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How do we find a Chicago attorney to represent us during an nouns underneath oath?


Hint, they’re “yellow”, and resemble a book, or, if you can find YA, you have unlimited access to other sites, like, “Find law”.com, etc. Try your grand piano. “James”, or call your buddy Sherlock.

Crack open a phone book and look below “A” for “Attorney”.

am trying to fix my husbands papers through a lawyer/attorney ?

 I am trying to fix my husbands papers through a lawyer/attorney can some one tell me which applications/paper work am i going to submit and an approximate amount am i going to need to submit more or smaller quantity applications with an attorney please help and i also call for to know what are the laws if he enter the us illegally what is the cost


The best advise I can give is for you to contact a Immigration Attorney and do this officially. They have all the answers. Good Luck

I can’t afford a collapse attorney – what in the order of a public protector?

 If I can’t afford a bankruptcy attorney what should I do- file myself or return with a public defender?

“> A public defender cannot database bankruptcy. Their job is to maintain indigent persons against criminal charges.

You could file it yourself, but what a desperate idea that would be.

Hire a lawyer to find out if liquidation is the best option. If you do need to profile, the lawyer will help you avoid the costly mistakes you could create on your own.

In the US, a public defender comes into play when you are charged with a crime and necessitate to be able to defend yourself. It have nothing to do with ruin. For bankruptcy, you must file within Federal Court and you need an attorney. I am not sure if you know enough to record yourself. It is a narrow area of imperative and I have seen fees for nearly $395 or $495 so not a great deal of money, but could be more or have court costs. Your liability have to outnumber your assets and may be a certain percentage. You home I believe can be excluded and you still pay packet on it if you choose and just lump the other things into the bankruptcy.

You might ask an attorney (call) and see if you can grasp a free consultation. Has to be licensed in Federal Court as most file underneath federal law, but imagine most attorneys would be licensed surrounded by Federal court. You can ask. This is not a legal opinion as I am not a licensed attorney..

Good luck.

Is it proper to shake hand next to the opossing attorney when you are the defendant?. ?

 Also, what is the rule for sending a Thank You gift to your attorney for outstanding work, i.e. a fruit basket?


Of course shaking hand with opposing counsel is appropriate. I craft a point to shake hands with conflicting parties. You may send and/or bestow your attorney a gift… absolutley no problem with that. Source(s): attorney

My friend have A LOT of attorney fees she owes to her legal representative, she is planning to report bankrupcy. ?

 Will the attorney be part of the creditors? unsecured debt?


Yes, the attorney is an unsecured creditor.

if she takes a loan to reward him then that will become a creditor. Otherwise I am not sure.

” I abhorrence attorneys”, Do you, and why?


Because they charge too much and get nothing done as efficient as your money vanishes.

Why would anyone hate attorneys, a short time ago because they take advantage of other peoples misfortunes and tragedies and while adjectives this is happening they suck every penny and ounce of blood out of you to further line their own already over-flowing pockets of money and gold ingots they will never live long enough to spend, while you and your family budge without basic food and shelter….is that any honest reason to hate them? You Betcha!! So go the world!

No. Is this the only profession you chose to abhorrence *all* the members off?

No….never know when you made need one….

I am not an attorney…nor ever would be one….but they do move about to school and work hard for what they do… You wouldn’t despise an attorney that was on your side fighting for you when you own been wronged would you??

They complicate matters to their advantage…….more money, and they are recurrently heartless.

I abhorrence attorneys. All they do is to rip you off. They charge you for everything. As soon as you call them, their clock starts clicking. If they dispatch you a 2 sentences email, they charge you. They send you a letter, they charge you. They stress out everything as long as they can to milk until you dry. They’re evil. They’re not looking out for you but looking out for themselves. They don’t capture you anymore than you can do it yourself. My dad always said ” you can choose any career you approaching but don’t ever be a lawyer” He was so right.

“I am a non-attorney spokesperson”?

I’ve heard two commercials with voice-over inhabitants saying this. Is this some new requirement?


It is a recent requirement so empire understand that these spokespeople are not lawyers. It’s forbidden to claim you’re a lawyer or give trial advice when you’re not.

It basically process like a testimonial. It is exactly what it says. I am not an attorney I am lately speaking out for them. Basically vouching for them.

“prison’ if we have more attorneys that practiced more ‘mistrial” technique?

state appointed,court appointed,just an extention of the state arm?rarely do they try for mistrials,would nearby be less prisoners if more attorneys “practiced “mistrial techniques contained by the courtrooms?


There would be less prisons if more people obey the law!

No if there was more lawyer that tried to get mistrials there would a short time ago be more guilty criminal running around free.

What in the world are you talking roughly, boy?

“Unicorn Attorneys”

 above email one bank in nigeria transport to me that for get my prize wanning i do travel to nigeria.please tellme it is stright or scam




You don’t get anything for zilch, it’s a scam do not answer do not give personal information.The following sites give more information.
.Also If you step to the following link you will get some info on ID embezzlement the iinternet is safe enough if you are watchful but please answer nothing that you are doubtful about.Good Luck and take care

What do you think?

1 of things that get thrown around profoundly (a) child support decision & visitations is to hire an attorney?

 1 of things that gets thrown around a lot (a) child support decision & visitations for men by women is to hire an attorney to solve the issue .

From a malesperspectivei had to hire an attorney and my family be nice enough enough to sustain me out with a 5 thousand retainer fee . My ex use Colorado Rural permissible service and did not have to pay a dime . My ex made it severely nasty at the time (today we are partners within parenting but i am still stuck with a huge child support payment while she doesnt work ) .She put me through a guardian at litumprocess .Technicaly our son have an attorney on his side . I had to pay 500 dollars. How much did she own to pay ?Nothing . The state of colorado declared for her portion of the guardian at litum .

My family spent 5,500 dollars and she spent nought .

We men have the legal potential to spar for visitation and fair child support but all too regularly it is not practical .

Do you see why men are “gun shy” about home court ?


Did your ex-wife lash you to the attorney’s office too? Mine did on Friday and I went Monday. She get all I had bought and spent me into $78,997.00 surrounded by debt.

It is the result of feminist demands. From “no-fault divorce” to custody, feminism has be using propaganda and innuendo for decades and it has been paying sour. Feminism is about options for women and responsibility for men and it is nowhere more adjectives than in the areas of reproduction and divorce.

The whole antagonistic method of “people law” is wrong. It should not be a “either/or” situation but a “both” one.

Unless and until “family law” becomes impartial, men who marry are fools. It is a lose/lose situation for men.

In case you failed to see it, the state is sexist.

They’re coming out with birth-control for men, so you can still have fun. And conjugal is never smart for men either(statistically).
But yes, with women initiating 75% of divorces, lots of men are going through the same as you. Men own no rights when it comes to children at all(and other matters).

– 50% of mothers see no value in the father continued contact with his children.
[“Surviving the Breakup” by Joan Berlin Kelly]

– 40% of mothers reported that they had interfered next to the fathers visitation to punish their ex-spouse.
[“Frequency of Visitation” by Sanford Braver, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry]

One should never go to Divorce/family court minus a Lawyer
your would be insane not to. I took physical custody of my children for 4 years and ended up having to earnings my Ex child support for the years she did not have the children. If the physical custody of your children changes, you want to go to court and change the court establish on child support. That is all the court will consider when a legal issue comes up to that time them.
What does the court order that is surrounded by effect states. It does not matter to the court who was the actual caretaker. Always beware!!

You are surely right, In Us: 1st children, 2nd Women, 3rd animals and they usually don’t care about mens rights. Thank God I individual have to pay for another 8 months.

In court, when I asked the sort out about my rights, his reply was that I have no rights. Go figure the system.

150 of our attorneys that serve within the Justice Dept . graduate from Pat Roberson’s ruling academy?

