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?? around attorneys that promise near motor accident?

 okay so i’m completely new at this whole attorney piece, and i had just get into my first car accident, and i’m concerned in the region of the medical bills. so my friends insurance had pip coverage and i have to see a chriopractor and i’ve be seeing this dr. since the accident 03/09
but its now 07/09 and the sports car insurance no longer covers my bills and now the attorney is going through my dads insurance that he gets through his assignment. is this normal? and i seen a dr at multicare and i maintain getting these bills in the mail and i fax them to my attorney but lately i’ve been getting bills saying its affecting my credit. is this average?? please help what else should i do what else should i know?


You need a unmarked attorney.
If you have medical than your car insurance not condition insurance should cover the bills. Usually you can jsut lein the doctors visits and at the end of your claim own the insurance of the person who is at fault cover the medical bills. Call around and win more info from other PI attorney Source(s): I work for a law firm

You need to telephone your attorney and ask him for an update. But yes, this does seem normal.

He’s probably going to own to fight with the auto insurance company rather more. He’s putting your doctor’s bills on your dad’s insurance in case he isn’t competent to win–then you aren’t stuck with the bills. When he gets the auto insurance company to rob responsibility for this, they will have to pay put a bet on your dad’s insurance company too. And the overdue bills–unfortunately that’s going to happen. The attorney isn’t going to pay the bills and continue to get paid backbone by the auto insurance company, so they will go unpaid. When they get rewarded, your credit should get back to everyday quickly. If you are really worried about that (you’ll requirement to use credit soon for a loan) and can afford it, you could talk to your attorney first, and then start paying the bills and continue to be paid back latter.

10POINTS: does my insurance company own to supply me a advocate if i be contained by an quirk.?

my husband was recently involved contained by a car accident. the other gala is trying to blame him. they got a lawyer and adjectives that stuff.
We did not really have that much personal injury, so no lawyer requirements to defend us.
i feel similar to my insurance company doesnt really care to really investigate this properly. it seems resembling they just want to pass the buck and choose someone at idiosyncrasy to close the case.
i need minister to.
i asked my insurance company for a lawyer, and they said you only bring back a lawyer if you are being sued. which thank God we are not. But i discern like i need a legal representative just to defend me from my insurance company.
my insurance company said they dont provide advocate, just because you want one. only if you are one sued.
is this true?
dont i have the right to request a lawyer? and an twist of fate reprocussion specialist? if i feel that the claims person is not really giving a Sh**T?


Your insurance company is only required to provide a lawyer if you are anyone sued. They are not going to provide you with a lawyer so you can sue them. I enjoy no idea what an “accident reprocussion specialist” is. Also contained by what way is the insurer not investigating the claim properly. Did you have any witnesses? If not next it’s your word against the other party’s. You can always take the other entertainment to court and have a judge contend you 100% no at-fault, but you better have a solid case or the adjudicate may end up calling it 50/50.

Your insurance company is under no nouns to provide you with a lawyer unless you are human being sued. At that point, it’s in their best interest to provide legal council.
If you haven’t be sued, what makes you think the other gala has a lawyer? Just because they said so?
Keep within touch with your insurance company but don’t worry to much around it. Accidents happen every day. The insurance company’s are aware of society that look at an accident and think they merely hit the lottery if they will sue.

Your delivery service is correct, they will only provide an attorney if your being sued.

Normally, attorney’s won’t thieve cases that don’t involved personal injury; there’s no money in it for them.

Your need to read the insurance contract that you agreed to, it does enjoy a clause in regards to this. If your not getting fulfilment from the adjuster that’s been assigned, talk to their supervisor. The final thing an insurance company wants is a doomed to failure faith claim. Source(s): Claims Adjuster 17yrs

Accident – insurance dragging their foot – Should I grasp a legal representative?

 I had an accident exactly 2 weeks ago.
I be hit sideways by someone comming out of a driveway while I was driving down a small street. There was a parked semi that obstructed the judgment, but I think the person is still responsible for making sure the road be clear. Their insurance people came and looked at my motor. the passenger side is smashed in and the side window is shattered.
I still haven’t gotten a resolution on this situation. Driving the vehicle like this is very inconvenient short the window (I can’t leave anything inside…etc) I’m getting annoyed, should I find a lawyer? The car is not worth much(90 honda accord), I don`t know around $1500, but it was a great car to for commuting to work. I don’t dream up it is fair for them to be causing me this inconvenience, and I don’t want to progress ahead and do anything until I know what the verdict is. Should I talk to a legal representative? I don’t want to get shafted.


Lawyers can make things stir really slow, if you really want to see things getting done, file a grievance against the Insurance Bur. of your state. They will after have you jump through a couple of hoops but they will aid the process.

That said I have to agree that 2 weeks is not a long time.

No need for a lawyer give an account the other parties insurance that you want a rental car the sense the are taking so long is probably do to the fact that the other parties insurance company is dictum you had a hand within it getting hit going to fast not stopping at a stop sign anything so they can lessen what they have to salary out but you’l probasbly get less later a thousand for that car anyways. Go to kkb to find out. Source(s): agent

Two weeks, is NOT dragging their feet. For the transcript, any time you get the lawyer involved, it DOUBLES the settlement time, at smallest. It really, REALLY drags things out, so if your point is to speed things up, the lawyer is NOT the way to progress.

Absolutely, the other person is at fault, if they be backing out of the driveway.

When you’re looking at values, you do NOT get retail (dealer) convenience. You get private party mart value. Check out, for the private party Dutch auction.

Basically, though, if it runs, and passes inspection, it’s going to be worth about $1,000.

That mode, your car might be totalled. Which ALSO means, you’ll any have to give them the saloon, for the thousand bucks, or they’ll subtract salvalge value from what they pay you – which is probably going to be around $500.

One other thing to keep contained by mind – it’s possible that the other person had no insurance, or their policy be cancelled, or they aren’t a covered driver under the policy. If that’s the case, the other insurance company isn’t going to pay envelope anything.

I’d say talk to your agent around this, but they won’t be able to do much, because I’m assuming with an 18 year elderly car, you only have liability on it.

Feel free to talk to a lawyer. But they’re not going to steal this on a percentage basis, as most likely, payout for this will be $1,000 or smaller quantity.

Accident and ticket (very specific circumstances). What should I do? Do I contact an attorney?

 I was returning home at 12 in the morning, next to my friend. I was driving his sports coupe (on the left lane) down a pickup-truck driven by what looked like teenaged kids.
The truck was not man driven properly, slowing abruptly, speeding, etc, so I moved to the right lane and continued moving in directive to avoid it. Then the truck side swiped the car and the rear gearstick, rear fender and the driver side door were smashed.
As it have to happen, one of the kid’s mother was an officer within that city. I think the kid’s mom (officer) arrived with another officer at the scene. The other officer asked for my license and my friend’s license. Meanwhile I have called 911 and a third officer arrived.
The third officer first interacted with the other officer and the kids.Then the third officer asked me to follow with my eyeballs his pen (left to right and back), to make sure I be not drunk, etc.

I was cited for two traffic violations. The charging officer told me that he hear from witnesses that I was changing lane abruptly and did not control my speed. I told him that I was driving contained by my lane.

Finally he told me that my driver’s license is lost. He also told that my friends’ license is also lost.

What should be the best course of action now? I hold a clean driving history and drive fairly defensively.


Did they ask for your side of the story? Did they acknowledge your side if so? If not, they are violate standards. It is worthy to take to court.

If you “drive fairly defensively” you would not hold tried to pass a vehicle you indicate was mortal driven erratically on the right.

Accident liability quiz; should we of late get hold of a attorney?

 About a weekend ago, my hubby was driving home and stopped at a red turn signal. It was icy, desperate conditions. He waited until the turn signal turned green and started into the intersection when he saw a snow-plow come into view, so he stopped for a few second to make sure the guy was going to slow down (the guy have a red light.) The guy slowed down, so my hubby thought it was clear and pulled to travel through, but the guy DIDN’T stop and plowed into him. My hubby tried to speed up but with the ice he couldn’t bring back clear.

The plow showed no damage. My hubby’s car (our clan car) had the rear passenger door slammed into place (we can’t initiate it), the gas-cap slammed into place (we can’t open it), and the front door slammed into (we can open it, but it creaks and pops when we do.) Because it be early in the morning, here were no witnesses.

Because there be no witnesses, the other guy is claiming my hubby ran the red light, not him, and that it be completely his fault. Since there are no witnesses, the other guy’s insurance company is claiming no liability, significance that we aren’t going to get anything to try and fix our car. They did not look at our saloon to even try and determine how it was hit or whether that could tell them anything.

My husband have never had so much as a speeding ticket. He has never run a red frothy (even when I was giving birth) and has be driving for 14 years without ever having an chance.

The other company said that at this point we contact our insurance agent and let them argue back and forth, but I’m starting to estimate we should get a lawyer, one that deal in stuff like this, and agree to him handle it.

Do you think we own a case? What sort of lawyer should I look for?


if there is no bodily injury use simply your ins co.. its your word against his and thats it

hopefully rac or rckd will see this and answer

First sour, knowing where this happened would support you get better answers. Different states have different law and statute of limitations.(SOL) FYI the shortest SOL I know of is one year.

If you have collision coverage with your company use it. The most you are out would be your collision deductible. Then your company will argue beside the snow plows company over who is at-fault.

If you don’t have collision coverage then your option are limited because there are no witnesses and it’s respectively drivers word vs. the other ones. Getting a lawyer won’t help you because your husband can’t prove that the twist of fate happened how he explains it. No lawyer is going to transform that.

Frankly, I don’t think you have a defence. Your husband saw the snow slowing down and assumed it would stop. That just isn’t the right decision. Your husband should enjoy stayed put until he knew the snow plow was if truth be told stopped, especially on icy roads.

