Injury Claim

Claim Where On Earth NO Injury Is Involved?

‘All’ that happened to me is my car (3rd do insurance only) was damaged surrounded by an accident that was not my guiltiness.

The other drivers insurance company is denying my claim, basically because they obviously in recent times don’t want to pay me anything. How can little me fight the mighty power of one of the UK’s biggest sports car insurance companies? I can’t of course. And it’s not cost effective to hire a solicitor.

As I wasn’t injured within the accident (and am not interested in pretending I was) is nearby are company who will take me on with one of these ‘no win no fee/100% compensation’ deal with no injury involved? I just want to win what is rightfully mine, the damages to my motor.


So sorry but I don’t know of any claims company which do as you ask. Many years ago I was witness to a similar accident where on earth the persons car be only insured 3rd party. Months subsequent I was asked to make out a witness statement which I hope sorted out the problem. During this time I was talking to the police around the problem and they advised that anyone who is involved in an chance which is definitively NOT their fault, should make sure they are ‘injured’ so that the police must be call to the scene All details then have to be record so the other party and insurance company can’t wriggle out of it.

If the other driver damaged your vehicle then it is up to the other drivers insurance company to do the repairs.

I was contained by this situation and the other company did same, I went to solicitor and they ended up paying me 3 times that claim attraction of the work.

I seriously suggest that you get in touch beside any witnesses as well to back your claim up, DO NOT CLAIM FOR INJURY if you are not injured because they can do you for fraud. If you jump to hospital you will end up with a bill for treatment that could be anything from 80 upwards as the NHS do not foot for your treatment from an RTA.

If you didn’t report the accident to the police, YOU SHOULD HAVE, it is the law, even if not a soul was injured.

So I would get a solicitor on the defence before your paddling up diahorrea drive…

Your solicitor should claim for the expences of chasing the other driver as mine did… so no cost to you.

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