


Oral advocacy and the accompanying ability to “think on your foot.” Also, a thorough understanding of Crim Law, Crim Pro, and Evidence.

Psychulogy, psychiatry, politics, history, and second even english composition ……..… Theory……….…

A defense attorney appointed by the court at no cost to the defendent is call a?

 Public defender along with some choice other words I can’t use here.

Are public defenders so bad? Source(s): UK decriminalized aid criminal defence solicitor

A public ally is appointed at no cost to you

Public Defender.

Public Defender

Public defender.

really bad advocate who speaks spanish.

Public Defender

Public defender Source(s):ā€¦

A Nebraska Senator have file a lawsuit against God…who is representing God as his defense attorney?


Why not Johnnie Cochran? Oh yeah, he made a deal next to the devil for OJ.

This is just a political, in-your-face motion to make a point in the order of frivolous lawsuits.

I’m going to resurrect Johnnie Cochran.

God is representing himself.

I read the article. I can’t believe it! They want . . . . . . .you!

Just another frivolous lawsuit to bog down the judicial system..I’m not sure how stuff like this get by! He’s just looking for fame…But what a channel to get it!

God?well he have to have the best!So I guess Satan

Call the men in white with the jacket the ties surrounded by the back.

Johnny Cochran

He owns the souls of all lawyer anyway.

He wouldn’t represent himself, because, as you know,… “the person who acts as his own doctor, legal representative, or barber, has a fool for a client!”

The Senator is a fool.

ha ha!! let Lindsay Lohan decide!

So he protests against frivolous lawsuits by … file a frivolous lawsuit?

Oh. The defense lawyer. Definitely somebody working pro bono, pro deo.

bet he is regretting that choice to send all Lawyers to hell huh?;…
want to marry?

God lives in Heaven. How’s He going to find a legal representative? 🙂

(credit–Jay Leno)

I read more or less this, I thought it was hilarious. Maybe God will watch over himself, and prove us all wrong….

Stupidity has no limits!

He who sits contained by the heavens shall laugh. Ps. 2:4 Source(s): The Bible

don’t know. but that sin ator needs come contained by out of prairy sun, his brain is fryed

The word around law circles is that God dispatched an angel down to Hell and hired Clarence Darrow to represent him.

I would think he would have more considerable matters to spend his work time on.
Other than that I love it.

A cross-examine for Law Enforcement, Police, or defense Lawyers.?

If you were charged with a charge of Disorderly Persons, but be never physically arrested, and the charges were dropped, should you still indicate this information on a job application, specifically an application to become a police officer. An the incident be pretty recently, would that show up in a backround investigation?


Most job applications just ask for convictions. However, when applying for a position for Police Officer you must report all arrests. Providing the information of the arrest will not automaticaly preclude you from being hired, it is according to whether it involves moral turpitude Remember that you can probaby explain the situation at your interview, but adjectives police departments will reject hiring you if you are untruthful. Good Luck!

If your applying as a police officer, TELL THEM. It’s better for you if you notify them and get your side of the story in first, to some extent then them find out about it. And if you not tell the truth to them, see you later, they won’t hire you.

if you weren’t arrested or charged for crimes after they never happened.

charges dropped never existed.

if you are not convicted of a crime you don’t put it on an application. if charges are dropped you are surrounded by the clear.
it shouldn’t show up.
funny you get charged with that and immediately want to apply to be a po… to catch others being disorderly? lol Source(s): 911 op

If the charges were dropped then they don’t enjoy a case, if you include it on the application or not is up to you. how ever most backgrounds specifically ask for criminal charges that in actual fact went through. the most important entity is to be honest, if you feel wrong doing it then don’t do it. disorderly conduct is really not a big operation. it just means mostly that they did not hold anything else on you and were trying to get something. it be dropped there for the district attorneys office or who ever else dropped it feel there was not plenty to go through with it. Source(s): Experience

Dude – trust me. There was an arrest number that will forever be attached to your name. They will run your heading and DOB and it will show up.

However – most wording on applications is have you ever been CONVICTED of a crime. You can answer no it it say CONVICTED

You are not very clear on whether you be arrested and taken to the jail to be processed if that is what you expected by “but was never physically arrested.” If this was the bag that you didn’t get fingerprinted for the charge, thne you have nought to worry about. IF you did take fingerprinted then you will have that arrest on your transcript for life. Source(s): 7 years law enforcement

About a Criminal Defense attorney?

 I Have to Type 2 And A HAlf Pages its due tomarrow pluss a power point presentation Help Please


Then draw from off and get to work! You’re a short time ago wasting time here that you could be using to get that stuff done…

I know the law, but I don’t know your question. I’ll help you if you answer my math question. Click on my name and go to my question. But listen, I don’t understand your question.

Please be more specific with your question and how we can lend a hand.

Do you want to know about how to use power point? What?

thank goodness you didn’t linger until the last minute.

Another put somebody through the mill for Law enforcement, Police, or Defense Lawyers….?

 What does the charge of Disorderly Persons mean, and how serious is it?


depends on what you did. being disorderly can be anything from walking down the road yelling and carrying on… to jump off walls at a shopping center.
it’s a blanket term.
we enjoy to use disorderly as a term from everything from standing around doing nothing to someone throwing bottles at trash can and everything in btwn…. it’s up to the officer that responds to change the code for disposition purposes Source(s): 911 op

It’s a impressively broad blanket term. Basically it means the perpetrator did something that was disturbing the area they are surrounded by. pretty minor offense.

Hey, you got something against the district attorneys?
Disorderly Conduct (Persons) is someone who is behave against the peace and order of the city or state. Every state has different law that govern each sovereign so they vary but regularly the punishment is a misdemeanor of 6 months to a year in jail and or a fine. Source(s): Magnum P.I.; Rockford Files; Law and Order; Reno 911.

Any Defense Attorney Please back beside Texas penal code.?

 I need some help to comprehend the law as written in Texas Penal Code 1.07(a)(17). I NEED SOME CASE canon showing a toy gun found and recovered and not questioned that its a toy is not able to enhance a robbery to aggravated (due to the certainty its not a deadly weapon and is not capable of cause harm) i am getting directed to Wright v. State, 591 S.W.2d 458, 459 anything can be a deadly weapon but i am sure there is valise law to rebute this one….PLEASE HELP Need to support the fact of its not a deep weapon to get a 3g off the overnight case so probation is a passable for a first ever offense…i know we have alot of other factor involved here to try for probation. I do have a lawyer but for my own powerfully being i am trying ALL avenues to educate myself surrounded by this matter to be a help if i can as all right as peace of mind.


You singular have to put people contained by fear to have committed the indignation of aggravated assault. If you held someone up with what you know to be a toy gun, that is not a mitigating factor contained by your favour. The poor victim did not know it be a toy gun. If you committed a crime with what can reasonably construed as a weapon, within this case a pistol, you have committed the serious crime of assault beside a deadly weapon or robbery with a deathlike weapon. The best you can hope for is that your lawyer can get you a short spell contained by prison. In this case for down right stupidity.

I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that a toy gun is considered like as a real gun when used in a robbery – neither one of them have to have been fired to bring that added horror to the situation of the person being held up.

Would you also consider an unloaded gun to not be a killer weapon on account that it could not have be used to shoot someone?

the determinant factor is whether the victim believed the weapon to be real.

It is unrelated whether or not the weapon is real or fake, if the robber intentionally give the impression that the weapon was authentic and the victim believed the weapon to be real.

i’m sure no lawyer will be sitting here answering questions for free… if you are within Austin, then walk down Nueces st..


I’m not familiar near Texas law or case imperative affecting Texas regarding this issue. Therefore my information here is non-specific and not necessarily correct for your case, however, the insight may be adjectives for considering correlations.

Unfortunately, the news is bad.

In several states, shield law exists which has allowed as little as a finger poking the inside of a shirt to bump a charge up to an armed charge. This mostly involves burglary cases and not assault cases.
You can net a competent case for this on an assault charge where an actual physical altercation occur. On a robbery charge, however, it seems likely to me that Texas would stick to the norm and keep the armed/with a deadly charge on in attendance.

Any tips for Mock Trial Defense Attorney?

 Important: It is a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and I am one of the two defense attorneys. Do you have any information that is adjectives wether it be pertaining to this case, or just a clever broad tactic.

All help is appreciated, thank you.


I was once a mock trial coach, and I found that the kids on my troop were woefully unprepared, so my first bit of advice is prepare, prepare, prepare. For respectively witness, read over any statements they have given many times. Know every bit of discovery to the rear and forward.
In trials, I always use a trial notebook. For me, this is a three-ring binder with index tab for:
Opening Statement
One Tab for Each Prosecution Witness (for each one, put in any discovery for that human being, with important areas highlighted, after have your list of cross exam question that are suggested by the discovery)
One Tab for Each Defense Witness (again, put in discovery, and have your account of direct questions)
Closing Argument
Rules of Evidence (a summary)

You have to pretty much know the rules of evidence, you don’t have much time to reason.
The most important ones:
Hearsay (basically the witness is testifying to what someone else said, and the explanation the other attorney is trying to get it in is that he’s trying to prove that what the imaginative speaker said is true)
Some common exceptions to the hearsay rule are : that it’s an admission, surrounded by crim law, of the defendant; and that it was an excited utterance, said right away after a surprising event.
No Foundation (the witness hasn’t testify that he or she has a basis for knowing what he or she is testify about).
Irrelevant (the witness is testifying about something which doesn’t prove or disprove a business that’s in dispute, like the elements of the crime).
Try to net your objections in thoughtful of an indignant tone of voice, like you can’t believe the other attorney is trying to pull this. That give you some authority with the judge and jury, and it freaks out your challenger.
When the prosecution puts a police officer on the stand, they’ll try to get in adjectives of his credentials, like how long he’s been a police officer, where on earth he’s worked, on and on. This is just to build up his credibility with the jury. Immediately interrupt, and say-so that the defense stipulates to his credentials.
Treat your client with respect. Look at him with interest, put your foot on his shoulder once in a while, and give him a lawful pad and a pen so he can write notes to you. Then he won’t interrupt your listen to the trial by whispering to you.
We all know that the Dallas cops pounding the crap out of Lee Harvey Oswald, so put a bunch of black and blue make-up on his face, similar to his wounds haven’t healed.
Good luck.

use insanity defense

Any1 know three ethical obligation of a defense attorney&three ethical obligation of a prosecuting attorney?