 CNN reported that 150 of our lawyers in the Justice Deptment graduate from a tier 4 College, why are we not using the best from the top laws in this country? should it issue? do you think Anthony Gonzales should have made better choices



1. what does that hold to do with “Pat Roberson’s” law university? (if in fact he have one)
2. Gonzales didn’t make the appointments… they were holdovers from the *Coition* admistration
3. Pleas return with your facts straight before making lame rants.

OH! The Humanity! snicker…snicker…

First of all , anything CNN reports is suspect and has be since Benie was a reporter during Desert Storm. Second, just because a rich kid go to a rich school, does not make him a better advocate. I think Gonzales has done a fine undertaking so far. If Clinton can fire all 93 then Bush should know how to fire a handful. Once again CNN is making a story out of nothing but lies and rumers, without reporting the truth.

18 charged near shop lifting do we want an attorney?

My daughter is 18 going to college, working and stole some make up. Do we need to draw from an attorney to protect her from losing her college funding from the state? and keep it off her narrative? Any attorneys out there with an answer?


There is some good advice here. A free consultation will administer you an impression to go by. I hold to say, the state will go not easy on even a first offender sometimes (I’ve seen this within Florida) so it is best to not trust your child’s future to an underpaid and new grad public ally if finances permit. Good luck.

My general answer is that if you’re not sure you should hire one. You shouldn’t be looking at too much money for this type of overnight case, at least not when compared with losing college funding. Even when they can’t find loopholes to procure you off the hook, attorneys generally know the ropes powerfully enough to get you the best matter possible. They usually have more luck working with adjectives the parties, including the prosecutor (which is very important), and they’re going to be much better next to discovery. Source(s): Law school, work experience

Attorney? No.

Have her enlist surrounded by the Army to learn some discipline, ASAP! The judge will drop adjectives charges when he finds out she is defending freedom in Iraq.


Always consult near an attorney, and never trust any legal advice you hear over the net.

Most attorneys will give you a 15-minute free consultation over the phone; they’ll at least narrate you whether you need an attorney. I’ve worked for lawyers for years, and it’s my experience that they’ll be honest next to you over the phone. They won’t tell you that you need permissible help when you don’t.

Also, many areas hold programs where you can get free official advice – for example, some law libraries hold “lawyer in the library” programs, where on earth a different lawyer will sit in the library at programmed times and give out free advice. You could contact your State Bar Association to see if any such services are offered.

Above adjectives, though, don’t trust any answer you get on this website. Go to a professional; the question you asked won’t cost you an arm and a leg to obtain answered. Probably won’t cost you anything.

You always need an attorney when charged near a crime.

You should at least chitchat to an attorney in a free consultation. That will give you an impression of how they can help you, what you need to be concerned in the region of, and how much it might cost.

go to court and see if folks she took the stuff from are there. if they dont show up, just plea not guilty. they will drop it.
also find out just about PTI (pre trial intervention). if it is her first offense and she is in college and all that, they might tolerate her participate. its sort of probation, drug testings, community work, and if completed – no record.
you can freshly ask about that in the prosecutor’s department.
idont think you should mention funds from state as an issue to the judge or prosecutor. she requests to say she is sorry and would never do it again.
and yes, consult an attorney, might help.

2 member query roughly speaking attorneys: Is near a route to check their litigation store as far as win/loss %ages?

 and I have been told the arthritis surrounded by my spine is severe enough I should try for disability. How do I find a good attorney to bar this, as it’s my understanding I will be denied disability the first two times no matter what, as to be exact standard practice with the SSA.


If you hold hospital records to show you can no longer work, and meet the minum of Social cecurity credits for the ending 5-10 years, then there is no common sense for your claim to be denied.

WIm, Loss % ages, are things you have to figure out on your own, they can be found surrounded by release records,

Personally I recommend going to the hospital staff, ask who they recommend, they will often know someone who really care about their cases and helping people contained by your situation.

You hold been told incorrectly. furthermore, getting accurate data around a lawyer is very difficult because the language, like win and loss are not well defined. If a attorney gets a judgment but the jury awards one buck surrounded by damages is that a win or a loss? If the defendant is charged with murder but plea bargains to manslaughter, is that a win or a loss?

There are several reports that list other about attorneys and the claims they have handle, but they are pretty expensive to search I could tell you where on earth to look, but it would depend on where you live. Besides the information you mentioned is not really necessary, you don’t obligation a world class trial lawyer to make a disability claim – Like using a nuclear warhead to pinch out an antpile- and just as much a waste of money. You call for someone with experience who can handle an administrative audible range if necessary. Do not try to get information from a hospital, they are useless and normally paid by unscrupulous attorneys for referals. Call your state or local bar association for a referal.

29 weeks pregnant and get fired from work today ( Attorneys please answer)?

 I was very honest to my boss from the birth I told him about my pregnancy when I was purely a month when I was 3 months pregnant he told me that he could only present me 3 weeks to a month to come back to work I asked him if he could hire a temp and said no.

Then we had a conversation perchance 2 weeks ago where he told me that he was gonna dispense me till Dec 15 to work and Today he came to the office on his morning off and set down with this other Dr and practically told me that today be my last day but he offered to settle up me till Dec 15 and presents to me this document saying that I voluntary decided to set out the office which is not true I never agree to leave today I never sign anything. I call the unemployment office and told me never sing a memorandum on this document because this will prevent me from receiving disability or unemployment and dismissal suggested to visit an attorney. So my question is do I enjoy a case here? Can I sue?


If he did not put this in writing its your word against his .However within are laws in place to protect pregnant women he have to give you 6weeks nothing more but the piece is that he probally has something you signed to support it or a witness you never should have asked him for a temp to flood in but you can get dismissal but I don’t think you can sue because he gave you your wage until dec 15 the time you were going to leave look at your form and see if he fired you or laid you stale if he fired you then you are legally sound to sue for wrongful termination and menta damages this has caused you perfect luck just get a free counsiltation and next you’ll know if you have something sit down right now and write down everything that happen and happens from now on you’ll call for it for futher use . Source(s): I won a jury trial against a major insirance company.

Call your unemployment bureau and see if there is a public agency that handles this.

Otherwise, grasp an attorney. How do you know that you are getting a good one? Call their opponents. How? Call a couple of justly large businesses, say that you are doing informational interviews (you are), and ask which decree firms they use. (Some businesses may be reluctant, but be persistent.) Then call that ruling firm, and ask for a lawyer who does employment law (not labor regulation, which is entirely different and useless for you). Again, you are doing an informational interview, which you are.

Now, this lawyer does employer-side employment law. He’s your challenger among lawyers. But he has precious information. So ask him: who would he recommend for a “wrongful termination because of pregnancy defence.” Most lawyers will not mind a simple inquiry like that. Given him no details, such as that you are the client, the baptize of the employer, or any other information that he does not need. Most lawyers will answer that sound out, and you will have a reasonably honest shot at getting a good lawyer who specializes contained by this sort of case.

3 surgery’s this concluding winter on arms final declaration on disability loss impairment . Should I use attorney give a hand

Final decision sent in, not recieved nonetheless. Dr. tryed to inform best as possible that treatment wasnt finished? Always could reopen claim, L & I just wanted to save job, now anxious something is wrong. Nerve damage, something down the road occurre Dr implied best as possible with out proverb outright somethings not right. I rushed to close claim, 2 carpeltunnel & 1 ulnar nerve relocation surgerys. implied serious impairment to one arm other minimal. Final questions close to rating pain to making bed, carring grocerys, pulling & lifting. Servere pain within elbow area didnt like it one touched HURT. Afraid to lose job should I listen to people an go through out legal advise?


Having dealt with disability claims myself, if you can afford it, seize an attorney who is used to handling these things. It can be a real pain and they try to endow with you the run around.

man you rushed to close the claim it might be to late.. best thing to do is reach a deal to a lawyer.. see if you have any rights to anything coz you did already settle. if you have not of closed the claim what they would do is impare you a % of disability and pay you that amount.. but talk to a advocate most have the first visit free.. flawless luck

If your situation is such that you ask that query, then YES. Seek legal consel.