Good Luck Source(s): Claim adjuster for way too long.

You don’t have a case. You can’t prove who have the red light and there be no witnesses. If there was a red muted camera or traffic camera, then you’ll have a armour. Just use your own insurance company and their legal resources. Don’t waste money on a advocate when you can’t prove anything. If your insurance company thinks you have a travel case, they’ll get a lawyer or an catastrophe expert to view the damages of your car. Let your own insurance concordat with this and follow their advice. If you own collision coverage, get your car fixed. And if they are successful at going after the other company and collecting, you’ll get hold of your deductible back.

Accident surrounded by Kansas, any lawyer or cops out near that can relieve near counsel?

 Ok, hubby and son were in a wreck, truck is total loss. Getting past its sell-by date major highway, slowing down, had be raining, and took off ramp. No posted signs, no gaurd rail, and the drop is 40 foot. they hit a slick spot in the road, rolled the truck. My son swears they were going simply 40 mph, ( he is a stickler -learning to drive ). The cops wrote him a ticket for speed limitation. But the thing is, in that is no posted signs for speed, no signs warning of turns ahead and no gaurd rail. Now we enjoy to pay for ticket and increased insurance. Do we fight it? Cops admit there were a total of 5 other accident there in the second 2 weeks for the same problem, and one lady suffered serious injuries. Anyone on here a cop or legal representative from Kansas? If the cops do not know how fast he was going how can they write a ticket for speed contravention especially when there is no posted signs for speed there?


Yes, I think you should scuffle it! Get yourself a lawyer. Fight this, I recommend Henderson Law firm

In Missouri, at least possible, there is a law on driving “too hasty for conditions.”

If they were unable to say control of the truck, then it’s a safe bet they be driving too fast, given the rain. Even beside no posted speed limit, that charge would stand (again, in Missouri). Source(s): 8+ years Law Enforcement

If within has been already accident in the spot I’d definitely skirmish it as that demonstrates there’s obviously something wrong with the road.
You can roll a truck doing 2 miles an hour. Your son should read out they where doing 25mph since the cops are being so nice.
Btw the cops will be the first ones to vote your son was right as soon as a lawyer will win him a casing.
If you need a lawyer, these associates are worth checking out, they’ll only take the shield if that’s the area they are experts on…
when you get to the site read their FAQ to know exactly how they work, well brought-up luck I hope you get some sort of damages back and remember don’t filch any advice from law enforcement citizens, they’ll stick to one other like glue so as soon as you said they be ticketed they knew already what they were going to say-so, you just just have need of a good lawyer.

He be driving faster than was safe for the conditions. This be illistrated by the fact he rolled the truck after loosing control.

Speed law are not just about posted signs. There are other speed law too.

Unreasonable speed
Too fast for conditions
Failure to maintain control
Unsafe speed

The certainty he lost control and left the road will be used as evidence he was going faster than he should own been. Source(s): 17 years law enforcement

Cristina, It’s unfortunate to hear in the order of your situation. I was injured once when a truck backed over my disappeared foot at work. My employer attempted to settle with me quickly because they know it wasn’t my fault. I called a in the neighbourhood personal injury lawyer in my city who give me excellent advice and I was competent to get a medium sized settlement to cover my medical bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d find a stroke of luck lawyer in Kansas.… My injury advocate was willing to answer any and adjectives questions I had because they stand to manufacture some money at the same time. Try visiting a injury legal representative to see if they can help.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Accident surrounded by Canada, do I involve Canadian Lawyer or Can I use US attorney?

 I’m from the U.S. A few months ago, I was in a restaurant contained by Canada and was injured when something from the restaurant fell on me. They know they were at culpability and I have witnesses. I had to run to an emergency room and now have to own surgery. This is being covered under my Workers Comp (I be at a conference) but I’m in some pain and will imagined have shoulder problems all my life span now (torn rotator cuff when I fell).

My question is, can a US attorney sue surrounded by Canada or do I need a Canadian lawyer? And should I run with an attorney who charges by the hour or contingency?


You want to retain a Canadian attorney if you are going to sue in Canada. That being said, you may not be capable of recover because you have agreed a settlement (worker’s comp). Speak to an attorney first.

Too complex for a simple answer. If you sue in a Canadian court, you will need a Canadian advocate. There is a chance, however, that the restaurant has sufficient contacts beside the u.s. to allow a suit in a u.s. court. If, for instance, the restaurant is owned by a corporation that operates contained by the u.s., you may be able to sue in a u.s. court and use a u.s. advocate. You will need to consult with a legal representative, preferably from a bigger firm that has some experience in international litigation.

Sue W., It’s unfortunate to hear in the region of your situation. I was injured once when a car back over my foot at work. My company attempted to settle with me fast because I know they were try to get me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I call a local injury lawyer in my nouns who gave me excellent advice and I be able to get a valid settlement to cover my medical bills that weren’t covered by my work insurance. I’d find a personal injury in your city. My lawyer be willing to answer any and all question I had because they expect to make some money at like time. Try visiting a injury lawyer to see if they can give a hand.

Heop everything works out.

you need an attorney that is licensed contained by that jurisdiction

Accident, get hit from the down. should we procure a advocate?

 My husband van got hit from the behind and he have to go to the hospital. Never had an happenstance before. Working with our agent right immediately but people are telling us to capture a lawyer because the person who hit as have the same insurance company as us and people is unfolding us they will work together and try not to get the most for us. What should we do? My husband is self employed and miss 4 of his jobs that sunshine and this week he was booked and now he have to cancel those jobs. We are loosing deeply of money from those jobs.


First, no fault has some things that minister to, 1. If you or him are injured you can collect from them for the lost days of work and any hospital bills not covered by insurance.2. If its a permanent injury you are capable of collecting monies for up to 3 years, or until he can return to work.
Lost work or job you can take him, to small claims court for your loses, You have to prove these loses. And you can include, cost and time for file and fees. Every city or county has there own define. If though you don’t feel your getting a fair shake near insurance co. I would call a lawyer the first time is commonly free. But, I would call 2 or 3 just to be sure that your not conversation to someone involved with that company.

Since you have duplicate insurance co. as the person at fault, you are probably not going to return with as much as otherwise. The only thing is that you are going to hold to pay the attorney about 40% of doesn`t matter what settlement you get. I’d try talking to your insurance company first and see what they are going to do for you. If you’re not unworried with their settlement, you can always phone an attorney later. Just don’t sign anything from the insurance company until you’re sure that you have adjectives your expenses covered.

Go through your insurance first and see how they handle it.

As long as your husband has a police report showing he be hit from behind, then its hidden by the law that it was the other person’s breakdown and they need to have adjectives your expenses covered.

Only if it doesn’t work out should you try to get a lawyer.
Lawyers are expensive, so its not worth it getting one so soon if the insurance company will oblige you cover all your expenses.

Good luck!

Hopefully he’s not hurt now. I’d suggest that you ALWAYS retain a legal representative. And, let him do ALL your talking. It may nouns far fetched, but with as fubar as the court system is today: Some one may sue him for being in the bearing. You can’t win. It’s going to cost you: time, money, and attention. Your objective should be to limit your losses. Unfortunately, you want a lawyer.

(The respondent is NOT a lawyer. Nor does this contained by any way constitute legal direction. It is posted for entertainment value alone. Your unique situation requires the attention of a licensed attorney, doctor, accountant, and Indian Chief. A format offer to buy or sell can singular be made by Nigerian prospectus — oops wrong disclaimer!)

Wouldn’t you want the best representation possible? Insurance companiesare in business TO MAKE MOEY, not to remuneration you.
Get a lawyer!

Depends. Is your husband seriously injured? If he is, get a legal representative. If he isn’t, and the problem is simply lost wages (and your not gonna try and milk this) then your probably going to lose money if you retain/hire a lawyer.

Accident, getting a legal representative, does it invalid insurance?

 If you have an accident, and you wallet a claim with your insurance company and they agree to whatever coverages at the time. If you attain your own lawyer on the case, does it negated any coverages you have with the insurance company? E.g, liability for other sports car, medical bills, etc?

Say the case is taken to court, if I don’t win the case do I own to pay for all expenses that the insurance company would hold otherwise covered?


No, you are entitled to get a lawyer to represent you. It would not blankness anything.

quirk or no fault, if you have coverage your insurance should button it. If you get sued because it’s your fault, your insurance company should represent you surrounded by court. Source(s): Claims Adjuster 15 yrs

Depending on who is in fault. If you are contained by fault let your insurance company toy with it. If you are not, get a lawyer.

Accident, motor insurance and advocate press….obligation counsel.?

 I was in an auto twist of fate where the other was found liable. I enjoy a lawyer and he sent out a demand communication & the adjuster came back $13,500 but my laywer said no and demanded policy control of $25,000. Today he sent out something about suing the estate (the man who hit me died in the accident) so he can’t be sued and not a soul has his estate, it’s in the county’s hand. my laywer said he had to publish this in the tabloid in case someone comes forward to claim the estate. He is hoping this will push the adjuster to offer the limit and if not he will thieve it to trial. I really don’t understand what all this method and when I ask my laywer I don’t understand him either and I aversion to keep asking him. Can someone break this down and tell me what is going on here. Thank you.


How much hurt was done? Who determined the amount of damage? If the $13,500 covers the defile, why is your lawyer trying to tap out the insurance policy? If it does not cover the deface, then you have a skin. If your attorney is just trying to get adjectives he can, then shame on him.

Many things could have happened here… as we dont know your baggage… you need to talk to your advocate about this.. not us.. isnt that what your paying him 33% of your settlement for?

Just b/c you have 13k within medicals DOES NOT mean you should carry policy limits.