1) do not be ethical ;you’re an attorney 2) see #1 3) see #2

I other thought it was a pre-req as a defense attorney not to be ethical, or have morals. Afterall, your defending low-lifes who are a drain on society, which could also be said roughly those defending them. I am not saying we don’t need lawyer, but defending people who you KNOW are quilty is just WRONG!

None in my county, anything goes here.

Anyone beside experience hiring an attorney for defense against a debt collection lawsuit?

 I would like any information on being sued by a credit card debt collector. what happen? If you hired a lawyer what was the procedure and outcome.


read thoroughly carefully thru creditinfocenter com

write a do not call memorandum, validation letter and SOL,
and you’ll sue letter adjectives in one.

you can check to see if the Collection Agency is
on buddhibbs com

If they sue you and it is past the sol next sue them
back. You did not agree to pay them nor did you
sign a contract and if they bought doomed to failure debt that
isn’t your problem either. If you decide to pursue
after they don’t respond to your message, you want a
Consumer Law Attorney

hiring a lawyer is EXPENSIVE, in recent times work out a payment plan with the debt collector.

Depends on how old the debt is. Look of the statue o limitations in your state. Do NOT do anything to reaffirm the debt such as gross a partial payment or acknowledge the debt until you have checked the statute.

If the debt is a valid one but you don’t have the resources to pay it, I would strongly suggesting finding an attorney who specializes contained by bankruptcy. He will ask you for a complete inventory of all of your assets and debts. He will wallet this inventory along with a special pleading in court to stay (suspend) allowed actions by your creditors. About ninety days later, you will be summoned to a audible range which will decide whether all of your debts can be liquidate (Chapter 7) for whether you have sufficient income to require you to enter into a payment plan (Chapter 13). The attorney usually requires a modest lolly payment in finance, about $500, that you can usually obtain from parents or relatives or friends if you enjoy no money of your own.

Good Luck!

Have they file the lawsuit against you yet? If not, you need to IMMEDIATELY transport them a demand to validate dispatch. DO IT NOW!

In it, tell them you want the last bill, the first collection memo, the signed credit card agreement, and (if possible) an accounting of the account. Legally, they are not allowed to verbs with collection activities until they transport this out, and filing a lawsuit is considered a collection activity.

You involve to find an attorney who specializes in collections. This part is not that difficult, because collection attorneys are leaches and will confidently file a lawsuit against a company they have represented surrounded by the past.

Better yet though, look for one that specializes within FDCA defense. But unfortunately, in your travel case they are going to want a retainer fee up front, and you can expect to pay several hundred dollars. If this is a legal debt you will not be able to recover your fees if you win. That is why the validation note is so important. If they sue you without answering, you can counter sue for the FDCA sacrilege, which will allow you to recover $1000 for the violation, plus your attorney fees. That should thwart whatever they collect if they win.

I just sit in on a case purely like this a few months ago. The lady owed $800, but the creditor terminated up paying her a few hundred plus her legal fees. SWEET!

Are court-appointed attorneys required to put up a enthusiastic defense? ?

 I heard that a supreme court decision requires court-appointed attorneys to do so. Can anyone notify me if this is correct? Thanks.


Yes, they are required, as all attorneys are, to defend their client to the best of their knack. They often do not have the resources to do so since prosecutors own a much bigger budget and more resources than defense attorneys.

Indeed. It’s the oath they take when they pass the slab. To “vigorously” advocate their client’s cause.

Source(s): Law Student
ConLaw Specialist

Are defense attorneys ethical?

 when a defense attorney takes a case, or is assigned a bag, surely they must form an opinion in their own mind of the suspects guilt or innocence after seeing the evidence and discussion to the suspect..if they believe in their hearts that the suspect is guilty do they still try to acquire the person off?? what in the region of a suspect who actually tells the attorney he did the crime, does the attorney still try to capture him off?..if any of this is so, how can it be right legally, morally or ethically?


There is an extremely fine line and most good lawyer do abide ethically. ethically it is their job to try to the the individual off and it is extremely pink that someone admits guilt to their lawyer

do you want nouns or freedom?

Hi im 13 and I recognize I have very little go experience (lol). But my dad has a lot of experience going to court and he debate a lot about his position. He works as a police detective investigation homicides. Now my dad is very through in his work but he is also markedly kind. We are Jewish and my dad practices the ethics qualified by our religion. My dad never feels that defense attorneys are bad and understand that its up to a jury to hear both sides of the story. Most of the people that he catches are facing a particularly severe sentence and have a right to have an attorney aid them in court. He says its better for a guilty man to walk free than an innocent man to go to jail. Sometimes because of his attitude he get in trouble with the others where on earth he works and he has trouble finding partners who want to be next to him. On the qt he has helped defense attorneys where on earth if the others found out he could be in serious trouble. He says he wishes to be able to sleep at night beside a clear conscience. The reason they still use him is because he VERY good and solves like mad of cases. He does some really wierd stuff that he keeps under wraps resembling once he went to a graveyard in the middle of the darkness in a pouring rainstorm with a man that have Kabbalistic powers. Whatever he did must have worked. My did likes to confide contained by me. Dont worry he never says anything to me gross or bleeding. I love him and he’s my hero.

Most well-mannered defense attorneys instruct their client not to tell them if they did the crime they are accused of. That approach they can ethically defend them to the best of their ability. Some are wrong and immoral and don’t care as long as they take home a buck.

If he take the case and continues with the armour after finding the evidence to be in his opinion true, even though he may quality his client is guilty by law he must give him the best counsel to be exact available to him at the time. If he can not do that then he must withdraw from the defence.. of course it is not so easy if the grip was appointed to him by the state. HE IS OBLIGATED to treat the person next to all due diligence and extent of the lawerying profession.


Court appointed defense attorney’s are rewarded by the system. Chances of them working in your best interest, is not likely. With an overabundance of caseloads, defense attorney’s do not enjoy a clue, until they appear before the judiciary.
Therefore, my answer is unethical.

A defense attorney have a duty to defend his/her client. If you would prefer that both the prosecution and defense counsels put the rights of the state ahead of a defendant, I am sure that you would have have no problems with the legal systems of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or even Sadaam Hussein’s regime. I realize that it is grating when people like O.J. Simpson rout the system, but it would be a hell of a lot worse, if we adopted one of the aforementioned ones. When a entity is put on trial for a felony, it is considered a crime against the state, NOT against the particular victim(s). Pay attention in your large school government class, and you will revise that fact.

sorry i can’t answer, but i wanted to say it is a suitable question i agree and am waiting to see the answers!!

The attorney is ethically bound to deliver the most effective representation to his or her client. This have nothing to do with guilt or innocence. You will become aware of that a good defense attorney rarely asks his or her client “Well, did you do it?” To them, it does not situation if the person is guilty or not; their job is to force the prosecution to prove beyond believable doubt that the person did it, based on the evidence. In some cases, a defense attorney will excuse himself/herself from a armour but it’s not that common.

The defense attorney is one of the most important individuals in the whole judicial system. Without the defense attorneys to press the evidence and argue over technicalities, there would be no one to hang on to the prosecution in check. Their job is not to bring back the person “off” entirely (although that happens a lot); they’re supposed to trademark absolutely sure that the right person is human being charged with the right crime, for the right reasons, and that the evidence back that up.

yes of course, it is the defense attorneys mission to try and get them off, or carry any good evidence throw out.
Often the judge, the DA, and the Defence attorney adjectives know he did it, but they get him off by some loop hole

That is thier post, And it is easier if the person tells them the truth if they are guilty or not. Lets vote that they found the dead bodies in the crypt, and he had the murder weapon in his coup¨¦ and he confessed he did it.

well the defense attorney will try and get the bodies, the weapon and the confession thrown out of court, to take him off.

That is how it works,


defense attorneys and prosecutors are for the most part out to procure a win. neither one will take a case (most times) if they consistency they can not win it. the law is what it is and the attorneys PRACTICE twisting it up to their best abilities.

No….not when they knowingly try to bring a guilty person off.

put away the giant brush with which you are trying to paint …



A defense attorney is first and foremost an officer of the court and should he be given a confession by the defendant he have an obligation to not fabricate evidence or other theories to cover up the crime for his client. Unfortunately many defense attorneys are more hung up on leading and their win/loss ratio than the truth or justice. this is NOT always the armour, but more common than it should be.
As far as the defense attorneys who aren’t sure about their client’s guilt or innocence, they MUST safeguard that client to the best of their ability and let the chips of evidence and circumstances and witnesses spill out where they may for the jury to see. If done this way, the truth is not obscured, a bit, the possiblity of innocense is presented for the jury to find. the jury is the fact finder and if nothing is covered up, consequently the system will be able to ascertain guilt or innocence based on nouns and evidence; the way it should be.
If you’re ever accused of a crime you did not commit, you’ll appreciate the pressure of a good defense attorney. Wish there be more honest ones out there. Source(s): my Law degree

hell no.

All attorneys are dishonest, that’s why our government is so screwed up and corrupt

The whole agency the american justice system is set up is so that the odds are other, always stacked in the defendant’s foot. Well, at least for cases of State or Federal government vs. a being. They have the tough job of proving guilt. All the attorney have to do is disprove the plaintiff’s proof.