Even if it won’t do you any right, an attorney can let you know what your options are. Just remember in the past you do, that not turning out as you had hoped doesn’t imply medical malpractice. Even a well brought-up doctor can only do so much.

And never accept a smaller quantity than optimal outcome just because you fear for your career. Even if your employer can legally terminate you for medical reason (which an attorney can tell you) you can get another employment. You can’t get new arms.

40 months ago Obama be newly an attorney. Do you agree next to Biden that Obama is channel too inexperienced?


Exactly but the Middle East requirements one of their “sleepers”in this country in a position of power and thats Obama but they cant dally til one gets experience

er… he be elected to the state senate in Ill. in 1997… so that’s something like 120 months (ten years) of senate experience on the state or national level…ā€¦

Republican getting the facts wrong… shocker!

EDIT: and McCain has 0 years of executive experience… so did JFK…

Obama’s be in the US Senate since 01/2005. Before that, he was a state senator contained by Illinois since 1997.

No, I don’t agree. Your question is approximate, 40 months ago he was in the Illinois State legislative. Yes he does enjoy a law degree from the best ruling school in the world.

How much experience do you really need to rumple?

What difference does it make about experience. Whoever get in will be a pawn.

The presidency is all roughly speaking executive experience. Same with the V.P.. Sadly, Obama has 0 executive experience. Palin have 2 years and she’s just running for V.P.!

He have more experience than Abraham Lincoln called.

the Presidency is about regulation qualities. That is why Bush failed. Obama have those qualities.

biden is right, obama is inexperienced.

Yes. It’s amazing how he changed his tune when he found out he was selected as his VP. The irony!

5 biddable question to ask an attorney contained by an interview?

 Okay everyone, I’m in a “Law Related” class and i requirement to think of 5 good question to ask a guest speaker who is an Attorney….AND I HAVE TO TURN THIS IN TOMORROW SO I NEED HELP A.S.A.P! Help meeeeeehpweaseeee?!?!


1. Why did you choose your particular field of regulation?
2. What is the least desirable part of anyone an attorney?
3. What advice would you give to someone wanting to become an attorney?
4. What is your favorite portion of being an attorney?
5. What is the funniest thing that’s happen to you as an attorney? Source(s): This consultation is free, but anything further will be included in billable hours. 🙂

60 out 63 attorneys hired at equality department be strong Bushies? what statute did that break?

 when will it be prosecuted and who will go to jail??


no laws be broken so no one will go to lock up.

The issue is that it is dubious for the political affiliation of an applicant to be taken into account when decisions re job, promotions or assignments are made in thee federal government, except for political appointments as you would expect. The idea is to be a meritocracy. It will probably not be prosecuted though it could and should be.

So … no law broken…. no prosecution needed and no one going to jail

“Strong Bushies”? Right. A ringing legal definition of wrongdoing there.

It wont.
No one.

Our body? Would that be the one that is currently looking to put a tax cheat contained by charge of Treasury and a woman who’s husband owes every foreign power broker in the world in charge of the State Dept? BO ain’t showing much here if you want to throw mud at party.

As always, the answers are a direct reflection of the nonaligned intelligence shown by the question.

There own been NO crimes committed. Guess what all presidents hire attorneys at the equality department that agree with them.

Government representative of the population.

It’s an ethic, not a law.

They have already contracted that they will not prosecute the official ( his name escapes me) after following the trail of e-mails that own proven his criminality. As for those hired, it might prove to be a very difficult thing to un-hire them as they own committed no crimes themselves.

Elections have consequences. Let’s see who Barack-o hires. I can guarantee you that it will be relations who share his vision and philosophy. Will that be a crime?

Were the hirings unethical? That argument could be made.

Were the hirings wicked? No. We do not have a law that prevents us from hiring those based on their political leanings.

That’s called politics my friend not a crime.

A 22yr dated man meet a 15yr antiquated girl on string,make her pregnant. and the fl state attorney let him past its sell-by date?

 and the fl state attorney let him go because she concented to have sex with him.does anybody know how this can be.If it is so than free all the teacher that are in jail.grill is can he still be charged with the rape of a minor.


That doesn’t make sense to me. I looked it up & found the age of consent to be 16 contained by Florida. Source(s):

thought this was called statuatory rape

A press for the attorneys?

 I’m having some problems with my hotelier. My ex-neighbors used to have parties and trade name lots of noise up until 3 and 4 in the morning and we enjoy 2 children in bed. Well the landlord through them out. Now the innkeeper is letting them move back in a short time ago to harass us to get us to move. And it does no accurate to have the police down, they just put on alert them and that’s it. They still continue to do it. We are a little losing on our rent, but they say they will work with us and they adopt the payments we make even if it is short or late. But afterwards they come down yelling and telling us to shut up and listen a few days after they influence it’s ok. I can’t afford to move right now. What can I do legally to stop the aggravation from the landlord and the neighbor. Also, I suffer from depression, and I don’t need this stress, because someone might achieve hurt. Any help please.


The general rule is that you hold a right to the quite enjoyment of apartment and the proprietor breaching that may constitute constructive eviction. The general remedy is for you to move out and get another apartment, if you can’t find one for like peas in a pod rate, he may be compelled to make up the difference. However, like adjectives law, you really need to look at the specific law in your jurisdiction and the best way to do to be exact through a local lawyer or, if you feel you are up to it, by going to a ruling library and doing some research. Keep in mind, that the fact that one have a potential remedy at law does not mean it is other worthwhile to pursue it.
Good luck.

I used to be a landlord and am not an attorney but my advice is to document every time the police come to put on alert them and what happened. With enough evidence and witnesses to the loud disturbance till 3 or 4 am go talk to the states attorney and ask that charges of peace disturbance be brought against them. Have visit friends and other neighbors keep track too so they could be witnesses. Now about the hotelier, it doesn’t matter that they say they will work beside you if they want to get rid of you they can because you are short or late on the payments. Of coarse they can’t simply tell you to get out they must own you served an eviction notice by a qualified process server then you own 30 days in which to be moved In some states it may be poss able to evict a tenant by certified communication. I do not know which state you are from and exactly what the laws in your state are. My guidance is to keep up on the rent so there is no explanation to have you evicted and either remuneration the rent with a check or get a account. No cash without a getting because some landlords have no morals and will lie.

A attorney call me and would say aloud what it is give or take a few, what should I do?

 I had a attourney call me but they would not right to be heard what it was about (voicemail). I suspect it is for a ancient credit card debt I was not able to repay 10 years ago.

Should I call? What should I say? Or should I only just call a attourney?

Seem like some sort of trap to me.

Any sustain would be greatly appreciated.


Call your attorney if he desires to make any deals (let your advocate sort things out for you) ….. don’t sign anything and don’t give personal information including your passport (photocopy,etc) credit account numbers and anything to do beside money. He called you so he is supposed to know who he/she is contacting.

find legal advice first…

Do not bid. But check your credit report to make sure it’s clear. In this day and age ethnic group can steal your ID and rack up huge credit card debts before you know it. You can check your credit for free, once a year at this site:

No, do not call. A 10 year old debt is nil to worry about immediately. Way too old for them to bother with.
Did he/she nickname you by name? Might have even be a wrong number.

If you defaulted on the credit card 10 years ago, then you are historic the collecting SOL. Credit cards are open accounts and there is no state that have a collecting SOL for 10 years on an open account.

While they can verbs to try to collect after a debt passes the collecting SOL, they cannot legally sue for that debt. (but, never trust a collector since they roughly do not care if what they do is legal or not)

If they appointment again and mention it is for that account, ask them their mailing address later hang up.

Then you can either distribute a debt validation letter followed by a SOL letter (which creates a serious newspaper trail)
Or you can jump straight to a SOL letter.

You might do some reading within the links I have listed within my profile – to the FDCPA (yes a collecting lawyer must abide by the FDCPA) the FCRA and especially the last connect to find your letter templates and other info.