What if you had 13k surrounded by medical bills for a very slight injury and the other company thinks you overtreated? They dont hold to even pay the full amount of medical bills if the treatment was not appropriate for your injury. Its amazing how several people i see with “whiplash” that bring back 13k in medical bills because they love the feel fitting massages they get 3 x a week.

The insurance company is making what they touch is an appropriate offer for your injury…. your lawyer is making a constraint for policy limits b/c thats his job and he requests a new porsche. Eventually they are probably going to meet in the middle and agree on a settlement.

Of course… after you pay the 1/3 of your settlement to yoru bloodsucking lawyer you probably will with the sole purpose have enough to wage your medical bills anyways even if you do get policy limits. (b/c btw.. they dont wages you anymore just b/c you have an attoreny… )

You should discuss this near your attorney. Ask him to explain his demand in vocabulary you understand. Your attorney can demand the policy delineate, but it does not mean that he will get it. You stated that the decedent(other guy) be liable. Do you know if the adjuster has found some comparative negligence on you? If so, the settlement has be reduced by that amount. Also, if this loss occurred in a No-Fault state where on earth PIP coverage is mandatory, your medicals are not included in the settlement.

The adjuster evaluated the claim base on your injuries, the extent of your treatment, disability and permanency if any. The adjuster will not increase the offer, if your attorney refuses to move past its sell-by date of the demand for the policy limits. Your attorney may be holding firm at the $25k so he can touch into your under insured coverage. The primary usually has to be exhausted in the past your under insured coverage kicks surrounded by.(not all of the time).

You probably will not be able to resolve this situation until the Probate Court resolves the estate issue. FYI, filing suit is a senseless tactic that plaintiff attorneys use. Adjusters are not intimidated, and do not automatically fold just because suit is file. Ask him to consider binding arbitration, if the matter cannot be resolved through the normal course of parley. Source(s): Claims Professional – 20+ years

Accidents, insurance, and attorneys- insurance interrogate?

How does insurance thing work involved in catastrophe?

I was in an chance, i was the passenger and the other driver is at fault, run stop sign

both my brothers car and the at fault driver own insurance

will insurance pay me and my medical bills or just the bills?

Do i enjoy to pay out of pocket now next later get my money subsidise?

I have health insurance but hold co pays

how do i get them to pay me and my bills short an attorney?


You make a claim with both insurance companies – they will settle your medical expenses arising from the accident (you should not have to reward up front at all) and at some point you will be offered a settlement. Just be careful that the settlement is enough to cover adjectives medical bills.

After a work stroke of luck you bring to a close up beside rsd do you achieve a advocate?


If it was the accident that cause it and you went to the companies doctor – or at least agree to the company know you were going to the doctor because of the accident – I would definately capture a lawyer – especially if work isn’t willing to aid you out with this – I think it adjectives depends on your work situation – good or bad?

It doesn’t hurt to articulate to a lawyer about it – you can seize a free consultation with one in your nouns – do a google search for work related injury lawyer – watch for the shady ones! I’d give you a relationship – but I don’t know your location 😉

Below is a link to the condition though (I’m sure you read all give or take a few it already). 😉

Good luck to you! Source(s):…

Depending on the personality of the accident you certainly could carry a lawyer. I would suggest talking beside one to see if you are able to sue the company or anything, but depending on the nature of the happenstance you may or may not be able to sue. Source(s): RSD/CRPS patient

After twist of fate, my insurance declared vehicle “total loss”, doubt they will wages total cost, should I seize a advocate?


They will pay for you that but not the exact price of your car, you dont inevitability a lawyer as long as your car insurance will comply their necessity to your car. For further clarification about this problem try to consult or progress back to your car insurance policy. or conceivably search it on the net, try to call on this site compare with other car insurance company if they are allowing this brand of services so that you can make some moves if you find some irregularities on your car insurance provider right very soon.

The earlier answers around “book value” are incorrect. Most states now require your settlement to be based on marketplace value. This will be arrived at by finding comparable vehicles surrounded by your area. You should be looking around for similar vehicles to arrive at your own price and support your expediency. The settlement is negotiable, but you have to posterior up your figures. A lawyer will most imagined not be interested in arguing the value of your vehicle. He/she is only interested in the percentage of your settlement that an injury claim can generate for him/her. They could attention less about the injured party. They want their contingency fee, that’s all.

Are you thinking the lawyer will get them to wage the total amount it would take to repair the car? If a $10,000 utility car has reduce to rubble that would take $15,000 to repair, you won’t get $15,000, you will obtain $10,000, minus deductible depending on the circumstances of the accident.

No, they will pay you blue book effectiveness, if you had a $1000 stereo system in a $500 coupé, they will give you $500. You can buy the car put money on from them if you think it’s worth more and fix it or sell it.

Dear friend,
I would suggest you to take advice from a apt lawyer. I was also surrounded by an almost same situation as you are in. I got my problem solved beside the help of They offer correct legal services.
Just go to… , imbue their easy form and they will contact you very soon.

Good luck


They won’t settle up total cost– they’ll pay a percentage of the car’s market expediency at best.

You can get an independent bid/estimate, but getting a lawyer isn’t going to do much besides bottleneck your claim.

They will probably to a MARKET SURVEY and find a fewcomparable vehicles to yours..Make sure they have alike equiptment …If the offer is bad consequently get an attorney..

Lawyer will probably cost you agency more than you would ever gain. If it is a total loss the car may not be something you would even want after ‘repair’ anyhow. Move on.

Most of the time what will happen is that your insurance company will make available you market value for the vehicle at the time of total loss. An attorney might minister to and I stress might help, but there really will not be much that they can do because if your policy states that they will cover merely fair market efficacy, there is nothing that can be done. Next time what you do is label sure that your insurance company has loan/lease payoff. Then no matter what you owe on the vehicle, it get paid off within an event of a total loss.

If you want to pay a attorney $ 100.00 to tell you what the ins co will tell you for free, consequently go ahead.

at most minuscule call a lawyer if you give attention to you are not being treated fairly

They will reimburse you what the book value is, not what it’s worth.

I don’t think you can really do anything nearly it.

An Accident Without a Lawyer?

A policeman arrives at the scene of an accident, in which a coup¨¦ smashed into a tree. The officer rushes over to the vehicle and asks the driver, “Are you seriously hurt?”

“How do I know?” the driver responds. “I’m not a lawyer!”



It’s funnier if the driver responds “How should I know, I’m a doctor not a lawyer!”

Very True! funny




100 points for you ….

An quirk claim have be settled and the attorney said money would be within tomorrow. Now it’s not. What’s up?

 He said that the check could be picked up tomorrow and called today to say a “lien check” must be done first. We are to christen back on Wednesday to find out what happens subsequent. Checks have all be signed from expected settlement. Is this normal? Wouldn’t he already know if there are liens since he’s be receiving all the hospital bills? Wouldn’t I know because they have need of a signature for a lien? Please help. Thank you.

“> a “lien” on what? You have not advise as to what kind of an “accident” was involved. HOW do you know that adjectives of the checks have been signed, Apparently he or she did not do their homework beforehand to embezzle care of the “lien check”..I assume there be hospital/medical bills which may not have been rewarded.
Why would you know “because they need a signature for a lien”?
And did they actually read aloud to “call back on Wednesday to find out what happen next?”
Kind of odd if they did.
What happen next is if the matter have been settled in your favor, and if they own received and deposited the settlement check, you wait so many days for the check to clear and next you go in to the attorney’s bureau and receive your portion of the settlement. They will give you a “settlement statement”. Be sure to review it thoroughly BEFORE you sign it.
m not an attorney but have two attorneys within my family.
What I have posted is as a result of my asking one of them what the response should be. He say just be certain NOT to represent that I am a legal representative and I am NOT.
in fact few who answer here, if any, are existing lawyers OR paralegals.
So this is just a suggestion.

He should own explained exactly who gets paid what and what you hold left over already. he may have to deposit the check that the insurance company sent into a trust justification and then issue checks to your medical treatment providers and then they will cut you a check. it take a while and that is not unusual just be merciful and you should get your money soon.

Approximately, how much money can an attorney take you if your injured surrounded by a coup¨¦ coincidence?

 I had x-rays done just a month past the accident, and my neck be fine, now the disc have slid cause major pain. I’m redundant so I know I can’t get loss of wages, but I was contained by the process of looking for employment and now I don’t think I can even find a career in my field, due to my injury. I also be in the process of moving, again I can’t do that now. I have full coverage and gap insurance and they did not even pay rotten what I owed on the car. The sad cog about all this it be not even my fault.


What type of GAP insurance did you have? That’s the purpose of the GAP, it pay’s the difference, If you have a valid policy sue em’,

Pain, suffering and loss of lifestyle claims are difficult to access, respectively is different and insurance companies are loath to pay out anything in beneath a year,

A guy I worked with a few years back received a 45-k settlement after human being rear-ended and suffering spinal damage that required surgery,

The amount will depend on the amount of insurance carried by the get-together at fault, and if you are the cause of the coincidence ,lots of luck, as the lawyers will of course appropriate the easy and quick passageway out. The lawyers usually work on a %30 basis, so if at hand is not much potential for a large settlement, very little attempt will be made on your behalf.
A settle can order any amount, but collecting is another matter.

the lawyer is going to take partially of whatever you get so you can be sure that the bloodsucker you hire will squeeze every penny he can out of it

Blood and broken bones are key contained by accident settlements. Find a doc that will confirm a whip-lash injury and you can make out pretty moral. I wouldn’t give an attorney more than about 30 percent, as to be exact about the going rate. Some wont even take the valise if there was no blood or broken bones. They enunciate its not worth it to them.

This isn’t enough information. Were you only see in the ER? Are you treating with an actual doctor? Or are you lately going to a chiropractor? I don’t mean to be rude but looking for employment doesn’t necesiarly mean that you’d find employment. The standard rule of thumb is that professional employment takes three months to find and start. Min wage jobs can be found surrounded by much less time.