Attourneys can refuse a case, but unless its murder, if you can achieve away with it, its because of flaws in the trial system which is remedied after obvious mistrials. Think about OJ. Its pretty discernible what the outcome should have been, but racism and popularity get in the way. We’ve since remedied it at tiniest some by decreasing racism(by the way juries are chosen) and discounted popularity. Look at Michael Jackson for that–Who didn’t cogitate he molested the boys? Just because he’s weird doesn’t mean he’s not innocent (does not copy my personal views). Source(s): Advanced Placement U.S. Government

Many attorneys are subject to ethics rules which dictate that they must be dilligent when handling any case.

Look at OJ’s lawyer. They knew he did it but their job be to exonerate OJ and not play nice with morality. Sometimes, the job is stressful and hell, but the attorney is obligated to counsel for his client’s interests. This needs to be clear when there is an initial consultation.

Are defense attorneys morally cleaned out, or is it in the order of money?

 What kind of person can safeguard a pedophile?


Yes to both parts of the question.

Morally bankrupt? Hecks NO! It’s not about defending a pedophile. It’s something like making sure that nobody in this country is found guilty before they are even given a f¨ēte chance to defend themselves. Defense attorneys, and the in one piece concept of Innocent until proven guilty is at the heart of our legal system. They have kept a great deal of innocent people out of prison, and should be applauded. You could say equal of prosecuting attorneys, if you want to go that route. The fact of the issue is, without defense attorneys you would only ever hear one side of the argument and almost everyone who go into court would be found guilty. Thousands of people would suffer in prison, and possibly draw from raped or murdered, for crimes they did not commit. The jury, defense, and prosecuting attorneys are a big part of what makes this country great.

“What nature of person could prosecute someone for a crime they didn’t commit?”

in reality, they also often get a really bleak rap and have to deal beside more public hatred than others. It’s much easier to fight for the alleged object, but without both sides being hear all you have is a dictatorship where on earth a person is instantly guilty of any crime they are accused of. Defense attorneys go and get all of the scorn, habitually lower pay, and deal next to truly dangerous people adjectives so that America can continue to be just. I judge they are worthy of appaluse and I think they are probably some of the most selfless inhabitants out there. After all, prosecuting attorneys are the ones that gain the fortune, fame, and good favor of the American population.

There is a legal philosophy that says every personality has the right to a defense. It is called innocent until proven guilty.

I used to love reading Earle Stanley Gardiner’s Perry Mason mysteries because he would other tell his clients that he did not want to know if they were guilty or not as it have nothing whatsoever to do with their defense. Perry Mason would right to be heard that that information only prejudiced the defense, who need to look ate the facts objectively and form the best defense on the ASSUMPTION of innocence.

Without this component the intact system of jurisprudence is worthless. Defense attorneys are the first line of defense for our way of time.

Are big rewarded defense attorneys moral race?

 Like OJ’s attorneys?


No overview is worth a damn….including this one.

Well after, this could raise quite a discussion. People tend see the proverbial sh*t all over lawyers because of their low “moral standards”, but whos morals are they. Does a defense attorney not enjoy a moral as well as a legal must to defend their clients? It is questions approaching these that can really drain fluid out of your own moral compass. A lot of these questions are not simply black and white, so to speak. One could argue with the point that illustrious profile defense attorneys are nothing short of the devil while another could argue that they have no control over the story that their clients slip away to them, that they simply using the information at hand to best defend their population. Often times we forget the very group of peers that decide on the the fate those who hire these attorneys: The Jury. It doesnt matter if your defense attorney is Mark Garagos, Johnny Cochrane, Elvis Pressley or Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ Himself, the jury chooses the outcome, and no one else. We saw most lately just 24 months ago. The government have absolutely ZERO physical evidence tying Scott Petersen to the murder of his wife. They had no witnesses and they have no motive, but still Scott Petersen was found guilty and actually sentenced to release, lol , for a crime that he most likely did not commit. Why, because a district attorney painted him up like the a**hole that he is and made the jury dislike him. Is that not more despicable than letting a guilty man go? Its not black and white. So, even though defense attorneys may tread in grey nouns, let us not forget the real evil- ACLU and Government lawyer. ACLU lawyer tear down the material of society meanwhile government lawyers strike underhanded deal with other countries at the cost of the US people. At literally every problem near society, the government is the cause.



I would say that high compensated lawyers offer an considerable signaling effect. How else would one know which defense attorney to get without some detached intermediary such as price?

I’ll need a retainer earlier I can answer this.

should accuse people have no representation?

should i not be entitled to equality simply because i have been brought beforehand the court?

i cannot say that any discipline is exclusively moral… but if you ask such a question, you own fundamentally misunderstood justice.

under the law EVERYBODY is entitled to their afternoon in court, no matter how GUILTY they are, they are also entitled to an ATTORNEY who have taken an ethical oath to ZEALOUSY defend their client (or its malpractice)- so morals do not ever enter into it.

The “lawyers have no morals” entry is too cheap and easy. Everyone hates defense lawyer until they need one. Then suddenly they want an attorney who will use every legal funds to help them. The ethics of the legalized profession require that lawyers zealously represent thier clients. To any attorney worthy of the name, specifically a moral committment.

Is any attorney moral?

The defense attorneys who pride themselves on getting their clients acquitted may not contemplation if they are guilty or not. They are just out to manipulate the system to donate themselves an ego boost.

Highly paid, and poorly paid defense attorneys are, most habitually, moral people. They simply believe that every individual is entitled to the best outcome possible in their suitcase, whether criminal or civil. They believe that the case against their client has to be proven to the requisite scope (beyond a reasonable doubt if criminal, beyond a preponderance of the evidence if civil).

Even those who defend the most minuscule popular recognize that each defendant, regardless of the alleged crime, is innocent until proven guilty, and is entitled to the best defense available (which may be no defense at adjectives, but a guilty plea.)

The system doesn’t work at all if only one side is represented.

Defense attorneys cannot stay afloat by being moral. It’s an oxymoron. And the higher they achieve paid… the less moral they enjoy to be.

Regardless the offense, if the agents of the State fabricate evidence (whether wholly or within part, through any wilful stroke or omission) against a defendant, the defendant should be acquitted of all the charges against him or her arising from the investigation upon which the charges against him or her be predicated.

It was proved in the OJ trial that one or more agents of the State conspired to fabricate, alter and fib evidence against the defendant.

Whether that conspiracy was affirmative or merely constructive in temper was not effectively challenged, so we can’t enunciate for certain whether the malfeasance arose from a personal assault against Mr. Simpson or from systemic corruption affecting one or more categories of suspected individuals.

The boundaries for advocacy are established in both principle and in regulation; however, if you’re a civil litigant, you’ll find that defense attorneys are afforded (and generally avail themselves of) extraordinary (and often unreasonable) leniency next to respect to the Rules of Professional Conduct and other binding prodecural law.

The same, of course, applies if the defendant contained by a criminal trial is dear to either the judge, judge’s friend, court personnel’s friend, etc. In essence, the “worthy ol’ boy” system is prevalent.

However, when the defendant isn’t exempted from jeopardy by the “good ol’ boy” system, prosecutors generally apply the full force of the directive and gratuitously embellish the alleged injury in order to support upon conviction the most austere possible punishment against the defendant.

Beyond that, you’ve got to realize each attorney should be considered independently. The best that you can hope for is that the attorney will be competent (which is exceptional, but not quite rare), and that he or she will act surrounded by good faith (which is possibly less uncommon).


There are very few moral victories surrounded by our courts. It’s all about who can out-lawyer whom, and that happen to be the party with the most money. Why do you ponder there are so many derogatory expressions for attorneys, such as “bottom-feeder”, etc.? Like you, I would hope that there are still some Atticus Finch types out there, war for the rights of the underdog, but the reality is that where nearby are large amounts of money, there are bottom feeders.

No, niether are low paid defense attorneys, or low remunerated or high paid prosecuting attorneys for that issue. The word Moral and Attorney are complete opposites, and will not co-exist together, ever.

Morality is defined by culture and religion. And regardless of what rule or code or behavior you name, we can find religions and cultures that praise it, or religions and cultures that condemn it. So “moral” isn’t a adjectives designation unless you specify the context.

Are they ethical? Sadly many are not. The more money and power and fame relatives have, the more they tend to ignore the rules and the ethical requirements of the profession.

Now, nearby are some very ethical attorneys that do defense work. And most just construct the same kind of little ethical breaches that adjectives of us do in day to hours of daylight life. Sadly, those who are the most well specified are often the worst, which gives the entire profession a desperate name.

Many of them are. Some of them are not, just like next to the general population, you’ll find all kind of morality in people.

Of course. The State have unlimited funds and all the coercive power of police and military.

If a defendant can’t use the best counsel money can buy, s/he is denied due process.

The State’s response should be to hire competent counsel.

Are near going to be any problems next to me becoming a defense attorney?

 Let’s say about 5 years ago a felony be placed upon me that had no legitimate statute at the time, afterwards had made an example of me by making one. But that is beside the point, I’m not sure but pretty confident it have been expunged.
My question is after the BAR and several years of schooling, and as you would expect the right firm, will I come across any kind of “snag” that will prevent me from pursuing this career? Like for instance the official trouble I’ve gotten myself into years before. If so could this be fixed with a pious lawyer?


Clarity is a prerequisite for lawyer…. also knowledge of the law. If you hold been convicted of a felony, law conservatory might be difficult….

Whether or not it have been expunged, you will have to mention it on your fishing rod application. It’s ultimately up to the board, but you must do your part in making full disclosures.