I wouldn’t be to worried about it, I did a scour and found this site that explains in detail about this same issue, check it out , excellent articles also. Source(s):

You said an ‘attorney’ called. Did they confer on a “number to refer to” when you call? Like a case # or something?

Several years ago a collection agency be calling ME and accusing ME of being the gal they were looking for. It be actually for a friend’s daughter who used MY phone # for contact info without my okay! I hadn’t seen her for about 5 years, and have no knowledge of where she be at.

If you have the phone #, maybe you can hail as information or the phone company or look it up online to verify who ths # belongs to? The name of the company / firm / etc? OR, maybe you could be in motion to a pay phone (don’t use a public phone), call and see how they answer? Then ask for someone, and “Oops! I must own a wrong number! Are you SURE this isn’t “Shirley’s” #?” Try to get info, but hang up previously you get caught up surrounded by a conversation.



It COULD be a collection agency trying to collect on a ‘ghost acc’t’.
They’ve been doing this for a few years now. Even if you file bankruptcy, they can still come back to den you! I’ve read about it on and other sources several times.

I can’t remember the exact term they use (sorry), but it’s “presence ______ (something)”. (I think they DO call them “phantom accounts”.)

What they do is take really OLD unpaid debts, resurface them, call and try to collect. AGAIN.

HERE’S THE TRAP: If you even say-so you will pay ANYTHING – even one cent! It opens up collections adjectives over again. And now it becomes “legal” collection adjectives over again. Opens a whole new can of worms adjectives over again.

Best way to handle – If they telephone and immediately say your cross, ask “WHO’S CALLING?” (Don’t verify yourself until you get what YOU want from THEM) Have them repeat it as many times as called for in order to write it down (you know, they adjectives just rattle stuff past its sell-by date so fast). Try to get the company name, phone #, and term of person calling (first and last) and a badge or I.D. #.
Once you seize the information – (IF you get the info!) Ask who they are calling for and what it is in regard to.

Do NOT admit to ANYTHING. do NOT try to EXPLAIN anything. Just tell them to do not phone call you again and hang up. Have pad and pen by phone, and write down date, time of respectively call.
This is if it IS a collection agency for an old debt!

Now, if it is indeed an attorney…obviously, you need to figure out what specifically all about. If it is an attorney’s organization, they shouldn’t be evasive.
If it was an attorney, you could always give the name the number and just say that you get a msg on your voicemail, and you were wondering who this is and what’s it about? You don’t entail to identify yourself.

Did you maybe witness an accident? or something? (Maybe someone wrote your license plate # down and they tracked you?)

Good LUCK!

It is against the law for a collection company or nouns company to misrepresent themselves as attorneys, police officers, etc. This does not stop many of these companies from doing this but you would hold to believe most do abide by the law. It wont hurt to call stern and speak with them. If you cant pay it is not going to hurt to speak next to them. If they are in the process of taking you to court you want to know what is taking place. If it go to court and you are not present the creditor will be awarded the judgment. This is when they can request things such as garnishments.

The can’t really give a lot of information around the debt, due to FDCA rules.

Go ahead and call them up.

DO NOT give any more information afterwards possible.
DO NOT give Social security number, hill or employment info
DO NOT admit to any debt
DO NOT commit to any payments
If possible, record the phone. If not, get someone to listen in on the conversation.
Get the name/time/date of who you are calling.
If this does respect a past debt, immediately dispute it near this person (he may not even be an attorney, most likely lately your average run-of-the-mill collection agent).
DEMAND that they send you validation of this debt. That means you want ALL of the following.Written contract, bills, receipts, copy of final billing statement, copy of demand statement, proof this is within statute of curbing, proof they have a legal right to collect on this debt.

Get the dub and address of the collection agency, attorney, and original creditor.

And that’s it! Follow up this call near a certified letter to them again demanding validation.

Then sit back and linger. If they don’t send this information ignore them. Once you hold informed them of your request, they can not continue debt collections until they send it to you.

Contact me if you enjoy further questions.

Yup… will just be someone trying to obtain your address for their debt collection service I’m sure… happened to me a year ago, which was biddable, that’s how I finally found out who to pay.

it’s a trick of some sort. do not return the telephone call and if he reaches you in soul tell him not to call your number again. Source(s): existence

A civil suit show wreak that carrys up to 12 mos do I enjoy the right to a court appointedattorney?


Civil suits are for money and property, they fetch no jail time!

Court appointed attorneys are for criminal cases. It is also much more difficult than imagined to get one. You are required to show ridge records and even equity in a house.

Generally, no. The 6th admendment right to cousel only appiles to criminal matters. The rule is that it just applies to civil matters that amount to criminal sanctions.

So here are some rare cases where a management civil action might be found to be effectively a criminal action, contained by which case the right would attach, but those are rare.

You mention: Carries up to 12 months. If this is civil confinement, afterwards the right to attaches, since it amounts to a criminal sanction (I can’t recall the case).

A collection company set up a pay-out plan cashed a recompense check later turned reason to attorneys lawful ?


And so what’s your question?

NO, Unless you be late making your payment again.

Consult attorney or Pay stale your Account.

I almost feel sorry for credit users, but i blame the media for your brainwashed buying requirements. Source(s): Don’t live outside your means.

Credit Cards holders are Sheep controled by media.
( I enjoy one for practical useses,lol)

All you really need is Love:)

If the payment was not for the full amount and/or be late, yes, legal.

A corporate attorney of a fortune 500 company wishes me to be a corporate witness.?

 he keeps asking. he’s been askin me for weeks. he’s truly been annoying me (a) work. i guess they stand to lose millions. should i ask for some sort of compensation? and im NOT talking give or take a few sick days or being paid for the days i miss work. imtalkin in the region of REAL compensation for my testimony.


i don’t think that’s officially recognized. just tell him to quit bugging you because your time is costly & see how he reacts to that. if he offers money, next well…let your conscience be your guide.

Thisgo against my core values because the world today is being enslaved by the corporation (see sources.) But yes, you should ask for compensation, not only do you own to take time out of your life to vitally do them a favour but you’re also hurting someone who might actually deserve some compensation.
If your conscience system anything to you then you probably would want to equalize and realize that you have right to compensation newly as much as the next guy. The best way to dance about it, in my view, would be to explain that it is like work, and working generally pays you for your time, so you should be compensated for your time. Or something along those lines..

I hope my answer helped you come to a decision, best of luck within the future. Source(s): The Corporation (Movie)

I really don’t think you want to do that.

A coworker’s husband have be commited to a mental institution and her son-in-law have power of attorney…?

What are her rights and entitlements as far as home ownership, car ownership, etc. Does she need to return with a lawyer in writ to have claim to any of their joint belongings?

As I get the message it, power of attorney is just a legal right for a party to take care of things that requirement the deceased signature.…

It depends on how the power of attorney be filed, some are filed to where on earth the other person has full and complete power to do anything they want, and some are not.

There are different kinds of POA’s which make a contribution different powers for different things. The one you are speaking of sounds like Health Care POA. This would not give control over personal items or wills. However, the one I hold for my F-I-L says something to the effect that I can control banking matter. You need to obtain a copy of this POA, whether from your SIL or the mental hospital or doctor, and own it looked over by legal councel. Protect what is yours and what you are entitled to now, or you in recent times might be very sorry later on. Best Luck.

She might have to. Have her beckon her lawyer and ask

“> YES

A index of bingo rules set by the attorney generals’ bureau?

 The Bingo rules set for operating a Public Bingo Games


ok..i am so sorry to hesr you goin g to lock away!! 🙁

when the # 73 is picked the the caller “MUST” pronounce it ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 73

Sorry I only found the law for south dakota, i come up with your going to have look up you local gambling regulator.