If you only go to the ER, had xrays and got some meds beside no followup treatment, you’d probably get your medical bills paid for plus $500-$1,000. Another dutiful question is why did you have xrays one month prior? That signals that you be most likely already having issues or that you enjoy had neck/back problems in days gone by.

The people that have “mega-settlements” are usually the ones beside “mega-medical bills.” You don’t go to the ER and treat with a chircopractor for six months and bring back $100,000 because you couldn’t find work while doing so. Also, you shouldn’t expect any settlement until all of your treatment has be completed.

And finally, the normal rate (nationwide) for accident attorneys is 33.3% for non-trial and 50% for trial work. The majority of them never run to trial because the majority of the cases are soft tissue neck/back injuries. What attorneys know how to do is (1) negoitate with an insurance company and (2) negoitate lower medical bills with providers. The interview is will your attorney share the proceeds from reduced medical bills with you or will he/she just treat that as more profit for the directive office? If you have a simple neck/back chircopractic claim beside no surgery and a six month treatment plan, then an attorney might create another $2k onto the claim payment; however, remember that they will pilfer 33.3% of the whole thing.

Bottom file: Don’t expect to get rich because you see attorney ads on TV showing nation waving $100 bills around. The purpose of those ads is to capture you to come to their office. While at their office, they will be paid the insurance company sound terrible and gossip big about $30,000+ settlements. Eventually, you’ll get some money and he/she will get hold of a third of it. As for the car, I think that’s already be addressed. Gap insurance covers the difference between the value of the motor and the loan on the car up to certain interest rates and it does not cover other loans taken out resting on the car loan.

individual a judge can make that, every luggage is different


– Add up all of the medical bills incurred thus far.
– Add up adjectives medical bills to correct your situation.

If the total amount incurred is less than $5,000. Then multiply the total by 3. That’s what you’ll get.

If the total amount incurred is more than $5,000 but smaller number than $10,000. Multiply by 2.

If the total amount incurred is more than $10,000 but less than $25,000. Multiply by 1.5.

If the total amount incurred is more than $25,000, then hire an attorney.

Approximately, an attorney would tell you that. It depends WILDLY on which state you are within, who is at fault, what the exact injury is, the cause of it, the consequences, etc.

If you be FINE, then WHY did you need x-rays done a month until that time the accident? SOMETHING was going on, so you’ll enjoy to prove that it was accident, and not doesn`t matter what the other problem was.

Also, they don’t OWE the payoff on your car, they just owe what your car was WORTH. If you overborrowed, and remunerated 85% interest, and rolled another $100,000 of debt into the loan, that’s not THEIR fault!!

If you can’t work in “your field”, you will own to switch fields. Most people do, abundant times, over the course of their career.

Bottom line – this claim vastly well might not be worth anything at all.

Are Motor Insurers Correct To Prevent Accident Victims From Engaging Lawyers?

 This is exactly what is happening in Singapore Motor Accident Scene!

The insurers combined together to issue a public statement to prevent victims from adjectives lawyers to sue because they say that lawyer add to their claim costs.. They did not realise or perhaps turn a blind eye to the reality that their own claims officers are engaging contained by their own hidden agendas…thus causing the companies to lose money.

Can insurers do this to prevent lawful representation?


I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I was injured once within Alabama when a delivery truck backed over my vanished foot at work. My employer attempted to settle with me fast because I know they were try to get me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I call a nearby accident advocate in my city who gave me excellent proposal and I was able to acquire a medium sized settlement to cover my hosptial bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d find a accident legal representative in your area. My attorney was help me because they hope to generate some money from any potential case. Try calling a injury lawyer to see if they can lend a hand.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Here in the US this would be a no.
Heres the timeline after an chance here in the US.
You get within the accident.
You notify the insurnace company.
They ask you key quesitons, ie are you hurt etc
They set a loss reserve – the catalogue they will pay on your claim to pay for your injuries and your vehicle repair. All insurnace adjusters are paid bonuses to keep this loss reserve payout as low as possible. They are judge by this. If their loss reserves are paid at a consistently high rate they are fired!
So you find an attorney now the loss reserve gets set 30-40% sophisticated automatically as the insurance company knows that the attorney is coming after them.
You have rights!! Do not consent to the big bad insurance companies try to strong arm you. They all create huge profits! They are all notorious for not paying claims surrounded by a timely manner or as completely as they should pay.
As far as invisible agendas they dont have any, the agenda is straight forward and transparent….They pay you subsequent to nothing but continue to increase your premiums year after year…its adjectives pretty straight forward.

Attorney for Car Accident … Help?

 I got into a car fluke in FL. I hired an Attorney in FL. He’s suggesting i settle for a definite amount of money that in the end would single leave me with 2,500 contained by my pocket. I don’t think he’s hard for me, I want to fire him, but i want to do it the legally recognized way. Can anyone give me any information on what to do when a attorney isn’t working satisfactory for you.

“> Just like with a doctor. Get a second view. Contact another lawyer, get him to look at the satchel and give his opinion.

If to be exact $2500 after all damages to your car, lost wages and medical bills are rewarded then it is a fair settlement. An auto quirk isn’t the same as winning the lottery.

Attorneys surrounded by columbia, sc that specialize within bus accident?

 I need attorney representation for family member involved in a bus accident on july 25, 2006


wan pages, attorneys, look for “personal injury”
contact the local attorney referral agency and ask them for a list of personal injury attorneys.

There are dozens, you can also view TV in the early morning hours and you will see several. USC Law Library also have a book called the Martindale-Hubble which ranks attorneys.

Auto Accident Lawyers?

 My mother recently had an disaster, in the car be two of her friends. The Lawyer she went to got a settlement, I believe be 70K and my mother got 10k and her friends got 5k respectively. Now I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think that his billing hours are going to attach up to 50K. Which is what he got out of the settlement. My question is this.

How does the billing process work?

What can be done If my mother be swindled/hoodwinked?

Isn’t there a law against lawyer taking advantage of their clients?


bet you are glad you went and get an attorney.

Attorney’s work based on the amount of the settlement. Minimum they collect is 30% straight off the top. This is since any bill is paid.
if they go to court it go up to 40%.

Once the attorney takes his part, next the medical bills get paid. and later what ever if left goes to your mother.

And you adjectives thought the insurance adjusters were sleezy!! Source(s): adjuster

Auto happenstance and getting the run around(agent or advocate help)?

 Ok we had an accident contained by July 08. We did not get a lawyer. Thought that we can touch it ourselves and get case close and over beside soon. Anyway the other person hit my husband self employed van from the behind and she be at fault. We faxed everything to them and now they said that they obligation to verify that we had insurance at the time. I thought we did but we did not (long story) but our old insurance company told us reqardless if we don’t, the other soul is at fault and they should pay but the other party insurance said that if we have no insurance than they won’t. Our old agent told us to christen the department of health because they are just giving us the run around. Should we of late get a lawyer to business deal with this? they said if they do offer to volunteer than it will be $1700 but I don’t think that is satisfactory. My husband hurt his back and miss 1 day of work and he have 2 jobs that were stop that day for $1700 which was repeal on the day of the accident. My question is what should I do?

Not have insurance does not change fault. It will however, come spinal column to haunt you with possible fines or contact from the DMV.

Department of Health, have to be a misunderstanding. They’ve got nothing to do beside this. Your a third party to that other insurance carrier, they hold no contract with you so they can pretty much offer doesn`t matter what they want. If you don’t agree, your options are to retain counsel or start a civil suit (small claims).

Retaining counsel for a small claim like this is silly. Obviously, he have a soft tissue injury and now is back at work near only 1 day missed. If you do retain an attorney, he’s going to pinch 1/3 of your settlement. Small claims is going to make him miss more work, so what’s the sense in that.

Work next to the adjuster, it’s not a big claim where your going to receive a big chunk of change. If it’s the first grant, they may be willing to negotiate. Source(s): Claims Adjuster 17yrs

Some states have a “no retribution no play” law, where if you enjoy no insurance, and someone else hits you, even if they are at fault, YOU cannot collect from their insurance, and you cannot sue them.

Are you in a state approaching this? Either no, or your old agent is wrong.

Seeing as how you’re looking at less than $5000 contained by damages, and that lawyer is probably going to cost you $2500, you should try suing them in small claims court FIRST, for the lost income and damages to the vehicle – AFTER you digit out if you’re in a no pay no play state or not.

It is up to your insurance company to sort out a claim on the other driver not you. After all, that’s what they find paid for.

if i were you, i’d simply take whatever they give and run…

not having auto insurance is against the law – if you hold them to court, you’re likely to end up next to huge fines for not having been insured at the time – especially considering it be a commercial (work-use) vehicle. Source(s): financial & risk management advisor – 11yrs

“> Is it the first offer? Insurance co’s will throw out a low offer to see if your desperate adequate to bite. If you can hold out do so. I’d consider a lawyer if your husband will have long possession effects from the injuries. If he is ok figure up the cost of the accident adjectives loses then, counter the offer. Tell them what you want to settle. You wont’ achieve it all but maybe a glowing medium.

It depends on what state you are in. California’s Proposition 213, which become effective January 1, 1997, eliminates the right of uninsured motorists to sue for misery and suffering.

You will still be able to recover medical bills incurred as a result of the quirk and lost wages. However, as a self employed person, he will have to prove that he lost 1 daytime of work and 2 jobs. He will need to provide documentation showing that near was work scheduled for that sunshine, and the customers may be asked to verify that the jobs were canceled.

A attorney will just collect 1/3 of the settlement that you are legally due. No lawful lawyer will take your satchel because there is nothing to collect. Basically this is a result of you not have insurance.