First of all …you want to check out your police records and clean them up. Because if you want to apply to become a defense attorney, and your employer do a background check, your past could come support to haunt you. First you have to bring a law degree …next pass the state Bar Exam and get anything credentials are needed to practice law in your state. And afterwards in order to become independent and start an organization on your own, it will take quite a while…you will obligation experience, name recognition …and money…so, to capture in and get adjectives this (experience and name recognition and return with to know your way around the court system and all the ethnic group there), you need to learn the requisites by working with a law firm
or while getting your regulation degree work as an intern.
Getting back to your cross-examine, yes, it might be fixed and your records can get cleared (depending on the seriousness of the charges against you).

Are near times when defense lawyer in recent times can’t preserve their clients because they KNOW they really did it?

 Defense lawyers can’t purger themselves. If they know their client did it they will seek other avenues for defense.

alla time

Yes. That’s what’s going on to my brother. They can’t really defend him.

Are within any sincere pro-bono lawyer out here for a single mom need strong defense-family ruling…?

 I am being taken advantage of due to paucity of finances for an excellent lawyer. Does anyone have any skill or personal experiences of pro-bono lawyers? Know of one? It would be a definite win for them to attach to their record of wins.


Ok, Don’t verbs about what you owe the lawyer right in a minute and that doesn’t mean you dont owe for services rendered ..
depending on your need …
1. If this a crimminal thing , see your local Public Defender Office . If you qualify for services you will and can be helped .

2.All other matters can be handle by 4th year Law students in your area .. Call your local imperative school 4 help here …also Law school are able to tell you what type of atty. you may call for ..

3. Call local State Bar associations for info on Pro-Bono assistance
If this is a matter affecting children . Call local (STATE OFFICE) child welfare offices .

Good luck…I’ve be looking for that answer for years. It is all about money honey, nil less. It’s not like you see on TV, it’s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and one and only $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! Source(s): Experience.

Are poor defendants entitled to a energetic defense by a court-appointed attorney?

 I just want to know what the law/Supreme Court, etc. says on the subject of what kind of effort a court-appointed attorney must put contained by.


It really wouldn’t matter what the decree says about that. It is a thing of professional ethics.

If a doctor treats a patient who have no money to, that patient is entitled by medical ethics to the best treatment the physician is competent to provide,

It’s the same with lawyer. A court-apponted lawyer, or even a lawyer doing a pro-bono baggage (no payment) MUST use his or her full range of skill and care on behalf of the client.

An attorney, even a court-appointed one, even an unpaid court-appointed one, is legally and ethically bound to tender his criminal defendant client a vigorous defense.

Having said that, the lawyer is not within any way required to present, much less try to promote, his client’s flakier arguments. The advocate is expected to use his own legal experience and training, rather than stick to his untrained client’s legal theories.

In a criminal proceeding, yes.

yes, more than one criminal have got a new trial by showing his court appointed legal representative did not try hard.

In very serious cases, the court tries to fashion sure they have a good attorney.

I’m sure the quality of defense is better at the Supreme Court level but at county and state even, you’re pretty much a goner.

I was convicted of arson when I was 19. It be a federal case, I wasn’t even inside the place, some kids I had of late met scorched the floor. One would think that, because I wasn’t in reality on the premises and the place wasn’t actually set on fire, that I wouldn’t hold been convicted.

Long story short, I was the simply one convicted of arson. The other kids had real lawyer, I had a court appointed lawyer. I sit in jail for 8 months pre-trial and individual saw my lawyer for the 2 minutes it took for him to walk me into the court room. I be too scared and ignorant to do anything but filch the plea.

Don’t expect to get anything but the maximum sentence out of an appointed counsel.

you get what u pay for.
they grasp a free attorney, paid for by tax payers.

Are There Mormon Defense Attorney’s?

 I was wondering if there are Mormon defense attorney’s or are they adjectives prosecutors?


I guess there are. Now that I think more or less it the ones I personally know specialize in other work. I don’t know any that are ambulance chasers.

There are a fair number of em.

A former counselor in the first presidency – President James Faust, who passed away recently – be a lawyer… I am not sure if he was a defense attorney or prosecutor. When he be called to be a general authority, surrounded by his I think first talk he said “I enjoy been a lawyer for 30 years and I hold been repenting for that the last few days…” It be pretty funny. It was something like that, I don’t know if I quoted it without fault but it was funny. Source(s): CTR

I know of several Mormon Defense attorneys. As various mormons that there is, of course there’s Defense attorneys also.

lol. My uncle is a terrifically well known defense attorney. And a unbelievably rich one at that. He also happens to be a stake president in the LDS church.

Go to and type surrounded by Mormon Defense Attorney. There you will find several attorneys.

yup – my hubby’s one and we associate beside quite a few others throughout the western US
[he’s actually easier to live next to now that he’s defending rather than prosecuting ;>]



Are at hand groups that can oblige me afford a “Good” Defense Attorney?

I am in a very bleak situation right now. I am not going to discuss charges but lets voice that I am not what people say I am. I enjoy been screwed over big time and unless I can get a honourable Attorney to Represent me, I will be spending the next 17 Years in a Federal Prison. I cannot afford an Attorney, everyone I spoke to said between $50 & 75K. So I am stuck next to a Federal Defender that was just agreed to a Law Firm. The judge is making him still handle my casing, but he is very gracefully letting me know that he could not care smaller number about me or my case since I am not paying him extra for it.
He did not speak those words but his movements most certainly do.
The other Federal Defenders are just as discouraging.
I need help desperately, but within the United States, those with money get the back they need and those without, dance to prison when they shouldn’t.
Does anyone know of any groups that can help me out? Please feel free to email me if you want.
Thank You


Some imperative schools have criminal defense clinics. You would be represented by students, but its the just case they’ll be working on and they will be well supervised by imperative professors. Call around to different law schools surrounded by your area. There’s no guarantee, especially in the summer, but its worth the application.

I worked for a securities arbitration clinic during law school. We be very successful, getting tens of thousands of dollars for our clients. Experts often proposal their services to clinics for free, so you get expensive representation for no money. Worth a try if you can find one that will take your luggage. Obviously the better the law school the better the representation.

If you own Citzens Advice Bureaux over there, they will know. Or check out the Law faculty of your local university, they may do pro bono work.

Are women more potential to be defense or prosecuting attorneys?


This makes me wonder if women might function better as one or the other. My wife’s noticeably more of a prosecuting attorney type than a defense lawyer. Do you think there’s something extra forceful about a woman defending a female client or prosecuting a manly defendant who is accused of committing a crime against a female? Just curious. Don’t scrounging to be prejudice or anything.

history has shown that when woman bring into a position of power they become very vindictive and abuse the power they own been giving,(margaret thatcher,eva braun,cleo patrah,are a couple of examples,
the answer to your question would be prosecuters as they would attain more satisfaction from someone going to jail than they would from someone going free.

Women are far more expected to be defense attorneys, unless they are presecutors for crimes against women and children.

women very soon a days are dominating factor in society. they show force in any category of field, thats equality, unlike before, women are at home (career of individual a good mother and wife)defenseless.battered wife,. and thats the would awareness women are likely on the field of defense., they know the situation., and motherhood instinct. the aggravating factor in our society today are surrounded by a situation of womens desperation, this is based on the surveys. Source(s): own opinion

I became a prosecuting attorney because I want to run the drug lords out of my old neighborhood. They cost my brother his duration and I want payback for all of the good inhabitants they hurt.

thereis no deffrence between being man or woman defense or proscuting attorney

Prosecuting attorneys. Look at Nancy Grace! She is fearsome in a bad path. Everyone who is a racial minority, poor or the husband is guilty. She even made that woman comit suicide. I know I’d top myself if Nancy were after me!


I was a prosecuting attorney. I don’t think near is that big of a differnece. For one thing–people don’t usually stay prosecutors for a long period of time. They then travel into something else. I am weird I went into tuition. But most go into what they know–which is criminal law–and so they become defense attorneys.

In looking back I can not really influence that there were more womanly prosecutors. There may be at any one time–because of the short life of most prosecutors and since most were hired relatively only just there are a higher percentage of woman–since historically within the past law be pretty much male. But that is the singular reason for any disparity.

Are you a defense attorney or a prosecuting attoreny?

choose one and why.
idk which one i would choose i like both…


Prosecuting , because I think it would be more fun and provoking to declare some one guilty over innocent. One is already innocent until proven guilty. I love snooping into evidence.

Assault attorney defense costs?

 I got attacked by my counsin. We had a dispute over him ripping past its sell-by date a relative. I have never even been within a fight before. He showed up at my home and march up to my front porch and got in my facade and threatened me and my wife to “back off” I never punched him, swung at him nothing. I of late pointed and told him to get the helll out of here. Next thing I know, he punched me in the face and a barney was on. I got the better of him. I even give him three chances to quit, asking him if he had ample. He kept coming though, and even picked up a metal bar and hit me with it. So I kept punching. He get totally messed up. I suffered some cuts bruises, nothing major.

Now he is wadding assault charges on me! I was willing to permit it go! He told me he had too, since he is going to enjoy like $20,000 in medical bills. I never started it. Gave him a uncertainty to quite three times. I only defended myself. The police come and did not take me to jail, but said they will “investigate” If they thought I started it, they would hold arrested me.

Anyhow, my question is, how much will it likely cost to maintain myself with an attorney? A ball park integer? It likely will go to court. Will he own to pay my legal fees?

I did undeniably nothing wrong, never even had a traffic ticket. I’m a harmonious person. What a mess!


You need to press charges for assault on your own property. I know it sounds crazy but you have to own this all documented. He came onto your property. He provoked the quarrel. If there were any witnesses you requirement to get them to write something up and sign it so that if it all go to court they can’t change their mind or what they saw.