“South Dakota Codified Laws
22-25-23. Bingo defined

As used contained by this chapter, “bingo” is that game in which respectively player is supplied a card or board containing five adjoining horizontal and vertical rows with five spaces surrounded by each row each containing a number or amount therein, except for the central row with four spaces, respectively containing a number or figure therein and the word “free” marked within the center space thereof. Upon announcement by the person or persons conducting the spectator sport of any number or figure appearing on the player’s card or board, the space containing said figures or number is covered by the player. When the player shall own covered all five spaces in any horizontal or vertical row, or shall own covered four spaces and the “free” space in a five space diagonal row, or shall have covered the required combination of spaces within some other preannounced pattern or arrangement, such combination of spaces covered shall constitute “bingo.” The player or players to first announce “bingo” are awarded money, merchandise, or some other consideration by the person or people conducting the game.” Source(s):…

A district attorney sent me a notification in the region of a unpromising check & I rewarded it put money on is that on my transcript as a conviction?

I never went to court would this still give me a criminal history?


If you did not go to court, then you be not convicted of anything. It is impossible to have a felony conviction without going to court. If you be pleading guilty, you would have to appear before the intermediary to do this — the judge must ask you a series of questions to take home certain that you understand the consequences of the plea and you must publicly acknowledge your guilt contained by court. If you were pleading not guilty, you would have a trial surrounded by court. Either way, you would have to appear surrounded by court. No court appearance, no conviction.

There will be no FELONY “Conviction” if there was no plead contained by the court room. And you would have had to of signed an declaration of guilt of guilt statement.
However, you can simply call the D.A.’s office to see if at hand was. Source(s): Personal exp.

A district attorney what class would i enjoy to do righteous and what giving of college and what chief would i own?

 Like what kind of majors and what kind of classes would i own to do well in


To be a District Attorney, you will own to go to law institution, so it is important to go to the best scholarly college you can afford and get into, and follow a pre-law program (counselors will have list of suitable classes).

In general, the most important skills for a D.A are writing and logical argument. It is also critical to own a background in how establishment functions.

Classes that stongly emphasize clear writing and good debate skills will really comfort. Of course, a needed background to that is to read profoundly, and to be able to read with comprehension and retention.

I used to show up also that aspiring lawyers should have correct computer research skills, but I guess all college students get those at the moment. Source(s): I used to train lawyers for a state Attorney General’s Office. Much like a D.A.’s bureau, but harder to get into.

You will need to be in motion to Law School for that and before Law school you have need of a 4 year degree. Any undergraduate degree is fine but it wouldnt hurt to bring Criminology or Psychology classes. I would tell you its best to talk to an advisor as in good health.

A few question more or less becoming an attorney? ?

 I am interested in litigation consulting and appellate law.

A few question:

1.) Are these two usually practiced at the same time or are they mostly exclusive of each other contained by terms of a career?

2.) How crucial is it to get a good clerkship after graduate law school?

3.) Are in attendance any law schools that are specially strong in Appellate Law or Litigation Consulting?


1. different

2. it is up to you. you just obligation to pass the bar and choose what style of law you plan to practice and get into a dutiful firm

3. they are all good.l

A sound out for an attorney or a paralegal?

I need to know what to expect at a case admin conference. I have never been to one. It is for a civil suit. What should I influence or should I say anything? I heard today that it is newly an update of the case, is this true? Can and should I ask for a trial date at this? Thank you.


you need to give more info

What you heard is correct. The decide is going to ask both sides what the status of the case is as far as how discovery is going and if both sides are ready to set a trial date. The style guru will ask if both sides are ready for a trial date to be set. You can ask for a trial date, or the judge may insist one be set. Of course, the date will probably be months away. Civil cases don’t move along as express a criminal cases. Source(s): On-the-job experience

I’m assuming you’re representing yourself — if you have an attorney, don’t voice anything.

If you’re representing yourself, you need to think through the status of the luggage. What discovery do you still need to do? What motions, if any, do you need to bring up to that time trial? Are you willing to do any alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, and if so, when? Have your calendar, and know your availability and the availability of any witnesses for trial. Once you have a trial date, it will probably be complex to change it (even though the trial probably won’t start that day). Many other deadlines are base on that date, so be sure you consider carefully.

A loved one dies and have no Power of Attorney-how do you appoint one?

 A loved one dies and has no Power of Attorney-how do you appoint one? The loved one has money surrounded by the bank, and nobody is able to draw from it out?


It is not power of attorney. The Probate Court will appoint an executor who has the legal power to run the division of your aunt’s estate. If your aunt died intestacy (w/o a will,) there should be a statute that countrols the division of the property. If she dies with a will, later the estate should be divided according to the terms of the will. But, the will still has to be probated, and if she did not designation an executor in the will, then the court will hold to appoint one. You can petition to be exectutor, and you can object to the court’s appointed executor for cause. The Probate Court will enter an establish authorizing the bank to release the funds to the Executor for the limited purpose of distribution according to the will or the intestate statute. It should be moved and held contained by a trust account. Not stuck in someone’s pocket or wall risk-free, or even co-mingled with someone’s personal account.

I’m sorry for your loss. Like the above poster said, you need to enjoy a lawyer put together the paperwork and assign someone the position of executor of the estate. This happened when my father died several years ago and after discussing everything near my family they decided to hold me act as executor. Whoever you decide to appoint will know how to access all accounts, distribute money and property (for example, put the house on the market if s/he be a homeowner), and will also have to deal near any outstanding debts.

POA can’t be gotten from a dead person. An administrator for an intestate estate wants to be appointed by the probate court to settle DEBIT as well as hel pthemselves to funds.

You own to hire an attorney to file a petition in the local probate court to appoint an executor. The executor will consequently have access to the assets and probate them accordingly.

A man mid 50’s, never be married, never dated, and liveing beside his mother. Coledge level, attorney. ?

 Straight up question, many wonder, but is none of nearby business. I have a good intention, not on my own behalf. Would like a good literary opinion of what chances that this man is guy or not? What other reason could it be?


He could be gay. He could be too shy to meet a girl. He could be too cheap to foot for his own apartment. His mother could be ill and need him here.He could be lying about being an attorney and be a crack team leader thief living off his mother’s welfare cheques.

He could be freshly like the dude in Psycho! Crazy surrounded by love with his mother and living with her mummified corpse!!

The network is a dangerous place! Source(s): hope those suggestions helped you

he could be afraid of relationships, he could just be a stagnant *** living with his mother and prefers everything done for him. His mother could need his backing, he could be developmentally or mentally challenged, could be gay but if he was gay I’d reflect he’d be in a relationship with a man not living beside mommy. He could just be asexual.

I hold absolutely no idea what the query is or what you are talking about. But taking a natural leap, perhaps he is taking care of his mother. Or possibly he is socially akward and has trouble developing relationships, so he chooses to live with his mother to some extent than being alone.

I consider you meant “gay” not guy….

I know someone just similar to you described. Fact is, I know for certain he is not gay [my friend I mean]. Maybe some people insufficiency the social skills and the inclination to pair off next to a potential lover. For them, the right partner, just never came along… and some citizens have an incredibly low libido…. they say once you abstain for a few years.. the secondary years come easy. A year for them is a day or two for me… it’s of late a libido thing, I think.

So gay it’s pathetic

This man is comfortable and does not want to grow up. It is like a sort of peter jar syndrome without the children. sometimes people consistency secure and do not like to be adventorous or risky. If here is no shame in his game. I verbs it. I should say though this person is missing out on adjectives the great adventures in the world. Tell him to get the feeler out of books and into some muffs.

You’d conjecture that a coledge (sic) educated attorney (guy [sic] or otherwise) could at least spell.

I would say probability are pretty high but he might just be monstrous or have a rotten personality and cant win a date and no reason to leave his mom if he can live in that and take care of his mom.

He probably loves his mum’s cooking! Don’t always think the worst of relatives. Source(s): Probably gay and too repressed to act on it so staying home with mum is secure.Does he use public toilets often?

The man is almost definitely a guy.

if he is a man he is a guy, I’d say the chances are comparatively high

if you meant gay, at hand is no reason from what you said to suspect that, may have low self esteem/bad interactions/phobias or may not own a good attitude

A requirement an attorney within or around Seattle that also competent to practice surrounded by Montana?


