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A advocate,doctor,dentist, or criminal investigator?

 if those were they only 4 career in life which would you choose?



I would most probably choose, a Criminal Investigator, beside maybe a bit of prosecuting Lawyer on the side…

Definately a Doctor…

criminal investigator

A friend of mine hired his legal representative to represent him for a state drug charge. his advocate is not a criminal level

  His lawyer hired another lawyer after his trial date be set. No motion of discovery was filed by his advocate. What should he do? His court date is very near 07/04/2007. Should he fire his attorney and hire a new one? If so. Does this mean he get a new trial date if he hires another lawyer? “Please i have need of help, to be able to aid my friend. Time is running out!!

“> What state is this in? In most states, they don’t need a motion for discovery. Also, July 4, 2007 have already passed.

A examine for any Criminal Lawyers…?

 I live in Ontario. A friend of mine is in put in prison on a number of charges. He has be in and out of jail a quantity of times and it is unlikely for him to get bail. His wife went to see a advocate and without finding out all the information concerning the matter, the lawyer quoted her $2500.00 to capture him out on bail. His words were..” I can get him out, but it will cost you $2500.00.” My give somebody the third degree is, does this seem like too much money for JUST a bail audible range? My friend feels like she is man conned. She does not think that the lawyer even read her boyfriends criminal transcription and she is afraid to pay the $2500.00 and her boyfriend NOT get bail. Can someone comfort us and tell me if this seems unreasonable. Is he plausible to get out and is the $2500.00 for bail, retainer or what? is it possible that the lawyer and the crown enjoy worked it out and he IS going to get bail?


A bunch of questions and thoroughly little info with which to answer them. Where did the friend’s wife find the lawyer? $2,500 might be a retainer, or it might be for the bail audible range alone, with no guarantee that he’ll work for the rest of the case. The problem is that underneath most theories of professional responsibility, a lawyer is your attorney until you fire them – there isn’t supposed to be any of this “a moment ago for a hearing” or whatever stuff. If he’s hired, he has to provide a modest degree of service or face a professional complaint that could see the yank of his law license.

A interrogate for a criminal attorney?

 if one pleaded guilty to assault and battery charges as a teenager (14), can that transcription still be found in a background check by a command agency 20 years later? In other words, if a government opening application question asks: Have you ever been convicted of, pled guilty to, or enter a plea of nolo contendre to any criminal offense? what are the possible scenarios? and how can one remove the record? appreciation.


it’s the person’s journal so the government can really check that. with the advent of computer, it’s really and undoubtedly possible.

the government can and will look that far back.

Many times when you’re a minor, records may be expunged,(remove), if you complete the probation. Sometimes they are sealed altogether.Ask your advocate or the district attorney.
On many application these days the quiz is have you ever been arrested, which is excessive since one is innocent until…
But in this post 9/11 world background checks are pretty thorough.
The personage has one thing on their side. They be 14 when it happened. Just as long as they don’t make it a dependence.

Adress for name of companies for criminal lawyer to work?

 Where do i go to apply for a job as a criminal legal representative.Where are the best places for criminal lawyers to work and can i have the adress to the company.

“> Assuming you are within the US…I see you have not yet be to law school. Know that after you graduate imperative school and then overhaul the State’s Bar Exam, then you can start looking for a job as a criminal legal representative.

As to where you would work…that depends on whether you want to prosecute criminals, or defend criminals.

Lawyers who prosecute criminals work for the District Attorney’s Office.

There are a couple of different places where on earth defense attorneys could come from. One is by working for the Public Defender’s office…these are the attorneys who are assigned to criminal defendents who cannot afford an attorney on their own. Another place is to work in a private “firm” – this is a group of attorneys who desire they want to form their own company. Or you can just run your own private law firm yourself, person your own boss.

I am not sure where you live

In the US you need a lawful education, to pass the Bar exam and be licensed by the state to be come an attorney

I am not sure when you say-so crminal lawyer what you mean – one defending or prosecuting criminals?

Alert Chicago Criminal Attorneys,,,,,,,,Please I entail some Probono Assistance?

 My cousin doesn’t deserve to spend his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He doesn’t enjoy any money and our family has controlled money. Is there any one out there who know how to get probono attorney? Are there any criminal attorneys out nearby willing to help?

Also Helpful
Free consultation
Reduction surrounded by fees
Installement Payment


Go to the Young Lawyers Association in your town. They are required to do so much Pro Bono work per year. Once a month in some towns, the Young Attorneys will procure together and you fill out a form in writ to get an appropriate match for your requests.

Good Luck!

Any criminal lawyer surrounded by GA that can work beside us on payments?

 I know it’s short notice, but we need representation by Monday at 9! Have talk to 17 lawyers in the finishing month and the last 3 were feeling like to help it seemed, consequently changed their minds because we don’t have a large down grant. We need help and are liable to sacrifice to pay. This is very prominent to our family. Public defenders organization turned him down by using my income. Makes no sense since we aren’t married. He lost his job last week, so I will be the one paying. Any direction?


Find a new fella. Sounds like the one you hold will be going away for a while. Then depending on why he is going away, you might want to look anyway for a non-criminal one.

Any Criminal Lawyers?

 Is there a criminal lawyer here or a tenet student who i can speak to on yahoo or email.??


Ask a sound out that can be answered and maybe you wont need to contact a attorney directly

I’m a first year law student…I can try to help.

I’m a criminal defence lawyer. Email me if you resembling, but i cannot guarantee a speedy reply

Any lawyer on here I can email and ask question roughly criminal decree?