If you can’t prove your lost earnings, and you have no medical bills to reimburse, consequently you are legally owed nothing for your injury. It is your responsibility to get valid liability auto insurance.

Auto luck: better to haggle near insurance or go and get a attorney?

 The accident wasn’t my fault, and I’m still waiting to hear if my saloon was totalled. I have some nouns trauma. The other driver had insurance.


despite the bad press that insurance companies get, they want to settle your claim beside you as quickly as possible. it doesn’t sound resembling a serious accident so i guess i would try to resolve it with the owner. it’s unlikely that the atty will take on the property damage portion of your claim any process. they rarely do. if your car have been appraised then it won’t filch long to determine if it is a total loss or not. is it an older vehicle? if you have collision coverage, you can other let your carrier feel and subrogate against the other carrier if you feel more trusting that they will treat you moderately. sounds like a whiplash injury. depending on the state, you might not be entitled to make a third-party liability claim. some own thresholds that must be met. on-going medical expenses are generally covered by your first-party coverage.

Deal with the insurance if you can. I was an adjuster for a few years, and have an attorney did NOT change the amount I offered in settlement, it lately made settling more difficult. Then, your attorney will take a large percentage of what you return with.
The settlement amount did not change because I always offered a party amount, based on the accident details, not base on who had the scarier lawyer.

I have a bad experience with an insurance company: Liberty Mutual. Dragged it out for a long time, didn’t pay envelope me what the car was worth, etc.

I would afford the insurance company one week, if they don’t give you what you want, tell them you are going to draw from an attorney. Then do it. You will have attorney’s fees but hopefully they are offset by the superior insurance payment.

get a advocate insurance companies only think roughly themselves

No doubt the easiest path to get insurance quotes is on the web.
Why would you dribble away your time on the phone calling around?
the last time i needed quotes on insurance i used one of these comparison sites and it was great.
this is the site i used and it be quick like smaller number than 5 mins.
The last thing I want to do is listen to elevator music while waiting for a salesman.
Anyway I get good quotes and ended up in your favour money so I was happy.
So shop around and compare quotes which is natural on the net.
Good starting point is at this site.

Good luck.

Depends on how serious the injury was, how forthcoming the other insurance company be, etc.

Lawyers are going to take 30%. I’m guessing “neck trauma” mode you’re sore, maybe went to the emergency room – soft tissue injuries with the sole purpose.

Do you know if your state allows pain and suffering for soft tissue injuries? Or if you’re a “limited tort” state?

Likely, there’s not going to be much money here. If you start racking up bills, the insurance company will be more credible to not be forthcoming. And you might have a lawyer not want to transport this on contingency.

In any case, the MOST the other insurance will pay is policy delineate – so if the other driver has “minimum coverage”, that’s not going to help you out at adjectives.

I’d try doing it myself first. You can ALWAYS get the lawyer, but once you do it slows the unbroken process down in a big way. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

In minor injury cases, an attorney rarely increases the money you extension up with in pocket, or speed up the claim. In broad, they have you sign a contract to give them 33% of your total settlement, plus expenses. They consequently send you to their doctors to build your case. These medical bills come out of your settlement. They run test and send you to months of therapy, also coming out of your settlement. Finally, they meet up the records and demand that the insurance company clear you $10 million because of your life changing injury. Months then, the settlement is reached that is track less. The settlement is higher than what would hold been if you didn’t get an attorney. But the doctors and lawyer take their money, and you are left beside often as little 1/4 to 1/3 of the total settlement. And this has dragged out for months.

One source to get an attorney in a minor injury casing is if you are not very comfortable handling business matter or dealing next to confrontation. Source(s): Years and years of underpaying claims.

The insurance company is probably trying to settle out of court?? Don’t answer any questions that their insurance company asks etc. Hire an attorney without beating about the bush and if they ask to speak with you just refer them to your attorney. Don’t answer any question….AT ALL…

Auto catastrophe lawyer?

I’m looking for a lawyer in Boston for Legal Assistance? I tried but couldn’t find a form to submit. If you can help out me with locating that or finding another lawyer that would be great.


They are all dirt bags so it doesn’t situation who you pick….just watch your t.v., you’ll see TONS of them.

Just pop the lid on any septic tank and verbs one out.

look surrounded by any local news paper or try the washed out pages

If you are looking for attorney in Boston I have submitted a relationship to a site with the search attached. It should lug you to a page with all personal injury lawyer in Boston. I would look at some sites and make a edict based upon your injury and what the attorney specializes in. Good luck. Source(s):…

CA,when you own a sports car luck, your advocate ask 1/3 for him,1/3 dr, 1/3 for do you settel w/o legal representative?

 should i add all dr / medical bills. and physical psychiatric therapy?
1)dr bills $8,000+
2) EMG- ultasound $2,000+
3) MRI $5,000+
4) physical therapy $8,000
5) surgery $18,000
moreplease help i am doing my own right very soon. no time to hire a lawyer…only 3 months not here .
i am not stingy, my lawyer was, and he did not attain what he wnated, so he dropped 2 months ago. i did not know what to do all that time, and time is passing, and running out.
please lend a hand how to settel this thing on my own.
it was not my condemn, i have $100,000 under insured motorist, and the other driver hold at least $100,000.
I am worried to contact the other driver’s insurance to settle, becasue i have no understanding to how to procceed.

thank you so much, and have a nice day!

“> Call your adjuster from the at condemn insurance company. explain you are ready to close out you bodily injury(bi) claim. you will need to submit your medical bills, unless they enjoy copies already.
you have close to 45k in bills, they owe you this. you said they the other insurance company have 100k, i assume this is there bi limits. i would ask for the full 100k and keep on to see what they say. It is just a concern of negotiating from there. Source(s): adjuster 3+ years

California – is it officially recognized for attorney to contact you and not insurance company after auto catastrophe?

 I was involved in a minor saloon accident – I scraped a parked car as I be pulling out. I called the cops, and provided my insurance information, and reported it to my carrier the light of day of the accident. I have gotten packages from an attorney representing the guy whose car I damaged, and I regard as this is illegal. Why would he contact me directly when he has my insurance information?

I want to know if this is permissible, and if it’s not, how can I complain to the state bar association?


It’s permitted

It’s legal, but you don’t have to agree to him..tell him to talk to your insurance co.

It is legal, a bit obnoxious, but permissible.

Who was driving at the time of the accident, you, or your insurance company? Who know, first hand, what happened that hours of daylight, you, or your insurance company?

The attorney should contact whoever it is that was there and know what happened, who would that be? And WHY would you think it not official?

Can a character receive a settlement after an happenstance in need hiring a attorney?

 My sister fell while visiting my brother in a primarily cancer hospital. She fell over a helm chair left contained by the hallway and broke her glasses and get a nasty cut on her head and cuts to her facade with imbedded glass from the sprawl.
When she asked for assistance from the nearest nurses station, the head nurse said, ‘well whiplash I suppose’.
And then proceeded to put in the picture her that they were not equipped to handle
those kind of accidents because they were a cancer hospital.
She did endow with her a bandaid, which did not stop the bleeding. When she
complained, they sent her to a patient advocate who works for the hospital.
Because of the dribble, she will need new eyeglasses for which the advocate said the hospital will re-imburse her. Then they did finally patch her face and chief wound up and took exrays and found no broken bones.
But my sister is 61 years old and will no doubt own residual problems from such a nasty fall.
She doesn’t want to report for millions of dollars like some would do through a lawyer.
But she would settle for something for her aching and suffering and any further treatment she may need as a result of the fall.
Can anyone recommend…


She can get one w/o a advocate but their insurance company will try to get over on her because they know the laws and she does not.
First she should own had an accident report completed by the hospital if she didn’t next she needs to get it if it’s not too slowly.
I honestly, would not try to do this w/o an attorney to help make sure her best interest is covered.

First of adjectives, as you noted, there may be some residual effects from this. So don’t be too quick to settle. Secondly, it’s impressively unlikely that the hospital will offer you an equitable settlement without the assistance of legally recognized counsel. Just because you hire an attorney doesn’t mean that you’re trying to cash contained by on damages that you’re not entitled to.

no she would not need to hire a lwayer necassarily…you could talk to solicitor roughly speaking an out of court settlement where your sister will represent herself and the hospital will have a representative. an detached mediator (not a judge) will help both party come to an agreement. this would be much quicker and easier for her. (although they do say a man who represents himself has a fool for a client) OR she could claim legitimate aid? or do it on a no win no fee basis through one of these personal injury compaines? hope this help xxx Source(s): law degree

You necessitate a lawyer…..

Can an individual who have be contained by a motor fluke directory a lawsuit beside out hiring an attorney?


yes but why not jump thru an atty who only collects if you do? Unless you have alot of time to digit the system out, get an atty – even if atty collects 25-40% , still more than if you represent yourself.

You won’t know what to do and you’ll get hold of less. Just shop around for one who doesn’t charge a huge contingency fee. A flawless lawyer will pay for him/herself.

Yes but don’t be suprised if the other side files a motion to dismiss and the court grants it because you didn’t do it right.

It would be sage to get a lawyer or at least possible have one look it over that you don’t have to retain.

Yes. And if you broke any bones you can set your own leg and perform any called for surgery. You can also do your own body repair on the damaged automobile.

I’m being mean just to make a point. Nothing surrounded by those areas mentioned suggest do it yourself. The results will be less than desired. I’m a lawyer and I still hold hired other lawyers to handle valid estate, family law, and other issues out of my experience nouns (I do criminal law). I didn’t even write my own will and I don’t even do my own taxes despite doing well in those classes. I defer to inhabitants who specialize for a reason.

So yes you can…and you get YOUR plane of subject matter expertise!

Old saying:

Only a fool has himself for an attorney.

yea sure they can…if they can still totter to the law office

Can anyone recommend an automobile disaster attorney contained by the St. Louis, MO nouns?