Get the list of Montana attorneys from the Montana Bar ***’n. & search for one near a Seattle address.

[I can’t believe the bozos who run YA turned the abbreviation for “association” into a bunch of asssssterisks]

it would help if you provided more detailed information.

what type of attorney criminal, solid estate, family, accident/injury etc…


A cross-question for lawyer, attorneys across europe or even the US?

 Or even lawyers from the US or elsewhere who are well acquainted next to European Affairs.

My question is this…Is it lawful for me to sue a company contained by the European Court of Justice. As long as that company is in one of the European member states (EU) and as long as this situation involves solitary me and the company? Supposing its possible, then what if i come from a EU country where nearby is a LIMITED time to file my charges against a defendant and of course the time to file the charges are past after does the European Court of Justice have and ulimited period of time for me to bring my armour before them??


Consult a lawyer if your claim is serious. Probably at hand is a statute of limitations.


A property within Chennai, owner beside housing loan have given power of attorney to another man. Who should sign?

 I wish to buy a house in Chennai, House Owner near still some loan amount pending with pvt. guard has registered power of attorney with Mr.X. and Mr.X have contacting me and I am moving with the same pvt. mound for loan. There is a query with the sandbank now that power of attorney is not valid as still there is loan. How to progress about?


Good day,

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Duration of the loan.
Monthly income.
Have you ever applied for a loan?
Thanks for your time
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I’m not a lawyer so this isn’t legal suggestion, just my business experience.

First make sure Mr. X clearly have the “power to communicate, negotiate” with the lender on the specific property or on any loans of the principle at that bank according to the power of attorney. Does he enjoy ALL the powers he needs?

Plan A)
If there is no objection to a title company, after use a title insurance company.
Reason 1: You are protected from power of attorney fraud.
Reason 2: The bank with trust the title insurance company over you two guys.

Plan B)
1) Get the lender to honor the power of solely for obtaining/releasing loan information. I’m sure they’ll honor it for that because they honor simple correspondence for that.
2) Then get the bank to honor the power of attorney for other reason. If they still object then ask what within particular they don’t like almost the power of attorney. If you still can’t convince them to honor it then ask them to put their objections into writing.

### Source(s): I’m a Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker

Bank is wrong.

Power of Attorney can be granted even there is a loan upcoming. Attorney has to make arrangements for closing loan and go.

meaning of power of Attorney is to deal near a matter on behalf of Principal. Ownership rights are not transferred to attorney. Which bank is that making such invalid enquiry?

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I have gone through your query.All the title deeds of the property have to be gone trough and the veracity of POW should also to be gone through in order to arrive a valid tilte of the property and its marketability.
I am a Lawyer.

A cross-examine for/about attorneys…?

 Practically every attorney in my area advertise that if they don’t win your case, you don’t have to earnings them a cent. My question is, how can they afford to do this? Of course, If they win, they would get remunerated. But, what if they’re handling multiple cases and for some reason loses all of them? Wouldn’t that dramatically hurt them financially?


The contingency is available singular for certain kinds of cases. Usually civil movements in which the lawyer represents the injured delegation. They don’t take questionable cases. they only nick the ones that are sure to recover something, and the only remaining interview is how much will be recovered. For instance, if you are in a traffic accident and the other driver is clearly at reprimand (and has insurance), the lawyer will be glad to pinch the case and send a few parcels and settle if for you. You could do that yourself, of course, but the lawyer take the cut. It is much more rare for those kind of lawyer to take a case where on earth damages are clear but liability is not clear.

I am a paralegal student/ pre law. This is how it work. They earn usually 30-40% amount of all champion cases. You call this a contingency fee. The payment is usually for medical mal practice and civil matters. Most of the attorneys would not take adjectives cases, just cases possible of winning. If you trip on the sidewalk, and you have some cuts and scrapes. That is not a granted issue enough for sueing somebody. You call for big damages like if you lose a part of your body due to med mal or if your a appendage model and your hand got crush. CONTINGENCY FEE IS NOT ALLOWED IN CRIMINAL MATTERS / MATRIMONY/ ETC… . You call for that unethical, no price can be put on cases such as a crime against nature. Plus most of these matter you have to pay a retainer on top. The retainer is close to a pre-paid lawyer fee. You usually own to pay them X amount to get started. Not adjectives contingency lawyers, you would have to recompense a retainer. Just remember not all attorneys have this sort of mantra, surrounded by some civil matters or medical malpractice; the lawyer is compensated 200/hr …etc. I hope that answer your questions. I am sure you can easily find resources in need going to law schoo.. Such as,wikipedia, findlaw,com, lexis-nexis, and google. Just don’t ever ever record papers of any sort that you need real lawyer to help you if. Lawyers are not all greedy , money grubing X relatives. Lawyers are to protect people from further damages ie get you out of liquidation. You can say… they are an insurance policy from major damages. Hope that answer your cross-examine

A sandbank a/c is person operate within the first name of me by others within other state,on a FALSE power of attorney,is official?

 a bank a/c is being operate in the name of me by others surrounded by other state,on a fake power of attorney,what legal schedule can be initiated by me against the bank/bank officials and a/c operatores?also can i claim for compensation against them as well as bank/bank official,also what is the compensation amount to be claimed for each transactions of Rs one lac?


First and foremost, ask the bank to freeze your funds and within the meantime ask them who authorized them to let other people operate your rationalization if you are the sole owner of the monies that you have credited to your account. If you are the individual one who had been handling the depiction then they have to show something surrounded by black and white where there have been changes. It have to be fraud and really and truly speaking you are wasting time asking these questions to other people – you have need of to act fast up to that time zero balance is gone in your account. In your overnight case the bank is responsible for letting such thing happend to you! The sandbank needs to investigate and get adjectives the money into your account immediately. Take no excuse – bank are insured so you must get your cash backbone. All the very best. Source(s): Counceling

A supporter of terrorist murderers for Attorney General?

 Is this Obama guy right on-track for appointing a liberal dream-team cabinet?


What terrorist murderers? You haven’t named a one. Beyond that a lawyer defend people in court. That is his undertaking. Grow up.

In America, Justice is blind. The accused should have lately as good of defense as their prosecution. Otherwise the verdict does not depend on evidence, but on the craftiness and devisiveness of counsel. This is how the innocent appendage up going to jail in America and it isn’t found out until they hold lost decades of their lives.
That isn’t justice.
I believe a person who is colourless and cares about sprite is the right person for the job, not someone who believes surrounded by coerced confession or a devisive justice system.

Just what kind of fascist are you?
And as you would expect I don’t expect people who think someone should be locked up and the switch thrown away, purely based on accusations, to know this. You would actually have to read and recognize the US Constitution to comprehend.

I also don’t expect someone who believes in America’s version of “Divine Right of Kings” where on earth a person who can afford better counsel deserves to be acquitted even if they committed the crime, to read this simple logic.

Does not the Saudi Royal family (closely tied to the Bush family) fund the Madrases in Pakistan? Did not Ronald Reagan and Bush I distribute Osama bin Ladin and cohorts all their money and training, I guess terrorists are great when they on the American payroll. Before you throw around the term around, better do some more research.

What are the probability, the guy that pals around with domestic terrorists may appoint a guy who have released tons of convicted terrorists.

And we’re just imagining it adjectives, aren’t we, libs?

Anna Blu – that’s the problem, you libs always need links because you’re not informed.

Worse — he “accidentally” released them after they’d be convicted.

Eric Holder never defended “terrorist murderers.” If you own evidence of this, please provide it.

Fun fact: His career as an attorney have been as a *prosecutor.”

Holder is a attorney with a stellar reputation who fights corruption. There is one instance of pardoning Marc Rich but it be Mr. Clinton who ultimately pardoned him, not Holder.

Terrorism? I find nothing. Please provide valid, credible sources that support this.