Im intrested in criminal law and would similar to to email you if your a criminal lawyer. Please contact me asap at georgia(a)


Just post your questions here and ask that lawyer answer them.

Good Luck

Any lawyer or pre-law students, I enjoy a interrogate about criminal statute?

 I live in Springfield, MO and just lately I’ve heard of a person who’s around 19 or 20 years of age who be sentenced to three years in prison. The police had come to his apartment on a noise complaint and while the door was overt they spotted a hookah so he got a minor in posession charge and a paraphernalia charge, when this be issued he was already on probation for a minor theft and minor surrounded by posession charge. my question is, is this the just punishment or would it be enormously easy to change the sentence?

“> Yes, that’s basically. Getting drug charges while on probation?

What part of “don’t break the law anymore” is he not getting?

Any Police Officers out within or Criminal Attorneys?

 I know my husband for 7years. In the start of our relantionship he told me he was a gambler and places bets with a bookie overseas. He told me it be nothing for me to worry more or less, it is not illegal to place a bet. However, now we are surrounded by the middle of a nasty divorce and child custody battle. I did surveiliance on him. I come to find him surrounded by a parking lot with my daughter in the posterior set. A man approached his car and got surrounded by for about 3 seconds and took past its sell-by date. I suspect my husband is taking bets from friends and family and passing them on to this alien guy. I’m sure there must be money laundring going on as well. My interview is what do I need to do to prove it?


You are jumping to conclusions. Someone approached his vehicle and gave/took something and left. Big deal.

According to your own access, your husband had done nothing except chitchat with someone else in a parking lot. Unless you can produce some extremely credible evidence that anything illegal is taking place, adjectives you have is hearsay evidence, which the judge will not interest in the courtroom. In the meantime, doing “surveillance” on your husband may wind up as a stalking charge against you, so be cautious. Credible evidence would be booking reciepts from gambling bets, deposit slips for large amounts of lolly, etc.. Source(s): Police Officer

Any really honourable TEXAS criminal & civil attorneys out at hand want to nick on the County?

 Falsely accused of a very serious crime by a womanly as a means of preventing me from reporting her to Child Protective Services for endangerment I found myself posting a very huge bond.
Upon release I found my home had been burned to the ground. The Fire Marshal against the clock rules “undetermined”, although he fed me a somewhat different crock of sh*t. That cause remains on his report even after I manage to recover some items taken in a pre-arson burglary of my home. The girlfriend of the burglar/arsonist even give a statement to police and fire investigators that she had found my stuff in their home and her boyfriend have admitted to her her committed the acts, YET HE HAS NOT BEEN CONFRONTED AT ALL.
My home doubled as my work so hiring minister to is out. There is more to the story rendering it very newsworthy if I could get it into the right hand. All suggestions or assistance is NEEDED ASAP. Much evidence proving my innocence including dozens of witnesses. Attorneys /Crusaders/?


Try the site below and watch the movie. This might help. Source(s):

Anybody know a fitting criminal defense attorney? I regard I might be within trouble for this….?

 I just took my jeans out of the dryer, and found a $5 bill in one of the pockets…
Is this considered “money laundering”? Will I do HARD TIME for it?I’m too childlike to end up working in a prison laundry! I want my mommy!


uncle Vinnie

No, its just a misdemeanor. Now if It had be 20 dollars or more, then maybe we can chat money laundering. lol

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Thats a good thought . I’d be doing 20 yrs if it was against the canon to wash money !

spend it against the clock, and you will be alright

We have a rule within this house when it comes to money found in the laundry Finders, Keepers! So you are lucky you were doing your own laundry!

I think you will be OK!

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Send me the 5 bucks, i’ll use it to post your bail!

Just don’t fluff dry it, the feds aversion that, makes Abe’s hair adjectives frizzy.

Anyone hold suggestion or legal representative refferal for criminal speeding ticket within Peoria Arizona?

 26 over the posted limit on highway 74, which no one travels. officer removed the womanly driver to talk to her and then issued her a ticket. Now looking to scrap the ticket, any advice or refferal for lawyer whom may bar this?


Forget the legal representative, accept your responsibility for violating the statute, and pay the ticket.

She could of had get arrested for that and he let her go beside a ticket. Now she is trying to get a lawyer. The advocate will charge her at least 10 times the ticket’s amount for his service and she will end up paying the ticket anyway. How stupid is that/

I would fight the ticket because of the points. It will be somewhat inexpensive to hire an attorney for this type of case. I individually know this because I recently was pulled over going 90 contained by a 55 MPH.

I would look at the following sites. Source(s): (great search engine with adjectives attorney websites. Put in the following “Peoria Arizona speeding violations”) several attorneys come up. – This site is a legal portal and will make available you more information regarding the charge.

I would also consider and if you are looking for a attorney. Also verizon super pages. Source(s):

I wouldn’t fight it… especially is I was doing 26mph OVER the speed delineate. In some states, I’ve heard that 20 to 25mph over can constitute reckless driving and one can be arrested for that.

In the ruin, the lawyer fees will probably cost more than paying the ticket. But if fighting the ticket is a must, afterwards I suggest calling some lawyers from the yellow page (the ones that have free consultations) and see what they can do. Go with the one who feel they have the best chances of successful the case.