Do you have any pics from the quarrel? Cuts, bruises? Have your wife write down her version of what happen. Believe me, inhabitants always seem to forget the little things.

He may be of late blow in smoke but you have to be prepared without letting this consume your life.

And remember when you speak just about this with others remain calm and don’t roar and scream out if you don’t like what you hear. That will show you are not a raging type of personality.

You can call an attorney’s office or helpline and see what it would cost or how the situation should be handle.

DO NOT CALL or TALK to the other person. And if he calls you remember to document, preserve phone records and record if you can.

I know I wasn’t much abet but just throwing a few ideas out to you… Good luck and I hope adjectives works out for you

Yes – He came to your place or homestead.. That about say it all.. This is open and shut valise and you will surely win. You have a right to defend your personality and property. I cant imagine any attorney taking this case if its the channel you describe it..

I’m confused. Whether you are charged with assault is up to the police and the prosecutor. It’s not up to your cousin, although if he asks them to drop it they probably will.

If they charge you, you will enjoy to defend yourself. If you win, you still have to wages your lawyer, your cousin has zilch to do with that.

Now, if he files a lawsuit against you, that’s another issue. You may have to safeguard that as well, no matter the decriminalized case. If you win THAT he may be ordered to pay your lawyer’s fees. Or he may not, it’s up to the authority.

Becoming a defense legal representative?

requirements for employment?
Salary starting out?
Advancement opportunities?

“> I’m assuming you have it in mind criminal defense.

qualifications? A law amount, bar admission, and criminal regulation clinic and clerkship experience during law school.

requirements for employment? See above.

Salary starting out? It depends on if you are working as a public ally or at a private law firm. As a PD, you could make as little as $35,000 within a low cost of living area, or as much as $80,000 in a elevated cost of living area. If you graduate at the top of your law college class, you could make six figures at your first assignment at a large private firm.

Advancement opportunities? Making partner at a canon firm or advancing to Public Defender rather than Assistant Public Defender.

Benefits? Depends on the employer. A administration job (public defender) will most likely enjoy excellent benefits. A small law firm will most likely hold terrible benefits (possibly not even offer you form insurance). A large firm will probably have a fitting benefits package.

Can a legal representative donate me an example of a valid prima facie defense near regard to speeding?

 You have your terms confused.
There is no such article.
I think what you want is an affirmative defense.
That’s where you plead guilty that you were speeding, but had a valid apology.
Like a life-or-death emergency, loss of brakes in your car, etc.

A prima facie defense would be that the cop wrote you up for doing 45 contained by a 35, but the speed limit where you be stopped is 45, not 35.

A defense, in other words, where in that is no dispute as to facts – the cop and you both agree that you were doing 45. The defense is “Yes, I did exactly what the cop says I did – bit it’s not banned.”


Can a legal representative shift sides, from defense to prossecution, if he looked-for to?

 On the same case, No. Our Model Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit it. However, if you of late mean can they change contained by general. Of course, as long as they do not have any type of conflict of interest contained by a party to a case. Source(s): canon school–Professional Responsibility

No, absolutely not.

You have it in mind in the same suitcase? i don’t think so…
But my grandpa was a defense attorney later he was a DA (prosecutor) and now hessubsidise to doing the defense…

not in the same travel case, but certainly during a career. I know several defense attorneys who own been prosecutors and several prosecutors who have previously worked the other side of the street.

Can a defense advocate and the prosecutor chitchat outside of the courtroom and be friends?

 just wondering….


Sure. They are operating in a professional capacity, doing their job, they don’t have to hate respectively other. Most members of the bar know the other attorneys surrounded by their speciality.

Yes. Often ‘opposing’ lawyers deal beside each other regularly and know each other. There’s a difference between arguing a travel case for a client and having a personal grudge against the other lawyer. It’s not resembling on TV.

Yesof course they often do.

They can be, but I don’t see why anyone would want to be friends with someone who is proud of helping criminals (especially rapists, murderers and others that hurt people) get away near committing crimes.

Ihappens adjectives the time. Why wouldnt they?


Can a defense attorney be charged if ( he or she ) win a skin,knowing that they are guilty of a capitol crime?

 a man is defended and found not guilty ( for what ever reason ) of murdering a child,and that child is found to have be bound and buried alive,and the lawyer know’s he is guilty but still defends him beside all his ability and win,is that lawyer guilty of a crime or is he bound by law to turn over this evidence to the authorites?


Happens all the time…look at OJ.did his lawyers acquire convicted.

Hell no who do you think write the damn law, lawyers. that is how they attain your money if you are poor you get a public defender and they are the morons of the profession you might as in good health kiss your azz goodbye. If you are rich you will almost never go to prison, OJ, Ken Lay, Robert Blake, etc. In the rare covering if you have to like Martha Stewart it will be a country club prison beside tennis courts, and a chef.

An attorney is required by the canon of ethics to zealously defend his/her client. This scheme giving them the best possible defense. It is not a defense lawyer’s role to judge the guilt or innocence of the accused. That is for the decide or jury. It is the defense lawyer’s role to ensure that:
1) The state MUST prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
2) All of the state’s evidence must conform to the rules of evidence. i.e. it must be lawfully obtain, must be relevant, and must be more probitive than prejudicial.
3) The witnesses are presented properly, that their stories are consistent, and that their testimony is properly presented to the court.
4) That the Defendant’s claim of innocence, if he wishes to assert one, is properly presented to the court.
5) An attorney may NOT however, present perjured nouns. If he/she knows in reality that a witness is perjuring him/her self, they must present that information to the Court if the witness is a prosecution witness, and if it is a defense witness, then they should withdraw.
6) An attorney who know or who has good point to know that his/her client will perjur themselves on the stand should not allow that client to testify in their own defense. If the client insists (as is their right) then the attorney must repeal and not further represent them.

The lawyer is not guilty of any crime if the state is unable to prove the defendant guilty beyond a judicious doubt, regardless of what crime. Remember: in ALL criminal prosecutions, the State (government) has the burden or proof,not the defense. Source(s): 10+ years contained by the legal profession.

A advocate cannot withhold items material to the prosecution of the crime – bloody clothing, the ransom money, etc. Nor can a lawyer subborn perjury by putting his client on the stand knowing for a certainty that the client is lying.

Other than that, a lawyer has a duty to zealously represent his client. And so does the prosecutor. The system is designed, at tiniest in theory, to net both sides as clear as possible to the trier of fact so that the judge or jury can brand the best decision possible. If a lawyer defend a guilty person and wins, it is the jury that committed the injustice, not the attorney.

No he cannot, by the attorney-clientpriviledge. EXCEPT of course, if the prosecutor were to swot that the defense attorney had this information, in which overnight case he could given a subpeona. However this is rare. Generally, anything said to one’s attorney is not allowed as evidence.

The Lawyer and his client benefit from a special relationship that is said to be “priviledged”. The lawyer is duty-bound to assert strict confidentiality and provide legal defense to the best of his/her ability no concern what the circumstance.
In the case that you mention of a lawyer knowing of his client’s guilt in attendance are two things to consider. Firstly, we are innocent until proven guilty, and on that basis the client has the right to a full defense. Secondly, unless the advocate personally witnessed the criminal act, the horizontal of proof he would have at his disposition wouldn’t meet the “beyond the shadow of a doubt” guideline needed to convict.
The advocate is only very seldom forced to defend a particular client. If he is mortified with a case that he feel breaches his morality, or puts him in a conflict of interest type of situation, he can simply resign from the case.

Can a defense attorney act a conjugal ceremony contained by New york state?

 I was wondering if the NY state law includes an attorney? if so do they of late need to register for a certificate to make the ceremony? How would I find out more info on this?


Call the Clerk of the Court contained by your county and ask them. State laws vary.

PS I doubt if they can, any more than hotel Bell Captains can.

Wellof course he can! As long as he ALSO meet the following conditions:

To be valid, a marriage ceremony must be performed by any of the individuals specified within Section 11 of the New York State Domestic Relations Law. These include:

the mayor of a city or village;
the former mayor, the city clerk or one of the deputy city clerks of a city of more than one million inhabitants;
a marriage officer appointed by the town or rural community board or the city common council;
a justice or believe to be of the following courts: the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western Districts of New York, the New York State Court of Appeals, the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court, the New York State Supreme Court, the Court of Claims, the Family Court, a Surrogates Court, the Civil and Criminal Courts of New York City (including Housing judges of the Civil Court) and other courts of record;
a settlement, town or county justice;
a member of the clergy or minister who have been officially ordained and granted authority to execute marriage ceremonies from a governing church body within accordance with the rules and regulations of the church body;
a member of the clergy or minister who is not authorized by a governing church body but who have been chosen by a spiritual group to preside over their spiritual affairs;
other officiants as specified by Section 11 of the Domestic Relations Law.
The person performing the ceremony must be registered beside the City of New York in order to get something done a ceremony within the New York City limits. The officiant does not own to be a resident of New York State. Ship captains are not authorized to perform marital ceremonies in New York State.

***SWEET MILDRED SENT ME*** Source(s):

Anyone can marry you, as long as they are ordained or certified or do whatever they have to do within order to have ” … the power vested within me by the state of New York … ”

Why don’t you just ask the attorney “dude, can you marry us?” That would be the most direct route.


idont think so, but who knows anymore you will of late have to check with them ,i know u can gain married at most court houses, and someone has the power to marry you there

As I understand it, the person perfoming the wedding ceremony has to be certified.
Here are a few websites I found:………

I;m not sure on this one, but you could look that up on he internet and procure the correct answer.

Can a defense attorney quit a armour because their defendant admit guilt to them?

 I don’t know anything about law. If you own guilt to a defense attorney, I believe that they are legally obliged not to disclose that information. Can they choose not to represent you, if they’re already agreed to be your attorney? Contracts signed, and such..