It make sense

He did promise “I will always stand by my Muslim Brothers”

Were you listening during the see? According to the Dems the only true terrorist in the world is the USA.


There are no links provided to any cases of Eric Holder defending terrorist murderers. I could find nothing surrounded by Google, either. Did you just kind this up?

Basis for saying this?

Even conservative columnist David Brooks is maxim that Obama’s choices are “superb”. Source(s):…

Ya wanna give some details or are you just whining?

Yeah, I know it’s Eric Holder, but would you attention to detail to shed some light on your “defender of terrorists” hint and why it should keep him from being our subsequent AG?

I in recent times hope there is someone of integrity watching those who have a history of poor judgement.

I’m confused: Ashcroft, the guy who thought it was OK to murder abortion doctors, was Bush’s AG. What does that own to do with Obama?

Eric Holder have never defended terrorists in his life. He have spent his career fighting corruption and brought down some of the most powerful inhabitants around. He might have been involved surrounded by the Marc Rich pardon, but how many toll evaders are the Republicans standing behind?

He certainly is of course his dream squad may end up including Billy Ayers and other enemies of the free world but that’s a lib for you Source(s): Liberalism is a mental disorder

I sure hope so. Liberalism is the way to go. Everyone is equal and well under liberals. Conservatives only appeal to only some Nazi in our country. Conservatism is all roughly speaking opposition. They stand for NOTHING. Think about it, conservatives stand for what they argue against: social programs, poor people, non-white people, gays, non-christians, worldwide warming, science, the environment, education, legalized wars, the truth, equality, healthcare, etc… They stand for NOTHING. If it wasn’t for liberals there would still be slavery, woman couldn’t vote, the environment would be a mess, within would be no safety regulations with our foods, near would be no equality, etc….

Liberals are right and always have be. Conservatives have consistently lost to liberals over the history of time. They lose one battle and next realize how ridiculous their views were/are and try to take credit for the tricky work of liberals. Liberals used to be the minority but not anymore. People are tired of the Nazi-esque conservative philosophies hence Obama winning by a huge margin.

That’s Obama for ya. He loves anti-American terrorists.

Yes. I hope so.

But one may also look at it as a defender of the Constitution for Attorney General.

It all depends if you resembling sour grapes or not.

About attorneys and ruin?

i have to file for ruin but i have a question, in the region of a week ago i gave my attorney $300 dollars because she said that woould be enough to retain her… i live within michigan, does anyone know how long i have by law to reimburse off the rest of the fees and stuff, it hasnt been file, but i wanna know if i only have a constant amount of time to do so before my creditors can foreclose on me or anything.


There’s no law but I don’t instinctively know any lawyer who will file a liquidation until they are paid in full. Source(s): 20+ years practicing decree

About finding attorneys info?

 my frind got into a accident and i want a honourable attorney to represent her i have a few names very soon i need to know is how do i find out if any type of action have taken place agaisnt them


You can Contact the state bar to find out if their license age good.

They all own websites for CA try googling “California State Bar” Source(s):…

They’ll know a few days after it’s file because they would be served with a summons for court, so not to worry nearly that.. 🙂

as far as finding a good attorney, if they are looking for a personal injury lawyer I narrate all my clients to call a couple of attorneys who don’t specialize surrounded by that field and ask them who they would use… you’ll hear the same name a few times and you’ll know who the good ones are. Good luck!

Ask around first with people that you know,afterwards check with with your state fishing rod association to check there record.

About how much do actual estate attorney’s charge?

I am in the process of buying a home that is not on the flea market and is the early stages of foreclosure. I need to hire a existing estate attorney to put together a contract and attend closing.. How much do they usually charge for this service?

I live in VA


Foreclosure may involve a lot more than you know.

I’d ring up a local title company with a lawyer on staff. Should be smaller quantity than a grand. Source(s): VA title agent

You really don’t need an attorney for this transaction. You necessitate the knowledge to negotiate a contract with the current owner.

You involve to then know if you plan to keep the current mortgage loan or apply and draw from approved for a new mortgage loan.

Will the sale price agreed upon do to cover the mortgage loan balance the current owner has. A lot of properties hold depreciated in value as a result the appraisal might come in at a value lower than the mortgage loan match.

A little investigation on your own and conversations with the owner can determine if this it the case. You necessitate to know the current mortgage balance, how many months the current owner is at the back as well as any fees that are attached.

If the property is upside down who will make up the difference contained by the value of the house and the mortgage loan balance. The owner will not know how to because they are not realizing any profit from the sale of the house.

If you own to pay the difference in the grip you will be paying more for the house than the current value of the property.

Apparently attorneys are used as closing agents in you state. If this is your examine as to the cost of a closing agent, then simply look in the local cellular phone book and find a closing agent, ask what are normal fees charged as a closing agent.

If you are looking for an attorney to put together the deal for you, prepare the contract,gain signatures etc. Most of these attorneys charge fees per hour. Therefore you would have to find out from an attorney what they charge for each billable hour. Each attorney is different, nearby is not one fee per hour that each attorney charge.

If you are intent on purchasing this foreclosure you might want to dance to your local book store,purchase a couple of books on buying foreclosures.

With the cost of the property, attorney fees, any back payments that you could have to brand name in making this transaction this house could wind up costing you like mad more than you should pay for the property.

I hope this has be of some benefit to you, good luck.


It should cost you about 500.

Make sure you filly research the title. anyone dishonest ample to have a foreclosure may very okay have other liens.


About how much does an immigration attorney charge?

Like to fill out or take trouble of the process in getting a green card through marriage. Or resembling when somebody gets deported and use an attorney to help their luggage? I am a US citizen so don’t be thinking that I am an illegal, I just know associates who are in this situation and I am curious.


i don’t know for sure but its a lot you can organize make asuccessfully Carrier out this

Each attorney sets his/her own rates. Nobody can report you want to expect unless you say exactly what the attorney is needed for. As you’d expect, the more involved the case the more expensive it will be. Many attorneys charge $1,500+ to process a fiance/fiancee visa.

Your BEST source for an immigration attorney is any contestant of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

From lowest $1000(marriage) to $10,000+ depending on type of case involved. Such as felony, deportation etc.

A simple K-1 Visa (fiancee visa -> green card) should be inwardly the $1,000 – $1,500 range.

But to be honest with you, it’s awfully easy to do it by yourself with no problems at adjectives. My fiancee is already getting ready for her interview in her home country, and it’s be less than a month and a half since we mail in our petition.

an arm and a leg. LOL go ask one

yell them that we enjoy no immigration attorneys cause we don’t want them here.

Varies greatly from place to place, case to case, & attorney to attorney. An attorney at a non-profit agency typically charges roughly 1/3 the going rate, so consider that, if the case isn’t too complex. (The non-profit attorney would probably be competent, but might have a larger caseload.)

About how much does it cost to database for a power of attorney?


Depends on what you are really asking–there are different kinds.

General POA–get a form from office supply store & saturate in the blanks. Cost of form & notary.

Durable POA–Still get a form.

For natural life and feeding decisions. Get them free at the local hospital business organization.

Guardianship. File a suit. Whatever the local filing fees are.

There are other types.

Nothing. You can write one out on a piece of notepaper.

Want to spawn it ‘pretty’? Download one for free from all over the internet.

Under ‘some’ circumstances the person that the holder of the POA is asking to adopt it might ask for it to be notarized. My local notary charges $10 for that. (I’d like to see where the first poster get things notarized for a buck! )


Varies from state to state and by the number of pages in some states; ring up the local clerk’s office or check the county website.


Your question does not generate sense. A power of attorney is a document that you fill out, sign, and give to the agent so that he or she can make happy other people of his or her authority to act on your behalf. If the power is anyone used as part of a real estate contract, it has to be notarized (costing about a buck) and file with the deed (adding a nominal amount to the closing costs, occasionally more than $50). But the power of attorney is yours for the cost of a sheet of paper and some ink.

About how much is a bankrupty attorney?

 For filing chapter about how much is it?