Good Luck…

Anyone know of a well-mannered cheap criminal canon legal representative contained by the okc metro nouns?

 the charge is petty larceny for a 105 dollar dinner tab mistake that has been resolved and remunerated in full. the prosecuting attorney in midwest city is still wanting to pursue charges on me and my friends and we received warrant today even though the establishment agreed to drop the charges. does anyone know a cheap lawyer who could settle this for us to get this out of our lives. most other lawyer i’ve talked to want 1000 dollars to take this casing. the plea deal the friend who was going to clear for everyone was forced into taking 700 dollars in fees within order not to go to reformatory.


Hi, after reading your situation, there is a solution. Having access to the justice system is fundamental, especially in today’s society. And if you do not know your rights, then you simply do not hold any. Since this is a private matter feel free to contact me by email for more details: lightonthehill24(a) Best of luck! Source(s): Legal Service Assistant

Are Cops and Lawyers Sometimes “Star-Struck” By Famous Criminals?

 I’m asking because I know some cops, judges, and lawyers; some are friends and kinfolk.

One has John Gotti’s autograph, one has Jeffrey Dahmer’s autograph…

Do you find this ethical? Would you take a famous outlaw’s signature of you are dealing with them?


Yes,sometimes they do.It is rightly said that”All layer are liars”& It is also said that policemen are criminals in uniform.That does not apply to all the lawyer,cops & judges,but “Money Makes Mayor go”No one is above temptation. Source(s): Personal Experience,beside cops lawyers & judges.

Yeah, that’s why Bush never get impeached.

Are District Attorneys ever victimized by criminals resembling within the movies?

On TV shows like Law and Order and such, sometimes the DA is attacked, framed, killed or something approaching that. I doubt it ever happens in TRUE life, but I’m just asking this ask to get a few opinions.


Does it start? Yes. There have been instances of magistrates and prosecutors being threatened, attacked, or even killed. My neighbor is a federal peacemaker and his home had to be guarded 24 hours a day for more or less 6 months because of death threats. It is, however, rather infrequent and generally doesn’t play out the way it does contained by movies and TV.

More often than not it’s the defendant’s own attorney who is attacked, etc. I’ve known heaps, many Deputy District Attorneys and I can only judge of one who had a problem, but that was an identity aggravated burglary, nothing physical.

Are within any lawyer out in attendance ready to bequeath some suggestion on a criminal suitcase?

 My hubby can’t get a public defender because we own equity in our house. We can’t get the equity out b/c we hold a mobile home, and I know this because we’ve tried. We are $40,000 in the hole from paying lawyers contained by a child custody case (no regrets though). We CANNOT afford an attorney. He has to facade a felony charge that he is not guilty of pro se, and we need some help. I want to put together a motion to dismiss, but I don’t know if I hold what I need to do it. I am asking a lot, I know, but I call for 30 min of counsel to direct me. Please leave contact info. if you so happen to be liable. Thanks so much.


Go to the court house or pay for a perfect law reference online.

Find some fundamentally simular cases, and look for the motions you wish to file surrounded by other cases. Use those to copy.

But beleive me, if you don’t have an attorney and are in a felony luggage, you are going to lose, it is set up to work that way. The odds are against you. They can stow, not tell you info and more ( and you will not know it is happening)

Advice, sell you house if you hold to, to get the money and get an attorney.

I am not a Georgia lawyer but I am a California lawyer. Although I can’t make a contribution you specific information about the laws within Georgia, I can possibly give you some information about how the imperative works in general. Feel free to contact me through this service if you will to chat. Source(s): Five years as a California lawyer.

I am not a lawyer, but I can tell you to transport the denial for home equity loan paperwork to the court, so that they can see in black and white that you cannot come up with the money.

No court will a short time ago take your word for it, that you cannot get the money on a loan, conceivably apply at three different banks and have adjectives three denials with you when you appear before the decide.

Are in attendance any honest affordable criminal attorneys contained by the covina, california 91722 nouns?

 my son was wrongfully accused of a crime and I am within desperate need of a good legal representative.

“> There’s the Binder & Binder commercial. I don’t know if these are the sort of cases they do, but you can check it out I suppose (I don’t know of any others).

Call Brad McFadden.

Are in attendance any criminal defense lawyer contained by La. likely to do a pro bono covering?

 My friend really needs some help. He’s be in prison for 6 yrs, and I know that is alot of time that have passed and there are deadlines and adjectives. Thing is it seems that his rights were seriously violated when he be being questioned, and after mortal arrested. I am trying to help him find someone( a good attorney) who will listen to his armour, and try to help him. He pled to get a sentence reduction(which didn’t happen), but from what I unspoken he made the plea because his family thought that is what would be best. That be coming from his family. I believe he is innocent. Please someone help.


what did he do? if you are ashamed to post the details after so far the six years is not nearly enough!

If he pled, he may have deeply little recourse. Few criminal lawyers do pro bono work although if their is good publicity attached to it you might find one that will do it for cheap. Pro Bono work contained by Louisiana usually falls to the public defenders office, the louisiana appellate project, the innocence project, the disappearance penalty resource center, or the law clinics and Tulane and Loyola.

As a result of the long rearrangement since the trial, chances are many of the appeals he would own had by right are now waive. Nonetheless, should you wish to have someone look over his crust, I recommend contacting the Louisianna Bar Association. They should be able to put you in touch beside a criminal attorney willing to do pro bono work.

Are near any criminal attorneys surrounded by Sacramento that will aid inmate on a pro bono starting place?