 Thanks in advance for the suggestion. :–)


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Can coup¨¦ happenstance attorney place lis pendens on a house surrounded by New York State?

 IIf a vehicle is involved in an accident, and the insurance company have not settled the claim yet, and the person claiming injuries files a lawsuit against the vehicle owner, can the plaintiff place a lis pendens on the home of the vehicle owner?


I’m an insurance rep contained by CA… The claimant (person you hit) can not file a suit against you if you have adequate liability coverage under your auto policy. As long as you we’re insured during the accident, you’re insurance company should fiddle with the claim in full. Contact your adjuster and let them know what’s going on. They should know how to handle it from there… as long as you hold enough coverage!

Can I drop my attorney if I hired one to serve me next to my vehicle twist of fate lawsuit?

 The lawyer I have is not moving hurried enough for me. Can I call the at-fault-party’s insurance company myself and see if they will settle for 15,000 dollars? At first they offered me 5,000 dollars and thats when I hired an attorney.


As the client, you have the power to fire an attorney anytime in the overnight case. Just make sure your back is covered.

The simple answer is yes, you can fire your attorney any time you want to. If, however, your attorney was working for a percentage of the settlement, he/she will probably be expected to be paid for the work that they did on your behalf.

The time that it take to settle insurance claims varies tremendously based on the type of claim and the severity of the claim. Since you didn’t furnish any details, it is hard to say if it have been too long or not.

Before releasing your current attorney, you might want to ask another attorney his/her opinion going on for your case and if the time table is reasonable.

As long as you own an attorney- the insurance company is not allowed to talk to you. The adjuster may not return your phone call and if the adjuster answers – they will not discuss the claim with you.

If they offered you 5000 originally – why do you think they will pay envelope you 15,000 now? Their offer is base on your injury and your injury is what it is- it’s probably the same as you have before.

Let me bought into all the TV commercials that articulate that adjusters are afraid of attorneys. Guess what….we are not afraid of attorneys – we deal with them adjectives the time. And the value of your claim does not increase just because you hired an attorney.

Of course have an attorney slows the process down. Instead of the communication being directly between you and the adjuster you added another step – the attorney is now a shift between–and you get to give him 1/3 of your settlement plus expenses.

Your choice to hire an attorney does not form your claim worth more. Only means someone else gets a piece of the pie.

If you want to fire your attorney – you have need of to contact his office. His office will want to send the adjuster a letter stating they are no longer representing you. The adjuster will not speak near you until they get the letter from the attorney.

Read your retainer contract (the one you signed when you hired your attorney) probability are…you will owe him for the work he has done so far. I doubt you are going to be able to step away with out paying him something. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years

Legal processes never move nippy. If you call the insurance company and offer to settle, it will stir slower than it is now, 1000 fold.

And, you probably wont get a cent out of it.

Lawyers usually supply a year to the time frame.

Sure you can try to settle yourself, AFTER you’ve fired your lawyer and given proof to the other carrier, but you still might be on the hook to remuneration them their third. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

You should sue your current attorney for negligence. Document how slow he was to prepare your shield.

The insurance company probable won’t talk to you until they get a memo from your lawyer releasing him from the claim. With regards to your give… If they only offered 5k I am pretty sure they will not accept your counter of 15k. You will be lucky to find 6 or 7k. My guess is you had some soft tissue injury to neck or hindmost. 5k is pretty much all you are going to get.

Can I fire my coup¨¦ catastrophe legal representative…? I attain nought out of the settlement….!?

 Any lawyers out there please answer..So I be in a car quirk two years ago….not my fault.Medical bills add up to 3300. insurance co. is offering a settlement of 2500. The 1000 dollar deductible from my insurance company have to be paid too for medical bills and that’s my responsibility….It looks like I’m getting zilch! all the physical therapy I go through….and nothing! No fair…What can I do? Can I fire my advocate and take the 2500 and try to make payments to my advocate for fees monthly or later ….Please Help


Sure, you can other go to an personal injury attorney. He’ll take comfort of it. Do NOT sign anything now.

You can fire your lawyer if you want to. As to sum, you can pay on a “quantum meruit” basis or as mush as he deserves for rendering services to you.

Don;t take the settlement… speak about you’re atty that its not enough – and if he is working “no fee unless you win’ – he should want as much as possible. I would never pinch an atty for an accident that got a allowance regardless of what I got.


I have my car catastrophe and filed claim with RBC INSURANCE. More than 45 days motor is not repaired , the dont reply properely , i got injured on my nech too , harrasment from the insurance company, was not my bad habit but they dont agree NEED HELP.


If you a resident of Quebec then you CANNOT sue for injuries. All claims for auto injuries are handle by the Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec. If the insurers have determined the accident to be your responsibility and you do not have Collision coverage then the pull to your vehicle will not be covered. The only thing you can do is sue the other driver and own a judge declare you to be not at-fault.

Your not giving much information.

I’m guessing that the insurance carrier does not agree that their insured is at culpability for the accident. Are there witnesses? police report? If neither, it’s your word against the other driver.

You necessitate to report it to your insurance carrier and let them toy with it. Although, if you only carry liability and no collision they won’t bring involved.

You can hire an attorney, but again, if there’s no witnesses/police report their going to decline the attorney just as they did you. Source(s): Claims Adjuster 17yrs

I recommend an online insurance quote. It’s free and quick to do.

Good Luck.

Can I negotiate near my auto coincidence attorney?

 I have talked to three attorneys. They adjectives want 33.3 percent and they get their cut up front on any settlement. Then the attorney pays off adjectives the contingency medical services that he has sent me to. Then I get what is vanished. All three have some form of this. They are all tremendously similar. I would like it to work like this, which I presume is a lot more fair. I seize a certain percentage of the settlement, like 40 percent, interval. The he can take 60 percent and divy it up any way he requirements.. Do you think I can find an attorney that will bite.?

Ever negotiate with a rattlesnake? Once you step across that file and hire a lawyer you have made a concord with satan himself and must pay beside your soul.

Attorney’s usually take 1/3 and they need to negotiate next to all medical claims services about what they will adopt as payment on a settlement that you have received.
You could realistically pause up with NOTHING for yourself.

“> Anything is possible. These fees are not set by law so you may find a attorney who will work on your terms but it depends on how strong he thinks your defence is

Can i invalidate coup¨¦ misfortune attorney?

 i signed a contract today. then i realized taht the personage who crashed into my car is poor. i feel sorry for her. can i newly cancel the contract?


I guess if you haven’t paid the legal representative anything, you can “cancel”. If you have paid, he can preserve anything you might have given him.

Boxers are told not to lead beside their chin.
You should be told not to lead with your heart

Its not her that have to pay you for any injuries and vehicle repair, or replacement. Its her insurance company. Its funny how people come up suddenly poor when they are at slate in a vehicle crash. I would be willing to bet she can run keeping her place to live, food, shelter and clothing. I’m betting she still buys cigarettes, beer, and other non essentials. Don’t fall for the “I’m so poor” routine… is a song and dance. If she doesn’t enjoy insurance, what was she doing out on the street? How does she buy gasoline? What does she do for a living? …your attorney can even get afterwards court to order wage garnishment. Nobody expects you to capitalize from this but you need to take paid what you’re out… you need to be made integral.
What would be happening if you were at scorn and crashed into her? Your insurance company would be on the hook to her… plain and simple.

Can my advocate find me any money for this chance and how much?

 I was a passenger in an quirk and the other party was contained by the wrong. Little injuries but nothing severe.


taniaess, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I be injured once in Montana when a van backed over my right foot at work. My company attempted to settle next to me fast because I knew they be try to get me to sign some papers to release them from responsibility. I called a immediate accident lawyer contained by my area who gave me adjectives advice and I was competent to get a medium sized settlement to cover my medical bills that weren’t covered by my primary insurance. I’d find a attorney in your city. My lawyer be help me because they hope to make some money from any potential shield. Try visiting a injury lawyer to see if they can backing.

Heop everything works out.


At best, you might get reimbursed for the cost of your injuries, but from the sound of it, it be nothing that needed medical attention.

Beyond that, you’re not entitled to anything.

Can my auto twist of fate attorney really do this?

 I was in a saloon accident in Aug, 2004.
My attourney completed the first settlement beside the at-fault driver’s insurance company for $25,000. He advised me to take a slighter portion and allow him to pay a greater amount toward medical bills and get them settled. He explained that, when we file a UIM claim with my insurance company (having medical bills settled), that I would get the entire amount, smaller quantity his 33 1/3% from the second claim.
I ended up with far smaller quantity than he told me to expect from the first claim (and he still has 2,400 in a trust fund) but at the completion of the UIM claim, he cut me a check for “proceeds pursuant to final disbursement statement”.
We be both thrilled with the final outcome.He is now contacting me recounting me that medical bills have not been settled after adjectives (his secretary’s error amongst also stating that it’s my fault as well).

He tells me that I necessitate to pay back money to the firm (and the information have varied from $2,000 to $20,000).



Ask the attorney for copies of documentation that show you owe the firm 2K-20K until that time you will do anything. If after looking at the documents and things still do not jive, tell your attorney you are going to speak to the State Bar Association (In whatever State you are in) and speak to another attorney back you pay him one cent. If he does not drop the issue then follow through next to your threat to ensure you are not being taken advantage of.

Hopefully you got everything within writing when you first thought this case was resolved.

Either mode, your lawyer should have some type of “errors and omissions” insurance, which covers his butt surrounded by situations like this, where it wouldn’t be f¨ēte to anyone (except maybe the secretary) to have to return the amount.

Tell him it’s his mistake and not your problem, and that you won’t be returning any money. Do this via e-mail so you hold written proof, and even sum up the situation before you send it. Say something close to “When we settled on (date) it was agreed that medical bills would be settled and I wouldn’t have to clear out of pocket. Please tell me why this has changed.” This will force him to address the current agreement until that time telling what has changed.