Depending on where on earth you live and what all is involved in getting you through the process, you can expect to payment a lawyer anywhere from $1800 to $2500….(give or take).

$300!?!?!?! Where on earth is he coming up beside that?? A lawyer wont even pee on you for $300!

About how much will it cost to bring an attorney to draw from visitation rights for my son and his daughter?

 he was never married to this woman so there be no court involved when they seperated. now she is remarried and being fairly a b.. to him. he has never had a problems to prevent him from seeing his daughter. as a concern of fact he now have his twins they are 3 months old he and his new wife hold a nice apartment and the babies are doing fine


With a Pre-Paid Legal Family Plan, you can get unlimited phone consultation, phone calls and parcels sent on your behalf regarding this issue, and discounted court appearances when necessary for $26 a month or smaller number. However, if your son is over the age of 21, he will need his own membership.

I use my sponsorship at least once a month for SOMETHING. I don’t have to pay cheque $400 just to call my advocate and ask a question or get a contract reviewed, so I phone anytime I need to!

You should do the same.

For more information, drop by

and email me directly at icjackson(a)

To you and your son’s continued success,

I.C. Jackson
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
Group Benefits Specialist
Independent Associate, Manager

In California one can integer at least $200 hr. for an attorney’s work. It can be higher or rather lower, depending on how he/she perceives his level of expertise and his sense of fair play and nouns. Some give you a break and more do not. That’s a ball park numeral to expect though.

it will cost at least a few grand. It sure isn’t cheap!

Accused of a crime by a tenet enforcement officer or district attorney? ?

 if you are accused of the violation of a statute by canon a enforcement officer, prosecuting attorney, or district attorney is that accusation a fact upon which evidence can be base?


The answer above me is correct.

You probably have some specific question surrounded by mind, but it is not at all clear to me. The criminal complaint, the charging document, determines the parameters of the trial at which evidence is introduced to determine if the charge is proven.

The officer will write up a report stating the facts in the case.
They forward the report to the D.A. who decide if enough evidence exists to warrant a charge.
The evidence determines the facts, the accusation is not a reality.

ACLU attorneys! It is endorsed to hold someone contained by put in prison for ten days lacking charge?

 Just wondering, my brother has been contained by jail for ten days… I called the prosecutor’s organization and they said that they are still waiting on charges. Know a good personal injury lawyer?


They’re holding him on something.

This is NOT a personal injury skin in the context of what attorney’s who advertise for clients surrounded by this way mean…

Personal injury surrounded by this context means slip and fall at a store or a sports car accident etc.

Not trying to nit pick you but I do think if you look contained by the wrong place it can be a frustrating experience.

Do not call the prosecutor, CALL THE JAIL they will tell you why he is nearby.

When a person gets arrested and sent to reformatory the prosecutor might not get the case report for a week or more AFTER the arraignment!

The jail will NOT even accept a prisoner in need some paperwork!
The police cannot just take someone into custody and drop him sour at the jail! They would make up charges on him formerly they did that….most police can provoke anyone into a disoderly conduct charge or an interfering with a police investigation, etc, but to drop him off next to no charges at all and keep him nearby for two weeks flies in the face of truth.

But lets assume that the police were going to do that, why would they allow him to contact you and update you about it.
Certainly if they were going to violate his rights and detain him short charges and someone in the jail be in on this, why would they allow him to contact you!

It would not be a hard stretch for the police to know that their cover would be blown if they give him a phone call?

How hard would it be to deny him the right to use the phone if they are going to deny him adjectives of his other rights….

This does not make sense and you know it.

But if you dont, call the medium, a story like this would make AP inside the hour if it is proven to be true….you would not have to worry just about calling a lawyer, they would be calling you and him BEGGING to take this baggage.

Mike V, I’m sorry to hear roughly your situation. I was injured once when a truck backed over my foot at work. My company tried to settle near me fast because I knew they be try to get me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I called a near injury lawyer in my city who give me great advice and I was competent to get a decent settlement to cover my medical bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d find a personal injury surrounded by your city. My lawyer was comfort me because they expect to make some money from any potential case. Try calling a happenstance lawyer to see if they can help.

Good Luck

GET A LAWYER!! Source(s): gosh don’t you listen to people.

Acting “pro per” and the OTHER attorneys responsibility?

 I am acting Pro Per in my divorce. My wifes attorney has not responded to any of my requests, emails or any other form of contact. This have been going on for Three months. Isnt there some necessity for her to respond to me. I hate to say it, but I imagine this attorney is “Milking” the hours and taking my wife for $300 a hour. This is in California


Are you listed as contained by pro per in the Court’s file? Has the luggage been filed all the same? If it has, did you file an Answer? The attorney have no responsibility to you unless you are effectively your own attorney of record. It’s not sufficient to just proclaim that you are representing yourself.

As for milking your wife for hours, the attorney may not be responding to you to avoid milking her for hours. You are probably calling and writing to him or her asking question that are not appropriate or timely. You have to understand that when you represent yourself, you own a fool for an attorney. This is the most important thing contained by your life right now. This attorney does this adjectives day long. There are times in any defence when there simply is nothing to discuss. No pleadings are due. No motions are until. And no settlement is being discussed. In times like that, attorneys do not necessarily communicate. But as a lay human being, you would not know that.

If this attorney is ignoring you on critical issues, you may have grounds to complain to the BAR association. However, if you are in recent times calling to ask a question or get a status report, the attorney really doesnt enjoy to respond. Especially if it is excessive.

Just a word of advice here. In Pro Per is usually not a good opinion. In a divorce, where the outcome can literally make or break you for the rest of your go, and your spouse is represented, you are really asking for trouble. The other attorney and the Court have no duty to protect you from your mistakes. If you represent yourself, you are held to the same standard as attorneys when it comes to procedural and substantive statute. You may want to reconsider this. Remember, if your wife wanted a “nice” divorce, she wouldnt own an attorney. You would have an agreement and it would be over.

Hex, so far, you havent read MY answer. Dont be so condescending. I practiced law for 25 years and did a ton of nearest and dearest law. I’ve also done a ton of family canon in California. As you should know if you are an attorney, there is seldom a “correct” answer contained by family law. So take off the high horse. This guy is looking for nonspecific advice. Not the 400 per hour kind.

the sixth amendment to the constitution states that you have the right to act as your own attorney surrounded by any court proceeding and all officers of the court must treat it as a respectible colleage. howeverunless you specifically stated within court documents that you are acting pro se in your own behalf for the divorce proceeding then the attorney have no legal responsibility to respond to you or your questions and query. the court must first recognize you as acting on your own behalf. if the attorney is taking your soon to be exwife for 300 an hour so be it that is not your concern. your concern is to pass yourself the best representation possible.protect yourself first. if the attorney still does not answer your motions and requestions you take them to the court and make the court proclaim that attorney to answer all requests and demands in motions. believe me the court will aid protect you and your interests as long as you show you want those interests and rights protected.fight for what is yours in court and don’t verbs about the damage to your soon to be exwife. if children are involved argue from the stand point of the best interest of the children and not you own but still promote your interests at the same time. tricky but workable. good luck!

So far I have no see a correct answer so I’ll try to make sense of your situation.

First, there is NO must on the wife’s attorney to contact you or to communicate with you. Therefore you have to grasp creative.

The first thing I would advise is to prepare a detail of questions you wish to ask the wife. Then draft a subpoena for deposition and hold it served on her.

I guarantee her attorney will contact you, either before or during the deposition.

By the style, just some advice. If you are going to stroke as your own attorney, you need to do the background work. That manner learn all the steps. From your post you are already at a disadvantage and the other attorney know that.

If you have filed papers beside the court and sent copies of those filed papers to your wifes attorney and he has not responded, afterwards he could be held in contempt by the court.

He does not need to respond to you if you did not report the papers with the court first. The papers are not official and he can claim that he did not receive them or that they be not filed correctly.

And you nurture, why? Her problem not yours Source(s): Kath & Kim