 My son has been accuse of assaulting a Security Guard, he denies that, he in fact be beaten by a couple of security guard , gain front broken teeh and multiple wounds and 2 days in hospital. Public Defender gave him 2 option, admit he assaulted the security guard and seize 6-8 months or refuse and get 6-8 years, because of his narrative in the system he agreed to take the plea operate, now they have an entrance and refuse to give him the plea contract offered, stating they now have a co-defendent who will not bear the deal and it have to be both. He denies self with any one, he was alone. The co-defendent have been released from custody, I am concern now he have been thrown a foul ball, misrepresented an the public defendent have not acted in his best interest and was dishonest.


Go to – the American Bar Association website – and click on the Public Resources tab. One of the options should be “Find Legal Help”, beneath which you should be able to find a list of Pro Bono permissible service providers in your area. Source(s):

“Because of his text in the system…”

Sounds to me like you enjoy a thug for son. Security guards don’t simply beat up people for no distinctive reason.

Funny, I don’t get assaulted by the police or surety guards, and I don’t have a “record within the system.”

I think society will benefit by the punk doing his 6-8 years!

Within impossible to tell apart Public Defender Office they should have at least one attorney whose sole errand is to be th Appeals attorney – certainly that person can find an “appealable issue” to argue.

This trouble originator needs a real attorney, and someone to prove that he didn’t do what he is accused of. If he has a squalid background, there isn’t much hope for him.

Are here any criminal regulation students or lawyer on this site? I want assist writing a brief?

 I am actually helping to write a “direct appeal” I understand the “statute of parties” but am having a difficult time finding cases where the Appellant
is acquit. Plenty of cases available where the appeal is lost, but those are helpful as powerfully.. I am looking specifically for 13th Court of Appeals/acquittals..HELP PLEASe even willing to compensate small amount for your help.

“> It depends on the hard to please issue. I understand it’s a criminal matter.

But why is the get-together appealing?

Do they believe they were not granted a fair trial?

Was it because their attorney be incompetent?

You get my drift——-Find the facts of the case that you are working on and start within.

Start with the who, what, when, where, how.

Cases are established based on laws & facts–
law & facts,
laws & facts.

It’s really not rocket science like they want you to believe.

When you catch your facts(who, what, when where, etc.) try searching for court opinion using some key word searches and sometimes it’s compliant to use the words : “court” and “opinion”.

You can’t just find a case where on earth someone won and cite that in the appellate brief.

In other words, the facts of the case would enjoy to pretty much be similar (the case you are working on and the court opinion you found).

Good luck! Source(s): There is a free dictionary at this site

Are within any organization to comfort near attorney fees within a criminal feleny casing?

I got a check it was varified by the guard. it came back as couterfit.I am charged eith forgery and burglerlty


A felony carry with it the possibility of jail time, so you are entitled to an attorney at no cost to you (Public Defender) within each and every jurisdiction in the United States lower than the 6th Amendment to the Constitution.

If you do not want to go with the Public Defender, nearby are other organizations (Legal Aid, for example) in copious communities that may assist you with this matter.

The above answer get it right. You have the right to counsel per 6th Amendment; just relay the D.A. or judge when you have to run in for arraignment that you need to be provided beside counsel (you must qualify for this- can’t make more than a certain amount of money). If you don’t want to progress that route, you may want to look into the legal aid like the above answer said. You may want to call upon the Public Defender’s Office in your jurisdiction and ask them about it; I’m sure they could refer you.
P.S. at arraignment, don’t discuss about how you’re innocent and stuff like that. That’s not the purpose of this proceeding. Rather, arraignment is freshly for telling the judge whether you plead guilty or not guilty and letting the believe to be know if you need to be provided counsel. If you don’t know whether to plead guilty or not guilty because you want a lawyer to support you, just tell the judge/D.A. that; they should work next to you.
BOTTOM LINE: Just know that you have a right to talk to a attorney before making any decisions on the subject of your case. And if you are eligible, you have the right for a advocate to be provided for you. Don’t be scared to assert these rights, although, understandably, the courtroom can be a terrifying place.

Are Pre-Paid permissible Lawyers really biddable as a regular advocate ? A Criminal Lawyer.?

 I have heard upright and bad things. But, bottom line is I involve to Find a really good lawyer. “Criminal Lawyer”

Also the ones that are within the phone book that have adds are they merely as good as the one that don’t have add, commercials, billboard adds, etc ….

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


u get what u money for. buy at the dollar store, get a battery that blows up.
retribution peanuts for a lawyer, get a monkey.

Programs like “Pre-Paid Legal” are OK for civil use (wills, trusts, etc.) but most of them won’t even adopt a criminal case and I would be worried if they did.

Call your local (usually county) lump association. Ask them for names of Attorneys that handle criminal directive.

THE BEST WAY TO FIND AN A LAWYER, is by word of mouth. Do you know anyone that has been within a similar situation as you – who did they hire? would they use that Attorney again?

Good luck. Source(s): life

when your *** is on the procession….google search it city search recomondations. dont consent to a ho-hum deal with your life span. good luck.

Are suicidal cases deal by criminal or kinfolk lawyer?

 And do you think a mother who survives an attempted suicide deserves to be with her kids again? What should be her punishment?


Actually its a crime to commit suicide. Well she may well hold to spend time in a mental hospital and after that it would seem would depend on her retrieval if any if she would get the kids or would need more sustain.

No, she should receive analysis.Attempted suicides are a cry for help….If you punish someone in this state of mind, they will surely attempt suicide again…These race NEED help, not punishment….