They can ask the court to appoint a new attorney and argue emotional ties and conflict beside the case making it so they don’t feel the can shelter you to the best of their ability.

So yes contracts are signed but they can still get out of it near the courts permission. You also WANT them out of it if they want because if they disagree with your travels and it causes personal moral conflict they will not be able to do a thoroughly good job defending you and your casing will likely be lost.

Well, yes they can if you are going to lie lower than oath that you did not commit the crime. They have an obligation to the client, but they also enjoy an obligation to the court. If the defendant admits guilt to them they inevitability to go to the judge and petition to remove ascouncil due to an ethical conflict. That get them off of the case, preserves the attorney/client privilege and allows the defendant to buy untainted council.

yes, they can ask to be removed but they cannot disclose any information the defendant provided without facing serious nouns violation that could and in most cases would affect their propensity to continue being a attorney

Out of all my clients, 2 hold admitted guilt to me and it did not affect my representation one bit. My clients did not testify in their own defense and my career was mainly to theory test the credibility of the witnesses against them.

Sure, a defense attorney can ask to be removed from a case citing a conflict of interest, but that conflict can stem from manyreason. A judge wouldn’t necessary guess why you are asking to be removed. And honestly, it doesn’t issue anyway, since the judge does not determine a defendant’s innocence or guilt – -that’s for the jury.

Years ago, I took a “Citizen and the Law” class that be taught by a lawyer who have worked for some years as a public defender.

He was asked how a defense attorney could defend a person who admit that they’d committed a crime they were charged with. His answer:

First of adjectives, he said that most public defenders don’t ask their clients if they are guilty, if they did the crime, and most clients don’t admit they did the crime. The defense attorney isn’t interested within whether his client is factually guilty or not. His job is solitary to defend his client from the specific charges brought against the client, and he doesn’t have to prove the client is innocent. All he have to do is convince the jury that the prosecution hasn’t proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The guy who taught this course said that most of the time, the defense attorneys concern themselves beside issues about whether the police and the DA’s office own followed the law in investigating the crime (i.e., haven’t violated their client’s Constitutional rights), and as a practical business in getting their client the best possible deal they can.

A client can fire his attorney and an attorney can ask to be taken past its sell-by date the case, and neither client nor attorney has to cite a specific origin for the split.

Public defenders don’t have a contract near the client. They are appointed by the court and paid by the government for their services.

In the armour of private attorneys who may have a contract with the client, the contract is usually going to hold a clause that allows the attorney to opt out. If you remember the Robert Blake murder trial, Blake had several attorneys who quit his case up to that time he went to trial, mostly because Blake wouldn’t take the attorney’s proposal to not give interviews.


Can a one be a defense attorney and be a true Christian?

From what I see on these court shows like Law and Order and The Practice, as a defense lawyer you enjoy to do your best to defend your client even if you know he is guilty. I couldn’t by good conscience be a defense attorney. What does everyone else meditate?


Well the court appointed Jew one 2000 years ago didn’t work out so well.

I cogitate you’re assuming that Law and Order is real life.

The tenet requires the defendant to be defended. If he has an inadequate defense, the prison term can be overturned at appeal. It’s in society’s best interest that the person accuse of a crime receives adequate defense.

Defense attorneys try not to know for sure. They can’t suborn perjury by allowing the defendant to tale, so he doesn’t want to know. He works from the assumption that the person is innocent until proven guilty. If the attorney does find out the defendant is guilty, he’ll probably try to get out of defending him.

There are beyond a shadow of a doubt many slime bucket attorneys who work to get the guilty exonerated. They don’t own a conscience so it doesn’t bother them.

I could never represent a client that I knew was guilty. However, I do realize that such folks do need defense attorneys so I do not judge those who choose to watch over them.

Yes, it is indubitably possible to be a defence lawyer and a Christian. The job of an advocate is to see justice done and to put the best valise for the client. If your client tells you for a fact that he is guilty of the crime and refuse to plead guilty, then you are required by the rules of professional etiquette to withdraw from the valise. If there is any doubt as to his guilt or otherwise, then it is not your charge to judge, but to present your client’s case according to your instructions. There are assorted devices you can use in doing this where the luggage lacks credulity: “I am instructed that…”, “It is my client’s case that….”.

You shouldn’t be too influenced by what you see on court shows. Real life can be somewhat different.

Remember too that we, sinners that we are, hold our own Advocate before God the Father. How grateful we are for that!

Im a christian and no. Defending someone who’s guilty (even if its for work) is unchristian similar to. And so in suing someone instead of talking it out

Everyone has the right to a proper defense whether guilty or not. That is in the US constitution and for honourable reason. I know some defense attorneys who are fine people and work in the ethics of their trade. The prosecution must prove its case beyond a restrained doubt and it is the job of the defense attorney to make sure that happen.

Try being a corporate attorney!

Morality has little place any where on earth on this world, this has been proven again and again.

And the bible really hasn’t done any favors for that morality. Keep within mind God said that you need to stone disobedient children, homosexuals, and people who work on Sunday.

If your a defense lawyer and you think your client is guilty, you inevitability to drop the client! I suggest you watch the movie “Devils Advocate” its got Al pachino surrounded by it, its an awesome movie, although its a fiction movie, it may help you out morally!

The defense lawyer’s role is to make sure that the defendant’s rights are not violated.

Legal courts are not interested in truth; they are interested contained by evidences.

defense attorneys don’t want to know if the client in reality committed a crime. The prosecution must prove their case. The defense must counter that argument. Whatever the client tells the defense doesn’t really situation except as an alibi.

I think you have it backwards. How could anyone be a well-mannered xtian, and be a prosecutor? Someone who is trying to do harm to someone else? someone trying to judge someone else?

angelic for you , your parents must be proud keep up the good work well-mannered bye

It’s like asking whether you can practice celibacy while working as a prostitute.

Yes. They can also be a schyster attorney. It takes all kind.

You could, but you stipulation to judge your client carefully and choose not to safeguard them if you know they’re guilty.

Well, same sorta question….could you be a christian and still inlist in the military?

Ok what about being a intermediary that sends people to the gallows,
Or the broad that send;s his troops out knowing some will die
but that’s just my view..

The way the court system have been twisted around lately it would be really hard to be a christian and a defense attorney. But in attendance are other areas you could work in. And to the moron ahead of me what in the world does serving within the military have to do with man a christian? There are lots of christians in the military. Stop listening to the democrats when they spew their poison in the region of how horible military personell are

first, i would not take a baggage if i thought the person was guilty. i would not lose the relationship i own with GOD for any one

Well, if you choice to be like your fellow priests in teh confessional that arent allowed to grant up confessions you will be a perfect lying defense attorney.

Sure, as long as your truthful…

I believe so, as long as you keep them separated enough to where on earth you don’t let either help yourself to over the majority of your life. Commit to your job and your religious view in equal or appropriate portions. For example, do not let your position sway you to doing something immoral in your religious view to get ahead in a crust. Not all defense lawyers own to do immoral deceiving things to win a case. Just be true to yourself, and get hold of as much information (facts) as you can to back up your arguments, and make sure you can believe what you are truism before you argue it to a judge or jury. And, on small screen, it’s for entertainment, so for a good plot they make it more dramatic and they give more lies and deceit. If you do not truly believe the person, next you can pass the case on to another individual. Be true to who you are while you make your arguments and you should be fine. I hope that helped. 🙂

yes or no
ha i beat u all i get it right!!

I LUVVVVV CRISS ANGEL!! Source(s): me=}

Can an attorney want wether to be defense or regular?

 If I go to law conservatory do I have to choose whether I want to be defense or regular? Or can I just run the cases I want to?


You can pick your own specialty.

You can pick your own grazing land. Defense, prosecutor, tax, corporate, ambulance chaser, lots more.

In the U.S., law school is terribly general – it just qualify you to be a lawyer (if you pass the fishing rod exam afterward). You can take specific classes about specific areas of tenet, and those can help you prepare, but whether you take those classes or not you can choose doesn`t matter what law job you want (if they’ll hire you) after statute school.

There are lots of options – if you are self-employed as an attorney, you can pick the cases you want to, regardless of whether you’ve taken classes give or take a few that area of law. You are only just supposed to charge less if you have smaller number experience in something, find a mentor, and be willing to accept when you’re in over your head.

Can I catch a settlement from a California defense attorney that I salaried complete upfront?

 I paid my defense lawyer upfront (very common) for 30 hours worth of work on my skin. He charged $300 an hour. I had to get another credit card to salary him in full. He let me know adjectives the work he would be doing and was very considerate of my overnight case during our initial session.

But as the case went on, adjectives he did was show up at a couple continuances and then adjectives of a sudden the DA settles my case one day. My legal representative actually told me multiple times he hasn’t talked to the DA even so about my case and how it would be a while previously it gets settled. Then one day the DA offer to settle at a continuance and the paperwork took all of 5 minutes and we were done. I have a friend go through the police report and he said it took him all of 1.5 hours. At most I’m guessing my attorney did 10 hours worth of work which would only be $3000 instead of the $9000 I gave him.

I hold been trying to get my personal effects released from the police station but my legal representative hasn’t returned FOUR emails to him over the last few weeks. Is there anyway to grasp a refund from him?


Tell him you want to see the breakdown of the hours he spent working on your case and exactly what it is he did. If he refuse to give that to you, tell him you want at tiniest $6000 back and that you’re going to report him to the California State Bar. You can also check the California State Bar website. Do a search on his dub. Any other complaints or actions that have be taken against him are public record. Attorneys like that pass them all a bad designation.

If you go to the courthouse where your baggage was heard, walk to the clerk’s office and ask them to put your case on calendar. You can budge to the judge you appeared in front of. Tell him or her you want to own your personal effects returned. As long as they’re not considered evidence that’s related to your case, they should be released to you. The style guru can order it. You don’t need your attorney to do that.