Typical low enthusiasm attorney! Just like the Democrat wanna b Presidents! Is there a contract between you and your legal representative? If so read it (all of it) Tell him you want a copy of all the paper work involved next to the case. Pay outs should have be verified right after the outcome. These figures do NOT change.Tell him you are going to discuss the variances from the settlement near another Attorney.My guess is they will change again this time in your favor. Note this is my evaluation only. I am not a Attorney. Good luck Source(s): Thinking Machine

Find another attorney. Something isn’t right here and obviously from reading it, doesn’t sit right with me. I, personally, don’t trust masses of the accident attorney’s (ambulance chasers as many are called). Your attorney should enjoy been giving you guidance on getting the medical bills settled and such before finalizing everything. Good luck! Source(s): B.S. Pre-Law, Criminal Justice, & Forensic Investigation; graduate student Criminal Justice Administration Education and Training

Can my husband hold a resolved auto misfortune lawsuit reopened or a brand new one file by a different attorney?

 My husband received practically nothing (around 2000 of the expected 75,000 (I’ve factored in medical expenses rewarded for) thanks to an incompetent attorney who rarely returned his call. My husband, before I met him, was within a car accident a few years ago that be the other driver’s fault, and suffered massive injuries to the head/brain, face, and body. He practically died (had disappearance experience but came back because it wasn’t his time). He lost his firefighter and potential stuntman profession and is now on disability.

Someone with decriminalized expertise, please tell me….can my husband legally hold this case reopened or a new crust involving the accident filed by a different, hopefully better, advocate?


I don’t hold legal expertise but…

It depends on how the case be resolved. It sounds like he got 2k out of it somehow. I’m guessing that ability he either won a judgment or the shield settled.

Either way you can’t revisit the case unless:
1. You’re suing someone else.
2. The settlement agreement didn’t extinguish adjectives your rights to bring an action (unlikely).

You may be able to sue the attorney for malpractice but this may be a long and difficult (uphill) scuffle.

Consult a different attorney in your area. See what he/she have to say about it.

If your attorney be incompetent contact your State Bar Association and file a complaint. Did your attorney accept the settlement minus your consent (did he simply call and tell you this is adjectives he could get?). The State Bar Association will also refer you to another attorney if necessary; whether or not the valise can be reopened after it is settled depends on the facts of the respective case. You can also contact the American Bar Association (they are different from the State’s, but essentially do the same thing). By the process, if the list of attorneys says “contained by good standing,” this only way that he has paid his annual dues, so don’t consent to that phrase fool you. You can also draw up your attorney’s name and see if other complaints have be filed against him. I am no attorney or paralegal, but I had to stir through this process myself about 2 years ago–and yes, he was incompetent and I get my retainer fee back.

Your husband agreed to the deal. He cannot reopen the case base on that fact. Sounds like he have a good malpractice case against the attorney. I can’t relief but ask, why did he settle for nothing if he was injured so unsuccessfully? Have you seen how the settlement funds were disbursed?

yes he can.

If he standard a settlement or the case was overseen by a referee and a settlement was paid, no he can’t.

If your satchel went to judgment or be dismissed with prejudice, it’s very unlikely that you can reopen the valise. The only instance I can think of would be if the other f¨ēte did something bad like violate the language of a settlement agreement or withhold evidence at trial. If you got a verdict, have the time for appeal already run? If your attorney really was incompetent, you might be able to appeal. Moreover, you may be capable of seek disciplinary action or sue for malpractice. (Although it’s indubitably not nice, and might be a legitimate complaint, not returning your phone calls doesn’t necessarily spawn him incompetent.)

Can one appeal a valise if they agreed a plea of guilty (car catastrophe & passanger dief) attorney avised?

  to take a plea deal. serving a 2 year sentence (vehicular homicide) 1st point. Serbian client who did not understand the USA laws


Usually the papers that you signed when you accepted the plea state that you can not appeal.

Read the court documents, as you would expect you can always find an attorney who is willing to cart your money even if you don’t stand a chance.

Yes you can appeal anything. However, courts are very unlikely to hear a case where on earth the person plead guilty.

Yes they can appeal. The court however does not hold to accept the appeal and will decide on the specifics of the defence which can not be summarized in a paragraph or two.

To get the court to adopt an appeal, the appeal would need to be based on something more than “he is a foreigner and did not get hold of it”. He would have to show that his legal representation be ineffective and that had he had better representation a different outcome is plausible.

Can someone give support to me next to this–Settling a coup¨¦ quirk claim- legal representative dropped me..3 months gone to close?

 in October 2008, will be 2 years for my car stroke of luck. 2 months ago, my lawyer told m he can no longer proceed with my travel case unless i pay him hourly instead. Bills started to come to me–before i was on a lien. i lately do not know how to deal directly with the insurance. I be rear ended, and it be not my fault.
My insurance is AMEX and the other driver is CAIGO.
1) i have dr bills $8,000 +
2) MRI $5,000 +
3) EMG $2,000+
4) physical psychiatric therapy $8,000
5) surgery 18,000 +
6) 2 months disability report for my doctor
7) medicin2 only $100 ( i hate tranquilizers)My insurance covers 100,000 underinsured motorist
My saloon bumper were only tatty, and its cost was only roughly speaking $1,500. i did not have police report at the scene, but after 5 days i went to the hospital near severe back pain…and the trauma begin.
how should i start? should i add all the bills and double them and only ask for settlement for the amount?
please help, no time in mitt. Thank you so much


It’s unfortunate to hear about your situation. I be injured once when a van backed over my left foot at work. My company attempted to settle near me fast because they knew it wasn’t my failing. I called a recommended accident legal representative in my city who gave me excellent proposal and I was able to get hold of a medium sized settlement to cover my insurance bills that weren’t covered by my work insurance. I’d find a personal injury in your city. My calamity lawyer was help me because they stand to make some money from any potential case. Try calling a attorney to see if they can help.

Good Luck

Can someone relief me near this–Settling a sports car stroke of luck claim- advocate dropped me..3 months not here to close?

 in October 2008, will be 2 years for my car luck. 2 months ago, my lawyer told m he can no longer proceed with my skin unless i pay him hourly instead. Bills started to come to me–before i was on a lien. i basically do not know how to deal directly with the insurance. I be rear ended, and it be not my fault.
My insurance is AMEX and the other driver is CAIGO.
1) i have dr bills $8,000 +
2) MRI $5,000 +
3) EMG $2,000+
4) physical psychotherapy $8,000
5) surgery 18,000 +
6) 2 months disability report for my doctor
7) medicin2 only $100 ( i hate tranquilizers)My insurance covers 100,000 underinsured motorist
My vehicle bumper were only dilapidated, and its cost was only in the order of $1,500. i did not have police report at the scene, but after 5 days i went to the hospital near severe back pain…and the trauma begin.
how should i start? should i add all the bills and double them and merely ask for settlement for the amount?
please help, no time in paw. Thank you so much


haha.. when a scummy dirtbag legal representative drops you.. thats when you absolutely KNOW your demanding a ridiculous amount LoL.

Look- i can guarantee i know exactly what happened here. You be involved in a minor accident (yes, 1500 is awfully minor), you treated excessively and made outrageous demands thinking that if you went to the doctor alot youd increase your settlement, and even your lawyer know they could never satisfy you so they dropped you.

Just because you rack up tons of medical bills does NOT necessarily mean you are owed pocket money for them all. Insurance only covers REASONABLE medical bills. And i can 99.9% read aloud what you treated was very unreasonable for how minor an coincidence you were in.

Sorry buddy, your plan to “win the lottery” sour a minor accident seems to enjoy failed… you may now even owe some of those injuries out of pocket.

Insurance is not going to budge and repay more then they owe even if you move onto a new attorney. Again- it make me LOL that even your attorney got tired of not being competent to make you happy haha.. thats when you KNOW its discouraging b/c they are always all give or take a few trying to get money.

I suggest you get your leader out of the clouds, listen to the insurance company and what they are offering and why they are offering it, and become reasonable so that you can get ANY money formerly your statute of limitations is up.

P.S- im not trying to be rude.. just being brutally honest. Its VERY frozen to prove that much injury occured in a very minor stroke of luck. I dont see any other reason an attorney would drop you unless they realized you have way too high of expectations. If they did really drop you for another reason- i apologize- its basically all too common that you see someone wayyy over treat and consequently get screwed b/c they dont realize how it works.

has the persons insurance salaried for any of the items you listed? they should pay ALL you medical bills, wage to fix your car, pay for a rental vehicle for the time yours is in the shop, pay for any lost wages due to the quirk. are you OK now? do you have any eternal injuries? if not, and they have rewarded all the above, then they are not “obligated” to take-home pay you anything else. if you are looking for pain and suffering then see what they submit. Its not something they have any “legal” obligation to earnings, so you are not gonna get rich off it. Source(s): Agent

call the State Bar Of California and report the attorney that dropped you at this point of your lawsuit. Call the County Bar of whatever county you live surrounded by and ask for Lawyer referral. They will refer you to an attorney who specializes in that kind of statute. And do it fast. Go to the police department and see if its not too late to record an accident report. I hope you got the other driver’s information. Source(s): Did he originally agree to cart your case on contingency? If so, you should really report him to the State Bar. And if you have a contract next to him, I would send a copy of that to the state bar as resourcefully.
I have never heard of an auto quirk attorney who charges by the hour and I worked in the legal system for ten years surrounded by california. The State Bar has an office surrounded by Los Angeles and one in San Francisco, and I think one surrounded by Sacramento.

Car Accident – Am I Entitled to Pain & Suffering Without An Attorney?