Well she did try to slaughter herself and thats a criminal ofence most of the time they won’t make the person serve anytime for attempting they won’t even thieve that to court. However if the father of the children fights for custody of the kids and says their mother is suicidal legitimately he will probably get custody if he can prove that. The mother can still fight for visitation more consequently likely she will get supervised visitation. The mother can turn to a theripist and talk to them and then she can run back to court and say it be depression and she’s not anti-depressionts. If she can get the theripst to testify that she is no longer harm to herself or her kids. The pass judgment will probably send her to parenting classes and more then potential once she has completed them she can slowly start to see her kids alone. I would never say that a parent doesn’t deserve to see her kids thats similar to saying the kids don’t deserve to know who their parents are or who created them.

Suicide is against the law. If the person survives they can be fined or facade criminal prosecution. Yes after help she deserves to see her kids again but she should be forced into some mental help.

As far as I know attempting suicide is only against God’s law. A mother who attempts suicide is not predictable to harm her children. If she was, she would own killed them first. Her problems are psychological not criminal.

Although attempting suicide, and the act thereof is if truth be told considered a criminal offense, it is viewed upon as attempted murder, even if it is yourself to yourself committing the act.

Although contained by most jurisdictions it isn’t enforced, it is more so viewed as a cry for lend a hand, or of mental defect.

Generally speaking this is a matter for Family statute.

Does a mother deserve to be with her children after such an attempt? As long as she is stable and of no longer a threat to herself or others, addressed the issues contained by her life that planted the seeds to commit the aforementioned work, then yes! However, if it hasn’t been address, then obviously no!

Punishment? Should within be any? But that would be up to a court to decide if criminal charges were file.

Someone once told me, “The person that has nought to live for, has failed time and time again surrounded by life, and tries to commit suicide, and can’t even do that right?! .” Think about it! Draw your own conclusions.

A lawyer is a advocate! They specialize in criminal, civil, corporate, and family decree. Any Lawyer if licensed by the bar in that state can practice any type of directive in that state. It takes a personage under great stress or depression to try to commit suicide. Yes, with the proper mental vigour treatment, a mother should be reunited with her children. Why should she be punished for being depressed. You nouns like one heartless individual.

That would usually be a inherited lawyer, unless she tried to harm her children as economically. If she successfully undergoes psychiatric treatment, she may well reunite next to her kids. In the meantime, however, I suspect that the children will be placed with their father or other close relative. Failing that, DCPS will place them with a intervening foster family.

Whether criminal or familial lawyers deal next to suicidal cases depends on the particular situation. The law would ensure that the creature seeks treatment to prevent another attempt, and issue orders to minimize impact on the associates around the suicidal person, such as children.

Attempted suicide is not a criminal offence contained by the sense of deserving jail time as punishment. Normally, the law grant ordinary citizens certain choice to act and make decision, but such freedom assumes rationality. By the suicide attempt, the person demonstrated to the court that he is not rational as expected. The court would after look to determine action. If the court understands that the creature was merely overwhelmed by circumstances, they may order treatment. If the incapacity is deem more permanent, other measures may be taken. These measures would be in the protection of the personage, protection of people around the suicidal person, and finally contained by the protection of the state. The first two protections are obvious, but the state needs to be protected contained by the sense that suicidal people may spend resources (police attention, medical services, others) which are spent rarely by everyday people but suicidal people may spend repetitively, even abusively.

You ask if a mother who survives an attempted suicide deserves to be near her kids again. Such words would be used by a lawyer trying to induce guilt on the unsuspecting. A mother’s right to see her children is not eliminated by a suicide attempt as such. What the court would look for is whether the underlying mental condition that produced the suicide attempt may hold an impact on the children development. On such basis, contact may be denied, never on the suicide attempt as such.

You ask if suicide attempt is a punishable by directive. The real answer is mostly not. The court would ensure the suicidal person get treatment. That said, there maybe circumstances where on earth the court may punish a suicide attempt. I should point out that most suicidal people seek treatment on their own. Most general public under those circumstances would handle the issue discreetly, and the courts may never hear in the region of it. A minority of real suicide people would be see by the courts. Then, there is another set of people, who are not really suicidal. They pretend to be suicidal as a method to manipulate the people around them. A personage may be what I call not a real mental grown, and cannot deal diplomatically with others. These those may try to play the pity card, pity that is deserved by real suicides, but not by them. This is more adjectives than expected. If the courts decides such is the situation, there may be punishment.

The loss penalty. We can’t have individuals going around kiling themselves can we?

The actual suicide attempt is handle by Criminal courts, as many states consider it against the law to attempt suicide. I know, I go through that. Then, the family courts may or may not intrject their feelings next to regards to custody of children, questioning your stability to angle and care for the children. With me, I was placed, beneath court order, in a rehab center, children sent to father for custodial charge until I completed treatment. This was in the State of Florida, but I believe it is against the ruling in many states also to attempt suicide.

Personally, the Government decide way too many “Policies” and so-called law that are an invasion of our personal rights. One, being suicide attempts. After all, if we cannot engineer decisions with regard to our own bodies and lives, then where is this so-called freedom? WE might as economically move to Russia or change our law from Democracy to Tyranny, which is truly the route it is here in the U.S. If you dont believe me, just read the law and god forbig, get charged with anything criminally. You will remove adjectives doubt regarding Justicee and Fairness in these United States.

Arkansas. Does anyone know of a upright criminal attorney that will work near a immature African American womanly?

 Does anyone have any referrals for a criminal legal representative? I need one.

“> Central Arkansas Family Law Attorney | Saline County Criminal Law …
If you have question about how Arkansas family canon may affect you and your loved ones, talk to the lawyers at the Robertson Law Firm, PLLC. We are available for … Source(s): –

There are a quantity of ways to find attorneys on the Internet. Here is a great article about how to find a lawyer:

It is amazing what you can find on the Internet in this day and age. Source(s):

As a Criminal Defense attorney, own you ever won a satchel you choice you wouldn’t own?

 Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a case & realize your client is guilty but you still proceed & win the case. How do you feel knowing that you merely helped a criminal walk & consent to down a victim? How many of you in truth believe your clients are innocent? Is it all about the money or do you consider the lives & family involved?

“> No. My role is not to judge my client’s guilt or innocence, but to represent him/her as best as I can. Whether the proper verdict is guilty or not guilty is up to the negotiator or jury, not me. By the way, very few defendants in truth walk. Most are given plea-bargained sentences or are found guilty at trial.

I’m not a lawyer, but I hold 2 friends who are. Needless to say they have both subsequently disappeared criminal defense, for just the reason your base your question on, morality, ethics and the human conscience. They are both property lawyer now.
This is a complected ethical & moral question, base on each individual lawyer as to how they consistency. I always thought it was more more or less the firm and winning the not guilty verdict, near the money being secondary.

At what point should a criminal attorney be rewarded?


most defense lawyer demand full or most of the payment back beginning to work on the case. Others will adopt a partial retainer and then monthly payments, but they are kind of scarce. Most lawyers have see the scenarios. if the client goes to prison, they own no interest in paying. If they are acquitted they discern they were entitled to be acquitted and can’t see paying for what they be entitled to. That is why most want to dough up front.

Before you expect any work to be done.

If you’re pretty sure you’re something like to be arrested, it might be good to pay them back then, for a number of reason. One, any cash you have might be seized contained by the arrest, then you’re stuck being unqualified to pay at all. Two, criminal lawyer can help contact Bail Bondsmen at all hours. Three, they can jump “surrender” on your behalf, so the arrest won’t be in the form of a midnight knock on the door with a sledgehammer.

It’s normal to put them on retainer after the first meeting.

They usually get paid up front because money is for representation, not success or failure. Especially since flop is a distinct possibility.

Attorney Client Privilege on a Criminal Confession?

 Answer the following scenario:

You are a defense attorney with a client on trial for burglary. During an interview, he admits to bloodbath 3 people and burying the bodies close to where he lives. He take you to the graves to verify the information. The police and prosecutor seem totally unaware of the crimes. How you would knob the disclosure. Keep it confidential? Call the police? Consider legal, moral and practical issues.
How do I answer this SCHOOL assignment?
Advice #1 (do not change the scenario, let’s articulate this is exactly what happened and you must work with this EXACT situation)
Advice #2 are near any legal cases I can refer to with a similar situation? (someone vs. someone)


Very adjectives question in nouns class in law arts school

Without giving you all the answers to your home work,

But in broad since the crime has already been committed, the ethnic group are dead, no one is surrounded by danger of dying, you say nought or you can loose your right to practice law in the state

Ironic. The sound out you are asking for help on is a legal nouns question, and you are trying to get someone else to do your homework for you.

I won’t answer your quiz for you, but I will suggest a strategy. First, find out what the rules of legal ethics utter in your jurisdiction. They surely address attorney-client privilege. Once you find the rule number, you should be able to survey to find cases. Then, when you know what you are legally obliged to do, opt for yourself what your moral reaction to your legal must tells you.

Attorneys may use contingency levy agreements surrounded by criminal cases?

 true or false?



I am not aware of anything that prohibits it, but it is a stupid track to conduct a practice.

With a personal injury case, or property damage valise, at least the fee will be understandably related to the award so you can say that the attorneys’ allowance will be 1/3 of the amount recovered.

To create a contingency agreement for a criminal case, you’d have to structure it something resembling this: “My fee shall be contingent upon achieving a favorable result for you as follows: If the skin goes to trial and you receive an acquittal, the fee is $10,000. If the shield goes to trial and the jury is given a lesser included charge and finds you guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, my charge is $7,500. If I broker a plea agreement to drop off the charge from a felony to a Class A misdemeanor before trial, the fee is $5,000. If I find the case dismissed outright without going to trial, the charge is $7,500. If you are convicted of the original charge, you don’t owe me anything.”

Sounds ridiculous, but it’s possible, and you’d have to come up beside every possible scenario to avoid a dispute.


In the USA, a contingent fee is when the fee is just payable where the case have a favorable win. This can be know in law as the “no win no fee” system.

Rules for criminal imperative retainers may resemble the same as other areas of law near a couple of exceptions. First, a contingency fee in a criminal shield is improper. Second, the requirements for arbitrating fee disputes is inapplicable to criminal statute retainers.

Most jurisdictions in the United States prohibit a contingent payment in family statute or criminal cases, which is clearly definine in Rule 1.5(d) of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association.

Contingency fees are the standard in personal injury cases and are smaller amount common in other types of litigation.

Contingent tax agreements are legal in some provinces of Canada. Many countries prohibit contingent fees.

False. There is no promise of payout, so no contingency to work on. If you can’t afford an attorney, request a court-appointed public defender.

In civil suits involving the potential for a monetary pay-out, lawyers will happily work on contingency because here is a chance that you will get change. There is no cash payment surrounded by criminal cases, so lawyers have no incentive to lug such a case on contingency.

it be a hot day today

Attorneys: Is a ruin of the Penal Code surrounded by Texas a criminal offense, civil offense, or perchance any one?