His bill include his dreams roughly speaking you.

No you are out of luck

Can plaintiff’s attorney be charged next to aiding and abet a fraud on the court by defense counsel.?

 Is there any precedence where a plaintiff’s attorney refuse to place in evidence proof of defense counsel’s subornation of perjury and perjury of defendant’s witnesses, as a aiding and abetting a fraud on the court? The suitcase involves wrongful termination for employment discrimination and retaliation for refusing to assist the company win a $2 billion defense contract by using the competitors trade secrets and competition sensitive documents. Plaintiff’s attorney would not even consider forwarding evidence of violations of federal canon to the US District Attorney. Plaintiff’s attorney did not object to 11th hour evidence and allowed defense counsel to submit material evidence that if set would have precluded summary decision on all but one of the causes of act; this adds to the possible aiding and abetting a fraud on the court by defense counsel and his witnesses.


Your question is confusing. However, within Wisconsin the rules of ethics require one attorney who observes another attorney violate to the rules of nouns to report the other’s violation to the Office of Lawyer Regulation. The failure to build such a report is, in and of itself, an ethics vandalism. Lack of candor toward the tribunal is a serious violation of the rules and it must be reported if observed by an attorney. Source(s):

I am pretty sure that I do not even understand your question.

There are oodles tactical decisions made at trial, and some of the most important are whether to express doubts or not object. If the decision is rational, or merely questionable, it is unlikely to rise to the level of fraud.

That said, if you feel that your attorney did not achieve properly, you can always seek to arbitrate your fees, complain to the dowel, or try to sue for malpractice.

Assuming that LA means Los Angeles, the California Bar website is at

I don’t regard you will find your answer on YA.

Can someone describe the motives of the prosecutor and the defense attorney contained by passage arguments?

 Can someone describe the motives of the prosecutor and the defense attorney in opening arguments?Thanks!


Obviously the motive of the prosecutor is to prove the perpetrator is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Proving it by the evidence that is given . The defense attorney is hired or if the accuse doesn’t have the money for a lawyer,he/she is given a court-appointed attorney. The defense advocate also has to prove the innocence of his client given the details and evidence or lack sour to the appeal of the jury and/or the judge. From the opening statements they both will attempt and describe the defendent and the charges against him or her and then go on to try to prove their satchel beyond a reasonable doubt. They appeal to the judge and to a jury if present.

Opening arguments are to set the stage for what they intend to do in the defense and/or prosecution contained by the specific case.

So they can get the jury within the frame of mind they want to be able to convince them of their point of evidence.

the passage arguments by both sides are to outline what they will prove during the case. They give a inexact outline of how they intend to do this. they outline evidence, witnesses, timelines, and they try to give a view as to the defendants/arrestees for doing or not doing something in need creating too much expectation for their side but the opposite for the other side. Source(s): n.

Can someone explain why an American attorney will within their right mind be a defense advocate for terrorists?

i guess its all about the money, yes?

The worst terrorists are America’s wealthy-elite. They snuff out, steal and loot all over the globe, including right here at home. No moral attorney should represent them. They adjectives belong in prison.

No. Actually it isn’t. If you consider the plight of people that are detained as “opponent combatants”, they probably deserve a good defense lawyer more than most. People are arrested and detained at Guantanamo and other quasi-secret prisons beside little oversight. They don’t get a criminal trial, and the level of evidence to detain them is abhorrently minuscule. The alleged evidence against them isn’t disclosed, because of “national security”, so they hold no way to know what they did and what to defend against. If you do some research, you will see how lots people have be released because the government determines that they were never guilty of anything except mortal in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Please, do some research. These people aren’t defending terrorists, they are defending alleged terrorists. And until the elected representatives can prove up their terrorist activities (which most of the time they can’t, because they are wrong about the personality being a terrorist), these suspects should be given more rights.

“> Some culture will do anything for money, a good example is the Gov. of Ill.

they may be patriot
they may believe in the Constitution
they may believe than a man isn’t guilty unless they are proved guilty
you way is the contrary of the american legal system
additionally Guantanamo bay have shown up that most of the people Held there are not terrorists, but a dismal miscarriage of justice has taken place.

it is worth remembering at this point nelson mandela is a convicted terrorist, not of champion black rights but of blowing up a power pylon

It has more to do with making sure their clients receive impartial trials than it has to do with money.

Everyone deserves representation and if no one steps forward, the presiding judge will pick someone at unsystematic from the attorney pool in that courts jurisdiction.

1. designation in the papers

2. legal representation is a lawful right in this country, better to give them lawyer then risk getting the wrong person for a crime. Think in the region of it for every person that goes to sentence to prison for a crime they didn’t commit the one that DID do it goes free.

3. I doubt its the money… but with glory, money comes later, maybe write a book after its over.

Everyone deserves a fair trial, even terrorists.

In our country everyone deserves a fair trial, but sometimes it is about the money and fame.

We ban terrorism and option to kill terrorism. Surely not a terrorist for he might not be informed of what he did.
Despite all likelihood in the profession, one need not condemn a attorney for accepting a case of terrorist.
Because, it is not the lawyer nor the terrorist that win, it is the representation of a covering in its real spirit that should win. May be the credit go to its sponsor.

When you take the lawyer’s oath, you agree to shelter to the best of your abilities no matter of inference of guilt, race, sex, age, or social class….

if you break this creed, it’s considered a violation of federal canon and you will be charged and you could lose your license to practice…. Source(s): straight off the top of the dome!

Just because you are charged doesn’t tight-fisted you are guilty, many of the so called “terrorists” at gitmobe caught up in massive sweeps, some beside little evidence. In fact two were lately released that had served nearly 7 years in prison and be never tried, and found to have no terrorists links. This was with the sole purpose after the case went adjectives the way to the US supreme court. Imagine being within prison for 7 years with out trial for something you didn’t do.

Even Bush admits the “bomb of intelligence” in Iraq, so why do you think our intelligence is any better for these detainees? Sure some are hardened terrorists but we explain ourselves as a free society on how we treat even criminals. We should take pride in the reality that even the worst offenders in history at most minuscule get a fair trial. They we can server out punishment next to a clear conscience.
If we become a totalitarian state, then we are no better than them an then they truly hold won the the war on terror.

Money, and the headlines.

Can someone minister to me think through why the defense lawyer I see on TV disgust me?

 Either they are delusional or they are stupid enough to come up with outrageous design to defend some idiot or rapist who deserves jail to procure them off our streets. They insult our intelligence and greedy enough to spend time/money defending trash.


They disgust me too.
If the ones on TV bother you, you should stumble upon some in real go. They are no better, and often worse.
They disgust you because they are accomplished and guiltless liars. They have a feeling so righteous about defending creeps. They tell themselves it’s their mission. Right! Sure! Does that mean bankrobbery is okay because it’s just a commission? They say everyone has a right to a defense. That’s true, but does that assert lying? Does that justify taking pride in getting a murdurer bad?
Here’s the deal, the end never justify the means, even when the President thinks it does (like torturing prisoners to achieve intelligence on terrorists ).

Can the Gitmo prisoners bring equality? Why is an ex-Gitmo advocate in a minute aiding the defense?

 Some Americans don’t care if the Gitmo prisoners get a party trial–but with the death cost awaiting them, I’d like to see the right people fry (I’m pro-death penalty). Here’s the article roughly speaking it:…Why is Davis, the lawyer changing sides?Davis alleges, among other things, that Pentagon common counsel William Haynes said in August 2005 that any acquittals of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo would make the United States look unpromising, calling into question the fairness of the proceedings.

“He said ‘We can’t have acquittals, we’ve get to have convictions,”‘ Davis recalled.

I”d similar to to see justice, not random lynchings for revenge.


That lawyer should be within Gitmo with them.

If you are on the wrong side of US policy, who’s sense of justice are you aid? There is no justice for the Gitmo prisoners. Words, play on words , new constructive definition of policy can’t allow for any leniency, even with the world watching.
Never allow yourself to be decieved into thinking your different.

I agree 100% that within should be fair trials. Its an important item because its one of the foundations of America and what we define ourselves as. To not give a reasonable trial would be criminal. I served in Iraq, and I saw what some of these guys can do, but I will never demand blood for fate sake. It just comes down to it that it is the RIGHT thing to do to bestow these people trials.

Can the results of a MMPI 2 ordered of the plaintiff by the defense attorney be made public?

 A friend won a lawsuit against a company he worked for. The damages portion of the case is separate from the liability portion. The defense attorney ordered my friend to undergo a MMPI2 (psychological evaluation) and consequently released John’s results publicly. Is that legal? Or is it an invasion of John’s privacy? Joh is now getting reasonably a bit of heat from the results. Did the defense attorney violate his HIPAA rights?


Attorneys don’t have everything memorized. I would requirement to read HIPAA, and perhaps find some cases to really figure this out. However, HIPAA collectively applies to health care providers.

A defense attorney cannot charge anyone to do anything. That’s just not the way it works.

If your friend be ordered to undergo a psych evaluation then it be the judge that so ordered.

HIPPA does not apply in such a satchel, but it is *usual* when a judge orders a psych eval for him also to require the party to keep it confidential. John needs to read the idiom of the order.


Can we directory appeals contained by hell? And is Robert Shapiro or Johnny Cochran available to be my defense attorney?

 What kind of currency is used in the hereafter?



They’re booked for eternity

Ice cubes

Hell is the grave, destruction, fire and brimstone forever, never coming rear to life. But there is still hope for those who want to humble themselves until that time God”s judgment day which is on May 21, 2011 Source(s):

Can you be a defense legal representative and be a Christian, too?

