Can you be both a prosecuting and defense advocate?

I want to be a lawyer but i dont know if you have to choose whether to be a defense attorney or a prosecuting attorney.
Basically you would have to choose one or the other.
Yes. You can be within both. This is usually the case with most independent attorneys within their own practice. Then, not only do you have the freedom to choose "which side of the barricade you are on", you also have the freedom to choose which cases you would prefer to take.

In a substantial firm, you do not have that freedom, well, most of the time anyway! Source(s): I'm a paralegal...
Well, not at indistinguishable time, but certainly successively over a career you can be both.
Many lawyers will work for the district attorney's organization (or county attorney depending on where you are), then after that go into private practice as defense attorneys.

You can't do both at once.

You don't have to be any one, though. Most industries, and many charities have officially recognized departments.
In the UK, yes. In the US, the answer is also, yes, but it is relatively singular. In the US most criminal prosecutorial offices are full time. But not always. When I first become an attorney I worked for a Criminal Defense attorney who also worked part time prosecuting misdemeanors in the municipal court of the small town contained by which he lived. Sometimes state prosecutors will have a conflict of interest in prosecuting political official and a "special prosecutor" will be appointed from among experienced defense attoneys. Remember Ken Starr & the Whitewater prosecutions under the Clinton Adminsitration? He was a private attorney appointed lower than a special Federal Statute (now lapsed) to investigate & prosecute offenses committed by Federal officials.
You can, but even more major you should decide if you want to be a criminal or civil attorney, for example criminal attorneys work on murders while civil attorneys work on case similar to divorces etc. I would like to be civil, but until you are actualy go through a crust you wont know.
There is a way to find out.
While you are in decree school, there is a program next to the bar to be a certified law clerk. Which scheme that you can practice law with the direct supervision of a licensed attorney. I worked as both a prosecutor and surrounded by public defense.
Check your local bar website to find out what it takes to qualify.
you could but not at the same time. Many lawyer start out doing one then switch to the other

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