 I am speaking about Texas Penal Code 25.03 which is. INTERFERENCE WITH CHILD CUSTODY:

“A person commits an offense if he take or retains a child younger than 18 years when he knows that his taking or retention violates the express jargon of a judgment or order of a court disposing of the child’s custody. An offense below this section is a state jail felony. ”


Now to me it seem pretty obvious that this is a criminal offense. I know that in some other states, this offense is expressly a criminal perform although it CAN be pursued in civil court too. From a practical standpoint, many police departments narrate you they will not get involved with custody cases and want you to hire a private attorney vs. their in actuality enforcing the law. And this is why custody and visitation advice are violated sometimes with absolute disregard. There is little enforcement. But is this a CRIME if it is specifically outlined in the Texas Penal Code?


A violation of Texas Penal Code 25.03 is a felony, as economically as a violation of a civil court order, but flawless luck getting the police department to enforce it. I know in Fort Worth, it is the policy of the police department not to do so. Your best bet is to go to the court who wrote the artistic order and ask the judge for a “writ”. That will charge the Sheriff to enforce the order. Good luck.

Like Jack said the police don’t do much about this and most of non disorderly crimes.
You can have your attorney file a motion for contempt contained by the court that issued the order.
Sometimes the judge will help out you by putting them in jail.

Barak Obama defended criminals as a advocate, who be some of them?

 Obama claimed to be a civil rights attorney, but in reality he be just a civil defense attorney. Anyone know of any of his cases or who he might have defended?? I consider it’s important to know who the people he chose to shelter were.


Obama didn’t own much of a career as a lawyer. He be a new associate in a significant firm and, as is typical, he did mostly legal research and writing. He was among the best at that surrounded by his firm and was given the most prominant research and writing assignments, but only did trial work contained by 10 cases. He only worked on 30 cases total before become a state senator. As a state legislator, he remained “of counsel” to the firm (unpaid but kept an bureau he used during legislative breaks) for 8 more years, which is a common practice, but didn’t really do any more legal work for the firm.

His clients included:
“Calvin Roberson contained by a 1994 lawsuit against Citibank, charging the bank systematically denied mortgages to African-American applicants and others from minority neighborhoods”

He spent about 6-7 hours working on Tony Rezko’s urban renewal projects (long until that time he became notorious).

“In 1994, Obama went past the 7th Circuit to defend Ahmad Baravati, a trader blackballed by his bosses after he reported them for fraud.”

Those are the only three mentioned within the article cited below. Obviously there should be a couple of dozen more, but unlikely anyone prominant. Source(s):…

Are you suggesting that defense attorneys are to be held accountable for every soul that they represent in court? That would be a serious blow to our justice system.

Even guilty ancestors are entitled to a fair trial and need to be represented surrounded by order for our system to work.


“> Did you heard here was some guys trying to kill him :-O

His first name rhymes near Iraq
Middle name is Hussein…that name have a good reputation
Obama is very close to Osama

I speak burn the terrorist

Become a Criminal canon Lawyer or become a surgeon?

 I really like both careers. But when i believe about becoming a lawyer and after possibly branching out into politics deep down inside it makes me have a feeling good. The only turn sour is the salary.

When i think around become a surgeon either Cardiovascular, E.R or Plastic surgeon i feel that i can sort a good one, and i like the income, but i dont get the same emotion i do if i think about becoming a legal representative.

Can anyone please give me some advice??


u should be a advocate, u can make more money that way, cuz you resolve to charge

if i were chosing it would be a surgeon. i have not met a legal representative i could stand yet. the laws are so full of loopholes that desperate people get bad and good people(who want to be lawyers) do bad things, adjectives in the name of equality, but if all u care nearly is the money then go next to what u can become the quickest, so u can make money faster

Become a attorney. It seems as if you want to become a surgeon only because of the take-home pay. If you’re a lawyer, your salary could be unlimited depending on how zealous and competent you are.


well the grill should be do i like to use my hands to abet others:surgeon. or do i like to convince people that a guilty character is innocent and allow them to hurt again or help innocent people be vindicated: attorney. something to think about anyway. regina

Becoming a Criminal Law Lawyer contained by Missouri?

 I have some legal stuff that wasn’t taken thinking of in california, non of it is felony however. I was reading on the missouri dowel web page that you go through a part examination. Will this effect me becoming a attorney? if so, what do I do about it.


Why do you want to become an attorney?

Jobs surrounded by the field of Law are drying up fast!! This is purely not a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING vocational paddock. Many reasons. Many people today (mistakenly) contemplate they can do their own legal work, thanks to the Internet. Also, we simply already hold way too many Legal Professionals – we own an absolute glut!! (“Legal Professionals” includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc)

Employers (usually imperative firms) in the field of Law today want body with degrees from traditional colleges/universities. Those “certificates” you see advertise aren’t worth the paper they are printed on – they are generally scam. (I found this out the hard way.)

Be prepared to hold on a lot of debt.
To be an Attorney, approx cost $150,000+.
Do your research, before you enroll.

Even if you finish decree school, you won’t be able to find a undertaking when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking, many spanking new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work “down” as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills remunerated <<this would be your competition. And the competition is fierce!!

Now… the law school know this, but they won’t tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is only saturated with passageway too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will nurture you a fairytale and will lie to you. The root of the problem is we have too lots law schools. We are within a recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival – they will relate students anything to get to the students’ money. (Which is why they won’t tell you the truth roughly the job market for the paddock of Law.) And these schools continue to conscript and churn out even more graduates…..