 Are there any Christian defense lawyers out within? If so, how do you do it? How do you defend people you know for example that they kill or raped someone and then attack the victim and try to breed the victim look bad to gather your client?


Everybody deserves a fair trial. It is not up to the defense advocate to decide who is innocent and who is guilty. Just recently, a man be acquitted of rape because DNA evidence showed he was innocent. Unfortunately, he have already died in prison. Maybe if he had a better defense attorney, he would have been competent to live a normal life. I hope something approaching this never happens to you, but then again, you might not be black.


Lawyers are the scum of the land, (see Berry Sheck, and Johnny Cochran of OJ infamy). Most that I have known be dirty, liars, and thieves who would do, or say to win. Defense Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, and Lawyers who sue relations. I find it hard to believe they can be Christians.



(Fundamentalist Pentecostal)

One answer could be because if you actually read the bible… Rape and Murder are encouraged… They are solitary trying to get people doing god’s work to not be punished…

Came Not To Send Peace
“Think not that I am come to dispatch peace on earth: I came not to transport peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother contained by law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” (Matthew 10:34-37)

These words of Jesus confirm the unbelievable notion that Jesus did not come to establish peace, but a bit to send the sword and to put man against his family. So much for family unit values. (See also Luke 12: 51-53, Luke 12:49 and Luke 14:26.)

I Come To Send Fire
“I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?” (Luke 12:49)

“Suppose ye that I am come to pass peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but a bit division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother within law against her daughter in imperative, and the daughter in law against her mother contained by law.” (Luke 12:51-53)

Jesus did not come to send peace, but fairly fire and division among the family. So much for the idea of a conciliator Jesus and the modern concept of “family values.” (See also Luke 14:26)

Jesus Not Entirely Good
“And behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what appropriate thing shall I do, that I may have eternal time? And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none obedient but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, hold the commandments.” (Matthew 19:16-17)

Most Christians believe that Jesus, not only lived as the Son of God but God in the flesh. Consider that Jesus here call “none good but one, that is, God,” pointing to an entity separate from himself (also see Matt. 5:48)

Also details that because of the belief that none other than God “is” good suggests that Jesus must not hold behaved in an entirely obedient manner himself.

Some early Gnostic cults (judged as heretics by the orthodox church) believed Jesus as the Devil contained by the flesh and these verses suggests that He was the different of good– Evil in the disguise of God.

Jesus’ servants would fight
“If my empire were of this world, then would my servants punch-up, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my territory not from hence. ” (John 18:36)

Jesus here gives Pilate an excuse for his predicament and, amazingly, makes the claim that his servants would skirmish for him if this world represented his kingdom. If Jesus’ servants would fight for him, afterwards what does that say about a harmonious world on earth or in glory?

In effect, Jesus here complains about his deliverance to the Jews which would organize to his crucifixion, something that God supposedly ordained for the purpose of salvation of sinners (according to believers). So much for that theory.

Happy To Kill Children
“Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.” (Psalms 137:9, KJV)

“How blessed will be the one who seize and dashes your little ones Against the rock.” (Psalms 137:9, New American Bible)

“Happy the man who shall seize and smash your little ones against the rock!” (Psalms 137:9, New American Bible)

“a blessing on anyone who seize your babies and shatters them against a rock!” (Psalms 137:9, Jerusalem Bible)

Ask a Christian friend whether he or she should feel happy to bustle a child against the rocks. Your friend will most likely stare at you in horror, much smaller number believe this idea exists in their divine Bible.

Many Churches have found this verse fairly embarrassing. It gives no wonder why priests, Jews, and Christians alike, who quote from Psalms 137, other leave out this last elegy. (See also Isaiah 13:16; Hosea 13-16)

Hate Them!
“Surely thou will slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. For they speak against thee scandalously, and thine enemies take thy identify in vain. Do not I hate them, O LORD, that dislike thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them near perfect hatred: I count them mine enemy.” (Psalms 139:19-22)

A message of hate from the, supposed, inspired words of God against anyone who takes God’s heading in vain or who goes against God.

Faith within one’s belief produces a barrier to further investigation. Religious groups that differ in beliefs from other societies cannot see former their own barriers. When hate enter into the prison of their beliefs, the seeds for violence to work out against other societies come to full bloom.

Hate Your Family!
“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

This remarkable statement of abhor by Jesus directly contradicts the idea of a loving Christ. If one must hate their father, mother, wife, children, brethren and sisters and even themselves, within order to become a disciple of Jesus, one must question Christ’s view love, family, and decency. (See also Luke 12:51-53, Matthew 10:34-37.)

Note: A few desperate apologists attempt to dismiss this epic claiming that the word ‘hate’ here really doesn’t mean what it says. The problem beside this approach boarders on complete deception and the ironic dismissal of the Bible and Biblical scholarship. The word ‘hate’ here comes from the ancient Greek word ‘miseo’ which method hate (from the primary ‘misos’ [hatred]). If any synonym could substitute for this word, it would come from a word like ‘detest,’ ‘loath,’ or ‘despise.’ Moreover, virtually adjectives Bibles translate the term as hate. To deny this intent process to deny the Bible and the alleged word of Jesus.

By reading the Bible one might acquire the idea that judging another human mortal is wrong. It is also wrong to bear false witness against one’s neighbor. Until all the facts hold been established and guilt can be determined to the best of a human’s ability, a man wishes a defense attorney in this country (USA).

The true and only Good Judge is Jesus Christ. Until He comes we are stuck near corruptible men to do it for the legal system. Since the legal system is adjectives about appearances and not about true equality, it is a defense lawyer’s job to work circumstances and semantics in establish to manipulate the imperfections of the directive in order to gain a success. It is shameful but in this country you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of regulation. Interesting it says a court of law and not a court of even-handedness or truth….

The defense lawyer can litter to take the cases he doesn’t believe in.

I couldn’t, but I can see how some can. If you look at the law as a shell hobby and the truth is hidden beneath one of the shells, a lawyer is trying to preserve the truth from coming out in an effort to tap a corrupt legal system.

Interesting interview.

I couldn’t do it, and I’m an atheist.

A crimminal legal representative? I mean… those kind of lawyer that lies a lot to defend outlaws? No, it’s against the bible.

If I was a defense lawyer, I would hold to get to the truth. And if I knew that they be guilty I would push them to confess and tell the truth. If they wouldn’t, then I would own to resign as their lawyer as a conscientious objector.

The whole purpose of a court audible range anyway is to get to the TRUTH!

there is a place in the deepest pits of hell for lawyer

Yes. As Winston Churchhill stated “Democracy is a horrible form of government…except for all the rest.”

There IS no model system of justice known to mankind, except God. My wife used to work contained by a law office as a secretary up to that time we got married, and on more than one occasion, I aligned my girlfriend (at the time) with a tableful of lawyers at a restaurant.

One of them be a Christian, and I asked him face to face almost verbatim the put somebody through the mill you are now asking “How can you in polite conscience defend someone you believe is guilty, knowing the facts of the case as most attorneys find out during the discovery process?

I admired his answer. He said “You enjoy to have faith that the facts will be revealed, and the innocent or guilty punishment is NOT up to me, it is the jurys decision. It is my job to offer my client the best defense I know how.”

I know that there is a lot of criticism of lawyer among society at large, and most people judge as highly of them as they do used car salesmen, but that judgment can change dramatically if you are ever FALSELY accused of something.

Attorneys are REQUIRED to provide a enduring number of hours per year pro bono services as a condition of continued membership in their pole association, so, just because someone cannot AFFORD an attorney, doesn’t mean they will be assigned a “flunkie” by the court. They may acquire a really sharp lawyer.

As the Christian attorney I questioned also correctly pointed out, what happen to a righteous man wrongly sentenced to die? He is executed and sent to his eternal reward, which is Heaven, what has he lost?

As Christians, we KNOW that eventually ALL wrongs will be righted. Christ is the FINAL judge, and he know the truth without DNA evidence.

Can you be both a prosecuting and defense advocate?

 I want to be a lawyer but i dont know if you have to choose whether to be a defense attorney or a prosecuting attorney.


Basically you would have to choose one or the other.

Yes. You can be within both. This is usually the case with most independent attorneys within their own practice. Then, not only do you have the freedom to choose “which side of the barricade you are on”, you also have the freedom to choose which cases you would prefer to take.

In a substantial firm, you do not have that freedom, well, most of the time anyway! Source(s): I’m a paralegal…

Well, not at indistinguishable time, but certainly successively over a career you can be both.

Many lawyers will work for the district attorney’s organization (or county attorney depending on where you are), then after that go into private practice as defense attorneys.

You can’t do both at once.

You don’t have to be any one, though. Most industries, and many charities have officially recognized departments.

In the UK, yes. In the US, the answer is also, yes, but it is relatively singular. In the US most criminal prosecutorial offices are full time. But not always. When I first become an attorney I worked for a Criminal Defense attorney who also worked part time prosecuting misdemeanors in the municipal court of the small town contained by which he lived. Sometimes state prosecutors will have a conflict of interest in prosecuting political official and a “special prosecutor” will be appointed from among experienced defense attoneys. Remember Ken Starr & the Whitewater prosecutions under the Clinton Adminsitration? He was a private attorney appointed lower than a special Federal Statute (now lapsed) to investigate & prosecute offenses committed by Federal officials.

You can, but even more major you should decide if you want to be a criminal or civil attorney, for example criminal attorneys work on murders while civil attorneys work on case similar to divorces etc. I would like to be civil, but until you are actualy go through a crust you wont know.

There is a way to find out.
While you are in decree school, there is a program next to the bar to be a certified law clerk. Which scheme that you can practice law with the direct supervision of a licensed attorney. I worked as both a prosecutor and surrounded by public defense.
Check your local bar website to find out what it takes to qualify.

you could but not at the same time. Many lawyer start out doing one then switch to the other