 I am a 34 year-old California resident. Back in the beginning of January, my son and I be hit while waiting at a stoplight. We were hit pretty hard – my vehicle be actually attached to the vehicle in front of me as a result of the impact. The character that hit us turned out to be under the influence of alcohol. There was a police report done, and the “drunk” individual be cited (in addition, this person in fact left the scene of the accident – but be later found since the person surrounded by front of me took down the license plate). Thankfully, the person that hit us has insurance.

In January, I spoke next to the insurance adjuster of the person that hit us – since there be no question that their insured was at guiltiness, they accepted liability. The adjuster explained that after my son and I complete our medical treatment, they would make a settlement present.

My insurance company initially paid for the repairs of my vehicle, but was reimbursed by the at-fault party’s insurance. Total vehicle repair come to $14,200.

In the accident, my son’s neck and shoulder be injured. He had a couple of medical visits and missed several days of university due to pain. Thankfully, he is currently not experiencing any pain very soon.

My neck and shoulder were also injured contained by the accident. However, my injuries were more severe than my son’s. Over days gone by nine months, I have had 4 1/2 months of physical psychotherapy, cortisone injections, and medications with the niggle not improving. Since conservative treatment was not successful, I only just had surgery to correct the impingement in my shoulder. I am currently continuing physical psychiatric therapy.

Since the accident, I have missed time from work and own incurred out of pocket medical expenses (co-pays, prescription co-pays). The total so far for time off of work (Sick Leave, Vacation, Unpaid) plus out of pocket expenses is around $7500. And, the medical bills I would estimate around $25,000 – $35,000 (including the surgery/anesthesia bill). However, this is just an estimate – as I am still continuing physical psychotherapy and will attend additional medical visits as needed.

I do not own an attorney, and am hoping it will not be necessary to retain one.

I thought I would give a bit background leading up to my interview. A co-worker of mine mentioned that she didn’t think my settlement offer would include an amount for Pain & Suffering since I do not enjoy an attorney, and am not going through the courts to settle my claim. I was under the indication that my settlement would include time off from work & reimbursements in addendum to an amount for pain & suffering. I do realize that every claim is different, and handled by a grip by case basis. And, I become conscious that there really isn’t any “standard” amount I can expect to receive. However, when it comes time to negotiate a settlement, I was hoping to know what a unprejudiced estimate would be? And what the settlement will include – including an amount for pain & suffering? (Believe me, this whole experience have made my son and suffer in so many ways – physically, emotionally, and financially).

Does anyone own experience with this type of situation? Any advice / information would be greatly appreciated!



Your insurance company should be involved surrounded by this if your injuries are directly related to the accident.

you should enjoy an attorney, and you can.

this video should help.

please give me a call for if you have any further questions.

Kacie 503-933-4749 Source(s): Pre-Paid Legal Associate

Kizzy is really correct. You do not need an attorney, nor do you have to profile suit. As suggested, find out what the at fault party’s liability limits are. If they are at tiniest $100k, you should be OK, but still place your Underinsured Motorist carrier on notice of the claim.

Your meds and lost wages will manifestly be covered. The amount of your “pain & suffering” will depend on the nature and extent of your injury, disability, treatment and permanency if any. Since we do not own access to your medical records nobody can really give you a dollar amount. I am not sure exactly what style of surgery you underwent. Arthroscopic perhaps?

Case values alter widely from state to state. A similar claim may be worth $35k plus special in MA, but $60K plus specials in NY. You should not consider settlement until you own stopped treatment and have reached a medical finish result.

May I suggest you speak with your adjuster. If they have handle the claim appropriately, you should maintain your direct deal relationship next to them. You can always get an attorney, if you manage an impasse. The adjuster will be fair and believable. The insurance companies are regulated. They can not low ball you purposely and/or act surrounded by bad faith. Find out when the statute of limitations tolls within CA. You WILL have to file suit to protect your interest up to that time it expires.

Source(s): Claims – 22 years.

Your legitimate system is similar but not the same as the English one. Whether or not you have lawful representation you are entitled to recover damages for your injuries. You may well carry a better settlement with the aid of a solicitor (attorney) and it may well be worth your while making preliminary enquire as to costs etc. The only advice I wil donate is do not accept the first offer

You can converse with a Personal Injury lawyer. The first initial consultation is free, Bring adjectives of your insurance papers, medical bills, police report…any evidence you have obtained over time. He/she will evaluate your covering and give you their opinion on what wishes to be done to get all the compensation you and your line deserve. After your accident, the pain and suffering should cover adjectives of your medical expenses, loss of work and out of pocket expenses. (keep every recite and document everything) You are to be made whole again….which resources being in like peas in a pod physical and financial position you were in back the accident. If they cannot make you physically complete again, they (permanent injuries and pain) they do it financially to compensate for your loss.

They have a maximum that they are allowed to pay out, but their primary undertaking is to pay the least amount possible and to go and get you to sign on the dotted line. Once you sign off…you sign your rights away. Never sign anything in need consulting a lawyer first. If you decide to win a lawyer, they will take a third of your settlement and any other lawful costs. With your case and with everything that you own been through, I would seriously look into talking near one. It is their job to go after the insurance companies and to catch you what you deserve. They handle all the work. After you get your hands on a lawyer…no more phone calls, no more article work and headaches. They know all the ins and outs. Of course an adjuster will transmit you that it is not in your best interest not to get one and will try their darndest to convince you that you do not involve one. Their intersts lies within the company they work for…not you and your family (even though they come bad as your friend) If you decide to get a attorney…stop all communications with the insurance company and make tracks it to the lawyer. Good luck Source(s): , Been through this before.

Your are correct on most everything you’ve documented. Your co-worker is incorrect, you DO NOT need an attorney for pain & suffering and in attendance is no set formula for bodily injury settlements.

What an attorney does for you is first; most of the leg work in gathering adjectives you medical bills, police reports, info on the other drivers policy limits (which is not readily given out), if needed extends the statute of the 2 years that is within place for a bodily injury settlements and handles the negotiations beside the liable carrier. They also (normally) take 1/3 sour the top of your settlement. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inconsiderate adjusters out nearby that can be rude to the normal party…on the other hand it seems with attorney they own bit (just a bit) more respect.

If your going to go this on your own, you might want to try to find out what the BI (bodily injury) limits are on this other party policy. If it’s a 15/30 (which is the lowest your allowed to carry in Calif.) later your total amount of YOUR (not to include your son) settlement can only be $15k. If that does not cover even your medical, you can come back to your own policy and wallet an under insured motorist claim (UM/UIM).

Most settlements include medical, pain & suffering and lost wages.

I sincerely hope adjectives turns out well and please tell your co-worker they shouldn’t comment on what they don’t know. Most claims are not settled through the court system unless there’s a dispute. Hope I’ve help a bit. If you need more info you can always distribute an email Source(s): Claims Adjuster 16 yrs

Car Accident – She run a red flimsy and wrecked my saloon. I get a attorney. How long till settlement?

 I was going eastbound across an intersection on a green light. I be crossing a busy street (4 lanes in respectively direction). Two cars heading eastbound ahead of me had already made it through safely. I be about 3.5 lanes within when a lady going southbound runs the red light and comes speeding at me. I hit the brakes so she won’t hit me directly surrounded by the driver’s side door. She hits me in the front left side of my coup¨¦ at about 40+ mph and I go spinning 90 degree.

My shoulder slams into the side of my door and then my head hits the chalice. The glass doesn’t break.

A police officer comes to help. He take our insurance information and our statements. He goes back to his police coup¨¦ for 10 minutes and then comes over to hand me a piece of broadsheet that has all her info on it. On the posterior of the paper, it says “A Los Angeles Police Department report is not required and have not been made.”

Tow trucks are called. I receive a phone ring from her insurance company almost immediately, but I don’t answer it because I’m speaking with my own insurance company. My vehicle is towed and may be wrecked. Her car has minor desecrate to the bumper and hood, but doesn’t seem to have any internal harmed.

I went to the emergency room that night to obtain x-rays. Nothing was broken and I got a prescription for muscle relaxants.

I take a lawyer the next daytime and do not speak with her insurance company at all. I begin going to a chiropractor for physical therapy for my shoulder. I’ve also gone to the doctor another time to get a pain reliever prescription for my shoulder and headaches I’m getting. All of the visits are salaried on a lien basis.

I do not have any witnesses because I be in shock and wasn’t thinking straight. It was almost two weeks ago, so I’m going to post up flyers contained by the area to see if anybody saw anything.

In instances like this, how long does it embezzle to get paid by the insurance company? I’m surrounded by between jobs, so I’m not sure if I get lost wages. But I work piecemeal job as a background actor and this have prevented me from working. What is a reasonable amount to expect in a valise like this?


Hiring a lawyer did nil for your situation. Your injuries were minor and your medical bills relatively low. Unless you can prove you had a opportunity lined up and lost it due to your injuries you will receive nothing for lost wages because you lost no wages. The legal representative will take a large chunk of your small settlement (as defiant you getting 100% of a small settlement without the lawyer), and your claim will take 4-5 months longer to settle.

Once you hire a lawyer, you can pretty much guarantee it will be at tiniest six months before you see any money.

Lawyers add between 6 and 18 months to the claims time.

You don’t own any serious injuries. You’ll be lucky to get enough to wages your medical bills, and your lawyer will take 1/3 of that, so you’ll probably cessation up still owing for those medical bills.

IF she even has insurance.

In my opinion, hiring a advocate was not necessary and will one and only drag the case on and on. You had abundant free lawyers at your disposal from your own insurance company. Getting witnesses, probably will do no good because insurance companies are the ones who determine “fault”. Lawyers can solely fight their decision. In any shield no settlement will be even offered, if offered at all, until all of your medical treatment is finished. Source(s): Having an disaster is not necessarily a license to get rich