If you don’t believe me, then in recent times do a search here on to see what other posters are saying more or less the current status of the field of Law. Call some local law firms – ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources – ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they ruminate about job availability contained by the field of Law……

In the book “So You Want to be a Lawyer?” by Marianne Calabrese and Susanne Calabrese (ISBN 0-88391-136-1): “The United States has more lawyer than any other country in the world. About 38,000 students graduate >each year< from the 200+ canon schools in the United States. The competition is fundamentally keen for jobs and clients.” – Even Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (who served on the U.s. Supreme Court for more than 20 years) say there are too many lawyer. (9/14/2008)

Check out these websites: http://informeddecisionmaking.blogspot.c……

If you want a job when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the paddock of healthcare! I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that this is where the job are, and future job availability! and scholarship!

Good luck.

(This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as official advice.) Source(s): life
be there – done that
have in truth worked in the field of Law for twelve years
also if truth be told am an employee of a law college, so I KNOW and see (too much?!?)
don’t have time to watch those TV imperative shows – the couple that I did watch weren’t realistic, at adjectives
TV glamorizes the field of Law – do your research first! – the field of Law is in actuality a lot of paperwork and politics – and law conservatory is VERY expensive, so know what you are getting into
wish someone would have warn ME sooner
so now I TRY to warn and give support to others (that actually want to know, will listen and not get defensive)
I am simply tired of watching students getting ripped past its sell-by date by law schools

If you hold legal issues that were not taken guardianship of in California then rob care of them NOW. You will have to hold care of them before you are a attorney in any state. Source(s): I worked for a lawyer.

Best DWI criminal attorney within Williamson County, Georgetown, TX, win or dismisses most cases?

 Defense Criminal Attorney for court date in Williamson County–Georgetown, TX Best at reducing charge /winning case? DWI near child under 15, refused breath testing. Agreed to field sobriety-told that i suffer from severe degenrative arthsis in both foot. Found prescription drugs:hydrocodine, xanex, and adderrall–all of which I have current, legtimate, local specialists prescriptions. Of course failed examination because of feet, handcuffed, arrested contained by front of son–son most distressed, officers not thoughtful toward child. Had small rear expiration bump to car in front of-no ingury–expired insurance.


I wouldn’t suggest bringing up the officer not being thoughtful towards the child.

You have him crush in that department when you got bringing up the rear the wheel all drugged up, and put him surrounded by danger by rear end another car.

Most attorneys offer a free initial visit, but I focus you are going to find this is going to be tough to beat.

The fact you own a prescription for the drugs does not matter. If you read the label, I’ll bet adjectives three warn about driving while taking the meds, and I’m sure combining them is even worse. They do not own to prove you took the drugs illegally, all they enjoy to prove is the drugs impaired your driving.

As far as refusing the breath tryout, that in itself is evidence of intoxication.

As a final piece of evidence, you rear terminated a car. It doesn’t matter how minor, the certainty you hit a car will go towards proving impairment. Source(s): 17 years decree enforcement

glovett98, Call a professional, they should know the ins and out of Rhode Island decree by heart.

Better criminal defense attorney, prosecutor or police?

 Which do you think makes a better criminal defense attorney? A former police officer or former prosecutor?


A police officer because they know the ins and outs of what happens on the street. Prosecutors single see reports after the fact.

A few more years and I plan on switching to the dark side…:)

Prosecutor, I don’t see how a police officer could be a criminal defense attorney, kind of need a statute degree. Anyways, even assuming you could go from person a cop to a lawyer just lead to you wanted to, doesn’t mean you would be qualified. Courtroom highly different than the street. Even lawyers with years of experience enjoy a hard time negotiating adjectives the law and intricacies of Constitutional requirements. Add to that a criminal defense attorney has to be great within front of a jury. Jury must like and believe you for any defense to fly. Lastly and most important, a criminal defense attorney must own an open mind and believe that things are not always what they seem to be. The most obvious answer is not always the right one. do you know any cop who think like that?


Former prosecutor.

Cops don’t own a law degree.

I cogitate either would be good at what they did.

Prosecutors would be more probable to switch sides, though. Source(s): 8+ years Law Enforcement

A go-between

Better for spouses to own separate lawyer surrounded by criminal bag?

 My husband and I were notified that we are self investigated for credit card fraud that has happened to his ex-wife. It is a long and meandering story, but basically his ex has repeatedly put upon us, including keying our vehicles, calling his military commanders and describing them lies about him (in the military your bosses actually nurture what you do outside of work), etc., because he divorced her. We have filed police reports and the police enjoy always said “if it is her, she will eventually stop” and they leave it at that. Now, this have gone so far as we have had break-ins at our apt. Nothing approaching this ever happened to either one of us in the past we married and his ex became extremely vengeful. I know it sounds like a crazy Jerry Springer movie, but it is genuine. Now, she called the police and claimed that credit cards were open in her name and merchandise be ordered and sent in my husband’s name to our address. We are gone during the afternoon and have never received any packages or anything.


If this is strictly between your husband and his ex, next only he needs to capture a lawyer. You can share the same legal representative if you are involved as well. If it is just him, afterwards you can be called as a witness on his behalf. I don’t see any reason for both of you to retain an attorney for something similar to this. If you haven’t already, look into filing a restraining order against her, and translation your phone numbers. Get a PO Box instead of having mail deliver to your home. Good luck.

I work primarily within the Family court system but I think the rule still applies that it is best for each spouse to own separate representation. Even though you are married, you behave as separate individuals, making separate choices etc and therefore face separate charges and or consequences.

Any attorney that represents both of you is an idiot. There is a major conflict of interest inherent within your case. Seek your own separate counsel immediately. Source(s): attorney